Xi Jinping's rise shatters hopes for democracy in China - China has its own form of democracy!!!
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Resty Wyse
2018-03-12 17:50:47 UTC
Xi Jinping's rise shatters hopes for democracy in China - China has its own form of democracy!!!

2018-03-12 17:59:35 UTC
Post by Resty Wyse
Xi Jinping's rise shatters hopes for democracy in China - China has its own form of democracy!!!
So, Yale Guen Mar (posting under the fake name of Resty Wyse), are you ready to relocate to your birth village to live under CC dictatorship's democracy?

68 years ago as an 11 year old you fled to USA to escape the Communist takeover in China.

Yale Guen Mar, why are you still in the USA? Why don't you relocate to your birth village in Mainland China to live happily under CCP dictatorship?

Yale Guen Mar, what are your thoughts?

Do you regret that you had sailed from Hong Kong to Dan Francisco?

Do you yearn to go back to your village?

When are you relocating to your birth village to live under CCP dictatorship, Yale Guen Mar?

Yale Guen Mar, you have been in USA since 1949 when you fled Communist China in a ship from Hong Kong to San Francisco.

Yale Guen Mar, you are an opportunist. It doesn't matter what is worst and what is best for the world. You do what is best for you, period.

You stay put in Merced, CA so that you can collect welfare checks from Uncle Sam. At the same time you try your level best to earn 50 cents per approved post from the CCP regime in Beijing.

Yale Guen Mar, are you thinking of relocating to your birth village in PRC to learn first hand from the CCP dictatorship in Beijing?

Or do you think it is more prudent of you to live in USA on welfare checks from Uncle Sam and supplement the welfare checks with 50 cents per approved post from Uncle Chang?

Aren't you stuck in Merced, CA for reasons that are far more mundane than your distaste for America ? Isn't self interest the guiding principle that you keeps you stuck in USA even after 68 years of landing in San Francisco as a refugee from Communist China in 1949?

Aren't you afraid that you'll be a loser two times over if you relocate to PRC - you'll lose your welfare checks from Uncle Sam and, at the same time, if you post something from PRC that doesn't sit well with CCP, its workers will be at your door step in no time with orders to widen your asshole?

Post by Resty Wyse
My brother has multi-millions.
They could live very well in China.
After living in the U.S. for 50 years,
who can get use to living in the village,
with no running water, no running hot water,
no indoor bathroom, no natural gas for cooking,...
For the last 3 years of their lives,
they were living in a retirement facility
where everything was done for them for $3,000/month.
The retirement home was the reason they died,
no physical activities.
I went back to our house in 2006 and talked to
our neighbors. They all agreed that if my
parents had gone back to the house to live,
they would still be alive doing things around the house,
doing physical activities to keep their bodies in use.
So Yale Guen Mar, you think that PRC wasn't good enough for even your parents, let alone for you?

Why don't you move back to your birth village so that you can live under CCP dictatorship in PRC? Of course you'll have to be very very careful. Don't post anything that deviates from CCP policy - otherwise you'll get sent away for reeducation through labor ( 勞動教養 ), but not before party workers widen your asshole enormously.

Good luck with your search for old age home with facilities for assisted living.

I think your best bet would be to accept the generous offer by your Hmong neighbors - they are willing to finance your trip to Cambodia for treatment of your infected middle fingers by Dr. Dong with alternate medicine. But of course there is a catch. You'll have to promise Ms. Rolida Lee and all your other Hmong neighbors to never again come back to Merced (or even to Merced, CA) to avail yourself of their generous offer for the travel grant.
Post by Resty Wyse
2018-03-12 21:18:47 UTC
China should follow how president Putin can get extended of tenure.

Russia abolishes long term presidential post to power entrenchment and
abuses and greed.

The tenure for president is maximum of two consecutive term with limitation
to two terms of 6 years each.

The terms were extended from 4 to 6 years in 2008, during Dmitry Medvedev's

Russian presidents cannot serve more than two consecutive terms.

However, Putin can be appointed by the president to be the PM, who will run
the day-to-day government.

The PM of Russia does not even have to be elected MP first.

By this way, Putin get appointed by the president from his party to become
PM when he stepped from his presidential post.

China's president Xi should be "premier" after his ended his 10 years of
maximum tenure.

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Xi Jinping's rise shatters hopes for democracy in China - China has its own
form of democracy!!!

Jesus Christ is a WHITE RACE monopoly Power
2018-03-12 23:06:06 UTC
Putin is a clever state mafia
state professional dictator

this is what ex communists do
Jesus Christ is a WHITE RACE monopoly Power
2018-03-12 23:39:03 UTC
the Chinese history

there have never been democracy in

Democracy is a white race concept

Chinese ate slowly learning
the meaning of Democracy

to achieve democracy initiativ

Chinesr must first reach a standard
of a modern state which is not controlled by a group of people
or by a group of corporations

people looking after the functioning
of a state must neutral ....
a kind of security guards of the
state which look after the state
of health of the nation which quarantee freedom of thinking
for each individual

but Chinese have never had such
condition of existence

so Democracy for all Chinese
is meaningless

Chinese now need a few strong men
as guidance for
preparation for
The Beginning Of A Chinese Century
because all white race Christian
people ate preparing to destroy

These Initial Chinese Attempts
to create a Chinese Modern State
to counter the Evil of these
white race Christians who want
to destroy Chinese technical and
Digital modern Civilization at birth
in the 21st Century

remember white race Christians
to China to poison Chinese 160 years ago
when Chinese were just beginning
to learn about mechanical industrial
civilization from the white race
in steam powered machines for
technical productions of goods
and medical supplies .... ...
as white race Christians artived
China to poison Chinese brains
in order to stop Chinese learning
and understanding these new
technical and medical advances
from the West ...

thus Chinese must prepare again
to face white race ' s onslaught
on the Chinese mind when
Chinese are facing the 21st century 's
nee form of computer virus
organic deseases and military high tech attacks on Chinese defences
in Tibet ..... in South China sea...
in coastal cities dacing Taiwan

white race Christians will use Democracy to destabilize China
to create troubles for Chinese amongst
Chinese and between Chinese

So Chinese in the beginning of this
21st century must beware of all these
concepts from the white race which
wants to project this idea of
Democracy in order to make Chinese destroy Chinese just like
150 years ago when white race
Christians brought in opium into China