America is riding a carousel of hate
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2017-06-16 12:44:42 UTC
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This is the title of a WashPost opinion piece. It captures the essence of American politics.

"In our politics, dehumanization is far along. This is true against outsiders and political opponents. And it is true against those who govern us. We have often dehumanized the leaders who result from our free choices — men and women, on the whole, of public spirit, with a talent for friendship and persuasion. And this should be a reminder to opponents of President Trump as well. His violation of norms is a reason for criticism and opposition; it is not a justification for demonization. As offense and response spin faster and faster, someone must get off this carousel.

The success of our politics, the quality of our culture and the order of our society are very much at stake."
2017-06-17 01:03:53 UTC
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At last, a grown-up has written an adult article. For too long (the past few months) kids above 18 years have been running wild thrashing anything they dislike and plotting coup after coup in the name of democracy.