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2018-04-08 02:42:09 UTC
Jesus Christ is a WHITE RACE monopoly Power
2018-04-08 12:38:21 UTC
cunt O
2018-04-08 13:46:15 UTC
Yale Guen Mar (who posts under the fake name Resty Wyse) is all talk and no action because he never had a functioning penis or even an asshole.

Get your wife or your daughter over here.
You can witness my sexual power with your wife or your daughter.
Yale Guen Mar, stories of your sexual power has already been already told and retold by your caregiver Meichi Thai who toils ceaselessly to keep you clean. She has shared the stories with all your Hmong neighbors.

* she gives you a warm water douche every day at 7 PM

* she shoves suppositories up your asshole to make you poop.

* she changes your catheter to keep you peeing.

* she shoves tampons up your hemorrhoid scarred asshole

* she applies Tiger Balm and Preparation H to soothe your asshole.

* she tries to change you into a clean diaper before it is too late.

So, Yale Guen Mar, no point in boasting about your sexual powers when you can't even pee without a catheter let alone ejaculate or even have an erection.

Yale Guen Mar, you have never had the capacity to rise to the occasion. That is why you went into finger-fucking pigs in their assholes for your sexual joy.

Here's an apt epitaph for the quintessential idiot Yale Guen Mar:

Here lies the body of Mar Guen Yale,
A lying, thieving, cheating rascal ;
He always lied, and now he lies,
He has no soul and cannot rise.

Heck, with a catheter inside him 24/7, 76-year old Yale Guen Mar can't even rise to the occasion for sex.
My aunt died in Texas, stupid Satish Kumar madhavan.
When I didn't even go to my own mother's funeral,
there is no reason for me to go to my aunt's funeral.
After I died, I don't want anyone at my funeral.
As a matter of fact, I don't want a funeral.
Just throw my body into the ocean.
Why do you want the ocean polluted?

Please predict the date of your impending death?
Probably in 2023.
How may will attend your funeral?
None!!! I don't want anyone at my funeral.
As a matter of fact, I want no funeral.
How will your body be disposed off?
Sky burial, Tibetan way. Let the vultures eat it.
Don;t let anything go to waste.
Yale Guen Mar, even vultures have self-respect.

No self-respecting vulture will deign to eat your disease-ful body.

I will go nowhere, Satish. Yuhua has select a grave site for me already.
I'll let you on to a secret. The grave site, you think is for you, is not really for you. Yuhua and Carlton are sick and tired of listening to your desire for a sky burial.

Yuhua and Carlton have decided that theoir first choice for the grave site is Carlton's biological father from China, He visits Fremont, CA every year It would be fitting if he rests in peace in that grave site chosen by his beloved Yuhua.

In case that is not possible both Carlton and Yuhua have decided to bury Kimi and Subi there when the time comes.

So, Yale Guen Mar, short of a Tibetan sky burial, you are destined to rest in peace in Safford, AZ.

My father went to see a fortune teller in 1949 in Hong Kong.
1: Get a second wife when he's 45 years old.
2: He will die at age 65.
You don't need a fortune teller to make these kind of truth to any man.
1: His wife will be having her menopause. Get a young woman for sex.
2: In 1949, the life-span of Chinese male was about 65 years old.
Yale Guen Mar, you haven't told us the whole story. You were a mere 11 years in Hong Kong when the fortune-teller told you that you would soon live in a small desert town in Arizona where temperatures were like 120 degrees. You had laughed it of. But it wasn't long before you crossed the South China Sea, an, in fact, the Pacific Ocean to do just that.

The fortune-teller had also said that you'll be buried under earth (no sky burial) in a desert town in Arizna to be baked at 120 degrees till eternity. That too is likely to come true.

You'll soon be moving to Safford, AZ because you have become persona non grata with your Hmong neighbors in Merced, CA.

Your message carrier cousin in Santa Clara will then take you to Safford, AZ and introduce you to her friends on W Thatcher Blvd. They will sponsor you stay at a local pig sty.

You'll die there and be buried for eternity in Safford, AZ where it had all started.

The fortune-teller couldn't have been more right.

BTW, what have you done with the $30,000 and the minivan that Yuhua gave you to get rid of you from her life? Have you already frittered away all that money? Have you sold the minivan as well?

Retirement does not require thinking, Malaysian Mule. Just keep your muscles
working by doing daily exercises, and eat healthy food. Once in a while, go
visit friends and relatives.
Yale Guen Mar, when you were tired (long before you retired), you found out that thinking was too onerous for you.

So, Yale Guen Mar, you do not think.

No surprise there. No thoughtful person could have posted the rubbish you do, even if it was to get recommended by Uncle Chang (your handler with the CCP dictatorship in PRC) for 50 cents.

Merced Chimp, you are as brainless as you are thoughtless.

Speaking of restaurant jobs, haven't you been ricocheting from one firing to another?

Your uncle (twin brother of your father) Ben Shee Mar had to fire you from your janitor's job at Junction City Cafe in Kansas because you were goofing off to be at local piggeries to satisfy your perversion.

And you got fired by George Gee because you were pilfering restaurant supplies. You reapplied for the job after George's death but of no available. Gene thought as little of you as George had.