The intertwined freedom movements of Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr.
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Resty Wyse
2018-04-08 16:50:57 UTC
The intertwined freedom movements of Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr.

2018-04-08 19:04:28 UTC
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The intertwined freedom movements of Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr.
Yale Guen Mar (posting under the fake name of Resty Wyse), first tell us all you know about Confucius.

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Confucius never said that.
Yale Guen Mar, there are many things on heaven and earth than are dreamt of by the likes of you.
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Forget Confucius. Learn from Xi Jinping!!!
Yale Guen Mar, can Xi Jinping teach you how to get toilet trained?

Then it would certainly be worth your time to learn from Xi Jinping.

Yale Guen Mar, even at 79, you are not old enough. Even little Luca is toilet trained. You are not and never will be.

Yale Guen Mar, were you really surprised when Luca wanted to know if you'll ever get toilet trained?

Luca no longer needs diapers. But you do.

Is it any surprise that Valentina and Luca start giggling whenever they hear of you?

So, Yale Guen Mar, are you surprised that Valentina and Luca start giggling at the very mention of your accursed name?

Yale Guen Mar, How dare you try to potty-train Luca on skype. Luca is already potty trained but you are not and never will be.

Luca no longer needs diapers. But you do, Yale Guen Mar. And you'll continue to need diapers till your dying day.

BTW, Yale Guen Mar, why don't you write an autobiography to make money from your life of shame?

Talk to Mr. Lee, your Hmong neighbor on your left. He had been in the publishing business for more than two dozen years. Perhaps he'll help you to get the story of your shameful life published.

Mr. Lee had been in the publishing business for over two decades. I am sure he is capable of lending a helping hand to Yale Guen Mar if the latter wants to publish an account of his wasted life.

But, of course, Mr. Lee might demand a price for helping Yale Guen Mar with the writing and publication of the autobiography.

Firstly, Yale Guen Mar will have to stop shitting in Mr. Lee's taro patch.

Secondly, Yale Guen Mar should seriously consider accepting the offer of all his Hmong neighbors for financing his trip to Cambodia for alternate medical treatment of his STD-scarred middle fingers.

Most importantly, Yale Guen Mar should promise never to come back to Merced, CA or even to USA for that matter from Cambodia.

Valentina and her brother Luca are lucky to have May Fung and the Buonamicis around.

Yale Guen Mar, you can blame no one but yourself if the Buonamicis are determined to shield Valentina and her brother Luca from the one that exposed himself on skype under the ruse of give potty training to Valentina.

And now, Yale Guen Mar, skype contacts with Valentina and her brother Luca are off limits for you without adult supervision. And very rightly so,

Yale Guen Mar, when Valentina's brother Luca was born recently, you were told that you cannot come to Boston because all flights in America have been canceled because of unseasonal snow storms in the month of May !!

Yuhua Luo hasn't helped matters by bringing to the attention of the Buonamicis your shenanigans with Judah.

May Fung, in the mean time, enjoys ready access to Valentina and her brother and unlimited quality time with them.

And so does Dr. Roberto Buonamici.

Yale Guen Mar, can't you be a responsible adult like May Fung and Roberto Buonamici?

Is it any wonder that Roberto Buonamici goes nuclear at the very mention of your name. He has threatened to sodomize you with a nuclear fuel rod.

Carlton left his two dogs with Yale Guen Mar in Merced as he and family had a great Thanksgiving feast in Fremont. Yuhua Luo joined Carlton at the Tahnksgiving feast and so did Carlton's biological father from China.

Yale Guen Mar, aren'y you glad your 11 lb turkey found a taker (nay, two takers) this year. You won'y have to eat it through 2015. But it is a pity that the two dogs refused to share the turkey with you.

In the meantime in Boston, Brenton too had a grand Thanksgiving feast at his home. May Fung and Roberto Buonamici joined Brenton and his family.

BTW, Yale Guen Mar, behave decently in the presence of Luca. Don't even dream of doing a Judah on him. Silvia will not stand for it. You will be consigned to the dog house for the rest of your miserable life.

And, yes, Luca will soon get toilet trained. But don't jump the gun in potty training him. Remember how Silvia was appalled that you had exposed yourself to Valentina on skype under the pretext of giving her potty training?

Act like a decent man for a change. Or else, you'll no more enjoy privileges of skyping with Luca and Valentina.
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Jesus Christ is a WHITE RACE monopoly Power
2018-04-08 23:15:00 UTC
this was for a weaker race
Jesus Christ is a WHITE RACE monopoly Power
2018-04-09 00:11:07 UTC
Indians have always had outsiders who
imposed laws and order on Indian
Black skin people ....

the Aryan from the north west

the Islam Mongol(Mugol in Iranian lingo)
from Afghan

the white race Brits from West

GERMAN tried to help Indians break
away from White race Brit 's strangle
hold but failed ....

now 21 st century USA is coming
to India another white race Christian
power .... ...
Indians cannot escape from white race