NS defaulters jailed
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2017-05-14 15:47:49 UTC
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Dual citizen in SG is not allowed.

Even if one applied for a foreign citizenship and is issued with a foreign
passport, it is not acceptable if he or she still holding the local SG

If she/he wants to migrate, she/he could go through the process of of
handing back their SG passport to the ICA..

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McCoy, Singapore is inconsistent when (1) it does not allow dual
citizenship, and yet (2) does not allow a person who already has, say, a
French citizenship to renounce his Singapore citizenship.

I know of people who are in this kind of situation. They in effect have 2
citizenships, although Singapore does not allow it.

I think citizenship should be something wonderful to have, not a prison term
that is up to the government to allow you to give up.


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2017-05-15 00:26:57 UTC
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Singapore citizens cannot simply give up their citizenship. The government must approve first. A bit like Muslims not being allowed to give up their religion. But "fortunately", the Singapore government may approve.