You have to understand Buddha
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2018-04-09 00:29:08 UTC

You have to understand Buddha

I think the main point of Buddha is that he wanted from us
to have more "hindsight" and he wanted from us
to be capable of introspection, and he has started to discipline
his followers to be capable of guiding there instincts that
are more "savage" to the right direction. This permit us also to be
more "security" for oneself and for others, and this more security
is also like love and compassion.

This is why i said before:

If we ask a question of how can we be more love or/and compassion ?

I am also like Buddha, so i will answer like this..

Even if you are not "equipped" with the right genetical requirements of
more sensibility and love, you have to know that fear for others
and oneself also make us "care" for oneself or others , but
if you don't fear for yourself or others , so to "emulate" fear for
oneself and for others or to emulate compassion and love, like
emulation in software programming, you have to be more rational and more
disciplined and think the system like a critical system that needs
"security", so you have to be more capable, so
more "educated" to be able to set the right requirements for
security locally and globally, this needs of course more quality
and more perfection.

Thank you,
Amine Moulay Ramdane.
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2018-04-09 00:57:10 UTC
he wants you to look

at your own

what you have eaten