Yale Guen Mar, why do you lie all the time? Can't you ever tell the truth? Is it any wonder that no one ever believes what you say.
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2017-12-17 16:10:02 UTC
Olathe, Overland Park restaurants cited for roach infestations - roach infestation occurs after Satish worked there for a while!!!
So, Yale Guen Mar, at the fag end of your miserable life, don't you have anything better to do other than bad mouthing Kansas and the Mar clan (not necessarily in that order) ?

Yale Guen Mar, two retired restaurant workers in Kansas remember you from their days as your colleagues at the Gene-Gee restaurant. They are the ones who have spilled the beans on you, Yale Guen Mar. Now there is no escape for you from your shameful past.

Yale Guen Mar, why don't you move to Augusta, KS to get reacquainted with these two who were fellow workers when you worked for Gene-gee Restaurant in California. Unfortunately for you, they remember you only too well. They remember how you got fired by George Gee for misappropriating restaurant supplies.

Yale Guen Mar, don't you ever curse Kansas.

Yale Guen Mar has been blacklisted by airlines for the fiasco in 2010.

Yale Guen Mar, even if Silivia were to relent, you still won't be able to fly to Boston. You burnt your bridges in 2010. You should have used better diapers during your aborted flight.
I was in my early twenties when I met those people.
They were in their forties and fifties at least at that time.
George Gee had a daughter my age, and he died suddenly in the late 1960s.
Gene Gin must be a hundred years old by now, if he's still alive.
Yale Guen Mar, two retired restaurant workers in Kansas remember you

from your days as a colleague at the Gene-Gee restaurant.

They are the ones who have spilled the beans on you, Yale Guen Mar.
George Gee could never have wanted a thief like you
for his son-in-law. In fact, he fired you from your
job for pilfering restaurant supplies.
Sorry to say, Satish. You are full of baloney.
You can't even lie properly on this.
Yale Guen Mar, you are no different than a drunkard who sees another drunkard in everyone else.

You have always found it difficult to tell the truth and now you must blame the everyone else to be liars.

Yale Guen Mar, two retired restaurant workers in Augusta, KS remember you as a fellow worker at the Gene-Gee restaurant in California. Why don't you come to Kansas to confront them if you think they are spreading lies against you?

They remember that Yale Guen Mar was completely devoid of work ethics and honesty. Yale Guen Mar's pay got docked often enough till he finally got fired by George Gee when Yale Guen Mar got caught pilfering supplies to the restaurant.

When George Gee died, Yale Guen Mar once again tried to get a job with the Gene-gee restaurant. But Gene had seen enough of Yale Guen Mar and told Yale Guen Mar to get lost. Yale Guen Mar was told never to set foot inside the restaurant even as a customer.
Satish Kumar Madhavan is a born liar. The only thing you can do is lie.
George Gee tried to get me to go and marry his daughter.
Besides, he died in Glendale when I was working at Pacific Missile Range.
His friend, Gene, supported both both his family and George Gee's family
after he died suddenly.
Yale Guen Mar, your values are so warped that you don't know the difference between a truth and a lie.

Everyone knew about your obsession with finger-fucking pigs in their asshole. Why on earth would George Gee want a husband like you for his daughter?

You had a very bad service record. Everyone knew of your lack of morals and work ethics. You finally got fired when you got caught pilfering restaurant supplies.

After George Gee died, you tried to get back your old job at the restaurant. But Gene would have none of that. He forbade you to step foot in the restaurant even as a customer.

Stop lying, Yale Guen Mar. Not even a sow wants to get into bed with you. That is why you have been finger-fucking pigs in their asshole since you were a boy in mainland China. Today you are a menace to the pigs in all the Hmong-owned piggeries in Merced, CA like Loin Eye and Mai Keri Her.

Yale Guen Mar, you can lie all you want but two of your ex colleagues in the Gene-gee restaurant has already spilled the beans about your infamy. They live in Augustus, KS. Feel free to visit Kansas to get reacquainted with them.

Yale Guen Mar, you were not seeing another girl, you were looking for pigs' asshole in nearby piggeries to finger-fuck them.

George Gee detested you, especially after he found out that you were pilfering supplies from his restaurant. That's why you got fired.

And even after George Gee's death, Gene wouldn't take you back as a restaurant worker - instead Gene forbade you to set foot in the restaurant even as a customer.
2017-12-18 19:10:14 UTC
Yale Guen Mar, stop lying about your cousins Homer, Virginia, Clarence and Lawrence. You lie even about your siblings Ellen, Donald and Eugene. The lies do you no good. No one trusts you - not your relatives nor your Hmong neighbors.
Olathe, Overland Park restaurants cited for roach infestations - roach infestation occurs after Satish worked there for a while!!!
So, Yale Guen Mar, at the fag end of your miserable life, don't you have anything better to do other than bad mouthing Kansas and the Mar clan (not necessarily in that order) ?

Yale Guen Mar, stop lying about your cousins Homer, Virginia, Clarence and Lawrence. The lies do you no good. No one trusts you - not your relatives nor your Hmong neighbors.

Here are some of your your lies about cousin Homer.

The Mar clan was a barrel of rotten apples, especially Ben's family.
Homer was a bully all his life.
His wife was overweight,
his first son never went to college,
his second and third sons are living in rural North Carolina.
Homer worked for army post exchange headquarter shipping merchandize to army PX stores.
That just shows you know shit.
Homer himself was overweight all his life.
His youngest brother works for IRS as a corporate auditor in San Jose.
He said his middle brother is a Vice-Chairman of Dell. If he's any kind of vice-chair of any corporation, people would know him well in the industry.
Like you, Homer is a liar.
Homer was overweight all his life? Really?
Homer saw action in Vietnam and he retired as a colonel in the US Army.
If anyone was fat all his life it was Yale Guen Mar.
You are so jealous of Homer that you have now stooped to posting that Homer and Cynthia (Homer's beautiful wife) are overweight !!!

Here are photos of Yale Guen Mar who masqurades as Resty Wyse on the internet:

Yale Guen Mar's photos:


Pray, tell us who is the overweight guy in these photos? Here's a hint to help you - it is neither Homer nor Cynthia.

Was Homer a bully? Of course not. It is you who fought like dogs and cats even though you always got beaten up.

Homer is a loser like you, Satish. He came to our house
and talked to Donald and my father, but always left before
I come back. He was afraid to face me.
I gave him a big write-up on the internet because he is my cousin afterall.
Yale Guen Mar, you were always extremely jealous of Homer Yale Mar. Even as a child you used to pick fights with him. Homer was three years older. Besides, he was fitter while you were a roly poly bumbling child. That is why you used to get beaten up every time and then you ran crying not just to mommy Kim Hi Wong but also to aunt Susan Suey Oy Wong.


Homer said his middle brother is a Vice-Chairman of Dell. If he's any kind of vice-chair of any corporation, people would know him well in the industry.
Like you, Homer is a liar.
Clarence has nothing to show off except his fat belly!!!
So, Clarence like Homer is fat too?!!

If anyone is fat in the Mar clan, it is you, Yale Guen Mar. That is why you felt bullied not just by Homer but by all your siblings and cousins. They used to all laugh at you.

Aren't you the one with a fat belly? Haven't you always been the laughing stock in the neighborhood because of your fat belly?

And Clarence Yale Mar is a failure because he is the Vice Chairman at an international hi tech company in Austin, TX?

Yale Guen Mar, you are so jealous that you must pooh pooh Clarence's status as respected leader in a hi tech industry by posting that he has nothing to show off except his fat belly. How low can you get?

Yale Guen Mar, get over your jealousy.

If you don't want to respect Clarence for his achievements and status in the industry, that is your problem, not his.

Yale Guen Mar, given your record, you wouldn't have been hired even as a janitor at Dell. And you are now saying that Clarence is a failure because he is a Vice Chairman at Dell?

Frustrations have taken such a heavy toll on you, Yale Guen Mar, that you don't even realize that you are reaffirming your status as a buffoon (and a jealous buffoon at that) by calling that Clarence a failure.


Homer's youngest brother works for IRS as a corporate auditor in San Jose.
And you think that makes Lawrence Yale Mar inferior to you in some way? Does he have a fat belly like you?

Get a life, Yale Guen Mar. You can blame no one but yourself for your life of wasted opportunities and failures.

Yale Guen Mar, it would be prudent of you to seek Larry's advice to your own predicament from unreported foreign income (the 50 cents per approved post from PRC).

Yes, the total amount of this income is small. But you may have violated laws by failing to report it to the IRS.

Cousin Larry is very well versed in Tax laws. Try to get his response to your situation. Find out if there is a way for you to come clean with the IRS. Otherwise you risk spending your golden years in a penitentiary and a death on its shower floor as you get sodomized by fellow inmates.

Is it any wonder that not to speak of your cousins, even your siblings don't think much of you.


Dr. Eugene Yale Mar has been a quadriplegic since his ski accident, and I think he has even stopped practicing medicine, and may have been under state care. His wife dorvorced him. His son lives in the Phoenix area.
So now you bear ill-will toward your kid brother Eugene because he refuses to be your friend on Facebook?

Yale Guen Mar, must you so uncaring and cruel to your kid brother Dr. Eugene Yale Mar? Must you be so vindictive? Eugene was only trying to protect you against yourself.

Grow up Yale Guen Mar.

And, yes, he refuses to have you as his friend on Facebook because he is wary of your intentions. You have done nothing to show that you have the welfare of your kid brother Eugene in your heart.

If Dr. Eugene Yale Mar joined his older siblings Ellen and Donald to get rid of your gun collection and album of photos of your favorite pigs, it is to protect you from yourself.

But you still haven't forgiven your kid brother for that !! How low can you get ?


American teen-agers and strict-parents are explosive combination. Ellen ran-away from home, and stayed at friend's house. After graduation from college, she worked for Play-Boy Club in Chicago. If anyone hated her parents, it was Ellen. Ellen and I were the only ones who didn't attend our mother's funneral.
But that's not what Ellen says. You were the only one who didn't attend your mother's funeral.

You were still sulking because she had punished you as a young boy in the hope that you will abandon your mischievous ways.

Ellen graduated from college whereas you had to buy a fake degree from a diploma mill. And even that didn't work. You ricocheted from one firing to another janitorial job at restaurants. And finally you gave up.
You have subsisted on welfare checks from Uncle Sam and now you supplement the welfare checks with 50 cents per approved post from Uncle Chang.
Ellen and her cousin Gini (uncle Ben's daughter Virginia) have pooled resources to document the Mar clan's history.
Ellen and I didn't even know Gini and never ever saw her. No one in my family ever met Ben's family after 1949, except ny the end of my father's life, he came to our house, and left before I came back.
But you still know all about the fat bellies of your cousins and even of Cynthia.

And you also know that cousin Homer would get out of your parents' home before you came in because he was afraid that you would punch him !!!

Ellen and Gini have been great friends for years. And they are now collaborating to document the history of the Mar clan.
Donald and Eugene appreciate the efforts of Ellen and Gini to honor the ancestors and so do Homer, Clarence and Larry.
Ellen, Donald, and Eugene never met or even know of Ben's family. And our family never knew or ever met Gini, Clarence or Larry.
That's not what Ellen, Donald and Eugene say.

Yale Guen Mar, you cannot wish away your siblings and your cousins just because you are jealous of them.
Near the end of her life, their mother wanted to see me. I said we lived in the same house in China, and she never ever talk to us, there is nothing to talk about today.
Aren't you making a virtue of necessity?

You were not there at the funeral of your parents, aunt and uncle because no one in the Mar clan wanted you there.

No one believes in ancestor worshiping in our family. Let the dead be the dead and stop talking or thinking about it.
Yale Guen Mar, you missed yet another opportunity last Sunday (November 5). It was Tony Chee Mar's 102nd birth anniversary.

Ellen, Donald and Eugene got together at Lot 49 at East Palm Cemetery in Tucson, AZ.

Homer, Gini, Clarence and Larry did the same at Little Bethel Cemetery in Duncanville, TX.

Yale Guen Mar as usual sat in his red sofa alone and sulked. He still bears grudges against his parents, siblings and even against his cousins that he claims he has never met !!

"...during the Chinese Ching Dynasty."
Don't ever call the Qing Dynasty "Chinese". From 1644 - 1911, there was no China. What was known as "China" became Manchuria. And the "Chinese" were forced to become Manchus by the first imperial order issued to "lose your hair or lose your head", therefore the shaved forehead and queue, a Manchu culture and the Manchu style clothing. Even today, a hundred and seven years after the fall of the Qing Dynasty, every new year, Chinese calendar still shows children wearing Manchu style clothing and hairstyle. You still have not lost your Manchu stigma.
Yale Guen Mar, it seems you are still sore that Tony Chee Mar cut off your pigtail the moment you landed in San Francisco on the Thanksgiving day of 1949.

You shouldn't bear grudge against Tony Chee Mar for refusing to shave a straight line along your head either.

Tony Chee Mar wanted to be a thoughtful father for an 11-year old boy he was seeing for the first time in his life. Tony had declared himself to be your father so that you could find refuge in USA after the imposition of CCP dictatorship in Beijing.

Yale Guen Mar, your "father" didn't want you to be ridiculed and heckled by your school mates in the new country.

That is why he chopped off your pigtail as soon as you got off the boat in San Francisco. And that is why he shaved off all your hair so that you could grow a normal crew cut and meld with your classmates.

But don't be an ingrate. Tony Chee Mar did his best to bring you up properly. You owe him immense debt.

* Tony Chee Mar got you into USA when The Communists took over mainland China.

* Tony Chee Mar taught you English and Math. He told you all about rational numbers and irrational numbers.

* Tony Chee Mar gave you a job at his cafe.

* Tony Chee Mar let you retain your room in his house on 914 10th Street in Phoenix long after you were past your teens.

The least you can do is to visit Tony Chee Mar's grave now and then. Do so on November 5 (birthday), March 28 (day of death) and, of course, at Quingming festival and the Hungry Ghost festival. You will be a happier man if you do so.
2017-12-25 17:56:22 UTC
Yale Gen Mar, tell us about your ill-fated marriage to the daughter of a military leader from North Korea.

Yale Guen Mar has a very soft corner for North Korea.

I had a wonderful and successful life in the U.S., wonderful children and grandchildren.
I have always taken the communist side of any debate, any discussion. It's my nature. This fact is in my file when I was interviewed for security clearance.
My first wife's family was a land-owning class of North Korea when the Japanese invaded Korea. Her family and her group moved to China to fight against the Japanese. Her father was a graduate of Whampao Military Academy in China and an officer of the Nationalist Chinese Army during WWII. She was born in Chungking, the wartime capital of China.
After WWII ended, the Korean faction of the Chinese Army went back to Korea. She was driven by military escort and guards everywhere they go. Synman Rhee had the opposition party leaders killed because he had U.S. support. Her father was killed and the body was never found.
My first wife was very anti-communist. On any discussion on communism, I always had to take the communist side as I am currently doing in soc.culture.china.
So, Yale Guen Mar, Would your wife be siding with dictator Kim Jong-un? Did you always support Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il?
Yale Guen Mar, your first wife was indeed North Korean

But you have been wife-less for a while - not even a sow wants to be in bed with you volutarily.

Yale Guen Mar, how may girl friends and wives have discarded you like a used toilet paper?

Wasn't your first wife a white and light brown North Korean Jindo bitch?

You were very unfair. You made your diabetic wife and your mother-in-law share a small bed room while you slept in the master bedroom.

Your North Korean wife lost both her legs to diabetes.

Didn't the Supreme leader KIm Jong-un promise to find for you another white and light brown jindo bitch? Why didn't he keep his promise?

Since the death of the North Korean bitch you have been discarded by girl friends like May Fung and Yuhua Luho.

Be grateful that Yuhua Luo has shown you far more kindness than you deserve. Yuhua Luo gave you $30000 and the minivan before she threw you out.

By stark contrast, Mary Fung offered you nothing more than a kick on your butt when she threw you out.

Yale Guen Mar, you know which side of the bread is buttered. You know enough of the life under the North Korean regime not to relocate there or even to the land of your birth to live under CCP dictatorship.

You are not rst0wxyz, rst2wxyz, rst4wxyz, rst7wxyz or rst9wxyz
You are Yale Guen Mar (born 1st February, 1938 in mainland China) who lives on 3851 Twilight Avenue in Merced, California.

Your first wife was a North Korean.

No subterfuge will erase the fact that you have been using aliases not just to to hide your troubled past but to act a Qusiling to USA where you have resided since 1949.

Shame on you. No wonder you were thrown out by May Fung and Yuhua Luo.

Even your live-in-nurse-cum-maid Meichi Thai detests you.

You have become the object of scorn of your Hmong neighbors on Twilight Avenue.

Yale Guen Mar, everything about you is fake.

* fake names (Resty Wyse, Rusty Wyseman)
* fake race - Yale Guen Mar claims to be a Caucasian at every opportunity
* fake IDs (rst0/2/4/7/9)
* fake diploma (electrical engineering)
* fake citizenship papers for USA and
* even a fake circumcision scar drawn on his penis with a sharpie !!!

Yale Guen Mar, you have a standing invitation from Dr. Long Dong in Cambodia for your current ailment - STD-ravaged middle fingers. If all else fails, do visit Dr. Long Dong as your physician of last resort.
2017-12-28 16:11:46 UTC
So many scholars from China were killed in the U.S. and probably other countries, too. Stay home. China has many highly qualified universities. No need to come here to die.
Yale Guen Mar, you have been in USA since 1949 when you fled Communist China in a ship from Hong Kong to San Francisco.

Yale Guen Mar, you are an opportunist. It doesn't matter what is worst and what is best for the world. You do what is best for you, period.

You stay put in Merced, CA so that you can collect welfare checks from Uncle Sam. At the same time you try your level best to earn 50 cents per approved post from the CCP regime in Beijing.

Yale Guen Mar, are you thinking of relocating to your birth village in PRC to learn first hand from the CCP dictatorship in Beijing?

Or do you think it is more prudent of you to live in USA on welfare checks from Uncle Sam and supplement the welfare checks with 50 cents per approved post from Uncle Chang?

Aren't you stuck in Merced, CA for reasons that are far more mundane than your distaste for America ? Isn't self interest the guiding principle that you keeps you stuck in USA even after 68 years of landing in San Francisco as a refugee from Communist China in 1949?

Aren't you afraid that you'll be a loser two times over if you relocate to PRC - you'll lose your welfare checks from Uncle Sam and, at the same time, if you post something from PRC that doesn't sit well with CCP, its workers will be at your door step in no time with orders to widen your asshole?

My brother has multi-millions.
They could live very well in China.
After living in the U.S. for 50 years,
who can get use to living in the village,
with no running water, no running hot water,
no indoor bathroom, no natural gas for cooking,...
For the last 3 years of their lives,
they were living in a retirement facility
where everything was done for them for $3,000/month.
The retirement home was the reason they died,
no physical activities.
I went back to our house in 2006 and talked to
our neighbors. They all agreed that if my
parents had gone back to the house to live,
they would still be alive doing things around the house,
doing physical activities to keep their bodies in use.
So Yale Guen Mar, you think that PRC wasn't good enough for even your parents, let alone for you?

Why don't you move back to your birth village so that you can live under CCP dictatorship in PRC? Of course you'll have to be very very careful. Don't post anything that deviates from CCP policy - otherwise you'll get sent away for reeducation through labor ( 勞動教養 ), but not before party workers widen your asshole enormously.

Good luck with your search for old age home with facilities for assisted living.

I think your best bet would be to accept the generous offer by your Hmong neighbors - they are willing to finance your trip to Cambodia for treatment of your infected middle fingers by Dr. Dong with alternate medicine. But of course there is a catch. You'll have to promise Ms. Rolida Lee and all your other Hmong neighbors to never again come back to Merced (or even to Merced, CA) to avail yourself of their generous offer for the travel grant.
2017-12-29 03:40:09 UTC
Olathe, Overland Park restaurants cited for roach infestations - roach infestation occurs after Satish worked there for a while!!!
Yale Guen Mar, what about the skirmishes you have had with the Lees of Merced Community Food Market and with Mr. Miao of Yue Cheng Market?

Have you learnt your lesson?

Or do you still harbor the wish to torment them with your stinky deeds inside Merced Community Food Market and Yue Cheng Market?

Remember how an enraged Ms. Lee had sodomized you with an opo squash after your latest trnsgression at the Merced Community Food Market?

And Mr. Miao is hopping mad. He might sodomize you with a bitter melon. And that will surely leave a better taste inside your asshole.

Money is power!!!!
In most posts, Yale Guen Mar has said that it is the "power of the gun" that speaks the loudest.

Yale Guen Mar, you have repeatedly claimed that "power of the gun" speaks the loudest. But in practice, it is the power of your stealth farting that has felled all in your vicinity.

Yale Guen Mar, it will all depend on your power of stealth farting.

If you think you can get away with pointing fingers at others at the Hmong grocery store, you'll comntinue to point fingers at others.

But if your diaper is leaking solid, liquid and gas continuously, it won't take the Lees too much time to realize that you are the one responsible for the stink bomb.

Yale Guen Mar, isn't it a shame that you are single-handedly turning the Twilight Avenue neighborhood in Merced, CA into a dirty filthy place?

Yale Guen Mar, must you remain hygienically challenged? Can'y you ask Meichi Thai to change your diaper before you visit the household of Mr. Ravinder Singh, or the Lees' grocery store or the taro patches of your Hmong neighbors?

Ravinder Singh isn't laughing. Yale Guen Mar's diaper leaks - it leaves stinking stains on Ravinder's sofa.

Yale Guen Mar was really depressed after his futile letter to Quincy, MA begging for money. Yale Guen Mar now comes to Ravinder's house quite often to cry his heart out - but he sheds more than tears. Yale Guen Mar's diaper invariably leaks leaving yellow stains on Ravinder's sofa.

Yale Guen Mar, be more considerate. Ask Meichi Thai to change your diaper before you pay a visit to Ravinder's house.

Yale Guen Mar, don't be gross while shopping at the Hmong grocery store. Step outside to fart instead of stinking up the grocery store. You are driving away customers.

Yale Guen Mar, why don't you ask your caregiver Meichi Thai to insert a cork inside your shit-hole before visiting your Hmong grocer? You have been farting inside the grocery store incessantly every time you go their shopping. The stink drives away other shoppers.

Yale Guen Mar, you are being grossly unfair to your Hmong grocer by indulging in gross farting inside the grocery store. Either step outside the store to fart or have Maichi Thai insert a cork in your anus before you go for your grocery shopping.

Yale Guen Mar, you have been a bad neighbor. Why have you been shitting on the taro patch of one of your Hmong neighbors? Not satisfied with molesting the Hmong-owned pigs, you have now take to fertilizing their taro patches !!
2018-01-04 17:49:54 UTC

Yale Guen Liar, is your name Resty Wyse or Rusty Wyseman? Are you Caucasian?

Yale Guen Liar, you lie even about your own name and race !!

Yale Guen Mar has been caught with his pants down repeatedly while lying. In fact, Yale Guen Mar might just as well change his last name from Mar to Liar instead of pretending to be Resty Wyse or Rusty Wyseman.

Yale Guen Liar, you are like the drunkard who accuses everyone else of being drunk.

When it comes to lying, you have no peer.

* You lied when you explained to Silvia that you were trying to potty train Valentina on skype. You are no longer allowed to contact Valentina on skype without adult supervision.

* You lied to the census office when you falsely claimed that the household at 3851 Twilight Avenue is Caucasian.

* You lied to George Gee when you got caught for pilfering restaurant supplies, But it couldn't save you from getting fired.

* You lied to Gene when you tried to get back your job after the death of George Gee. That's when you made up the lie that far from firing you, George Gee was trying to get you to marry his daughter. Gene knew better and you didn't get your job back.

* You lied when you accidentally triggered the gas leak alarm while finger-fucking a 265 lb pig in Mai Keri Her pig farm in Merced. But there were no takers - the official who responded to the emergency was seen giggling when interviewed by reporters.

* You lie when you blame your parents for your character flaws.

* You lied to your uncle in Junction City when he caught you intently watching pigs when they urinated. But you got thrashed by your uncle who knew exactly what you were doing. Your uncle gave you a good thrashing in the hope of curing you of your perversion.

* You lie to Mr. Ravinder Singh to explain away the stinking yellow stains that you leave on his sofa.

* You lie when you claim that you are shitting on the taro patches of your Hmong neighbors only to fertilize the patch.

* You lie to explain away the stink when you fart in Mr. Lee's Hmong grocery store in Merced.
And you are a dark skin cheap Malay trying to pass yourself off as a Chinese.
Yale Guen Mar, your jaundiced skin isn't the problem, your jaundiced brain is.

Your intelligence is only skin deep. In fact, the only thing deep about you is your hemorrhoid ridden asshole. It is as full of shit as your skull.

Here is the photo from Yale Guen Mar's younger days that he has posted on the internet in the hope of ensnaring girls through internet dating services.

Loading Image...

An US resident (an illegal alien with fake citizenship papers) as he is, Yale Guen Mar's heart was always with the CCP dictatorship in Beijing - you can see the hammer and sickle in gold that he is proudly displaying on his collar.

In a moment of unguarded candor, didn't you admit what your ex domestic partner in Merced, CA told you? Didn't you post, "She said I logged on to chat- room and called everybody stupid."?


Even your ex domestic partner knows you don't make sense on the usenet.

Someone like you can end up only in hell.

That's where you will be dragged wily-nily by the Grim Reaper. Heaven has no place for Quislings like you who make 50 cents per post from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) from his haven in Merced, CA:


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/50_Cent_Party ;

The 50 Cent Party are Internet commentators (网络评论员, 網絡評論員, wǎnglù pínglùn yuán) hired by the government of the People's Republic of China (both local and central) or the Communist Party to post comments favorable towards party policies in an attempt to shape and sway public opinion on various Internet message boards. The commentators are said to be paid for every post that either steers a discussion away from anti-party or sensitive content on domestic websites, bulletin board systems, and chatrooms, or that advances the Communist
party line.

2018-01-11 20:51:26 UTC
Somethings never change - Yale Guen Mar's penchant for notoriety is just timeless. Your name is shit to all airlines workers and for very good reasons.

Virginia Taylor (along with Ellen Heath) has been chronicling the history of the Mar clan. By her account, the 2010 incident aboard a plane wasn't the first involving Yale Guen Mar.

He had been forced to disembark at the same airport (Kansas City, Missouri) during a San Francisco-Boston flight in 2007. Yale Guen Mar was tested for mental capacity after the incident but he was able to convince the examining psychiatrist that his bizarre behavior aboard the US Airways flight was a momentary aberration and not a permanent affliction.


February 1, 2007

Passenger caught ‘smearing feces everywhere’ on San Francisco to Boston flight, police say

Passengers on this US Airways flight got an unpleasant surprise on their journey from San Francisco to Boston, according to police.

US Airways flight 666 had to be grounded in Kansas City, Missouri, on Thursday night — hours before reaching its final destination Boston — due to a “disruptive passenger,” the airline told NBC.

But “disruptive” is putting it mildly: The passenger, 69 year old Yale Guen Mar from California, was “smearing feces everywhere,” police at Kansas City airport told reporters. His excrement was spread throughout two of the bathrooms on board the plane, and the man had even taken off his shirt and tried to shove it into one of the plane’s toilets, airport police said.

As the plane made its unplanned landing in Kansas City, Missouri, the man cooperated with the flight crew and sat in his seat, Reuters reports.

Yale Guen Mar, 69, was taken into custody and sent to a lunatic asylum for psychiatric evaluation.


Yale Guen Mar has been on the no-fly list of all airlines because of the fiasco in 2010.

Railroad tracks was a life saver for Yale Guen Mar in 2010 when he was put on a freight train to be shipped back from Kansas to Merced after his aborted attempt to fly into Boston.

Yale Guen Mar has been placed in the no-fly list by airlines. Railroad tracks might be his best bet to travel.


Mercury Sun-Star
February 1, 2010

Septuagenerian's poop in jet leads to forced landing

A US Airways flight had to make an emergency landing yesterday after a septuagenerian passenger, Yale Guen Mar, repeatedly defecated in the plane's aisles.

The Boston-bound flight had to make the unexpected stop in Kansas, Missouri, when the passenger, Yale Guen Mar, relieved himself not once, but three times on the flight that had set off from San Francisco.

It was decided an emergency landing was the only solution, when the cabin crew had run out of paper towels to clean up the mess and the smell from the Yale Guen Mar's faeces began to make passengers feel physically ill.

One passenger, Carlton, told the American news magazine Inside Edition that about an hour into the flight passengers started "smelling this terrible smell," which was caused by an old passenger in his seventies.

"The second time after the passenger, Yale Guen Mar, pooped they ran out of paper towels, they didn't have anything else. The pilot comes on the radio, 'Hey, we have a situation in the back, we're going to have to emergency land'."

The pilot then contacted Kansas City International Airport to arrange a window to land in and organize a cleaning team to be deployed on their arrival.

After the mess was cleared, passengers were able to re-board the flight and continue their journey to Boston. But the erring passenger, Yale Guen Mar, was put in a locked cage with a shit-pit and loaded into a freight train bound for Merced, CA which is Yale Guen Mar's home town.

Another passenger, Brenton, reported the event on her Twitter and was full of praise for the flight crew.

Brenton said: "Easy to crush airlines in these situations, but the flight crew was just great through the ordeal posed by the septuagenerian Yale Guen Mar's repeated defecations.

US Airways spokesman Victor Buonamicci called the episode a "rare and unfortunate situation". But he promised that the US Airways will make sure that the septuagenerian Yale Guen Mar never makes another flight in US Airways


Yale Guen Mar has been blacklisted by airlines for the fiasco in 2010.

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