Mom on son's hazing death: Feels like 'cat clawing at heart'
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Resty Wyse
2018-01-09 17:37:19 UTC
Mom on son's hazing death: Feels like 'cat clawing at heart'

2018-01-09 19:23:57 UTC
Post by Resty Wyse
Mom on son's hazing death: Feels like 'cat clawing at heart'
Yale Guen Mar, tell us about your feelings for Huli (and Kimi, Subi and Secola, not necessarily in that order).

Yale Guen Mar, are you ready for the year of the dog?

Are you trying to get along with Huli?

Are you still hoping for a jindo bitch from North Korea?

Yale Guen Mar, you have kept badmouthing your parents Kim Hi Wong and Tony Chee Mar long after they have been dead and buried.

It is time for you to bury the hatchet.

At New Year, say Gong Hei Fat Choy, Yale Guen Mar, to Brenton and Carlton and to Judah, Valentina and Luca. Perhaps you can be civil to Carlton's dad as well.

Now that the year of the dog is upon us, make a resolution that you shall be visiting Tony Chee Mar's grave from now on. He is buried in East Palm Cemetery (Lot 49) in Phoenix, Arizona.

Here is the photo of Yale Guen Mar's spiritual counselor who belongs to the Falun Gong. Yale Guen Mar wears a locket with this spiritual counsellor's photo as a talisman:


Yale Guen Mar's photos:


Yale Guen Mar's live-in-nurse Meichi Thai:


Also, try to rise above your issues with dogs, especially Huli.

When Yale Guen Mar is angry enough, he'll do anything. Just see what he was willing to do to Huli.

Yale Guen Mar has a lot of issues with Huli.

Yale Guen Mar resents the fact that Carlton lets Huli ride in his Subaru MRX STI with special color but doesn't let Yale Guen Mar anywhere near the car.

Huli didn't improve matters last Thanksgiving when sharing a turkey with Subi, Kimi and Secola but refusing to share it with Yale Guen Mar.

All this got Yale Guen Mar into a demonic rage. He contacted the organizers of the Yulin dog meat festival to ship Huli to Yulin.

Fortunately, a Hmong neighbor (Rolida Lee) found out in time about Yale Guen Mar's fiendish plan for Huli.

Yale Guen Mar was barricaded by the dogs of all his Hmong neighbors. Yale Guen Mar has been forced into a retreat. He has been told that if he can't look after Huli, one of his Hmong neighbors will gladly do it for him.

Whew ! That was a close call for Huli.

Yale Guen Mar, you have been very unfair to all the pigs in your life.

Yale Guen Mar, you are verily a monster. How many pigs have you infected over your lifetime?

And now you are hoist by your own petard.

Yale Guen Mar, you wouldn't have been in a mess if you only knew what should be left untouched.

And now you are in danger of losing just your badly infected middle fingers but even your mind as the infection starts metastasizing in your brain.

Here are some news stories in the media about your depraved behavior and resultant consequences.


Yale Guen Mar gave STD to at least 4 pigs by finger-fucking them in the anus]

December 4, 2009

MERCED - Authorities said a man who was caught finger-fucking show hogs in the asshole will have his case presented to the Merced County Grand Jury next month. Yale Guen Mar, 71, was arrested on Dec. 3, 2009 after police set up surveillance cameras near a Hmong-owned hog farm in Merced County.

Merced Police Chief Yuhua Luo said the hogs were examined by a local veterinarian, during a routine examination, and the owner was told that four of the hogs had a STD anal infection.


[At his 75th birthday, Merced resident Yale Guen Mar discovers his atrophied middle fingers infected with STDs contracted from pigs' colons - he might lose his middle fingers to amputation. That would leave him handicapped in pursuing his life long passion of finger-fucking pigs in their assholes]

February 1, 2013

Man's middle fingers contracted VD from STD infected pigs
Amputation may leave him with eight fingers

Yale Guen Mar, a resident of Merced, made unwanted medical history on his 75th birthday as doctors diagnosed his middle fingers to be ravaged by STD contracted from pigs,' colons.

Yale Guen Mar had been on probation as a sex offender since 2009 when he got outed as a serial pig molester. He had, then, confessed to the police that he had been finger-fucking pigs in their assholes since he was a little boy.

Yale Guen Mar's obsession with pigs' assholes predates his arrival to USA in 1949 as a 11-year old boy when the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) captured power in mainland China. He had been finger-fucking pigs' in their assholes even as a preteen in mainland China.

Yale Guen Mar confessed in an interview that even today he feels a certain excitement every time he visits hog farms in around around Merced county like the Loin Eye pig farm and the Mai keri Her pig farm.

But his 75th birthday today finds him with a fly in the ointment - his days of excitement might be coming to an end. Doctors have just diagnosed that Yale Guen mar's atrophied middle fingers are from STDs. Yale Guen Mar's middle fingers got infected through years of intimate close encounters with colons of pigs.

Doctors have opined that Yale Guen mar should have his middle fingers amputated to prevent the spread of the disease that might ultimately affect his brain. Already there are obvious signs that the STDs on his middle fingers may have already taken a toll on his neural network.

As we ge to press, Yale Guen Mar is seeking a second and a third opinion on what to do with his infected middle fingers. While their amputation might stop the spread of infection, the loss of the middle fingers will be virtually akin to castration for the 75-year old Yale Guen Mar who has been a serial pig molester all his life.

Post by Resty Wyse
2018-01-10 04:57:44 UTC
The idiots should serve a long time behind bars.

Resty Wyse
2018-01-10 17:09:32 UTC
Post by w***@yahoo.com.sg
The idiots should serve a long time behind bars.
Why anybody wants to join such organization is beyond me.
2018-01-11 06:22:09 UTC
Why anybody would want to ill-treat anyone for "fun" is beyond me. It's idiocy, to begin with.