Somethings never change - Yale Guen Mar's penchant for notoriety is just timeless
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2018-01-08 17:29:05 UTC
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Somethings never change - Yale Guen Mar's penchant for notoriety is just timeless.

Yale Guen Mar, your name is mud not just in the neighborhood of Twilight Avenue in Merced, CA but even abroad.

Yale Guen Mar, are you thinking of moving abroad, say, to Canada, Tuscany, Italy or to Taiwan for ditching your US passport which was fraudulently obtained in the first place?

Well, Yale Guen Mar, you have already been denied visa by both Taiwan and Italy. And I don't think Italy will be any more generous after complaints from Dr. Buonamici.

You can cross over to Canada, but that will land you from the frying pan to the fire.

Satish, Mr. Singh has been living in Toronto, Canada, with his other son
for the last month or so. Your have been proving yourself to be an idiot,
making up lies to post. The three of you, bmoore, Wakalukong, and Satish,
the pep boys of soc.culture.china, The Pep Boys: Manny, Moe & Jack.
Yale Guen Mar, your name was already mud in Merced, especially among your Hmong neighbors. Now it is mud in not just Toronto but in rest of Canada as well.

I am not surprised if Mr. Ravinder Singh repeated the stories of your lack of civic sense and of patriotism and of your utter idiocy to acquaintances in Toronto and beyond. So, now your notoriety has spread to Canada as well.

But, Yale Guen Mar, you have always been totally shameless. So, I am sure you will just shrug your shoulders and continue to be just as shameless.

Your antics were never a laughing matter to Mr. Ravinder Sing. Yale Guen Mar's diaper has leaked again and again during Yale Guen Mar's frequent visit to the Singh residence for crying on Ravinder's shoulders - the leaks always leave stinky stains on Ravinder's sofa.

Yale Guen Mar has been really depressed after his futile appeal to May Fung for a "loan". Yale Guen Mar had been visiting Ravinder's house quite often to cry his heart out - but he always sheds more than just tears. Yale Guen Mar's diaper invariably leaks leaving yellow stains on Ravinder's sofa.

Yale Guen Mar, be considerate. Ask your caregiver Meichi Thai to change your diaper before you pay a visit to Ravinder's house. Better still, ask Meichi Thai to insert a cork in your asshole every time you leave home to minimize chances of accidents in other people's homes or in public places.

The cork should be password protected so that only Meichi Thai is able to uncork you during diaper changes.
2018-01-11 20:20:39 UTC
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Somethings never change - Yale Guen Mar's penchant for notoriety is just timeless. Your name is shit to all airlines workers and for very good reasons.

Virginia Taylor (along with Ellen Heath) has been chronicling the history of the Mar clan. By her account, the 2010 incident aboard a plane wasn't the first involving Yale Guen Mar.

He had been forced to disembark at the same airport (Kansas City, Missouri) during a San Francisco-Boston flight in 2007. Yale Guen Mar was tested for mental capacity after the incident but he was able to convince the examining psychiatrist that his bizarre behavior aboard the US Airways flight was a momentary aberration and not a permanent affliction.


February 1, 2007

Passenger caught ‘smearing feces everywhere’ on San Francisco to Boston flight, police say

Passengers on this US Airways flight got an unpleasant surprise on their journey from San Francisco to Boston, according to police.

US Airways flight 666 had to be grounded in Kansas City, Missouri, on Thursday night — hours before reaching its final destination Boston — due to a “disruptive passenger,” the airline told NBC.

But “disruptive” is putting it mildly: The passenger, 69 year old Yale Guen Mar from California, was “smearing feces everywhere,” police at Kansas City airport told reporters. His excrement was spread throughout two of the bathrooms on board the plane, and the man had even taken off his shirt and tried to shove it into one of the plane’s toilets, airport police said.

As the plane made its unplanned landing in Kansas City, Missouri, the man cooperated with the flight crew and sat in his seat, Reuters reports.

Yale Guen Mar, 69, was taken into custody and sent to a lunatic asylum for psychiatric evaluation.


Yale Guen Mar has been on the no-fly list of all airlines because of the fiasco in 2010.

Railroad tracks was a life saver for Yale Guen Mar in 2010 when he was put on a freight train to be shipped back from Kansas to Merced after his aborted attempt to fly into Boston.

Yale Guen Mar has been placed in the no-fly list by airlines. Railroad tracks might be his best bet to travel.


Mercury Sun-Star
February 1, 2010

Septuagenerian's poop in jet leads to forced landing

A US Airways flight had to make an emergency landing yesterday after a septuagenerian passenger, Yale Guen Mar, repeatedly defecated in the plane's aisles.

The Boston-bound flight had to make the unexpected stop in Kansas, Missouri, when the passenger, Yale Guen Mar, relieved himself not once, but three times on the flight that had set off from San Francisco.

It was decided an emergency landing was the only solution, when the cabin crew had run out of paper towels to clean up the mess and the smell from the Yale Guen Mar's faeces began to make passengers feel physically ill.

One passenger, Carlton, told the American news magazine Inside Edition that about an hour into the flight passengers started "smelling this terrible smell," which was caused by an old passenger in his seventies.

"The second time after the passenger, Yale Guen Mar, pooped they ran out of paper towels, they didn't have anything else. The pilot comes on the radio, 'Hey, we have a situation in the back, we're going to have to emergency land'."

The pilot then contacted Kansas City International Airport to arrange a window to land in and organize a cleaning team to be deployed on their arrival.

After the mess was cleared, passengers were able to re-board the flight and continue their journey to Boston. But the erring passenger, Yale Guen Mar, was put in a locked cage with a shit-pit and loaded into a freight train bound for Merced, CA which is Yale Guen Mar's home town.

Another passenger, Brenton, reported the event on her Twitter and was full of praise for the flight crew.

Brenton said: "Easy to crush airlines in these situations, but the flight crew was just great through the ordeal posed by the septuagenerian Yale Guen Mar's repeated defecations.

US Airways spokesman Victor Buonamicci called the episode a "rare and unfortunate situation". But he promised that the US Airways will make sure that the septuagenerian Yale Guen Mar never makes another flight in US Airways


Yale Guen Mar has been blacklisted by airlines for the fiasco in 2010.

Yale Guen Mar, even if Silivia were to relent, you still won't be able to fly to Boston. You burnt your bridges in 2010. You should have used better diapers during your aborted flight.

Time has taken its toll on Yale Guen Mar who posts under the fake name of Resty Wyse..

At 11, Yale Guen Mar could boast of middle fingers that could act like missiles inside assholes of pigs in surrounding hog farms. Today, his middle fingers are ravaged by STDs, a consequence of a life time of pig molestation.

At 79, Yale Guen Mar's asshole is scarred by painful hemorrhoids - Meichi Thai has to apply Tiger Balm as well as Preparation H every day at 7 PM and any other time when his pain in the ass becomes unbearable. At 11, Yale Guen Mar would often have pigs insert their penises inside his asshole without much discomfort.

At 11, Yale Guen Mar could enter into pissing contests with all the other village urchins. At 79, Yale Guen Mar cannot even pee, let alone ejaculate without a catheter.

At 11, in mainland China, Yale Guen Mar would be perpetually suffering from diarrhea from his steady diet of crow and chicken claws. Today, Meichi Thai has to insert tons and tons of suppositories up Yale Guen Mar's asshole to make him poop. She also has to take care of the consequences by changing Yale Guen Mar's diapers as often as it takes.
2018-01-13 08:05:09 UTC
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Dr. Long Dong is playing his games again.
Anita Hill exposed you as an immoral and sexual predator preying on your subordinates. You should have your long dong cut off. That procedure is called castration.
Yale Guen Mar, you sound very despondent at the prospect of losing your STD ravaged middle fingers to surgery.

As you sow, so must you reap. After finger-fucking sows and male pigs alike, your middle fingers are STD ravaged beyond redemption.

As you prepare yourself to the amputation of your middle fingers, you might start practicing safe sex by using condoms on your fingers as you finger-fuck pigs. It is another matter that it would be like bolting the stable door after the horse has bolted. But may be Yale Guen Mar will be yet able to save his fingers, other than his middle fingers, if he starts using condoms.

If Yale Guen Mar wants to save his middle fingers as well, he should visit Dr. Long Dong in Cambodia for treatment under alternate medicine.

Yale Guen Mar, Cambodia should be a good bargain for your Medi Tour.

I advise that you try to raise funds to go to Cambodia for a second opinion on the treatment of your STD ravaged middle fingers and also for treatment of your bipolar disorder.

Rolida Lee has already take the initiative to raise money for your treatment from all your Hmong neighbors. But to avail yourself of that fund, you will have to give an undertaking that you'll not come back to Merced, CA after your treatment, or even to USA for that matter. Your Hmong neighbors are very patriotic. They don't want a mercenary like you to live in USA and live on welfare checks from Uncle Sam.

If you find it difficult to accept the conditions of your Hmong neighbors for funding your Cambodian Medi Tour, you should swallow your pride to beg funds from cousin Homer Yale Mar. Cousin Homer is a very kind man who will help even his worst enemy. Col. Homer Yale Mar is unlikely to mind if you come back to Merced, CA after your medical treatment.
2018-01-16 18:02:13 UTC
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komin, You fool, why do you still complained about Chinese-made planes?????
You are just a chronic complainer!!!!!! Satish and Malaysian Mule are also
chronic complainers!!!!
Yale Guen Mar, in a moment of unguarded candor, didn't you admit what your ex domestic partner in Merced, CA had told you? Didn't you post, "She said I logged on to chat- room and called everybody stupid."?


Well, Yale Guen Mar, you are now firmly entrenched as the newsgroup idiot. Now that everyone on the newsgroup is calling you an idiot, have you conveyed this to your domestic partner?

Yale Guen Mar, you are no human being. You are either a chimpman or a humanzee with a passion to finger-fuck pigs in their assholes.

It has served you right that your STD-infected middle fingers now face amputation. But you have given anal infection to countless pigs because of your passion for molesting them.

So, Yale Guen Mar, you are definitely sub-human.

Yale Guen Mar is the tantrum throwing kid in s.c.c.

For years he bragged how his ex domestic partner used to say that Yale Guen Mar spends time on the newsgroup to call everyone else an idiot.

But now that everyone else has identified Yale Guen Mar as the newsgroup idiot, he can't take it. And that in spite of the fact that Yale Guen Mar is indeed the newsgroup idiot. That's why he has become the laughing stock in the newsgroup.

I wonder if komin has died. He hasn't posted for sometime.
komin spent most of his life oversea, only to return to Cambodia in his sixties in poor health. He complained of being sick a few times and had to go to Thailand to see a doctor.
Komin is indestructible.

Komin crossed the Bay Bridge in October of 1989 1 week before old Bay Bridge collapsed.

Komin missed the earthquake by 7 days earlier .

Yale Guen Mar, you should try to seek medical care from Dr. Long Dong in Cambodia if you want to live to see the year of the pig, or even the year of the dog that is nearly upon us.

Yale Guen Mar, try your best to travel to Cambodia for alternate medical treatment under Dr. Long Dong's supervision. Your doctor, Dr. Long Dong, will put you up in a pig sty you'll definitely like.

He will treat you for your bipolar disorder.

He'll also give you a second opinion on your middle fingers ravaged by STD aggravated by years of finger-fucking pigs in their asshole.

I think you should leave instructions to have your body cremated. Burial (in land or in sea) would pollute the earth irretrievably.

Yale Guen Mar, your angry outbursts means more work for your caretaker, Meichi Thai. Your blood pressure shoots up making your hemorrhoid scarred anus bleed afresh. Meichi Thai is right now applying ointment to your bleeding shit-hole.

Yale Guen mar, please control your temper. Attend some anger management courses.

Yes, you can take them online - that way you don't have to carry your bed pan to the class room.

Meichi Thai is relieved. She told the Hmong neighbors on Twilight Avenue that Yale Guen Mar's bleeding in his anus has stopped. But Meichi Thai wants Yale Guen Mar to go to the doctor to see if the hemorrhoid scars in his shit-hole can be surgically removed.

Yale Guen Mar also needs to control his temper and blood pressure alike. He is already 75 (born February 1, 1938). There is only so much that his clogged arteries can take - years and years of food from the Cantonese restaurant (founded by his great grandfather in the 19th century to serve chow mein to railway workers in California) has taken its toll.

Yale Guen Mar should eat more vegetable and less crow and chicken feet.

He should practice Tai Chi even if he must lie on his bed pan 24/7. He should learn to do so by just moving his hands but not his stomach, butt and legs.