China may once again be the leader in mankind’s technical adventure
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Resty Wyse
2017-12-04 23:53:05 UTC
China may once again be the leader in mankind’s technical adventure

2017-12-05 18:29:13 UTC
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China may once again be the leader in mankind’s technical adventure
Yale Guen Mar, you have neither questionable friend nor answerable friends.

Yale Guen Mar, you have no friends, period.

But there are enough decent Hmong neighbors on Twilight Avenue in Merced, CA to seek a humane way to rid the neighborhood of you.

Yale Guen Mar is not liked by his Hmong neighbors or even by their dogs.

Yale Guen Mar's Hmong neighbors are extremely wary of him. They know that give Yale Guen Mar an inch and tries to take a mile.

But Yale Guen Mar's Hmong neighbors are kind even to an ingrate slob like Yale Guen Mar.

They want to get rid of Yale Guen Mar from the neighborhood in Merced, CA but in a very humane way.

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dr Dong is anxiously still waiting for you with his two arms opened, at
his sanctuary in Cambodia, ready to give you his best treatment to fix
your damaged and erratic brain ....
come home Yale .... come home Yaleeeee ......
Yale Guen Mar, the STDs from your middle fingers are beginning to metastasize in your brain. It explains your multiple bizarre posts every day on soc.culture.china.

Yale Guen Mar, take note. Lack of funds shouldn't keep you from seeking treatment in Cambodia.

Yale Guen Mar, your neighbor Rolida Lee has taken the initiative to raise funds for your treatment with alternative medicine under Dr. Long Dong in Cambodia. Rolida Lee and your Hmong neighbors have raised enough money to send you to Cambodia for treatment.

Of course, there is a catch. You'll have to give an undertaking that you will not ever return to Merced, CA.

Yale Guen Mar, don't look a gift horse in the mouth. Accept the generous help of your Hmong neighbors and rush to Dr. Long Dong for treatment. You can't afford to procrastinate because if the STDs from your middle fingers metastasize into your brain, you will be dead meat.

Yale Guen Mar, thank Rolida Lee and your other Hmong neighbors for their magnificient gesture. Accept their gift and rush to Dr. Long Dong in Cambodia for the treatment of your STDs and also your bipolar disorder.

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Your sordid tale should be fodder for a book - write an autobiography detailing your shameful existence. Ask Mr. Lee (the Hmong neighbor on your left) for help to get it published.
Satish, your shameful existence has no bounds making up lie after lie...
Mr Lee was one of many thousands of boys soldiers of General Vang Pao
who followed General Vang Pao to America. He can barely read and write.
His children are American born, one girl graduated from Fresno State
University with a degree in nursing. His other children are always around
the house/front yard repairing/working on cars.
Yale Guen Mar, Mr. Lee's literacy level far exceeds yours. But don't depend on him to ghost write your autobiography. Try to write it yourself. That would be the honest thing to do.

Go to Mr. Lee only for help on publishing your tale of shame and infamy. Mr. Lee had been in the publishing industry for two dozen years. If you promise not to shit on his taro patch ever again, he might help you to get in touch with a publisher interested in your trash.

And if Mr. Lee (the Hmong neighbor on your left) can't help you himself, he is generous enough to request his son (who is still working in the publishing business) to help you out.

And, BTW, Luca is still amazed that you can't get potty trained when he has. Is it any wonder that Valentina and Luca start giggling at the very mention of your accursed name.

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I was coming back from my walk when my Hmong neighbor on my left
"I always see you walking around in the neighborhood".
"My doctor advised me to walk to keep my body working.
Otherwise, the body will fall apart".
I introduced myself.
He said his name is Lee. He worked for a publishing company
for 23 years until recently. The company was sold, and the
new management laid-off all the older workers because of cost.
He said his son still works for the company.
He has 12 grown children. He doesn't have to worry about money.
Yale Guen Mar, be neighborly. Don't covet your neighbor's taro patch to meet your needs for defecation.

If you remain hygienically challenged, sooner or later, this Hmong family's dog is going to chase you right inside 3851 Twilight Avenue, but not before he takess a bite of your butt.

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The Hmong family at the corner house moved out long ago. A Mexican family in Orange County bought the house for their daughter who is attending UC-Merced. She had a baby with another student attending Merced College. Now, another daughter moved into the house.
Yale Guen Mar, didn't you get barked at by the young couple's dog when you tried to peep into their bedroom?

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"Here, I give you a bag".
Nice people, these Hmong families in this valley.
Yale Guen Mar, did you know that your Hmong neighbors have been exchanging notes on you with Ravinder. Needless to say, Ravinder had a big laugh and so had your Hmong neighbors. They are particularly amused by your last visit to the Hmong grocery shop.

Yale Guen Mar, that was verily the height of chutzpah. But your intention was noble, for a change.

Yale Guen Mar went to the local Hmong grocery store to buy condoms that would fit his middle fingers. None did. But his intentions were noble.

Yale Guen Mar has belatedly become aware that he is responsible for the epidemic of STDs in assholes of pigs belonging to Hmong-owned piggeries in the Merced area. For years, he had been surreptitiously finger-fucking the pigs belonging to the Hmong families in the neighborhood. And now the pigs have anal infections and Yale Guen Mar's middle fingers are ravaged with STDs.

Yale Guen Mar cannot give up his passion for finger-fucking pigs in their assholes. But he wants to be a responsible finger-fucker. Plus, he wants to arrest the infection on his middle fingers. That is why he was asking for the condoms at the Hmong grocery store for his middle fingers. But the condoms were too big for his diseased middle fingers or even his miserable penis with the catheter-insert.

Yale Guen Mar has been crying his heart out to Ravinder and even to that little kid in that household who tutors Yale Guen Mar in English.
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