Mary, Monkey, Sun, Tree and Penis Whoreshippers - Part H - Daryl Kabatoff
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2023-05-14 14:01:44 UTC
Mary, Monkey, Sun, Tree and Penis Whoreshippers - Part H - Daryl Kabatoff
May 10th 2023 11:44 am 200,435 words (232 pages)

“The very concept of a nation founded by European settlers is offensive to me. Old stock White Canadians are an unpleasant relic, and quite frankly, replaceable. And we will replace them." - Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, when asked to comment on his Open Borders Immigration Strategy, speaking without preparation, without the aid of a writer

“Christians are the worst part of Canadian society.” - Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaking without preparation, without the aid of a writer

“If you’re not willing to embrace Islam, you’re not a part of our society.” - Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaking without preparation, without the aid of a writer

“Without writers, nothing speak so good in word stuff.” - Eddie Izzard

In the news we are repeatedly told if we vote PPC (People’s Party of Canada) we will split the Conservative vote and the Liberals will return to power. But it is the NDP that backs the Liberal minority government and keeps them in power, voting NDP will insure that the Liberals and NDP communist parties continue to rule and destroy our nation. Many dozens of aboriginal Indians are running in this Canadian federal election for either the Liberal or NDP communist parties, they are seeking Indian votes and this will result in another Liberal / NDP communist alliance that will import additional millions of Africans, Asians, Catholic Latin Americans and Catholic Filipinos to Canada, who will all be provided with homes and clean drinking water. It will be pretty hard for the red and white to unite and kick out the invaders when many of the red and white are supporting the communist Liberal / NDP coalition, which allows entry and provides huge resources to the invaders. It appears to me that Canada is lost, and those people who have been stripped of their rights and are being tortured to death in psychiatric facilities have not a hope. Even when the Conservatives rule provincially they allow psychiatry to thrive. The PPC leader spoke out against forced “Covid” jabs, he never took a stance on psychiatric horror. Psychiatric horror is an issue that is simply taboo and then it thrives and multiples. It is rather sad to note that your enemies are coming out of your own households, many of those people who are stripped of their rights and tortured in psychiatric facilities are there because family members were pressured by friends and relatives to shut the child up as people do not tolerate criticisms of their religions. Families get together and bond when there is a decorated evergreen blinkin’ in the livingroom, blinkin’ on and off, on and off, on and off, it is the greatest show on earth, those family members that choose not to join in the filth are deemed to be black sheep and are written out of wills and shunned by the family. The coming Canadian civil war will be very brutal, the red and the white Canadian slaves have always been persecuting and killing other Canadian slaves of their own race and colour, Canadians have had a lot of practice for the coming civil war.

In the news the Liberals won a minority government. Justin Trudeau is an Islamist, he will continue to import the Third World into Canada and so next election will have even more support from his Third World friends that have up to four wives (and obtain additional children through rape). Eventually so many Canadians of red and white will perish from the jabs and fail to reproduce, that the Liberals will receive the majority of the votes. The people who vote Liberal care little of their multi-billion dollar scandals or the rest of their political platform, their only concern is that the Liberals are importing their friends and family members from Islamlands. With the NDP Party working as a coalition to support the Liberals, the Liberals are free to import many millions of more Islamists to Canada before the next election. Almost every one of these new millions of Islamists arriving to Canada will vote Liberal, and it is only because the Liberals are a bunch of Islamists who are implementing the policy of immigration jihad (overthrowing nations through mass immigration). Justin Trudeau is commanded in the Koran to wage immigration jihad. Once these Islamists become a majority government they will be cutting your heads off in the public squares, why should Canada prove to be any different than any other nation that is ruled by Islam? With the abomination of desolation jabs together with the Islamic herbal remedies, already these Islamists are engaged in a genocidal campaign to kill off the people of white European descent, but they are also engaged in a genocidal campaign to kill off the Big-Nosed Cree and people belonging to other First Nations. For centuries Islamists have prided themselves over their great knowledge of herbs, they are self-proclaimed experts in using herbs to cause miscarriages and infertility. Because the Islamists are given access to all levels of our food supply they have multiple opportunities to dose it, likely the food you consume was dosed on multiple occasions. The farmer sends his or her cow to slaughter and the Islamists take over from there. The Islamists do not play nice, wherever they go they do not play nice, and historically they have never played nice. And here in Canada the Islamist Liberals are supported by the Sikh NDP appeasers. The Sikhs are both warriors and appeasers, they are warrior-appeasers who have learned to live beside Islam, the Sikhs survive through their skill as warriors and through their skill as appeasers. Presently the Islamists seem to tolerate the Sikhs, it is because the Sikhs are the world’s greatest appeasers. In Canada only Sikh children are allowed to go to school armed, and their turbans are a military helmet.

The Trudeau Liberals have been training Chinese soldiers to fly military jets in Canada. The virus was manipulated in Wuhan by Americans including Dr. Fauci (it results in some people getting a runny nose), and then Trudeau shut down our American-Canadian border while allowing an uninterrupted number of Chinese to fly in daily from Chinese destinations, including Wuhan. Canadians are coerced to take the jab, which results in infertility and death, while the invaders (those who are here to replace us) do not have to take the jab, for they are required to maintain their lives and fertility in order to replace us. Our only chance of survival is for the red and the white to unite and immediately escort the following people to airports and have them flown directly to their home nations: the Islamists, the appeaser Sikhs, the appeaser Hindus, the appeaser Latin Americans, the appeaser Filipinos, the aggressive Chinese, and also escort the violent blacks and the appeaser blacks, back to their home nations. They all have to go, this is Indian land that is shared through Treaties with white Europeans. A lot of damage was done to the people of the red and white over the course of the last year with the bogus vaccinations, in about a year we will not have enough “unvaccinated” warriors to defend ourselves, all the “vaccinated” will either be dead or twitching (jerking, convulsing), and none will be fertile. We need costal defense guns of any and all calibers to keep the invaders at bay, and we need people to bring supplies (food, ammo…) to those who are defending our borders.

In the news (not the mainstream news), the banks will call the mortgages in, the government will respond by cancelling the Canadian Pension Fund (it is not theirs to cancel and steal money from), and provide all Canadians with a guaranteed income. Over the last year the Canadian government has been providing many thousands of dollars each month to both Canadians and non-Canadians in Canada to help them through this bogus Covid crisis, and money is being shipped overseas to prop up Islamists in Islamic nations, and much money is given out to Trudeau’s friends, and all the “money” is borrowed from the banks which print it out of nothing and then charge Canadians compound interest on this bogus debt. The banks will call in the mortgages and the people will risk losing their homes, and will then embrace communism in order to obtain a room to sleep in. The great reset is the elimination of the red and white from Canada and a replacement with Asian and African communists and Islamists. And you really deserve this for what you people did to me and to the other victims of psychiatric horror. Life will go on, the Big-Nosed Cree will continue to seek out employment in building new psychiatric torture facilities, the Somali’s will continue to seek out work as janitors in psychiatric and other hospital wards, the Filipino’s will continue to take white people coming out of psychiatric torture facilities (people who are drugged and in a state of shock) and feed them an abundance of starches in their Filipino group homes. Canadians will own nothing and they will be happy, happy like the victims of psychiatric horror now living in Filipino run group homes eating bread and pasta, except they will also be jerking and convulsing from the Covid jabs, and they will blame their misery upon the unvaccinated.

In the news the Saskatchewan Party (they have people being tortured to death in psychiatric facilities) is implementing a Covid passport system, more Saskatchewan businesses will go bankrupt and communism will be fully implemented, where the Islamists will continue to get the majority of the funding from social services (four wives, a house for each wife). In Canada the major benefactor of this bogus pandemic is Islam, as Trudeau is handing out loads of money to each and every one of the newly arrived Islamists, and Trudeau allows them to work in Canada without being Canadian citizens, and he fast-tracks their citizenship so they will be able to vote for him. Jobs in Canada are given to non-Canadians without the job first being offered to Canadians. Seats in medical schools are given to Islamists who learn to become psychiatrists and are then allowed to work (torture people to death) in Canada without being Canadian citizens. Politicians in Saskatchewan decided that people could change their sex on their birth certificate with no questions asked, and also decided that Islamists could buy rifles and ammunition without showing their faces if they purport to be female. If the current provincial government never passed such laws, it abides by the laws passed by previous provincial governments. When the NDP came to power provincially in 1991 their very first piece of legislation gave psychiatrists the right to force drugs upon people after 6 weeks of torture elapsed, then when they were tossed out of office in 2007 the Saskatchewan Party retained that new law allowing the psychiatrists unlimited powers. Again, the Saskatchewan Party is having people tortured to death in psychiatric facilities, and all people can do about it is laugh and sing Jingle Bells. The Big-Nosed Cree respond to this by trying to return the NDP to power, and by helping Graham Construction build new psychiatric torture facilities in North Battleford, and by laughing and singing Jingle Bells.

Most people have gained natural immunity from whatever flu is circulating due to God providing everyone with an immune system, now the Saskatchewan Party (they, like the Liberals and NDP, have people being tortured to death in psychiatric facilities) wants people to take an experimental jab that alters their DNA, sterilizes, maims and kills. Canada has been allowing an uninterrupted flood of people to arrive from China and the Islamic nations who are not forced to take the depopulation jab, only the established Canadians (the red and the white) are encouraged daily to take the jab. In the news our transportation system is about to crash, but the jets will continually arrive at our airports with many more Islamists. If the Big-Nosed Cree want to defend the forests, they will have to defend the airports and borders as well. Prepare for a great influx of Islamists to arrive to Canada now that they gained entry into the USA. While the jets continually bring in fresh batches of Islamists and Chinese, Chairman Moe and his Saskatchewan Party will continue to restrict your access to the economy and to your friends, and continue to offer you a depopulation jab, I can’t imagine Chairman Moe and his government surviving the year unless they have the Canadian or United Nations armies, or perhaps Biden’s homosexual army defending them.

In the news (not the mainstream news), the Democratic Party which was fraudulently elected to Congress, the employees of the pharmaceutical companies that are making the depopulation jabs, over five million Chinese students (most are members of the Chinese Communist Party and are Chinese soldiers), and the vast wave of illegal immigrants flooding into USA, are all exempted from taking the depopulation jabs. They are here to replace us. See Situation Update: “Why Red States Must Nullify The Federal Government - Mike Adams Video.”

The Red and White in Canada will lose at least half their numbers to the jabs, we lose our warriors and we lose the fertility and the lives of our children. I suggest that the Kookums work together with the Big-Nosed Cree warriors and together with the white warriors and shut down the airports, allow empty airliners to land at a few select airports that are on a mission to pick up the Islamists, the Sikhs, the Hindus, the Asian and the African invaders and return them to their home nations. The number of Red and White warriors is being cut on half (or worse) by the depopulation jabs. Either join together and defend North America from the Asian and African invasion, and if you can’t do that then I suggest you flee to Finland, or to Yakutia, or to Magadan, pay the taxes and assist that nation and region to prosper. The Canadian Red and White are members of Catholic fertility cults that turn trees into blinkin’ idols, colour eggs and place Egyptian penises on the roofs of their churches, who then elected and re-elected Islamists to power who worked overtime to secure Canadian’s infertility.

Go to Magadan or Yakutia and make a pledge to give Putin an extra share of the wealth you dig up, so that you, together with Putin, will secure Russia and make Russia prosper. Putin would probababbly ask you when you arrived why didn’t you stay in Canada and fight for your nation? So study up on Russia and the possible questions you may be asked at the Russian border. Saskatoon’s Aviation Department would assist you to manufacture an airplane so you might fly to Magadan or Yakutia. The Aviation Department would help you make boats and rafts so you can float your goods up or down the Lena and other rivers. Saskatoon’s Aviation Department will help you manufacture All Terrain Vehicles so you may travel on the roadways in Magadan and Yakutia. Saskatoon’s Aviation Department will offer classes in flying, in the Russian language and in Russian geography. And Saskatoon’s Aviation Department could offer classes in excuses that you can offer to Putin regarding your lack of will to fight for your home nation. Maybe you will be asked at the Russian border if you would still be willing to laugh at the victims of psychiatric horror, and your citizenship and entrance into Russia could very well depend upon the answer. Saskatoon’s Aviation Department will provide classes to help you deal with Russian border guards, military, police, criminal gangs, and of course Putin. We could emigrate to Russia with our machine shops in a well equipped convoy, we would watch our own progress from the air, and we would have all our answered prepared in advance. So when Putin eventually asks you why you did not stay in Canada and fight for your nation, with the help of Saskatoon’s Aviation Department you will have an answer figured out by then. Try not to look smug when you give your answer to Putin, as he is not an idiot like you.

If all the white people in North America fled to Magadan and Yakutia, we would be slaughtered while we tried to make our exit. We went from welcoming the Third World and were told we were racists if we did not, then in 2020 the blacks burned over 300 cities and much forest lands, and these blacks marched and chanted to kill the whites, which then resulted in The Big-Nosed Cree Protectors of The Forests marching in solidarity with these black Marxist and black Islamist arsonists-murderers. Now the Big-Nosed Cree corrupt leaders are preventing their own Big-Nosed Cree people from having access to the Big-Nosed Cree casinos unless they take a depopulation jab and then show the appropriate papers. The Liberal and NDP Communist coalition is a mouthpiece for the Chinese Communist Party, and the Big-Nosed Cree, who enforce the depopulation jab and mask agenda, have become agents of the Chinese Communist Party and are doing precisely what the Chinese Communist Party wants them to do (they want us to shut down our economies and die). Anybody who denies services to those who neither wear masks nor have taken the depopulation jabs do the bidding of the Chinese Communist Party, they can be viewed as soldiers of the Chinese Communist Party, even if they are wearing uniforms that have Canadian or American or Australian flags and medals on them or are marked UN (King Charles’s Anti-Christian Islamic Army). The Big-Nosed Cree leaders handed out quarter sections of land to their friends and family members, creating a class division, who then grew grain on the land and shipped the grain to China. It appears to be that the Big-Nosed Cree leaders do not care if their Big-Nosed Cree people die from the depopulation jabs, perhaps their concern is that the Big-Nosed Cree brethren do not end up in unmarked graves. Under Obama the Christians were slaughtered in the Middle-East and Africa, now the Big-Nosed Cree Protectors of The Forests watch social funding being provided to the very Islamists that killed these Christians and took their land and money, and then marched in solidarity with these arseholes. The Big-Nosed Cree Protectors of The Forests have no compassion for Obama’s slaughtered Christians nor for the victims of psychiatric horror, and they abide by the dictates of Chairman Moe.

White Europeans still comprise 75% of the population of North America, if we can secure our existing Treaties with the aboriginal Indians we could work together and expel the Asian invaders. If you don’t care to defend Canada or defend The United States of America, maybe you could go to Finland and defend Finland from Islamic and Chinese invasion, perhaps an Islamic invasion coming out of Sweden. Or go to Yakutia or Magadan and defend these Russian regions from Islamic and Chinese invasion. Bosnia is a European country that is being ruled by and occupied by Islamists, maybe go to Bosnia and defend that country from the Islamic invasion there. If you don’t want to defend Canada and the United States, then go to Bosnia and turn that country into a Christian Republic, perhaps with a constitution similar to America’s. The Islamists (a fertility cult) are going to cut your heads off if you do not expel them now from here and from Bosnia and from the rest of Europe, but how will God bless your endeavor if you are idolizing trees and praying to Mary? My advice would be to cease idolizing trees and cease your prayers to Mary, accept Jesus as your Savior and as your sword, your weapon of war, and then go expel Islam from North America, Bosnia and the rest of Europe, perhaps change the name of Bosnia to a Swedish name (Sydsverige) and make Swedish the national language, and then hand out incentives for single blonde Swedish women to move there. Sydsverige, a beautiful country with mountains and valleys, lakes and waterfalls, the Swedes will like it there.

In the news (not the mainstream news), North America is surrounded by the Communist Chinese military, the container ships off our shores contain missiles and aircraft that can be launched from these container ships. Not to worry, Trudeau is allowing Chinese soldiers to practice flying military jets in Canada. Maybe Saskatoon’s Aviation Department will benefit by having these Chinese pilots help train our people to fly. Trudeau and Chairman Moe will insure that twenty percent of the seats at the flying school will be reserved for the newly arrived Islamists, twenty percent of the seats will be reserved for women (mostly newly arrived Islamists), twenty percent of the seats will be reserved for the handicapped (mostly newly arrived Islamists), twenty percent of the seats will be reserved for the Big-Nosed Cree (they are converting to Islam in the prisons), and the remainder of the seats will be provided to the general pubic (to the Blacks, Hindus, Sikhs and Catholics). The Chinese will help us reduce our carbon footprint, and you are the carbon they will reduce.

In the news (not the mainstream news), on September 13th 2021 Chairman Moe of Saskatchewan passed new legislation stripping us of our human rights and replaced the few constitutional rights we were given with martial law. You now only have the right to laugh at people who are being tortured to death in psychiatric facilities. There was no mention in the mainstream media of this new martial law. Similarly when Trudeau and his Liberal party were re-elected this year, no mention was made in the mainstream media that the Liberals returned to power because they are being backed by the NDP. Canada is being ruled by a communist Liberal / NDP coalition, with support from the supposedly right-wing Saskatchewan Party led by Chairman Moe. It is the people who are jabbed that end up in hospitals, where they are purposely killed by drugs that shuts down the body’s organs, and Chairman Moe responds by declaring martial law and shutting down the Canadian constitution, which in itself gave Canadians no right to own neither guns nor land. Our leaders are demonically possessed or are simply power-tripping fascists and communists, their desire is to replace you slaves with Islamists, this way they don’t have to pay women for their work, and this way they no longer have to hear your testimony of what Jesus did for you. I blame all the psychiatric deaths in Saskatchewan on whichever premier of Saskatchewan ruled during that period of time, as they each allowed psychiatric torture to be conducted while they were in power. Any government that allows psychiatric “treatment” to be administered against its citizens is at war with their citizens, with a stroke of a pen they remove your rights, and to maintain their privilege they seek to remove your guns, and now they seek to kill you with bad medicine and microwaves. People laughed at me when I complained that I was being tortured by Hindu psychiatrists, now there is a great abundance of Sikh and Islamic psychiatrists as well, and many are being trained in Saskatchewan and at other western universities. Some stripped me of my rights and had me tortured for years, others libeled me, others assaulted me further, others robbed me, others laughed, some just smirked, and they all thought that they were goink to heaven!!! And all I can do is cry out to God against you and your children.

There are a lot of trees in Canada that are needed by the Chinese so they may build wooden houses, and wooden furniture and wooden ships and such, and the Chinese also want the minerals laying below. Who could blame them? If I were Chinese I would certainly want to destroy our economy and kill off the inhabitants in order to get all them trees. The minerals below are just a sideshow, it is the surface trees and the surface farmland that will make the Chinese people happy, as they are in such great need of food, and in need of wooden houses and wooden furniture and wooden yachts and wooden chopsticks, and a whole lot of other things they can make out of our forests. North America is a vast land that has what China requires so they may prosper into the future. The Chinese Communist Party will be sure to stop the Islamic and African and Latin American invasion of North America. The very last grizzly bear will live in a zoo in China. There will be no mention of white people ever living on earth in the books, the Chinese will be taught that their civilization was always the only one that ever existed anywhere. The Chinese will improve their drones over time and use these miniature robots to kill off the populations in Central and South America, Africa and elsewhere. Genetic testing will reveal bloodlines that are contaminated with non-Chinese genes and these people will be turned into fertilizer. And they will make bronze statues of Bill Clinton and Dr. Fauci both with Chinese facial features, as these two clowns enabled the Chinese takeover of North America.

Consider if Saskatchewan quadrupled its oil consumption, we could twin many of our hiways and improve our roads, and construct overpasses and runways, it all takes oil, and tarsands, diesel fuel and gasoline. Imagine if we made small concrete houses in the countryside for the homeless, these houses can be heated with coal mined in Saskatchewan, or with oil or propane, all of which we have. We could construct very smooth hiways that can accommodate vehicles traveling at twice the speed of present limits, and incorporate smooth lanes designated for bicycles and slower traffic. The increased carbon emissions would be negligible compared to what the Chinese are producing as they build up their war machine, and besides the plants require carbon to survive and thrive. We could use the fossil fuels to make glass and greenhouses, and to dig new water wells, and to make solar panels, windmills and vehicles (diesel, gas and electric) and to make those small concrete houses in the countryside for our own people. If we increase our consumption of fossil fuels we could put many people to work in both Saskatchewan and Alberta and have a much happier and warmer, and more mobile and fed population. The Islamists in Ottawa hope you freeze to death, then when you are gone they will increase the extraction and use of fossil fuels for their own people.

Instead of having a monetary system based upon banks printing “money” without being backed by anything, then borrowing this crap from the banks, and then paying compound interest on this bogus debt, Alberta and Saskatchewan can start a new monetary system backed by oil and coal reserves. The difference is between slavery and freedom. Consider that if Alberta and Saskatchewan break away from Canada and start their own monetary system, perhaps based upon oil, they will still employ psychiatrists to torture people to death in their psychiatric facilities (done to shut people up about your churches pushing evergreen tree idols and done to shut people up about your churches censoring the cannibalism of children). There is a great deal of money being raked in by the witches running the filthy counterfeit churches, that income is secure when opposing voices are arrested and tortured to death in psychiatric facilities. Conduct a survey and ask the homeless if they would be willing to live in a concrete house in the countryside that they have ownership of, and if they would be willing to heat that home with a fuel such as coal or oil that was trucked to their abode. If you are really so concerned about the environment, then stop spraying the forests to kill off the deciduous trees, and stop logging the old growth forests. Maybe consider reducing your use of both pesticides and herbicides, put more air in your tires, stop putting lead and other toxins in the gasoline, stop consuming fluoride and stop pouring this neurotoxin into the lakes and rivers. The banks print money into existence then fail to print the money required to pay the compound interest on this new money they created, then the environment suffers as people exploit it in an effort to pay off the money they borrowed (see The Grip of Death: A Study of Modern Money, Debt Slavery, and Destructive Economics by Michael Rowbotham). If you really cared about the environment then you would risk your life to help force a change in our government and economic system, force the end of clear-cutting our forests, force the end of cutting down old-growth forests, and stop sending our forests to Asia. And stop purchasing and transporting Islamic oil, instead make use of our own oil and develop our own industries, and guard our oil pipelines from damage by environmental idiots such as David Suzuki who falsely claim the sky is falling. If we do not increase our consumption and fossil fuels, at least in order to defend our nation, then the Chinese will come and increase the extraction and use of our fossil fuels in order to secure Canada for themselves. And do note that the millions of Islamists that arrived here are using our fossil fuels to heat their many homes and to drive their many cars and to feed and clothe their many families.

In the news people are being fired for refusing to take the depopulation jab, and those that are being fired are not eligible for unemployment insurance. Most of the many millions of Islamists that are coming here are not employed nor are they employable, so of course they will not be fired, instead of being coerced to take the jab they receive huge amounts of money monthly to sustain their lives and their large families. And the many millions of Chinese that are here are also exempted from taking the depopulation jab, their lives matter.

In the news (not the mainstream news) the Islamists and other Third World immigrants (invaders) arriving to Britain who find employment are being paid 10 pounds per hour for their work, while most of the native white Brits are being paid somewhere between 3 to 8 pounds per hour for their work. The issue is that the white Europeans are the people who are most prone to embracing some form of Christianity, which is not tolerated by the Satanists ruling this world. The white Europeans who call Britain home will find their homes in graveyards. The Islamists will come later and remove the tombstones, and then use these stones for their front steps and garden walkways. Walking on your tombstones, living in your houses and raping your children all brings them great joy. They are commanded in the Koran to go to other countries and live in your houses and to rape, enslave and kill you and your children. Canada never enslaved blacks as did America, we do not owe the blacks reparations nor reserved seats in trade schools and universities, nor free houses. Islamists have a long history of enslaving all other races, similarly we do not owe Islamists reparations nor reserved seats in trade schools and universities, nor free houses, we owe them nothing. Canada is red and white, we should put resources into the red and the white.

On October 21st 2021 radio talk show host John Gormley announced on his CKOM 650 radio talk show that the “anti-vaxers” are like atheists who come to a church service only to provoke endless debate and sow division, and so those people who hold views critical of the jabs will no longer be allowed to phone in and comment on his talk show. First I was hated for being of Doukhobor background (dad’s side), then I was hated for being of Ukrainian background (mom’s side), and then I was hated for being eastern-European rather than western-European. I was greatly hated for being of Russian descent, and I was quite young and impressionable in the early 1960’s when Russia was particularly vilified. Then I was hated because my dad was a police officer. Then I was hated for becoming a Christian and attempting to uphold Christian values. Then I was hated for trying to show people that their names and lives (birthdays) were both gifts from God and in harmony with the numbers in Scripture, hated for saying that the churches were teaching pagan traditions in place of God’s Commandments, hated for saying that witches are eating your children. Then I was hated for complaining about being tortured in psychiatric facilities. Then I was hated for crying out to God against you and your ignorant family members. Then I was hated for being white, and especially hated for being a white male. Then I was hated for pointing out that when the blacks were hired into the meat packing industry in Brookes Alberta, the vicious African Mafia came along and established a foothold in Western Canada. Then I was hated for saying that the homosexuals were the ones largely responsible for raping children. Then I was hated for my refusal to take a depopulation jab and roll over and die. There I was, very hated and being tortured in psychiatric facilities, then the NDP came to power provincially and immediately (their first act of legislation) was to hand more power over to psychiatrists and removed more rights from me and from the other victims of psychiatric horror. And I became greatly hated after the Saskatoon Star-Phoenix repeated internet libel stemming from Freemason Don Ocean of South Dakota and James Takayama of Hawaii implying that I was a pedophile. Then immediately after the Saskatoon Star-Phoenix repeated the internet libel, preacher-teacher John Gormley came along and used his radio talk show to encourage people to beat me up, in an effort to shut me up for good. John Gormley was happy, Saskatoonians were happy, everybody in Saskatchewan was happy, people in Alberta and British Columbia then voted the NDP into power provincially and everybody there was happy too. Happy happy people, most of whom get their trees to blink. Nobody on earth is deserving of psychiatric horror, not even me. Over the years I’ve learned a great deal about traditions and psychiatry and am now thoroughly convinced that you should take your decorated evergreen tree idols and shove them high up into your God-damned arseholes. You folks uphold your versions of Christianity, paganism and atheism with brutal violence. Keep in mind that the atheists are really Catholics for they abide by the Catholic fertility rites (the blinkin’ trees), when you abide by Catholic fertility rites then you become a Catholic. And in spite of it all, I would still rather be me, tortured, libeled, robbed and beaten than be a compassionless and ignorant Mary, monkey, sun, tree and penis whoreshipper like you.

In the news on October 28th 2021, the communist/satanists running USA announced they desire to provide the invaders with $450,000 US each, and an apology for daring to separate children from the adults who brought the children into the country illegally, these accompanying adults were frequently or usually strangers who used the children as pawns. In Canada Trudeau flies Africans to Canada and pays the airfare. In Canada Trudeau prepared for the arrival of the Islamists and was renting entire hotels and keeping them empty in preparation and gleeful anticipation of these invaders to arrive. Across Canada white children are denied seats in trade schools and in university programs that result in pay cheques, and are instead shunted to the College of Arts and Sciences where they were taught Marxism and sodomy. Trudeau gave up military bases and resources to the invading Islamist army. Like our many provincial governments in Canada, Trudeau and his Federal Liberal party allows (they legislate it into being) brutal psychiatric torture to be conducted in cities across the country, and since this latter point has never been an issue to you, you now let him force an injection upon you and your children that maims and kills. It used to be that the rich Americans would show up at the airport in Saskatoon in order to catch connecting fights up north so that they may hunt and fish, now it will be the rich Islamists coming here instead. The rich Americans used to arrive with shotguns costing many thousands of dollars, now the Islamists will arrive with the ornate and well manufactured shotguns. Now the rich Americans stay home to protect their properties, and instead it will be the wealthy Islamists arriving to Saskatoon to catch the connecting flights up north so they may hunt and fish. These shotguns work well, they are known to have wonderful balance, are easy to handle, are a joy to hold and use. Often these shotguns have gold inlay, some kind of design engraved in gold. If you got nothing to do, watch for these newly wealthy Islamists to arrive with expensive 12-gauge shotguns at Saskatoon’s airport, they will catch a connecting flight to some northern lake where they will hunt and fish and interact with the Big-Nosed Cree. If you ask them nicely maybe they will take the shotgun out of the carrying case and show it to you at the airport, there may be a verse from the Koran engraved in gold upon the receiver, or barrel, or elsewhere upon the shotgun.

If I had that kind of money ($450,000 US), I would get an Italian shotgun and have Hadith Number 2442 engraved in gold, together with an image of Mohammad wearing Aisha’s shit-stained panties while these panties were dictating the Koran (Hadith Number 2442). I’d have the image of six-year old Aisha engraved as well, I’d use the image to display the contents of this Hadith by depicting Aisha without wearing any panties, Mohammad wearing Aisha’s talking panties, while the panties dictated one of the many perversions of the Koran. This is not a joke. Hadith Number 2442 reveals that the Koran was dictated by Aisha’s shit-stained panties while Mohammad wore them. Mohammad tried on the shit-stained panties belonging to other little girls but those panties never spoke, so he resumed wearing Aisha’s panties and when doink so, the panties continued to dictate the Koran (Hadith Number 2442). If I would spend $20,000 US on a shotgun, I’d still have $430,000 US remaining and would use a portion of this to purchase clean underwear.

Seriously though, if I had $450,000 US, I’d be more likely to buy a cheap shotgun, maybe a Remington 1100 semi-auto shotgun. The Remington 1100 semi-auto shotgun is available in a range of gauges, including .410, I believe it is the only semi-auto .410 gauge shotgun ever made, if I had one I’d cut the barrel down so it would be more suitable to shoot rats in the old wooden granaries. If the Islamists had more shotguns it is unlikely they would be beheading so many people and would instead have fun shooting rats in the old wooden granaries on all the prairie farms they are inheriting. It is unlikely that the female Islamists stopping by at our airport are heading north to hunt and fish, more likely they would be brought along to cook and clean and would be carrying an expensive shotgun because they were ordered to do so. Nevertheless it would not hurt to ask, so if you see a female Islamist at the airport with her head covered and with her eyes peeking out of a narrow slit, you may still ask to see her shotgun. Likely she is just carrying it for her husband and if that is the case, it would be unlikely that she would have or get permission to show it to you, so you would have to ask her husband. Consider that over the decades the CIA spent many millions of dollars to fund torture research at the University of Saskatchewan, now these very same Americans are going to reward Islamists, Africans and Latin American Catholics that invaded their country and hand them each $450,000 US. Americans are upset about this, they want the $450,000 for themselves so they may buy bigger trees and decorate them to greater degrees, and perhaps so they may buy clean underwear for themselves. With $450,000 US in their pockets, Americans would feel empowered and would be more likely to tell me and other victims of psychiatric horror to shut up and take a pill. With $450,000 US in their pockets, the Americans would come to Saskatoon (to catch a connecting flight up north) and stop just long enough to tell the impoverished here that money talks while bullshit walks. “Money” printed out of thin air enables those who have it to lecture those without it.

In the news (not the mainstream news), the jabs contain a myriad of toxins designed to kill. And the Covid test involves sending chemical laden swabs deep into the nasal cavity to stroke a thin membrane protecting your brain and is again designed to kill. And the masks reduce your oxygen intake resulting in cancer, the masks are contaminated with extremely small particles that lodge into your lungs, people are continually touching everything imaginable under the sun while continually touching and adjusting their masks, the masks are contaminated with anything your enemies desire to contaminate them with, including herbs that make you infertile, and every used mask is growing a myriad of different species of molds… the masks cause cancer and lung infections, the masks prevent you from meeting, marrying and reproducing, the masks kill. All of the hand sanitizers are toxic and some are exceedingly toxic, people are dying as a direct result of rubbing these sanitizers into their hands, often an Islamist, Hindu or Sikh will insist that you apply their particular variety of hand sanitizer before you enter a building. And the 5G wireless network utterly destroys your organs and immune system, people get sick and then the media blames the resulting deaths on Covid-19 (a virus that isn’t proven to exist). Close to a thousand people die every single year in Saskatchewan after contracting a cold, shutting down the Canadian economy and forcing people to wear masks is an act of war being committed by China and by their appeaser politicians. Chinese spies stole western technology and are now in a position to kill all who survive the manipulated bat viruses, the purposely bad medicine in the hospitals and the 5G microwaves. Dr. Fauci directed that Americans who ended up in hospitals be given a drug that insured their deaths and refused to allow life-saving drugs and therapies be provided instead (see We Are Witnessing Intentional Medical Genocide by Dr. Bryan Ardis). While this is goink on, the witches are still eating you and your children, they sacrifice you and your children to Satan and then consume your testicles and nipples, heart, or your entire body. Witches shop for children on Facebook and other social media sites and then place an order on the child that is most attractive to him or her, the child is then kidnapped, delivered, raped, tortured, killed and eaten. People respond by getting an evergreen tree to blink. The trees blink on and off, on and off, on and off… it is really quite a show.

In the news (not the mainstream news), children are largely immune to the Fauci’s bat flu yet are forced to wear masks in the schools for hours on end, and are now forced to take the depopulation jab without their parent’s permission. The white children sit at school and are taught Marxism, sodomy and that they are racists, in America when the kids attempt to walk home are beaten by the black children. The black children learn the behavior from the black adults who go around beating white people, and they are joining Islam in the hopes that they can start enslaving and beheading the white people. In America the blacks are shooting other blacks at unprecedented rates. In Canada the black people were welcomed to Brookes Alberta to work in the meat processing industry, resulting in the brutal African Mafia getting a foothold into Western Canada. The black people have their rap music that encourages them to rob and kill, they embrace this belief with enthusiasm. White people have become full-blown slaves who are forced to wear the slave masks, and who are beaten and killed with impunity by the black slaves, who are over represented in prisons so are released by the Freemason judges if caught. And I am the racist for pointing out the racism. I was also accused of being a pedophile for pointing out the pedophilia in the churches.

In the news (not the mainstream news) Prince Charles (the Anti-Christ) announced that he will make use of an army to impose his green agenda (actually an Islamic agenda) upon the rest of the world. Canadians will make an attempt to push the Africans and Asians, and Trudeau out of Canada, Charles will come with jets and tanks to support them, of course because they are united under Islam… Prince Charles and Trudeau are both Islamists, Trudeau has Charles’s Islamic UN military for support. Obama is a homosexual Indonesian Islamist who turned trees into decorated idols with the medals of the American war dead, and who now whispers into Biden’s ear, they all utterly despise the Constitution of the United States of America and they also utterly despise Jesus and Christians. And they hate women so much that they would rather ram their penises up each other’s arseholes than have a sexual relationship with a real woman.

It is such a big mistake to allow Islamists, Sikhs and Hindus to work in the food and trucking industries, or let them near bodies of fresh water, or near forests, or near children, and a much bigger mistake for the red and white Canadians to take the jabs. Millions of Islamists live within just a few miles from Moscow, they will make their move on Moscow about the same time they make their move on Canadian cities. When the Islamists attack Moscow they will come as a rag tag affair and kill Caucasians and enslave a few women to sexual servitude, but when the Islamists attack Canadian cities, Charles will lead the way with his UN marked vehicles and show the Caucasians how to reduce their carbon footprint, soon you will be shivering as you sprinkle some crushed insects on your vegetarian meals. If not immediately beheaded then you will get powdered locusts from Africa and powdered cockroaches from Toronto and Montreal sprinkled over top of your tofu and corn (pig food), and then be told that you are wonderfully hungry, and you’ll also be told that you have nothing and yet you are happy. Canadians love the British Crown so very much, all the Catholic Canadians will line the streets and cheer and throw flowers and kisses to the invading UN Islamic army, then will go get another jab, then will tell me to shut up and take a pill. All the red and white in Canada who took the jab will soon die, we will lose more than half of our numbers because our people took the jab, those who remain will be of insufficient numbers to fight against the Islamist invaders, very few of whom took the poison death jabs. Soon all the women will have heavy chains on their feet and will spend their lives indoors in windowless rooms, nursing Islamic babies and picking maggots out of the grain.

After Prince Charles seizes control of Canada, most of the pine, spruce and fir trees will continue to be turned into lumber and will still be shipped overseas or to Islamists living in Canada and the USA (they all need new homes), while the mixed Canadian forests will continue to be sprayed with herbicides to eliminate the deciduous trees and provoke a mono-culture crop of the greatly desirable coniferous trees, some of which you get to blink. The mono-cultured coniferous forests burn in raging fires which would be prevented by leaving the deciduous trees in place, as God intended. Then idiots and Satanists teach others that the forest fires are a result of global warming or climate change rather than the truth, the truth is that the forest fires rage unchecked due to the lack of deciduous trees that hamper the spread of the forest fires. Then the Big-Nosed Cree Protectors of The Forests marched in solidarity with those who burned over 300 American cities and large areas of forested American lands. The Big-Nosed Cree Protectors of The Forests helped Graham Construction build new psychiatric torture facilities in North Battleford and then went on to march in solidarity with the blacks, the Islamists, Anarchists and Marxists who burned over 300 American cities and large areas of forest lands. It seems that the Big-Nosed Cree tore up the Treaties and made “New Treaties” with the Blacks, with the Islamists, with the Anarchists and the Marxists, and with the Chinese, who together are murderers, rapists, pimps and sodomites. Instead of trading land for colourful beads, the Big-Nosed Cree (Protectors of The Forests) now trade away the entire nation for paper “money” and drugs, have learned to sexually enslave women in trade for paper “money”, and traded away their health and longevity for a free backpack and a death jab.

Canadians should reduce their carbon footprint by sending the Asians, Africans and Latin Americans back to their home nations. Canadians never enslaved black people, we owe the black people (and the Asians and the Latin Americans) nothing, this is Aboriginal Indian lands that are being shared by white Europeans via Treaties, we never got permission from the Indians to give away the continent to Africans, Asians and Latin Americans. I am in favour of Africa prospering, in favour of conducting trade with Africa, in favour of assisting Africa to keep Africa as a black continent, in favour of assisting Africans to expel the Islamists and Chinese from Africa, I am not in favour of Africans (or Asians or Latin Americans) coming to Canada and giving them free houses and other favours that are being denied to our own people. American and Canadian multiculturalism just isn’t working, the more blacks that we bring into our countries, the more the blacks hate us. I see ever increasing black violence directed against the whites in America and Canada, and this is an institutionalized violence that is taught by the schools and the media, we should put an immediate halt to this in Canada by simply deporting the blacks back to their home nations and dealing justly with the schools and the media. If you are an Asian or African or Latin American “immigrant” and have crossed from America into Canada, you are advised to return to America before Canadians catch you and fly you back to your home nations, or worse. Not to worry, Prince Charles (the Anti-Christ) will come to your defense with his enormous United Nations Islamic Army and insure that you can stay in Canada in a new house, located near a mosque that he built. The Big-Nosed Cree Protectors of The Forests will support Prince Charles when he invades Canada, because Prince Charles says he is the Protector of Faith, as the Big-Nosed Cree Protectors of The Forests have faith. The Big-Nosed Cree have faith in the British Crown, in the blinkin’ Catholic fertility trees, and even in a jab that destroys their natural immunity and is designed to sterilize and to kill. No matter how many times the Catholic priests ram their penises up your aboriginal children’s arseholes, the Big-Nosed Cree will continue to have faith in the Catholic church and decorate their homes with Catholic fertility tree idols, for it is tradition. And they love their British (German) Protestant Queen, for she similarly adopts and actively teaches people to adopt Catholic fertility rites.

In the mainstream news the Islamic mayor of Edmonton is concerned about the homeless population in the city, the homeless population is largely white and are largely homeless because of mass Islamic immigration. So the homeless white people in Edmonton are now hoping for Islamists to assist them so they do not freeze to death this winter. And southern British Columbia is flooding, sewage has filled many homes. I complained to a psychiatric nurse that the psychiatric medications were making my skin hard and dry, that my jaw had locked open and my lips and tongue turned to hard leather, that I was nauseous and my brain pounded in pain, that my hair was dry and falling out, and she laughed and said it was my own fault for not drinking enough water. And so it is with the residents of British Columbia, God sees that they are not drinking enough water and so sends them water in great abundance. Canadians spent millions of dollars making me a home in a psychiatric ward and then annually spend billions more turning their homes into blinkin’ temples of fertility, having shit and sewage come percolate up into your houses is a just reward. Laugh at me when I complain of years of psychiatric horror (and libel, rob and brutally assault me further), it is simply wonderful that you can now experience similar with your depopulation jabs. Your Catholic church rules this world and employed predominantly Hindu psychiatrists to torture me with psychiatric drugs, now your Catholic church has you and your children inoculated with a concoction that will produce similar pain and horror, and you still desire to embrace the Catholic fertility rite of turning evergreen trees into blinkin’ decorated idols for it is tradition and tradition is the most important thing on planet earth and far exceeds the importance of God’s Commandments and exhibiting love and compassion. Embrace Catholic fertility rites with every ounce of your being and then complain that Jews rule the world, the situation is absolutely hilarious!!! And the Big-Nosed Cree, after having their children sodomized and brutalized in the Catholic residential schools and in the Catholic churches, continue to lobby and seek dialogue with these Satanists, rather than flee from that evil. You compassionless turds now have turds floating in your lavishly decorated kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms and you’ll blame it all on the Jews. Maybe get plungers that have handles shaped like the Egyptian obelisks (representations of penises) that you have on the roofs of your filthy God-damned churches and on the very tops of your blinkin’ trees. Remember that the earth is God’s, including the sewer pipes, and He can do with them as He likes.

Satanists, communists, idiots and assholes in Saskatchewan voted the NDP into power in 1991 and their first act of legislation was to strip the psychiatric torture victims of their few remaining rights. The Saskatchewan torture victims were being forced drugs for 6 weeks at a time, given a brutal and horrid long lasting depot drug injection on the final day of the 6 weeks of horror, then released temporarily, then the newly elected Saskatchewan NDP decided to have drugs forced upon them without limitation, then the residents of Alberta and British Columbia voted the NDP communists into power as well. When Saskatchewan voted out the NDP, the newly arrived Saskatchewan Party kept the NDP’s 24/7 torture legislation on the books. Now many of the Big-Nosed Cree Protectors of The Forests in Saskatchewan are in full support of the NDP communist party, and are seeking audience with the pope, and all I can do is cry out to God against the entire God-damned lot of all of you. Alas, you are all busy singing Jingle Bells and turning trees into Catholic blinkin’ idols, while blaming the Jews for all your problems, and could not care less about anything other than your pagan traditions.

The white kids live in cardboard boxes without addresses and go missing, while the Big-Nosed Cree kids live in over-crowded houses, but at least the vast majority of the Big-Nosed Cree have addresses and it is known if and when they go missing, while the Islamists live in nice homes and are given many privileges and never go missing. Witches eat the homeless, and as it is never known that the homeless are missing there is no alarm (Habakkuk 3:14). My proposal is for the red and white get together and re-affirm their Treaties, and get addresses for all their people, and start growing gardens and building boats, vehicles, airplanes and such. Pay yourselves in gold coins. You can start a new economic system based on oil reserves and still circulate gold coins among yourselves. We are going to have to establish new mining laws, laws that do not require a team of lawyers to stake a claim, laws that do not allow foreigners to state claims, laws that do not allow corporations to stake massive claims and then be free to pollute lakes and streams, new mining laws that favour native people, and send the wealthy corporations and Chinese packing.

In the news (not the mainstream news) people are upset that the mainstream media is united in telling them to take the depopulation jab. That mainstream media is also united in telling you to turn trees into decorated idols, but virtually nobody is upset with that as they love their decorated Catholic idols. I repeatedly attempted to defend my sanity at the psychiatric appeal panel hearings by saying that the Bible repeatedly informs us not to turn trees into decorated idols, people laughed at me (and libeled and slandered me and assaulted me further) and then took the depopulation jabs, then had their children jabbed as well. Good for you, I sure hope you win.

In the news (not the mainstream news), children are being jabbed with the depopulation (death) shot in schools without their parent’s consent. The jab is over 100 times more likely to kill the children than Fauci’s modified Bat Flu while the booster shots are yet 10 times more deadly, the children have a greater chance of survival if you throw them into volcanoes. Obama whispers into Biden’s ear and tells Biden how to limit your freedoms. Obama runs the show, America is being ruled by a homosexual Indonesian Islamist who turns trees into decorated idols with the medals of the American war dead. Obama uses your schools to teach your children to become Marxists, Islamists and sodomites, and to bow to blinkin’ trees. When you teach your children to bow to the Catholic blinkin’ tree idols then you are teaching your children to become Catholics as well, and so your children are best described as being Marxist-Catholic-Sodomite-Islamists, or perhaps Sodomite-Catholic-Marxist-Mooslems. The white girls and white women are regularly wearing headscarves and visiting mosques, then getting their trees to blink. The Koran dothn’t command women to cover their arms, legs, heads and faces, the Koran instead commands you to kill those who are not Islamic. People would be safer and more likely to have a future if they instead killed those who command them what and what not to wear.

In the news (not the mainstream news) Covid-19 is a huge fraud, assorted bat viruses exist but infection only results in a mild flu, the many deaths occurring are instead a result of vaccine injury (through jabs and nasal swabs) from bad medicine being administered in hospitals, and from the masks and hand sanitizers. Concentration camps are being set up around the world to incarcerate and kill those who refuse to take the poison jabs, and to kill those who never froze or starved to death this coming winter, and to kill those who were not killed by the blacks or by the Third World invaders flooding across our borders, or by the 5G microwaves, or by the contaminated foods, or by the nuclear fallout and overall widespread nuclear contamination. Not to worry, you will be wonderfully hungry and you will own nothing and you will be happy, you’ll be eating crushed locusts from Africa and powdered cockroaches from Toronto. And before you die, you will still be mocking and slandering and libeling and stealing from and viciously assaulting the people who were stripped of their rights and repeatedly (year after year after year) brutally tortured in psychiatric facilities. Once a person has been stripped of their rights and tortured in psychiatric facilities they have a target printed on their back, you are now free to rob and assault them, for if they complain they will be arrested and tortured, again, for daring to cause problems in the community, again. Maybe you can profit from this, maybe borrow some more money from your children so you can build more psychiatric torture facilities. Remember that psychiatrists do not treat their victims equally, some psychiatric victims are treated with extreme brutality, those people who survive such treatment are the people you should target with continued brutality as the only right they have is to get a needle stuck into their arse. Rob them, libel them, assault them and laugh, you will not be prosecuted. They deserve it for daring to mock your Catholic traditions. They all died or were rendered incapable of raising alarm against the doctors and against psychiatry, and against the nurses and other hospital support staff, and against the church authorities that had them placed in psychiatric “care.” So Jesus and/or His Father decided to allow me to experience psychiatry and then prolonged my life so I can tell you about it.

In the news (not the mainstream news), people in Australia are being forcibly given the death jab and are being removed from their homes and placed into concentration camps. The aboriginal people in Australia are not pleased with this turn of events and will now have to modify their songs. In Canada the Big-Nosed Cree Protectors of The Forests lined up and took the death jabs in order to get free backpacks full of crap on Saskatoon’s 20th Street, and so they could work and play in the Big-Nosed Cree casinos and buy alcohol and marijuana. In Canada many of the Big-Nosed Cree took the death jab and are now being encouraged in the mainstream news by David Suzuki to blow up the oil pipelines. The Big-Nosed Cree Protectors of The Forests aspired to elect friends and family members to become chiefs that would freely hand over quarter sections (160 acres) of reserve farm lands to their friends and family members, so these friends and family members could have a guaranteed annual income by shipping the grain grown to China, so the privileged Indians could then buy new trucks, boats, ATV’s and snowmobiles for themselves, which require oil. The Big-Nosed Cree lined up to take the death jab because they educated themselves with news from the mainstream media, while the aboriginal Indians in Australia attempted to avoid the death jab because they did not. The Saskatoon Star-Phoenix newspaper has become the Big-Nosed Cree’s Holy Bible, which now suggests that they take death jabs and blow up oil pipelines. God’s real Holy Bible warned the Big-Nosed Cree that they were being eaten by cannibals and that they were to be exterminated but their churches instead told them to turn trees into decorated idols that blink, to import Islamists and to adopt a homosexual lifestyle.

The Canadian government stole the senior’s pension funds and through bad medicine is killing off the seniors, done so the government does not have to pay the seniors their pensions and because the seniors are mostly white, similarly the $46.89 annual payment to One Arrow First Nation band members for the diamonds under the Fort-a-la-Corne Forest may only have to be paid out for two or three years, or until all the band members perish from the death jabs. That Canadian pension fund was a very large pool of money, it was life insurance for the seniors, but the pot became so rich that Justin Trudeau (Castro’s son) decided not only to take it, but furthermore decided to kill off the rightful owners with bad medicine.

There is a spirit of evil that pervades our communities, it desires our sterility and our deaths. Both Obama (Obama is the ruler of America and tells Biden what to do) and Trudeau make you take the jab and then the additional booster jab because the first jab dothn’t work (dothn’t prevent a mild flu), then an additional booster because the first booster never worked either, all three jabs contain toxins designed to kill. How many toxins will you allow to be injected into you and your children so they can get free backpacks and so you can go to bars and gamble at the Big-Nosed casinos?!!! First you did not stand up and defend the rights of the victims of psychiatric horror, now you don’t stand up for your own right to travel or shop or drink a beer. Few stand up against the force of evil that strangles our entire nations, and removes our nations from us. Obama and Trudeau are both Islamists who demand that you take the death jab, they want your pensions, your lives, your houses, your country and its natural resources. People will eventually come to an understanding that the jab is causing widespread deaths, it will take the deaths of their children and other family members before they are able to open their eyes and see that it is the jab, and not the bogus virus, that is responsible for the carnage. There will be those who never took the death jab and who are relatively healthy, and those who are perishing due to them taking the death jab… and together these two groups of people, the jabbed and the unjabbed, will unite around the blinkin’ Catholic trees and shit upon those who criticized the pagan nature of their so-called Christian traditions. This latter group doesn’t count as a third group of people, they are not people but are instead only irritants deserving of psychiatric needles jabbed into their arses, drugged senseless in order to make them shut up about your unquestionable Catholic traditions. The real third group of people are the unjabbed Islamists who are moving into your houses.

We live under a corrupt religious state that is endlessly encouraging you to turn trees into decorated idols. Different aspects of this pagan ritual are in direct violation of God’s First Three Commandments, and this is the reason why this pagan fertility rite is endlessly preached to you as this corrupted church has a great hatred of God and His Commandments. This corrupt church is the same one whose priests and ministers sexually abuse your children and then uses the media and schools to teach your children to engage in homosexuality and to sodomize one another, and encourages them to remove their testicles and ovaries.

Now this same corrupt church is using the media and schools to teach you and your children to take a death jab, and is using the medical system to administer the death jab. This same corrupt church also uses the legal system to insure you are not too vocal about the fertility rites they teach, and now to insure that you take the death jab. Some people are waking up to the lies taught by the media and see the error of the experimental injections, but are still tolerant of the media because it shows off many blinkin’ trees during their blinkin’ tree season, which they like. They get ideas from their television how to make their blinkin’ trees nicer, the telly tells them what to think and do, it is quite a tool.

Some people know lots, they will wake up to the media’s covid lies and also wake up to the blinkin’ tree festival as being an abomination to God, but then they would will still laugh at me and urge the police to arrest me under the Mental Health Act for daring to question some other of their strongly held beliefs. The jabbed and the unjabbed are united around their blinkin’ trees, and those that have learned to abhor the blinkin’ tree will still meet the relatives at the blinkin’ tree for a meal each year, for it is tradition. It’s the way things are done, you can’t question it, the television tells you so.

Then the more your family members perish from the false teachings taught by this corrupted church, the greater your desire to tithe to that church. People tithe to that church so that they may hear assurances that their smitten and poisoned family members are up in heaven, watching over them, squeak squeak. And they see the lavishly decorated evergreen trees placed in front of the church and placed inside the church lobby, and placed next to the pulpit, and figure they better give that church money to help pay for such beautiful blinkin’ idols. The trees smell so nice when you cut then down and bring them into the church to blink, having that fresh pine smell adds real credibility to the teaching of God’s Word.

In the news on December 1st 2021 Tucker Carlson reports that 82% of the American people abided by Biden’s (Obama, the homosexual Indonesian Islamist whispers in Biden’s ear and tells him what to do and say) insistence that they take the death jab. The death jab destroys people’s immune systems, destroys heart muscles, sterilizes and kills. The majority of the Islamists in America are not taking the death jab as they don’t have jobs to go to, they are looking forward to you abandoning your houses. They are going to rename your buildings, streets, hiways, cities, states and your entire nation, perhaps it will become The United Islamic States of Arabia, or Mohammadsland, or Unitedstan, or some damn thing like that. They will use your tombstones to build new mosques. And you will own nothing and you will be happy. Obama (a homosexual Indonesian Islamist) managed to kill 82% of the American people without even firing a shot, he is a military genius. And Trudeau, the Islamist leader of Canada who demands Canadians take the death jab, should also be henceforth considered as another military great, not a fool at all. Trudeau and Obama are the present rulers of Canada and the United States of America, both are Islamic and together they are killing off the majority of the citizens of these two countries, and this is while allowing Islamists to flood in and exempting them from taking the death jabs. Trudeau and Obama must be viewed as among the greatest mass murderers that ever existed in the history of planet earth, truly these two must be seen as being among the most successful military leaders that ever lived. Deploying Canadian and American soldiers to the other side of the world to defend one group of Islamists who treat their cattle better than women in place of another group of Islamists who treat their cattle better than women went a long way in advancing the cause of Islam in the west. It is simply amazing that the people in North America would abide by the dictates of Islamists who demand that their own children, who are immune to the manipulated bat viruses, be administered death jabs. In their defense, the Americans were happily taking the Islamic death jabs because they thought it was a senile 78-year-old white man who was demanding it. Even after Biden shat himself while visiting the pope, the Americans still abided by his dictates and took their boosters. Americans did not trust in God any more, they trusted in Biden, even after he shat himself. All people really care about is to get a tree that blinks. Stalin had the Russian kids build composite Yaks that outperformed the German fighters, while Obama and Trudeau had the American and the Canadian kids killed.

In the news (not the mainstream news) the (Islamic) United Nations (aka Prince Charles, the Islamic Anti-Christ) is censoring the internet, people who are questioning the mainstream media are having their websites blocked, and we can soon expect that people who are publishing stories questioning the existence of global warming are to soon to have their websites censored from the internet as well (see UN Taking Down Private Websites - Domain Level Censorship, by Wardo Rants). Also in the news (not the mainstream news) the (Islamic) United Nations (aka Prince Charles, The Islamic Anti-Christ) is deploying an elite militia that can be quickly deployed to trouble spots (places where people are demanding their human rights and demanding that the Islamic invasion ceases). It is imperative that the global warming (aka climate change) narrative be pushed so that people in the western world cease using fossil fuels to defend their nations from foreign (Chinese and Islamic) invasion. Instead of just arresting people under the Mental Health Act and torturing them when they dare to point out the pagan fertility rites being taught by the mainstream churches, soon people will be arrested under the Mental Health Act and tortured by Islamic psychiatrists for daring to question the global warming (aka climate change) narrative, for opposing the Islamic invasion, for opposing the poison death jabs, for speaking out against teaching children to become sodomites and forcing them to remove their breasts and sexual organs, and for speaking in defense of The Constitution of the United States of America. Most people don’t want to be tortured in psychiatric facilities and so will continue to defend the Catholic fertility rites and defend the Islamic and communist invasions of their nations, they do as they are told and will even willingly take poison death jabs. Prince Charles (the Islamic Anti-Christ) has a very large army that was built and is run by using fossil fuels, he is the defender of faith who has been using his fabulous wealth to fund the spread of Islam for decades. None (absolutely zero) of Charles’ tanks, planes, ships or guns run on or were built using lithium batteries, solar panels or windmills. With over 800 concentration camps in America, built and waiting for the Americans to enter, I imagine anybody on the outside who attempts to use the internet to complain will have their websites censored and their presence noted. And I believe that when the unjabbed Americans are forced into these 800+ concentration camps, they will continue to turn trees into blinkin’ idols, and will continue to ridicule, libel and assault those who dare to question this and other Catholic fertility rites.

Obama (a homosexual Indonesian Islamist, pedophile and a cannibal) turned trees into decorated idols with the medals of the American war dead and Americans loved it, it became another way for them to honour their fertility tree idols. They turned trees into fertility idols then lost their fertility to Obama’s poison death jabs. Americans placed decorated wreaths made from evergreen tree branches upon the graves of the American war dead, they used the graves of the war dead to push their pagan fertility rites upon the rest of the nation, and then they loved it when they saw that Obama (the homosexual Indonesian Islamist) turned trees into decorated idols with the medals of the American war dead. They laughed at me when I complained of the psychiatric horror and told me to take a pill, then they had their children, seniors and war vets drugged senseless, then they took the homosexual Indonesian Islamist’s poison death jab and continued laughing. The situation is just as hilarious as when you laughed at the victims of psychiatric horror and told them to take a pill. Now that you took Obama’s and Trudeau’s poison death jabs, maybe you should also take a pill. I suggest you take a pill that makes your hair fall out, makes your skin hard and dry, makes your jaw lock open, makes your tongue and lips turn into hard leather, and makes you more nauseas than you ever thought possible (just like those being tortured to death by the psychiatrists). Make sure that all the medication you take all has “death” as a known side effect. Then make sure to tithe to the clergy that rams their penises up your children’s arseholes, and only because their churches have really nice trees that blink (or is it because they give you assurances that your smitten children are up in heaven, looking down upon you?). And if you don’t find that funny, maybe we can get Jean Edna Anne De Witt (born August 15th 1984) to laugh at you and the other people being brutalized wherever and whenever, as she doths it very well. Somebody has to laugh, if you aren’t laughing then we should get somebody who will.

In the news 24-year-old Wahdan Yahia Ismaeil stabbed three people at a homosexual nightclub in downtown Saskatoon on December 4th 2021, he was in possession of cocaine, a knife, a large amount of cash, two cell phones and a handgun. Events such as this were unheard of in Saskatoon before the Islamists arrived. Also in the news 26-year-old Japjee Minhas, 26-year-old Ali Sarfraz, 28-year-old Rajandeep Singh, and 23-year-old Andrew Karamat were charged for dealing in Cocaine, Fentanyl, Meth, and Marijuana… police seized $226,000 in cash, 4177.96 grams of Cocaine, 166.99 grams of Fentanyl, 67.06 grams of Methamphetamine, 568.92 grams of Marijuana and 6 vehicles. People are dying in large numbers from Cocaine, Fentanyl and Meth, these people are sure to receive light sentences from the Freemason (Satanist) judges, nothing like the horror I faced as a reward for postering and criticizing the paganism in the churches. Also in the news the wealthy Sikh farmers in the Fraser Valley in British Columbia Canada are suffering from the recent flooding, it is evident that Sikhs are buying up Canadian land and properties with money they make from trafficking in drugs. In Canada only Sikh children can go to school armed, they are very special people. The little daggers they all conceal are far from toys, the Sikh children are trained to hit your femoral artery so you bleed out. Put them all on jets and ships and send them all back to the Punjab, let them fight for a homeland over there.

In the news on December 7th 2021 Tucker Carlson is questioning why The United States would want to go to war against Russia in the defense of Ukraine. I think one reason is that Ukraine mines scandium, which when alloyed with aluminum makes the aluminum hard like steel and resistant to cracking when welded, making the aluminum more suitable for jets and spacecraft. The 13th element, aluminum, is made hard like steel when alloyed with scandium, the 21st element (the 13th number that is not prime). Scandium is mined in Russia, China and in Ukraine and not here. The Big-Nosed Cree enrolled into both the Canadian and American militaries and then defended one group of Islamists who treated their livestock better than “their” women in place of another group of Islamists who treated their livestock better than “their” women, when considering this it then makes sense that the Big-Nosed Cree would now want to enroll into the American military and go to war against the Christians in Russia. Big-Nosed Cree warriors care little that native women were stripped of their voices and power, and some headed off overseas to Islamlands to support some God-damned Islamists. Other Big-Nosed Cree cared little that people in Canada are stripped of their rights and tortured in psychiatric facilities and joined with Graham Construction to build new psychiatric torture facilities in North Battleford. America is not in the war to defend the Ukrainian people, but to aid in the extermination of these Slavs and take over the nation for themselves and for their multi-billionaire buddies, most of whom profess to be Jews (many are actually witches who profess to be Jews). See the 40 minute long video, The Rape of Ukraine and the Rise of Heavenly Jerusalem by Christopher Jon Bjerknes. Near the end of the video Bjerknes claims that not just the Ukrainian Slavs are targeted for extinction, but the Russians as well, including the Russians in the far east (Siberia, Yakutia, Magadan, Chukotka and Kamchatka), they are to be exterminated and their land handed over to the Chinese. America is at war in the Ukraine in order to assist in the extermination of the Slavs. The Americans are there to assist people calling themselves Jews, and to assist the Chinese, to take over Russia. America has become a communist nation largely run by a group of communists and witches who call themselves Jews, and is now using resources to assist foreign communists. Many of the multi-billionaires who took over the Ukrainian are actually witches, they eat people, they seek to empty their new nation of the useless eaters. White Americans, Canadians, South Africans and Australians should consider fleeing to Magadan and the surrounding region and assisting the established residents there to improve the roads and housing. Bring woodworking and machining tools and build aircraft, help provide these Russian communities with jobs and teach them skills. If the Big-Nosed Cree (protectors of the forest) wish to ally themselves with the Asians, Africans, Marxists and Anarchists (people who burned down over 300 American cities and large areas of forests), then white people in Canada should flee to Magadan and Yakutia, perhaps even to Chukotka.

In the news (not the mainstream news) laws are being implemented in both Canada and the USA to make criticizing Islam a crime. For me it was a crime to criticize your Catholic fertility rites, and the penalty was years of brutal horrid psychiatric torture, I wonder what kind of penalties you people will now face for criticizing Islam. Whatever the penalty, somebody will be sure to laugh about it and laugh about your lack of human rights.

In the news (not the mainstream news) 14,000 Americans and $80 billion in arms were abandoned in Afghanistan by Obama, he is a homosexual Indonesian Islamist (pedophile and cannibal). Obama rules America and tells Biden what to say and do. Canada and America need to be turned into no-fly zones until the militaries of these two countries start to defend themselves from foreign invasion, my suggestion is that the kookums (the aboriginal grandmothers) and aboriginal warriors block the airports instead of the pipelines. The Canadian and American red and white can successfully work together to expel the African and Asian invaders, we should accomplish this immediately so that we can then use some of our resources to launch a rescue mission to Afghanistan for whatever number of the 14,000 Americans that are remaining. We can quickly take back our two nations in a coordinated affair and quickly launch a rescue mission.

In the news (not the mainstream news) the Taliban wants the flights leaving Afghanistan to be used to transport their fighters to western countries so they may work raising money for jihad in those countries, or to kill or freeload off the white people in western countries while collecting welfare and breeding prolifically. Perhaps Canadians can get a new form of government that guarantees our rights (a Republic), and perhaps we can obtain this quickly if we unite with Americans to overthrow our Islamic dictators at the same time. The Africans and Asians in Canada and the USA need to travel towards the shores in order to leave Canada and the USA and obtain passage on ships. Established multi-generational Chinese-Canadians and Chinese-Americans should be allowed to stay, multi-generational blacks who fled slavery in America and are now living in Canada can return to America as slavery was abolished there over 200 years ago. America has a form of Republic that grants citizenship to blacks, whereas Canada was established without natives and Europeans sharing resources with Africans, Asians and Latin Americans, and we are now in a position to start a Canadian republic that continues with that tradition. The Native Treaties in Canada are a two-sided affair that are shared between Native Indians and white Europeans, while the Africans, Asians and Latin Americans do not have a claim to this country. White Americans and white Canadians who do not desire to fight for their nations can return to Europe and fight against the Islamic, Chinese and Marxists invasions there. If the red and white in North America can’t unite and expel the African, Asian and Latin American invaders, then we will become slaves and get our heads cut off, I predict.

In the news (not the mainstream news) Sweden suffered over 80 bombings in 2021, that is more than one every four days. I think that the Swedes who were born in Sweden and who are now living in Canada and United States should be arrested and flogged. Then put them into special camps and teach them how to shoot, then equip them with a rifle or machine gun or shotgun, and a handgun, a few grenades, and parachute them into Malmo and Stockholm. If you can’t defend Canada and United States from Islamic invasion, then go back to Sweden and defend your own country from Islamic invasion. Similarly the long established multi-generational Chinese living in Canada and the United States need to rise up against Islam, and if they can’t be bothered, then arrest them, flog them, train them to be soldiers and offer to parachute them into Sweden with the Swedes so they may battle Islamists there, or fly them to Hong Kong where they may battle against communism, there. Similarly the English, Irish and Scots can leave Canada and the United States and go defend their own nations from Islam and against their royal witches. And the Italians, even the Italian mafia, have allowed Islamic gangs to run rampant in Italy, they were unable to defend their nation from Islam and are here now, unable to defend either Canada or the United States from Islamic invasion. Moscow is surrounded by millions of Islamists, and the Russians flee to North America where they are unwilling to confront Islam either. The Hindus allowed the partitioning of their nation to Islam and are now in Canada and the USA helping the Islamists exploit us. Islam is spreading through Africa like a cancer, send the blacks in North America to Africa to fight against Islam there, as they sure as hell don’t fight against Islam here. Train these people to be soldiers, give them a parachute and a kick in the ass in order to eject them from the aircraft. All you have for me and other victims of psychiatric horror is laughter and scorn, consider yourselves fortunate that you will only face a flogging and deportation. Millions of you compassionless turds living in North America took Trudeau’s and Obama’s Islamic death jabs, millions have already died and many millions more of you are about to perish due to these injections, go accomplish something with your lives before you become a greater burden to us as you twitch and convulse and die here. If you are unwilling to confront the Islamic invasion here, then go die somewhere else. Every institution teaches you to embrace Catholic fertility rites, then you embrace Catholic fertility rites with every ounce of your being and then have the audacity to claim the Jews rule the world while you purchase Halal certified foods and thereby fund the spread of Islam, just shut your God-damned mouths for a little while. I’m trying to raise an army, and if we catch you and flog you, hopefully we will get Jean Edna Anne De Witt (born August 15th 1984) to laugh at you when you are being flogged and deported, as she doths it so very well.

In the news (not the mainstream news) Obama (a homosexual Indonesian Islamist, pedophile and a cannibal) demands that farmers in America destroy their crops. Obama is paying the farmers 1.5 times the value of the crop and threatens to spray their land with Agent Orange if the farmers refuse to destroy their crops. Obama (via Biden and other traitors) is also demanding people dump any oil they have stored in storage containers. Incredibly the American farmers are destroying their crops and people are spreading their oil upon the dirt roads. When these people hear that I was tortured for years after criticizing their adoption of Catholic fertility rites, they will laugh at me and continue to destroy their crops and pollute the topsoil with oil, and then sing Jingle Bells and get their God-damned trees to blink, then continue to tithe to the churches that teaches them to do so. I’ll try to get Jean Edna Anne De Witt (born August 15th 1984) to go on tour in America and laugh at the farmers there, as she doths it very well. After she laughs at the farmers I’ll send her on a tour to the cities to laugh at the people starving to death there. Just as people thought it was absolutely hilarious that I faced years of brutal psychiatric horror, I think it absolutely hilarious that they now face famine. I used to teach people that the Bible encourages us to store up seven years of food supplies in anticipation of a period of adversity but my words were not appreciated in the least, perhaps they can reconsider their brutality, their compassionlessness and their tremendous ignorance while Jean Edna Anne De Witt (born August 15th 1984) laughs at them.

In the news the Canadian truckers are united and many are headed to Ottawa. Some of the truckers are Sikhs and Islamists who are not headed to Ottawa, instead they continue to transport goods to Canadian destinations (with guns and drugs mixed in with the legitimately transported goods). The truckers headed to Ottawa are concerned about being forced to take death jabs in order to cross the border and transport the goods, other issues are beyond the scope of their trip. For example, the truckers don’t mind that the politicians are forcing the people to take death jabs, the truckers are instead concerned that they are being prevented from crossing the border if they do not take the death jabs. And the truckers are concerned about inflation but not concerned that the government pays them in paper certificate of debt rather than in real money that is not inflationary. The truckers are concerned that the government desires to remove their guns and makes it difficult for them to obtain handguns and semi-automatic rifles, but on the other hand they smile when they hear that I and other victims of psychiatric horror have little chance of obtaining a gun license or enough money to buy a pot to piss in. They laugh that the victims of psychiatric horror especially at those who had the audacity to criticize their blinkin’ fertility tree idols. In the end the truckers will realize that they are all united, as even the Sikhs and Islamists will join with them and wish everybody a Merry Christmas (the use of God’s Name in vain, it is not His Mass but is a pagan mass commemorating the return of the sun from the south, by December 25th the sun is visibly rising from the south). The members of the alternative fertility cults hope to utterly destroy the white truckers and take their nations, they set aside their differences and wish that these white truckers continue to turn trees into decorated idols. Likely many of the Hindus, Sikhs and the Islamists (members of alternative fertility cults) read the Bible and see that God is enraged when He sees people turning trees into decorated idols, so they of course respond by encouraging the white truckers to bow to the blinkin’ trees and sing Jingle Bells. There is no better way for the members of the alternative fertility cults to take over Canada and the USA than to encourage the white Europeans and red Aboriginals to continue in their putrid Catholic fertility tree filth. The Canadian truckers are united in upholding different forms of pagan idolatry, and are united in their compassionlessness to the victims of psychiatric horror. The jabbed unite with the unjabbed and phone the police on me when I criticize their pagan fertility rites, they are far more tolerant of priests and ministers ramming their penises up their children’s arseholes.

Restoring The American Republic:

“Fight or die… if you’ve been surfing the net and learning about the evil bastards, you’re flagged for death already. There is no escape except through the crucible of fire or the dishonor of meek surrender to the evil bastards, followed by execution. Even the forces of the oligarchs have contempt for cowards who refuse to fight and betray their people through inaction.” -Thomas Mick, October 13th 2016
2023-05-14 18:58:20 UTC


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