$Malaysian Mule, look at yourself!!! You have no charge!!!! You only have a dead battery!!!!!! You just don't know how ridiculous you look!!!!
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2015-02-08 03:28:33 UTC
Malaysian Mule, look at yourself!!! You have no charge!!!!
You only have a dead battery!!!!!! You just don't know how ridiculous you look!!!!
2015-03-01 20:43:02 UTC
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Malaysian Mule, look at yourself!!! You have no charge!!!!
You only have a dead battery!!!!!! You just don't know how ridiculous you look!!!!
Yale Guen Mar, haven't you been trying to charge yourself with testicles transplant?

Yale Guen Mar, you have ED but no testicles. You have suffered from ED for decades. Isn't that the reason you took to finger-fucking pigs in their assholes from your boyhood days in mainland China?

Yale Guen Mar, you had faked a father in USA to get your fake citizenship papers. But you remain an illegal alien even after 65 years in the USA.

And your alleged son in Boston is just as much a fake son as your alleged father was a fake father. You lost your testicles many many decades ago during a close encounter with a pig when the pig you were molesting retaliated by ramming your scrotum with its snout.

Moreover, you have been a lifelong patient of ED and never had the ability to get an erection. That is the reason you have been finger-fucking pigs in their asshole all your life.

How on earth can you have a son of your own?

Go and get a DNA test done if you are still delusional.


Mercury Sun-Star
February 1, 2014

76 Year Old Merced Man Seeks Transplant of Porcine Testicles to Fill His Empty Scrotum

Merced-Doctors have been faced with an ethical dilemma by a 76 year old resident of Merced who seeks a transplant of porcine testicles to fill his empty scrotum.

Yale Guen Mar lost his testicles many decades ago in an accident. He was pursuing his passion of molesting pigs when a pig retaliated by ramming its snout on Yale Guen Mar's scrotum. Yale Guen Mar has remained testicle-less ever since.

But now Yale Guen Mar claims that he needs the requested transplant because lack of testicles has affected his character for a long time. And he wants a porcine testicle because that way would be his revenge on the species that turned him testicle-less in the first place.

But the local medical board is of divide opinion on the transplant.

One member of the board thinks the transplant would be great for Yale Guen Mar to regain self-esteem.

But all other members of the board feel that the procedure would be deeply insulting to the porcine community even if the testicles are taken from a dead pig.

2018-02-24 09:20:01 UTC
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Malaysian Mule, look at yourself!!! You have no charge!!!!
You only have a dead battery!!!!!! You just don't know how ridiculous you look!!!!
Yale Guen Mar (Bright Equality Mule), you never had any battery. That is why you always felt so inferior to your cousin Col. Homer Yale Mar.

Yale Guen Mar (posting under the fake name of Resty Wyse), you are pretty amazing. That is why you post under fanciful names like Resty Wyse and Rusty Wyseman?

Yale Guen Mar and a mule have many things in common. As a starter, both are infertile.

Yale Guen Mar is also a hybrid subhuman.

Yale Guen Mar's DNA under scrutiny - he is either a chimpman or a humanzee

Yale Guen Mar is the "modern monkey".

Yale Guen Mar (who posts as Resty Wyse and as Rusty Wyseman) could either be a chimpman or a humanzee - but Yale Guen Mar doesn't know for sure - he only knows his Taishanese step mother and his alleged biological father in California who refused to provide Yale Guen Mar with the information.
2018-02-24 17:36:36 UTC
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Malaysian Mule, look at yourself!!! You have no charge!!!!
You only have a dead battery!!!!!! You just don't know how ridiculous you look!!!!
Yale Guen Mar (posting under the fake name of Resty Wyse), tell us about your "great rivalry" with cousin Homer.

Even as a child you would run crying to your mother Kim Hi Wong and aunt Susan Suey Oy Wong complaining about Homer.

Yale Guen Mar (posting under the fake name of Resty Wyse), stop bad-mouthing your esteemed cousin Col Homer Yale Mar. Everyone in the Mar clan respects him. No one respects you.
Post by rst9
The highest rank he got was captain in the army.
His national guard rank was lieutenant colonel he joined so he can get his military pension. He "walk-walk-eat" throughout his life.
That's not quite what you posted nearly 5 years ago in one of your weaker moments when you uncharacteristically let the truth overwhelm you:

Post by rst9
My father's identical twin used to own the"Junction City Cafe", and
all my cousins, except the oldest were born and grew up in Junction
City. They all graduated from Kansas State University in Manhatten,
KS. My oldest cousin served in the Vietnam War and remained with the
Army and retired with the rank of colonel.
If anyone was fat all his life it was Yale Guen Mar.
My high school weight was 137. Today, I weigh 138 - 139.
That is yet another lie.

Here's Yale Guen Mar's photo when he was trimmer than he is today:


You will be absolutely right if you guessed the fat slob in that photo to be our "137 lb" slim and trim Yale Guen Mar. Even in his trimmer state he seems far closer to 200 lb than to 137 lb.
Post by rst9
You are so jealous of Homer that you have now stooped to posting that Homer and Cynthia (Homer's beautiful wife) are overweight !!!
Jealous of a "walk-walk-eat" person all through his life? You gotta be joking. No one can be jealous of a fat-slop??? If you think she's beautiful, I can see why you like pigs.
An arny colonel who served in Vietnam is anything but a "walk-walk-eat" person which describes you accurately. When was the last time you had a proper job? You have been living off welfare checks from Uncle Sam which you try to supplement with 50 cents per approved post from Uncle Chang.

BTW, do you realize that you have strayed on the wrong side of the law by not reporting your income from the CCP dictatorship in Beijing and by not registering yourself as a lobbyist for PRC?

You might want to be on your best behavior the next time you meet your cousin Lawrence Yale Mar of San Mateo, CA. Cousin Larry is an authority on tax laws and regulations. He can advise you on the least painful way for you to come clean with the IRS and the USA. Consult him and get his advise to avoid time behind locked bars in a penitentiary. Beware that if you get jailed, you might never come out alive for there is every chance that you'll die on the shower floor of the penitentiary as you are sodomized by fellow inmates.
Post by rst9
Pray, tell us who is the overweight guy in these photos? Here's a hint to help you - it is neither Homer nor Cynthia.
Yeah, I was wearing my son's sweatshirt, a UCLA sweat. He's a bigger man than I am or I was. It was a thick heavy sweat, good for the cold weather.
Really? Brenton is a small man more likely to be 137 lb. Just look at the photo:


Brenton is the young gentleman at your back.

Why would Brenton's sweatshirt make you look that fat? A 200 lb pig like you can never get into Brenton's sweatshirt.
Post by rst9
Was Homer a bully?
His mother said so, and all his brothers and sister called him a bully. It came out from his own mother's mouth. You see, we have a cousin living in Santa Clara. She's the "message-relayer".
Who is this "message-relayer" that you are now identifying as a cousin? She can't be a real person. You are so infamous in the Mar clan that no member would bother to relay messages to you.

Didn't you brag that Homer would always get out of your father's house before you came back because he was afraid that you would punch him?

So how is he the bully?

Homer was very forbearing. He never hit you till you turned really obnoxious. And then you would run crying to your mom Kim Hi Wong and even to your aunt Susan Suey Oy Wong. Admire cousin Homer for his patience instead of abusing him as a bully.

Post by rst9
I boosted Homer's image up in the beginning as he is my cousin. He came to our house and talked to Donald and my father, but left before I came back. He knew I would punch him in the face if I saw him.
So Homer avoided you because you would punch him in the face if you saw him?

And yet you think he is the bully !!

Get over your jealousy. Cease making a fool of yourself with such contradictory claims.

He had licked you often, but only because you were ceaselessly nasty to him. But Homer had more often than not let you off because after all you were a cousin.

Yale Guen Mar, if you are man enough, you should go to Duncanville and ask Homer and Cynthia for forgiveness. They are nice people - very forgiving. They will forgive you if you repent sincerely.
Post by rst9
Of course not. It is you who fought like dogs and cats even though you always got beaten up.
By a fat-slop??? That's really funny!!!
"fat-slop" ? Yale Guen Mar, your English will never be anything but sloppy unless you pay attention when grandson Singh tutors you.

And at 200 lbs, you are the crowned fat-slob in the Mar clan.
2018-03-13 07:43:18 UTC
Yale Guen Mar, recall how you ran away from home as a teenager? You ended in Chicago where you tried to enroll as a Bunny Boy with Playboy.

Your mother, Kim Hi Wong, had filed a missing person report with the police. The police found you just in time because you might have got murdered by the unsavory characters you had started mixing with to earn money as a boy prostitute.

When you cam back home, your sister Ellen (who was 11 years younger than you) cried and cried and made you swear never to run away from home again.

But then you misused your stay with your parents Kim Hi Wong and Tony Chee Mar.

Yale Guen Mar (who posts under the fake name of Resty Wyse) do you understand why Ellen, Donald and Eugene had to do what they did.

Because of your unstable temperament, you were a menace not just to yourself and your relatives but even to your neighbors.

Ellen, Donald and Eugene had to get rid of your gun collection and album of photos of your favorite pigs from the room in your parents' home on 914 10th Street in Phoenix, AZ. They were only trying to save you from yourself.

Yale Guen Mar, you still have not been able to forgive Ellen, Donald and Eugene because they got rid of your gun collection and the album of photos of your favorite pigs from your room in your parents' house on 914 10th Street in Sazfford, AZ.

Yale Guen Mar, 914 10th Street in Safford, AZ should have been like your home. Instead you chose to make it a storage place for your contrabands.

I am very much interested in hearing from Chinese-Americans within the
United States on how their aged parents/grandparents were faring in
their sunset years. It was ironic for me growing up in a small town,
living in California most of my adult life about a thousand miles from
"home". As each of us gets older and educated, we leave "home" only to
come "home" for visit once or twice a year. My sibblings live in
Tucson about 125 miles away leaving my parents alone at "home". To me,
"home" was, is and will always be 914 10th St. and I never take any of
my things from "home" to California.
Then my father got sick and checked into the hospital. My brother in
Tucson returned "home" and talked to the doctor, who said my father may
be in hospital for about a week. Since my mother can not speak English
and alone at home, he decided to transfer my father to Tucson Medical
Center where he works and move my mother to a retirement home in
Tucson. The house was sold. "Home" is no more. All my college year
photos were gone, my short-wave radio, my gun collection, everything in
my bedroom, including the photos of my favorite pigs, were thrown away
or given away without telling me.
My father recovered and moved into the retirement home with my mother,
each taken up a room with a cost of $1,200/month each for a total of
$2,400. With no outside activities and eat and sleep, my father died
in 15 months later. My mother died two years later after my father. I
believe my mother died of loneliness and neglect. I have 3 sibblings
living in Tucson, not one would visit and talk to my mother often
enough to care.
Yale Guen Mar, can't you ever get over the loss of your gun collection, photos of your favorite pigs and your short-wave radio? Donald and Eugene were only trying to protect you from yourself.

Yale Guen Mar, you are being grossly unfair to your brothers Eugene Yale Mar and Donald Yale Mar. They were achievers. The only reason they got rid of your gun collection, short-wave radio and the photos of your favorite pigs was to save you from yourself.

Quit holding grudges against Donald and Eugene, Get their help to cope with your problems.

Funeral rites for an elderly person follow the prescribed form and convey relevant respect: rites befitting the person's status, age etc. are performed even if this means the family of the deceased must go into debt to pay for them.

Ben Shee Mar and Susan Suye Oy Wong were fortunate to be honored at their burial by their children and grandchildren. They lie buried side by side in Duncanville, Texas.

Nephew Yale Guen Mar was not welcome at the funerals by the Mar clan, and for understandable reasons.

But then Yale Guen Mar wasn't welcome at the funerals of his parents Tony Chee Mar and Kim Hi Wong either. No one wanted him at the funerals.

At Qingming Festival every year, Homer Yale Mar and his siblings pay respect to their parents Ben Shee Mar and Susan Suey Oy Wong, and all relatives and ancestors who have passed away. They spend time tidying up the graves and tombstones of Ben Shee Mar and Susan Suey Oy Wong. They offer food, flowers and paper money to their ancestors.

In stark contrast, Yale Guen Mar spends time sulking about times when he got thrashed by his father Tony Chee Mar and mother Kim Hi Wong for misbehavior.
2018-04-07 05:02:08 UTC
Post by rst9
Malaysian Mule, look at yourself!!! You have no charge!!!!
You only have a dead battery!!!!!! You just don't know how ridiculous you look!!!!
Yale Guen Mar, you are 80 with one foot on your grave. In afterlife, please use diapers with much greater diligence. You don't want to do to the neighborhoods in hell what you have done to your neighborhood on Twilight Avenue in Merced, CA.

Yale Guen Mar, it doesn't seem that Valentina and Luca think much of your hygienically challenged life in this world. Perhaps you can change their opinion by attempting to lead a more wholesome life in hell.

Luca just got toilet trained. He still had half a box of diapers left. Valentina told Silvia to give away that box of diapers to you, Yale Guen Mar. Silvia, of course pointed out the obvious - Yale Guen Mar has too big a butt to fit into Luca's discarded diapers.

Even with giant sized diapers, Yale Guen Mar is causing enough trouble in his neighborhood. He is leaving yellow stinking stains all over - on Ravinder Singh's sofa, or Rolida Lee's reclining chair and, of course, in stores like Lee's Merced Community Food Center, Miao's Yue Cheng Market, in Rancho San Miguel Supermarket and , of course, in R & N Supermarket.

In many posts, Yale Guen Mar has asserted that it is the "power of the gun" that speaks the loudest.

Yale Guen Mar, you have repeatedly claimed that "power of the gun" speaks the loudest. But in practice, it is the power of your stealth farting that has felled all in your vicinity.

Yale Guen Mar, it will all depend on your power of stealth farting.

If you think you can get away with pointing fingers at others at the Hmong grocery store, you'll comntinue to point fingers at others.

But if your diaper is leaking solid, liquid and gas continuously, it won't take the Lees too much time to realize that you are the one responsible for the stink bomb.

Yale Guen Mar, isn't it a shame that you are single-handedly turning the Twilight Avenue neighborhood in Merced, CA into a dirty filthy place?

Yale Guen Mar, must you remain hygienically challenged? Can'y you ask Meichi Thai to change your diaper before you visit the household of Mr. Ravinder Singh, or the Lees' grocery store or the taro patches of your Hmong neighbors?

Ravinder Singh isn't laughing. Yale Guen Mar's diaper leaks - it leaves stinking stains on Ravinder's sofa.

Yale Guen Mar was really depressed after his futile letter to Quincy, MA begging for money. Yale Guen Mar now comes to Ravinder's house quite often to cry his heart out - but he sheds more than tears. Yale Guen Mar's diaper invariably leaks leaving yellow stains on Ravinder's sofa.

Yale Guen Mar, be more considerate. Ask Meichi Thai to change your diaper before you pay a visit to Ravinder's house.

Yale Guen Mar, don't be gross while shopping at the Hmong grocery store. Step outside to fart instead of stinking up the grocery store. You are driving away customers.

Yale Guen Mar, why don't you ask your caregiver Meichi Thai to insert a cork inside your shit-hole before visiting your Hmong grocer? You have been farting inside the grocery store incessantly every time you go their shopping. The stink drives away other shoppers.

Yale Guen Mar, you are being grossly unfair to your Hmong grocer by indulging in gross farting inside the grocery store. Either step outside the store to fart or have Maichi Thai insert a cork in your anus before you go for your grocery shopping.

Yale Guen Mar, you have been a bad neighbor. Why have you been shitting on the taro patch of one of your Hmong neighbors? Not satisfied with molesting the Hmong-owned pigs, you have now take to fertilizing their taro patches !!
Post by rst9
No wonder India has no use for you!!!
Uncle Sam has too many Indians already.
Uncle Sam certainly doesn't want liars and cheaters like Satish,
the bottom dweller.
Yale Guen Mar, you are like the drunkard who thinks he can get absolved by claiming the rest of the world to be drunk !!

Attend to your immediate problems.

You nearly lost your life because of your lack of civic sense in a public place like the Merced Community Food Market. You provoked Ms. Lee to the point where she attacked you with an opo squash.

But for Meichi Thai's tireless efforts, you might have bled to death from the hemorrhoids in your asshole. But the newsgroup was spared your inanities for a while.

Try to stay away from not just Merced Community Food Market but even from Yue Cheng Market. The Miaos will show no more mercy for you than did Ms. Lee. You'll relive your ordeal when Mr. Miao shoves a bitter melon or a Chinese okra up your blasted asshole. And that's going to leave a far greater collateral damage inside your blasted asshole, besides leaving a bitter after taste.