In Little Saigon, scraping out a living, one home-cooked meal at a time
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2017-06-16 17:13:23 UTC
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In Little Saigon, scraping out a living, one home-cooked meal at a time

2017-06-16 17:33:53 UTC
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In Little Saigon, scraping out a living, one home-cooked meal at a time
Yale Guen Mar, recall how Uncle Chang ruthlessly occupied the Paracel islands in 1974 from Vietnam?

Yale Guen Mar, recall the massacre of Vietnamese in Spratly islands in 1988?

Yale Guen Mar, surely you know that Uncle Chang is not averse to killing at will. Recall how the PLA had invaded Vietnam in 1979 across the Friendship Pass to teach Vietnam a lesson? It is another matter that by the time PLA was forced to withdraw after 4 weeks, it had lost more than 100,000 soldiers.

Yale Guen Mar, you shouldn't have to post for so little. 50 cents per post shouldn't be enough for what you do. Try to get a better deal from Uncle Chang. That's the only way you can be compensated for what you have to endure - including contempt of patriotic Hmong neighbors on Twilight Avenue.

Yale Guen Mar, you think the the CCP dictatorship in Beijing can get away by bullying the 7 neighbors that you contemptuously dismiss as the "seven dwarfs".

The CCP dictatorship in Beijing is of course angry. The CCP dictatorship wants to enjoy unbridled liberty to bully the "seven dwarfs" anytime and every time it chooses to. It wants to be the sole bully in East Asia. It does not want another bully from the other shore of the Pacific to interfere.

Yale Guen Mar, you have ceased to care about anything else other than earning 50 cents per post. You don't even care to ask your caregiver, Meichi Thai, to to change you into a fresh diaper a lot more often even as you continue to have "accidents" on Ms. Rolida Lee's reclining char and Mr. Ravinder Singh's sofa.

Yale Guen Mar, is earning 50 cents per post with Uncle Chang's lies really that important for you?

USA respects your freedom of speech. Unlike the CCP-dictatorship in China, the US government is not going to monitor your posts on the newsgroup and go after you for your rantings on the internet. You can bark with impunity without any fear of reprisal by the US government. But you will make a grave mistake if you ever try to bite the hand that feeds you. If you overreach yourself in treasonous activities, you might very well spend the rest of your golden years inside jail cells.

Yale Guen Mar, if you lived under Beijing's bandit regime and had proceeded to castigate the CCP dictatorship 24/7 on the internet, you would have been shipped out for "reeducation" in no time. Yale Guen Mar, that is why you are not moving out to CCP-land where any deviation of his newsgroup posts from the official CCP-line will right away lead to your re-education through labor ( 勞動教養 ).

79-year old Yale Guen Mar will do himself a big favor if he enrolls himself in some adult education school. Otherwise patriotically challenged Yale Guen Mar will continue to make a spectacle of himself by revealing his appalling ignorance in everything from history to English. And if Yale Guen Mar can't get himself to do that, he should stop bilking USA and go back to where his heart really resides, namely, the village of his birth in China under CCP-dictatorship. That would be the honest thing to do.

Of course, it is another matter that his live-in-nurse-cum-maid Meichi Thai will refuse to follow Yale Guen Mar to CCP-land where any deviation of his newsgroup posts from the official CCP-line will right away lead him to re-education through labor ( 勞動教養 ).

Yale Guen Mar, you do believe it is the duty of the "seven dwarfs" to kowtow to the CCP dictatorship in Beijing even if the PLA got thrashed in 1979 when it invaded Vietnam.

Yale Guen Mar, in a moment of unguarded candor, didn't you admit what your ex domestic partner in Merced, CA had told you? Didn't you post, "She said I logged on to chat- room and called everybody stupid."?


Well, Yale Guen Mar, you are now firmly entrenched as the newsgroup idiot. Now that everyone on the newsgroup is calling you an idiot, have you conveyed this to your domestic partner?

Yale Guen Mar, you are no human being. You are either a chimpman or a humanzee with a passion to finger-fuck pigs in their assholes.

It has served you right that your STD-infected middle fingers now face amputation. But you have given anal infection to countless pigs because of your passion for molesting them.

So, Yale Guen Mar, you are definitely sub-human.

Yale Guen Mar is the tantrum throwing kid in s.c.c.

For years he bragged how his ex domestic partner used to say that Yale Guen Mar spends time on the newsgroup to call everyone else an idiot.

But now that everyone else has identified Yale Guen Mar as the newsgroup idiot, he can't take it. And that in spite of the fact that Yale Guen Mar is indeed the newsgroup idiot. That's why he has become the laughing stock in the newsgroup.

And as for lying, aren't you the one who gets repeatedly exposed for lying. In fact, you might just as well change your last name from Mar to Liar.

Yale Guen Liar, you are like the drunkard who accuses everyone else of being drunk.

When it comes to lying, you have a very sorry record.

* You lied when you explained to Silvia that you were trying to potty train Valentina on spyke. You are no longer allowed to contact Valentina on spyke without adult supervision.

* You lied to the census office when you falsely claimed that the household at 3851 Twilight Avenue is Caucasian.

* You lied to George Gee when you got caught for pilfering restaurant supplies, But it couldn't save you from getting fired.

* You lied to Gene when you tried to get back your job after the death of George Gee. That's when you made up the lie that far from firing you, George Gee was trying to get you to marry his daughter. Gene knew better and you didn't get your job back.

* You lied when you accidentally triggered the gas leak alarm while finger-fucking a 265 lb pig in Mai Keri Her pig farm in Merced. But there were no takers - the official who responded to the emergency was seen giggling when interviewed by reporters.

* You lie when you blame your parents for your character flaws.

* You lied to your uncle in Junction City when he caught you intently watching pigs when they urinated. But you got thrashed by your uncle who knew exactly what you were doing. Your uncle gave you a good thrashing in the hope of curing you of your perversion.

* You lie to Mr. Ravinder Singh to explain away the stinking yellow stains that you leave on his sofa.

* You lie when you claim that you are shitting on the taro patches of your Hmong neighbors only to fertilize the patch.

* You lie to explain away the stink when you fart in Mr. Lee's Hmong grocery store in Merced, inside Mr. Miao's Yue Cheng Market and inside Rancho San Miguel Supermarket of Mr. Lopez.