War With North Korea: Chances Are 'Increasing Every Day' As Kim Gets Better With Weapons, McMaster Says - Why blame North Korea when the problem is created by the U.S.?
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Resty Wyse
2017-12-04 02:48:05 UTC
War With North Korea: Chances Are 'Increasing Every Day' As Kim Gets Better With Weapons, McMaster Says - Why blame North Korea when the problem is created by the U.S.?

2017-12-04 16:38:31 UTC
North Korea: Why War Is the Only Option Now - Fools never learn. It will be another Vietnam, but much worse.
Yale Guen Mar has a very soft corner for North Korea.

I had a wonderful and successful life in the U.S., wonderful children and grandchildren.
I have always taken the communist side of any debate, any discussion. It's my nature. This fact is in my file when I was interviewed for security clearance.
My first wife's family was a land-owning class of North Korea when the Japanese invaded Korea. Her family and her group moved to China to fight against the Japanese. Her father was a graduate of Whampao Military Academy in China and an officer of the Nationalist Chinese Army during WWII. She was born in Chungking, the wartime capital of China.
After WWII ended, the Korean faction of the Chinese Army went back to Korea. She was driven by military escort and guards everywhere they go. Synman Rhee had the opposition party leaders killed because he had U.S. support. Her father was killed and the body was never found.
My first wife was very anti-communist. On any discussion on communism, I always had to take the communist side as I am currently doing in soc.culture.china.
Yale Guen Mar, you know which side of the bread is buttered. You know enough of the life under the North Korean regime not to relocate there or even to the land of your birth to live under CCP dictatorship.

You are not rst0wxyz, rst2wxyz, rst4wxyz, rst7wxyz or rst9wxyz
You are Yale Guen Mar (born 1st February, 1938 in mainland China) who lives on 3851 Twilight Avenue in Merced, California.

No subterfuge will erase the fact that you have been using aliases not just to to hide your troubled past but to act a Qusiling to USA where you have resided since 1949.

Shame on you. No wonder you were thrown out by May Fung and Yuhua Luo.

Even your live-in-nurse-cum-maid Meichi Thai detests you.

You have become the object of scorn of your Hmong neighbors on Twilight Avenue.

Your tombstone can only read:

Lies here the man with soul so dead,
Who never to himself hath said,
'This is my own, my native land!'

Yale Guen Mar, don't push your luck. Maintain a low profile.

Otherwise, Trump's law enforcement people will get you deported to North Korea.

Donald Trump will deport ALL illegal aliens from the U.S.
That means you, Satish!!!
If Donald Trump finds out that Yale Guen Mar has a soft corner for North Korea, he will get deported right away to Pyongyang. Of course, that's a big deal for Yale Guen Mar. The Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un has promised to find a bride for Yale Guen Mar - a light brown and white Korean Jindo bitch. There he will spend the rest of his life (which isn't too long a time, mercifully) with that bitch.

Yale Guen Mar, wasn't your first wife from North Korea? Would she be siding with dictator Kim Jong-un? Did you always support Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il?