Hey!!! komin, where did you go the last few days?
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Resty Wyse
2014-08-29 04:50:43 UTC
Hey!!! komin, where did you go the last few days?
2018-03-13 16:16:08 UTC
Post by Resty Wyse
Hey!!! komin, where did you go the last few days?
Far more interesting is what Yale Guen Mar (posting under the fake name of Resty Wyse) has been up to in the last few days.

Yale Guen Mar, your farting is very very foul. Too much pollution - noise as well as chemical.

But it is nice that you are planning to take care of the noise pollution by installing a muffler inside your asshole. Why don't you take care of the chemical pollution by installing a catalytic converter as well?

Yale Guen Mar was spotted by his message carrying cousin (from Santa Clara) near McNamara Park in Merced, CA - he was on his way to a local AAMCO shop to see if he could get a silencer fitted in his asshole. She promptly relayed the message to her other cousins in the USA.

Yale Guen Mar is hoping to add stealth to the arsenal of stink bombs that he launches from his asshole inside local grocery stores like Merced Community Food Market, Yue Cheng Market and Rancho San Miguel Super Market. He feels that muffling the sound of his farts is a necessity to protect himself from the wrath of outraged grocers like Ms. Lee, Mr. Miao and and Mr. Lopez.

Yale Guen Mar has been sneaking into taro patches of his Hmong neighbors on Twilight Avenue in Merced, CA to fertilize them with his shit.

More tellingly, he has been fumigating the local grocery stores around 3851 Twilight Avenue in Merced, CA?

Such unilateral actions have consequences.

Yale Guen Mar, if you behave like a normal person, your neighbors wouldn't be against you as a neighbor.

You have been chased by the dogs of your Hmong neighbors ever since you moved into the neighborhood in March of 2009.

Ms. Lee of the Merced Community Food Market was so enraged with your behavior that you got sodomized with an opo squash.

Mr. Miao of the Yue Cheng Market got a restraining order against you and threatened to sodomize you with a bitter melon which is certain to leave a bitter taste in your asshole.

Mr. Lopez too won't be left behind if you continue with your outrageous behavior inside Rancho San Miguel Super Market. Yale Guen Mar, you risk getting sodomized with a burrito or a tamale laced with the hottest of jalapenos and habaneros. And that will leave you with a hot and painful asshole.

BTW, Yale Guen Mar, when you shop for a muffler for your asshole, don't forget to shop for a catalytic converter as well to clean up the pollution from hydrogen sulphide in your incessant farting.