Yale Guen Mar, haven't your Hmong neighbors suffered enough? Accept their generous offer and be off to Dr. Long Dong in Cambodia for treatment with alternate medicine.
(too old to reply)
2017-12-13 14:52:10 UTC
Yale Guen Mar, it will really be good news for your Hmong neighbors when you are no longer in Merced, CA.

Yale Guen Mar, you have ceased to care about anything else other than earning 50 cents per post. You don't even care to ask your caregiver, Meichi Thai, to to change you into a fresh diaper a lot more often even as you continue to have "accidents" on Ms. Rolida Lee's reclining char and Mr. Ravinder Singh's sofa.

Over-soiled diapers are bound to leak, Yale Guen Mar. Do something about your leaky diapers.

Well you can do something about it. Ask Meichi Thai to provide you with double protection every time you venture out of 3851 Twilight Avenue in Merced, CA. Have her insert a made-in-Portugal cork inside your asshole before she puts in diaper. That might result in less leakage from your diaper in public places.

Yale Guen Mar, your Hmong neighbors on Twilight Avenue in Merced, CA fear that you are turning your neighborhood into a health hazard. It might indeed be the most dangerous part of California for the inhabitants.

Yale Guen Mar, you should admit that you are hygienically challenged. It will be a good start to effectively control the ill-effects of your non-functioning sphincter muscle.

Yale Guen Mar, you need to add corks and diapers in your inventory to prevent the degradation of the environment in the neighborhood of 3851 Twilight Avenue in Merced, CA.

Yale Guen Mar, it is important for you to follow instructions of your caregiver, Meichi Thai.

Yale Guen Mar, you have neither a functioning brain nor a functioning penis.

In fact, even your asshole has issues with a non-functioning sphincter muscle.

Yale Guen Mar, how many different ways do you wear your diaper? None seems to work.

You continue to soil:

* Rolida Lee's reclining chair

* Ravinder Singh's sofa

Needless to say, you continue to soil your own bed.

It is time you analyze why your diapers fail to prevent you from wreaking havoc on yourself and on your neighbors.

Yale Guen Mar, your caregiver Meichi Thai has been very specific about what you are allowed to do and what you are not allowed to do. That's the only way she can manage to give you efficient care.

In view of your incontinence, You have been instructed to keep your butt glued to your bed pan at all times.

Meichi Thai wants you to do Tai Chi without moving away your asshole from the bed pan - by just moving your head, hands and legs but not your butt.

Make life easier for Meichi Thai by sticking to Tai Chi the way she wants you to do it.

Yale Guen Mar, do you know your greatestr problem?

You are unwanted by your Hmong neighbors, and rightfully so.

But they are a gentle people. That is why they are trying to get rid of you in a way that will be least excruciating. In fact, it will be to your benefit to move out from Twilight Avenue in Merced, CA.

Rolida Lee and other Hmong neighbors have raised a fund to finance your relocation to Cambodia so that you can get alternate medicine treatment from Dr. Long Dong for your infected middle fingers and also your bipolar disorder.

Yes, there os a catch. To avail yourself of that fund, you'll have to promise your Hmong neighbors never to come back to Merced, CA or even to the USA for that matter.

Yale Guen Mar, go for it. This is an offer that is as generous as it can get.
2017-12-14 19:40:18 UTC
She should be happy he died before the wedding. Otherwise, she would be a widow!!!
Hakuna Matata, Yale Guen Mar. When you die, there will be only joy among your Hmong neighbors whom you have tormented for over a decade.

The Hmong family at the corner house moved out long ago. A Mexican family in Orange County bought the house for their daughter who is attending UC-Merced. She had a baby with another student attending Merced College. Now, another daughter moved into the house.
Yale Guen Mar, didn't you get barked at by the young couple's dog when you tried to peep into their bedroom?

Your sordid tale should be fodder for a book - write an autobiography detailing your shameful existence. Ask Mr. Lee (the Hmong neighbor on your left) for help to get it published.
Satish, your shameful existence has no bounds making up lie after lie...
Mr Lee was one of many thousands of boys soldiers of General Vang Pao
who followed General Vang Pao to America. He can barely read and write.
His children are American born, one girl graduated from Fresno State
University with a degree in nursing. His other children are always around
the house/front yard repairing/working on cars.
Yale Guen Mar, Mr. Lee's literacy level far exceeds yours. But don't depend on him to ghost write your autobiography. Try to write it yourself. That would be the honest thing to do.

Go to Mr. Lee only for help on publishing your tale of shame and infamy. Mr. Lee had been in the publishing industry for two dozen years. If you promise not to shit on his taro patch ever again, he might help you to get in touch with a publisher interested in your trash.

And if Mr. Lee (the Hmong neighbor on your left) can't help you himself, he is generous enough to request his son (who is still working in the publishing business) to help you out.

And, BTW, Luca is still amazed that you can't get potty trained when he has. Is it any wonder that Valentina and Luca start giggling at the very mention of your accursed name.

dr Dong is anxiously still waiting for you with his two arms opened, at
his sanctuary in Cambodia, ready to give you his best treatment to fix
your damaged and erratic brain ....
come home Yale .... come home Yaleeeee ......
Yale Guen Mar, the STDs from your middle fingers are beginning to metastasize in your brain. It explains your multiple bizarre posts every day on soc.culture.china.

Yale Guen Mar, take note. Lack of funds shouldn't keep you from seeking treatment in Cambodia.

Yale Guen Mar, your neighbor Rolida Lee has taken the initiative to raise funds for your treatment with alternative medicine under Dr. Long Dong in Cambodia. Rolida Lee and your Hmong neighbors have raised enough money to send you to Cambodia for treatment.

Of course, there is a catch. You'll have to give an undertaking that you will not ever return to Merced, CA.

Yale Guen Mar, don't look a gift horse in the mouth. Accept the generous help of your Hmong neighbors and rush to Dr. Long Dong for treatment. You can't afford to procrastinate because if the STDs from your middle fingers metastasize into your brain, you will be dead meat.

Yale Guen Mar, thank Rolida Lee and your other Hmong neighbors for their magnificient gesture. Accept their gift and rush to Dr. Long Dong in Cambodia for the treatment of your STDs and also your bipolar disorder.
2017-12-16 09:18:28 UTC
"Here, I give you a bag".
Nice people, these Hmong families in this valley.
Yale Guen Mar, did you know that your Hmong neighbors have been exchanging notes on you with Ravinder. Needless to say, Ravinder had a big laugh and so had your Hmong neighbors. They are particularly amused by your last visit to the Hmong grocery shop in your neighborhood.

Yale Guen Mar, that was verily the height of chutzpah. But your intention was noble, for a change.

Yale Guen Mar went to the local Hmong grocery store to buy condoms that would fit his middle fingers. None did. But his intentions were noble.

Here is the photo of Yale Guen Mar's spiritual counselor who belongs to the Falun Gong. Yale Guen Mar wears a locket with this spiritual counsellor's photo as a talisman:


Yale Guen Mar's photos:


Yale Guen Mar's live-in-nurse Meichi Thai:

2017-12-26 08:08:21 UTC
Yale Gen Mar, tell us about your ill-fated marriage to the daughter of a military leader from North Korea.

Yale Guen Mar has a very soft corner for North Korea.

I had a wonderful and successful life in the U.S., wonderful children and grandchildren.
I have always taken the communist side of any debate, any discussion. It's my nature. This fact is in my file when I was interviewed for security clearance.
My first wife's family was a land-owning class of North Korea when the Japanese invaded Korea. Her family and her group moved to China to fight against the Japanese. Her father was a graduate of Whampao Military Academy in China and an officer of the Nationalist Chinese Army during WWII. She was born in Chungking, the wartime capital of China.
After WWII ended, the Korean faction of the Chinese Army went back to Korea. She was driven by military escort and guards everywhere they go. Synman Rhee had the opposition party leaders killed because he had U.S. support. Her father was killed and the body was never found.
My first wife was very anti-communist. On any discussion on communism, I always had to take the communist side as I am currently doing in soc.culture.china.
So, Yale Guen Mar, Would your wife be siding with dictator Kim Jong-un? Did you always support Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il?
Yale Guen Mar, your first wife was indeed North Korean

But you have been wife-less for a while - not even a sow wants to be in bed with you volutarily.

Yale Guen Mar, how may girl friends and wives have discarded you like a used toilet paper?

Wasn't your first wife a white and light brown North Korean Jindo bitch?

You were very unfair. You made your diabetic wife and your mother-in-law share a small bed room while you slept in the master bedroom.

Your North Korean wife lost both her legs to diabetes.

Didn't the Supreme leader KIm Jong-un promise to find for you another white and light brown jindo bitch? Why didn't he keep his promise?

Since the death of the North Korean bitch you have been discarded by girl friends like May Fung and Yuhua Luho.

Be grateful that Yuhua Luo has shown you far more kindness than you deserve. Yuhua Luo gave you $30000 and the minivan before she threw you out.

By stark contrast, Mary Fung offered you nothing more than a kick on your butt when she threw you out.

Yale Guen Mar, you know which side of the bread is buttered. You know enough of the life under the North Korean regime not to relocate there or even to the land of your birth to live under CCP dictatorship.

You are not rst0wxyz, rst2wxyz, rst4wxyz, rst7wxyz or rst9wxyz
You are Yale Guen Mar (born 1st February, 1938 in mainland China) who lives on 3851 Twilight Avenue in Merced, California.

Your first wife was a North Korean.

No subterfuge will erase the fact that you have been using aliases not just to to hide your troubled past but to act a Qusiling to USA where you have resided since 1949.

Shame on you. No wonder you were thrown out by May Fung and Yuhua Luo.

Even your live-in-nurse-cum-maid Meichi Thai detests you.

You have become the object of scorn of your Hmong neighbors on Twilight Avenue.

Yale Guen Mar, everything about you is fake.

* fake names (Resty Wyse, Rusty Wyseman)
* fake race - Yale Guen Mar claims to be a Caucasian at every opportunity
* fake IDs (rst0/2/4/7/9)
* fake diploma (electrical engineering)
* fake citizenship papers for USA and
* even a fake circumcision scar drawn on his penis with a sharpie !!!

Yale Guen Mar, you have a standing invitation from Dr. Long Dong in Cambodia for your current ailment - STD-ravaged middle fingers. If all else fails, do visit Dr. Long Dong as your physician of last resort.
2017-12-31 09:13:11 UTC
And, the result is, of course, Asians dominate the world population with the most people, Whites next, and Africans, last with the smallest population.
Yale Guen Mar, you have turned your dysfunctional sphincter muscle into a weapon of harassing your Hmong neighbors on Twilight Avenue in Merced, CA.

Yale Guen Mar, you have formed a one-man squad to destroy the environment for your Hmong neighbors on Twilight Avenue in Merced, CA.

Yale Guen Mar's poor hygiene and lack of civic sense are major problems in the neighborhood around 3851 Twilight Avenue in Merced, CA.

Yale Guen Mar has taken to shitting in the taro patches of his Hmong neighbors. Even the dogs in the neighborhood detest Yale Guen Mar.

Yale Guen Mar, your anger toward dogs has to be from the fact that you have been chased away by barking dogs from taro patches of your Hmong neighbors.

Yale Guen Mar, the dogs wouldn't have been chasing you away if you hadn't tried to defecate on the taro patches.


February 1, 2013

Merced Resident's Eureka Moment on Twilight Avenue in Merced, CA

An old man was found running naked on Twilight Avenue trying to escape a dog barking furiously at him.

Police reports that the old man was shitting in the taro patch of a Hmong resident. Apparently the old man was under the impression that he was doing his Hmong neighbor a favor by fertilizing the taro patch with his shit.

But the dog in the Hmong household thought otherwise. He started barking furiously at the old man defecating in the taro patch. When the old man didn't budge, the dog charged at the shitting man squatting on the taro pitch engrossed in defecating.

When the man saw the dog charging at him, he must have decided that the dog's bite was going to be worse than its bark.

It was at this point that the old man had his eureka moment. He jumped up and started running toward 3851 Twilight Avenue with a piece of shit still dangling from his asshole.

The commotion caused a member of the Hmong household to rush out. He didn't want the dog to bite the old man in case the dog caught rabies from the fleeing disheveled man who certainly looked as if he was a carrier of rabies.

In the meantime, another Hmong neighbor had called 911. By the time the police arrived, the old man with shit dangling from his asshole had managed to disappear from the scene.

The police is investigating. It doesn't think that the man was armed with anything other than the piece of shit dangling from his asshole. Nevertheless, people in the neighborhood have been advised not to attempt a citizen's arrest if they encounter the man. They are warned to consider the man to be insane and dangerous and to report any sighting to the police immediately.

2018-01-04 15:44:09 UTC
I worked all over the Pacific Ocean on American-control islands. All these islands only have a few American men, military or government contractors, living there. It's a waste of money to keep them during peace-time. It's only vital during war-time.
It is a real pity that you got to do in the islands what you have been doing in the taro patches of your Hmong neighbors ion Twilight Avenue in Merced, CA.

Yale Guen Mar, what about the skirmishes you have had with the Lees of Merced Community Food Market and with Mr. Miao of Yue Cheng Market?

Have you learnt your lesson?

Or do you still harbor the wish to torment them with your stinky deeds inside Merced Community Food Market and Yue Cheng Market?

Remember how an enraged Ms. Lee had sodomized you with an opo squash after your latest trnsgression at the Merced Community Food Market?

And Mr. Miao is hopping mad. He might sodomize you with a bitter melon. And that will surely leave a better taste inside your asshole.

Money is power!!!!
In most posts, Yale Guen Mar has said that it is the "power of the gun" that speaks the loudest.

Yale Guen Mar, you have repeatedly claimed that "power of the gun" speaks the loudest. But in practice, it is the power of your stealth farting that has felled all in your vicinity.

Yale Guen Mar, it will all depend on your power of stealth farting.

If you think you can get away with pointing fingers at others at the Hmong grocery store, you'll comntinue to point fingers at others.

But if your diaper is leaking solid, liquid and gas continuously, it won't take the Lees too much time to realize that you are the one responsible for the stink bomb.

Yale Guen Mar, isn't it a shame that you are single-handedly turning the Twilight Avenue neighborhood in Merced, CA into a dirty filthy place?

Yale Guen Mar, must you remain hygienically challenged? Can'y you ask Meichi Thai to change your diaper before you visit the household of Mr. Ravinder Singh, or the Lees' grocery store or the taro patches of your Hmong neighbors?

Ravinder Singh isn't laughing. Yale Guen Mar's diaper leaks - it leaves stinking stains on Ravinder's sofa.

Yale Guen Mar was really depressed after his futile letter to Quincy, MA begging for money. Yale Guen Mar now comes to Ravinder's house quite often to cry his heart out - but he sheds more than tears. Yale Guen Mar's diaper invariably leaks leaving yellow stains on Ravinder's sofa.

Yale Guen Mar, be more considerate. Ask Meichi Thai to change your diaper before you pay a visit to Ravinder's house.

Yale Guen Mar, don't be gross while shopping at the Hmong grocery store. Step outside to fart instead of stinking up the grocery store. You are driving away customers.

Yale Guen Mar, why don't you ask your caregiver Meichi Thai to insert a cork inside your shit-hole before visiting your Hmong grocer? You have been farting inside the grocery store incessantly every time you go their shopping. The stink drives away other shoppers.

Yale Guen Mar, you are being grossly unfair to your Hmong grocer by indulging in gross farting inside the grocery store. Either step outside the store to fart or have Maichi Thai insert a cork in your anus before you go for your grocery shopping.

Yale Guen Mar, you have been a bad neighbor. Why have you been shitting on the taro patch of one of your Hmong neighbors? Not satisfied with molesting the Hmong-owned pigs, you have now take to fertilizing their taro patches !!
2018-01-12 06:42:50 UTC
Yale Guen Mar, stop lying about your cousins Homer, Virginia, Clarence and Lawrence. You lie even about your siblings Ellen, Donald and Eugene. The lies do you no good. No one trusts you - not your relatives nor your Hmong neighbors.
Olathe, Overland Park restaurants cited for roach infestations - roach infestation occurs after Satish worked there for a while!!!
So, Yale Guen Mar, at the fag end of your miserable life, don't you have anything better to do other than bad mouthing Kansas and the Mar clan (not necessarily in that order) ?

Yale Guen Mar, stop lying about your cousins Homer, Virginia, Clarence and Lawrence. The lies do you no good. No one trusts you - not your relatives nor your Hmong neighbors.

Here are some of your your lies about cousin Homer.

The Mar clan was a barrel of rotten apples, especially Ben's family.
Homer was a bully all his life.
His wife was overweight,
his first son never went to college,
his second and third sons are living in rural North Carolina.
Homer worked for army post exchange headquarter shipping merchandize to army PX stores.
That just shows you know shit.
Homer himself was overweight all his life.
His youngest brother works for IRS as a corporate auditor in San Jose.
He said his middle brother is a Vice-Chairman of Dell. If he's any kind of vice-chair of any corporation, people would know him well in the industry.
Like you, Homer is a liar.
Homer was overweight all his life? Really?
Homer saw action in Vietnam and he retired as a colonel in the US Army.
If anyone was fat all his life it was Yale Guen Mar.
You are so jealous of Homer that you have now stooped to posting that Homer and Cynthia (Homer's beautiful wife) are overweight !!!

Here are photos of Yale Guen Mar who masqurades as Resty Wyse on the internet:

Yale Guen Mar's photos:


Pray, tell us who is the overweight guy in these photos? Here's a hint to help you - it is neither Homer nor Cynthia.

Was Homer a bully? Of course not. It is you who fought like dogs and cats even though you always got beaten up.

Homer is a loser like you, Satish. He came to our house
and talked to Donald and my father, but always left before
I come back. He was afraid to face me.
I gave him a big write-up on the internet because he is my cousin afterall.
Yale Guen Mar, you were always extremely jealous of Homer Yale Mar. Even as a child you used to pick fights with him. Homer was three years older. Besides, he was fitter while you were a roly poly bumbling child. That is why you used to get beaten up every time and then you ran crying not just to mommy Kim Hi Wong but also to aunt Susan Suey Oy Wong.


Homer said his middle brother is a Vice-Chairman of Dell. If he's any kind of vice-chair of any corporation, people would know him well in the industry.
Like you, Homer is a liar.
Clarence has nothing to show off except his fat belly!!!
So, Clarence like Homer is fat too?!!

If anyone is fat in the Mar clan, it is you, Yale Guen Mar. That is why you felt bullied not just by Homer but by all your siblings and cousins. They used to all laugh at you.

Aren't you the one with a fat belly? Haven't you always been the laughing stock in the neighborhood because of your fat belly?

And Clarence Yale Mar is a failure because he is the Vice Chairman at an international hi tech company in Austin, TX?

Yale Guen Mar, you are so jealous that you must pooh pooh Clarence's status as respected leader in a hi tech industry by posting that he has nothing to show off except his fat belly. How low can you get?

Yale Guen Mar, get over your jealousy.

If you don't want to respect Clarence for his achievements and status in the industry, that is your problem, not his.

Yale Guen Mar, given your record, you wouldn't have been hired even as a janitor at Dell. And you are now saying that Clarence is a failure because he is a Vice Chairman at Dell?

Frustrations have taken such a heavy toll on you, Yale Guen Mar, that you don't even realize that you are reaffirming your status as a buffoon (and a jealous buffoon at that) by calling that Clarence a failure.


Homer's youngest brother works for IRS as a corporate auditor in San Jose.
And you think that makes Lawrence Yale Mar inferior to you in some way? Does he have a fat belly like you?

Get a life, Yale Guen Mar. You can blame no one but yourself for your life of wasted opportunities and failures.

Yale Guen Mar, it would be prudent of you to seek Larry's advice to your own predicament from unreported foreign income (the 50 cents per approved post from PRC).

Yes, the total amount of this income is small. But you may have violated laws by failing to report it to the IRS.

Cousin Larry is very well versed in Tax laws. Try to get his response to your situation. Find out if there is a way for you to come clean with the IRS. Otherwise you risk spending your golden years in a penitentiary and a death on its shower floor as you get sodomized by fellow inmates.

Is it any wonder that not to speak of your cousins, even your siblings don't think much of you.


Dr. Eugene Yale Mar has been a quadriplegic since his ski accident, and I think he has even stopped practicing medicine, and may have been under state care. His wife dorvorced him. His son lives in the Phoenix area.
So now you bear ill-will toward your kid brother Eugene because he refuses to be your friend on Facebook?

Yale Guen Mar, must you so uncaring and cruel to your kid brother Dr. Eugene Yale Mar? Must you be so vindictive? Eugene was only trying to protect you against yourself.

Grow up Yale Guen Mar.

And, yes, he refuses to have you as his friend on Facebook because he is wary of your intentions. You have done nothing to show that you have the welfare of your kid brother Eugene in your heart.

If Dr. Eugene Yale Mar joined his older siblings Ellen and Donald to get rid of your gun collection and album of photos of your favorite pigs, it is to protect you from yourself.

But you still haven't forgiven your kid brother for that !! How low can you get ?


American teen-agers and strict-parents are explosive combination. Ellen ran-away from home, and stayed at friend's house. After graduation from college, she worked for Play-Boy Club in Chicago. If anyone hated her parents, it was Ellen. Ellen and I were the only ones who didn't attend our mother's funneral.
But that's not what Ellen says. You were the only one who didn't attend your mother's funeral.

You were still sulking because she had punished you as a young boy in the hope that you will abandon your mischievous ways.

Ellen graduated from college whereas you had to buy a fake degree from a diploma mill. And even that didn't work. You ricocheted from one firing to another janitorial job at restaurants. And finally you gave up.
You have subsisted on welfare checks from Uncle Sam and now you supplement the welfare checks with 50 cents per approved post from Uncle Chang.
Ellen and her cousin Gini (uncle Ben's daughter Virginia) have pooled resources to document the Mar clan's history.
Ellen and I didn't even know Gini and never ever saw her. No one in my family ever met Ben's family after 1949, except ny the end of my father's life, he came to our house, and left before I came back.
But you still know all about the fat bellies of your cousins and even of Cynthia.

And you also know that cousin Homer would get out of your parents' home before you came in because he was afraid that you would punch him !!!

Ellen and Gini have been great friends for years. And they are now collaborating to document the history of the Mar clan.
Donald and Eugene appreciate the efforts of Ellen and Gini to honor the ancestors and so do Homer, Clarence and Larry.
Ellen, Donald, and Eugene never met or even know of Ben's family. And our family never knew or ever met Gini, Clarence or Larry.
That's not what Ellen, Donald and Eugene say.

Yale Guen Mar, you cannot wish away your siblings and your cousins just because you are jealous of them.
Near the end of her life, their mother wanted to see me. I said we lived in the same house in China, and she never ever talk to us, there is nothing to talk about today.
Aren't you making a virtue of necessity?

You were not there at the funeral of your parents, aunt and uncle because no one in the Mar clan wanted you there.

No one believes in ancestor worshiping in our family. Let the dead be the dead and stop talking or thinking about it.
Yale Guen Mar, you missed yet another opportunity last Sunday (November 5). It was Tony Chee Mar's 102nd birth anniversary.

Ellen, Donald and Eugene got together at Lot 49 at East Palm Cemetery in Tucson, AZ.

Homer, Gini, Clarence and Larry did the same at Little Bethel Cemetery in Duncanville, TX.

Yale Guen Mar as usual sat in his red sofa alone and sulked. He still bears grudges against his parents, siblings and even against his cousins that he claims he has never met !!

"...during the Chinese Ching Dynasty."
Don't ever call the Qing Dynasty "Chinese". From 1644 - 1911, there was no China. What was known as "China" became Manchuria. And the "Chinese" were forced to become Manchus by the first imperial order issued to "lose your hair or lose your head", therefore the shaved forehead and queue, a Manchu culture and the Manchu style clothing. Even today, a hundred and seven years after the fall of the Qing Dynasty, every new year, Chinese calendar still shows children wearing Manchu style clothing and hairstyle. You still have not lost your Manchu stigma.
Yale Guen Mar, it seems you are still sore that Tony Chee Mar cut off your pigtail the moment you landed in San Francisco on the Thanksgiving day of 1949.

You shouldn't bear grudge against Tony Chee Mar for refusing to shave a straight line along your head either.

Tony Chee Mar wanted to be a thoughtful father for an 11-year old boy he was seeing for the first time in his life. Tony had declared himself to be your father so that you could find refuge in USA after the imposition of CCP dictatorship in Beijing.

Yale Guen Mar, your "father" didn't want you to be ridiculed and heckled by your school mates in the new country.

That is why he chopped off your pigtail as soon as you got off the boat in San Francisco. And that is why he shaved off all your hair so that you could grow a normal crew cut and meld with your classmates.

But don't be an ingrate. Tony Chee Mar did his best to bring you up properly. You owe him immense debt.

* Tony Chee Mar got you into USA when The Communists took over mainland China.

* Tony Chee Mar taught you English and Math. He told you all about rational numbers and irrational numbers.

* Tony Chee Mar gave you a job at his cafe.

* Tony Chee Mar let you retain your room in his house on 914 10th Street in Phoenix long after you were past your teens.

The least you can do is to visit Tony Chee Mar's grave now and then. Do so on November 5 (birthday), March 28 (day of death) and, of course, at Quingming festival and the Hungry Ghost festival. You will be a happier man if you do so.
2018-01-13 08:14:32 UTC
Some things just never change - Yale Guen Mar's penchant for notoriety is just timeless.

Yale Guen Mar, your name is mud not just in the neighborhood of Twilight Avenue in Merced, CA but even abroad.

Yale Guen Mar, are you thinking of moving abroad, say, to Canada, Tuscany, Italy or to Taiwan for ditching your US passport which was fraudulently obtained in the first place?

Well, Yale Guen Mar, you have already been denied visa by both Taiwan and Italy. And I don't think Italy will be any more generous after complaints from Dr. Buonamici.

You can cross over to Canada, but that will land you from the frying pan to the fire.

Satish, Mr. Singh has been living in Toronto, Canada, with his other son
for the last month or so. Your have been proving yourself to be an idiot,
making up lies to post. The three of you, bmoore, Wakalukong, and Satish,
the pep boys of soc.culture.china, The Pep Boys: Manny, Moe & Jack.
Yale Guen Mar, your name was already mud in Merced, especially among your Hmong neighbors. Now it is mud in not just Toronto but in rest of Canada as well.

I am not surprised if Mr. Ravinder Singh repeated the stories of your lack of civic sense and of patriotism and of your utter idiocy to acquaintances in Toronto and beyond. So, now your notoriety has spread to Canada as well.

But, Yale Guen Mar, you have always been totally shameless. So, I am sure you will just shrug your shoulders and continue to be just as shameless.

Your antics were never a laughing matter to Mr. Ravinder Sing. Yale Guen Mar's diaper has leaked again and again during Yale Guen Mar's frequent visit to the Singh residence for crying on Ravinder's shoulders - the leaks always leave stinky stains on Ravinder's sofa.

Yale Guen Mar has been really depressed after his futile appeal to May Fung for a "loan". Yale Guen Mar had been visiting Ravinder's house quite often to cry his heart out - but he always sheds more than just tears. Yale Guen Mar's diaper invariably leaks leaving yellow stains on Ravinder's sofa.

Yale Guen Mar, be considerate. Ask your caregiver Meichi Thai to change your diaper before you pay a visit to Ravinder's house. Better still, ask Meichi Thai to insert a cork in your asshole every time you leave home to minimize chances of accidents in other people's homes or in public places.

The cork should be password protected so that only Meichi Thai is able to uncork you during diaper changes.
2018-03-25 14:04:47 UTC
Yale Guen Mar, time to think Arizona or even the arid hills of Quinghai in PRC.

In 1949, as a 11 year old boy, you found out from a Hong Kong fortune-teller that your future is entwined with Arizona.

Before the year was out in 1949, you found yourself a resident of Safford, AZ in the house of Tony Chee Mar at 914 10th Street.

68 years have gone by. And now the fortune-teller will once more be proved right.

Yale Guen Mar, you have failed to behave in a way to facilitate coexistence with your Hmong neighbors on Twilight Avenue in Merced, CA.

Time to think for your next (and final) place of residence.

Yale Guen Mar (posting under the fake name of Resty Wyse), you face grave problems that need immediate attention.

Yale Guen Mar, you have turned 80.

You find yourself abandoned by all except caregiver Meichi Thai and a cousin in Santa Clara.

Your sole crutch is another octogenarian, the message carrier cousin in Santa Clara.

Yale Guen Mar, your days are numbered. You need to move to Safford, AZ before you kick the bucket.

Yale Guen Mar (posting under the fake name of Resty Wyse), you have a crutch now - your octogenarian message carrier cousin from Santa Clara has taken pity on you. She has talked to three of her friends who own properties on W Thatcher Blvd. in Safford, AZ. They have agreed to finance your room and board in a pig sty owned by one of them in Safford, AZ.

You'll now have the chance to die where it had all begun after you sought refuge in USA as a 11 year old boy fleeing Communist takeover in Beijing in 1949.

Yale Guen Mar, you'll die in Safford, AZ just as it had been predicted by a fortune-teller in Hong Kong in 1949.

Soon, your bones will get bleached in the 120 degrees temperature.

No one will remember you - not May Fung, nor Yuhua Luo, not your cousins and not even your siblings.

You were the one black sheep in the Mar clan. Everyone will give a big sigh of relief when you are no longer around to embarrass them.
2018-04-07 22:57:14 UTC
The real question for the newsgroup is - who is Resty Wyse?

You're Resty Wise?
Yale Guen Mar of Merced, CA posts under the fake name of Resty Wyse (and sometimes Rysty Wyseman).

Yale Guen Mar is a master of fakery, Resty Wyseman and Rusty Wyse are his fake names, among his fake IDs are ***@yahoo.com, ***@yahoo.com, ***@yahoo.com, ***@yahoo.com, ***@yahoo.com

Real Name:
Yale Guen Mar

Yale Guen Mar masquerades as:

Rusty Wyse
Resty Wyseman

He also masquerades as a Caucasian whenever he can get away with it.

Yale Guen Mar posts as:


Yale Guen Mar's phone numbers are:

(209) 722-0463
(510) 531-7359

Yale Guen Mar was born on February 1, 1938 in Mainland China.

As a 11 year old, Yale Guen Mar fled his village in China after the Communist takeover in 1949. He arrived in San Francisco in the November of 1949 just before Thanksgiving.

US citizen Tony Chee Mar (who had never see Yale Guen Mar before that) signed papers declaring Yale Guen Mar to be his biological son so that Yale Guen Mar could find refuge in USA.

Tony Chee Mar was a very kind man :

* Tony Chee Mar gave Yale Guen Mar his first Thanksgiving meal

* Tony Chee Mar let Yale Guen Mar into his own house
on 914 10th Street in Safford, AZ

* Tony Chee Mar taught English and Math to Yale Guen Mar and
taught him the difference between rational and irrational numbers.

* Tony Chee Mar gave Yale Guen Mar his first job at his cafe.

* Tony Chee Mar bought Yale Guen Mar his first car (a 1963 Pontiac).

But Yale Guen Mar was an ingrate. He has continued to resent Tony Chee Mar because:

* Tony Chee Mar had chopped off Yale Guen Mar's pigtail
when he alighted from the ship that had brought him
to San Francisco from Hong Kong.

* Tony Chee Mar refused Yale Guen Mar to shave a straight line in the head.

* Tony Chee Mar insisted on a crew cut for Yale Guen Mar so that he could meld
better with his classmates in the new country.

* Tony Chee Mar punished Yale Guen Mar whenever he strayed from the
straight and narrow (which unfortunately) was far more often than for a normal boy

Yale Guen Mar has refused to get over his grudges.

Yale Guen Mar stays alone at:

3851 Twilight Avenue
Merced, CA

Yale Guen Mar refuses to visit the graves of his parents Tony Chee Mar and Kim Hi Wong in Tucson, AZ even during the Quingming Festival.

Yale Guen Mar, take a train from Merced, CA to Tucson, AZ to be at the grave of your parents Kim Hi Wong and Tony Chee Mar as often as you can . It is in East Palm Cemetery (look for Lot 49).

Here's the address and phone number:

East Palm Cemetery

5801 East Grant Road #C
Tucson, AZ 85712

(520) 886-5561

Also, try to get along with Ellen, Donald and Eugene.

Yale Guen Mar, everything about you is fake.

* fake names (Resty Wyse, Rusty Wyseman)
* fake race - Yale Guen Mar claims to be a Caucasian at every opportunity
* fake IDs (rst0/2/4/7/9)
* fake diploma (electrical engineering)
* fake citizenship papers for USA and
* even a fake circumcision scar drawn on your penis with a sharpie !!!

Yale Guen Mar, you have a standing invitation from Dr. Long Dong in Cambodia for your current ailment - STD-ravaged middle fingers. If all else fails, do visit Dr. Long Dong as your physician of last resort.