Yale Gen Mar, time to think Safford, AZ. The Hong Kong fortune-teller told you way back in 1949 - it will all end in Safford, AZ, not with a bang but with a whimper.
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2018-03-11 16:07:30 UTC
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Retirement does not require thinking, Malaysian Mule. Just keep your muscles
working by doing daily exercises, and eat healthy food. Once in a while, go
visit friends and relatives.
Yale Guen Mar, when you were tired (long before you retired), you found out that thinking was too onerous for you.

So, Yale Guen Mar, you do not think.

No surprise there. No thoughtful person could have posted the rubbish you do, even if it was to get recommended by Uncle Chang (your handler with the CCP dictatorship in PRC) for 50 cents.

Merced Chimp, you are as brainless as you are thoughtless.

Speaking of restaurant jobs, haven't you been ricocheting from one firing to another?

Your uncle (twin brother of your father) had to fire you from your janitor's job at Junction City Cafe because he were goofing off to be at local piggeries to satisfy your perversion.

And you got fired by George Gee because you were pilfering restaurant supplies. You reapplied for the job after George's death but of no available. Gene thought as little pf you as George had.

Hey!!! Satish, have you looked up that retirement home for me yet???
How is it??? How much would it cost me to stay there?
Yale Guen Mar, I am indeed flattered that you want me to look up for you old age homes with facilities for assisted living.

Yale Guen Mar, you should really take a course in "literature search" - that way you can find out everything for yourself. Find out if you can enroll into coruses like "Literature Search for Dummies". Try to take the course online. That way you won't have to carry your bed pan to the class.

If you have problem with your reading comprehension, don't hesitate to go to grandson Singh for help. After all, he IS your English tutor.

Yale Guen Mar, all said and done, I am happy for you that you are now seriously thinking of leaving Merced even though you might be moving into Kansas. This would be a gain for California but a definite loss for Kansas.

I am not at all surprised by your decision to leave Merced, CA:

* You have burnt your bridges in Merced, CA. Your Hmong neighbors hate you.

* Mr. Ravinder Singh shudders every time you pay him a visit - for him it is one
more sofa down the drain

* The Lees feel jittery every time you visit the Merced Community Food Market
lest you wreak havoc inside it.

* The owners of the Mai Keri Her and the Loin Eye piggery have been forced to post additional guards to make sure you don't sneak inside surreptitiously.

While your intention to quit Merced, CA is understandable under the circumstances, I am not sure why you are looking into Kansas. After all, your first encounter with Kansas at Junction City Cafe was anything but pleasant. Your uncle (twin brither of your father) had to fire you from your janitorial job. He beat the crap out of you and had you shipped back to Arizona.

In fact, even your second encounter with Kansas was less than pleasant when your plane had to make an emergency landing in Kansas on its way to Boston. You had to be shipped by freight train to Merced, CA.

Why don't you move back to your birth village so that you can live under CCP dictatorship in PRC? Of course you'll have to be very very careful. Don't post anything that deviates from CCP policy - otherwise you'll get sent away for reeducation through labor ( 勞動教養 ).

Good luck with your search for old age home with facilities for assisted living.

Yale Guen Mar, think of the following:

(a) the message carrier cousin in Santa Clara

(b) the owners of the three Chinese restaurants
on W Thatcher Blvd in Safford, AZ in Graham County

Start preparing red packets of money for the four and ask them for favors - you'll gain back much more when they help you out.

But do put a stop to your newsgroup posts that earn you 50cents in payment from the CCP regime in PRC.

Your traitorous actions are not worth the 50 cents that you receive in return.

Please predict the date of your impending death?
Probably in 2023.
How may will attend your funeral?
None!!! I don't want anyone at my funeral.
As a matter of fact, I want no funeral.
How will your body be disposed off?
Sky burial, Tibetan way. Let the vultures eat it.
Don;t let anything go to waste.
Yale Guen Mar, even vultures have self-respect.

No self-respecting vulture will deign to eat your disease-ful body.

I will go nowhere, Satish. Yuhua has select a gravesite for me already.
I'll let you on to a secret. The gravesite, you think is for you, is not really for you. Yuhua and Carlton are sick and tired of listening to your desire for a sky burial.

Yuhua and Carlton have decided that theoir first choice for the grave site is Carlton's biological father from China, He visits Fremont, CA every year It would be fitting if he rests in peace in that gravesite chosen by his beloved Yuhua.

In case that is not possible both Carlton and Yuhua have decided to bury Kimi and Subi there when the time comes.

So, Yale Guen Mar, short of a Tibetan sky burial, you are destined to rest in peace in Safford, AZ.

My father went to see a fortune teller in 1949 in Hong Kong.
1: Get a second wife when he's 45 years old.
2: He will die at age 65.
You don't need a fortune teller to make these kind of truth to any man.
1: His wife will be having her menopause. Get a young woman for sex.
2: In 1949, the life-span of Chinese male was about 65 years old.
Yale Guen Mar, you haven't told us the whole story. You were a mere 11 years in Hong Kong when the fortune-teller told you that you would soon live in a small desert town in Arizona where temperatures were like 120 degrees. You had laughed it of. But it wasn't long before you crossed the South China Sea, an, in fact, the Pacific Ocean to do just that.

The fortune-teller had also said that you'll be buried under earth (no sky burial) in a desert town in Arizna to be baked at 120 degrees till eternity. That too is likely to come true.

You'll soon be moving to Safford, AZ because you have become personna non grata with your Hmong neighbors in Merced, CA.

Your message carrier cousin in Santa Clara will then take you to Safford, AZ and introduce you to her friends on W Thatcher Blvd. They will sponsor you stay at a local pig sty.

You'll die there and be buried for eternity in Safford, AZ where it had all started.

The fortune-teller couldn't have been more right.

BTW, what have you done with the $30,000 and the minivan that Yuhua gave you to get rid of you from her life? Have you already frittered away all that money? Have you sold the minivan as well?
2018-03-12 05:48:42 UTC
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Yale Guen Mar, recall how you ran away from home as a teenager. You ended in Chicago where you tried to enroll as a Bunny Boy with Playboy.

Your mother, Kim Hi Wong, had filed a missing person report with the police. The police found you just in time because you might have got murdered by the unsavory characters you had started mixing with to earn money as a boy prostitute.

When you cam back home, your sister Ellen (who was 11 years younger than you) cried and cried and made you swear never to run away from home again.

But then you misused your stay with your parents Kim Hi Wong and Tony Chee Mar.

Yale Guen Mar (who posts under the fake name of Resty Wyse) do you understand why Ellen, Donald and Eugene had to do what they did.

Because of your unstable temperament, you were a menace not just to yourself and your relatives but even to your neighbors.

Ellen, Donald and Eugene had to get rid of your gun collection and album of photos of your favorite pigs from the room in your parents' home on 914 10th Street in Safford, AZ. They were only trying to save you from yourself.

Yale Guen Mar, you still have not been able to forgive Ellen, Donald and Eugene because they got rid of your gun collection and the album of photos of your favorite pigs from your room in your parents' house on 914 10th Street in Safford, AZ.

Yale Guen Mar, 914 10th Street in Safford, AZ should have been like your home. Instead you chose to make it a storage place for your contrabands.

I am very much interested in hearing from Chinese-Americans within the
United States on how their aged parents/grandparents were faring in
their sunset years. It was ironic for me growing up in a small town,
living in California most of my adult life about a thousand miles from
"home". As each of us gets older and educated, we leave "home" only to
come "home" for visit once or twice a year. My sibblings live in
Tucson about 125 miles away leaving my parents alone at "home". To me,
"home" was, is and will always be 914 10th St. and I never take any of
my things from "home" to California.
Then my father got sick and checked into the hospital. My brother in
Tucson returned "home" and talked to the doctor, who said my father may
be in hospital for about a week. Since my mother can not speak English
and alone at home, he decided to transfer my father to Tucson Medical
Center where he works and move my mother to a retirement home in
Tucson. The house was sold. "Home" is no more. All my college year
photos were gone, my short-wave radio, my gun collection, everything in
my bedroom, including the photos of my favorite pigs, were thrown away
or given away without telling me.
My father recovered and moved into the retirement home with my mother,
each taken up a room with a cost of $1,200/month each for a total of
$2,400. With no outside activities and eat and sleep, my father died
in 15 months later. My mother died two years later after my father. I
believe my mother died of loneliness and neglect. I have 3 sibblings
living in Tucson, not one would visit and talk to my mother often
enough to care.
Yale Guen Mar, can't you ever get over the loss of your gun collection, photos of your favorite pigs and your short-wave radio? Donald and Eugene were only trying to protect you from yourself.

Yale Guen Mar, you are being grossly unfair to your brothers Eugene Yale Mar and Donald Yale Mar. They were achievers. The only reason they got rid of your gun collection, short-wave radio and the photos of your favorite pigs was to save you from yourself.

Quit holding grudges against Donald and Eugene, Get their help to cope with your problems.

Funeral rites for an elderly person follow the prescribed form and convey relevant respect: rites befitting the person's status, age etc. are performed even if this means the family of the deceased must go into debt to pay for them.

Ben Shee Mar and Susan Suye Oy Wong were fortunate to be honored at their burial by their children and grandchildren. They lie buried side by side in Duncanville, Texas.

Nephew Yale Guen Mar was not welcome at the funerals by the Mar clan, and for understandable reasons.

But then Yale Guen Mar wasn't welcome at the funerals of his parents Tony Chee Mar and Kim Hi Wong either. No one wanted him at the funerals.

At Qingming Festival every year, Homer Yale Mar and his siblings pay respect to their parents Ben Shee Mar and Susan Suey Oy Wong, and all relatives and ancestors who have passed away. They spend time tidying up the graves and tombstones of Ben Shee Mar and Susan Suey Oy Wong. They offer food, flowers and paper money to their ancestors.

In stark contrast, Yale Guen Mar spends time sulking about times when he got thrashed by his father Tony Chee Mar and mother Kim Hi Wong for misbehavior.
2018-03-12 16:00:14 UTC
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I haven't seen her for a long long time.
She's older than me.
She may have died.
One time while visiting her, I asked where her husband is.
She said he died. Within 2 years of her husband's dieth, her husband's younger brother died, hwe husband's younger sister died along her sister's husband.
Yale Guen Mar, shed your false pride. Get help from your message carrier cousin in Santa Clara. She wants to help you out and has been in touch with three restaurant owners on W Thatcher Blvd. in Safford, AZ.

They are willing to finance your board and lodging at a pig sty owned by one of the restaurant owners.

Settling down in Safford, AZ will make it easy for you to visit the graves of your parents Tony Chee Mar and Kim Hi Wong whenever you wish to. Hopefully that will be often.

The year of the dog has been upon us, Yale Guen Mar. Time for a new beginning for your wretched life. Do make a resolution that you shall be visiting Tony Chee Mar's grave from now on. He is buried in East Palm Cemetery (Lot 49) in Phoenix, Arizona.

Your best option is to take a train ride to Tucson, AZ.

Take a train from Merced, CA to Tucson, AZ. Be at the grave of your parents Kim Hi Wong and Tony Chee Mar. It is in East Palm Cemetery (look for Lot 49).

Here's the address and phone number:

East Palm Cemetery

5801 East Grant Road #C
Tucson, AZ 85712

(520) 886-5561

Also, try to get along with Ellen, Donald and Eugene.

Yale Guen Mar, you still have not been able to forgive Ellen, Donald and Eugene because they got rid of your gun collection and the album of photos of your favorite pigs from your room in your parents' house on 914 10th Street in Safford, AZ.

Yale Guen Mar, 914 10th Street in Safford, AZ should have been like your home. Instead you chose to make it a storage place for your contrabands.

Your siblings had to intervene not just to save your parents from you but even to save you from yourself.

Get over all your grudges. Get ready for the Quingming Festival.

Sweep the graves. Polish the headstones. Offer play money, flowers and the choicest mai tai. Burn incense.

Most of all, pledge to come back to the grave at the next Quingming Festival to do the same.

In fact, try to relocate to Safford, AZ to be better able to perform your filial duties.