Shock as jewish woman pleads guilty to filming self in sex acts with pet dog, whipped cream
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Michael Ejercito
2018-01-19 04:28:36 UTC



2018-01-19 09:24:49 UTC
I don't see "Jewish" in the report. And even if the woman is Jewish, it's irrelevant. And what race is the dog?

The Peeler
2018-01-19 10:48:20 UTC
On Thu, 18 Jan 2018 23:28:36 -0500, Loose Sphincter, the unhappily married
nazi homo, IMPERSONATING his master, Michael Ejercito, whined again:

<FLUSH more of the usual boring faked bullshit>

Get treatment and stop getting on people's (including your wife's) nerves
with your stupidity!
Loose Sphincter about his passion:
" I love eating the Shit out of Poor Helpless Dumb Goran Razovic! LOL"
MID: <***@4ax.com>
Michael Ejercito
2018-01-19 17:49:14 UTC
Forger, you are so ashamed of your beliefs, you forge me.


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2018-01-19 23:43:54 UTC
Yes, the imposter doesn't sound like the real M. E.

Resty Wyse
2018-01-19 18:07:37 UTC
Post by Michael Ejercito
It's between the woman and the dog.
2018-01-19 18:13:06 UTC
Post by Resty Wyse
It's between the woman and the dog.
Yale Guen Mar, you will be 80 on February 1. if you survive that long, time for you to make up with Huli and with Homer (not necessarily in that order).

SPCA needs to be alerted every time Yale Guen Mar is with a dog. He is never in the vicinity of a dog without ulterior motives.

Yale Guen Mar, tell us about your feelings for Huli (and Kimi, Subi and Secola, not necessarily in that order).

Yale Guen Mar, are you ready for the year of the dog?

Are you trying to get along with Huli?

Are you still hoping for a jindo bitch from North Korea?

Yale Guen Mar, you have kept badmouthing your parents Kim Hi Wong and Tony Chee Mar long after they have been dead and buried.

It is time for you to bury the hatchet.

Here is the photo of Yale Guen Mar's spiritual counselor who belongs to the Falun Gong. Yale Guen Mar wears a locket with this spiritual counsellor's photo as a talisman:


Yale Guen Mar's photos:


Yale Guen Mar's live-in-nurse Meichi Thai:


Also, try to rise above your issues with dogs, especially Huli.

When Yale Guen Mar is angry enough, he'll do anything. Just see what he was willing to do to Huli.

Yale Guen Mar has a lot of issues with Huli.

Yale Guen Mar resents the fact that Carlton lets Huli ride in his Subaru MRX STI with special color but doesn't let Yale Guen Mar anywhere near the car.

Huli didn't improve matters last Thanksgiving when sharing a turkey with Subi, Kimi and Secola but refusing to share it with Yale Guen Mar.

All this got Yale Guen Mar into a demonic rage. He contacted the organizers of the Yulin dog meat festival to ship Huli to Yulin.

Fortunately, a Hmong neighbor (Rolida Lee) found out in time about Yale Guen Mar's fiendish plan for Huli.

Yale Guen Mar was barricaded by the dogs of all his Hmong neighbors. Yale Guen Mar has been forced into a retreat. He has been told that if he can't look after Huli, one of his Hmong neighbors will gladly do it for him.

Whew ! That was a close call for Huli.

Yale Guen Mar's relationship with Carlton's is no less tortured.

Post by Resty Wyse
My stepson's real father came from China to visit him for the next two months yesterday (Saturday). Within a few hours, he said he cannot stand his father.
He said his father is dirty, clothing dirty, constantly smoking (no one in my house smoke), constantly talking,...
Yale Guen Mar, Carlton is not your stepson, he is Yuhua Luo's stepson.

It is very undignified and petty of you to badmouth Carlton's father who is much more of a man than you will ever be (just ask Yuhua Luo, and you'll get your resounding confirmation).

Yale Guen Mar, you should follow Carlton's advice. Make an appointment with that professor of animal psychology at UC, Davis. See if his therapy will relieve your angst. That's the best thing you can do for yourself on your 80th birthday.

Don't miss the bus - you may not have much time left.
2018-04-08 06:03:17 UTC
The real question for the newsgroup is - who is Resty Wyse?

You're Resty Wise?
Yale Guen Mar of Merced, CA posts under the fake name of Resty Wyse (and sometimes Rysty Wyseman).

Yale Guen Mar is a master of fakery, Resty Wyseman and Rusty Wyse are his fake names, among his fake IDs are ***@yahoo.com, ***@yahoo.com, ***@yahoo.com, ***@yahoo.com, ***@yahoo.com

Real Name:
Yale Guen Mar

Yale Guen Mar masquerades as:

Rusty Wyse
Resty Wyseman

He also masquerades as a Caucasian whenever he can get away with it.

Yale Guen Mar posts as:


Yale Guen Mar's phone numbers are:

(209) 722-0463
(510) 531-7359

Yale Guen Mar was born on February 1, 1938 in Mainland China.

As a 11 year old, Yale Guen Mar fled his village in China after the Communist takeover in 1949. He arrived in San Francisco in the November of 1949 just before Thanksgiving.

US citizen Tony Chee Mar (who had never see Yale Guen Mar before that) signed papers declaring Yale Guen Mar to be his biological son so that Yale Guen Mar could find refuge in USA.

Tony Chee Mar was a very kind man :

* Tony Chee Mar gave Yale Guen Mar his first Thanksgiving meal

* Tony Chee Mar let Yale Guen Mar into his own house
on 914 10th Street in Safford, AZ

* Tony Chee Mar taught English and Math to Yale Guen Mar and
taught him the difference between rational and irrational numbers.

* Tony Chee Mar gave Yale Guen Mar his first job at his cafe.

* Tony Chee Mar bought Yale Guen Mar his first car (a 1963 Pontiac).

But Yale Guen Mar was an ingrate. He has continued to resent Tony Chee Mar because:

* Tony Chee Mar had chopped off Yale Guen Mar's pigtail
when he alighted from the ship that had brought him
to San Francisco from Hong Kong.

* Tony Chee Mar refused Yale Guen Mar to shave a straight line in the head.

* Tony Chee Mar insisted on a crew cut for Yale Guen Mar so that he could meld
better with his classmates in the new country.

* Tony Chee Mar punished Yale Guen Mar whenever he strayed from the
straight and narrow (which unfortunately) was far more often than for a normal boy

Yale Guen Mar has refused to get over his grudges.

Yale Guen Mar stays alone at:

3851 Twilight Avenue
Merced, CA

Yale Guen Mar refuses to visit the graves of his parents Tony Chee Mar and Kim Hi Wong in Tucson, AZ even during the Quingming Festival.

Yale Guen Mar, take a train from Merced, CA to Tucson, AZ to be at the grave of your parents Kim Hi Wong and Tony Chee Mar as often as you can . It is in East Palm Cemetery (look for Lot 49).

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East Palm Cemetery

5801 East Grant Road #C
Tucson, AZ 85712

(520) 886-5561

Also, try to get along with Ellen, Donald and Eugene.

Yale Guen Mar, everything about you is fake.

* fake names (Resty Wyse, Rusty Wyseman)
* fake race - Yale Guen Mar claims to be a Caucasian at every opportunity
* fake IDs (rst0/2/4/7/9)
* fake diploma (electrical engineering)
* fake citizenship papers for USA and
* even a fake circumcision scar drawn on your penis with a sharpie !!!