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2010-01-20 19:22:50 UTC
US, China are anti-India: RSS chief
Indo-Asian News Service
Raipur, January 20, 2010

First Published: 23:18 IST(20/1/2010)
Last Updated: 23:19 IST(20/1/2010)

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) chief Mohan Bhagwat on Wednesday
slammed the US and China for pursuing an anti-India agenda.

"The US is seen advocating support for India but actually it is
powering Pakistan while attempting to impose its agenda in South
Asia", Mohan Bhagwat told a gathering of RSS volunteers in Raipur.

"One should not nurture a belief that the US can rein in Pakistan to
check the spread of insurgency in our country," he said.

He added that the stock market should not be the criteria to judge the
economic health of the country.

Bhagwat called upon people to join the RSS to know about the
organisation rather than reading about it in magazines.


...and I am Sid Harth
2010-01-20 20:03:05 UTC
The great RSS U-turn
Pankaj Vohra, Hindustan Times
November 22, 2009

First Published: 21:08 IST(22/11/2009)
Last Updated: 01:47 IST(23/11/2009)

The overtures of two former chief ministers — Uma Bharti and Kalyan
Singh — to the BJP appear to be prompted by their desire to return to
the saffron party, in view of the fast-changing political
developments. Though Bharti has clarified that she would prefer
becoming a part of the NDA since she had some differences with her
erstwhile party, Kalyan Singh has no such qualms. In fact, both are
weighing their chances by sending feelers to various leaders and,
perhaps, feel that they may get accommodated in the new-look BJP.

Both Bharti and Singh are Lodhs and both were popular leaders. Among
second-generation leaders in the BJP, Bharti was the only mass leader
before Narendra Modi came on the scene. Her disillusionment with the
party was on account of the coterie around L.K. Advani, which she felt
was always conspiring against her.

Bharti’s feeler to the top leadership was sent when it became more or
less clear that her tormentors were going to be replaced. But she has
reservations now, since the RSS, under pressure from the D-4 leaders —
Venkaiah Naidu, Arun Jaitley, Ananth Kumar and Sushma Swaraj — seems
to have changed its stance towards them.

In the case of Kalyan Singh, his love affair with Samajwadi Party
supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav is over. He now feels that the party used
and then dumped him. The timing of his dumping coincides with that of
Rajnath Singh’s exit as party chief. The push factor behind Kalyan
leaving the BJP was its president, Rajnath. Now with Rajnath out, the
field is open for him to make his importance felt again in the saffron
brigade. But vested interests may ensure that both Kalyan and Uma
remain out.

But what could be most distressing for the RSS is that it has
reconciled to the possible continuation of the D-4 leaders in their
positions of importance under pressure. In other words, Mohan Bhagwat
— the RSS Sarsanghchalak who had publicly belittled the four prominent
leaders — has taken a U-turn. He has allowed a junior functionary of
the Sangh, Manmohan Vaidya, to issue a clarification on his stand,
thereby, again spelling hope for these leaders.

In doing so, the RSS has not only diluted its earlier stand but the
Sarsanghchalak has ended up with egg on his face. More important, the
four leaders close to Advani have realised that the chief was
vulnerable to pressure and so can be pressurised in the future too.

The entire episode is somewhat similar to what had happened in 2005
when the then RSS chief K.S. Sudarshan, in an off-the-cuff remark to
Shekhar Gupta in his TV show, had stated that both Atal Bihari
Vajpayee and Advani should retire from active politics. The Advani
coterie had swung into action and the RSS, through Mohan Bhagwat — who
was at that time the Sarkaryavah (general secretary) and the second-in-
command — had diluted Sudarshan’s wish.

The tradition continues even now and the office of Sarsanghchalak
stands compromised. In the latest instance since the clarification has
come from Vaidya, who is many notches below Bhagwat, the RSS chief’s
desire to appear as the Sangh’s new (Lauh Purush) stands rusted and
beyond repair. It is as if a section officer of a ministry was to
issue a clarification on a policy statement made by the Prime
Minister. It would have been far better if Bhagwat himself had eaten
his own words rather than make Vaidya do it.

The fallout of the episode could have serious repercussions for Nitin
Gadkari who is being portrayed as the RSS’s choice for the BJP
president’s position. If he were to fail, the RSS will have to face
the consequences.

The chances of Gadkari succeeding will now depend on the extent of
cooperation that he gets from the D-4 leaders, whom the RSS wanted out
but now says they were never out. Politicians are not gullible and the
present RSS chief is certainly in for a very rough time unless he
speaks upfront on the subject. This round has gone to Advani. Between


...and I am Sid Harth
2010-01-20 20:07:30 UTC
Indore meet take-off for ‘austere’ BJP
Shekhar Iyer, Hindustan Times
New Delhi, January 12, 2010

First Published: 00:56 IST(12/1/2010)
Last Updated: 00:58 IST(12/1/2010)

With the RSS insisting that the BJP go ‘back to basics’, party leaders
will have to stay in tents and not in hotels when they meet in Indore
next month for a conclave.

The party intends to send a message to cadres and masses that it is
shunning “five-star culture” and returning to the roots.

Ahead of the conclave, to be held from February 17 to 19, new BJP
president Nitin Gadkari’s pet scheme to convert the party into a NGO
will be launched on February 11. Called the Antodaya Vikas Yojana, the
project is to enable BJP MPs and MLAs to take up at least one social
or developmental project for a pro-poor image.

Top RSS officials are believed to have told BJP leaders that they
would signal a good beginning for revival by staying in tents and
adopting a “simple” life-style approach.

Not all leaders, however, think it’s a great idea, considering they
will have to equip themselves with

anti-mosquito mats and coils. Some think that the cost of housing more
than 1,200 delegates of the BJP’s national council in tents may cost
more than organising stay in hotels.

But they would rather follow the Sangh’s call for a “simple-living”
than been seen as ones seeking comfort — when Gadkari is talking of
bringing a new work culture and ensuring performance audits.

“One expects the tents at Indore would be hospitable for the delegates
while being simple in concept,” said a senior BJP leader, adding that
these tents might not be the luxury kinds that are put up for Gujarat
chief minister Narendra Modi and his guests when they visit the Rann.
A party functionary said, “Even L.K. Advani and new BJP president
Nitin Gadkari will stay in tents.”

Kailash Vijayvargia, Madhya Pradesh’s industries minister, who
belongs to Indore, is supervising arrangements for the tents to come
up over a 200-acre plot outside the city that will be named after late
veteran leader Kushabhau Thakre.

The last time BJP delegates were housed in tents was during the Mumbai
conclave in December 2005 after late Pramod Mahajan faced adverse
publicity for holding a conclave at a resort to discuss the Lok Sabha
poll defeat in 2004.

The party’s first conclave in 1980 when Vajpayee led Jan Sangh leaders
out of the Janata Party to form the BJP was in tents. “I remember we
were put in tents which became over-crowded,” said a senior leader.


...and I am Sid Harth
2010-01-20 20:09:46 UTC
Digvijay calls Gadkari rubber stamp of RSS, Modi autocratic
Press Trust Of India
Indore, January 11, 2010

First Published: 20:27 IST(11/1/2010)
Last Updated: 20:28 IST(11/1/2010)

Congress General Secretary, Digvijay Singh on Monday hit out at new
BJP President, Nitin Gadkari by calling him a rubber stamp of the RSS.

"Gadkari is a rubber stamp of RSS and he was made BJP president
despite opposition from the entire party," Singh told reporters.

He said that with Gadkari becoming BJP president, the Sangh was now
totally involved in politics, adding RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat should
clarify if his organisation was social or political in nature.

The Congress General Secretary described Gujarat Chief Minister
Narendra Modi's decision to make voting compulsory in local elections
in his state as "impractical".

"In a democracy, voters cast their votes as per their conscience and
they must have full freedom in this regard," Singh said.

He described Modi's character as "autocratic" and said that BJP and
the Sangh were less democratic and more autocratic.

Singh also described as impractical the Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister
Shivraj Singh Chouhan's suggestion to hold simultaneous elections to
Lok Sabha and state assemblies.


...and I am Sid Harth
2010-01-20 20:12:06 UTC
Cyber-savvy Sangh plans to set up e-shakhas
Satyajit Joshi, Hindustan Times
Pune, January 11, 2010

First Published: 01:05 IST(11/1/2010)
Last Updated: 01:06 IST(11/1/2010)

Scattered across continents, the Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS)
plans to use cyber technology to keep its flock together.

For this, it plans to launch e-shakhas (cyber branches) to reach out
to more people working in different countries.

On such experiment by a group of its workers has already met with
success. For almost a year, a group of RSS workers has been running an
e-shakha, in which volunteers from 27 countries participate every

The one-hour online shakha includes guidance on physical exercise and
baudhik (intellectual), which comprises discussions
on various topics.

An RSS worker, Pranav Pawar who is coordinating the activity from
Pune, told Hindustan Times that e-shakhas were an impromptu decision
by a few activists who could not keep in touch with the RSS after
moving to foreign lands.

Pawar clarified that no official decision had been taken yet about the
online activity.

He said almost 250 RSS swayamsewaks (volunteers) across the world had
been participating in e-shakha from countries like Singapore, Japan,
South Korea, Denmark, Holland, Nigeria, Austria, Germany, Italy,
France, and South America.

Activists from Indian infotech hubs — Hyderabad, Bangalore and Pune —
were also part of it.

They include women volunteers too.

Sources in the RSS said its leadership planned to launch the activity
formally in the wake of a fall in the number of daily shakhas.

“The experiment can be taken up officially as it will help us reach
more people to spread RSS’s ideology,” said a senior functionary on
condition of anonymity.

Currently, the RSS also organises about 2,000 weekly IT milan
(meetings) all over the country in which professionals from the
information technology sector participate.


...and I am Sid Harth
2010-01-20 20:14:17 UTC
China tries to increase hold on Nepal through Maoists: RSS
Press Trust Of India
Lucknow, January 10, 2010

First Published: 22:33 IST(10/1/2010)
Last Updated: 22:34 IST(10/1/2010)

RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat on Sunday alleged that China was trying to
tighten its hold on Nepal through Maoists and advocated for a firm
diplomatic strategy to increase India's influence on neighbouring

Addressing a convention of Sangh workers here, he said Beijing was
trying to increase its hold on the Himalayan nation. India should have
a well-thought foreign policy to enhance its influence in the region.

He expressed the fear that China may also attempt to grab land in
bordering territories and cautioned to be aware of the neighbouring
country's policy on Arunachal Pradesh.

On Pakistan he said India should clearly covey to Islamabad that there
can be no confidence building measures unless it checks cross-border

"We are not against friendship with Pakistan, but such a measure
should be taken only after teaching it a lesson. Then only Pakistan
will understand the real meaning of friendship."

Referring to RSS role in appointment of Nitin Gadkari as the BJP
president, he said the Sangh does not indulge in politics.

"Though people say so, we haven't got anyone appointed as the
president. RSS does not get involved in politics and believes only in

Many of the swayamsewaks were in the politics and sometimes they get
disoriented, he said.


...and I am Sid Harth
2010-01-20 20:16:42 UTC
We have similar DNA, come become a Sanghi: RSS chief's invite
HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times
Lucknow, January 10, 2010

First Published: 21:56 IST(10/1/2010)
Last Updated: 22:04 IST(10/1/2010)

For someone not used to Rashtriya Swayam Sewak Sangh (RSS) ideology
and outlook, it was a unique sight.

On a shivering Sunday afternoon, nearly 10,000 RSS volunteers squatted
on the floor clad in a white shirt and khaki half pant at the
Saraswati Shishu Mandir in Nirala Nagar to hear their youngest ever
chief (sarsanghachalak), Mohan Bhagwat, 59, give an open invitation to
all non-RSS background people to "come, join and experience the Sangh,
our DNAs are similar."

In his first public meeting in Lucknow after taking over the reins of
the 84-year old organization, Bhagwat repeatedly emphasized, "The RSS
doesn't have any hidden agenda. Several of our swayam sewaks have
become politicians. But, Sangh per se shuns politics as it is a
hindrance in its larger design of uniting the country."

As hoardings screamed, "Hindutva par prahaar pralay ko amantran
hai" (an attack on Hindutva is an invitation to disaster), Bhagwat
said the growing threat from India's borders, the failure of India to
make the world see its justifiable point at Copenhagen and the growing
racial attack on Indians across the globe, all indicate towards the
weakening of India.

He also said, "China is claiming Arunachal, Pakistan wants Kashmir and
Bangladesh border allows easy entry to illegal immigrants from
Bangladesh. Why can't we detect, delete or deport Bangladeshis, teach
Pakistan a lesson and tackle China forcefully? Why can't we not be
Israel, ensuring that our country's flag flies high. But that isn't
happening and Indians are being attacked across the globe."

Without naming the UPA, Bhagwat said, "Prices are increasing and so is
unemployment. Ultimately all that hits you and me and yet we continue
to do nothing about it. That's because our politicians have stopped
seeing anything beyond power. They talk of national and emotional
integration but end up flaring emotions, dividing people. That is why
we feel Hindus need to stay united and think for the country's
interest above everything else."

He also said, "RSS doesn't believe in publicity. We do not believe in
the hoarding-culture. Our volunteers work silently."

Among those who turned up for the RSS-show were senior state BJP
leaders, Lucknow MP Lalji Tandon, Rajya Sabha MP Kalraj Mishra, UP BJP
president Ramapati Ram Tripathi and Mayor Dinesh Sharma. In typical
RSS style, these politicians were denied the stage which was reserved
for only three top RSS leaders, chief Mohan Bhagwat, Ishwar Chandra,
kshetra Sangh chalak and Jai Krishna, vibhag sangh chalak. The
politicians were given chairs below the stage where they sat sans the
paraphernalia they are so used to.


...and I am Sid Harth
2010-01-20 20:19:29 UTC
Perform or perish: New chief to BJP
Shekhar Iyer, Hindustan Times
New Delhi, January 07, 2010

First Published: 23:27 IST(7/1/2010)
Last Updated: 23:27 IST(7/1/2010)

BJP chief Nitin Gadkari conveyed in his first interaction with party
officials on Thursday that everyone would have to learn to work in
trust and cooperation, and be ready to “perform or perish.”

Though Gadkari couched his message in not-so-stern tone, the import of
what he sought to convey was not lost on BJP functionaries.

Under a mandate from the RSS to set the party in order, Gadkari made
it clear that he wanted a “full stop” to internal squabbles witnessed
for more than a year under the reign of his predecessor Rajnath Singh
whose tenure ended last month.

Gadkari, who spoke in the presence of senior BJP leaders including
L.K. Advani, M.M. Joshi, Sushma Swaraj and Arun Jaitley, said the
party must function in an atmosphere of “mutual trust and openness”
for optimum results.

Gadkari did not mince words in saying that “performance audit” would
be the hallmark of his administration of the party and he expected BJP
officials to adopt all-inclusive and democratic approach.

BJP spokesperson Ravi Shankar Prasad said the BJP leaders adopted a
resolution that said “the terrorist attack at Lal Chowk in the heart
of Srinagar is an onslaught on India’s sovereignty. Both the centre
and the state are romancing with the ill-conceived ideas like autonomy
and dilution of national sovereignty.”

The BJP leaders decided to launch an agitation on the price rise issue
from January 18, culminating with a New Delhi rally in March, which
would coincide with Parliament’s budget session.

In his remark, Advani said that the changes in the party “kindled new
hope” and “would go to strengthening the party.”


...and I am Sid Harth
2010-01-20 20:22:22 UTC
UPA promoting politics of separatism, says RSS chief
Indo-Asian News Service
Allahabad, January 03, 2010

First Published: 23:11 IST(3/1/2010)
Last Updated: 23:13 IST(3/1/2010)

Accusing the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government
of promoting "politics of separatism", Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh
(RSS) chief Mohan Bhagwat on Sunday said the decision to carve out
Telangana state out of Andhra Pradesh was an example.

"The government has taken the decision (of creating Telangana state)
under pressure and it reflects the politics of separatism," Bhagwat
said at an RSS function held at the Sangam Parade ground in

"Political parties of the country should rise above regional politics
and work together for the development of the country... A number of
parties are raking up issues related to castes and languages for
politics," he added.

Bhagwat also accused the central government of "lack of military
preparedness" despite China's aggressive posturing and despite Beijing
"befriending Nepal, Pakistan and trying to make inroads into Arunachal

The RSS chief alleged that the central government was not serious
about combating terrorism. "Due to the leniency adopted by the
government, terror activities are taking place in different parts of
the country."

He said when RSS criticises infiltration from Bangladesh and Pakistan
to India, people call the RSS "communal", but when Pakistan and
Bangladesh drive away minority Hindus, nobody speaks on the matter.

Bhagwat clarified that the RSS should not be deemed as a political
party, but an organisation that worked for promoting moral values in
the country.


...and I am Sid Harth
2010-01-20 23:36:36 UTC
BJP tries to break RSS hold
November 10th, 2009
By Our Correspondent

Nov. 9: The BJP central leadership is apparently upset with the RSS
chief, Mr Mohan Bhagwat, for the Sangh’s attempt to take complete
control of the party and thrust a leader of its choice as its chief.

Sources disclosed that some of the top leaders of the organisation
were holding parleys to take on the RSS and get the organisation out
of it’s grip.

A statement by Mr Madhav on Monday denying his earlier remarks that Mr
L.K. Advani might step down as Leader of Opposition once the
formalities of electing a new BJP chief are over, is also seen as the
outcome of resentment among the BJP regarding RSS “interference” in
its functioning.

Mr Bhagwat had told a private news channel that the new BJP chief will
neither be from Delhi nor from among its senior leaders Mr Arun
Jaitley, Ms Sushma Swaraj, Mr M. Venkaiah Naidu or Mr Ananth Kumar.

He had also said that the BJP had initiated the process of choosing
the new party chief. Mr Rajnath Singh completes his term in December.

Sources in the BJP said Mr Madhav’s statement has angered the party’s
Central leadership which feels that the Sangh is blatantly interfering
in the working of the BJP, only tarnishing the party’s image. Party
sources said the Central leadership is upset that the RSS chief spoke
through the media on the issue when even the central leadership is
steering clear from speculations on the issue of party chief.

A senior leader said a section within the organisation feels that its
“high time” that the BJP should draw a line on the issue and defy RSS


...and I am Sid Harth
2010-01-20 23:39:28 UTC
It's BJP's business, says RSS chief
August 28th, 2009

New Delhi: The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has to "think and decide"
its own future, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) chief, Mr Mohan
Bhagwat, said here on Friday.

The RSS chief, in a rare press conference, said: "We are not worried
(about the goings-on in the BJP) and it is immaterial whether the
Sangh is happy or not happy about it; the BJP has to think and decide
its future."

He added that the ongoing crisis in the party did not worry it and it
was the BJP's internal matter.

Mr Mohan Bhagwat also said he had not read expelled Bharatiya Janata
Party (BJP) leader, Mr Jaswant Singh's controversial book praising
Pakistan founder Mohammad Ali Jinnah, but promised to read it soon and
form his opinion.
In a conversation with reporters, unusual for an RSS leader, Mr
Bhagwat said: "I have not read the book; I haven't got the time to
read it, but I will read it."

"When I have read it, I will also form an opinion," Mr Bhagwat said to
a question on what he thought of Mr Jaswant Singh's book, "Jinnah -
India, Partition, Independence." The RSS is the ideological parent of
the BJP.

Asked about senior Sangh leader, Mr H.V. Seshadri's book, "Tragedy of
Pakistan," in which he has held India's first home minister Sardar
Patel also responsible for the partition, Mr Bhagwat said: "He had
only chronicled and analysed the events that took place (leading to

Both Mr Seshadri and Mr Jaswant Singh have held India's first prime
minister Jawaharlal Nehru and Sardar Patel responsible for the
partition of the country in 1947.


...and I am Sid Harth
2010-01-20 23:42:42 UTC
Over 100 RSS activists booked in UP
September 30th, 2009

Nearly 125 activists of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) were on
Tuesday booked for violating prohibitory orders and firing in the air
during Dussehra celebrations in Uttar Pradesh's Jhansi district,
police said.

"An FIR has been registered against about 125 RSS activists, who
despite the prohibitory orders, Monday assembled in large numbers and
fired in the air during 'shastra poojan' (as part of Dussehra
festivities)," said Mr Jagdeesh Singh, additional superintendent of

The RSS is the ideological fountainhead of the Bharatiya Janata Party

The incident occurred when the police had imposed restrictions on
assembly of four or more persons on public streets under Section 144
of the Criminal Procedure Code, that empowers the administration to
put this curb for maintaining law and order.

"RSS district chief of Jhansi has been named in the FIR registered on
Tuesday," Mr Singh added.

Police are yet to make any arrests.

Every year on Dussehra, RSS activists perform a series of rituals,
including shastra poojan, and participate in a parade.


...and I am Sid Harth
Sid Harth
2010-01-21 03:52:10 UTC
Mayawati to Centre: Expel Pawar, now
TNN, 21 January 2010, 03:30am IST

LUCKNOW: Blasting Union minister for agriculture Sharad Pawar for
‘‘triggering panic by issuing irresponsible statements to the media’’,
chief minister Mayawati has demanded his immediate expulsion from the

Maya even set a deadline and called upon Prime Minister Manmohan Singh
to sack Pawar before January 27 when the PM has invited the chief
ministers to Delhi to discuss the issue of price rise and its
effective control.

Addressing a press conference here on Wednesday, Maya stepped up the
offensive against Pawar by threatening to boycott the meeting if her
demand was not met by Singh. ‘‘I shall not participate in the meeting
if the minister is not removed till then,’’ Mayawati forcefully

Pointing to the ‘duplicity’ of the Central government, Mayawati said
that ‘‘while the Prime Minister convened a meeting to discuss the
spiralling inflation graph in the country and also mull over the
options to fight it effectively, his cabinet colleague was boosting
morale of black-marketeers and horders by making announcements of
price rise before it actually occurred’’.


...and I am Sid Harth
2010-01-21 11:09:13 UTC
Soren govt calls off anti-Naxal ops, has cops livid
Manoj Prasad

Posted: Thursday , Jan 21, 2010 at 0439 hrs


Soren govt’s move to put the brakes on anti-Naxal ops has set off
alarm bells in the security establishment.

At a time when states are teaming up to crack down on Naxalites, the
Shibu Soren-led government in Jharkhand, one of the states worst
affected by Naxal violence, has quietly halted operations, including
long range patrols and raids directed at the extremists. And in one of
the first fallouts, eight policemen were killed in a landmine blast
triggered by Naxals in Gumla last Friday.

Central paramilitary forces, including 28 CRPF companies, are being
made to wait by the state government while the Special Task Force,
comprising personnel of the Jharkhand Armed Police who have been
trained in jungle warfare and anti-landmine techniques, are back in
the barracks. The securitymen were deployed in the districts of
Ranchi, Palamau, Lohardaga and Gumla.

Long range patrols and search operations, routine until President’s
Rule was lifted in Jharkhand, have been stopped. Officials fear this
will allow the Naxalites to rest and recoup. There have even been
reports that the Naxal leadership in West Bengal, including its
spokesperson Kishenji, had left their hideouts in Lalgarh for the
forests of Jharkhand.

The Soren government’s move to put the brakes on anti-Naxal
operations, within days of taking charge of the state, has set off
alarm bells in the security establishment. An Intelligence official
told The Indian Express that “Jharkhand is set to become a safe haven”
for Naxalites who are beginning to feel the heat in the other states
that make up the Red Corridor.

On January 12, cadres of the People’s Liberation Front of India, a
breakaway faction of the CPI (Maoist), looted people in 12 buses near
Piparwar. On January 14, five trucks, engaged in transportation of
bauxite ores from the Bagru mines in Lohardaga district, were set
ablaze by cadres of the Tritiya Prastuti Committee, another breakaway
faction of the CPI (Maoist). On January 15, eight policemen, including
ASI Shyam Kishore Singh, were killed when Naxalites targeted them with
a landmine in Gumla district.

Asked whether the new spurt in Naxal violence indicated that the
police were unable to take them on, DGP Neyaz Ahmad declined comment.
“I prefer not to talk about it,” he said.

The Jharkhand Policemen’s Association (JPA) has been fuming — an
estimated 350 police personnel have been killed in Naxal violence
since January 2001. “We have had enough. If the government is not
ready to fight the Naxals, we will chalk out our own strategy to deal
with them,” said JPA secretary Subhash Yadav.

Incidentally, Soren fielded three former Naxalites as JMM candidates
in the Assembly elections and one of them, Poulus Surin, won from
Torpa. So immediately after taking oath on December 30, Soren
declared: “We are ready to hold talks. Gun for gun will not end terror
and violence.”

JMM partner BJP appears divided over the decision to halt operations.
While Deputy Chief Minister Raghuvar Das has backed Soren, senior BJP
leader and former MLA Saryu Rai has slammed the move.

“Nowhere in the country have talks with the Naxals made any headway.
Moreover, since our party’s government in Chhattisgarh is pursuing
(Union Home Minister) Chidambaram’s action plan, the BJP central
leadership should clarify the party stand. If it does not, this will
lead to friction within the coalition and the government in
Jharkhand,” Rai said.

Comments |

Voters have noted, BJP is anti-India
By: Sudheer Sharma | Thursday , 21 Jan '10 13:15:19 PM

It is now very much in the open, that BJP leaders are helping anti-
India elements. From now on, I will never vote for these desh drohis.

BJP has sold their soul.
By: Darshan Lal | Thursday , 21 Jan '10 12:59:18 PM

Shibu has full backing from BJP which claims to be the only protectors
of us Hindus and India. BJP even backs the followers of bhindrawala in
Punjab.Terrorist bhindrawalas photos are openly sold in Punjab, with
the presumed blessings of BJP. Now we understand why top terrorists
were released and escorted by BJP top leaders.

By: Ashok Kumar Taneja | Thursday , 21 Jan '10 12:51:26 PM


Shibu Soren
By: Varind | Thursday , 21 Jan '10 12:49:34 PM

people know it well that Shibu Soren and Naxals are hand in glove and
while he was in last UPA cabinet PM and Sonia knows this fact too. But
to grab the power they ignored this fact and now the tides are turned.
Nevertheless, People have to think twice when they vote for such
rogues and corrupt politicians. There is no choice now with poor
people that to "what can't be cured, must be endured".

Stop this war
By: Shaym Kishore | Thursday , 21 Jan '10 12:18:14 PM

We must stop the war aganist our own people . The tribals in these
states are exploited by brurocratic - Politicina mafia for long .
Their living standards are well below human . tribals are subjected to
all kind of ill treatment and expolitations . Lets wage a war on these
root causes which prompt the insurgency . We cannot be another
pakistan to kill its own people for political gains

By: Santosh Bhat | Thursday , 21 Jan '10 12:16:08 PM

It is a shame that a corrupt person like Shibu Soren is a CM and the
BJP- the party which I have always suppored is supporting this kind of
a third grade person as a CM.

Welldone Jharkhand voters!!!!!!
By: Rahul Shankar | Thursday , 21 Jan '10 10:55:58 AM

Welldone the people of Jharkhand. Your vote really helped the state in
choosing a person who enjoys the naxalite activities or rather is
among one of them. Great efforts, continue voting to these guys and
continue suffering.

Soren's Hidden Orders to Top Cop
By: M. Y. Imran | Thursday , 21 Jan '10 10:38:59 AM

It was clear from DGP Niyaz Ahmed's comment that "he prefer not to
talk about it" (Anti-Naxalite Operation in Jharkhand". Being from
Jharkhand, let me clarify to all concerned that CM Shibu Soren is one
of the worst corrupt person. He has several criminal/murder cases
(pending in various courts). The Central Government try to open a case
in Supreme Court so that we all can get rid of Soren. Soren being a
Tribal (Adivasi) personally looted Adivasis in all possible way. The
Union Home Minister must note that Soren is Pro-Naxal and he will
never take any action against them. Unfortunately, state is going for
another mismanagement, anarchy and chaos by Soren and backed by BJP
which is cash stripped right now. BJP wants money for its central
functioning and this is the reason they supported Soren to extract
monies from this corrupt leader. Soren's best place is Tihar Central
jail only and not the chair of CM.

Stringent sting operation
By: George P. Joseph | Thursday , 21 Jan '10 9:40:26 AM

A friend in need is a friend in deed. This overlooking is an
initiation of pooling of vote Bank in his favour. Mr. Shibu Soren
knows that during his earlier time he did nothing and this time also
he may not do anything for the deprived but to charm them in such
cheap way which may have hilarious ovation among the poor. He may do
anything for his survival after this qualm adopting stringent sting
operation for the blood of Naxals when time turns.

Reactive agents....
By: Roy | Thursday , 21 Jan '10 6:56:30 AM

the present ruling combine are...is the BJP in a fix or is the tribal
chieftan pandering to his folks....nationally, all Indians who'd
prefer growth for themsleves rather than disbursement of wealth must
now teach the extreme right wing RSS dominated opportunistic party BJP
with, no bloody morals or cadreship...a good lesson.


...and I am Sid Harth
Sid Harth
2010-01-21 13:50:21 UTC
BJP for sacking GU Registrar for misusing university campus
Updated on Thursday, January 21, 2010, 18:18 IST

Panaji: Bharatiya Janata Party has demanded sacking of Goa university
(GU) registrar, Dr Mohan Sangodkar, for allowing the campus to be used
for political function.

Leader of Opposition, Manohar Parrikar, told reporters today that
Sangodkar should be asked to step down from the post for allowing
political function in the campus, which is prohibited as per
university rules.

The 39-year-old Lok Sabha MP, Rahul Gandhi, on Tuesday had addressed
1,500 students at the university ground and later met Youth Congress
activists in the varsity's conference room.

The BJP today lodged a verbal complaint with the vice chancellor, Dr
Dilip Deobagkar, and will soon be meeting Chancellor Dr S S Sidhu on
the "gross misuse of campus."

Parrikar said the party would not have objected, if Gandhi had to
participate in the interaction in the capacity of Member of

"But talking to media, Rahul Gandhi himself has admitted that he was
here for National Students Union of India (NSUI) event," he said.

Gandhi is in-charge of Youth Congress and the party's student wing

The Former Chief Minister said they can match Gandhi (Rahul Gandhi) by
organizing meeting of Gandhi (Varun Gandhi), by organizing such

"But as far as BJP is concerned, even if university allows, we will
not take the political figure to Goa University. We will not violate
the rules," he said.

Parrikar, however, refused to criticize Rahul Gandhi claiming that the
latter may not have been briefed about the venue.

"Normally, he should have been briefed. If he was aware, then
definitely he should be blamed," he added.

Gandhi was in Goa on Tuesday to interact with students on the
university grounds.

After holding an hour-long interaction with the students, Gandhi also
met Youth Congress office-bearers in the Goa university's
administrative building.

GU registrar Dr Sangodkar, earlier, had admitted the fault and said
that the Youth Congress made inappropriate use of the university

He had said that the university will look into the matter and will
initiate action after deliberating on it.



...and I am Sid Harth
Sid Harth
2010-01-21 13:55:53 UTC
Nitish asks PM to get Maharashtra govt's decision rescinded
Updated on Thursday, January 21, 2010, 19:00 IST

Patna: Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar today asked Prime Minister
Manmohan Singh to get rescinded the Maharashtra government's decision
that those applying for taxi permits should be a domicile of the state
for 15 years.

"It has become a matter of deep concern for us and has anguished and
alarmed the population of our state as well as the migrant population
following the Maharashtra government's decision," Kumar said in a
letter faxed to Singh, a copy of which was circulated to media men

He said lakhs of people were driving taxies and other commercial
vehicles in Maharashtra and they fulfill the basic needs of
transportation as well as contribute to the economy of the state.

"Thousands more join this work force each year and most of them come
from outside the state ... Maharashtra government's decision will
effectively debar people coming from outside the state and is not only
against federal structure but also against the Constitution," he

The decision will create barriers to free migration within the
country, give rise to parochial tendencies and "is extremely dangerous
for the integrity of our country", the letter said.

"I request you, to take this problem head on so that fissiparous and
divisive forces do not rear their head...The Centre should send an
advisory to the Maharashtra government in this connection," he



...and I am Sid Harth
2010-01-21 18:41:34 UTC
Chavan backtracks, says any local language enough

Posted: Thursday , Jan 21, 2010 at 1013 hrs

Maharashtra Govt said: 'Taxi drivers can get a permit if they know how
to speak the local language such as Marathi, Gujarati.

Under fire for his government's decision to give licenses only to
those taxi drivers who know Marathi, Maharashtra Chief Minister Ashok
Chavan on Thursday backtracked, saying cab drivers should know any
local language including Hindi and Gujarati.

In a Raj Thackeray-type move, the Congress-NCP government on Tuesday
decided to give new taxi licenses to only those persons who are well
versed in Marathi and have resided in the state for at least 15

The government had, however, clarified that existing taxi drivers, who
hold a valid license, would not be affected by the decision.

Chavan said, "Cabinet has gone by the Maharashtra Motor vehicles rules
which were framed in 1989. As per that rule, for a person to have a
permit, 15 years of domicile is compulsory. And the second rule says
that for a taxi badge for a driver, working knowledge of local
language is necessary.

The local language can be Marathi, Hindi, Gujarati..it can include
anything...the knowledge of the local language is necessary."

Taxi drivers can get a taxi permit if they know how to speak the local
language such as Marathi, Gujarati, he said.

The Bombay Taximen's association, the oldest in the city, had
condemned the decision with its secretary A L Quadros saying it was
unacceptable and politically motivated. A sizeable section of over two
lakh taxi drivers in Mumbai comprise migrants from Uttar Pradesh,
Bihar and Uttarakhand. About 4,000 new taxi permits are given each

MNS chief Raj Thackeray had been in the forefront of an anti-migrant
campaign in the state last year and had come in for severe criticism
from several political parties.

The government's move is being seen as an attempt to woo the youth in
the run up to the civic polls and counter the MNS.

Terming the decision as "unconstitutional", RJD Chief Lalu Prasad
asked Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to ensure that it is revoked.

However, Congress sought to downplay the controversy, saying the move
was simply reinforcing an old provision in the Motor Vehicles Rule.


A good move of retraction
By: Tanaji Ghorpade | Thursday , 21 Jan '10 17:30:00 PM

This is a welcome retraction from the CM. This would have been another
racist move that stems from extremist leanings rather than any other
consideration. The extremist elements of our Maharashtrian community
are hell bent on giving the Maharashtrians a bad name. Maharashtrians
are the most liberal, tolerant and futuristic thinking people in this
country. And a cosmopolitan and metropolis city like Mumbai is
possible only because of that nature of the Maharashtrians. This city
is poised to become the metropolis capitals of the world. The
extremist elements, who are power hungry, like the Shiv Sena and MNS
are creating trouble only to gain votes and win elections. And they
project us Maharashtrians in a bad light because of their bad
behavior. They should not only be disowned by us but we should
vehemently protest their stupid and unruly behavior. These extremist
elements are the Taliband of our community and have to be removed from
our character!!

Taxi Driverss
By: H J Tavaria | Thursday , 21 Jan '10 17:27:00 PM

So we will now have Marathi taxis, Gujerati taxis, Hindi taxis, Telugu
taxis etc. Based on your language, you will have to select your taxi
type! Jai Hind!!!

Sophisticated terror works differently...beware
By: CK Raju Thrissur | Thursday , 21 Jan '10 16:21:14 PM

Modern-day Maharashtrians have been gripped with a strange infection.
These people who are descendents of early settlers in Maharashtra now
think of themselves as part of a human tribe that evolved completely
on its own in Maharashtra !! Its pathetic to see how such people tend
to consolidate their position just because their ancestors moved in
ahead of time to this place, to deny any new people arriving to live
here and whose descendents could possibly become Maharashtrians just
like them in ages to come. If the early settlers didn't want anymore
people to come here, then why did they develop the roadways, railways
and communication ? Even now, if these infrastructure are enhanced, it
will only attract more and more people !! Or is this all part of
handiwork of some terrorist organisation - who wants people of a
certain faith to be pitted against people of the same faith.

How about Rahul Saxena?
By: Arun | Thursday , 21 Jan '10 16:16:55 PM

There is a singer Rahul Saxena who regulalrly comes on Zee Sa Re Ga Ma
Pa Marathi. He may even the coveted title. At no time any adverse
comments were heard from any Marathi Manoos about him. In fact he is
well liked and even loved by majority of Maharashtrians. It is this
type of people who ae welcome. This is the difference between those
Biharis and Uttar Pradeshis who have attacked the fields in
Maharashtra as Locust do. They have no connection no attachment with
the land that provides them food, clothes and shelter. They just want
to turn Maharashtra into another Bihar.

To get votes we support racism
By: Yogesh Goyal | Thursday , 21 Jan '10 15:33:13 PM

If we have racism in our country, we do not have any right to
fingerpoint other countries.

By: baldev | Thursday , 21 Jan '10 15:11:34 PM

chavan should be dismissed for being extra constitutional and illegal,
anyone who restricts any indian from living and earning a living in
any inch of india should be arrested,tried and jailed
immediately ,maharashtra belongs to all indians and anyone can go to
mumbai and earnlivelihood without any fear or hinderance ..PIL should
be filled with SUPREME COURT and stop this miscarriage of
constitutional rights down with despots

By: Prasad SATKALMI | Thursday , 21 Jan '10 15:08:13 PM

To all you mean politicians of India, With the kind of thoughts and
actions you foster in recent times, Indians like me were expecting
work permits and visa within the country to cross the states and work
across the country. Dear Indians, with such dirty and mean politics
nothing to wonder about if we soon hear and see the news that India is
transformed into Divided States of India with many many many small
states like they were pre-independence and fighting snatching each
others bread and butter. - Prasad Satkalmi

TATA's should close their establishments
By: Shiva Gopalakrishnan | Thursday , 21 Jan '10 14:36:47 PM

TATA's are not from Maharashtra. He should close all his
establishments and give back a bare Mumbai. Taxi/Auto Drivers are the
curx of mumbai life. The city should take pride in the fact that it
provides a living for anyone who is ready to sweat it out. If someone
from another state is ready to sweat it twice as hard as a Marathi
manoos, then he reaps twice the benefits. so if you want to beat him,
sweat thrice as hard; don't deprive the other guy of his living.
Depriving a guy or a community of a decent living is a good breading
ground for terrorism.

Local language to be allowed for taxi drivers...
By: Mahesh Naik | Thursday , 21 Jan '10 14:24:11 PM

But they must take a written exam to prove their proficiency in the
language they prefer.I amsure all the bhaiyas and biharis will fail
misrably in that if they claim Hindi option as most of them have
obscure sweet languages as their father/mother tongue.

Abolish linguistic states.
By: Boby Mehta | Thursday , 21 Jan '10 13:14:40 PM


On linguistic states
By: Maple | Thursday , 21 Jan '10 17:01:17 PM

Linguistic states have helped solve far more problems than they have
created. I don't think we need one official language, as we have
managed well so far with so many. But if you insist on having one link
language for the whole country, it can only be Hindi.

islamo, hindu and other facists should be locked behind bars
By: Deepak Kumar | Thursday , 21 Jan '10 13:05:45 PM
Hard core elements associated with islamo, hindu or other facists
should be deported from India to Somalia. These junglee animal like
people have no space in todays civilized world.

Very good.
By: devander | Thursday , 21 Jan '10 12:47:14 PM

Very good!!! keep it up.

Taxi permits in mumbai
By: mskhimani | Thursday , 21 Jan '10 12:01:38 PM

North indians dominate taxi trade,milk trade,fish trade impose marathi
and finish them,Even sweepers and scavengers in BMC are from
gujarat,UP/Bihar etc,impose marathi and drive them away.The congress
party is following the british divide and rule policy.Very soon it
will have a telangana type movement in mumbai,since north indians plus
gujrati,plus south indians etc togrther constitute majority.

By: M.V.Muthu | Thursday , 21 Jan '10 11:51:00 AM

There should be a system for imposing high-byte fine/penalty on
politicians in office for making / taking irresponsible statements /
decisions and, in the process, stirring up controversies and when the
heat is on, get into roll-back or denial mode about the same.

By: LALITH BHANSAL | Thursday , 21 Jan '10 11:25:38 AM


Any number of language, no Problem for the dedicated one.
By: KVSKumar | Thursday , 21 Jan '10 10:59:36 AM

Going by the events unfolding, one is too sure that even Ajmal Kasab
will shortly be eligible for a Taxi permit. He has started to show off
his talent in Marathi. Gujarathi will be next and so on. And by the
time the trial is over he will also have met the other condition of 15
year stay in Mumbai. Hai Ram....!!


...and I am Sid Harth
2010-01-21 18:55:03 UTC
Congress Raj: Mumbai cabbies must know Marathi, have 15-year domicile
Express news service

Posted: Thursday , Jan 21, 2010 at 0443 hrs

Migrants to feel the heat

Maharashtra’s Congress-NCP government today stoked a new controversy
involving identity politics by mandating that all applicants for new
taxi permits should know to read and write Marathi, besides
reaffirming an existing rule that they also have to be residents of
the state for at least 15 years.

Although the decision applies to the entire state, it is seen as
mostly relevant to the capital Mumbai where the government has allowed
55,000 taxis to operate in various categories, including the
ubiquitous black-and-yellow Premier Padminis or Fiats which have long
been icons of the city.

However, of the 55,000 permits, only 31,000 are in use officially. And
more than 25,000 of these are the ordinary black-and-yellow variety. A
majority of these ordinary taxis are known to be driven by migrants
from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, who were at the receiving end of an anti-
migrant campaign by Raj Thackeray’s Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS)
launched in 2008.

The timing of the decision, which was passed by the state cabinet
today, was surprising. Observers reckoned a political motive was
apparent, but it was not clear what it aimed to achieve. The Congress-
NCP alliance came to power barely three months ago with a bigger
mandate, and is now firmly in the saddle for five years.

Some Congress sources, however, said the move smacked of an attempt to
push the MNS on the backfoot, and strengthen the government’s pro-
Marathi credentials at a time all major political parties in the state
are trying to boost their organization and have launched, or are
planning to launch, major membership drives.

State Transport Minister Radhakrishna Vikhe-Patil, the prime mover
behind the decision, said that Wednesday’s decision would be applied
when the 24,000 permits that have been lying dormant come for

New permits, he said, would be issued only to air-conditioned services
operated by fleets and are known as fleet taxis under various brand
names as the government wanted to encourage such services. Mumbai has
a handful of companies offering fleet taxi services who employ
hundreds of drivers from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, although existing
drivers will not be hurt by the new rule.

The new permits would be charged Rs one lakh and would require the
cars to be brand new air-conditioned vehicles, with equipment such as
radio phones and electronic meters with a printer. They would also
need to have a back office or a call centre to support them, he added.
“The permit owner should also know to read and write Marathi,” Vikhe-
Patil said.

“We had given taxi owners the chance to renew dormant permits and had
set a deadline of March last year. But very few people came forward to
renew them. Since these permits were lying with us, the decision to
renew them was taken,” Vikhe-Patil said. “These permits would be
issued to fleet taxis and not the regular black-and-yellow
taxis.”Principal Secretary (Transport), C S Sangitrao told The Indian
Express that although 24,000 permits were lying dormant, only 4,000
would be renewed this year and all of them would be issued to fleet

A L Quadros, head of the largest union of black-and-yellow taxis in
the city, saw the government decision more as a move to phase out
ordinary taxis. “The government is playing dirty games. Why are they
promoting fleet taxis? We have also agreed to start a call centre,
we’re gradually upgrading the fleet to newer models,” he said.

While the Shiv Sena and the BJP welcomed the move, state Congress
spokesman Anant Gadgil sought to downplay its political implications
by saying that the party was only extending a rule that existed in
various other sectors in the state. He also said that the rule did not
restrict the permits to Maharashtrians and they were available to
anyone living in the state for 15 years and could speak the local

The MNS did not react to the move and said Raj Thackeray would likely
speak about it on Thursday.

Cab linguistics
By: ashok | Thursday , 21 Jan '10 14:50:11 PM
Sad, regressive, unIndian.

Congress Raj: Mumbai cabbies must know Marathi, have 15-year domicile
By: jagadishachappa | Thursday , 21 Jan '10 14:36:28 PM

where is rahul gandhi.the young political leader.langauge should not
be a barrier.in india that to in karnataka any one can survive without
local language.i think in karnataka also sme procedure should be
implemented for the sake of votesssssssssssssss.

British Policy in india again
By: Mohammed Ismail | Thursday , 21 Jan '10 14:32:56 PM

what is happeing in Mumbai that is not acceptable in india every
citizen had the right to leave where the want to leave and speak which
ever the language the want that means throw all the maharastians from
all the state who are settle there ..what the Goverment wating for
tomorrow the may want seprate state like mumbai the goverment wating
that to happen..

Congress of all the parties!
By: Parth | Thursday , 21 Jan '10 14:28:51 PM

A person doing business in any state has to learn the language spoken
there to boost his business. After all he has to deal with the people
there who mostly speak a particular language. If he doesn't, he will
have to suffeer. But making it compulsory is simply a nonsense.
Strange that such a thing is being devised by Congress, a party that
is national and claims to be most accommodating. If Congress stoops to
divide the people thus for votes, it is most unfortunate for the
country. The step must immediately be withdrawn in the party as well
as national interest.

By: romesh.sharma | Thursday , 21 Jan '10 16:52:52 PM

Mr Parth,It sounds as if you have some doubts about Congress politics
for you say"If Congress stoops to divide the people"while creating
divisions,haterd and animosities among people through colourful means
is the only Major policy of this socalled National Party.congress had
been stooping and will stoop to cheating and everything from where/
whom they can get support/votes.Congress before couple of decades had
some political morals but now this is a kind of mafia,a cabal of
traitors governing India.No morals scruples,no pride,no principles,no
agenda,no patriotism but trait and deception covered under white lies
is their character.

Need reform
By: Kalhad | Thursday , 21 Jan '10 14:15:44 PM

Indian National Congress, we are thankful for your long service to our
nation, its high time to take retirement. Country need a strong
national identity and people who can propagate it. Those who have
narrow outlook need to teach lesson. Is any blood running in our nerve
or it water only. Talk is of no use, we need action. Arise O Bharat.
time running out fast. Morons are looting Bharat Mata. Is it the same
country of shivaji, bhagat singh, vivekanand or we are just creatures,
burden on the Earth.

Nothing wrong in knowing/respect local language
By: Ketan | Thursday , 21 Jan '10 13:57:14 PM

I just do not understand why someone in his sense need to oppose this.
CM has just said new permit holders should know local language. He has
not asked to not to speak any other language. I mean how on the earth
development of cities, countries can stop by knowing the local
language. It does not stop you to speak/learn other things. Nothing
wrong in knowing/respect local language

Nothing wrong in knowing/respect local language.
By: ketan | Thursday , 21 Jan '10 13:55:04 PM

I just do not understand why someone in his sense need to oppose this.
CM has just said new permit holders should know local language. He has
not asked to not to speak any other language. I mean how on the earth
development of cities, countries can stop by knowing the local
language. It does not stop you to speak/learn other things.

Re: Ketan
By: Avinash Baranwal | Thursday , 21 Jan '10 15:20:02 PM

Because, Mumbai is not run in Marathi only. The working language in
Mumbai is english and not marathi. When why to spend time on sth which
has not impacted anything adversly? As far as local culture is
concerned, how come speaking another language pose a threat to Marathi
culture? is marathi so weak? The fact is Ketan, we should spend time
in productive issues and not counter-productive. Does it goes into
your head???

By: MANASH SHARMA | Thursday , 21 Jan '10 12:59:42 PM

It is just dividing the country.For a citizen of INDIA whole country
is his own,he can move any where and do any job,this things are
horrible and surely this will be a obstacle in development of
state.Government should take into consideration many other critical
issues rather then wasting time in making such silly laws.

Discrimination against Indians in their own country
By: Ramaguru Prasad Jakkala | Thursday , 21 Jan '10 12:49:06 PM

Is it not discrimination of Indians in their own country? Do we have
any right to question other countries that they can not discriminate
against Indians in jobs or business opportunities? Until we realise
that migration of Indians within India is freely allowed we will
continue to suffer. We tried keeping checkposts to avoid movement of
foodgrain across states etc. All wasted effort and did not yield any
results. Which was not the case in old India where people had the
freedom to move from anywhere to anywhere within India even though it
was ruled by many different kings and kingdoms. Today's politicians
for their own selfish gain bring out topics like this to our notice
but we need ignore them. Passing a law is easy, can it be implemented?
Does the Government has the man and machinery to implement it in
spirit? When it comes to laws, India has all laws which the best of
countries may not have, but it is only the implementation where we
fail miserably. I feel this is a stupid idea.

For Unity as Indians
By: sudha asthana | Thursday , 21 Jan '10 12:48:02 PM

All of us are First Indian than Marathi, Gujrati, Panjabi etc. etc. No
need to excitement from this dicision.Please think positively & be
cool, When We go to earn our livelywood, we have to increase our
knowledge about the situation, place, environment as well as the
residents. Out of these the local language also is required to learn,
so that we can adjust in their culture & get love from them. Marathi
language is also our an Indian language. To learn any local language
is not so bad as it will be benficiery for us , because who are
residing there long period, they will learn the local language
automatically. We should learn all the Indian languages with the
International language also. When & where we live without knowing
their language how will we understand there intentions & goodwill or
bad will. For safety purposes we should learn every local language
where we like to live as there will be our parental language. So we
should learn our mother tounge & parental tounge also.

No Progress......
By: Mukesh | Thursday , 21 Jan '10 12:39:39 PM

Congress and Rahul Gandhi saying we want to develop a new india. Now
this is a way to develop???? If you want to develop make English
compulsory not a regional language..
Divisive Move - Mr. Jose
By: suhas | Thursday , 21 Jan '10 12:37:23 PM

I would like to ask Mr. Jose. Why all you people are worried. It shows
that your intension living in MUMBAI is not clear. Why you oppose
local language (only Marathi). Why you all are not oppossing begali,
telgu, kerala etc etc local language, where all sing are mention in
local language. Maharashtra had accomodate all the people coming from
india. You all have to respect the Maharashtra and Maharashtra

dicisive move
By: democrat | Thursday , 21 Jan '10 14:07:24 PM

Mr.suhas, will you name any state where this type of rule is existing.

By: democrat | Thursday , 21 Jan '10 12:34:19 PM

This is totally wrong & central govt. should uimmidiatly intervene.
otherwise this will give further rise to regionalism being advocated
by ss/mns.I fail to understand who prohibits locals from driving
taxies.who is state govt to force locals to drive taxies ,if they are
not intrested. This indicates that tyhe state govt is interfetring
with the fundamental rights of the citizens. It is the poloticians who
have created all the mess which INDIA is facing today. The post-
indipendence leaders consilidated INDIA as one & todays politicains
are breaking INDIA in pieces with their this type of sense-less deeds.

Dirty Games
By: Neha Shah, Mumbai | Thursday , 21 Jan '10 12:30:55 PM

the congress seems to be delighting in playing dirty games, following
the adage of divide and rule. It is high time indians stop allowing
these jokers to rule us and divide us on basis of vote banks. they are
not interested in the progress of the state, just progress of thier
personal wealth. the time is right to show these corrupt politicians
the true meaning of democracy, where power lies with the people..Jaago

Ugly Decission
By: Sathya | Thursday , 21 Jan '10 12:28:02 PM

It's an ugly decision made by the congress to snub MNS and shiv sena.
It is clearly showing that congress is heading towards vote bank
politics. It is against the fundamental rights of the citizen of
India. Mumbai had not developed by itself , though it is the economic
capital of our country and it is situated in Maharashtra, "MUMBAI"
belongs to all and every Indian has the right to get settled and toil
for a better life in Mumbai irrespective of the state which he belongs
to and the language he knows . If the UPA govt does not want the
people to migrate for making better opportunity in Mumbai, let them
create better opportunities to every citizen throughout India . It's a
humble request to the UPA govt "Our enemy is different". Let us unite
together and face the challenge rather than seperating people based on
the their diversity.Let us stand for "UNITY IN DIVERSITY"

Congress Raj: Mumbai cabbies must know Marathi, have 15-year domicile
By: JB Padhi | Thursday , 21 Jan '10 12:25:53 PM

Everything is okay. One must know the local language from customer's
point of view. BUT the domicile clause should be withdrawn; after all
taxi driving is not a Govt job! It is hard labour. Anyone having a
driving license can drive a taxi anywhere in India. Today I may be a
highly skilled well paid employee but for some reason if I am out of
job then I can always drive a taxi for which I don't need anybody's
permission. The CM of Maharashtra should immediately remove the
domicile clause. Driving license is valid all over India. Further more
no State has ever told anyone to have their domicile in order to
travel in their respective State!! What are we coming to?

marathi agonies
By: ahirrao | Thursday , 21 Jan '10 12:23:33 PM

have you ever commented in the same volume against what is happening
in belgaum for last 51 yrs

Perfect Decision
By: P N Mishra | Thursday , 21 Jan '10 12:22:04 PM

See If your are stay in perticular state last 10 year & you want to
continue in like Maharshtra, Tamilnadu Panjab or any other . you
should know the local speak & write. you must accept local speak.& if
you want speak Hindi only then this is not fare to speak only in
Maharashtra state it is all over india. but it is observing that only
Maharashtra targetng about local speak. what about south india no
press people want intersted to check in south india side they are not
ready to speak in Hindi then why this people targeting only marathi
people & politions .

Improve ur English first
By: saurabh kumar | Thursday , 21 Jan '10 14:46:32 PM

well besides talking about Marathi or Hindi u need to improve ur
English...nobody can figure out what you are trying to say..."Local
speak" - where did this come from?!hahahaha

Improve ur English first
By: saurabh kumar | Thursday , 21 Jan '10 14:46:17 PM

well besides talking about Marathi or Hindi u need to improve ur
English...nobody can figure out what you are trying to say..."Local
speak" - where did this come from?!hahahaha

Mumbai Cabbies
By: V arind | Thursday , 21 Jan '10 12:21:31 PM

PM Mr.Manmohan Singh is not a domicile of Assam, nor Sonia Gandhi a
domicile of Rai Bareily not even Rahul Gandhi's place of domicile is
Amethi. Therefore is it not funny and strange that three ruling guns
can get elected from places which are and were neve their places of
domicle while poor migrant needs to be domicile of Maharashtra for 15
years to get a license for TAXI? Apart from Domicile issue does PM
know Assamese, and Sonia and Rahul know Bhojpuri? Congress/NCP is
playing Marathi card in the garb of Domicile and language and people
have to gird up their loins to face tackle this menance.

By: Lata | Thursday , 21 Jan '10 12:19:45 PM

This is ridiculous. I hope there is someone to take this up. What if
other states implement similar rules. In that happens where will the
Marathis go.. And comes to the question of where does a Marathi belong
to? There are Marathi's in Karnataka also. Mr Rahul Gandhi are u
listening ???? I am sure governments have better things to do like
checking increasing prices, poverty etc. I feel disgusted as an Indian
that I am helpless and unable to do anything..

Time to be tolerant.
By: Kailas Kenjale | Thursday , 21 Jan '10 12:17:43 PM

Observations -1.Majority taxidrivers in Mumbai are non maharashtrians.
2.When you try to speak to them in Marathi they make sure that the
reply is in Hindi. 3.Hindi and Marathi both are official languages of
this nation.3.We respect Hindi and do not expect that anybody who come
here as a tourist or who is on a short business tour , need to know/
speak marathi .But we need to differentiate between a guest and a
family member. When Maharashtra has accepted you as a family member it
becomes your duty to reciprocate. You are free to talk in any language
at a private place like your home;but it is a minimum expectation that
as a resident of this state at public places you should respect the
official language of the state as well.

Who travel most by Taxi
By: Sanjeev | Thursday , 21 Jan '10 12:16:05 PM

Who travel most by Taxi, is the question to ponder upon. Its mostly
the traveller, who may be from other city, other state, other country.
So once the taxi driver is well versed in marathi, and has been 15
years in the state, will he be trained to talk to Hindi and English
speaking people, then its a good move. If no, how do you expect the
traveller to come to the city, or suggest the traveller to learn
marathi and then only come. This move could harm the city's motive of
been the business centre. Govt, should think, if we are uniting the
country or dividing, where they have the rule in the state. There are
other political parties, who lost been too close to the state language
people, they only disowned them. Please stop fuelling the issues which
lead to nowhere. Taxi is for travelling, and is mostly used by the
people who are new to the place. If one knows marathi well to speak to
Taxi, he can take a bus or train.

Congress in Maharashtra has always played the double games
By: Naim Naqvi | Thursday , 21 Jan '10 12:15:40 PM

Congress in Maharshtra has always played the dubious games. Its worst
than Shiva Sena and MNS. The two saffron outfits play their cards
open. It was Congress that founded Shiva Sena under V.P. Naik.
Congress which has taken no action at Sri Krishna Commission Report.
It is Congress who is behind the MNS DRAMAS of Marathi Manus. Of all
the states run by Congress, Maharashtra is worst ruled state. Time to
time they remind the Marathi Manus that what we speak in Delhi is not
the same what we want in Maharshtra. In Delhi we just speak under some
compulsions but our heart is in the right place. It may be
reservations for Maharashtrians in jobs in Mumbai or the Marathi
language for cabbies, they always test the waters. Congress in
Maharashtra changes colrs with the wind. It's a simple matter between
taxi driver and traveller. Knowing the city is more important. Not all
Maharshtrians travel in taxis. It was a silly but cunning howler of
Cong Maha. I think Sonia Ji must have read about it.

Congress in footsteps of Raj Thackeray
By: Varind | Thursday , 21 Jan '10 11:58:49 AM

The real image of Congress/NCP has emerged in Maharashtra. Therefore
Congress/NCP government in Maharashtra should be charged under the
same IPC sections in which Raj Thackeray has been charged. Besides,
where are hose fox like cunning politicians who were abusing Raj at
every minute and now they are all like timid rats and keeping mum. Jai

Let's make things straight!
By: Bala | Thursday , 21 Jan '10 11:58:21 AM

Every state should be given the status on par with Kashmir so that
this kind of issue will not be described as anti-national. Having an
Hindi population or any other language population among the majority
Marathi population will only lead to further fragmentations of the
country. It's a wise decision to demand the long time dwellers to
learn the local language.

Divisive politcs by dirty politicians.
By: MT John | Thursday , 21 Jan '10 11:56:44 AM

Unless Court interferes and stop this menace/prevail upon dirty
politicians,our motherland is going to get disintegrated.Students are
instigated elsewhere for the vested interests of these dirty
politicians and for students these acts of vandalism are thrill and

By: vishal | Thursday , 21 Jan '10 11:55:04 AM

The decision taken is very good. Why everybody always keen on migrant.
Why not consider local people here. Has anybody guts to go in any
south and without knowing local language run taxi there? It is
necessary- if they dont know local launguage how will they communicate
to local people and understand signs on road.. Do this in Tamilnadu -
u will find taxi driver nowhere?

Good move
By: ram | Thursday , 21 Jan '10 11:43:01 AM

This is a welcome move. As a taxi driver, the person should know the
local language, the routes and important places. This is a pre-
requisite to perform their daily jobs effectively without troubling
their customers. I wish, however, that the government would focus on
the comprehensive requirements for making sure the person is fit for
the job; than harp on the language aspect alone.

In maharastra only marathi should be allowed to live else should be
thrown out....this is real congress a partry for unity?
By: Ashwini | Thursday , 21 Jan '10 11:42:48 AM

It is just first snap, later on they will say only Marathi will allow
to live in Maharashtra, what about the Marathi leaving in other
states. It is the party which started giving reservation in the name
of cast/subcaste/religion for the betterment of people. Still the
downtrodden who really need it is deprived off. They talk about child
labour, but most have child home servant as can be easily exploited.
Everyone in this country is looking for tomorrow but not able to see
day after tomorrow, actually this type of activities may help one or
other party but is a dangerous phenomenon for country on whole.

NRM ( Non residential Maharastra )
By: Kamal Digarse | Thursday , 21 Jan '10 11:32:09 AM

This decision is totally wrong & unlawful. Where is a unity? Where is
a fundamental right? What is different between Australia & Maharastra?
Australia are taking preventive action to make good environment for
Indian , here Indian state like maharastra making rule%u2019s for non-
Marathi to not drive cab in Mumbai. Good Na.

Another Dirty Game
By: Jai | Thursday , 21 Jan '10 11:32:06 AM

This is all about to play a dirty game by Congress-NCP government.
Congress has forgotten those commitments that made for AmmAdmi. Doing
such kind of politics only congress can divide this country and
discriminating between peoples.

Fuel to MNS
By: A Mumbaiker | Thursday , 21 Jan '10 11:31:41 AM

Cabbies should speak the language that their passengers understand and
not what the state government would want them to!! This is a bad move
by the government and will only provide fuel to the MNS movites.

Hamare Mumbai
By: M.K.B.NAMBIAR | Thursday , 21 Jan '10 11:30:31 AM

We are waxing eloquent about the indignities indian cabbies are
experincing in Australia and wants the India government to set it
right when in our own backyard attempts are made to esure that only
one particular group takes up the cabbie job and we are unable to do
anything about it except mourn.it is a case of "physian heal thyself

Cheap Government
By: Nishit Desai | Thursday , 21 Jan '10 11:25:16 AM

What a shame? Are we going back to the 16th century. There is only 1
Country- India and every one has full right to settle down in any part
of the country and carry out business anywhere. Congress is a master
in dividing India when it created Bhindranwale in Punjab and terrorism
in Kahmir and Assam. The LTTE is also a Congress creation. Is the
party creating another such trend in Maharashtra. Is the learned PM
and Ms. Sonia sleeping or is it serving their purpose in Maharashtra
by countering Raj Thackeray. The Congress really creates such bunch of
cheap Chief Ministers. These people need to take lessons from Gujarat
where all are welcomed with open heart for the simple reason that it
creates opportunities in the state by creating more jobs and revenues.
Alas the Congress crooks do not have any business mind. Wake up Mr.
Chavan and learn to kill farmer's suicides including in your own belt
rather than indulging in such cheap dirty games.

This is violation of constitution of India
By: Malay | Thursday , 21 Jan '10 11:24:41 AM

The constitution of India lists basic right of free opportunities to
any body anywhere without any discrimination. The govt. of Maharashtra
has violated the constitution of India by passing restrictive order of
Marathi and 15 years residency to be eligible to become taxi driver in
MH. If any body acquires voting right from anywhere, then it should be
sufficient for him/her to prove the residency for govt. related job
opportunities. In fact taxis are private business not even a govt.

good decision to boost local language
By: tushar | Thursday , 21 Jan '10 11:24:31 AM

good decision .. now Marathi people can do at least taxi driving job.
or migrants will understand the importance of native language. they
will understand what Marathi passenger/police wants say. :)

what about national language
By: saurabh | Thursday , 21 Jan '10 14:52:10 PM

Mr. Tushar..there is nothing to feel happy about..it will just fuel
the hatred for Marathis,..well Cab drivers should learn
Marathi,correct,very correct! but what about Marathis learning
Hindi...come on,its our national language,give some respect to it

Marathi Manus
By: Ankur | Thursday , 21 Jan '10 11:19:58 AM

Looks like maha govt does not want any of marathi manus to rise beyond
Taxi driving..Why not put same rule on starting all business, ask
Ambani's; Birla's to leave mumbai..as they are not Marathi Raj's Kid
should only read in marathi school, why should they go to premier
schools and ruin Marathi asmita

Violation of the Fundamental Rights
By: fajish | Thursday , 21 Jan '10 11:14:54 AM

This is definitely violation of 'Right to Freedom & Right to Equality'
Right to Freedom: * To freedom of speech and expression; * To assemble
peaceably and without arms; * To form associations or unions; * To
move freely throughout the territory of India; * To reside and settle
in any part of the territory of India; * to practise any profession,
or to carry on any occupation, trade or business. Right to Equality:
There shall be equality of opportunity for all citizens in matters
relating to employment or appointment to any office under the State.
No citizen shall, on grounds only of religion, race, caste, sex,
descent, place of birth, residence or any of them, be ineligible for,
or discriminated against in respect of, any employment or office under
the State.

Should not be compulsive
By: Niraj | Thursday , 21 Jan '10 11:14:29 AM

What I think should be mandatory is that the driver should know the
city routs and places, marathi is a added advantage.

Marathi Taxis
By: Anunay Kumar | Thursday , 21 Jan '10 11:07:08 AM

Hindi speaking states should remember the mischief being done by
Congress when the next Election comes.( Bihar in October ) In the
meantime hindi speaking taxi drivers can move to Australia. We want to
make Mumbai the second Shanghai, politicians would make it into
another Nalasapora.


...and I am Sid Harth
2010-01-22 06:24:42 UTC
Scrap M'rashtra decision on taxis, Lalu tells PM

Press Trust of India / Patna January 22, 2010, 11:00 IST

RJD supremo Lalu Prasad has called up prime minister Manmohan Singh
seeking his immediate intervention to get Maharashtra government's
decision on giving licence to those who are domicile of that state for
the last 15 years rescinded.

"I spoke to prime minister over telephone late last evening and
requested him to get the Maharashtra cabinet decision rescinded as it
is not good for the country's unity and integrity", Prasad told PTI

He said, prime minister assured him of doing the needful in this

The Maharashtra government's decision is an attack on the federal
structure of the constitution and would have far reaching
repercussions on other states, Prasad told Singh.

The constitution provides for every citizen of the country the right
to move and settle in any part of the country in search of job, he


...and I am Sid Harth
2010-01-22 07:23:52 UTC
Nitish shoots off letter to PM
TNN, 22 January 2010, 07:21am IST

PATNA: The Maharashtra cabinet’s decision to grant taxi permits to
only those fluent in Marathi has drawn flak from Bihar leaders. Chief
minister Nitish Kumar on Thursday shot off a letter to Prime Minister
Manmohan Singh urging him to tackle the problem head on and tame the
“fissiparous” and “divisive” forces.

“The decision of the Maharashtra government needs to be rescinded at
once and the Government of India should do well to send an advisory to
the state accordingly,” Nitish wrote. He said lakhs of Hindi-speaking
people drive taxis in Maharashtra and they fulfil the basic needs of
transportation and contribute to the economy of the state. Thousands
more join the workforce every year and most of them come from outside
the state, he added.

Nitish said: “The decision which effectively debars people coming from
outside the state is not only against the federal structure but also
against the Constitution, it creates barriers in free migration within
the country, gives rise to parochial tendencies, and is extremely
dangerous to the integrity of our country.”

The CM said on earlier occasions, too, students, labourers, workers
and other migrants were targeted and physically assaulted in
Maharashtra and other states and also subjected to acute
discrimination. But now with the latest decision, the attitude against
Biharis will only worsen,” he said. “The decision is most
condemnable,” he added.


...and I am Sid Harth
2010-01-22 07:26:52 UTC
Marathi-at-wheels move irks taxi unions
Clara Lewis & Ashley D'Mello, TNN, 21 January 2010, 02:07am IST

MUMBAI: The government’s decision to issue new taxi permits to only
those drivers who have lived in the state for 15 years and can read,
write and speak Marathi has again raked up the sons-of-the-soil

Anthony Quadros, president of the Bombay Taximen’s Union, said most
taximen have a working knowledge of Marathi but to make it compulsory
was wrong. “The current crop of drivers can communicate in Marathi,
Hindi and even English so why not continue the trend. Passengers who
use taxis in the city do not need an advanced knowledge of Marathi for
communicating with the driver,’’ he said. “Over the years the number
of regular taxis has been going down. Maharashtrians do not want to
become taxi drivers, so what is the reason for the government’s
decision?’’ Quadros said.

The leader of another taxi union, Mustaq Qureshi, who heads the City
Taxi Union said 15 years ago the government insisted on oral Marathi
tests for taxi permits. It was discontinued for a while but it has
come up again. “The local language issue has become an important one,
but Marathi-speaking people do not constitute more than 15% of the
taxi drivers,’’ he said.

The Congress defended the Maharashtra government’s decision. “The rule
has been in existence since 1989. The very fact that most taxi drivers
in Mumbai are from East UP proves there has been no
discrimination...The rule merely asks for a working knowledge of
Marathi,’’ AICC general secretary Digivijay Singh told TV channels.

UP chief minister Mayawati took strong exception. “By making 15 years’
domicile in Maharashtra and also knowledge of written and spoken
Marathi mandatory for taxi drivers, the government in Maharasthra has
gone against the spirit of the Indian Constitution,” she said. The
decision, the CM charged, “was politically motivated and totally
undemocratic and therefore deserved to be condemned”.

The Maharashtra government insisted it was only implementing existing
rules. “We are only implementing the parameters framed in 1964 for
issuing a taxi permit,’’ transport minister Radhakrishna Vikhe-Patil

“We have received proposals from local entrepreneurs as well as two
Singapore-based companies to allow more fleet taxis. Hence, we have
decided to renew these permits in batches of 4,000 every year. Our
only condition is that locals should get the jobs,’’ said Vikhe-

The Congress-NCP government hopes to pre-empt any ‘Marathi manoos’
agitations by the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) and the Shiv Sena.

The government will auction taxi permits with a minimum price of Rs 1
lakh per permit. It hopes to mop up Rs 240 crore from the sale of
these permits. Vikhe-Patil said the fleet taxis will not clash with
the ordinary yellow-and-black taxis as their clienteles are different.
The minister said it will be mandatory for them to be fitted with
global positioning systems, radio phones, air-conditioner, electronic
meters with an attached printer and CNG engines.

The taxis will be on the road in less than six months, he said.


...and I am Sid Harth
2010-01-22 07:35:40 UTC
Two Indians attacked in Brisbane in Australia
PTI, 22 January 2010, 09:17am IST

MELBOURNE: Two Indians, including a cabbie, were attacked in separate
incidents overnight in Brisbane, a day after Australian Prime Minister
Kevin Rudd said that the assaults on Indians in the country were
"regrettable". ( Watch Video )

A 25-year-old youth was assaulted and robbed while using a phone box
near his home in Macgregor in Brisbane's south at about last night,
police officials were quoted a saying by AAP.

The youth, whose identity was not disclosed, was punched in the head
twice and his wallet stolen. Police were searching for the attacker,
described as being tall, of Pacific Islander appearance, with black
curly hair, the report said.

In a separate incident, a taxi driver was attacked at about early this
morning after an argument broke out with two men in Carindale, in
Brisbane's southeast.

The men punched the driver in the face several times and smashed the
car's windscreen. The driver was taken to the Princess Alexandra
hospital for cuts to his face and swelling to his right eye.

Two men, aged 28 and 25, are helping police with their enquiries.

Meanwhile, the government again stressed that there was no indication
that the attacks were racially motivated. Acting Premier Andrew Fraser
said he wants to assure Indian nationals that Australia is a safe

Sean,Australia,says:vaibhav getting a firearms licence is NOT easy in
any state in Autstralia.You have to do an approved course then get a
police check and even then you're not allowed to carry a concealed
weapon, be gun, knife etc that could land you in jail. If you're a non-
citizen it could even get you deported.
[22 Jan, 2010 1243hrs IST]

SH,Melbourne,says:(amit, raj, sanu, jason b, heather, sheila, anuj,
shalu) - all the same person! why publish those stupid false comments?
[22 Jan, 2010 1241hrs IST]

Indian,USA,says:Aussies...know more about yourself at
[22 Jan, 2010 1230hrs IST]

Kirti ,Colombo,says:Ashok, Perth. Get a life.Don't critize a
respectable newspaper like the TOI.You too think like a dumb Ausie.
One day you'll be proud to call yourself an Indian after the corrupt
system is changed, may be in the next 1oo years!!!
[22 Jan, 2010 1230hrs IST]

Vincent,Singapore,says:This is becoming monotonously boring.If the Oz
government cannot rein in these attacks why can't they publish the
ethinicity of the attackers, I bet out of the 1300 attacks the Anglo
Sax's will be in a minority as the attackers.More likely the attackers
will turn out to be Wogs, Islanders,Africans. Come on Aussies as an
Indian who lived in OZ for a few years and left for SE Asia its high
time you stem the damage and protect your countries best interests and
bilaterial relations. Beer and curry for the Indo Oz relations would
be a good start.
[22 Jan, 2010 1228hrs IST]

anky,mumbai,says:The solution is very simple What The Indians out
there need to be socially active and send a SOS sort a thing in case
they feel insecure , to the community, which can come for rescue.
Maybe a GPS sort a thing will work. Second is simple Tit for Tat.
[22 Jan, 2010 1226hrs IST]

PrazY,Chennai - India,says:Hell ya, look at your Indian Abroad column,
all I see is "Australians"
[22 Jan, 2010 1226hrs IST]

nungaman2001,vancouver,Canada(NRI),says:Having traveled through OZ I'd
say it was a racist country.
[22 Jan, 2010 1226hrs IST]

vaibhav,Seattle,says:Not sure if Australia issues Concealed Pistol
Licenses like the US. Indians need to arm themselves.
[22 Jan, 2010 1220hrs IST]

Tariq,Mumbai,says:Australians do not want Indians to live, work or
study in Australia, why cant we all understand this ? Forget about
going to Australia, its high time that we do not indulge even a
thought of going to Australia, to study, or for living. Plus we should
also make sure that every foriegner who comes to India is protected
and his or her dignity is strictly respectedtoo. If we welcome others
and show them our real good culture, warmth,hospitality and care, then
others abroad would not harm us too. Our reputation has to be solid
and can only begin from our own soil.
[22 Jan, 2010 1216hrs IST]

Tom ,Australia,says:Australia is a very multicultural society with
large numbers of all races living in every capital city. Australia can
also be a very violent place on weekends and late at night around
popular nightspots and on public transport. This is a problem that
every city has to deal with and has little to do with race and more to
do with alcohol.
[22 Jan, 2010 1213hrs IST]

Jim of OZ,Australia,says:500 people get assaulted in Australia
everyday and two happened to be Inidans, working as a TAxi driver is a
very dangerous job many get robbed and bashes all the time regardless
of race.
[22 Jan, 2010 1211hrs IST]

Ben,Australia,says:Don't work as a Taxi driver, don't travel on public
transport alone at night, don't walk alone at night, don't live in
poor bad suburbs, don't hang around anywhere where theres lots of
redneck drunks, and your chances of being assualtesd in Australia
would be very small.,
[22 Jan, 2010 1209hrs IST]

Philip Crowley,Brisbane,says:I seek not to make excuses, and find the
attacks on Indian nationals in Australia deplorable. Please allow me
to point out though, that many of these attacks are not carried out by
Australians of long standing or Indigenous Australians, but rather
Australians who have migrated from Pacific Island nations, the Middle
East, some parts of Africa, and others.
[22 Jan, 2010 1208hrs IST]

Guptan Veemboor,Bangalore,says:The probable forthcoming head-lines.
[22 Jan, 2010 1206hrs IST]

Shiva,Bangalore,says:Why so many Indian people being attacked in
Australia. This is very much shocking to the whole nation.
[22 Jan, 2010 1200hrs IST]

AB,Del,says:Indian government should fix its own states first.Look at
what is happening in Mumbai.We do not say anything when an Indian
state doesnt allow non marathi people to drive taxi in Mumbai and when
non marathi people have been beaten up by locals BUT we start crying
when few Indians are being beaten up in Australia. However there is
difference between both, Australian government welcomes immigrant and
allow them to drive taxi but Maharashtra government doesnt allow non-
marathi indians to drive taxi and also does not want north indian
people to live there.Punjabi people exploit and discriminate Bihari
workers in Punjab.Existence of caste system , regionalism come under
discrimination. Indian is a land of discrimination. Indian people
discriminate other fellow indians for many reasons such as Caste,
colour, money, language, state, gender, outlook, job, age many more.
We should fix ourselves first before blaming others. If somehow we
manage to make our country corruption free and discrimination free,
those Indian people may stop going to overseas for better life.
[22 Jan, 2010 1158hrs IST]

Abdur,Dubai, UAE,says:Indians are treated so badly in the middle east
but I have yet to see the Indian media or the government take up the
issue. Does the life of an Indian in Australia be of more value
compared to that of our brothers in the gulf states. There have been
so many more deaths and abuses in the gulf but we hardly get to hear
these stories. Why O Why ??
[22 Jan, 2010 1158hrs IST]

Kirti hewamanna,Colombo Sri lanka,says:India must clean their own
backyard.Since the politicians,Police,Judiciary,and the Bureaucracy
are so corrupt and lots of buffons,crooks and morons are in high
places this situation will prevail for another hundred years.No indian
with an atom of self respect,who has been to a Western country ,like
to live there, if they had an alternative.Don't critize Ausies , make
India a place to live with pride and comfort with the economic power
you have now.
[22 Jan, 2010 1155hrs IST]

Ashok ,Perth,says:Shameful reporting!!! Is there no other news other
that this rubbish? This is by no stretch of imagination a racist
attack and TOI, for goodness sake please stop reporting this type of
news again as you are fast loosing your popularity as a respected
newspaper!!! It just shocks me to see that there is no mention of
Commonwealth Games 2010 anywhere in your main news....
[22 Jan, 2010 1142hrs IST]

shalu,melbourne,says:australians here are really very racist towards
indians they can do any physical harm even the most educated
australians would not think twice about assaulting and indian if they
can get away with
[22 Jan, 2010 1138hrs IST]

A S CHAUHAN,USA,says:Two Indians attacked in Brisbane in Australia :-
What a routine piece of news ! The Govts of both the countries keep
issuing statements in a casual
[22 Jan, 2010 1138hrs IST]

anuj,melbourne,says:i face racism all the time in oz i my white collar
[22 Jan, 2010 1137hrs IST]

sheila,adelaide,says:why do indians keep coming to austalia
[22 Jan, 2010 1136hrs IST]

heather,perth,says:we hate indians
[22 Jan, 2010 1136hrs IST]

jason b,melbourne,says:indians go away
[22 Jan, 2010 1135hrs IST]

sanu,sydney,says:i lived in oz 30 years faced racism all the time
[22 Jan, 2010 1134hrs IST]

raj,sydney,says:australians are a stupid people racism is everywhere
[22 Jan, 2010 1133hrs IST]

[22 Jan, 2010 1132hrs IST]

Indian,Pune, India,says:Why the hell you are publishing this story in
the headline. You better know that we are the most racist country in
the world.
[22 Jan, 2010 1132hrs IST]

Manasa,Australia,says:Guys, as we all know Australia is a
multicultural country... and racism is every where in Western world...
but to be safe in Aus, try not to travel or go out after mid night,
and also it will be worrying ppl back in India.
[22 Jan, 2010 1114hrs IST]

Raj,Perth,says:None of these attacks are racially motivated to me. If
one looks at the circumstances, phone call using a phone booth at
10.30PM is same as making a phone call in India using a phone booth at
3AM because normally you don;t see many people at 10.30PM during that
time. The attacker was not white man and he stole the wallet. Second
attack is a result of an argment at 2.30AM. This means the attacker
must be drunk or high on drugs and did not had money to pay for the
[22 Jan, 2010 1059hrs IST]

Shrinath,Bangalore,says:Media is consistantly focussing on the issue
of assault on Indians in Australia. I wonder whose interest is
involved in this. Whether other people also assaulted, robbed there.
This kind of things take place everywhere. Is this assaults or robbery
taking place because they are Indians ?. This needs to be checked. In
India also good number of foreign tourists are robbed, assaulted.
Australia needs manpower, and that too cheap manpower. Hence Indian
students definitely welcome there. Then question is who is against,
migration of Indian students to Australia ?. We have to find out that
lobby working behind the scene.
[22 Jan, 2010 1057hrs IST]

padman,bengaluru,says:australia and their people helping india and
indian politician to fix our country first. There is point in blaming
australia. It is all short, temporary solution. Ihe actual problem lie
in our own country. None of our cities, and towns are worth to live.
High corruption, no proper infrastructure, no water, electric city, no
control over population. With the 100 of issue, indian don't feel like
living in India. Are you still blind to over problems? There are many
issues which can be resolved in 2-5 years. But we still moving like
tortoise. Indian government and people have to address the issue and
make our country better place to live. Regarding aus attack on indian,
every action has consequence. in 5-10 years, Australia will pay for
their wrong doing. Time will come, aus will beg india for their
economy. At first, we need to accept our faults, and weakness. I am
sure indian politics are feeling the heat at the moment and it is
right time we all unit and work hard for country. I see these
incidents are great lesson to india and indian people.
[22 Jan, 2010 1053hrs IST]

Venkat,Bangalore,says:I think its high time that media should stop
sensationalizing this attacks, I am also hurt that indians are
attacked in australia... but thats the way it is.. take a count of how
many foreigners are molested or raped in India (especially in goa)..
why dont u report those things?? Does it make all the indians
molesters or rapist??? Why whole people in Australia is being
described as racist??? First just try to be a taxi wala in maharastra
without knowing marathi..
[22 Jan, 2010 1049hrs IST]

Raj,India,says:Why don't our guys understand they can drive taxis in
Mumbai/Delhi without any assaults? Why do they go to Australia to
become Taxi Drivers?
[22 Jan, 2010 1047hrs IST]

Venkatraman,Oslo,says:SH: It is on the headlines of Brisbane times
too. Sure people are robbed everywhere. Only when there is an
overrepresentation of one group in victim count does the question
whether the attacks are racially motivated kick in. Unfortunately,
that seems to be happening in Australia (An admission of Australian
[22 Jan, 2010 1047hrs IST]

Rajiv,Mumbai,says:How many more cases like these before the government
takes stringent action ? WAKE UP government of India !!! Our citizens
are being assaulted overseas like we are zero people.
[22 Jan, 2010 1046hrs IST]

Md. Basir Ahamad,Ahamad,says:Very good. So many north East Indians are
also getting the same humiliation at home itself. Let these type of
incidents continue so thaat a long lasting lessen may be taught.
[22 Jan, 2010 1045hrs IST]

AL,Melbourne, Victoria,says:When will the Indian media start
appreciating the fact that Australian police are working very hard
with local communities towards improving their basic living
conditions? Indians are very hard working and have made significant
contributions to the Australian economy. However, there is a very
large number of students (mainly from Punjab and a few other states)
who have failed to take charge of the jobs available to them in their
very own fields. I bet if these people weren't driving taxis or
working at convenience stores or restaurants, then all these attacks
would have not happened. Its been now seven attacks and almost all
were against taxi drivers. This is only street crime and violence.
There are more attacks on Indians belonging to different states within
India everyday. How come that never shows up? The Indian media is so
racist. Why can't they look at what's happening in their very own
backyard and report that? More Dalits get killed in what's believed to
be racially-motivated crime on a daily basis in UP, Bihar and Haryana.
That never shows up in the Indian news. Australia is a very safe
country. At the moment, only Indians who are working at late nights
are being attacked because they're always returning from or travelling
to work. This is only street crime and violence, there's very little
evidence of the attacks being racist. The Indian media should help get
their own solutions for their people who are residing abroad.
[22 Jan, 2010 1042hrs IST]

Dipanjan,Bangalore,says:Indian govt should advise the students to stay
away from Aus. Those who have already taken admission have to complete
their course- no way out. However not a single fresh admission should
happen. Campaigns must be run aggressively to make people aware of the
situation in Australia.
[22 Jan, 2010 1042hrs IST]

Praveen Arunala,Hyderabad,says:Not acceptable....
[22 Jan, 2010 1039hrs IST]

RAKESH MARIA,KSA,says:Actually, we should look into this problem also.
Our students go there on the student visa and they start taxi driving
there, consequently eating into some of their business. Same thing
which happens in the Mumbai.
[22 Jan, 2010 1039hrs IST]

Brian,Melbourne,says:...and where is the story of the Indian cabbie
attacking his passenger last might in Melbourne. Nowhere. There is
aboslutley no point to this story other than to fuel Indian hysteria.
The India media is again proving itself to be garbage. Truly pathetic
[22 Jan, 2010 1038hrs IST]

SV,Sydney,says:I have lived in Australia for nearly 30 years and my
children grew up in Sydney. While it is easy to say that Indians are
attacked in other parts of the world and in india, it is interesting
why the number of attacks on Indians in Australia is so frequent. Is
this because India as a nation is more affluent, more visible and
poses a threat to some develped countries as a nation? Or is it
because Indian students tend to be able to speak reasonabel English
compared to their Chinese counterparts for example, which makes them
more visible in a English speaking country like Australia and pose a
threat to local youth in the job market ? Indian students who come
here generelly work very hard and do not mind doing night jobs and
drive taxis, which the local youth don't. The biggest threat is also
to other Indians who have lived here for many years, because the
perpetrators of these attacks have no way of seperating the so called
indian students who have come from India for studies from Indian youth
who have lived here all thier life. I don't see any Government indian
or Austrlian looking into this wider impact.
[22 Jan, 2010 1035hrs IST]

SAIRAGHAVA M,Bangalore,says:Racial attacks on Indians are increasing
day by day. This should be condemned by India, and both Australia
[22 Jan, 2010 1033hrs IST]

Sean,Australia,says:The first attacker was of Pacific Island
appearance, does this still make it a racist attack? Or, according to
the TOI can racial attacks only be carried out by White Australians?
Criminals in Australia come from ALL ethnic backgrounds, it has
NOTHING to do with Australia's convict past.
[22 Jan, 2010 1032hrs IST]

KS,Sydney,says:Why students don't learn the lesson of not going out in
night alone? Almost all the attacks have happened in lonely places at
late night hours, don't try to save so much money by walking lengths
that it costs your lives. Make urself safe by taking night rider buses
or avoid doing night shifts.Few extra dollars are exposing you and
your family at greater risks. No country is safe during late nights
and hooligans are always preying on opportunities. Politics will be
played lifelong but we don't need it when we can fix it by taking
certain easy steps. I request again be sensible and learn from what is
happening around and for time being be extra vigilant.
[22 Jan, 2010 1027hrs IST]

Dhirendra ,Delhi,says:Now all those Indians who think this is racial
attack on Indians,please check such incidents first in India and than
blame any other country,we Indian ourself do this and that to so
openly ( read this incidents of discrimination happening in Mumbai/
Maharashtra on basis of migrants and marathi manoos,same goes for any
other discrimination happening in any part of india on basis of cast,
creed,language,religion etc etc)and no one doing anything,big shame to
us and government;and it goes without saying that such incidents of
racial discrimination and attacks can not be justified any where in
world at least by sensible people.
[22 Jan, 2010 1025hrs IST]

Dhirendra Tomar,Delhi,says:Now all those Indians who think this is
racial attack on Indians,please check such incidents first in India
and than blame any other country,we Indian ourself do this and that to
so openly ( read this incidents of discrimination happening in Mumbai/
Maharashtra on basis of migrants and marathi manoos,same goes for any
other discrimination happening in any part of india on basis of cast,
creed,language,religion etc etc)and no one doing anything,big shame to
us and government;and it goes without saying that such incidents of
racial discrimination and attacks can not be justified any where in
world at least by sensible people.
[22 Jan, 2010 1025hrs IST]

Potelal,Gaaon,says:It's called Curry Bashing It's an age old
tradition. Not to worry.
[22 Jan, 2010 1025hrs IST]

hiren,burbank, ca,says:Indian govt needs to take some action and show
the world that we as an indian matter in this world. We should put
Australia as high risk country to travel. Stop tourism. why spend the
money in Australia when the country do not respect indians? this is
not the first incident. I hope travel agent can unit and take some
action because our govt does not have the balls to do anything....
[22 Jan, 2010 1024hrs IST]

Amby,Melbourne,says:Cant understand why this is the # 1 story?
[22 Jan, 2010 1021hrs IST]

Desi,Dreamland,says:More masala news. Good on you TOI for spicing
things up especially for the huge and hard working Indian community
back in Australia. Keep such stuff coming and let people scream and
abuse each other.
[22 Jan, 2010 1017hrs IST]

padman,Bengaluru,says:indian government and people have to work hard
to make india is best place to live. where is higher education minster
kapil sebal? not a single word from him? Does he make any answer to
alternate better quality university in India? Why do the people have
to spend $20-$40k for cookery and haridresser course? why we have to
waste 10-20 billion of dollar every year to other country like US, UK,
AUS for education?
[22 Jan, 2010 1013hrs IST]

Prof. Ramesh Sinha, Freelancer,New Delhi,says:Contradictory statements
on racism by senior OZ cops and the OZ prime minister are perplexing
to common men. The former has already admitted that the attacks on
Indians were racial in nature while the prime minster denies having
any clear indication as such. Though the fact that some cases in the
series are not racial cannot be over ruled, majority of them including
three Indians being bashed in Australia are racial attacks due to many
prevailing circumstantial evidences. After the racial attacks are
confessed the OZ premier cannot be absolved only by holding it simply
[22 Jan, 2010 1009hrs IST]

Ram,Blr,says:Day by day the attacks on Indian's are increasing in
Australia and the Indian government is not concerned to take an
serious discussion with the Australian government. This shows the
attitude of the Indian government just sit and enjoy tax payers money.
[22 Jan, 2010 1003hrs IST]

R R Madhav,Bangalore,says:Aussies are even more racist than Poms used
to be in early 20th century.
[22 Jan, 2010 1003hrs IST]

SH,Melbourne,says:The only thing racially motivated was the publishing
of this article as your number 1 story. How many Indians got assaulted
or robbed in countries other than India today? Hundreds. How many in
India? Tens of thousands. How many in Australia? Two.
[22 Jan, 2010 0957hrs IST]

Viku,USA,says:Its very disappointing that for last several months
Indians been attacked in Australia. Govt Should take stringent actions
to make it more safer.
[22 Jan, 2010 0951hrs IST]

MR JT,Oz,says:Attacking Indians is a fun game for them, and they do
this through sleath and politics.
[22 Jan, 2010 0948hrs IST]

Prasanna,Mumbai,says:There are so many unresolved issues of Indians
living in India. Let us use available limited resources including time
to take care of them.
[22 Jan, 2010 0941hrs IST]


...and I am Sid Harth
2010-01-22 15:35:53 UTC
Separate Vidarbha would attract Rs1 lakh crore in mining: BJP
PTI Friday, January 22, 2010 20:02 IST

Pressing BJP's demand for a separate Vidarbha state, party MLA
Devendra Phadanvis claimed the region would attract Rs1 lakh crore
investment in the mining sector.

"A separate Vidarbha can attract investment of Rs1 lakh crore,
considering the rich mining sector and also become a 'steel hub',"
Phadanvis told reporters here today.

Comparing Australian model of employment based on mining industry,
Phadanvis said the sector can open five lakh jobs in the backward

Citing the irrigation backlog of Rs40,000 crore in Vidarbha, the MLA
said it is impossible for Maharashtra Government to fulfil the backlog
with the state's irrigation budget being only between Rs five to seven
thousand crore.

"About 3,000 MW power would be surplus in separate Vidarbha, which
will generate revenue of Rs40,000 crore and would also attract more
industries to the region," he said.

Phadanvis rubbished claims that separate Vidarbha would hurt
sentiments of Marathi people. "In fact, two Marathi speaking states
would have more impact at the Centre," he said.


...and I am Sid Harth
2010-01-23 09:19:49 UTC
Remote control of politics remains with me: Thackeray
Press Trust Of India
Mumbai, January 23, 2010

First Published: 11:03 IST(23/1/2010)
Last Updated: 11:20 IST(23/1/2010)

Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray on Saturday turned 84 and used the
occasion to make it clear that he remains at the helm of the saffron
party's affairs.

"I have the remote control of politics and the remote control will
continue to remain with me," Thackeray said in an editorial in party
mouthpiece Saamana.

Five years ago, Thackeray had announced his retirement from active
politics, making way for son Uddhav to take over reins of the party.

"The sapling (Sena) I planted 45 years ago has grown into a vine,
which reached the power centre in Delhi," he said.

He emphasised that the 'Marathi manoos' was the centre of "our
thoughts and will remain so".

In a letter to Shiv Sainiks, also published in Saamana, Thackeray
said, "I don't have the energy I had earlier due to old age. I have
just come back from illness, so won't be able to meet you at
Matoshree....but I am close to you from my heart. You have Uddhav. He
will greet you at Matoshree".

Matoshree is Thackeray's residence in suburban Bandra and Sena workers
throng his house on his birthday every year.

In an article in the newspaper, film actor Nana Patekar described
Thackeray as a "steel personality".

"He calls me regularly.I have not seen such a person who is so
sentimental despite being in politics," the actor said.


...and I am Sid Harth
2010-01-23 09:22:50 UTC
Shiv Sena has no role in Vidarbha: Bal Thackeray

January 21, 2010

Watch Video


...and I am Sid Harth
Sid Harth
2010-01-23 13:31:12 UTC
January 23, 2010...7:27 am
Poem: Walking With Wordsworth

The lands we have traversed
Different and diverse,
Strange and beautiful, in arrival
The long walks and drama
Lend me your ears, lend me your heart
As the words cry out
From the poet’s heart and its echoes

I am not off from this land,
Strange lands I have traversed
But here I walk with you briefly
Beside those rivers and landscape
Where words, born and decimated
The old hearts and moments of inspiration
In your thoughts and rhymes
Somewhere else, strange n fine
And here, walk I with you briefly

Outside your cottage, as I abide by the lakes
Through those distant woods,
As I walked through the countryside,
The old books and shots of language
Forgetful and distant, as time flies away
Walk I with you briefly, for a while
Not from this land, only the words I recognise
From a distant time, as desert sweeps its storms
From dusk till dawn, arrives from these old cities
These caravans of words, and its infusion
In display, the tales of distance and echoes!



...and I am Sid Harth
Sid Harth
2010-01-23 13:40:56 UTC
Auction of people not a part of Indian culture, says RSS
Bombay News.Net
Friday 22nd January, 2010 (IANS)

The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) Friday trained its gun on the
auction of players in the Indian Premier League (IPL), saying this was
never a part of Indian culture.

Asked to comment on Pakistani cricketers finding no takers in the IPL,
RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat said: 'Auction of people was not a part of
Indian culture. But now it has become a fashion.'

Talking about the terror strikes which are being encouraged from
Pakistani soil, the RSS chief said sports and war cannot go

'The sports activities and war cannot go side by side. I don't know
how far it is practical. People involved in these two different
spheres should take a decision and they are in a better position to
comment on the issue.'

'I think necessary measures should be taken so that we can tackle any
such extremist strike as and when it happens in our county. We always
must be alert,' he said, adding the shadow of terror exists everywhere
across the globe.

'Even in our neighbouring countries, people are suffering from this
particular problem,' Bhagwat said.


...and I am Sid Harth
Sid Harth
2010-01-23 13:53:04 UTC
Chavan's 'climbdown' on taxis decision irks Sena, MNS
PTI, 21 January 2010, 06:13pm IST

MUMBAI: Maharashtra chief minister Ashok Chavan's latest remark that
taxi permits would be given to those knowing any local language
including Hindi and Gujarati, has evoked sharp reactions from Shiv
Sena and MNS. ( Watch Video )

"The chief minister should be firm on his stance," MNS chief Raj
Thackeray said, reacting to Chavan's remarks, a day after the Congress-
NCP government decided to give new taxi licenses to only those persons
who are well-versed in Marathi and have resided in the state for at
least 15 years.

The government had, however, clarified that existing taxi drivers, who
hold a valid license, would not be affected by the decision.

Chavan said, "cabinet has gone by the Maharashtra Motor vehicles rules
which were framed in 1989. As per that rule, for a person to have a
permit, 15 years of domicile is compulsory. And the second rule says
that for a taxi badge for a driver, working knowledge of local
language is necessary."

"How can Chavan change the collective decision of the cabinet," Raj
told reporters.

Terming Chavan's 'about turn' as a sign of 'lachari' (haplessness),
Raj said, "the chief minister does not have the capability of abiding
by the cabinet decision."

"All states take such measures for benefit of their people," the MNS
chief said.

If the government does not give permits to Marathi people for the 4000
new taxis, MNS party will not allow these taxis to move on the road,
he said, adding, "those who want to treat this as threat can do so."

Targeting Chavan for climbing down from the cabinet decision, Raj
said, "he (Chavan) did not become CM on his own merit but was put into
the chair. He always thinks, what will Madam (Sonia Gandhi) say".

"He should do a part-time job in the home of a chief minister of
southern state, only then will he know what is self-respect," the MNS
chief said.

Raj also demanded that the government check earlier taxi permits. "Do
these drivers know the local areas... where is Pune, Mumbai and
Nashik? They need to ask passengers about location," he said.

Condemning the chief minister for the 'climbdown' on the cabinet
decision, Shiv Sena said Chavan had devalued the CM's post.

"By making the latest remarks, Chavan has shown that he is under
pressure," a Sena leader said.

Sena had on Wednesday welcomed the Maharashtra cabinet's decision to
give new taxi permits to only those persons who are well-versed in
Marathi and have resided in the state for at least 15 years.

"We welcome the decision. In fact, the Sena had made the demand in the
last session of state Legislature," senior Sena leader Subhash Desai
had said.


...and I am Sid Harth
Sid Harth
2010-01-23 13:56:51 UTC
Thackerays are not above law: Digvijay
PTI, 22 November 2009, 05:59pm IST

INDORE: Terming the recent attacks allegedly carried out by activists
of Shiv Sena and MNS in Mumbai as "sheer goondaism", Congress general
secretary Digvijay Singh today said Bal Thackeray and Raj Thackeray
were not above the law.

"The recent Shiv Sena attack on a media house and MNS's violent acts
in Maharashtra Assembly were "sheer goondaism" and Bal Thackeray and
Raj Thackeray were not above the law," Singh told reporters here.

To a poser, former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Singh said that such
violent acts should be dealt with strictly.

Asked to comment over reports that Madhya Pradesh Congress President
Suresh Pachouri had punched a party worker last night at the airport
here after he was mobbed by Congressmen demanding ticket for the next
month's civic bodies poll in the state, Singh in a lighter vein asked
the media persons not to meddle in the affairs between Pachouri and

The incident of pushing and jostling at the airport, was being blown
out of proportion, he said.

Asked whether he endorsed the recent statement of Madhya Pradesh Chief
Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan that locals should be given preference
in jobs in industries in the state, Singh recalled that when the
Congress regime had decided that Class X pass-outs of Madhya Pradesh
Education Board should be given priority in employment, BJP had
opposed the proposal.

Readers' Opinions


Thackerays are not above law: Digvijay

Jayant Ratanjankar,THANE(WEST),says:Mr (a) Digvijay Singh should show
courage to utter this in Mumbai or any part of Maharashtra and should
be ready to face the consequences. Is Mr Rahul Gandhi is above law to
hold political meetings in Goa University Campus ? If this Digvijay is
so loyal to his party, why is he kept out ?
[23 Jan, 2010 1326hrs IST]

Vikas ,Baroda,says:Ha Ha Ha.......................
[28 Nov, 2009 1501hrs IST]

Maharashta is better then,UP Bihar Jharkhand MP Delhi and other
backward states,says:Who is the congress. Their word is not law. There
is no respect for congress in maharashtra. We loathe the congress and
the bhaiyas and the criminals and the low lives who vote for them.
Long live shiv sena
[28 Nov, 2009 1027hrs IST]

Aamadami,india,says:If Thackerays are not above law then what do you
call Ottavio Quattrocchi?
[28 Nov, 2009 1018hrs IST]

pramod kumar,dimapur,says:Every politician is above laws when they are
against the common people.
[28 Nov, 2009 1014hrs IST]

Biju,Ireland,says:hi, Bal Thackeray think that the people of
maharashtra is under his feet. It is a shame that at this age, he
makes such riddiculous comments. But the fact is that he is above law.
The govt will not take any action against him. They will only stand
and watch his heroism. To me, he should be booked for the recent
attacks against the media.
[28 Nov, 2009 0915hrs IST]

Dr.(Prof)Vijay Kumar(Retired)R.U.,Ratu,Ranchi,Jharkhand,says:Digvijay
(CONGRESS) states THACKERAYS not above law.Why Digvijay restricts
himself only to statement he must show the courage to translate his
thoughts into action by initiating legal actions against THACKERAYS ?
[28 Nov, 2009 0501hrs IST]

[28 Nov, 2009 0326hrs IST]

Kumar,Chennai,says:Please congress, you have created Bridrenwale in
Punjab, please keep off your hands on India. Please listen
Maharastrians. Do not llok at them as party workers of Bal Thackeray
and Raj Thackeray . Abu Asmi committed a crime by taking woth in
Hindi, when there is a resolution in the assembly that people have to
woth in Marthi. This is purely an act of flexing mussles act. Abu Asmi
will speak Marathi because his party is Hindi party. He will not chant
Vandematharam because it is against his religion. He does not Hindus
because it is against his Taliban blood. He does not India because his
Pakistan does not like India. He does not like this world because cows
and Kafirs are living here.
[23 Nov, 2009 0556hrs IST]

gurram,bangalore,says:SEND the entire military to bombay and control
these shiv sena goons before it spreads and hurts indian mentality
[23 Nov, 2009 0552hrs IST]

R.V.Neriya,u.s.a.,says:Vandalising public property, burning
buses,attacking media houses and shop fronts as a form of protest has
gone too far. Unless the law comes down heavily on the perpetrators
this mindless wrecking will go on. These goons do not even pause to
think what it costs the exchequer, how lives and routines are
disrupted, how the common man just needs to earn his bread with a
modicum of peace if not prosperity. The laws should be more stringent
and enacted quickly otherwise it will always be one step forward and
one and a half steps backward for the country.
[23 Nov, 2009 0201hrs IST]

Varind,UK,says:Mr.Digvijay Singh, if you have the guts, inform the
nation that why Congress is unable to take action on Sri Krishna
report? Certainly Bal Thackeray is not above the law but Congress is
scared to enforce the law.
[23 Nov, 2009 0104hrs IST]

navjeet,mumbai,says:This is for Thackeray clan , It is very sad that
marathi manus sees there leader in thackery clan who themselves are
non marathis. In maratha culture and history these thackery jokers
have no place. it is bal thackery himself responsible for leaving
lakhs of marathis helpless after closing of mills in mumbai. so
maharastra please wake up to fight these evils...
[22 Nov, 2009 2236hrs IST]

Anil,Mumbai,says:You can't touch him. He is above law.
[22 Nov, 2009 2226hrs IST]

vinod arora,meerut,says:Government is of congress for five years.It is
high time that government should act sensibly and tough,otherwise
Bombay will keep on losing its status.It is limit,if government cant
act now,then SC should intervene in this matter otherwise it be too
[22 Nov, 2009 2208hrs IST]

Jotendra ,India,says:I agree Thackerys are not above law. Our beloved
truthful, secular unbiased Indian PRIVATE press are all above law,
above constitution and above judiciary and hence what ever they say is
final and hence any one who attacks or says anything against press
should be arrested with non bailable offence. This is the acheivement
of the great unbiased secular PRIVATE Indian press. The government
press is not controversial but they have no position in the Indian
media. Thanks to the government for promoting the truthful, secular,
unbiased patriotic and amazingly secualar private Indian press who
want to be above law and no one should show their mistakes because
they do not wrong and they are bigger than constitution and bigger
than elected representatives and any one who criticizes them should be
improsoned with non-bailable offence. Kudos to the unbiased, very
truthful highly secular Indian private press. You are extemely good
and so truthful and so secular and there are no human beings on this
planet as good as you and your staff
[22 Nov, 2009 2143hrs IST]

hm,uk,says:absoulutely right!
[22 Nov, 2009 2142hrs IST]

Ad Shine,Pune,says:I agree they are not above the law but at the same
time we know no one will do anything to them. So your word really do
not matter Mr. Singh.
[22 Nov, 2009 2020hrs IST]


...and I am Sid Harth
Sid Harth
2010-01-23 14:11:58 UTC
Not lived in Maharashtra for 15 yrs? Can't get taxi permit
TIMES NEWS NETWORK & AGENCIES, 20 January 2010, 05:50pm IST

MUMBAI: The Congress-NCP government in Maharashtra has decided to give
new taxi licences to only those who are well versed in Marathi and
have resided in the state for at least 15 years.

The new taxi rules have given a new dimension to migrant politics in
the state since new migrants can not get taxi permits now. The
government, however, clarified that taxi drivers who already have
permits and who hold a valid licence, will not be affected by the

A decision to frame the new rules was taken a meeting of the state
cabinet presided by Chief Minister Ashok Chavan.

"It has been decided that henceforth licences will be issued to only
those taxi drivers who have been a resident of the state for at least
15 years and can read and write Marathi," an official from the Chief
Minister's office said.

The Bombay Taximen's association, the oldest in the city, quickly
condemned the decision with its secretary A L Quadros saying it was
unacceptable and politically motivated.

A sizeable section of over 2 lakh taxi drivers in Mumbai consists of
migrants from Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Uttarakhand. About 4,000 new
taxi permits are given each year.

"There is an attempt to make it (taxi services) an organised sector.
The drivers should know Marathi, read Marathi and write Marathi. Such
is the proposal of the government," Chavan told reporters.

MNS chief Raj Thackeray had been in the forefront of an anti-migrant
campaign in the state last year and had come in for severe criticism
from several political parties.

Readers' Opinions


Not lived in Maharashtra for 15 yrs? Can't get taxi permit

Vinayak,Mumbai, India.,says:Few comments here give an impression that
the maharashtrians are being deprived of job opportunities which isn't
true. Most of the govt jobs(more than 80%) and almost 90% of first
level jobs (like in malls and multiplexes)are already with
maharashtrians. Knowledge of local language like English in US, Europe
or southern laguages in south india are essential because people there
dont understand other languages. But this is not the case with
Maharashtra. Wouldn't a maharashtrian be able to make out if someone
speaks to them in hindi?? Maharashtrians can very well understand and
speak hindi. But, no, speak only in marathi and respond only if some
one speaks in marathi concept shows nothing but arrogance (remember
loksabha oath taking ceremony?). Sadly these mns theories like
"immigrant taking our jobs" and "our marathi getting extinct" provide
a fake feeling of satisfaction to the "economically" lower class
maharashtrians (which few exists now)for their economic condition. Its
easy to blame others for your incapability. If you want a job, be
ready to compete. "I want only local competion" isnt fair. You dont
get to choose your competition. You have to prove yourself with
whatever competition you face.
[22 Jan, 2010 2157hrs IST]

Jain/vk,New Delhi,says:U.P. and Bihar are two largest Indian States
which remain backward due to its leaders, whose energies are wasted in
constructing statues of party big wigs and swindling the fodder
assistance sent by Centre. When the States leadership is incapable and
corrupt the development of projects take backstage and employment
opportunities become scant. The poor public looks for bread and butter
either out of the country or to other better off states. Mr. Raj
Thakeray to some extent is right, why Maharahstrians be deprived of
their legitimate share for the ill deeds of U.P. and Bihars
politicians who pocket all aid and the public remain poor indefinitely
with no sign of any improvement in their standards. Dont blame Mr. Raj
or other leaders only, the only culprits are U.P. and Bihar leaders.
They must accept the challenge and show concrete results and not
[22 Jan, 2010 2016hrs IST]

Abhinav,Pune,says:I wonder how many of these people who are putting
learning Marathi a "simple fact" have ever learned a langauge that is
forced upon them. It is not a question of how difficult or how easy
something is, the basic flaw with this proposition is, they are
snatching the fundamental right to be able to survive in any part of
country with knowing one of the official languages. its about taking
away your FREEDOM!! A govt has to do well fare, accepted but this is a
a part of ONE nation, if US go for protectionist policies, it is
acceptable, but Maharashtra taking such steps is not. WHY? coz, entire
India saves your a$$ when sky falls on you buggers. It's INDIAN ARMY
who guards you and not some MAHARASHTRIAN army.. got the point?
[22 Jan, 2010 2013hrs IST]

Anil,Mumbai,says:Not lived in Maharashtra, can't marry a Marathi girl.
[22 Jan, 2010 2011hrs IST]

jay,Maharashtra,says:I Welcome the rule passed by the Maharashtra
government stating that those who want to drive taxis in maharashtra
should have a maharashtra residence proof of 15 years and must know
how to read and speak marathi. After all outsiders are coming to
maharashtra for jobs, education because north indian states are
backward so there people are dependent on maharashtra and south
states. If u want to come here for job learn our language, have a
residence proof or permit. If north indians dont like it then they can
ask there north indian states to create more jobs, to have good
infrastructure to attract investors, to open more schools and
colleges. Maharashtra is not a dharmashala or resthouse for north
[22 Jan, 2010 1950hrs IST]

pdas,bangalore,says:You Maharashtrians...You forgot the NSG Commandos
who saved Mumbai ...They were from North,South,East,West of India.How
can you forget them??..They didnt know Marathi.
[22 Jan, 2010 1825hrs IST]

sudhir singh, advocate,delhi,says:it is matter of sorrow that in age
globlization, our some leaders wants to divid 'india' on basis of
[22 Jan, 2010 1820hrs IST]

Vikas,Mumbai,says:We need to give priority to local people, this is
good step.
[22 Jan, 2010 1747hrs IST]

sheena,hyderabad,says:I think there is nobody SENSIBLE enough to make
proper decisions in maharashtra..... wht nonsense... only maratis
drive taxi.... Give me a break!!
[22 Jan, 2010 1737hrs IST]

Neeraj,Pune,says:Good comments...Only few industry i.e kirloskar and
Videocone belongs to Maharashtra residents, why people of Maharashtra
work in other industries the MNS and Congress gvt in Maharashtra
should ask all others to have setup outside Maharashtra, why should
RBI office be located in Mumbai, MNS should ask for its movement to
Delhi and then see what happens to so called Maharashtra pride which
depends on people from Gujrat, south and north Indians...
[22 Jan, 2010 1721hrs IST]

thui,brisbane,says:...and we are worried over the crime against
indians in australia....when will we get rid of dirty politics and
dirty politicians????? Stop all this nonsense, plz.
[22 Jan, 2010 1713hrs IST]

Anubhav,Kual Lampur,says:Can we put it like this that "Only people
speaking Marathi would be able to consume the products made by
companies with Corporate offices/production units in and around
[22 Jan, 2010 1455hrs IST]

Sadashiv punekar,New York,says:whats wrong with learning local
language .. it is law since 1989.. and also very hateful comments.. It
would be nice if people think before spit out venom.. hopeless..
[22 Jan, 2010 1450hrs IST]

Manish,India,says:@NMK Mumbai: Let me counter your points: 1. State
govts job is obviously to promote whatever you said, but consider the
case of Mumbai, which is the economic capital of country, where jst
40% of population is local. So, treating Mumbai as state's 'fiefdom'
isn't fair. If you have to bring in such legislations, then there r
other places as well in the state. Try giving your local population
exclusive rights there. Why do you need exclusive right over Mumbai,
when you have 'enough' employment opportunities elsewhere in state. Do
u? 2.Nitish Kumar is doing good, and hopefully, he'll reverse the
direction of migration. 3. Why should one be ashamed if he's taxi
driver?? At least he isn't taking bribe from Dons like a lot of Maha
Policeman do. 4.Educated personnel contributing there r welcome. Then
why not they(Taxi wallah n all), who serve the 'educated' class. After
all they need someone to serve. And because a lot of them(educated
ones) r in Mumbai, they(Taxi clan) follow them.
[22 Jan, 2010 1447hrs IST]

Vijay,Bangalore,says:Why Shiv Sena allows bollywood stars from outside
Bombay work... how about only Marathi movie being released in
Bombay... ? Crazy people. I hope, they don't come out with special
passport to enter Bombay. God save Bombay. What Jyoti Basu did to
Kolkata in his 23 year rule... Shiv Sena is doing the same to Bombay.
Leading the way to doom.
[22 Jan, 2010 1427hrs IST]

Chetan,Mumbai,says:Its not a Q of united india. Maha gov or Raj
Thakare is not asking for any such separate country. Instead of
recognising failure of northen state to create opportunities in their
states they are hidding behind the bush. Actually North indian states
do not have potential think tank and ability to grow and offer jobs to
their own state people. Today Mumbai alone is having 3 cr population a
day. Where as northen states are having population far lesser than it.
Because of over population in Maharashtra and especially in Mumbai
basics needs are now not able to fulfill. This is directly afecting
local people ie. marathis. Please understand the fact and north
indians should be shameful about there failures. Maharashtra is the
only open state in India where everybody gets equal opportunity. All
other states are very conservative. Sadly all media people are North
Indian Driven hence they create fuss out of such incidents. We
marathis are sufferer.
[22 Jan, 2010 1420hrs IST]

Manish,India,says:The issue is not about learning language, but making
it mandatory to read and write that. Why is that important? How can
one not learn a local language when he is there for 15 years. For all
those IDIOTS who compare this with US, let me tell you in US, they
don't understand Hindi. Is it the case in Maharashtra? Same is the
case with southern states and moreover Mumbai is the economic Capital
of India, which isn't the case with Southern states or US.
[22 Jan, 2010 1400hrs IST]

vikash,Delhi,says:No wonder why Other countries treat us so shabby. As
u sow, so u reap.
[22 Jan, 2010 1318hrs IST]

Vikash,Delhi,says:What if Other countries like USA, UK, Canada treat
the Indians same as North Indians are being treated in Mumbai?? You
call them racist. It's shame for India.
[22 Jan, 2010 1309hrs IST]

PKP,South Africa,says:Why are we crying against racism in Australia,
US and other places against Indians, when we are having the same
issues in India!!!
[22 Jan, 2010 1246hrs IST]

Nilesh,Jeddah,says:I am confused seeing response of lot of people. why
do people considerf it their birthright to work in other's region so
agressively. It is responsibility of the Regional govt to ensure
development of the region and its people. don't forget we have a
federal system which will collapse if one region starts gatecrashing
into resources of other region. I do not see people getting taxi
permits in Gujrat without knowing gujrati, in chennai without kinowing
tamil and simolar in other regions so why exclude only maharashtra
[22 Jan, 2010 1235hrs IST]

Tushar,India,says:I see a lot of south indian people commenting here
when they themselves discriminate people coming from other states.How
people are ill treated who visit their states and do not know the
local language.Nobody offers help with directions or anything else.Why
did the north indian politicians did not develop UP-Bihar.Has Mumbai
signed a contract to adopt these law and order creating bhaiyas.
[22 Jan, 2010 1225hrs IST]

vetri,chennai,says:let the other goverments tell MNS to make the taxi
and produce petrol with Marathis..so they can run it also!!!
[22 Jan, 2010 1220hrs IST]

NMK,Mumbai,says:To All who have been crying that this is wrong i would
like to just say a few things. Firstly i am Non-maharashtrian living
in Mumbai for god knows how many years. I havent counted them since
they have been the best in my life. Second, Just tell me what is the
role of the governemnt of any state. It is to provide infrastructure
and help the people on their land earn a living. With privatisation
jobs are really hard to get and only the best shall survive. Having
said that what is wrong if the govt of maharashtra tries to get local
people jobs. If this is not done then Maharashtra will soon be a UP or
a Bihar where there is no law of the land only the law of the gondas
who are their netas. Further encouraging these migrant workers has
only created more work for the Maharashtra police force. Look at
police records and find how many of the criminal in mumbai are locals
and how many of them are imported from the northern states of this
country. I believe Nitish kumar is doing a good job so why doesnt he
create more jobs for biharis there instead of cribbing. If he is such
a good person then he should be ashamed that his people have to go to
mumbai to get work as taxi drivers. If they come here to work as
educated personnel no one stops them. UP i dont even want to comment
on. I am not sure if my comments will get published since maharshtra
is a place where freedon of press exists so sounds that i make are not
beneficial for the media. However not a single channel or newspaper
ever reports any of those murders/crime that committed in the name of
caste and religion in the north for they dare not enter the fiefdoms
of the mulayams and the bhenjis and anyways its no longer news.
[22 Jan, 2010 1158hrs IST]

Meghz,mumbai,says:Can some1 please enlighten the politicians that
maharastra is a part of india..........and our so called DEMOCRATIC
country must not take any useless decisions....and if maharashtra is
soo dear to them....tell them to make maharastra as a seperate country
where only the dear maharastrians can come in n then we will ban them
from entering any other part of india.........-
[22 Jan, 2010 1154hrs IST]

Amod,USA,says:Quite a right decision. If person living in Maharashtra
cannot speak Marathi or at least try to learn it after staying for
many many years, he has no right to earn a livelihood in that state.
Shame on all these people who do not understand something as simple as
this and talk about all the bogus things. It was high time people from
other states start understanding the facts that posting such
irrational comments!
[22 Jan, 2010 1136hrs IST]

NMK,Mumbai,says:To All who have been crying that this is wrong i would
like to just say a few things.
[22 Jan, 2010 1129hrs IST]

Suresh,Hyderabad,says:Good News!Nitish kumar is asking central govt.to
revoke the decision taken in maharastra.I dont understand a CM of a
state instead of promising jobs for Bihari local in his state should
indulge in this.Instead he should call back all the taxi drivers from
mumbai and give jobs in Bihar.That is why Maharastra is fed-up with
the UP and Bihar.We have seen and everyone knows what lalu had done
regarding railway recruitment.You find mor biharis working in
Maharastra than the local.Does any one comment on this.
[22 Jan, 2010 1007hrs IST]

Kumar,USA,says:Mayavati , Laluji and Nitish kumar should ban any
products made by Corporation with Headquater in Mumbai coming to
UP,Bihir & MP. They shouldnot allow any movie amde in Mumbai to
bereleased in these states. If actors arenot from these states -
shouldnot allow the movie to be released in these states. Complete ban
on products made in Maharastra . All this Marathi nonsense will stop
otherwise will create few other partion of india. !!!
[22 Jan, 2010 1000hrs IST]

Raj,India,says:All respected and dear readers please now onwards don't
call us as Indians.We are not united. We don't have any rights to tell
ourselves as Indians. Better to identify as "I am Maharashtrain, I am
Biharites or Upites, I am , I am gujju... I am Bengalian...some thing
like that". We are going 4 "Aman ki asha!!!!" . Which India we are
talking about??Is it only Delhi??or Gujrat? or Maharashtra? or only UP
or West Bengal??? Scattered India!!!!!!........
[22 Jan, 2010 0956hrs IST]

ashish,us,says:such decisions should have come long time back.. so
that there wouldnt have been a need to discuss this matter like this.
Everyone coming in Maharashtra never treat themselves as
[22 Jan, 2010 0955hrs IST]

Abhijit Tendulkar,Dallas,says:@bmc,sydney : Do you mean all Taxi
drivers should learn English as well? or any other foreign language
like French, German, Russian etc.? ... LOL
[22 Jan, 2010 0904hrs IST]

Rohit,Pune,says:The big problem with human psychology is, 1 tries to
adjust in adversity and exploit liberalism. The decision of the State
makes sense because any public amenity service in a state should be
well-versed with the local environment. Commenting on business tycoons
and all, they don't deal with the daily lives of the broad masses in
the state, unlike auto-rickshaw drivers, bhaji-wallahs, etc. Another
big issue we are missing here is that a person working in any non-
native place always keeps a back-door for himself. This curbs his
dedication and acceptance of the foreign state already. But a native
man has no other place to flee in any circumstances. He realizes, it
is here that his actions affect the respect of his ancestry and
posterity. With this respect the decision of the State may have long
term benefits in reducing the crime rate.
[22 Jan, 2010 0857hrs IST]

Ranvir Singh,Canada,says:I have an interesting point. Most Taxi
drivers in Delhi speak Hindi, most rikshaw wallahs in Bengal speak
bengali, most of the local vendors, cabbies in UP, Bihar, Gujarat,
Rajasthan speak local language. Same is the case with all southern
states. Whats wrong if same is expected from cabbies in Maharashtra? I
am not a Maharashtrian but I can see from where this is coming. They
did demand earlier that vendors/cabbies/labors working in maharashtra
should learn local language. A marathi person living in Mahrashtra
must have all the facilities in marathi. Be it local rikshaw wala,
bank manager or a ticket manager in a multiplex. Simple.
[22 Jan, 2010 0609hrs IST]

Rathore KK,Mumbai,says:Fair enough for Indian circumstances. Happens
everywhere. Even in America-----you gotta know English to get a Taxi
permit. Nothing overtly surprising.
[22 Jan, 2010 0535hrs IST]

Amit,Claifornia,says:Who says only Hindi is India's national language.
Somebody got information from the center under RTI as to what is
India's national language of which the report came back saying that
India has 14 official languages but not "the" national language so
please stop this bs of trying to push Hindi as national language.
Everyone needs to respect the local language because Indian is having
linguistic states formed on base of language. I see some braines here
whom I doubt will dare not know the local language of the country they
are in. If critics here mean to say that learning local language
elsewhere is mandatory but no in Mah then they better think over it
again. Why is this only asked to Maharashtrians..?? Will anyone of you
dare do the same in Tamilnadu, can you stop ppl in Tamilandu painting
black road signs in Hindi.
[22 Jan, 2010 0535hrs IST]

Vinay Rao,Dehradun,says:Everyone on the board who was favoring this
decision, how would you feel if your children moved to Delhi or
Kolkata and were denied jobs or were beaten because they done belong
to the state.. Days of Bal Thakrey shitty politics are over... Thie
new cheapskate new Thakrey will also not last that long.. I am a
Marathi... But I am an Indian first, a Human second and a Marathi
last... Maharashtra is not greater than our Bharat Rashtra... Grow up
people... Give up this rascism... Shun all polititions who do this
divide and rule even today... Jai Hind...
[22 Jan, 2010 0448hrs IST]

Shantanu,Birmingham,says:This law is really stupid. It is completely a
ruse to divide India on the basis of language.
[22 Jan, 2010 0409hrs IST]

cleverdick,internet,says:MARATHI'S! If you are Indians, say "We are
Indians first, then ANYTHING else". And ff you can not, then start
your revolution to become an independent "Rashtra" - WE INDIANS will
treat you and your products accordingly!!!
[22 Jan, 2010 0328hrs IST]

JAYA,USA,says:Can someone enlighten me as to what is the real agenda
of the SS leadership,behind their push to "Marathidom"
[22 Jan, 2010 0258hrs IST]

bmc,sydney,says:what is the use of Marathi when a foreigner calls the
[22 Jan, 2010 0253hrs IST]

padman,sydney,says:AK,Delhi,says:Does this mean our national language
has no value in MUMBAI ??? first learn there is no national language.
[22 Jan, 2010 0246hrs IST]

Vibha,US,says:If that is the case then these marathai manus should
only live and work in Maharshtra. Why do they go to other states and
countries to work ? Rather they should form a seprate country. India
is better off than with such a state where indians from other states
are not allowed to enter and work. Shame on them !!! Raj thackery
should never leave Mumbai. Not sure why Indian Government doesn't put
such people behind bars who are dividing people on regional issues.
[22 Jan, 2010 0210hrs IST]

Gowda,sydney,says:Soon we would require a visa to travel into
Maharastra. We are not as silly as the maharastrian politicians. we
would not ask allthe marathi manus to get out of Bangalore...
[22 Jan, 2010 0023hrs IST]

Anju Bajaj,USA,says:I don't understand why govt always tries to
creates castrism, staterism etc.Its fine that taxi drive should
understand marathi but anything else is just to keep marathi's in
maharashtra. This is the indirect way to say out to the people who are
not marathies.
[21 Jan, 2010 2321hrs IST]

kal,Hyderabad,says:This is worse than Australia. So why the Thackerays
what to condemn the actions in Australia
[21 Jan, 2010 2321hrs IST]

sitaram mani,thane,says:The most important thing a cabbie or auto
rickshaw driver should know is the local geography. He should never
say that he does not know.
[21 Jan, 2010 2300hrs IST]

Panneer,Bangalore,says:What these politicians think ? Mumbai developed
because of all financial institution's head quarters like SBI, RBI,
LIC and etc are there.. these are belongs to all Indians. If these
people does racial politics, these institutions should be moved out of
Mumbai. Mumbai airport is busy because people from all over India
using that airport, they are giving business them. If they don't stop
these dirty politics, make another busy airport other than
[21 Jan, 2010 2235hrs IST]

Binoj,Oman,says:Is maharashtra another country?i thought it is a part
of india? If its a part of india,before solving the australian racial
issues,indian government shoudl put an end to the racial issues in
maharshtra..Maharastiran are not going out maharashtra for job???
US,UK,middle east,australia etc etc are having large number of
maharashtrians working and the nationalities of those countries never
kicked out any maharashtrians or indians..indians cannot accept their
own nationalities?????It horrible....
[21 Jan, 2010 2048hrs IST]

Rahbrinaws sewarkar,Mumbai,says:Knowledge of local language is good
but hindi
[21 Jan, 2010 2040hrs IST]

Mukesh Modi,Toronto,says:you Are guys taking India especially
Maharastra back into 1900 century, Aren't you?
[21 Jan, 2010 2014hrs IST]

KVSKumar,Mumbai,says:If one is to believe your report today, by the
time the 26/11 trial is over Ajmal Kasab would not only be an expert
in Marathi language (may be Gujarathi too) but will also pass the
condition of 15 years stay in Mumbai. In all probability these people,
who from all Indications are not nationalists, will pardon him and
grant him a 'Taxi Permit'.
[21 Jan, 2010 1953hrs IST]

Raj,Ahmednagar,says:Its a Sensible decision
[21 Jan, 2010 1945hrs IST]

AK,Delhi,says:Does this mean our national language has no value in
[21 Jan, 2010 1939hrs IST]

Navdeep Jodhan,Sydney, Australia,says:I am not surprised with this
decision. Indian political parties whether its congress, bjp, shiv
sena, MNS or other regional parties in india they know how to divide
and rule. how to get votes, they don't care about the basic needs of
the people like shelter, health, water, employment, education etc. I
don't want to go in detail but everyone know where we stand on these
issues. Common man is suffering from these issues and these are due to
the policies of different government who have ruled us till now. I am
against what is happening in australia with indian students, but these
type of decisions show that we are more racist then ozies. How can
People like Raj and bal thackrey speak against the attack on indians
in australia who themselve are doing this type of hatred and low level
politics. I was going through the comments 4m from my friends. you can
see how much we hate each other on the basis of caste, religion,
region or language. Punjabis hate people comming from bihar and UP,
north indian hate south indianS or vice versa. do we know where we r
heading towards. this type of politics is going on for last 65 years
after the british have left. Well our politicians have learnt from
british how to divide and rule coz it's the easiest way to rule the
people. I am not against the regional languages but there are other
means of promoting regional language. we people protest against the
attacks on our people in other countries but we can't see our own
citizen from other states working or living with us. this is one
nation, so plz leave this mentality. everyone know what have happened
in ludhiana last month due to this type of politics. common man
suffers everywhere. political parties can get vote and support easily
by picking up these type of issues. people think all our problems
which i have mentioned above are because of migration like some people
are thinking in the western countries now. But we need to throw away
such type of thinking in the bin.
[21 Jan, 2010 1859hrs IST]

Sachin,Perth,says:please dont sought if any indian is hurt in
Australia, specially marathi manus because marathi/India has the
biggest racism in the world. Non marathi can not get taxi permit in
Mumbai but any body in Australia can get citizenship in 4 yrs, who is
the racist???
[21 Jan, 2010 1833hrs IST]

Tushar ,Mumabi,says:Now the same thing will happened in Mumbai which
was happened some 2-3 years back.. Atlest now NEWS HUNGER Media ll get
some food..
[21 Jan, 2010 1833hrs IST]

Yogesh Patil,London,says:Yes despite my differences with MNS over the
tactics they employ to make their point, I think it makes a lot of
sense for cabbies to know the local language and understand the
neighbourhood in which they operate. It makes life easier not only for
the customers, but also for the cabbies themselves. Just because it
comes from MNS does not mean it has to be discarded as divisive and
[21 Jan, 2010 1829hrs IST]

Anurag,Mumbai,says:@ Anil Rao, There is nothing wrong in learning
Marathi but forcing somebody to learn or speak in Marathi is
definitely wrong and is against the freedom to choose, constitution,
common sense and everything else
[21 Jan, 2010 1759hrs IST]

Afroz,mumbai,says:If discrimination happens in Indian for Indians
itself then why not in Australia.
[21 Jan, 2010 1757hrs IST]

Shacheendra ,Bangalore,says:welcome to india !! just for personal
interest the Politicians are destroying the whole country. I can
foresee we would need visas to visit interstate
[21 Jan, 2010 1732hrs IST]

Soham Muley,Mumbai,says:If Kasab can learn marathi in just 1 year
living in mumbai and that aslo in jail then why cannt the people
coming to mumbai from outside can learn marathi ???
[21 Jan, 2010 1705hrs IST]

rajiv,UK,says:to all bihari indians--rahul gandhi is visiting bihar
soon--we should ask him about his policy about what is happening to
north indians in maharashtra. if he is honest he shoud sack chavan.
otherwise rahul gandhi and his party should not get vote in bihar.
same thing should happen to BJP-unless they break relation with siv
sena--BJP should not get vote in bihar at least. teach them a lesson
immediately so that no politician dares to behave anti-indian othrwise
you /we common person will suffer.
[21 Jan, 2010 1703hrs IST]

Niraj,Pune,says:We All are Making full of ourself.... Realty is
totally different.... We are just commenting here because we have
access to Internet... Just Only 1.5Corer people have Boradband
connection. it means only 1.25% of total Population.... SO don't fight
Just Be Like Brother, Sister, Uncle, Aunty, .....watch every one as
your relative. focuss on your own goal and achieve it.JAY BHARAT...
[21 Jan, 2010 1632hrs IST]

Anil Rao,Santacruz[East] Mumbai,says:What is wrong in learning
Marathi? When people are so anxious to learn foreign languages like
French, German, Japanese, Chinese etc.why this animosity and hatred
towards Marathi which is the state language? People who speak against
are incapable to know the language.
[21 Jan, 2010 1623hrs IST]

Soham Muley,Mumbai,says:Plzzzzz answer only one question of mine Why
not we see non-south indian in south states driving any rekshaw or
taxi ?????
[21 Jan, 2010 1616hrs IST]

rajesh kashyap,ghaziabad,says:A very strange and communal decsion,this
may lead to other states following suit,and may affect other
professions like daily wage labourers,
[21 Jan, 2010 1608hrs IST]

Mastu,New Delhi,says:only marathi's can be taxi drivers in mumbai.
this is all marathi's are born for. big shame raj thakrey
[21 Jan, 2010 1552hrs IST]

nitin,pune,says:if Indian netas will not work(anyway they don't),
people will not be affected ,but this type of rule can disturb mumbai.
why they don't ask tata, birla, ambanis,other big non-marathi tycoons
to speak in Marathi or leave Mumbai. what mumbai is today , result
from commutative effort from all type of people not just Marathi.
India is like a home so if some room are damaged or undergoing
construction, the better part has to be adjusted with other, not just
close your room's door.
[21 Jan, 2010 1539hrs IST]

piyoosh,cochin,says:Then what is the diff between the people living in
india and australia???
[21 Jan, 2010 1519hrs IST]

India,mumbai,says:Right decision by Mah. Govt. But old one should not
be suffer by this. I think every one has to respect the local
[21 Jan, 2010 1509hrs IST]

Praveen,Hyderabad,says:Finally, God should save, so called,
Maharastrians and non Maharastrains.
[21 Jan, 2010 1505hrs IST]

afz,maharasthra,says:I think the same process should also be applied
when VOTING happens..
[21 Jan, 2010 1458hrs IST]

H.Sharma,INDIA,says:Don't you think this is RACIAL DISCRIMINATION
towards NORTH INDIANS. We Indians are the most RACIST people in the
[21 Jan, 2010 1443hrs IST]

INDIAN,delhi,says:The response to such a small decision in Maharastra
is really alarming.This goes to show that UP/Bihar only survive
because of Maharastra.Come on Guys be positive and start asking your
own state politicians to perform.I know you do not have guts to
challenge your own MPs and MLA.Because he himself is a big criminal.It
is not the question of accepting other state people for the job,but
let their own people get it first.UP/Bihar please also control your
population and dont feel proud that by having such a huge population
you are a MARD.If at all you are a MARD I dare you'llto challenge your
politicians for creating such facilities in your own state.Come on
Hindi Channels you must have got enough work because of this issue.You
never cover your own states when anything happens[murders'].What can
you expect from these states
[21 Jan, 2010 1441hrs IST]

Pinal Shah,Mumbai,says:This is just they wanna divide this country
into pieces... i m in mumbai since last 28 yrs and i wont spk
marathi... this is an open chaalange to every 1 who thinks that govt
has taken correct step try and stop me
[21 Jan, 2010 1430hrs IST]

Raja,Blore,says:maharastra govt dont get much tax money out in taxi
industry thats why they are cancelling the lic of non marathi taxi's.
why dont you cancel the business lic send out non marathi inustries,
companies, banks....
[21 Jan, 2010 1425hrs IST]

Mahesh,Mumbai,says:TOI is increasingly in-tolerent for Marathis. The
way the NEWS is published is un-called for. It highly offends the
sentiments of Marathi community. TOI is sowing seeds of hatred in
Marathis. TOI should be sued, will be sued. As for the government
decision, it is 100 % correct. As some-one correctly said, why only
taxi services? The same should be applied to all sectors,
Governmental / Private sectors to safeguard the interests of
Marathis.There should be a permit system in plac enow. All the people
should be issued temporary permits. And the already residing north
indians should be given a time limit to leave Maharashtra/Mumbai.
Hmmm.... a years time is sufficient.
[21 Jan, 2010 1401hrs IST]

Prasad,UP,says:What does Maharashtrians (and now their government as
well) think of themselves. It appears they think as if Mumbai is a
heavenly place where even to set foot one has to have "purvajanam ka
[21 Jan, 2010 1356hrs IST]

dipesh,DElhi,says:Fine. Its acceptable, they we should not cry for
battered indians in AUS. We should not have any double std. Mumbai is
business capital not only made by mahas. Somebody talks about film
indiustry. Lets have a try to make other part of India as film
capital. Most of the actors /singers are non -mahrastrians( I have
full regards to Lata/asha-However for asha she is today now only by
RD ) Most of techincians/ art directors are from other state. So if
Maha wants to implement they can do so. Other states should adopt
policies to improve own state such a way people need not to migrate.
Lets see what these so called marathi manus are saying that time. Its
a state having no mineral resouces of its own living on the other
state resources( for coal and iron -from Bihar and orrisa) If states
like bihar and orrisa will say they will not give coal/iron , if oil
producing states like Assam say they will stop supplying oil to other
states what Mahas will do. why you have suck those mineral rich states
for last 60 years. Where marathi manus were that time. If such way
India is going then there is no federal system is required. Let it be
independent states. lets see where every body will stand that time.
Jai hind
[21 Jan, 2010 1356hrs IST]

Nick,USA,says:suresh,uk- Dear friend, what a comparions! Tourists and
Taxi drivers! Go to hell (BUP).
[21 Jan, 2010 1355hrs IST]

Nick,USA,says:prasooncc,bangalore- Then let them go to USA if its
easier to get green card of USA than a taxi licence in mumbai. Its
absurd comparision.
[21 Jan, 2010 1352hrs IST]

prasooncc,bangalore,says:Its easier to get US green card than Mumbai
taxi permit.Is driving Mumbai that great a job?
[21 Jan, 2010 1320hrs IST]

suresh,uk,says:Great news.. Maharastra politicans.. we can implement
this across India. TN will have only Tamil speaking IT engineers.
Kerala will have only Malayalam speaking tourists. Delhi will have
only Hindi speaking north indians. West Bengal will have only Bengali
speaking workers.
[21 Jan, 2010 1311hrs IST]

Alpesh,Perth,says:Maharashta CM should look on the history of Mumbai,
how Mumbai emerged from a group of islands to a business capital of
[21 Jan, 2010 1304hrs IST]

Jeanette,Mumbai,says:Now we know why Raj Thackeray gets away with his
atrocities, he has our Chief Minister to protect him. Mr. Ashok Chavan
you are a disgrace to Maharashtra and a puppet for Raj Thackeray. Only
God can now save the non Maharashtrians.
[21 Jan, 2010 1259hrs IST]

sharma,patna,says:Mumbai is getting over crowded...Save mumbai..it
will die..make u r states rich.if people want to see mumbai and
maharashtra like what UP and bihar is today..then encourage more n
more people to come to mumbai. A simple logic is that dont fil a
container with more water..otherwise it will overflow.and there is
nothing wrong in speaking a local language or is that a crime!!
[21 Jan, 2010 1248hrs IST]

srivastav,mumbai,says:this UP,biharis have definately made a crime
graph of maharashtra go up like anything..Maharashtriyan police have
to go to search the criminals in UP and bihar..and why u all are
supporting them? Do all of u want mumbai to be more crowded.Its so
difficult to travel because of over crowded trains and buses...it is
becoming difficult breath,
[21 Jan, 2010 1242hrs IST]

Nag,Bangalore,says:To counter, Nitish Kumar should inagurate Marathi
language teaching school in UP and give free education to all hindi
speaking UP folks. Those who pass will get free railway ticket to
Mumbai and a loan to buy taxi.
[21 Jan, 2010 1242hrs IST]

Gourav,Hissar(HAR),says:i think its a shame on our system 'coz at the
same time our govt says that we are a united nation and everyone have
a freedom to speak in any language..
[21 Jan, 2010 1240hrs IST]

ajit,Hyderabad,says:When a taxi driver is beaten up in Australia,the
people blame the Indian media for exaggeration the report and try to
put a brave front that we are prepared to quit if any australian takes
up to driving.Then why this change of mind when it comes to Mumbai.Is
it not double standards.
[21 Jan, 2010 1229hrs IST]

Anana Parmarkar,Pune,says:This is great and welcome news.If you want
to come to Maharashtra as a visitor you do not need to speak
Marathi.But if you want to live here then you must speak Marathi.
[21 Jan, 2010 1219hrs IST]

Rahul,Sydney,says:And we were calling Australians racist. Hypocrisy at
it's best.
[21 Jan, 2010 1219hrs IST]

ranveer ,mumbai,says:You guys should understand , mumbai is densely
populated and hence this step is essential. I am not marathi manus but
i agree this legislation to ensure security for mumbai. I understand
other states also follow the same rule, like gujrat, AP, etc , Kindly
look at their recruitment process for any of the govenrmrnt job. The
first preference in any state is given only to those who are born and
brought up at that place.
[21 Jan, 2010 1218hrs IST]

Sangharsh ,Pune,says:Why Just for Taxi drivering it should be for
every profession in Maharashtra.like daily
labors,vendors,techies,doctors,engineers.even why should any film-star
from outside state ,our resent governor he should also must have 15
year domicile of Maharashtra.well i think why not Maharashtra be
independent nation.
[21 Jan, 2010 1216hrs IST]

B.U Rao,Hyderabad,says:It is justified.If UP and Bihar cannot take
population control measures then Maharastra has taken the
initiative.These people can be called if any vacany exists.I think
they can try their luck in Chennai as this city is growing.Do they
have guts to move there.Just because mumbai was accepting everyone
does not mean they should deny opportunities to their own
people.Morever these Bhaiyas and Biharis commit more fraud by forging
documents etc.Ask Kripa Shankar Singh the expert.
[21 Jan, 2010 1207hrs IST]

R K Sharma ,Mumbai,says:After sometime they will ask the taxi
passengers also to speak in Marathi
[21 Jan, 2010 1151hrs IST]

Mi Marathi,Pune,says:It is disgusting when people say same rights
everywhere across India....basic rights are same and there is no doubt
about it. But u shud respect the state legislation!! Answer one simple
question, u are running a mess or say canteen, will you allow ur
family members to starve??? First priority is to feed our own people!!
External resources will be fed only for two reasons.....you don't have
expertise in that area or you have less resources and ur supply is
[21 Jan, 2010 1132hrs IST]

Welkin,Mumbai,says:Its like a verse frog from a well.Some frog just
see their well as the whole world and many generations just die in
there. Fortunate are few who jump out of the well and really see outer
beautiful world and greenery and neat and clean place to live and make
place for coming generation to live in peace and harmony.
[21 Jan, 2010 1119hrs IST]

tommy,patiyala,says:its high time...Bihar and UP should be thrown out
of Republic of India....they are developing on there own and not
letting other do it.... All hateful comments for marathis coming from
only Bihar/UP guys...they only have issues with anything that happened
in MH for marathi...WTF...if MH govt is not going to think of marathi
then who the hell will??Then why have states based on local lang/
culture....if Bihar/UP work on its development this will not happen
there wont be excessive/suffocating migration form Bihar/UP....every
think has its limits...man...u want whole india to give their jobs to
Bihar/UP...on then name of India....what other should do?????why dont
u use ur talent at home first and then outside... LIVE AND LET OTHER
LIVE....bihar/up...brother...wake up...dont blame Ashok Chavan...ask
Mayawati and Lalu...what they are doing for u????
[21 Jan, 2010 1111hrs IST]

sandhya,mumbai,says:MAHARASTRA its a place where n no of people
migrate to earn for their living.If such kind of rules are applied to
other business areas, what will happen?
[21 Jan, 2010 1111hrs IST]

sandhya,mumbai,says:MAHARASTRA its a place where n no of people
migrate to earn for their living.If such kind of rules are applied to
other business areas, what will happen?
[21 Jan, 2010 1111hrs IST]

Deepak Kadam,Pune,says:Wats wrong?Will u get the license in AP without
Telgu?North indian should stop spoiling Marathi people,oterwise
Marathi knnows beeter ho to tackle the situation.
[21 Jan, 2010 1111hrs IST]

Kuladeep PatilI Indian,kolhapur pune,says:No Indian have problem for
kannada mandatory in Bangalore, Tamil in Chennai, hindi in dilhi...
only problem with marathi in mumbai... let me refresh your memories,
oldest name of mumbai was Mumbai only [i e Mumba aai] , hindi speaking
guys made it bambai , british made it Bombay. Mumbai is not new name
to Bombay.. From last 400years Mumbai has been welcomming outsiders
without objecting his mother tungue,cast creed... now is it not duty
of outsiders to respect mumbai's local langauge/ culture... Mumbai/
Maharashtra respect all the Indian langauges so that allow it to speak
it freely But nobody should make dirty conclusion that MARATHI IS NOT
REQUIRED .. it is as equal as what is hindi for Delhi , tamil for
chennai or kannada for bangalore... Many people have mensioned UK /
USA ..without knowing english one can become driver in UK/USA is
illogical... Hindi is not national langauge . its only state langauge
of 4 states outof 25 indian states..
[21 Jan, 2010 1107hrs IST]

Nitin Trivedi,Mumbai,says:This is certainly good move. This is a
victory of Rajbhai. Congrats bhai, keep it up. Take only one
precaution, whenever you agitate or make any protest, please ensure
that common man is not troubled by that. If common man is troubled
then they will not vote for your party.
[21 Jan, 2010 1101hrs IST]

Raj,India,says:We,the Indians are the best example of being racists to
the whole world. Why we(the poor Indians) are simply blaming
australians as racist?????? It's a shame or a Pain or both for us
(Indians)?? Really don't know...........!!!!!!huh
[21 Jan, 2010 1056hrs IST]

ranveer,Mumbai,says:Mumbai is getting highly populated and hence to
control some diplomatic steps are required. This is good step.
[21 Jan, 2010 1053hrs IST]

Santhi GP,Bhimavaram,says:Even if Maharastra is a independent nation
it can not survie without migrants like US or any other part of the
world which needs upward economic movement. Only communities like
tribal ones where intrusion of outsiders even by mistake is not
allowed will do away with migrants and ultimately perish on their own.
[21 Jan, 2010 1053hrs IST]

Santhi GP,Bhimavaram,says:Even if Maharastra is a independent nation
it can not survie without migrants like US or any other part of the
world which needs upward economic movement. Only communities like
tribal ones where intrusion of outsiders even by mistake is not
allowed will do away with migrants and ultimately perish on their own.
[21 Jan, 2010 1053hrs IST]

parijesh,Mumbai,says:Congress government is definitely in service of
MNS and SHIVSENA.GOD help india
[21 Jan, 2010 1048hrs IST]

Raja Patil,USA,says:Ask in an address in Hindi to any Rikshawala/
Taxiwala in chennai or Kochin. They will not even speak to you. If you
speak to them in their language or english they will respond back
positively. This exists since independence and never ever a MAAI KA
LAAL NORTHI dare to protested. Even the TOI never publish it. What
beef does TOI has with Marathis/ Maharashtrians? Its 10 Crore
Maharashtrians who elected their representatives to decide on their
behalf. All these Northis languished unders Mugal rule since
centuries, Its Marathas who single handedly demolished the Mugal
empire. Please do not dare to teach what Maharashtrians what to do
with their own state.
[21 Jan, 2010 1024hrs IST]

sarthak,San JOse,says:This shows how still poor suffer in our country.
If text drivers comes from out sides, there are millions people comes,
Why not they argue against Film actors, IT professionals and other
Handsomely earning people......This is ashamed for India.
[21 Jan, 2010 1023hrs IST]

[21 Jan, 2010 1022hrs IST]

Shirish,Pune,says:I am proud Maharashtrian and I support this
[21 Jan, 2010 1014hrs IST]

sarthak,San JOse,says:This shows how still poor suffer in our country.
If text drivers comes from out sides, there are millions people comes,
Why not they argue against Film actors, IT professionals and other
Handsomely earning people......This is ashamed for India.
[21 Jan, 2010 1013hrs IST]

Raja Patil,USA,says:UP/Bihari's lost the power and guts to ask their
own state govt. to improve their own states. Their lawless and corrupt
states is the creation of their own state leaders like laalu and
mullayam and many northi leaders. There is huge unemployment among
Marathis. I salute Mahaharashtra Govt. for taking steps to benefit
Maharashtrians. Wake up UP/Biharis, Instead of protesting against Mah.
govt., go and protest against your "NIKAMMA" state leaders who are
driving you out of your states like Bikhari. Revert your anger towards
your state admin. Stop behaving like hippocrates and do not teach
Maharashtrians whats good for them.
[21 Jan, 2010 1012hrs IST]

Anuj,Noida,says:Now On, I will not watch a single bollywood movie till
nothing is done regarding this freakish decision. If we don't stop
marathi manoos mentality right here, then it's not gonna take much
time when these morons will ask for independent Maharashtra. I always
had a feeling, we are born to be ruled and english rule was better,
Till stupid don't get battons on their as*es, they don't behave
gentle... TOI, please publish.
[21 Jan, 2010 1006hrs IST]

Chandra,Mumbai,says:I think even Cong govt in maha is also supporting
to shiv sena and MNS you take back the permits which already issued,
may be it can be applicable onwards.
[21 Jan, 2010 1006hrs IST]

Ramesh Chhabra,Faridabad,says:A person, who would have resided in
Mumbai for 15 years, can automatically understand language and need
requires imposing conditions.
[21 Jan, 2010 0959hrs IST]

Bobby James,Bangalore,says:We are INDIANS first. We as indians can
live anywhere and be allowed to grow anywhere. This is totally
absured. Yes every city should look to develop on their own and not
burden Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Kolkatta and Bangalore, but we
cant Let such rules divide the nation. Parties should not promote
Regional Bias or religious divides.
[21 Jan, 2010 0954hrs IST]

Indian_Abroad,USA,says:I would urge the citizen of other part of
country to throw out congress from entire country. If a nation party
is implementing such an unconstitutional and undemocratic law then
think about what is on our way from pity regional party like MNS and
[21 Jan, 2010 0953hrs IST]

Indian,Bangalore,says:who wants to live in this bull shit place
[21 Jan, 2010 0947hrs IST]

Harish Singh,USA,says:It is just the myopic mindset of Shiv Sena and
marathi establishment in Maharashtra that does not understand India.
If there is no recognition for Hindi, it is okay with India. But those
who think that they can undermine Hindi at the cost of other also ran
parochial languages like say Marathi will fall by the way side. Why
can't they instead have the guts to ask for English? if it is not
English then embrace Hindi or fall by the wayside. Of course one could
say that India is language neutral and that would get some neuters the
taxi licence in Mumbai. But then onw would have to say "Marathaon ney
hijron ki fauj rakhi hai"
[21 Jan, 2010 0945hrs IST]

RP,USA,says:Marathi is Official language of Maharashtra and all
traffic boards/sign etc are in Marathi hence it is important for taxi
drivers to know it. Also please note that the directive is for whole
of Maharashtra and not just for Mumbai.
[21 Jan, 2010 0930hrs IST]

RP,USA,says:Marathi is Official language of Maharashtra and all
traffic boards/sign etc are in Marathi hence it is important for taxi
drivers to know it. Also please note that the directive is for whole
of Maharashtra and not just for Mumbai.
[21 Jan, 2010 0928hrs IST]

Jaytirth K,Mumbai,says:If people can learn English before seeking a
job in USA, what is wrong if they have to learn Marathi before seeking
a job in Maharashtra.
[21 Jan, 2010 0925hrs IST]

Manish_Marathi,Vadodara,says:Dear Bhaiyyas, Relaaaaax. Already there
are too many non-marathi taxis in Mumbai. Not only taxi-drivers, but
also tea-walas, pan-walas, hotels-walas, coolies, TCs, station
masters, everywherethere is a majority of North-Indians. This is
desturbing the natural balance in Mumbai. Govt. has not cancelled any
licenses of existing drivers. This move was required as every bhaiyya
in Mumbai will motivate 10 other bhayyas to come to Mumbai. UP & Bihar
Govt, rather than criticising the decision, should concentrate on
creating jobs in their own states. And also, the persons seating in
UK, USA & Australia, pl. don't comment and just try to concentrate
your dollars by licking White people. Lastly, if above statement would
have been initiated by our dear Raj Thakarey, there would have been a
havoc in Media. Since this is the decision of Congress (Sonia) Govt,
let us see how media reacts to it. Jai Maharashtra !!!! Jai
Bharat !!!!!
[21 Jan, 2010 0855hrs IST]

Rahul Abhyankar,Mumbai,says:Completely correct decision. A taxi driver
plying in Maharashtra should be aware of marathi language. This is not
related to race or mother tongue. This decision is related only to the
cab drivers understanding of the local language. People are giving
examples of australia! unfair comparison. anyway can one image a cab
driver who doesnot understand english language driving a cab in
australia? or a person not clued up on tamil plying an auto in
chennai? or a bus conductor clueless about kannada working in
bengaluru? The point is all service providers interacting extensively
with locals need to know the local language.
[21 Jan, 2010 0847hrs IST]

Ad,Mumbai,says:If some states are non perfrom-ing, why should
Maharashtra accept their responsiblity. Make their states accountable
for their produce. Its Maharashtra'a responsiblity to employ their
people first. Are these non performing states sharing their share of
cash from the Centre to Maharashtra. Then why do you expect to allow
the resources of Maharashtra to be depleted by the uneducated
immigrants to its cities, when lakhs of farmers in Maharashtra are
dying of hunger. Is anybody listening.
[21 Jan, 2010 0844hrs IST]

sandeep,chennai,says:we need to boycot maharasthra and its people.
then only these shit state will understand the unity is very
important. Indians goes to USA, AUs and drive taxi. they should also
be stopped then. why not. we are so shame less people. congress gave
food price rise and now more divde and rule. what next MR WEAK PM can
give to INDIA.
[21 Jan, 2010 0828hrs IST]

Indian,Maharashtra,says:Solution to this recurring issue: Rename
Bharat-Rashtra to Maharashtra and then anyone can work anywhere he/she
wants to without any issues.
[21 Jan, 2010 0819hrs IST]

Atul,NY, USA,says:Finally sensible decision by Maharashtra Gov. I hope
people take this decision in right sprint and this may trigger
development in northern states. Growth must be uniform across india
then we will not need such rules. Hope same kind of decisions comes in
futures. NCP & Cong Gov you made my day. ...
[21 Jan, 2010 0759hrs IST]

Chirom,Mizoram,says:Hi, This is chirom from Mizoram. Hope you know
where Mizoram is??..Its is in India. For last one-two year or so I
have been reading news about Marathi vs others and peoples reactions.
I have not been there in UP/Bihar/Mumbai ever and wont go seeing this
but I am not sure why everyone gets so exicted about these news makes
post as if India is breaking. I am not sure what is wrong with this
news, If this is law it is law. Why are many people worried about job
loss for migrants aren't locals who can drive CAB are Indians???wont
they be able provide service???why cant all states have this law..This
way everyone will happy. Rather than creating new jobs why everyone is
interested in pulling existing jobs for few people only local or
migrants...why cant bihar/up folks drive CAB in bihar/up close to
there home...if you want to drive CAB in mumbai only...where should
locals go then??? Many would say I am wrong but just a thought. Many
dont consider us a part of india(including people and offcourse
politicians from delhi)...we are so backward that niether we can
migrate anywhere in india and get jobs(they call us nepali/chinky) nor
there is anything here for us...so I dont get excited by united India
thought as it is not brining anything good for northeast...no one
cares about us..reading all news its seems only Bihar/Up and
Maharastra is India...rest is just some junk thats can be seen only on
Map of India...
[21 Jan, 2010 0750hrs IST]

harnam khaira,canberra australia,says:The Shiv Sena, Congress and
others who supported the decision to restrict Taxi licences to only
those who have been living in Maharashtra for 15 years is a disgrace.
[21 Jan, 2010 0746hrs IST]

Prashant Dwivedi ,Hong Kong ,says:Very well said Mr.Sudeep Kumar. We
are living in democratic country and in democratic country every human
has same rights. If politicians are not happy then they should drive
rick and taxi by themselves.
[21 Jan, 2010 0736hrs IST]

Australia bad? think about it ,sydney,says:ridiculous , very bad ,
India is one, in every country a citizen is able to move wherever he
wanted, this situation is an abuse to gandhiji, rajguru etc who died
for free india. australian descrimination is 0 against this scenario
in india
[21 Jan, 2010 0711hrs IST]

AP,India,says:This is a ridiculous decision made by Govt of
Maharashtra. The govt is there to make Maharashtra (a part of India)
prosperous and peaceful, Not to break India's unity. If these useless
Govt actions continue to happen in future other 1947 is not that far.
Govt should realize that "All men are created equal"
[21 Jan, 2010 0701hrs IST]

Prem Deshpande,Bombay,says:Make Bombay a separate state and this
stupid Amche Manus will stop.
[21 Jan, 2010 0659hrs IST]

AL,Pune,says:Bihar, UP and all other states should stop exporting
their problems to Maharashtra.Ideally, only as many non-Marathi people
should be allowed into Maharasthra as there are Marathi people outside
Maharashtra.If we had such a policy with respect to Pakistan, there
would never have been hindu-muslim riots in India and the political
scenario would not have been so rancid.But lets talk about the present
and not the past..People need to think with the reality in mind and
not "political correctness".The people from North India have to
develop their own states.Instead, they vote Mulayam, Mayawati, Lalu ,
etc into power again and again and go deeper into poverty and
lawlessness.Instead of crying foul over this step from Maharashtra
government, why don't they take this as a challenge and turn UP and
Bihar into the richest states in India or at least do better than
Maharashtra ? It can be done with determination and a popular uprising
against the castist criminals in power.
[21 Jan, 2010 0651hrs IST]

VG,surat,says:This is the best decision government has taken and every
citizen of Maharashtra should support this. Not only taxi drivers but
all public and state services must make it mandatory. People living in
villages are well versed with Marathi and all should be able to
communicate and utilise such services.
[21 Jan, 2010 0647hrs IST]

Once proud, now embarrassed Marathi manus,USA,says:I am maharashtrian.
studied 15 yrs in Maharashtra, then in Tamil nadu for higher education
for 2 rs and workin since 8yrs there. I had many healthy arguments
with my south Indian friends on language issue and why they would like
to be Called south Indians rather than just Indians. I used to give
example of bombay (sorry boss... Mumbai). I am so embarrassed now that
I can't argue anymore on that matter. What if centre makes a rule that
only highly educated like IAS and IPS officers only can enter
[21 Jan, 2010 0642hrs IST]

AP,India,says:This is a ridiculous decision made by Govt of
Maharashtra. The govt is there to make Maharashtra (a part of India)
prosperous and peaceful, Not to break India's unity. If these useless
Govt actions continue to happen in future other 1947 is not that far.
Govt should realize that "All men are created equal"
[21 Jan, 2010 0638hrs IST]

VG,Surat,says:This is the best decision government has taken and every
citizen of Maharashtra should support this. Not only taxi drivers but
all public and state services must make it mandatory. People living in
villages are well versed with Marathi and all should be able to
communicate and utilise such services.
[21 Jan, 2010 0634hrs IST]

Pankaj Pandey,Pune,says:I am surprised that this is coming from a
Congress leader. We have forgotten that we are Indians first. The
politicians for their self interests can do anything. My dear leaders,
please do not divide this country. Think of the development of your
country and its people. Regional languages are very important but let
us keep them within our houses. If we have have to become a great
country, we must encourage English. It is sad that regional languages
are being forced as the medium of studies for children. I have seen
many BTechs and MBA's unable to get good jobs because their English is
poor. And that is sad. If India has to make her mark in the Global
Market, we have to have English as the medium of studies. That is the
way to go forward. Friends!!! check out all these politicians. These
guys send their kith and kin to the best of English schools and for
studies to US
[21 Jan, 2010 0633hrs IST]

Chintan Shah,Sydney,says:Yet another drama set to create more division
in India than unision. I guess English left India in 1947 but remains
of Divide and Rule would be forever in our culture. India has no right
to point a finger at Australia for Racism, when internally Indians are
so much racist to their own kind. Maybe some people have way too much
of free time to even think on creating new ways to get publicity.
[21 Jan, 2010 0619hrs IST]

Lingustic Diversity,Pune,says:What is the big problem in this in the
first place???
[21 Jan, 2010 0608hrs IST]

N.Shekar,Bangalore,says:I think these Maharashtra politicians are
finishing off India. The whole country mourned 26/11 and not
Maharashtra alone. One fine day Maharashtra will become seperate. No
one including the people, media, judiciary is really bothered. These
polioticians should be flogged in public and put behind bars never to
[21 Jan, 2010 0600hrs IST]

Vik,Brisbane,says:UP/Biharis to Mumbai are what Indians are to
[21 Jan, 2010 0600hrs IST]

crackergas,kanpur,says:next time when we have a terror attack in
mumbai only those commandos who can read and write marathi will be
allowed inside mumbai.
[21 Jan, 2010 0550hrs IST]

Sudeep Kumar,Scotland,says:I think its an extremely sensitive issue
which every time crops up. We are all Indians should have same right
in every part of the country.By making these senseless rule,
politicians are dividing the country and if we do not take a stand
against this, People of India wont come together during time of crisis
(Terrorist Attacks, Foreign Invasion, Recession etc). Central
government should take a strong stand against this. (Unpatriotic)
[21 Jan, 2010 0531hrs IST]

Mamta, North indian Mahastrian ,USA,says:While this is not justified
it may reduce immigration and force other states like Bihar and UP to
look in their own backyard for opportunities as a poor labourer in
these states is forced to seek work in the big bad city whilst the
politicians like Mayawati and Laloo Prashad enjoy a pompous lifestyle
the police of these states so CORRUPT..Having said that the local
marathi manus need to work harder and smarter and learn even to sell
milk...and work in tabelas.. Bolly wood should should have branches in
other parts of the nation.. move the mob from mumbai.Mah. the money
pumping machines. Feel sorry for the Marathi manus settled in other
parts of the nation as they have no say surely RAJ T has never been
outside Mah it will hunted
[21 Jan, 2010 0525hrs IST]

MM,Mumbai,says:Time for independent Maharahstra !!
[21 Jan, 2010 0519hrs IST]

[21 Jan, 2010 0518hrs IST]

Munna,Patna, Bihar,says:Rest of India need not cry foul. It is
targated only at UP and Bihar. It is up to these people how they wish
to retaliate to Marathi attack. They are not welcomed in Maharashtra
it is very clear and beyond any debate. It is up to UP and Bihar
Government to apply special heavy taxes or ban on goods entering from
Maharashtra in to UP and Bihar. I will debate about quality of goods
produced by marathi(are they?) and Chinese. People can not work
anywhere they wish within this county right? So....goods can also be
restricted right? Also all these private banks who have started their
branches in UP and Bihar who have head office in Maharashtra. They can
not collect money freely from UP and Bihar, whatever may be the
amount, and enrich themeselves in Mumbai. Airlines head quatered in
Mumbai dont fly UPites and Biharis free do they? Why they should be
allowed to operate in UP and Bihar? Why cant others from other
countries be allowed to operate their services in UP and Bihar even if
they are headquatered in Honlulu? Sharad Pawar the Marathi can not
control farm produce of UP and Bihar. Why it cant be sold to
Bangladesh? Why only CAB DRIVERS I am sure everything will be on
table. UPites and Bihari went to Mumbai bcos they were told it is
their country now Govermnet thinks otherwise so be it but then
everything that makes India a repulic should be on table for review.
No more hide and seek please. Mumbai cosmopolitan my foot!!!! It is a
Marathi city. Shame on leaders of UP and Bihar who are putting their
citizen through humiliation in India. God knows how much humiliation
is still left. I am sure someday somebody from this side will also
wake up and do the right thing bcos Indian government cant even pay
Kosi victims forget about development? Had things been open Bihar
could have got enough international help and rebuild Kosi lekin yahan
to neither we will let you live nor we will let you die!!!!
[21 Jan, 2010 0502hrs IST]

Dinesh,USA,says:Politics is a big Profession today
[21 Jan, 2010 0449hrs IST]

hi,usa,says:Other state people should boycott(economic) Maharastra
[21 Jan, 2010 0439hrs IST]

Ravi Menon,Canada,says:This is just nonsense. The GOVT does not have
anything to do and hence have come up with this formula.As some of my
friends said there are lot of Maharashtrians who do not speak English
and are Cab drivers who are well respected in Canada.If a minister who
cannot speak English must not be given visas or entry to another
country or states.Do you think that any Governer of state knows the
regional language? We people must think twice before we act. these
guys are just there to fool us.
[21 Jan, 2010 0427hrs IST]

Perplexed,Melbourne,says:Now, if we did this in Melbourne, we would be
called racist, as most of our Taxi drivers are either newly arrived
Indians or Indian students.
[21 Jan, 2010 0419hrs IST]

Abhishek Srivastava,Australia,says:Great effort Mr. Chavan. One day
you will divide India in to pieces. Nehru and Sardar Patel fought for
uniting india and now their own party is trying to demolish the unity
of India.
[21 Jan, 2010 0416hrs IST]

Dr. BK,Gandhi,says:Maharashtra government is a disgrace!!!! If they
want to be so unique of themselves, why even be a part of India. Every
day I hear some new havoc this government is causing. Think about
INDIA...not just Maharashtra guys. Maharashtra stands no where without
India. This move of theirs is just another political stunt so that
they can restrict outsiders in the state of Maharashtra. To sum it all
up, the maharashtrian government sucks and needs to grow up and learn
to live in the modern world.
[21 Jan, 2010 0406hrs IST]

Ramachandran,Sydney,says:This is a ridiculous and retrograde step. In
many foregn countries including Australia there are many Indian taxi
drivers. In their own country restrictions are put for their
livelyhood. Where are we heading to?
[21 Jan, 2010 0405hrs IST]

Ramesh Baliga,Birmingham,says:I have gone through most of the
comments; As a matter f fact, I toohave given a comment approving of
the move! Do not be just arm-chair critic, criticize but also suggest,
if you do not agree with solution! Constructive criticism will help us
- Mumbai and India - to move forward.
[21 Jan, 2010 0339hrs IST]

Sanjay,Sydney,says:Indians were crying foul when Australian government
wanted an English test compulsory for Taxi drivers in Australia. If
they had gone ahead an implemented the rule then half of the taxies in
Australia has been off the road. You need four years to become citizen
of Australia and 15 years to become a Marathi. Shame on hypocrites.
[21 Jan, 2010 0259hrs IST]

Dharam Bahl,USA,says:It is very sad to note that instead of
discouraging the stupid ideas of MNS's and Shiv Sena's leaders, the
present government is joining hands with them in flourishing the
discriminatory policies in the state of Maharashtra. Of course, this
will not affect the flow of taxi service in the state, but it will
definitely hit the livelihood of many families who survive on this
profession. I wonder if the political leaders had given a little
thought on this topic or they just wanted to appease the political
leaders of the so called 'MARATHI GROUP' - a voting bank. One also
wonders what other areas are under consideration in which language
issue will be imposed just to discourage the non-Marathis to enter and
work in Mumbai. What a shame. I like to know how the leaders of
Marathi Group would feel if their sons and daughters are qualified to
do a job anywhere in the country except in the state of Maharashtra
but could not get that assignment due to lack of the knowledge of a
local language. Would they rather see their kids employed or to bow
down their head against this type of stupid and baseless policies? It
is a high time for the political leaders of India to rise above
politics and take steps and make national decisions for the uplift of
the needy instead of appeasing a few power hungry and selfish people.
[21 Jan, 2010 0255hrs IST]

[21 Jan, 2010 0241hrs IST]

Merlin,Chennai,says:If the govt take decisions like this, how would
they justify maharastrians going to other states to get a job there
whether its a govt job or a private one. I wonder how would a state in
india make such decisions that helps out solely for the people who had
been living there from ages. What about new generation who move around
the country to make their living. If each state builds up there own
rules like this in every sector , where would the indians go? why
about india?? what about othere countries itself where thousands of
indians hold high to low positions.. Isn there any higher authority
that can look into these kinda decisions made by people who try to
inculcate racism and every kind of evil attitudes into people's mind
and questions the decision?
[21 Jan, 2010 0224hrs IST]

Amol,Pune,says:Finally a very good verdict,hope the government
implement's it strictly. Should bring some more similar decisions.
[21 Jan, 2010 0215hrs IST]

Sunny Wadhwa,Fremont,US,says:It happened in Ahmednagar City once..All
biharis were beaten up and send out of city..There is one foundry
which has maximum employess working on to the furnace were
Biharis.Politicians started putting pressure on the foundry owner who
himself was Maharastrian.So he gave a open challenge to everyone that
anyone from Maharastra if able to work for one shift in the furnace
will give Rs1500/hour as reward.Lot of people tried,3 got burned and
rest lossed hope in the middle of the shift.Then the owner said,these
guys are real jewels,they work continous more than 2 shifts in my
foundary and you want them to be thrown our....Sorry guys....now
please all supporters please comment on this say!!!
[21 Jan, 2010 0200hrs IST]

linjith,dubai,says:congress = mns ,
[21 Jan, 2010 0200hrs IST]

cleverdick,internet,says:Soon we Marathis gonna rebel for a new
country! Jay Maharashtra! Shut Up - You Indians!
[21 Jan, 2010 0158hrs IST]

Sunny Wadhwa,***@gmail.com,says:Hi Vishal....I apreciate your
comments and totally agree to your points.JAI INDIA.Biharis are not
only present in Mumbai only.They are in Punjab,Gujrat,Bangalore and
every part of India.No other states shows any symptoms.We should
instead motivate them as they are serving us...They are providing us
with a service with little wages.
[21 Jan, 2010 0153hrs IST]

I love Bihar,london,says:Move Film Industry from bombay A.S.A.P Then
you see these son of fishman will learn a lesson Karla will be Next
Film Industry
[21 Jan, 2010 0148hrs IST]

Mahfooz Ahmad ,Riyadh,says:One who has a little sense can easily
imagin that it may a conspiracy of the very extrimist political party
of Maharashtra as it has never accepted to accommodate others in
Mumbai. I am unable to understand what benifit of it may be? What do
they want to implement it and why the Maharashtra gov. is agree with
them? The gov. ought to respect all rather than for the sake of
[21 Jan, 2010 0144hrs IST]

Commonsense,Chincho,says:How will an uneducated Marathi person, who
can speak Marathi but cannot read or write marathi drive a taxi.
[21 Jan, 2010 0138hrs IST]

Commonsense,Chincho,says:How will an uneducated Marathi person, who
can speak Marathi but cannot read or write marathi drive a taxi.
[21 Jan, 2010 0138hrs IST]

R.K.,New Jersey,says:People qualify for naturalisation and taking up
citizenship of the country of their residence after five years; but
this seems ridiculous that one can only qualify after 15 years to get
a Taxi Driver's licence.
[21 Jan, 2010 0133hrs IST]

deven tripathi,CA US,says:The rule is good, one should know the
language of state he is living in also nothing wrong in giving
priority in local people for employment.
[21 Jan, 2010 0131hrs IST]

Major (Retd) Virendra Sharma,Wellington (New Zealand),says:Nothing
wrong in it. In my opinion the other states should also follow this
policy. We hear almost every day tourists and passengers being
fleeced/ killed by some taxi drivers.It will, in my opinion, have
better control on the people in the taxi business.Let every one and
any one not get a license to drive taxis on the roads and create law
and order problem. This new law of Maharashtra government should not
be seen as anti- non-maharashtrians.
[21 Jan, 2010 0129hrs IST]

NK,USA,says:whats next? Maharastra wants to be seperate country? this
is just rediculous to call india as democratic country with
diversity... these people should be ashamed of being indian citizens.
[21 Jan, 2010 0128hrs IST]

Major (Retd) Virendra Sharma,Wellington (New Zealand),says:Nothing
wrong in it. In my opinion the other states should also follow this
policy. We hear almost every day tourists and passengers being
fleeced/ killed by some taxi drivers.It will, in my opinion, have
better control on the people in the taxi business.Let every one and
any one not get a license to drive taxis on the roads and create law
and order problem. This new law of Maharashtra government should not
be seen as anti- non-maharashtrians.
[21 Jan, 2010 0128hrs IST]

Rajesh Hari,Bangalore/Brussels,says:I am a bit surprised at the
response of the people to this news on the website. Firstly, we have
the highest illiteracy rate , if not the world, but by sheer
percentage of people. Atleast get them to read and write one language
leave alone depending on where you find employment. Someone made a
point about taxi drivers in NY. On that count people would never get
jobs in the US, as you can never be resident in the US without getting
a job or a family visa. If you dont have family that have stayed 15
years without a job to qualify to get a job, then you cant go to the
US to get a highly sought after IT/banking or whatever job. But back
to India, what about Mumbaikars themselves, are they fully compliant
to this law. Like someone also said it is a cheap political stunt. But
the cause for civil unrest, like mass attacks on North India workers
spurred by MNS workers. What is next then - ask CEOs of companies to
make speeches or AGMs in marathi. If we talked about racism in the
world, its mostly on color or prejudice. This is a state government
doing it under the nose of a Indian central govt. And how can they
pass this. If they do , then they cant blame any other party as being
religious or representing only one community.By saying a state has a
right to divide or grant specific privileges means the end of the
Indian union of states Religion or language carry the same
connotations. I could write an essay on this, but just on the
priniciple it is not good for the image of India and Bombay- Bom
bahia, Bambai & Mumbai is a prominent part of it. I would oppose it if
it came up for referendum.
[21 Jan, 2010 0126hrs IST]

Rah,USA,says:Utterly Biased media coverage. It's as if media is trying
to paint Maharashtrians as anti nationals. Has anybody noticed that a
Sikh, Mohansingh Rajpal was recently elected as mayor of Pune?
[21 Jan, 2010 0116hrs IST]

Deepak ,IN, USA,says:The language is being forced on the residents.
With 15 major languages in India, is it expected to learn all the 15
languages in order to settle in ones own country?. This country is
soon going to collapse internally, and wit pakistan, china and
bangladesh as its neighbours, the dream of becoming a superpower will
[21 Jan, 2010 0116hrs IST]

Deepak ,IN, USA,says:The language is being forced on the residents.
With 15 major languages in India, is it expected to learn all the 15
languages in order to settle in ones own country?. This country is
soon going to collapse internally, and wit pakistan, china and
bangladesh as its neighbours, the dream of becoming a superpower will
[21 Jan, 2010 0116hrs IST]

musing,us,says:I think a lot of people have already stressed the fact
that this is ridiculous to the point of being surreal. That this is
politically motivated for vote banks is obvious. What one needs to do
is consider the repercussions of this move. The UP, Bihari, Gujju,
Sindhi, South Indian vote is going to the BJP...there will be large
scale protests and disruption and congress/shiv sena/raj sena will
have lost a substantial vote base. Because the trend towards
marathisation is very clear now..
[21 Jan, 2010 0108hrs IST]

arvind kumar,uk,says:i tell you one solution kick the arses of these
polticians including RAJ THACKERAY bcoz of people like chavan and raj
thackeray i am sorry to say i feel ashamed to be indian
[21 Jan, 2010 0107hrs IST]

AmchiMumbai,Mumbai,says:Hatsoff to Ashok Chavan for this wise
decision.When we go to Banglore, Chennai, Kerala they all have local
language boards , even all the people out there speak in their own
language. Only when Mumbai decides to do this, people are giving
negative comments. Jai Maharashtra.
[21 Jan, 2010 0105hrs IST]

Tejas,Mumbai,says:nice article. One thing, do all Marathis can read
and write as well? this is similar to the UK and Australian residency
test, where they as about the history of their countries where even
the citizens dont know most of the things!
[21 Jan, 2010 0101hrs IST]

Sneha Sathe,USA,says:This is absolutely ridiculous. We are all
indians. We complain about racial profiling in australia and yet
within India we are not allowing Indians to get jobs based on the
state they come from!! Will the goverment ban any investors who don't
know marathi from coming to INdia? All non maharashtrian businessmen
and companies should stop coming to bombay, maybe then the politicians
will learn
[21 Jan, 2010 0101hrs IST]

Richa,US,says:Hail (Hitler) MNS!!
[21 Jan, 2010 0101hrs IST]

harjit s chauhan,new york,says:enemies of free india need not do
anything. There are plenty of indians who are serving their interests.
When Pakistan declare its intention of dividing India into 15 parts,
it is logically possible.the story of punjab seems to have been
[21 Jan, 2010 0100hrs IST]

Sriram,Hyderabad,says:Time for Maharashtra to start a movement for a
separate country.
[21 Jan, 2010 0055hrs IST]

sourabh,chennai,says:Rubbish rule....Add one more rule...Taxi driver
should not b knwing hindi.....all selfish marathi ppl supporting
[21 Jan, 2010 0054hrs IST]

dj,unknown,says:Well Mr.Chavan is following the footsteps of Mr.Raj
[21 Jan, 2010 0053hrs IST]

saurabh k,Maximum city,says:The solution is very much simple.Please
give Maharashtra independence or cut-off UP/Bihar from this country's
atlas.If the culture of UP/Bihar is so bad there is no need to protect
that and it should be freed from your highly developed Maharshstra/
Punjab and other states who consider themselves superior.Let UP/Bihar
become another Somalia. Atleast,they will not suffer humiliation and
disgraced in their own country.and plz dont cry if you are "Curry
Bashed" in Australia.You deserve it.If speaking Marathi only can tell
you which way you how to steer a car then definitely God forbid
Marathi Manoos.If Army also starts thinking in the same manner then
who will protect the country?Raj thackeray that coward. A very sad day
for independent India.Its good Vallabhai Patel is not alive today !!!
[21 Jan, 2010 0051hrs IST]

Rup,USA,says:This is a very cheap & dirty politics. I hope Marathi's
will reject it. They would rather push for Marathi as a compulsory
language in each and every schools (including so called English
schools) upto high school and this should happen in all states for all
regional languages. Providing resources to teach the regional and
native languages in all states for migrants as well as natives can
even bring more power of knowledge (which Indian politicians never
want). So as a nature of Migrant society 2nd generation always learn
the regional language and can also learn the native language. This is
happening in great nations like US, Canada built on and by Migrants,
where Migrant's native language is encourged. This helps these nations
to generate resources which helps the country as well spreading and
globalization of businesses.
[21 Jan, 2010 0050hrs IST]

ranjan,New Zealand,says:This is called RACISM legalized.
[21 Jan, 2010 0049hrs IST]

R. Deshmukh, Marathi Manus,says:One more step to go take the country
into the dark ages. The Indian constitution guarantees equality for
everyone !!! From when has Marathi become a requirement to drive
taxis. Next it will be everyone who knows HINDI will be banned from
working. A bunch of Morons managing the Maharashtra. Makes me feel
ashamed to say that my I am a Marathi Manus
[21 Jan, 2010 0047hrs IST]

Vardaan Sood,Boston, USA,says:This decision is unconstitutional. The
Constitution in India provides the right to any citizen to reside,
live or work in any state of his choice. The Honorable supreme court
or the central government should intervene , otherwise its effects
would be devastating for the unity or integrity of India for the long
[21 Jan, 2010 0046hrs IST]

Edward,Sydney,says:Can you imagine if New York and Sydney and London
imposed such restrictions on the Indian cabbies there? Why, that would
be racist :)
[21 Jan, 2010 0045hrs IST]

ashok,mumbai,says:good decision,even governer of MH govt should be
marathi speaking .
[21 Jan, 2010 0042hrs IST]

Raju,Auckland, New Zealand,says:Maharashtra government should have
done long time ago. You can't keep your house open for every one to
come when they want, use it and they go.
[21 Jan, 2010 0042hrs IST]

Rajesh,New York,says:This is not a pan-indian problem. Marathi
chauvinism is very specific to Marathis. From their twisting of all
history books to center around Shivaji maharaj, and their unbridled
communalism, to their tolerance of this bigoted paper tiger called Bal
Thackeray. They have done everything in their power to destroy the
cosmopolitan character of Bombay. Now that there are plenty of other
more progressive cities coming up with new age jobs, hopefully these
guys will succeed in creating a mass exodus out of Mumbai. Companies
will leave, real estate prices will fall, and Mumbai will become
another has-been backwater, like Calcutta.
[21 Jan, 2010 0041hrs IST]

[21 Jan, 2010 0041hrs IST]

sanjay Sawal,Mumbai,says:This is not a new rule as you mention. It is
old rule in M. V Act since 1989 which was not implemented in spirit.
Govt has onlyu directed to correct the anomaly. You Print and
Electronic media, owned by Business Indian Barons provide the
incorrect picture. A person who stays in a state for over one year and
dare to say 'I do not know and understand the local Language' who can
digest this ? Can you media dare to write anything of this type stuff
in case of Tamil,Kerala, Karnataka ? So Local aspirations should be
safeguarded by the local Govt.
[21 Jan, 2010 0036hrs IST]

Vishal,Pune,says:With due respect to all those people who are
supporting this move, I would humbly like to point out a few facts: i)
Taxi driver not speaking Marathi will not cause any deficiency in
service in Maharashtra, since all customers who understand Marathi,
understand Hindi too. They all watch Hindi movies and have Hindi
speaking friends, colleagues, customers or business partners. ii)
There are thousands of taxi drivers from India, Pakistan, etc in USA,
London, etc. who, if they do not know English will not be able to
understand directions from their customers, but still no one forces
them to learn English. Some of these drivers may be from Maharashtra
too. iii) Maharashtrians also travel to other parts of India for work
and even have to settle in other states. Do these states force their
language on them. The state of Delhi is also surrounded by Haryana on
all sides and so the local language should be Haryanvi. Does Delhi
force everyone to learn Haryanvi or has Haryana lost its culture
because of this. Even if big cities like Mumbai become cosmopolitan in
nature, Maharashtra is too big for such things to post a threat to the
Marathi language or culture. We must not get too much influenced by
politicians who have nothing else to do but play with our sentiments
for their votes. We are all citizens of India and the Constitution of
India gives us the right to freedom which includes the right to move,
reside or settle in any part of India. The citizenship of India comes
with this package deal, it's not optional. We can't just have all the
fun, and not be ready to accomodate others only because some of us
were lucky to be born in Maharashtra. We should not forget this fact
that we were born as Indian citizens. Let us not emulate the
politicians and live in the make believe world that the state is
bigger than the nation. Why do we keep ranting on 'Jai Maharashtra'?
Have pride in your state but don't show off. Have you ever heard of
Jai Gujarat, Jai Kerala, Jai Karnataka, Jai Goa ? We are not all these
states, we are India, and that is what makes us strong. Look at the
European Union where 27 countries have come together and opened up for
each other, for the benefit of everyone. They have become a force to
reckon with. The richer and more developed countries like France or
Germany could have been snobbish and not opened their borders, but
they did, and they gained too, because the entire region gained. The
European Union now has the biggest share of the world trade, even
bigger than the USA. Even China or USA cannot think of exploiting any
country in the EU, big or small. The benefits have been so real that
they are even talking of a common European political system now ! So,
please please please think on your feet and don't let anyone use you
for their vested interests. Jai India!
[21 Jan, 2010 0035hrs IST]

Dr. Darshan Patel,Russia,says:This is ridiculous.. i am not
understanding what the maharastra govt. is thinking of themselves..
first about not allowing australia to play in mumbai and now
regionalism.. It is just similar to Divide And Rule policy.. plzz
politicains, try to understand about the better of the progress of our
country rather than endorsing such crap decisions.. in the nxt few
years, there will be separate visas for entering maharastra and
looking at all this, there is only 1 question arising.. when the hell
will our country men will vote against congress who is just interested
in votes?? nothing else..JAI HIND..
[21 Jan, 2010 0032hrs IST]

sanjay Sawal,Mumbai,says:This is not a new rule as you mention. It is
old rule in M. V Act since 1989 which was not implemented in spirit.
Govt has onlyu directed to correct the anomaly. You Print and
Electronic media, owned by Business Indian Barons provide the
incorrect picture. A person who stays in a state for over one year and
dare to say 'I do not know and understand the local Language' who can
digest this ? Can you media dare to write anything of this type stuff
in case of Tamil,Kerala, Karnataka ? So Local aspirations should be
safeguarded by the local Govt.
[21 Jan, 2010 0032hrs IST]

RNRao,USA,says:This is a sure sign that Mumbai is going to become
another Kolkata,in a short time. Industrialists - BAGO. Telangana is
already working on these lines. Separate Telangana - all others BAGO
from Hyderabad. For sure. Don't dream any law to work in this country.
Make your own arrangments.
[21 Jan, 2010 0030hrs IST]

Sunny Wadhwa,Fremont,US,says:Then why indians are or mumbai
politicians are saying "stop the act in Australia" we will not allow
Austrilian cricketers to Mumbai...first they should look up their
situation.They do not have any authority to say anything to Australian
Govt.If Mumbai act is OK then Australia is doing its best.This concern
goes to all who are in favour of this decision by MH Govt.
[21 Jan, 2010 0029hrs IST]

DGR,Sweden,says:India is Union of several states however the different
Sates of the Union have no right to grant citizenship to its
residents. Indian citizenship according to the Indian Constitution
entitles all Indian citizens the right to settle down and practice
their profession within the whole of India, thereby making a living
for themselves and their dependents. A short time ago Indians were
complaining about racism against Indians in the wake of Indians coming
to harm in Australia. In all the comments nobody mentioned the racism
and or discrimination Indians inflict on other Indians within their
own country.Not granting taxi permits in Maharashtra to those who
cannot speak,read and write Marathi is sheer discrimnation and a
horrible political decision on the part of State politicians. I have
always said Indians are their own enemies and are alway to shoot
themselves in the foot. Has anybody in Maharashtra thought about the
consequences for those non Marathi speaking taxi drivers who suddenly
will become unemployed and thereby making them even more poor than
they already are. This action leads to further divisions within the
people in India. Indian politicians never miss an opportunity to
disunite the country and never think "outside the box"
[21 Jan, 2010 0026hrs IST]

niki,mumbai,says:not a good decision at this point in time, if they
were so concerned they should done it 50 yrs ago, no doubt UP and
Bihar as a state need to comeup so that there own population does not
leave there state, we all know be it mumbai or delhi its all up and
bihar everywhere. Make Hindi as a one language like Japanese and other
europeans and it should be compulsory for everyone in the country, let
be proud to promote our national language rather than a regional
[21 Jan, 2010 0025hrs IST]

Rahul,Mumbai,says:Marathi , Hindi , Gujarati and other state languages
are all national languages as per our constitution. its nowhere
written that Hindi is the only national language. Respect local
languages as they allowed to stay there. Many of you relating this
with Indian Cab drivers. Do you know which language they use in
Australia? its English not Hindi nor Punjabi, while dealing with their
customers. Govt is just trying to create enough jobs for locals and
there is nothing wrong in it.
[21 Jan, 2010 0018hrs IST]

Sachin ,CA, USA,says:All the Indians should stop talking about Racial
attacks in Australia.
[21 Jan, 2010 0016hrs IST]

TR,CA,says:It makes so much sense. Local language and culture must be
protected by the state ... every state. Everywhere in the world this
is done. I am glad it is being encouraged in India as well.
[21 Jan, 2010 0011hrs IST]

Sud,India,says:I respect Marathi language and Marathi ppl but There is
no need to learn Marathi to stay in Mumbai,Its not in list of most
speaking language in Mumbai. Its seems Maharastra Govt. also started
supporting MNS.
[21 Jan, 2010 0009hrs IST]

Prashant,Mumbai,says:I congratulate the decision taken by Maharashtra
government. This will help reduce the un-employment in the state of
Maharashtra for the locals. I dont understand why people are crying
foul on this decision. Hope this is implemented asa soon as possible
which will reduce the migration to a certain extent.
[21 Jan, 2010 0009hrs IST]

Niraj,Tatanagar,says:Its called talibanisation in India - a secular
India. I am sorry to say that we can not call this a independent,
secular and republic of india. Its only case of politically dominad
India on the foot prints similar of Taliban and its idiology. So we
have learnt very good things from our neighbour. India is great and
same are the ministers and politicians who support all these. We
should stop the circulation of Times of India, Naubharat times, etc.
of non marathi language news papers in this state and especially in
Mumbai as the next move
[21 Jan, 2010 0008hrs IST]

Sukesh nair,Mumbai,says:maharastra govt is justified by taking this
decision; indeed its a good move to ensure that the locals here get a
decent livelihood; they are not against any sect here i feel they have
sent out a strong message; against some nonsense political babas/
behenjis who spent whooping crores on erecting their own statues,
instead of searching ways for providing employements and developments
within their state, why should mumbai all take the burden.
[21 Jan, 2010 0007hrs IST]

Urjo Dhyan,NYC,says:We are still living in dark ages. We criticize
when Australians discriminate Indians. And if that, what is this. We
deserve the very discrimination and it exists in all of us. There are
about 5 thousand Indians in NYC driving taxi, and don't speak proper
English and are respected.
[21 Jan, 2010 0005hrs IST]

SG,USA,says:I am glad I am an Indian not residing in India
[21 Jan, 2010 0005hrs IST]

Sachin Sisodia,Gurgaon,says:China had very well said that India will
be divided in small parts within 50 year due to their cast and
[21 Jan, 2010 0004hrs IST]

ls,Bengaluru,says:India/Indians keep complaining about other countries
being racist.
[21 Jan, 2010 0003hrs IST]

Rahul Khanna,Bangalore,says::...So called patriots dont cry
foul...whats wrong in MH govt decision...if they are not supposed to
work for maharashtirans then who the hell is supposed to work for
them....isnt this why we have state,divisions so that local body can
serve locals first....or do u want MH govt to work for bihar and bihar
to work for MH people...dont make nonsense talks like this is diving
people....india is for all and just not nbihar/up...dont be
selfish...why u want to run taxis only Mumbai...why cant u run it in
bihar...you are reacting as if this is going to make whole of bihar/up
jobless....why dont u go and ask bihar.up govt for jobs... Last but
not least....watever united india u call is just pseudo
imagination...it was divided for last 3000 years in different states
and it will remain..as long as people are not working on self
development ....u guys want to hide u r own land and spread ur dirty
hands on other on the name of One India... Hope delhi govt does the
same soon...
[21 Jan, 2010 0002hrs IST]

Anurag,Mumbai,says:Stupid decision, a better way would have been 80%
reservation in permits for local but these ***@p politicians only want
to play politics, I don't think such a law will stand in courts
[21 Jan, 2010 0001hrs IST]

abhishek,kolkata,says:These kind of decisions are only politically
motivivated and only intended to gather votes in forth coming election
that's it.
[20 Jan, 2010 2359hrs IST]

daljit,vancouver,says:There is no need for outsiders to divide
Indians. We can do this job very well. Thanks to our Politicians.
[20 Jan, 2010 2357hrs IST]

vikas,USA,says:I am wondering why the maharastrian didn't demand for a
new country, They don't wish to be a part of the rest of India so
let's break it down and create another country who speak, read and
write Marathi and where people are not allowed to come from outside.
This is shame, some politician playing with the sentiments of Indian
to go up in the ladder.
[20 Jan, 2010 2357hrs IST]

vinay,Hyderabad,A.P.,says:I think it is a good decision ... if you can
speak Tamil or Telugu in south India why not Marathi in
Maharashtra ... why do you want different scale for Maharashtra ???
[20 Jan, 2010 2354hrs IST]

Vikram,Maryland,says:Vishal,Pune,says:Would you tolerate people from
other states not speaking your language in your state? ..... Response:
I hope West should learn a lesson from smart Marathis, like Patel and
Marathi politicians and stop giving any Visas to Marathis who can't
pass some kind of English speaking and wirting and reading test. If
there are in such Marathis who don't know English lviing in US, UK and
Canada they should be deported to Bombay. All movie producers who
don't speak Marathi should be give 100 lashes and thrown out of
Bombay. Cricket players who who can't speak Marati should not be
allowed to play cricket in Bombay. Only Marathi munhoos should be
allowed to do anything in Bombay. I feel sorry for good Marathi people
who don't want anything to do with it.
[20 Jan, 2010 2349hrs IST]

Ind,USA,says:Great decision. I request all the marathi people to
demand for a new country like pakistan. I do not want maharashta in
[20 Jan, 2010 2349hrs IST]

Rup,USA,says:After Communalism, Manooism and Castism, Regionalism may
ultimately bring India close to a civil war. India now can not even
call it a democracy (It realy never was! Power is mostly grabbed by a
few corrupts with drugs and arms to loot people and natural
resources). Media is the only hope left to bring a change in the
thinking of Indian Society which ultimately elects these politicians.
(Media has already started awakening Indians (Ruchika & many other
cases) and hope is, over the time it will evolve to generate a
cleansing force for corrupt politics which spreads these menaces).
P.S. Learning regional languages to communicate into a local society
should be welcomed and in all states, all community jobs/businesses
must require a certain level of regional language test passed. This
will ultimately help bring harmony and power of knowledge.
[20 Jan, 2010 2348hrs IST]

N Mandal,UK,says:A very stupid idea made by more stupid politicians.
In a federal structure, you can not behave like that. The central
government should step in immediately to stop such a nonsense rule. It
is a question of the integrity of the entire nation and it is a
constitutional crisis, means freedom of the citizen of India from
other states.
[20 Jan, 2010 2347hrs IST]

Sunny Wadhwa,Fremont,US,says:Yeah,Now US Citizen applying for Indian
Visa(Bombay) will be asked for Marathi language competency and if not
known will be rejected.The person sitting in the taxi will also need
to be known as marathi well and should be 15 years in Mumbai.Now the
day is no longer when people going to Kolkata for work will be beaten
for not knowing Bengali and all other states to and fro.These big big
politicians visit to developed countries like US,UK for what
purpose.Do they learn the culture made by these countries.See US it is
the land of Immigrants,Worlds all type of Laguages and people live
here but everyone is giving same rights.Thanks to the great leaders
for making India as such a great country.If these guys have so much
problem for other languages why dont he stops Call centers which
speaks English only,Bollywood which makes hindi movies,the big
companies.And the sameful thing is the son of the Mr.marathi study in
English schools only.First kick of his son from the other language
[20 Jan, 2010 2346hrs IST]

Raja Patil,USA,says:Northis must look at the state affairs of their
own state before commenting on the decisions made by Mah govt. Hardly
4000 license gets issued/year. Whats wrong if these gets issued to
Marathi people? Those who experienced rude bhiari/up taxi mens in
Maharahstra will always support the govt. decision.
[20 Jan, 2010 2345hrs IST]

rakesh,india,says:I think it is all stupid media. I don't think this
is any big news that it deserves to find place on the front page. I
think media just want to create sensation . And more than 300 replies
means ppl also want the same. i am a Marathi leaving in Banglore.
Although still i dont know Kannada much I have always made an effort
to learn kannada. Being a south indian language makes it a bit
difficult to learn it. But I really would like to learn it. Reagrding
the decision i dont feel anything wrong in it. I think similar rules
should be made in Karnataka also to protect interests of Kannada ppl.
If you got to Tamilnadu and Kerala ppl no matter what speak only
[20 Jan, 2010 2344hrs IST]

Puneet,Gurgon,says:Its heights of discrimination... what is wrong if
indians are racially discriminated in Australia?? we can not even
tolrate each other.. few days back a plice office of australia said-
Indians are safer in australia then india itself... what will they say
on racial abuse?? its shameful.... for whole nation...
[20 Jan, 2010 2344hrs IST]

Dr. Garyali,Jammu,says:I am a kashmiri, and speak my kashmiri very
well but i also know many other Indian languages, all i could manage
to learn, but i know that we all need to have a language which all
Indians understand well enforcing such bans will only hasten the
disintegration of our country, but unfortunately our political bosses,
want that, but creating a wedge between people on various reasons they
can muster votes.
[20 Jan, 2010 2343hrs IST]

jimish,usa,says:How did this law passed in the parliament. Is there
anyway anyone can sue the center. Being an indian citizen we can work
anywhere in the country. I understand about 15year but how can a
language "Marathi"
[20 Jan, 2010 2341hrs IST]

tejas shah,Gujarat,says:Who else came to divide India again? Congress
party. Once more. Division of Andhra Pradesh is not finished yet, but
other division has already started by them. Thse idiot Thackreys would
have gone through their shenanigans for only so long. Remember older
one is toothless Tiger now. The younger one would have gone the same
way. You dont need to take actual action in response to these idiots.
But wait, you will loose next election, don't you? You, Congressis,
have never seen India beyond next election. I wish we were ruled by
Muslim league of Pakistan instead.
[20 Jan, 2010 2340hrs IST]

Jack,Philadelphia,says:Why settle for less Maharashtra - "Any
passenger hiring a cab should also be able to read, speak and write in
[20 Jan, 2010 2339hrs IST]

premdeep chauhan,bhuwaneshwar,says:means in india it is not neccessary
to know national language but it neccessary to know tha local
language.can anybody tell me then why the hindi is national
language.if every state is fighting for itself only then why the india
is group of states.it means after some time only border states have to
save them from other countries.i think we r going again in situation
of 17th century where indian states where fighting among themselves
and british came now the division we got.mmeans that we r again going
towards the division. so please god give some brain to these so-called
leaders to save the country.
[20 Jan, 2010 2339hrs IST]

Naveen Shetty,Mangalore,says:Who will become a taxi driver if they
know to read and write? This is cheap politics and will backfire on
[20 Jan, 2010 2339hrs IST]

Hasnain Akhtar, Jammu based journalist.,Jammu.,says:How to get another
Dr Shyama Prashad Mokeerji who, according to RSS claim, sacrificed his
life for canceling the permit system in J
[20 Jan, 2010 2338hrs IST]

gs,boston,says:Last I checked, India was a country and Maharashtra was
a state and not some king's personal kingdom. I believe kings and
kingdoms were abolished after independence. Maybe Marathis think that
they are Marathis first and Indians later. Well, if that's the case,
you are the biggest traitors of our country. If Maharashtra insists on
further segmenting our country on the basis of religion, language,
caste, then lets cut off all the funding from the Central government.
Lets see how Maharashtra survives as its own "country" then. We should
all ignore our religious, linguistic differences and come together.
However, looks like Maharashtra wants to go the opposite way.
[20 Jan, 2010 2338hrs IST]

Rahul,Singh,says:Please Mr. Ashok Chavan in order to clear the
ambiguity also let us know that shall commuters also be required read,
write and speak marathi as well.
[20 Jan, 2010 2337hrs IST]

om,delhi,says:...So called patriots dont cry foul...whats wrong in MH
govt decision...if they are not supposed to work for maharashtirans
then who the hell is supposed to work for them....isnt this why we
have state,divisions so that local body can serve locals first....or
do u want MH govt to work for bihar and bihar to work for MH
people...dont make nonsense talks like this is diving people....india
is for all and just not nbihar/up...dont be selfish...why u want to
run taxis only Mumbai...why cant u run it in bihar...you are reacting
as if this is going to make whole of bihar/up jobless....why dont u go
and ask bihar.up govt for jobs... Last but not least....watever united
india u call is just pseudo imagination...it was divided for last 3000
years in different states and it will remain..as long as people are
not working on self development ....u guys want to hide u r own land
and spread ur dirty hands on other on the name of One India... Hope
delhi govt does the same soon... Om, Delhiwala...
[20 Jan, 2010 2336hrs IST]

Vishal,Raleigh,says:I do not understand what Marathi Manus has to do
with Mumbai. Marathi Maanus did not build Bombay, they just renamed it
to Mumbai. All the Marathis do is go around naming things Shivaji this
and Shivaji that. The Britishers built the city, the North Indians run
the business and the film industry, the Biharis and UPiites run the
infrastructure. The only Marathis I had seen in Bombay were fat
corrupt constables and now I keep hearing about this MNS and Thackeray
gundas. The only relation between Maharashtra and Bombay is
geographical. Their only contribution to Bombay is vada-pav. I do not
understand why a Marathi government should have a say in Bombay's
[20 Jan, 2010 2334hrs IST]

PU,Mumbai,says:Non marathis should refuse to sit in taxis driven by
marathis soon there will be no need for any taxis in Mumbai
[20 Jan, 2010 2334hrs IST]

Abhishek,Thane,says:Great Job by the Chavhan Govt! 3 Cheers to
[20 Jan, 2010 2333hrs IST]

KIRTI HEWAMANNA,COLOMBO,says:SHAME ON YOU brainless damn cheap
politicians.There are thousands of Indian taxi drivers in the cities
of Western Countries.Some of them can say only YES and NO and count
the money when they arrive in those countries.Who are the racists and
who discriminate against whom? Why don't you people drop daed.
[20 Jan, 2010 2330hrs IST]

Vineet,Bangalore,says:Wow there's a lot of passion flying around. I
feel the Marathi language part is fine, since you are in a domain
wherein you have to deal with people/passengers, it's just a part of
your job requirement. I have problems with the 15 yr thing, it's not
necessary to live in a city for 15 years to know it's roads properly.
A year is sufficient. However I doubt that these rules were enacted
keeping logic in mind.
[20 Jan, 2010 2330hrs IST]

Sanjay,Dubai,says:Good Decission ! For the first time i feel congress
has done something in favour of mumbai..
[20 Jan, 2010 2328hrs IST]

Ananda Goswami,Kolkata, West Bengal,says:And will people from other
states require a visa to go to Mumbai? It seems Indians will be
restricted in their own land. Just a very small matter - is this
[20 Jan, 2010 2328hrs IST]

Mahesh Gupta,Bangalore,says:Why dont they Extend this rule
actually...If you are not living in Maharashtra from 15 years then you
can't use Taxi
[20 Jan, 2010 2328hrs IST]

Mohsin Mir,USA,says:I find it very disappointing that all the Marathi
guys (no offence) commenting on this news and promoting the idea of
what has been done are themselves sitting in UK, US and everywhere
else other than Maharashtra. I think you guys are forgetting the fact
that Maharashtra is because of Bombay and most of the business and
capital that comes into Bombay is because of the Non Marathi speaking
people like Gujarati's, mar wadi's and Sindhi's. Now when you see the
high competition and incompetence on your side you try to come down
with regional laws. A countries citizen should be free to work where
ever he wants. Thats the beauty of being a citizen. I know you guys
would understand this citizenship privileged better than anyone else
back there. It is fair and simple. Thanks.
[20 Jan, 2010 2328hrs IST]

PQP,SOUTH AFRICA,says:NUTS. What decisions. Is it a different country
or just a state within a union that PROHIBITS anyone the desire. Cant
even cal it racist as its in your own country, but can only call it
[20 Jan, 2010 2327hrs IST]

jan,india,says:=)) LOL, now you can peacefully write about the racism
[20 Jan, 2010 2326hrs IST]

Ramesh,Delhi NCR,says:It is highly ridiculous...even Australia, which
we talk as Racist...has no law for taxi drivers to know the local
language...what has happened to our politicians here...are they in
their right senses
[20 Jan, 2010 2326hrs IST]

Amit,Mumbai,says:I am from Gujarat, a proud Gujarati, but I FULLY
support the use of Marathi at any and all levels of communication in
Maharashtra. What seems to be the problem? It seems to me that the
only people who are really upset are the English language speaking
western puppets. All native language speakers fully understand the
concerns of Maharashtrians. Any enfrenchisement of any native
language, anywhere in India is an impediment for English,and no one
else. I do not speak Marathi after many years of living in Mumbai, but
sure, I'll learn. What is wrong if we all did? The residency
requirement, is of course quite stupid; and is likely to be bad for
the city's economy. People should be asked to learn Marathi, for sure;
but the residency requirement is going to isolate the low skill non-
Maharashtrians who now come to the city and possibly turn them towards
crime. Not a good move. Jai Gujarat, Jai Maharashtra and Jai Hind.
[20 Jan, 2010 2322hrs IST]

Jay ,Manchester ,says:This is just the beginning , Bangalore will be
next ,there are some insecure idiots out there too with the same
mentality.Big question is What if every other state starts
reciprocating ? Line of Control , Border Patrol ,
HomeLandSecurity ...Awesome
[20 Jan, 2010 2321hrs IST]

rahul bagul,pune,says:why,any statement of leader from maharshtra is
taken by hindi angle only,wht is wrong if any one want better things
for his state residents.
[20 Jan, 2010 2320hrs IST]

Adam,San Francisco,says:What a messed up country India is becoming. ItÃ
¢â‚¬â„¢s going to the dogs. I was regretting having had moved out of
India, but news like these validates my decision. What more ?Bombay to
Mumbai, only indigenous Marathi as Taxi-drivers. I can guarantee you
soon we will read. Only Marathi speaking Hindus with 3 generations at
least from Maharashtra can to rent or buy property in Mumbai.
[20 Jan, 2010 2320hrs IST]

Ashish Shahane,Seattle, US,says:This is getting dirty now ... No state
should be allowed to do such things. Our central government should
interfere here. I thought we are "Loktantrik"
[20 Jan, 2010 2319hrs IST]

bhushan,us,says:i am from maharashtra and feel bad about the decision.
any indian should have the right to work in any part of india. Just
because south india is doing this doesn't mean maharashtra needs to do
this. I hate this tit for tat kind of approach..
[20 Jan, 2010 2319hrs IST]

Kaliyug,USA,says:Marathi Manoos has done it again, do passengers also
have to speak Marathi? How many Marathi speaking people use the taxi
in the first place, why should the taxi driver "HAVE"
[20 Jan, 2010 2317hrs IST]

Amit,USA,says:This is completely unconstitutional and illegal but
again this can happen only in India. Does the pilots flying to the
Maharashtra know Marathi? They are dividing indians in languages..this
is ridiculous. Mr Thackeray and all his marathi gundas need to be
brought to justice. Things that our neighboring counties couldn't do
so far of dividing our country, these narrow minded politicians will
definitely do. I want all NORTH india to be marathi free. No place for
them in the north if that is the case.
[20 Jan, 2010 2317hrs IST]

Indian,India,says:What will happen if all people of other states stop
watching movies of actors living in Mumbai,Maharashtra OR stop
watching movies being released from Mumbai.
[20 Jan, 2010 2316hrs IST]

Saurabh,London,says:I am in Maharashtra from past 4 years I have not
come across a single person who doesn't know Hindi in Mumbai and Pune.
This is a clear case of government bending before the cheap statehood
politics where nationalism is risked. My dear friends we are all
Indians just Indians. Only reason for creating Maharashtra, Bihar, UP
in this country is as India is a huge country and can not be ruled
from one location.
[20 Jan, 2010 2316hrs IST]

anish,bangalore,says:INDIA should reject all maharastra products ,
marathi manoos and amanoos.
[20 Jan, 2010 2313hrs IST]

You get the picture...


...and I am Sid Harth
Sid Harth
2010-01-23 14:22:13 UTC
On Jan 23, 9:11 am, Sid Harth <***@yahoo.com> wrote:
Not lived in Maharashtra for 15 yrs? Can't get taxi permit
TIMES NEWS NETWORK & AGENCIES, 20 January 2010, 05:50pm IST


Readers' OpinionsComment

Not lived in Maharashtra for 15 yrs? Can't get taxi permit

ram kumar singh,ranchi,says:maharashtra govt. decision is very good
step towards providing better services to people of maharashtra. a
taxi driver of maharashtra should have knowledge of marathi and should
be native that will help all comman people.
[20 Jan, 2010 2312hrs IST]

ychachare,US,says:This is the most good and important decision the
Maharashtra Govt has made. Offcourse its bcz of Raj Thakcrey and
marathi votes. (As Raj got majority votes compared to Shivsena in
Maharashtra, any party will not anymore underestimate marathi manoos.
Thats the good story out of this). I have seen 90% stupids opposing
the decision. First no one should mix two different merits. The merits
required to run taxi are different than the skill required for eg.
software engg. Like H1B visas for speciality occupations which will
add extra knowledge and edge in work. I will oppose if Maha. Govt says
we will not allow soft. engg. or scientosts from other states to work
in Maha. That will be wrong. Bcz these skills will add to Indias
growth at right place. On other hand, the local businesses like,
carpenter, builings constructions, taxi or cabs, selling goods like
vegetables etc localy are local businesses and are important for
grwoing families of locals as we all know what farmers are getting and
earning. As the family members increase, these is a need to earn more.
These local businesses does help to manage poor families for their
livelihood income. These businesses help maintain diversity fron
states to states. Thats why every state is different from every other
culture wise. Thats why locals should be given prority in local
businesses. If UPs, Biharis and others are travelling to Maharshtra
for their livelihhod, then why no one questions what these states are
doing for locals. These states also have big cities. Why these people
do not go to such places, why Mumbai every time? Bcz Mumbai welccomes
every one. And that being said, people have started taking
disadvantage. We all are INIDANS, but 90% of them are stupid who mix
several different things and just decide what is right or wrong. When
you comment on such issues, you should know the both sides of coin,
you should evauate why that is being done. Same thing applies when it
comes to voting. No doubt Congress in best, but then they also make
wrong decisions. Even after 6 decades we are still believing in
reservations based on cast. There should be resrvation based on
earning capacity and merits of the students and not based on cast.
Cast is not the barrier for merit, but money does, as it influences
the facilities available for childerns to learn. Taxi decision is
right. But Indians, please give up STUPID mentality. Think big, think
large. Then only India and Indians can grow. Please shed off limited
mentality. Jai Hind.
[20 Jan, 2010 2311hrs IST]

lakshmi,pune,says:We are terming Australians as rascists. Aren't some
following the same here too? Demonocracy rules
[20 Jan, 2010 2311hrs IST]

Prateek ,New York,says:This is great. As a measure of reciprocity, all
Maharashtrians should leave their jobs in California, New York,
London, Hong Kong and come back to aamchi Mumbai. There will be lots
of taxis to drive.
[20 Jan, 2010 2311hrs IST]

ramakant ,mumbai ,says:Why not learn the local Language and stay there
Is it so Difficult ??? If I can do it any body can do it ? If you want
to live in maharashtra learn the local Language. After all Marathi is
also an Indian language.
[20 Jan, 2010 2311hrs IST]

amitayush,ukraine,says:well,I think India is a democratic country.Is
it or not anymore?
[20 Jan, 2010 2310hrs IST]

Neelesh,Bangkok,says:Let's New Drama begain now for 2010, that's what
I am wondering why so quite this marathi manus ..now a day , not
trying to be in news. This is the hight of stupidity now and important
is that all are agreed for this. Shame..on our System.
[20 Jan, 2010 2308hrs IST]

Teacher,Mumbai,says:Somebody has to tell someone what organized sector
means... Organized sector does not definitely consist of people who
talk and can read same language...
[20 Jan, 2010 2308hrs IST]

memumbaikar,dubai,says:Good work! I really appreciate it. When we
travel to Chennai or Bangalore all the rickshaw drivers and taxi
drivers speak the local language only. Hence the drivers of
Maharashtra must know Marathi. To hell with Lalu Prasad. Who is he to
call the act as unconstitutional. What has Lalu done to Mumbai. Where
the heck was he when the terrorist hit Mumbai. He did not even condemn
the act. I hope all the politicians and people of other states respect
this decision. It is a state government decision and there must not be
any politics played on by the leaders of other states. Jai Hind, Jai
Maharashtra !
[20 Jan, 2010 2307hrs IST]

Girish,UK,says:Well said govt. Do we have capacity to add more taxis
in mumbai ? Which other city in MS uses taxi for local travel ?
[20 Jan, 2010 2307hrs IST]

Jai Ram,Canada,says:This proposal or new set of rules is a tragic
event for Maharashtra and India. Any time government creates
protectionist policies they almost always backfire. I go to Mumbai
frequently, what if I choose not to ride in a Marathi taxi driver's
taxi? Very bad decision. Must be repealed immediately. Don't wait for
the other States of India to take retaliatory action. Indians should
unite to make India a vibrant, safe and prosperous place for all
Indians. This is a monumental blunder. One the government will regret.
Government should forge policies to unite its people and not divide.
Don't forget that the "English"
[20 Jan, 2010 2307hrs IST]

rahul yadav,patna,says:yes it is good decision from mah.goverment
congrats to all ,,,
[20 Jan, 2010 2307hrs IST]

Ashish,USA,says:I am a Maharashtrian, but I feel ashamed of this
decision. Every Indian should have equal rights. There should be a
driving test and a local language test maybe, which will make the
local travellers more comfortable. But giving licence based on being
Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, etc is ridiculous. Our regional
chauvinism can corrode the fabric of national unity.
[20 Jan, 2010 2306hrs IST]

rahul yadav,patna,says:yes it is good decision from mah.goverment
congrats to all ,,,
[20 Jan, 2010 2306hrs IST]

Arun,USA,says:This is ridiculous. Central Govt have to do some thing
fast, if not we see demands of making new country instead of states
[20 Jan, 2010 2306hrs IST]

SUDHIR,New Delhi,says:Alright indians, now stop going to mumbai
looking for jobs, I think bollywood movies should also be banned in
mumbai, only marathi movies should be produced. these politicians have
no sense at all. if bollywood moves from maharastra, go to some other
state, this state will automaticaly come down. industries should be
removed from this state. let them live by their own. shame on
politicians , for vote they will do anything.these people are dividing
the country again. countries like U.S and Europe are progressing with
democratic principles and we are going way long back to stone age. I
have a request to all the indians who doing business in Mumbai and
living there, please start relocating from that land. You all have
done plenty to make Mumbai what mumbai is today.
[20 Jan, 2010 2305hrs IST]

SS,India,says:I still waiting for Maratha politicians to declare
Maharashtra another state. I am sure that will happen soon.
[20 Jan, 2010 2303hrs IST]

Sunny Wadhwa,Fremont,US,says:No matter you know our national language
Hindi or not but you should know marathi.This is called as divinity
and unity in India.
[20 Jan, 2010 2301hrs IST]

M. Tandon,Canada,says:All Political things, to gain votes, its all
[20 Jan, 2010 2259hrs IST]

Sudhanshu,UK,says:Should Parsis and Gujratis be stopped from being
stock brokers in Mumbai now? What sort of laws can be thought for
these? A thought for sectarian people...Or only poorer of poors should
be hit hard? Honk now...
[20 Jan, 2010 2257hrs IST]

vijay,uae,says:bezari this is brutal discrimination, this is
democracy, what we can called, india going back caste system, indians
have no right to tell australians racial now india show they used to
do wow, now thackray diminished congress
[20 Jan, 2010 2252hrs IST]

g balakrishnan,bangalore,says:this is very sad situation. what the
local language to do with taxu hiring communities. Local Marati manoos
are not that rich every day to travel by taxi, but the people who hire
taxis in mumbai mostly by floating population. in fact local govt also
should ensure all mumbai policemen are given training in dasy today
english so that ex pats visit city can be feeling secure. otherwise,
the floating population will not hire taxis but they will book private
cabs lready booked through their hotels. poor taximen will suffer a
lot, this policy promoted by local government will increase
unemployment of taxi men even marati manoos. i travel every week to
muumbai and now i will not hire taxis on the roads as i cannot
understand the language so i prefer y hotel arranging a pick up and
also i will maintain the vehicle for my work and that means that much
business is practically denied to poor taxis. bomvbay taxis are very
reliable compared to any other cities. now the government is closing
the lives of poor and good competitive taxis in mumbai
[20 Jan, 2010 2251hrs IST]

shriniwas,bihar,says:Now i think that we dnt leave in india, and i am
very sorry that Maharashtra govt want marathi to be taxi driver
[20 Jan, 2010 2251hrs IST]

Amit,USA,says:How is this situation different from Indian students
being abused in Australia? Shouldn't media be creating a hype over it?
Its true. We Indians are racists.
[20 Jan, 2010 2251hrs IST]

ajay singh,USA,says:I think its time that the central government found
a new state to be the port of entry into india from the west. Give
heavy incentives and move all the major sectors from mumbai to any
other coastal city. Make bombay a ghost town and then ban the entry of
all marathi manoos anywhere in the country. This will bring to thier
knees and will form an example of other states who think they are what
they are because of their hard work alone. Lets see how the thackreys
feed the entire maharashtra then. I dont mind paying to see that
happen. We dont need another jinnah.
[20 Jan, 2010 2251hrs IST]

[20 Jan, 2010 2250hrs IST]

Alam ,East London,says:We have about over 6000 India taxi drives in
London, Birmingham, Reading, Luton, and Cardiff. Leads, Bradford and
Glasgow from Indian sub continent who can barely converse in English.
But taxing us daily and we travel with them. Foolish Maharashtra
Government is giving wrong signal to BNP.
[20 Jan, 2010 2250hrs IST]

Vishal,Pune,says:Would you tolerate people from other states not
speaking your language in your state? Give respect to get respect. NO
have to know the language to get one. How is that discriminating?
[20 Jan, 2010 2248hrs IST]

rakesh,pune,says:readers...calm down. Govt has said that for taxi
permit one must understand marathi. Govt didn't say that one should
know ONLY marathi to get permit. So nothing wrong there.
[20 Jan, 2010 2247hrs IST]

Raj,Adelaide,says:Why do Taxi drivers need to stay in Maharashtra for
15 years as well as read and write Marati? Hindi is our national
language, is everyone is Maharashtra so illiterate that they can't
understand it? Next thing we'll hear they have separate visas for
entering Maharashtra.They have gold mines in there that "immigrants"
will steal. We as Indians are free to live wherever in India that we
want, we don't want a political hypocrite to tell us where we belong.
Raj Thackery along with majority of indians are big time Racist,
Period! Such people deserve to be stripped in public and beaten.
[20 Jan, 2010 2247hrs IST]

R. Wood,Birmingham, Uk,says:What about us the British people, if treat
Indian Marathi Manus same way as M.S Government did to their own
Indian, wills they applaud for us.
[20 Jan, 2010 2247hrs IST]

Ryan,Mumbai/Sydney,says:What a Fantastic Decision, Maharashtra and
Mumbai is for the locals and Foreigners (Others states and overseas)
must not be allowed. This will help take Maharashtra into the glory
days of Shivaji Maharaj. No foreign interference, no foreign
technology, no financial progress, just the basic glory days with
horses and bows and arrows. India and the world can progress into the
future. Jai Maharashtra the new (medieval) country.
[20 Jan, 2010 2245hrs IST]

James,London,says:We made a huge fuss when Indians were killed in
Australia. What about ill-treating our own people like this one? I
guess we are the biggest racist country in the world. There is no
doubt in that.
[20 Jan, 2010 2245hrs IST]

aadesh misra,chandigarh,says:This move by the maharashtra government
shows that they are a bunch of hypocrites , who only want political
advantage rather than harmony in the "union of India"
[20 Jan, 2010 2244hrs IST]

Apoorv,Delhi,says:So this means that the Maharashtra government can
take away the fundamental rights of an Indian citizen. Why and how can
the judiciary sit back and let this happen? We were divided and thus
were ruled by foreigners for 200 years. Now the current crop of
politicians are playing the same game. Shouldn't the center intervene
or since its a Congress gov, they will NOT. It's amazing that such
idiotic ideas are even bought up in the legislature. RISE
INDIA..common man.. WE ARE ONE and lets not let these politicians of
the like of the THACKRAYs and the GANDHIs decide our fate. Let us not
split the nation up yet again. Marathi manoos..the onus is on you guys
to oppose it. Maharashtra has been the pride of the country for ever
but that does not mean it was only because of the blood and sweat of
people who spoke Marathi but because of each and every Indian who
stays and earns a livelihood in Maharashtra.
[20 Jan, 2010 2243hrs IST]

Yasin,Mumbai/Coventry,says:This is ridiculous. Government is singing
to the tunes of Raj Thackeray. There is no sound reason given for such
a rule.I will not be surprised to see if they implement the same rule
in other job markets also. Congress has no balls to act against such
divide and rule policies. May be Maharashtra government must start
issuing local passports for people outside Maharashtra.
[20 Jan, 2010 2242hrs IST]

Ganesh,Ahmedabad,says:May be people do need to learn Marathi before
they enter Mumbai next time or pass the marathi TOEFL OR IELTS to get
entry here. Shame on JAI MAHARASHTRA
[20 Jan, 2010 2242hrs IST]

Santosh,Ahmedabad,says:Chinese and pakis should not waste billions in
dismantling India.. Our politicians will do it free of cost for them..
and for those who feel this decision is good, i pity their knowledge
of secularism.. What am I ?? AM I an Indian or Gujarati, Maratha,
Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Mallu, Odiya... People who support this decision
should try not to eat medicines manufactured in Baddi (Himachal),
should not eat wheat / rice / sugar grown outside Maharashtra.. Pl put
an end to this..
[20 Jan, 2010 2241hrs IST]

rEADER,INDIA,says:thats very nice of mr.chavan and congress party.,for
introducing such rules for taxi, the chavan and bunch of MLA's should
also introduce a rule which say's to vote you need to read and write
marathi as well as the stay should be of minimum of 15 years, and
those contesting in election should also have stayed 15 years with
knowledge of marathi(read/write)................UTTER STUPIDITY
[20 Jan, 2010 2241hrs IST]

John,Melbourne,says:Racist Indians !!... witin your own country, and
you have the gall to call Australians racist. At least there, racism
is based on hundreds of years of indoctrination. Would love to see the
reactions if the Australian Taxi Directorate introduced the same law.
First all the Indian International students would go out of a job and
then the Indian media would be up in arms. Oh but it's ok to do it in
Maharastra... thats ok!!
[20 Jan, 2010 2238hrs IST]

Jay,Pune,says:Great going!! Save Vote!! Save Chair!! God save this
country from greedy and selfish mankind!!
[20 Jan, 2010 2238hrs IST]

Vishal,Pune,says:"TAKE OUT MAHARASHTRA"? ....LOL People should know MH
is india. Had marathi manus not been there Hindustan would have been a
muslim country or wouldnt exist at all. Jai Hind!! Jai Maharashtra!!
[20 Jan, 2010 2237hrs IST]

Neeraj Rana,Ludhiana (Punjab),says:ust sounds like being in
Australia... only difference is that people targeted are their own
countrymen!!| fully agree with this statement ..
[20 Jan, 2010 2237hrs IST]

Antarix,Gurgaon,says:It seems ruling and opposition parties in
Maharashtra have no shame left. It is surely a brazen effort to deny
non-marathis a right to live and work in Maharashtra and therefore
unconstitutional. What does our PM and the 'real' PM have to say about
this. In case this is really implemented what moral right will anyone
have if rest of India started packing marathis out of respective
states. How much more preposterous could our vote based politics get.
[20 Jan, 2010 2235hrs IST]

Akshay,Mumbai,says:If there is a differentiation within India, why
shouldnt Australians behave the way they are...Ain't the Indians
eating up their jobs?
[20 Jan, 2010 2234hrs IST]

R. Wood,Birmingham, Uk,says:What about us the British people, if treat
Indian Marathi Manus same way as M.S Government did to their own
Indian, wills they applaud for us.
[20 Jan, 2010 2233hrs IST]

[20 Jan, 2010 2233hrs IST]

raj,usa,says:Are we living as a nation or s a state. What is congress
high command doing when their arty people are taking such an idiotic
decission. People from maharasthra pls oppose this and don't make
these political pawns succeed.
[20 Jan, 2010 2232hrs IST]

Bengali in Bangalore,Bangalore,says:Not trying to know Marathi in
Maharashtra is a crime. Remember, the name of the state is Maharashtra
and not Hindirashtra or Kannadarashtra.
[20 Jan, 2010 2232hrs IST]

Harish,Mumbai,says:Long time coming !!! All those migrants were
driving the locals out of biz and cheating the passengers too !!!
[20 Jan, 2010 2232hrs IST]

Saif,Netherlands,says:What a SHAME !!! "No driving permit"
[20 Jan, 2010 2230hrs IST]

Aditya,Mumbai,says:In all major cities in the world many if not most
taxi drivers are first generation migrants. They live a difficult life
with unsteady income but have the satisfaction of returns which are
related to the effort put in by them.
[20 Jan, 2010 2229hrs IST]

Sourav Kumar,USA,says:"Angrej Raj"
[20 Jan, 2010 2229hrs IST]

Sam,US,says:Why just taxi drivers...why not all other industries,
bollywood, IT, Stock market, even maid servnats. Implement it
everywhere in Maharashtra and see what happens. They've made a mockery
of politics. Human rights are voilated easily by these loser
politicians just in the name of politics. If all states started
following such rules then I wonder if India would be one country or it
will have 25 countries!!!
[20 Jan, 2010 2228hrs IST]

Nit,Pune,says:Next step it to issue Visa rule for entering to
Maharasthra. Really very much annoy. Hats off to these politicians for
targeting there own countrymen. What is central goverment doing.
[20 Jan, 2010 2228hrs IST]

Suranjan,New York,says:Stupid decision! If the logic is the taxi
drivers should communicate with the passengers in Marathi only how can
I as a non-Maharashtrian tourist ride a taxi in Mumbai? Cheap
[20 Jan, 2010 2225hrs IST]

s n bhandarkar,mumbai,says:Is it wrong to protect your own
people,their jobs in your own states.Every states like Tamil
Nadu ,Kerala,Bihar... do that to protect their people,language
[20 Jan, 2010 2225hrs IST]

Nilesh Kulkarni,USA,says:Completely agree with this. Its become a
problem in Mumbai with people not knowing where to go and driving
around town just to reach the next block. Moreover, it is necessary
for the people to speak the local language. Its not racism. Its logic
[20 Jan, 2010 2224hrs IST]

crisisofid,orlando,says:Is kingdom of Maharashtra (can't call it
democratic republic.. can we?) opening any of her consulate in north
[20 Jan, 2010 2224hrs IST]

Tiger,Mumbai, India,says:Those who live out of Mumbai, can't
understand this. Migrants cause local to loose out on jobs, just like
many americans dont like IT professionals taking up their jobs such
software development and more importantly customer support!!! If you
see taxi drivers from UP and Bihar there blatantly disregard traffic
rules, drive like mad ppl and are rude to talk to demanding more
money. Locals never used to do that. And there is nothing wrong in
promoting Marathi langauge, south does it in their own several
languages, north uses Hindi! I think its a good rule which safeguard
locals getting a job. This is not related to Interstate commerce, so
dont go hulla huing over it no reason! This will make local transport
sector more organized! Kudos to the govt and kudos to especially Raj
Thakaray! He is not stupid, some of things he says makes sense. If UP
and Bihar can push their ppl in all sectors across India then why can
ppl of Maharashtra safeguard their own interests!
[20 Jan, 2010 2223hrs IST]

Anup,Bangalore,says:Hope, people of UP, Bihar are watching the
situation. and, should rethink before casting their vote in favor of
[20 Jan, 2010 2222hrs IST]

AMIT CHOPRA,NOIDA,says:Now that is what happens when you go and make
Mumbai out of Bombay.
[20 Jan, 2010 2221hrs IST]

Dinesh,mumbai,says:I guess as per Raj only Marathi manoos is fit for
being a Taxi driver.
[20 Jan, 2010 2220hrs IST]

K.Varghese,Calgary, Canada,says:The new rule introduced by the
Maharastra Govt regarding 15 yr residency, contravenes the rights
conferred by the Constitution and should be challenged in the court of
law. Civil rights groups should take initiative. This rule restricts
the freedom of movement and other basic humanrights.
[20 Jan, 2010 2220hrs IST]

kadibhau,USA,says:We Indians are the most racist people on this earth.
We cannot even tolerate our own people in our own country. We can not
mend our own home, with what right we are preaching morality to
Australians ?
[20 Jan, 2010 2220hrs IST]

JB,Maharashtra,says:This is out-right racism!
[20 Jan, 2010 2220hrs IST]

ankit,Hyderabad,says:Can't believe on the CM even the state govt. has
taken such a step and the remaining people of India are not effective
enough to do so. Commenting on this may hardly impact the order.
Supreme Court should take serious action about it and take the power
of people who are trying to divide India into parts. My message for
the CM Please leave this country for the youth and make laws which
spreads love not hatred. acoording to this law every Driver(Indian)
should know hindi otherwise he should not be given license to drive.
Idiot CM tell us when you are going to declare passports required to
enter Maharashtra. The thing is you made the law but the being
effected with it is your beloved manus what do you think he will be
welcomed by the other indians or ?
[20 Jan, 2010 2219hrs IST]

Hitesh,Shimla,says:What the hell is happening ?? We are not Indian
anymore ?? Then what we are waiting for lets form seperate country
Maharashtra and declare Ashok Chavan Prime Minister of that country
huh !! Shameful act :( Its my humble request to everyone that never
forget we are Indian first ... We are producing Millions of
engineers , doctors etc every year please hand over the command of
country to them. I am fed up of this stupid politics
[20 Jan, 2010 2219hrs IST]

Vikram,Bangalore,says:Likewise, Maharashtrians should be banned from
getting employment from all other states of India.
[20 Jan, 2010 2217hrs IST]

Vineet Gupta,Bangalore,says:Another regressive step from the
government. Congress makes another populist step to make use of
regional sentiments. Right from independence Congress has made policy
decision purely based on vote bank politics meant to divide country
further and further on regional, religious and caste lines, and yet it
is the first party to talk about unity and accuses other parties of
following regional and communal politics.
[20 Jan, 2010 2217hrs IST]

K. Trivedi,Ahmedabad,says:THIS HAPPENS ONLY IN INDIA..... but
[20 Jan, 2010 2215hrs IST]

Jay,Atlanta,says:is this not unconstitutional to have a govt entity
reject a licence based on religion, caste, creed or background? is
Bombay( thats what I will always call it) going to ask to succeed from
the country next?
[20 Jan, 2010 2215hrs IST]

Ankit Vyahut,INDIA,says:How could anyone forget that INDIA is a
Federal Government.This is the time when Government should break its
MUM and take some action against those politician. Otherwise this will
the beginning of new Kind of INDIA and i hope Marathi will also feel
uncomfortable to live in this kind of WORLD, accept those few Bastard
Politician.Jai Maharastra is totally BULLSHIT it must be JAI INDIA.
[20 Jan, 2010 2215hrs IST]

Anil T,USA,says:How can Maharashtra Govt decide that, that is the
central govt decision, just by born in Maharashtra Maharashtrians do
not won the state, they have done nothing for the prosperity of the
state, all are corrupts including Raj, if all should know to read ,
write and speak Marathi, then all Maharashtrians should know to read,
write and speak Hindi and English to get any Job, stop this racism in
own country, there could be better ways to handle this
situation...styop this racism now or all the Maharashtrians will be
screwed badly.
[20 Jan, 2010 2214hrs IST]

Jack Adams,Mumbaikar,says:Maharastra is becoming Alparastra. This
misguided sainaiks are doing nothing for the progress of the staet but
are definately ensuring the they ferment trouble for all the Indian-
First Marathas in rest of India. The sad part is these hooligans have
a freehand in doing whatever and then on the same breath complain
about illtreatment of Indians in some foreign country. A proud Indian-
Marathi--- Of course now with my name I am probably a spy in eyes of
the Sainiks...
[20 Jan, 2010 2212hrs IST]

Ash,Chandigarh, India,says:Divide and rule at its best in INDIA. Mera
Bharat Mahaan.
[20 Jan, 2010 2211hrs IST]

arch,Perth,says:Just sounds like being in Australia... only difference
is that people targeted are their own countrymen!!
[20 Jan, 2010 2211hrs IST]

Paramjit,Bangalore,says:I wont be surprised if all other states will
boycott with Marathi Manus. Also in case of any emergencies, Mr
Thackeray will be the front liner in combating them ;-)
[20 Jan, 2010 2208hrs IST]

Anupam Ghildyal,USA,says:You can make a domicile stating 15 years of
residence in Maharashtra for 2500 rupees, it will be a little more
expensive now .. As far as the question of speaking Marathi is
concerned, it will cost a good amount as well .. So for an outsider,
50,000 to 100,000 would be the cost of getting a license in Mumbai
(Prohibiting amount for some)
[20 Jan, 2010 2207hrs IST]

[20 Jan, 2010 2204hrs IST]

Gaurav,NJ,says:Sarkaar koi bhi bana le, raaj to Raj hi kar raha hai.
[20 Jan, 2010 2203hrs IST]

Save India,Earth,says:Its high time now India releasing Maharashtra as
separate country. Let Thackreys to run the country with marathi
[20 Jan, 2010 2159hrs IST]

Sam,California,says:Do I need visa to go to Maharastra now? The
government should now make it mandatory to have local visa apart from
Indian visa. Funny!
[20 Jan, 2010 2157hrs IST]

D.A.Eswar,Vientaine Lao,says:If the same is done by BJP or Shiv Sena
Media and Congress supporters , Human Rights activists every body will
jump and make all sorts of comments. Ift is done by Congress every one
keeps quiet. Shame on Indians.
[20 Jan, 2010 2156hrs IST]

arkantos,delhi,says:Populist divisive politics.How long is it going to
be my state, my language, my religion, my belief, my faith......how
long will it take for us to understand the concept of my nation, my
countrymen, my brethren.
[20 Jan, 2010 2153hrs IST]

Rahul,Pune,says:Nothing new. Congress has always believed in divide
and rule. Be it religion, region, caste, whatever! I feel sad and
irritated. Not because this rule would affect me. I am a marathi, and
this doesn't bother me at all. But I can see where we all are heading.
This is hopeless! Today we have people wanting a separate state.
Tomorrow there will be more and more of them wanting a separate
country- with Maharashtra as the leader. Freakin sad!
[20 Jan, 2010 2153hrs IST]

vithu, mumbai,mumbai,says:going global is not means forgetting once
language. mumbai is in maharashtra and marathi is maharashtras
language. 50 % of indians in todays time cant speak hindi. India is
only country where even PM cant speak its national language (Dewe
Gowda), How hindi= patriotism and marathi= divisive politics. all this
is because of arrogant northies kick them out.
[20 Jan, 2010 2151hrs IST]

Ranjit,KY,US,says:Unfortunately its too late and do not think puppets
of Delhi (Chavan/Deshmukh) who are responsible for this mess will do
anything .It is difficult to find a person on streets of Mumbai/Thane
who speaks Marathi. Still people who want to take over Maha. and
convert into Hindi belt (under the name of constitution ) are not
happy . BMC schools has now more students in Hindi medium than
Marathi. Can a person drive auto in Chennai if he does not know
Tamil ? definitely not . Then why it was allowed in Mumbai in Mah in
first place. Better late than never and do not bother about people who
oppose it in the name of national unity. Why any of these people who
are shouting now did not utter a word when Mumabi/Thane/Pune were
being changed ? All these issues have reached a point where if we do
not address them now overall Marathi existence is at stake while
people who denied HINDI as a language are in a state where they are at
safe distance from the influx. Mind it is not democracy where people
systematically take over city after city harping freedom to move
anywhere and same time humiliating local culture. Now they are now
sure that they have most of the 60 assembly seats out of control of
Maharashtrians and they are very near to control the state from
Delhi , Luckhnow , Patana. They know that so called intellectual
champions of democracy in other fields will support them to wipe out
any one who want justice for local language/culture in the name of
national Unity. All the people who term it anti national or shame
should take some time to look around (if they are staying in Mumbai)
to check how it has changed demographically in 20 years and what is
happening to Pune, Thane , Nashik . Definitely this is not the way
forward to boost national Unity by wiping out local language.
[20 Jan, 2010 2150hrs IST]

venky,vizag,says:It is a matter of shame that after so many years of
independence and improvement in literacy rate ,globalisation ,
moderization ,etc , the people have not grown beyond language ,
caste , creed
[20 Jan, 2010 2150hrs IST]

RNRao,USA,says:Taxi driving is not a gov service. Can it put such
restrictions? Is it legally valid? Tomorrow a small vendor on the
road,or a simple construction worker may need domicile certificate and
marathi language certificate!
[20 Jan, 2010 2149hrs IST]

Satyendra,USA,says:India is getting devided on this regional issues,
God knows if state govt. can apply Visa rules for all people coming
from other state. I can feel this like going and staying in abroad is
easier than staying in any indian state.
[20 Jan, 2010 2148hrs IST]

Nisha,Pune,says:How much more crazy can this nonsense get?? Can
someone please sue the Maharashtra govt.?? Read Marathi and Speak
Marathi I can understand as you are the taxi driver and you need to
know your way out...but lived in Mumbai for than 15 years???You got to
be joking...Even US and UK dont have such strict rules for
citizenship !! Raj Thackery, get a grip on your screwed mind...INDIA
IS FOR EVERYBODY !!!! - Nisha (iITPRO.NET, Indian IT Professionals
[20 Jan, 2010 2146hrs IST]

Smita Khedkar,US,says:excellent news!maharashtra govt seems to have
woken up .Finally maharashtrians can communicate in their own language
in their own state.
[20 Jan, 2010 2145hrs IST]

Somebody,Somewhere,says:ha....you Indians are not free to work
anywhere in your own country and wants every where else to receive
welcome ...
[20 Jan, 2010 2144hrs IST]

Sudhir,USA,says:How about every jerk should know the national language
Hindi who makes such type of rules. Because to read the consitustion
they should know the Hindi.
[20 Jan, 2010 2143hrs IST]

Rupert,Canada,says:The Thackeray's are anti Indian and should be
banished to one of the uninhabited islands in the ocean, where they
can create a new Mumbai, and preach their doctrine to the fishes.
[20 Jan, 2010 2142hrs IST]

Balraj,Irvine, CA,says:I travel to many countries specially in Europe
where you have many cultures but for the basic livlihood noone bothers
about the Years of Stay and Language being spoken.
[20 Jan, 2010 2138hrs IST]

Colonel (Retired) KMS SAHASI,FREMONT CA USA,says:this is against the
grain of a freedom to persue any vocation in Republic of India. That
does not happen even in the USA, the UK and Canada. They do not have
this kind of draconian law to bar an ordinary Citizens. Even work
permit holders or Green Card holders who are not Citizen of these
countries are allowed to own and run Taxis. It smacks of poor
political agenda of Raj Thackeray, Bal Thackeray et al.
[20 Jan, 2010 2133hrs IST]

Tushar,Mumbai,says:Had this rule passed in other state, no news
channel rush. Only when such rule is passed in Maharashtra/Mumbai, all
channel blame government not good. This new rule is correct and we
welcome this rule.
[20 Jan, 2010 2132hrs IST]

Manish,USA,says:This is stupid. I am going to start a drive in my
state, that if you have lived in my state for 15 years and speak/read/
write my language then only you can start a business in my state!!!
[20 Jan, 2010 2132hrs IST]

Ajay,Pondicherry,says:Even the Congress is towing the Thackeray
line ... what has become of free and secular India ...
[20 Jan, 2010 2131hrs IST]

Yeshwant Nayak,Bangalore,says:In case if there are any future attacks
like 26/11 in Mumbai, we have to first select the Marathi Black cat
comondos instead of saving the historic places like Taj / Trident. I
feel the sacrifice of Sandeep Unnikrishnan was waste looking at the
nonsense comments from the political leaders and our respected
ministers will never understand that it is "ONE INDIA"
[20 Jan, 2010 2131hrs IST]

Shivaji,Mumbai,says:Excellent move by Mah Govt finally. The traffic
[20 Jan, 2010 2130hrs IST]

Arvind,Mumbai,says:This should have been done long ago. Better late
than never !
[20 Jan, 2010 2129hrs IST]

ppp,mumbai,says:That is preposterous... isnt that
unconstitutional .... why do you need to know marathi to drive a taxi
cab.... rather than bringing out such stupid rules, why doesnt it
bring out a rule to demolish illegal slums.. but they would not do
that!!! they are gonna be their voting banks !! A clear cut vote bank
[20 Jan, 2010 2128hrs IST]

Harsh,Maryland,usa,says:Thats good to hear that. now in short time we
will have one more fight between Mumbai and India like we have today
Kashmir and India.
[20 Jan, 2010 2128hrs IST]

Jeetu Dumbani,Mumbai,says:Earlier Dreams of Govt to make Mumbai as
Shanghai And now Modified it TO make Mumbai as Australia.
[20 Jan, 2010 2126hrs IST]

Aaftab Jain,Syracuse, NY,says:More regionalism. The major effect on
taxi drivers may well be that more bribes will be given for taxi
licenses and for test scores. The major effect on India will be the
continuation of the break-up of this country. Every time India unites
(Guptas, Mughals, etc) and becomes powerful, it immediately starts to
splinter. We cannot stay united to remain a nation of greatness.
Rather, we cycle through various sizes, and will continue to do so.
[20 Jan, 2010 2125hrs IST]

arif,kuwait,says:this is what pakistan wanted !!! well done
congress !!!
[20 Jan, 2010 2125hrs IST]

khamir,USA,says:This is so ridiculous. I hate maharashtra government.
In our own country, we have such a high degree of racism. They should
remember of national anthem.
[20 Jan, 2010 2124hrs IST]

Vipin,India,says:Will we be ever "Indian First"
[20 Jan, 2010 2121hrs IST]

Yogesh,UK,says:Idiotic move by maha govt or rather say by congress.
They wants to divide the country. Govt should think to increase the
jobs opportunity for everyone. Shame on Congress
[20 Jan, 2010 2120hrs IST]

Udnag Gandotra,USA,says:Who says Hindi is the national language which
every Indian is supposed to know?
[20 Jan, 2010 2120hrs IST]

manish,Pune,says:Wow so now India is divided on the basis of
state ..Where this rule came from ?
[20 Jan, 2010 2119hrs IST]

Sonali,Mumbai,says:Congress-NCP government #FAIL Why do people shout
about Australia, there is discrimination, racism and attack on Non
Marathi's in Mumbai itself!
[20 Jan, 2010 2118hrs IST]

Gauri,Mumbai,says:This is absolutely despicable!!! Most of the taxi
drivers in my area are not from Maharashtra. And they do a good job.
We happen to need more taxis because there are very few no matter
where I go and many of them do not take you as a passenger in case you
happen to be going in the opposite direction or something. This is
really sad. What has writing and speaking in Marathi got to do with a
taxi drivers job??? Sure, speaking in Marathi does help, but is not
always essential. It is sad how to see a city which was known for its
multiculturalism modernity in terms of thoughts and actions, go down
the drain all thanks to these politicians. I'm really losing my faith
in Ashok Chavan now. I thought he would do a relatively decent job,
but that does not seem to be the case.
[20 Jan, 2010 2117hrs IST]

raghav,delhi,says:Instead of Telangana it seems Maharashtra need to be
a separate country. Once it is separate from India then at we don't
have to worry about manoos, shiv sena
[20 Jan, 2010 2117hrs IST]

Jaideep,Mumbai,says:The new taxi rule is not appropriate.We are a
democratic country.Anybody can reside anywhere in the country.If
everystate begins to make laws of this kind we will not have a mix
cultured country but a country with segregated states as nobody will
be able to migrate to other states for livelyhood.
[20 Jan, 2010 2117hrs IST]

Paahji,Winnipeg,says:This is the lowest point that any state has
gotten to. The great state of Maharashtra, whith Bombay, yes i said
Bombay, and not Mumbai, as its capital. Bombay which is the financial
capital, cultural hub, and a major point of international affairs, is
turning into, a MARATHI Speaking, talking, reading writing metropolis.
[20 Jan, 2010 2117hrs IST]

Jayaraman,Kodaikanal,says:The rule of thumb of 15 years for a taxi
driver license with the good working knowledge of Marathi is in the
right direction. It could be further added to localise the area of
operations, e.g. Pune, nagpur, Mumbai residents could be made eligible
for the respective metros, as the knowledge of locations for a driver
becomes crucial for the passengers. As for the language is concerned
the taxi drivers must be encouraged to learn English too as a place
like Mumbai has the sprinkling of tourists from abroad.
[20 Jan, 2010 2116hrs IST]

vimal,Grand Rapids, MI,says:its known as...vinashkaale viprit
buddhi......maharashtra has already given way to other states like
Gujarat to flourish more....owing to its prejudiced racist
behaviour...may it be Thackarey trashing tendulkar or banning non
maharashtrian taxi drivers....this is a ridiculous thing to do where u
dont even let ur fellow country members to blend in...so is it...mera
bharat mahan or mera maharashtra mahan...mera tamilnadu mahan..mera UP
[20 Jan, 2010 2115hrs IST]

[20 Jan, 2010 2115hrs IST]

Gogoi,Kerala,says:In a city like Mumbai which is a world-city what is
the importance of knowing Marathi???
[20 Jan, 2010 2114hrs IST]

s kumar,hyderabad,says:If shiv sena had said this it would have been
communaletc, but now the leaders are realising that there cannot be
real develoment without the natives being benefitted. so also
Telangana is in a mess the GOI-Congress are playing withh innoscent
[20 Jan, 2010 2112hrs IST]

shashikant,kochi,says:i fill its a good decision by govt because my
pernal experience
[20 Jan, 2010 2110hrs IST]

deeply hurt indian,bombay,says:What a shame it is? Here comes the
another most ridiculas rule ever. This is highly unacceptable &
undemocratic. I cannot beleive what these people are thinking when
making such a brainless rules like this. This is called RACISM. And we
are complainting about racist activity in other countries against
indians. Ex: Australia. Here we are seperating ourselves.Please do not
do this. Please do not divide Indians by any race, caste or religion.
[20 Jan, 2010 2110hrs IST]

Alex,India,says:We are trying to assess the discrimination of indians
in Australia. No one bother about how indians are treated in their own
country. See this new stupid taxi permit law in mumbai. Every indian
has the right to work anywhere in india. I wonder from where we elect
these nasty politicians.
[20 Jan, 2010 2109hrs IST]

ravi banwari,gwalior,says:Yet another confirmation of regional biases
being supported from the maharashtra government.
[20 Jan, 2010 2109hrs IST]

Prof. P.R. Murti,Trinidad, West indies,says:There should not be any
restrictions in India of Indians working on individual or private
enterprises in any state. In a city like Mumbai it is enough for a
person to hear and understand the customers. Local language
porificiency is not required. All they need to know is road
proficiency. I feel this is discriminatory and goes against the
constitutional rights of Indians. I can understand if one has to be a
maharashtrian for government jobs, otherwise amy one should be able to
work and live in Maharashtra, if they so chose to do.
[20 Jan, 2010 2106hrs IST]

Manmeet,San Jose,says:This is sad.When a marathi goes out of India
does he say he is an Indian or a Marathi, bullscrap. The maharashtra
politics is degraded beyond limit, they will sink the state to the
maximum possible levels. They donot know that there are other means to
get peoples attention, by doing some positive work, but how will a
bunch of goons / hudlums think of positive work.
[20 Jan, 2010 2103hrs IST]

Tariq,US,says:I would like to ask the Marathis if the same rule should
be applied to Marathis around the world, who are not residents.
[20 Jan, 2010 2101hrs IST]

just another indian,USA,says:Why do we complain about racism in
Australia. We are by far the most racist people in the world. It is a
classical example.
[20 Jan, 2010 2059hrs IST]

True Indian,India,says:Regionalism showing its ugly face. Every Indian
has the right to live and work anywhere in India. Politicians, in the
name of votes please do not destroy your your own motherland.
[20 Jan, 2010 2055hrs IST]

Karnail Singh,Washington DC USA,says:Dumb Indian politicians. Instead
of bringing India together they somehow find ways to divide India over
and again. I am sure people from Maharashtra go else where to work as
well. As a citizen of India one should be able to work anywhere in
India regardless of their state, religion, cast etc.
[20 Jan, 2010 2054hrs IST]

Himanshu,Thane,says:This will only make Mumbai cabs more unfriendly
towards rest of the world. On one side we are trying hard to make this
city a global city at par with Shanghai, Dubai on other hand we are
taking step backward making them more and more local. In other
financial centers it is assured that cabi can read write speak English
so that he can help visitors in better way. Gov's step will make our
city more repulsive for cosmo and global visitors.
[20 Jan, 2010 2053hrs IST]

Abhinav,USA,says:This is againt the fundamental rights. They have gone
[20 Jan, 2010 2051hrs IST]

Max Khan,Mumbai,says:This is also something racial.. how can we spk
against Australian.. !!!!
[20 Jan, 2010 2048hrs IST]

Anita Rajput,Bombay,says:Will Mharashtra government not accept taxes
if one doesn't know Marathi ?
[20 Jan, 2010 2047hrs IST]

arun,kolkata,says:Shame on Congress Government for playing such dirty
divisive politics....And we say this is the party of the future.
[20 Jan, 2010 2046hrs IST]

arun,kolkata,says:Shame on Congress Government for playing such dirty
divisive politics....And we say this is the party of the future.
[20 Jan, 2010 2046hrs IST]

atul,Bhiwani,says:This is a very bad decision by Congress-NCP
government. This goes against one nation. No-where in world such kind
of rule is applied. It may lead to other states to come up with
bizarre rules. Indians should learn to tolerate poor migrant workers.
Its easy to criticize Australians for racism, but what about racism
among us. I really hope that supreme court overturns this rule. Lets
also see how much center care for national interest.
[20 Jan, 2010 2045hrs IST]

Neeraj,Texas,says:This is fair. Enactment of laws would prevent giving
leeway to the goondaraj. After all most of the Maharashtra assembly
seemed to be united on this issue from the outset.
[20 Jan, 2010 2042hrs IST]

Shashi Singh,Pune,says:You cannot do anything like this and if you
can .... I refuse to call India a FREE COUNTRY where citizens are free
to move .... how on earth can you do this????
[20 Jan, 2010 2041hrs IST]

Maq,Hong Kong,says:Later they will say for enterting into Mumbai,
people must speak Marathi. Here we learned clearly that Maratian only
can earn money. Mumbai is a business hub for India. I appreciate
Tendulkar as he said is correct. Rediculous politicians and gundas.
[20 Jan, 2010 2040hrs IST]

Pranjal Y Kumar,Munich,says:I am not surprised - we have let this
trend of regional racist politics go on forever. Even though most
Maharastrians (i hope) would be fundamentally opposed to the idea, yet
the incentives (however little and indirect as they may be) - would
stop them from taking the streets and opposing this law. It is upon
the rest of India to step up - streets protests in Varanasi and Patna
would not be effective. We need to boycott Maharashtra - don't call
the govt. to state events that take place in other states, boycott
sports events in Maharashtra, avoid maharastrian products as far as
you can (that to a large extent is impractical but the thought wave
and the media galore around it, is what we want them to hear). This is
how the world reacted to apartheid in South Africa - and this is what
we need to do!
[20 Jan, 2010 2038hrs IST]

Raghu,Coonoor,says:This is just a rabble rousing rule. It will be
struck down in Courts. Now Taxi Drivers, next hotel waiters, then
cooks should know Marathi Cusine etc. Hey I am basically an Indian and
I can choose to live and work in which ever part of my country I want
to, that's a fundamental right.
[20 Jan, 2010 2038hrs IST]

KJ,USA,says:Is this constitutionally legal? Or that nobody cares about
that? Are we aspiring to become a world class country or just another
banana republic?
[20 Jan, 2010 2037hrs IST]

Yogi,Chennai,says:These political parties are doing their best to
outplay each other in dirty state politics.Well, its not the matter of
showing favour to marathis, its violating the basic structure of
Indian Contitution.Days are not far when this is going to spread in
cities like Bangalore,Chennai and Mumbai.Centre needs to take some
strong steps,before this spreads to all other states and India stands
[20 Jan, 2010 2036hrs IST]

Libra,Chennai,says:what a childish step is this!!Shame on these
politicians who all are trying to divide India Into 28 small
countries...We can see a kind of Australia in India.Why they are
blaming others that they are recist.Dividing Country On the basis of
Language and state is going to generate widespread destruction in the
history of India and it will become a reason of Civil war in the
[20 Jan, 2010 2035hrs IST]

Manish Sharma,Hyderabad,says:This is one of the most stupid rules..If
there are such rules all over India, what will the meaning of ONE
NATION. Its not like that Marathis dont know Hindi.
[20 Jan, 2010 2035hrs IST]

Ash,Glasgow,says:Its like wanting a work permit to work in another
country and to prove the languague skills.Dont know who is going to
benefit from this divide and rule policy.
[20 Jan, 2010 2035hrs IST]

Sharad C. Misra,Mumbai,says:It is a clever political move on the part
of the Congress-led State Government aimed at outsmarting Shiv Sena
and MNS in espousing the cause of Marathi Maanus (sons of the soil).
The Governments knows it too well that this decision would most
certainly be challenged in the Supreme Court and be stayed. But both
the coalition partners would claim that they were to support the cause
of Marathi Maanus but were handicapped because the Supreme Court came
in the way. That apart, why single out taxi-drivers only ? Let the
Government refuse to approve the plans of builders who employ
immigrant labor, ban licensed drivers of inter-state bus services and
trucks, security agencies who provide immigrant watchmen to thousands
of housing societies and license vegetable and newspaper vendors. It
may also tell the Home Ministry to direct the Union Service Commission
not to post IAS/IPS officers to Maharashtra who have not stayed in the
State for 15 years and did not know how to speak and write Marathi. It
is time that the UPA Government intervenes to end this divisive
[20 Jan, 2010 2035hrs IST]

sanjay,netherlands,says:Guys, Whats wrong in knowing local language? I
think its a welcome move to integrate. I live in holland for 5 yrs,
people do expect me to speak Dutch and look at me with surprise when I
say I dont speak dutch. I think they are right, why not integrate
socially. Same goes with each city. I must know kannada if I work in
Bangalore and hindi if I live in delhi.
[20 Jan, 2010 2033hrs IST]

Vishal,Pune,says:Since when do we need taxi drivers to be educated? It
is not even a question of Marathi.. why the requirement of knowing how
to Read, Write and Speak !!! Are all our politicians educated? Cannot
speech impaired people become taxi drivers.. because they cannot speak
any language? Aren't we denying people a right to earn their living
through such a move? Could this move be justified even if all taxi
drivers in Maharashtra were Marathi Manoos? It's another sad day in
the history of Indian politics.
[20 Jan, 2010 2031hrs IST]

naimesh,arlingotn,says:Why do we need external enemies..when we have
too many internal one. Dont be surprised in future if one needs visas
aka permits to go from one place to another.
[20 Jan, 2010 2031hrs IST]

suresh ,usa,says:15 years is almost abolishing the
competition ..interstate commerce should become more open, not less...
or mumbai becomes another singapore. If there are local or temporary
compulsions, it sbould been 2-3 years with review for xtention.
[20 Jan, 2010 2029hrs IST]

Gaurav,USA,says:And we complain about racist attacks in Australia...
[20 Jan, 2010 2028hrs IST]

Rishi Goyal,NYC,says:in same country we are restricting our citizen to
do business. Is this the new direction of our government? What central
government is doing? This is issue of rights, this should be handled
by central government. What about restricting foreign investment in
Mumbai? Ban all foreign investment and foreign firm as well to do
business in Mumbai? Mumbai soon will be General Motors of India. A
bankrupt city, if this attitude continues.
[20 Jan, 2010 2028hrs IST]

AR,Houston,says:Now all the states should follow the suit and ban
migrants from creating an opportunity for earning their livelyhood.
All states should now issue passports for their domiciles and issue
visa for person visting from other states...and then we should dis-
integrate India into different states (read countries). Problem
[20 Jan, 2010 2027hrs IST]

Mangyang,US,says:This is not good. In the past years Maharashtra has
become very hostile to non Marathi, not that Marathi people are
hostile, I have stayed and studied in Maharashtra and in general there
are very good people its those in power that does all these dramas.
[20 Jan, 2010 2021hrs IST]

SNR,Canada,says:This is not about being Maharashtrian or not. This is
about stopping new migrants from flooding into a city that is already
teeming to it's brims.It is also about accepting everyone who has the
Marathi spirit even if they're non-Maharashtrins to build the state
together. It is not against North Indians too as the media so
desparately tries to portray in order to create ill will. It is about
Biharis and UPites just coming in tens of thousands as if it is their
birth right and making a mess here. They contribute to not only the
existing water and sewage problems but add burden on the entire
[20 Jan, 2010 2020hrs IST]

Subhra Das,UK,says:This is ridiculous this is just not at all fair
just an awful situation. Okay tell me one thing why don’t you
tell the corporate like Reliance, Tata group, Bharati group, L
[20 Jan, 2010 2018hrs IST]

vb,us,says:Kasab has insisted he will speak only in Marathi as per one
news today.
[20 Jan, 2010 2018hrs IST]

Dinesh,USA,says:Its a complete " DISCRIMINATION "
[20 Jan, 2010 2017hrs IST]

hortense vaughan,australia,says:the central goverment should step in
and make this law illegal. Tourists can now look forward to catching
[20 Jan, 2010 2017hrs IST]

Gyan Prakash,Kolkata,says:What the stupidity is this?
[20 Jan, 2010 2015hrs IST]

Me_Nit,Pune,says:Sitting in A.C rooms and carving out the decision
whose consequences will be faced by the poor and needy section of the
society who strive to have even one-time meal..............Is this
Bapu's India?
[20 Jan, 2010 2013hrs IST]

Ashish,Norway,says:Looks like end of days for Congress. This is
nothing but complecency by Congress party after their thumping victory
in the general elections. History shows that such attempts by
individual or institutions which tend to curb basic human rights of
citizens has led to their downfall. This kind of policy is going to
hurt the party reputation really bad in rest of the country even if
they gain little more support of marathis.
[20 Jan, 2010 2010hrs IST]

raj,mumbai,says:I would say this is a very good move to generate local
employment and keep a check on unskilled immigration. People who do no
live in Mumbai should shut-up n stop over-reacting.
[20 Jan, 2010 2010hrs IST]

Ankit N Mathur,Doesn't matter,says:This is preposterous...Why stop
here. Why only Taxi Drivers? Make employment in Maharashtra impossible
for "outsiders"
[20 Jan, 2010 2009hrs IST]

Amit,Mumbai,says:Isn't this against the constitution? Or is
Maharashtra another country?
[20 Jan, 2010 2008hrs IST]

Ramadas,Coimbatore,says:Is Maharashtra still in India or has it been
granted independance and is a separate nation. The leaders who came up
with this are afraid of losing in the next election to the sena goons.
Somebody has to do something to stop these blockheads from causing
damage to the very fabric of a United India
[20 Jan, 2010 2008hrs IST]

Indian,India,says:Very good decision.These migrants are a burden on
the society creating law and order problem.Parasites will be the right
word for them.They are consuming resources and the taxpayers are
suffering.Road rage has increased and people are falling victims due
to these uncivilized people coming from other states.
[20 Jan, 2010 2006hrs IST]

Worried Indian Marathi,Mumbai, INDIA,says:This is ridiculous. This is
going to have severe implications for the many poor people from other
parts of India who can't read or write in their own languages never
mind Marathi or the ilerate Marthi's themselves. How about the
tourists from all over the world who can't speak Marathi? Another
useless piece of red tape aimed at disturbing the peace in our
[20 Jan, 2010 2006hrs IST]

ravi,bangalore,says:Isn’t it against the Indian constitution
(an Indian rights to move, stay and get job anywhere in India)?
[20 Jan, 2010 2004hrs IST]

vinod arora,meerut,says:Instead of solving problems in impartial
manner they make the things more complicated.It is hard to bilieve
that we are living in a single country.Better they have done something
for their farmers,water problems etc.
[20 Jan, 2010 2003hrs IST]

Surendra,INDIA,says:We should not criticise Australian, as we are
doing same with our own brother in Mumbai. What more you expect from
[20 Jan, 2010 2001hrs IST]

Parijat,UK,says:It is easier for most Indians to settle and work in
UK, USA or Canada than Mumbai. People could frown upon Sena or its
variants, but even a congress govt believes this is the best way to
divide people and win votes! Shame!
[20 Jan, 2010 2001hrs IST]

Indian ,USA,says:wow......instead of integratiing all the states into
a one strong nation...we are moving officially towards disecting it
more on the basis of language
[20 Jan, 2010 2001hrs IST]

pdas,Bangalore,says:This kind of attitude needs to be changed, We are
free to go anywhere and work anywhere in india.Similar rules can be
also adopted by other states which will only increase problem for
common man.These are old rules folks : Divide and Rule....But
unfortunately they wont work for a long.
[20 Jan, 2010 1959hrs IST]

Nitin Mukesh,Pune,says:Pathetic rule.So Mr. Ashok Chawhan what is
next ...need to have visa for non marathi people to enter
maharashtra??? Why not maharashtra ask for independece from India..we
are already in 3 pieces(India,Pak,Bangladesh)...if Maharshtra wants
they can demand for another piece....
[20 Jan, 2010 1958hrs IST]

Moushumi,US,says:This is good and perfect move from Maharashtra
govt....Driver should read and write Marathi it does not mean that He
shold not know hindi....
[20 Jan, 2010 1958hrs IST]

IMRAN,MANGALORE,says:please just think before you take any decision.
INDIANS are working as driver, labor, engineer, doctors and etc etcââ
‚¬Â¦ in abroad, did any country or any organization issued such a
[20 Jan, 2010 1957hrs IST]

Rohan,Mumbai,says:At least the state govt is transparently putting it
on the law books.
[20 Jan, 2010 1957hrs IST]

Mohammad Aziz Khan,mp (Dhar),says:Compulsion of fluent Marathi to take
taxi permit is not a good news. Congress and Ncp colliation Govt
himself on the way of MNS leader Raj THakre.Bombay is a international
city it is better to the driver to speak Hindi and English language as
a optional. which is recognised by the UNo. Every Indian must oppose
this decision, otherwise the other part of the country could not be
welcome Marathi Manus. UPA Govt. must oppose this decision for the
sake of unity of the country.
[20 Jan, 2010 1956hrs IST]

P.G.Rajagopal,Abu Dhabi,says:Apropos TNN report 'Read, write Marathi
to get taxi permit: Maharashtra government'. Surely this is to protect
weak Maharastrians and to ensure their daily 'dal roti'. So well done!
Ths same is done in countries where government rates their citizens
much below the others ...as sub-standard .....who cannnot earn a
living in the competitive world. The government wishes to protect to
keep them with a desire to keep the people in the same level always
and do not come up in the society as leaders. For the incumbent
Congress lots of votes in the ballet boxes. The philosophy of
protection is a philosophy of war, so said Ludwig von Mises. In the
near future when other states's men run helicopters and air-crafts,
the Maharashrians will be struck with their black/yellow cabs; a taxi
permit holder cum driver will be elevated to the highest status in
their societies.
[20 Jan, 2010 1955hrs IST]

Sahil Bhalla,Mumbai,says:Welcome to the Communist Jing-bang of
disgraceful politics. Like renaming Bombay to Mumbai wasn't enough, we
as the citizens of Mumbai witness fierce attempts of these "lesser
[20 Jan, 2010 1953hrs IST]

shrikant kulange,Singapore,says:Dear sir, People should not make silly
statements such as many readers have done. There is nothing wrong
putting such ban as Mumbai is capital of Maharashtra and states people
who come in to city not necessary to speak Hindi (like other states.
when they come to Mumbai they should not feel outsider being fellow
Maharashtrians. And Govt's ban is not anti Indian or anti community,
but keeping things in mind that local language is preferred language
in any state. Therefore state has right to implement such strick rules
where applicable. I have been to different states, where they they
prefer local language, then why everyone making issue out of it? IT is
indeed good move and no one will get harm in return. People should not
take Mumbai for granted and remember, Mumbai's local language is
Marathi. thanks.
[20 Jan, 2010 1953hrs IST]

Justistox, India,says:Thank God the existing licensed taxi drivers are
not likely to be affected.The new rules will have prospective
application only.No doubt the State has a right to regulate things and
curtail fundamental rights to a certain s extent only.If the new law
is to be approved, it must prove that it has not been evolved to
prejudice people on the basis of region and language.mumbai .
occupying a unique status, cannot afford to go in for such law.
[20 Jan, 2010 1952hrs IST]

July,NY,says:Don't the State govt has right to determine it's own
[20 Jan, 2010 1951hrs IST]

***@yahoo.ca,edmonton, Alberta, Canada,says:I read the news
with complete disbelief and disgust! Home, my Maharashtra, is what it
is because of contributions not just from Maharashtrians! Does the
Shiv Sena realize how handicapped it will be without people from other
regions! What a complete circus!
[20 Jan, 2010 1950hrs IST]

Baldev Singh,USA,says:What a ridiculous idea.It means the state
leaders are not competent to handle other problems facing the
city,state and Country.Indians are Indian regardless of their state or
[20 Jan, 2010 1949hrs IST]

Ravi Naidu,Bahrain,says:That's great.They must know Mumbai in
[20 Jan, 2010 1947hrs IST]

Joe ,Mumbai,says:This is in complete violation of the Indian
constitution. Imagine if this philosophy were to be extended to all
private and government enterprises it will the the death of freedom,
more so such rules are not nation building exercises. Mumbai happens
to be in Maharastra - it was build as a commercial hub for the whole
of India by the British. Lets not forget the purpose and the bedrock
principles this city was built on - " Free Enterprise"
[20 Jan, 2010 1946hrs IST]

Shivam,Istanbul,says:This is shame on Indian Democracy. I would
suggest all non-Maharashtrian to take out their money from Bombay
Stock Exchange then they will realize the difference. Please keep
Maharashtra a state not country.
[20 Jan, 2010 1945hrs IST]

Gagan,NJ, USA,says:Even when Indians come to USA, they can drive taxi
[20 Jan, 2010 1943hrs IST]

Akshay kumar www.Newageislam.org,New delhi,says:It is another
propaganda by MNS and shiv sena in the veil of maharashtra
government.It is totally unfair that how any one who not belongs to
Maharashtra can read ,write and understand marathi. And it also
contempt against our Constitution where describe that anyone free to
live any part of country.
[20 Jan, 2010 1942hrs IST]

ishwar,New Delhi,says:So what... people would still VOTE for Congis.
There is lack of infrastructure all over country, prices of essential
commodities are at all time high, China has reportedly grabbed more
land in Kashmir, over 3/4th of us live below the poverty line and
there is rampant corruption all over. Oh I forgot, at least we have a
SECULAR govt!!!
[20 Jan, 2010 1941hrs IST]

smai,Dam,says:Marathi language should not be a condition on issueing
taxi licence, it means government supporting anti-migrant campaign.
[20 Jan, 2010 1940hrs IST]

jigna,India,says:That's what we need to increase security and not be
driven by foreigners and duped. Not only yellow meru taxi should be
screened they hire a lot of people who escape or infiltrate our
borders like the paki actors.
[20 Jan, 2010 1939hrs IST]

Rajeev,Canada,says:This is a sign India is going towards another
[20 Jan, 2010 1939hrs IST]

Chaman Chambu,anywhere, India,says:I love India! Can't drive? You can
get license! But you can't get license if you can't speak marathi.
[20 Jan, 2010 1939hrs IST]

Sukiran Davuluri,Vijayawada,says:Can we Ask the Cabinet What is the
reason that provoked them to take this decision,for that matter they
can answer the question?the reason is to cope with Raj Thackery.Feel
ashamed Mr Chavan.Why don't they make a decision to allot only those
NSG persons to fight terrorists who had at least 15 Yrs of living in
Mumbai and known Marathi if it was attacked by jihadis.will they ever
make that decision?
[20 Jan, 2010 1938hrs IST]

Nikhil Agrawal,Pune,says:this rule seems like a violation of the
Indian constitution to allow live and work anywhere in India.
[20 Jan, 2010 1938hrs IST]

mpaul,USA,says:I guess that gives rights to all tulus to kick out non
tulus from bangalore and similarly all gujjus in Ahmadabad and why not
the bongs ( all though they have all lost their spine under communist
rule ) to kick non natives out from Calcutta etc.
[20 Jan, 2010 1936hrs IST]

punit,Delhi,says:Do Maharashtrians aspire to be Taxi drivers ?
[20 Jan, 2010 1933hrs IST]

Harry,USA,says:Jai ho Maharashtra....I mean the new country that this
is going to break into. And then we blame other countries for dividing
us ?! Shame Shame !! Maybe we were better off under British rule ?
[20 Jan, 2010 1928hrs IST]

taher,Visakhapatnam,says:I Think Chief Minster also should be
qualified with master in economics etc. In that case Mr. Chavan should
resign and cong-NCP must find a suitable candidate. This also to be
followed by other MPs in the state.
[20 Jan, 2010 1928hrs IST]

Pradeep Dabhekar,Muscat,says:Jai Maharashtra !!!!!!!!!
[20 Jan, 2010 1927hrs IST]

Gautham,chennai,says:What will happen if other states start following
the same procedure???
[20 Jan, 2010 1924hrs IST]


...and I am Sid Harth
Sid Harth
2010-01-23 14:29:16 UTC
On Jan 23, 9:22 am, Sid Harth <***@yahoo.com> wrote:
On Jan 23, 9:11 am, Sid Harth <***@yahoo.com> wrote:
Not lived in Maharashtra for 15 yrs? Can't get taxi permit
TIMES NEWS NETWORK & AGENCIES, 20 January 2010, 05:50pm IST


Readers' Opinions


Not lived in Maharashtra for 15 yrs? Can't get taxi permit

Dr K,Canada,says:A very bad move. India is for all Indians and they
should be able to move about freely anywhere. As it is, this move is
nothing less than discrimination! How about giving taxi permits to
those who have a safe driving record of 15 years and no criminal
background no matter where they come from?
[20 Jan, 2010 1923hrs IST]

Vinay,Noida,says:Why Not Maharashtra should declare as Nation, if they
have so many problem with rest of India ?
[20 Jan, 2010 1923hrs IST]

KN Kataria,Ahmedabad , Gujarat,says:And , perhaps , the next move will
be to give private vehicle driving license also to the people who
fullfil similar conditions strictly.
[20 Jan, 2010 1921hrs IST]

Saikat Chakraborty,West Bengal,says:Kudos to the Congress
[20 Jan, 2010 1921hrs IST]

manfriday,Mumbai,says:Good - Can't believe it that they are going head
over heels over low paid jobs. Keep it up. The rest of us will become
lawyers, doctors etc.
[20 Jan, 2010 1919hrs IST]

himadri,gurgaon,says:utter nonsense. what ever has happened to any
sort of freedom in mumbai / maharashtra!
[20 Jan, 2010 1919hrs IST]

Amit Bhat ,Sringar,says:Does that mean that "Marathi Mannos "
[20 Jan, 2010 1917hrs IST]

Waqaas Rumani,Mumbai,says:Taxi Drivers should be able to READ AND
WRITE in Marathi? How many taxi drivers do even know to read and write
hindi or any other language for that matter?
[20 Jan, 2010 1916hrs IST]

Aravinds,Chennai,says:This is the most stupid decision taken by the
[20 Jan, 2010 1915hrs IST]

kumar,assam,says:People who frame rules should be mature. This ruling
is a sad commentary on the maturity level of people who frame rules in
Maharashtra. This ruling can not be in overall interest of Maharashtra
or India. People in Maharashtra are strong and have rich history to
support this claim, they do not need protection from these professed
well wishers, they can compete in open market rather than take shelter
of such rules that will kill competition. They do not need cruches of
protection. These professed well wishers of Maharashtra are basically
vote seekers who will kill the spirit of Maharashtra. There should be
some control at National level against states powers to make such
devisive rules. People of Maharashtra should recognise such wolves in
sheeps clothing and should not vote them back to power again.
[20 Jan, 2010 1914hrs IST]

Pavan,US,says:Sometimes Congress Knows how to take action...while SS
and MNS just keep raking the issue for political gains!
[20 Jan, 2010 1913hrs IST]

Ashwin,Mumbai,says:...and will that help Mumbai?
[20 Jan, 2010 1910hrs IST]

amardeep kumar,N D R I KARNAL,says:it is not in favor of Marathi
people.it will divide India.this time we Bihari ask for job, next time
we will ask for separate country.
[20 Jan, 2010 1910hrs IST]

ssmoorthy,carmel usa,says:The political situations in Maharashtra and
AP impend divisve forces in the population promoted and perpetuated by
selfish politicians.Today it is Taxi drivers and tomorrow it will be
teachers and scientists.It is imbecile to think in these terms of
regional languages.When the rest of the world is going forward with
English as he language of communication we are taking regressive
steps.There should be one script,Devanagiri in India.We could not
translate and we cannot translate all the scientific knowledge into
Marati or regional languages.We could not translate even our Vedas and
Upanishads until recently into Hindi or regional languages
clearly.Germans translated before we could.Whatever the intentions of
the leaders are there should be consensus of a national language/
languages and uniform rules for the country.Otherwise we will fall
into the hands of foreign rulers tightly controlling the country as
they had done for 1500 years.
[20 Jan, 2010 1909hrs IST]

S. Basu Ray,Canada,says:It is really surprising to read the article
that a person born in India and a citizen by birth has to wait for 15
years to exercise his/her rights.Whereas here in Canada people are
migrating from all over the world and settle down get citizenship as
soon as 5 years is over and enjoy all rights even though not a citizen
by birth. So the question is do we need to have a seperate passport to
settle down in any other state in India? Here in Canada one can move
to any part of the country and settle down exercising all rights and
freedom.It is ridiculous
[20 Jan, 2010 1909hrs IST]

Karthik (Migrant in Mumbai),Mangalore - Mumbai ,says:Well done guys.
At least Amar Singh will not be able to give lathis to Bhaiyas to hit
[20 Jan, 2010 1906hrs IST]

Vishal Jagtap,Singapore,says:A welcome decision!!! In the world of
globalization you need to have such rules for locals. Good decision
hope it would be implemented strictly
[20 Jan, 2010 1905hrs IST]

Ryan,Mumbai/Sydney,says:What a fantastic decision,
[20 Jan, 2010 1904hrs IST]

T Krishnamurthy,Chennai,says:If C M takes a decision that non
maharashtrians can not do jobs in Maharashtra and no non marathi
drivers then let him also take adecision that only marathi people has
voting rights. Let the court decide. Maharashtra is not made by the C
M to dictate terms of his fancy. Let the court take some decision on C
M for pocking his nose in our fundamental rights.If he wants let him
also start a separate state for marathi speking people and start a
problem like telangana so that he can also sleep peacefully when all
the maharashtra will be burning. There should be a limit for such a
nonsense talk of the C M Let him give instructions to all banks not to
transfer non marathi spaking people to maharashtra state.Then we will
see how many banks will open their branches in Maharashtra and how
Maharashtra will develop. Is it not a foolish step?
[20 Jan, 2010 1902hrs IST]

Ankit,Hyderabad,says:that is a very bad thing happened in indian
history. It looks like Government is showing biasness to indian
citizens also. taking taxi permit will be equal to non-marathi indian
as a non-indian. According to this Indian govt. should impose a law
like whoever doesn't know hindi should not drive taxi or can die with
starve. People its a big issue It should be taken to supreme court and
the CM supporting it should be out of the command.
[20 Jan, 2010 1859hrs IST]

R,USA,says:Well, why blame Australia ? Do Indians need Visa/work
permit next ?
[20 Jan, 2010 1855hrs IST]

manjunath,chennai,says:I am not against giving opportunities to the
local people, but.
[20 Jan, 2010 1855hrs IST]

Kaushal M,***@yahoo.com,says:What if the governments abroad
made the same rule and we Indians had to go back from the US, Canada,
Europe etc ? I think MH is going the Australia way...only in Australia
its explicit, while in "amchi Mumbai"
[20 Jan, 2010 1854hrs IST]

marathi manoos,mumbai,says:Great decesion. it should have been done
much earlier by govt of maharashtra.Now all hindi
[20 Jan, 2010 1853hrs IST]

Biplab Saha,Abu Dhabi,says:Why Australians should allow Indian taxi
drivers, barbar, beauty technicians and others to do petty jobs in
Australia ?? They should be thrown out of the country. If we all
Indian do not allow other state people to work in our state we do no
have any right to point finger at other countries.
[20 Jan, 2010 1852hrs IST]

sham,gaya,says:this rule is needed for the Security personnel and
gaurds also
[20 Jan, 2010 1851hrs IST]

maq,Indian,says:This is to please Balthakrey, or may be a political
reason but if you are Indian you can go live in any part of the
country irespective of what language you speak and write and read..
and earn a livelivehood.. I guess the next sep will be charge a VISA
fee if you want to vist Mumbai or maharashtra.
[20 Jan, 2010 1851hrs IST]

sham,gaya,says:Taxi drivers- if this is not acceptable then go to
Tamilnadu or Kashmir .
[20 Jan, 2010 1850hrs IST]

fox,Melbourne,says:What the British couldn't do the Indian Politicians
have done it, divide the country.
[20 Jan, 2010 1850hrs IST]

Shreyash,Mumbai,says:We voted for congress because they were not using
"Dirty Divide and Rule"
[20 Jan, 2010 1848hrs IST]

Surojit Mohanty,Bangalore,says:I think, Australia should duplicate
this rule. It will solve all racism problems!!
[20 Jan, 2010 1847hrs IST]

Amit,Pune,says:This should be challenged in both lower and upper
courts. India is a sovereign country and such laws look like Visa
[20 Jan, 2010 1847hrs IST]

KVSKumar,Mumbai,says:Is Congress competing with SS / MNS? By the by is
there any provision to lease out the permits to those who have a
driving license?. Then job is done! tan-tana-tan. ha ha ha hah
[20 Jan, 2010 1846hrs IST]

Shain,Brussels,says:This kind of legislation is against the very of
spirit of India and is against out the fundamental value of " unity in
[20 Jan, 2010 1844hrs IST]

Shain,Brussels,says:This kind of legislation is against the very of
spirit of India and is against out the fundamental value of " unity in
[20 Jan, 2010 1844hrs IST]

Dawood Khan,Dammam KSA,says:At last the govt has surenderd to the
politically motivated issue.
[20 Jan, 2010 1844hrs IST]

Soumitra Kandpal,Delhi,says:This goes to prove that the Congress NCP
govt. is supported by Raj Thakrey and he is fulfilling his hate agenda
through this govt.
[20 Jan, 2010 1841hrs IST]

George CT,Riyadh,says:The way we are going, we are never going to
improve. I am sure other states will also follow suit. Now the Rly.
minister has come across with her own idea of conducting rly.
recruitment examinations in local languages. This means that only
locals will be considered for any vacancy. These kind of son of soil
enthusiasms will do no good for the country at all. We are diggig our
own grave. I am sure this will in due course will pave way for
separate nations by all states.
[20 Jan, 2010 1840hrs IST]

Ekta,UK,says:What next .... Passports for Maharashtra? A step in the
wrong direction if you ask me
[20 Jan, 2010 1840hrs IST]

Dr. Anil Khari,M.D.,Kingston, Jamaica, W.I.,says:Is India - leading
towards disintigration? Would Maharastra be the first newly
independent country ?The Federal Republic of Maharastra?
[20 Jan, 2010 1839hrs IST]

Shahnawaz Ahmad,Berlin, Germany,says:These politicians will promote
regionalism now. Indians are the biggest racist. Aussies attack
Indians in Australia, then the whole indian community is shouting,
indians attack indians in India, because they are from a different
state and the goverment also makes a rule promote these kind of
politics, then nobody does anything. Somebody said it right, India ka
kuch nahin ho sakta.
[20 Jan, 2010 1838hrs IST]

Hina,Delhi,says:This is disgusting. What has Taxi driving to do with
reading n writing Marathi n living in Maharashtra for 15 yrs. This
state government is trying to divide Indians in the name of community.
They have forgotten "United we stand, divided we fall"
[20 Jan, 2010 1838hrs IST]

CM,Mumbai,says:another stupidity.. is Mumbai separate country? is it
not part of India? how govt. can allow such things. its really
shameful that we got such a govt. who want to divide and rule. its
high time that everybody realises that by doing such thing,
maharashtra is loosing to other states. nobdy has to loose anything
except for common man. even politicians know that. over a period of
time, maharashtrians will loose more than gaining.
[20 Jan, 2010 1838hrs IST]

Pran Malhotra,Sweden,says:How many taxis are there in Mumbai
officially registered ?
[20 Jan, 2010 1836hrs IST]

Shriniwas ,Mumbai,says:Jin kisiko agree nahi...woh log wapas apne apne
ghar chale jao... kisi ko permit milega nahi...
[20 Jan, 2010 1836hrs IST]

Tukun,Sydney,says:and you call Australia racists.... Nice.
[20 Jan, 2010 1835hrs IST]

bimlesh,pune,says:Congres always used the divide and rule based on
religion,language and culture since independence.So it is worthless to
expect more from this dead party.
[20 Jan, 2010 1835hrs IST]

Hina,Delhi,says:This is disgusting. What has Taxi driving to do with
reading n writing Marathi n living in Maharashtra for 15 yrs. This
state government is trying to divide Indians in the name of community.
They have forgotten "United we stand, divided we fall"
[20 Jan, 2010 1834hrs IST]

Proud soon to be US Citizen,USA, thank god and not India,says:I think
we should now stop pretending that India is one country. There is no
unifying factor in the country. Single religion(Hinduism) or single
language(Hindi) is not acceptable to everyone. You can say it is due
to evil selfish politicians and other social leaders who have been
successful in dividing people into language, religion, region etc. and
creating lot of jealousy, hatred and poison among people. Because such
politicians see more gain for themselves in splitting India because
the more number of kingdoms, the more they can become kings and rule
and loot and enjoy unbridled power. They dont want to focus on things
which unite India from Kashmir to Kanyakumari like same gods, same
Hinduism based culture or whatever it may be. They want to focus more
on dividing India into their fiefdoms to rule it. Or on other hand you
can also say that people themselves don't want single language and
single religion, in which case, a house(India) divided can never
stand. Even Gandhi wanted single language Hindi as national language
to unify the country. But today, there is no concept of Indianness.
There are no unifying factor which can define what Indian means. Every
vested interest wants to divide and further divide India to suit his
own interest which is mainly power and thereby money by corruption and
misuse of power. Everyone in government is corrupt from top to bottom.
Reality is that India is a collection of many countries divided deeply
on basis of language. Not to mention religion. In 1947, the then
Indian Muslims (mainly from UP and Bihar, Bengal and Punjab) lead by
Jinnah already took huge chunk of land from India for exclusive Muslim
countries in form of Bangladesh and Pakistan. Again only just some
time back, some Muslims are demanding separate Muslim state carved
from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar again where they have increased their
population exponentially by rejecting family planning. Other movements
for separation from India are going on in North East. Now it looks
like it is time for each language to have its own country. If you see
todays world, after becoming adult, everyone wants to live separately
in separate house away from their parents due to either wife or any
other reason like not getting enough freedom and not being head of
house and doing things according to their wish. Similarly it is time
we stopped thinking that India is a single country. It is a deeply
divided country into many states based on language even after religion
partition and losing a huge chunk of land to Muslims in 1947. I guess
after partition of India, people can have visas and rules of each
country if you want a visa. Mumbai has already started with visa
system as we can see in this news report. Will be interesting to see
how long before China, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka take over
more and more part of India which is deeply divided without any
unifying factors. We should stop pretending and fooling younger
generation who then become idealistic about India. It is better to
split up India into many countries and start Visa system so that
younger generation is not fooled by stupid pledges like all Indians
are my brothers and sisters taught in schools.
[20 Jan, 2010 1834hrs IST]

Ashok Mogre,Mumbai,says:It is not sufficient that they can read and
write marathi.
[20 Jan, 2010 1833hrs IST]

[20 Jan, 2010 1832hrs IST]

Man,Kolkata,says:It is against democracy. We live in independent
India. Maharashtra politics is becoming foul day by day.
[20 Jan, 2010 1831hrs IST]

Proud Soon to be US Citizen rather than divided country and people
full of stupid jealous hating morons,USA,says:I think we should now
stop pretending that India is one country. There is no unifying factor
in the country. Single religion(Hinduism) or single language(Hindi) is
not acceptable to everyone. You can say it is due to evil selfish
politicians and other social leaders who have been successful in
dividing people into language, religion, region etc. and creating lot
of jealousy, hatred and poison among people. Because such politicians
see more gain for themselves in splitting India because the more
number of kingdoms, the more they can become kings and rule and loot
and enjoy unbridled power. They dont want to focus on things which
unite India from Kashmir to Kanyakumari like same gods, same Hinduism
based culture or whatever it may be. They want to focus more on
dividing India into their fiefdoms to rule it. Or on other hand you
can also say that people themselves don't want single language and
single religion, in which case, a house(India) divided can never
stand. Even Gandhi wanted single language Hindi as national language
to unify the country. But today, there is no concept of Indianness.
There are no unifying factor which can define what Indian means.
Etodays world, after becoming adult, every vested interest wants to
divide and further divide India to suit his own interest which is
mainly power and thereby money by corruption and misuse of power.
Everyone in government is corrupt from top to bottom. Reality is that
India is a collection of many countries divided deeply on basis of
language. Not to mention religion. In 1947, the then Indian Muslims
(mainly from UP and Bihar, Bengal and Punjab) lead by Jinnah already
took huge chunk of land from India for exclusive Muslim countries in
form of Bangladesh and Pakistan. Again only just some time back, some
Muslims are demanding separate Muslim state carved from Uttar Pradesh
and Bihar again where they have increased their population
exponentially by rejecting family planning. Other movements for
separation from India are going on in North East. Now it looks like it
is time for each language to have its own country. If you see veryone
wants to live separately in separate house away from their parents due
to either wife or any other reason like not getting enough freedom and
not being head of house and doing things according to their wish.
Similarly it is time we stopped thinking that India is a single
country. It is a deeply divided country into many states based on
language even after religion partition and losing a huge chunk of land
to Muslims in 1947. I guess after partition of India, people can have
visas and rules of each country if you want a visa. Mumbai has already
started with visa system as we can see in this news report. Will be
interesting to see how long before China, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri
Lanka take over more and more part of India which is deeply divided
without any unifying factors. We should stop pretending and fooling
younger generation who then become idealistic about India. It is
better to split up India into many countries and start Visa system so
that younger generation is not fooled by stupid pledges like all
Indians are my brothers and sisters taught in schools. I GUESS WHEN
[20 Jan, 2010 1831hrs IST]

Menon,Tanzania,says:Pause a moment and think what will happen if
people start throwing out Marathis from various sectors? Will it auger
well for India. It is time that Mumbai is made a Union Territory where
all indians can work and live in any. Same thing should be done for
[20 Jan, 2010 1831hrs IST]

jram,mumbai,says:rather there should be a rule that politicians should
have a minimum qualification to be eligible to rule our states/
[20 Jan, 2010 1830hrs IST]

Bhanu,Bangalore,says:Marathis will have to face the consequence, A day
will come when Marathis will be asked to leave other state, and Mumbai
will became a place where only people who don't have any work will
live, it will turn from financial capital to poor capital of India as
no hard workers will live there and all the financial institutions
will migrate from there to other places.
[20 Jan, 2010 1827hrs IST]

Deshpremi,Mumbai,says:Congress-NCP government is going as MNS ways.
[20 Jan, 2010 1827hrs IST]

Senthil,Chennai,says:And we say racism in Australia. No wonder
[20 Jan, 2010 1826hrs IST]

Prathamesh R,Hyderabad,says:Late, but good initiative.
[20 Jan, 2010 1825hrs IST]

Immaterial,Immaterial,says:this will ensure that Marathi manoos are
restricted to driving taxi's around the city, whereas the actual money
is churned by all immigrants and appropriated back to their places,,
long live our visionaries,, (read MNS)
[20 Jan, 2010 1823hrs IST]

a,pune,says:This is bullshit.... just trying to get more vote
bank .... and bluffing the local idiots who are in support of this..
[20 Jan, 2010 1821hrs IST]

Satyajit ,Mumbai,says:What about the rickshawalas in the suburbs ???
[20 Jan, 2010 1820hrs IST]

Anand,Mumbai,says:When terrorists strike Mumbai, the politicians hide
behind the pallu of their wives. Shameful guys are only hell bent on
dividing India. They have forgotten the phrase - United we stand,
divided we fall.
[20 Jan, 2010 1818hrs IST]

A deeply hurt 'Maharashtrian' Mumbaikar,Mumbai,says:This is indeed a
very sad and regressive step. This is what will only lead to divion
between people from different states. Even our pledge says...All
Indians are my brothers and sisters. External powers can easily take
advantage of this situation..following the divide and rule policy...
It is very sad to see that the divions are being created by our own
elected representatives. They have let us down time and again... this
is just one more time. Next what...we will have governments of Bihar
and UP coming out with similar rules! How sad it is for Biharis who
are born n brought in Mumbai but due to this won't be accepted neither
here nor in Bihar! We are fighting with Australia for the lives of our
youth...what are we doing here if we ourselves are taking away the
livlihood of our own children. Shame on Maharashtra State Government
for passing such an order. Can they not use their time, money and
power to do something to bring people together!!! :(
[20 Jan, 2010 1818hrs IST]

Ramesh Baliga,Birhamming,says:This approach is much superior way to
veer around the people, to be part of marathi manoos initiative, than
Raj's and earlier-on Bal's voilent and ways!
[20 Jan, 2010 1816hrs IST]

Jaytirth K,Mumbai,says:A harsh but a necessary step to prevent illegal
migration in Mumbai and Maharashtra.
[20 Jan, 2010 1815hrs IST]

Sudeep Agarwal,Nairobi,says:That's a SHAME!!! Is this the way to
development? Government is supporting Shiv Sena - disgusting!
[20 Jan, 2010 1814hrs IST]

sharp,pune,says:100 percent perfect decision!! should be done way back
in 1960s....
[20 Jan, 2010 1814hrs IST]

Deepak,Pune,says:I would like to know, what would a Passenger do say 5
years later who doesn't know Marathi. Shall he continue struggling to
get his requirement through the Drivers who just know Marathi. I am
surprised to see this sickening politics played to even Ground levels
[20 Jan, 2010 1814hrs IST]

yakoo,ahmedabad,says:Hi, we make huge hysteria in india over indians
being assaulted in australia and what are we doing down in mumbai, You
bash kill people for not being marathis and now stupid govt comes up
with rule that you need to reside for 15 years what is govt talking
about.....if it cannot give jobs then atleast stay away from private
individual to earn his liveli hood. Mera bharat mahan sau mein saey
ninyambay beimaan.
[20 Jan, 2010 1812hrs IST]

MarathI Amanush,Pune,says:I would like the Maharashtra Govt. to make a
low that all of the marathi speaking people should travel to Australia
and take over that country.
[20 Jan, 2010 1811hrs IST]

Raghav,Hyderabad,says:Kasab seems speaks Marathi. Chavan can offer him
the taxi license.
[20 Jan, 2010 1810hrs IST]

Appan Menon,Jaipur,says:It is ultra vires the constitution. Somebody
should file a PIL.
[20 Jan, 2010 1810hrs IST]

Anish ,Thrissur,says:These type of policies are the symptoms of the
balkanization awaiting India.
[20 Jan, 2010 1810hrs IST]

Amar Sing,UP,says:Excellent Decision. FINNALY.
[20 Jan, 2010 1809hrs IST]

arunnr,bangalore,says:Politicians will do anything to get a vote bank.
Last time I checked,it is our fundamental right to live anywhere in
INDIA and do whatever we could for a living.
[20 Jan, 2010 1808hrs IST]

Swati,Bhubaneshwar,says:The frequency of people moving from one place
to another like going to workplace, market etc is much more in
metropolitan city than in any other place. It is this reason ppl try
to migrate to the big cities for such jobs like taxi drivers etc. No
one should stop ppl from other states within India to take permit for
such jobs.
[20 Jan, 2010 1807hrs IST]

Indian,india,says:what a fate being an indian.Day by day world is
shrinking and everybody other than indians is trying to cross country
borders and become part of the new world.but we,indians, are
desperately planning to go back to BC time. we are trying our level
best to make as many as small groups and create new borders among
ourselves to treat our own people as foreigners.what a shame on our
part.If it keeps continue,tomrrow people will start create boundries
between mumbai and rest of the india and tell that all everybody other
than mumbai should carry passport...god only save us.
[20 Jan, 2010 1806hrs IST]

Hemant,Delhi,says:Jai Maharashtra. Marathi Manoos can now drive Taxi
without any competition. God bless them. Screw the country, as soon
there will be nothing left which can be called a NATION.
[20 Jan, 2010 1805hrs IST]

Raj,USA,says:Now you will see how many Marathi Manus will act as a
middle agent to make the taxi license available to non-Maharashtrians.
[20 Jan, 2010 1805hrs IST]

Sachin,Pune,says:This is AWESOME!! Jai Maharashtra
[20 Jan, 2010 1804hrs IST]

Juhi Srivastava,London,says:This is a new low for Bombay and
India...what next?...you need to speak Marathi to buy a house, get a
job, go to the mall? This is racism - pure and simple. They are
killing the spirit of Bombay...because they cannot succeed - bring
everyone down as well.
[20 Jan, 2010 1802hrs IST]

Ben,Dubai,says:I suppose , this is not enough.... more needs to be
done... Have an Idea..
[20 Jan, 2010 1800hrs IST]

G Krishnamurthy,New Delhi,says:The NCP and Congress have become as
fascist as the Shiv Sena and the MNS. This ruling is totally uncalled
for. As it changes the fundamental structure of the constitution,
there should be a PIL filed with the High Court, and maybe the Supreme
[20 Jan, 2010 1754hrs IST]

dharma,Amerikaa,says:This is a good move to protect the sons of
soil !!! Congratulations to MahaaRaashtra Govt
[20 Jan, 2010 1753hrs IST]

Indian,India,says:Its really very bad , no one has the worry about
country "Apni dhapli Apna Raag"
[20 Jan, 2010 1752hrs IST]

pranav,india,says:I wish for same rule in US, Canada, UK and
Australia.. if mumbai is only for mumbaikar's then same apply for
[20 Jan, 2010 1751hrs IST]

Prerna,Mumai,says:Sad and disgusting.
[20 Jan, 2010 1750hrs IST]

Prabhat Mitra,Singapore,says:Thank God !! Ganapati bappa !!!.....After
so many years the Congress government is thiinking about the People of
Maharshtra..Jai Congress ! Jai Maharshtra
[20 Jan, 2010 1750hrs IST]

MVK Reddy,New Delhi,says:ganda kanoon brought by andha netashris. It
is unconstitutional, unwarranted and a jolt to federal spirit. The
centre is merely watching and the Sardarji PM, Sonia and Chidambaram
have become like naya Tughlaqs, Neros.....
[20 Jan, 2010 1750hrs IST]

Sudhir Kulkarni,Dadar Mumbai,says:Good decision. Those who don't like
it can go to other states and do taxi business where such rule is not
[20 Jan, 2010 1748hrs IST]

indian,india,says:and you thought racism was only in Australia...now
in your own country you are an outsider! down with discrimination
[20 Jan, 2010 1746hrs IST]

Anish,Rathore,says:Should we not question Australia,,when same is
happening in our country.
[20 Jan, 2010 1744hrs IST]

Ameya Sarpotdar,Pune,says:Excellent decision. This decision is
certainly non anti-non-maharashtrians. I have seen in Mumbai auto/
taxi drivers pretending not knowing Marathi purposely or even denying
to travel at slightly odd times, when passenger is speaking in
Marathi. Anywhere a person goes, he must respect local language,
people and culture.
[20 Jan, 2010 1743hrs IST]

Neetha,Pune,says:My personal experience with rickshaw drivers who are
localites has been very bad. They never agree to take the meter charge
and are very corrupt. The same pattern may be observed in taxi drivers
if they are only localites. Would there be some check for the
corruption levels as well or it would be the passenger who has to
suffer? ( in general local maharashtrians are little lazy and found to
be more corrupt than others in every field)
[20 Jan, 2010 1743hrs IST]

Guptan Veemboor,Bangalore,says:This is really a bad move. If things
are allowed to go like this in another couple of decades it will
disintegrate India into separate secluded states. Every Indian should
have the freedom to live anywhere in India and earn his living. If
this is allowed what prevents other states like Karnataka orTamilnadu
or Andhrapradesh or any other states to adopt such laws. This trend
should have been nipped long long back. Still it is better late than
never. Is it a national party in power in Maharashtra or a regional
parochial outfit?
[20 Jan, 2010 1741hrs IST]

Ankit Jain,Bangalore,says:Another Australia in making ..
[20 Jan, 2010 1741hrs IST]

kk,India,says:On second thoughts - how about VISA on H1B1 line for
Taxi Driving Work Permits ?? You guy's love methods to make money - so
go for it !!!
[20 Jan, 2010 1740hrs IST]

V Venugopal,Oman,says:The day is not far when this country does a full
circle and disintegrate into pre colonial era of princely states !!
These kind of vote bank biased initiatives are just not acceptable in
a country like India !!
[20 Jan, 2010 1739hrs IST]

Indian,US,says:Dont we have democracy anymore? Now a couple of Gundas
going to dictate who can do what. Where is the legal system. How can
they impose such a rule?
[20 Jan, 2010 1738hrs IST]

ymj,dubai,says:This is really good. Infact all states should follow
this rule to avoid the taxi crime.
[20 Jan, 2010 1738hrs IST]

nitin singh tomar,dubai,says:This is talibization of mumbai and
maharastra. really pity the poor decision by a coward government.They
cant overcome thackeray fear. really shame for nation as a whole.
[20 Jan, 2010 1738hrs IST]

shrihari Godbole,Oman,says:Finally Maharashtra Govt woke up. I can't
speak my own language Marathi in Maharashtra because Rickshaw Drivers
[20 Jan, 2010 1738hrs IST]

Abhigyan,New Delhi,says:This is stupidity. Tomorrow Maharastra will
require a permit for indian nationals residing in another state to
enter Maharastra and then they will declare themselves a seperate
country. Also this move is destined to bring entire Mumbai to a
standstill if these Taxi drivers were not allowed to operate.
[20 Jan, 2010 1737hrs IST]

Yogesh,Pune,says:This is hypocrisy at its best. It is like creating
rule for people outside Maharashtra or even the ones who are living in
Maharashtra to not get equal opportunities for work. Should the people
living out of Maharastra should start driving and thrashing
Maharastrians living in their state? I guess, Maharashtra would be
short of space to accomodate everyone coming ??? All I can say -
Democracy and Principle of One India being raped publicly...
[20 Jan, 2010 1736hrs IST]

Sandeep Singh,UK,says:taliban operating in Maharastra....An Indian can
go and work anywhere in India without any rules and conditions
[20 Jan, 2010 1735hrs IST]

Ankit Jain,Hyderabad,says:very good. That's what we were waiting for.
Now make the rest of us get a visa before coming to Maharashtra. Do
you think Marathi Maanus are that incompetent that they'll lose their
taxi drivers' jobs in competition to some other people? Also ask
pilots of international airlines and ship captains to learn Marathi if
they ever need to land or dock in Mumbai.
[20 Jan, 2010 1734hrs IST]

prem mishra,dubai,says:now i would like to see if the media can slam
the Mah Govt for having a fundamentalist approach. Am sure they would
have termed the SS or MNS if they had to come out with such a ruling.
I feel that all CM's of Mah should also be ones that have domiciled
proof of living in Mumbai for over 15 years as mandatory, because
having an experience of living in a city is a must for effective mgmnt
of the admin aspects of the city. Otherwise you tend to allow any city
to decay and become a village or rather what has become of Mumbai
[20 Jan, 2010 1734hrs IST]

Ajay,Pune,says:This is unconstitutional.
[20 Jan, 2010 1733hrs IST]

Bhaskar,Bangalore,says:this is a true reflection of non patriotism and
biasdness shown by the cabinet. I will not be surprised if Maharashtra
will become second Kashmir. this problem needs to be curbed as soon as
[20 Jan, 2010 1733hrs IST]

Vikas Mishra,New DElhu,says:Its high time now to fix this in-house
terrorist first. The so called marathi manus are even more lethal and
dangerous than our neighbours Pakistan and China. They lived up their
life and they are leaving behind is extremely dangerous for teh
sovernighty of the nation. Authorties must take some action to put a
tab on such nonsense. It was Marathi Manus, now Telangana......really
need to understand who is the real enemy of India ? Outsiders ?...I
doubt; ...our own people !!
[20 Jan, 2010 1733hrs IST]

Anil Kotwal,Adelaide,says:What next an Article 370 for Maharashtra as
[20 Jan, 2010 1732hrs IST]

prem mishra,dubai,says:now i would like to see if the media can slam
the Mah Govt for having a fundamentalist approach. Am sure they would
have termed the SS or MNS if they had to come out with such a ruling.
I feel that all CM's of Mah should also be ones that have domiciled
proof of living in Mumbai for over 15 years as mandatory, because
having an experience of living in a city is a must for effective mgmnt
of the admin aspects of the city. Otherwise you tend to allow any city
to decay and become a village or rather what has become of Mumbai - A
SLUM, thats why somebody had the cheek to make SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE.
[20 Jan, 2010 1732hrs IST]

ALTAF HUSSAIN,JEDDAH,says:This is another tactis to divide the
Maharashtra, being a Indian every Indian citizen should have wright to
earn money any part of India by any authantic means.
[20 Jan, 2010 1732hrs IST]

Neeraj N,Noida,says:Folks living in areas of the country where
employment is not available have no other option to migrate merely to
survive. Such rules deprive our own nationals from earning a
livelihood. In times of need we should be helpful towards one another
and not get towed by regional fanatics. God forbid, if Maharashtra
witnesses a calamity, would it accept help only from people who meet
certain criteria? "Only Marathi blood donors?"
[20 Jan, 2010 1731hrs IST]

Anil,Mumbai,says:No comments .. This show which world we are living...
Let all ppl moving to US and UK from maharastra should wait for 15 yrs
to get driving lic...
[20 Jan, 2010 1731hrs IST]

Katie,uk,says:i think it is reall :)
[20 Jan, 2010 1730hrs IST]

Hindustani,India,says:How a govt. supports this type of movement which
ignites discrimination among the Indians?
[20 Jan, 2010 1729hrs IST]

Satyendra,Delhi,says:The Maharashtra government is imposing Marathi to
migrant; which is not fair .There are thousands of taxi drivers living
in Mumbai for more than 15 years but they do not know Marathi. Few
days ago Shiv sena stated that Mumbai belong to only local people.
Mumbai is financial kingdom of India and as per constitution every
Indian is free to live in any part of the country. This step of
Maharashtra government is only a conspiracy to expel migrant out of
[20 Jan, 2010 1729hrs IST]

siddharth,Delhi,says:these ppl are taking india back eighteenth
[20 Jan, 2010 1728hrs IST]

Vikas,UK,says:It's a wrong move. Any should work anywhere in the
country. This kind of policy will be disastrous for country and
divide. Think about how to increase the job opportunities for everyone
rather than wasting time
[20 Jan, 2010 1724hrs IST]

Anil,NY,says:The country is going to Dogs!
[20 Jan, 2010 1724hrs IST]

Mumbaikar,Pune,says:This is a rubbish rule.If you are going to start
this kind of rules then other jobs will also be impacted and India
will go back to the era before 1947 -"No Nation only States"
[20 Jan, 2010 1723hrs IST]

Tanmay,Montreal,says:What a tragedy. It reminds me of what happened in
Quebec, with the whole french controversy, and how Montreal, which
used to be the financial capital of Canada, lost its status as most
large companies shifted out to Toronto. Maybe the same might happen to
Mumbai. Lets hope Delhi, Bangalore are able to carve out the business
amongst themselves!
[20 Jan, 2010 1721hrs IST]

vikas,bangalore,says:Politicians r gone mad from 2mmrow they ll say
Indian passport should also in marathi for marathi peoples...........:-
[ .
[20 Jan, 2010 1719hrs IST]

Maneesh,Chennai,says:Marathis should also have residence proof of 15
years of domicile in other states/countries, if they want government/
private job.
[20 Jan, 2010 1719hrs IST]

DG,Bangalore,says:Has Maharastra Govt thought of the backlash in other
states??? Are Maharastra politicians hell bent upon slaughtering
"Mother India"
[20 Jan, 2010 1717hrs IST]

Nishant Singh,Perth, Australia,says:And Indians say Australia is
[20 Jan, 2010 1716hrs IST]

Vizhinjam,New Delhi,says:Is Maharashtra taking cue from Aussies. And
we have many of our brothers driving taxis in Australia. Imagine if
every state frames such rules....
[20 Jan, 2010 1716hrs IST]

Amit,Pune,says:Well done, Mah Govt. A welcome move
[20 Jan, 2010 1716hrs IST]

anil deshmukh,Presently in Europe,says:It is standard in all the
civilised countries that taxi drivers have to
[20 Jan, 2010 1716hrs IST]

Mohit,Mangalore,says:clause of being adept in Marathi is somewhat( not
completely though) understandable, but 15 years of domicile in Mumbai
for permit, this surely is against the constitutional right of an
Indian to earn his livelyhood any where in India.
[20 Jan, 2010 1715hrs IST]

J Sundarrajan,Dubai,says:India will only become weaker than what it
is, due to such narrow-minded, divisive political moves.Highly
deplorable and condemnable, to say the least.
[20 Jan, 2010 1715hrs IST]

x,UK,says:This law is tougher than an Australian or UK or US laws for
foreigners to work as a taxi driver. The next step will be a VISA for
everyone to enter Maharashtra if he has not been a domicile for 15
[20 Jan, 2010 1714hrs IST]

vijailugani,munich,says:maharashtra govt is acting like a forigen
country with in india.in forigen countries like a germany it is not
necessry to pass a german test to start a business. it looks more sad
that n.c.p. and congress govt is doing which are stated to be more
liberal parties.
[20 Jan, 2010 1712hrs IST]

Puru,Melbourne,says:At last, the ruling congress has done atleast one
small thing to discourage immigrants into Mumbai and emphasised thhe
notion of be a roman in rome.
[20 Jan, 2010 1712hrs IST]

Mohammed S. Majeed,Qatar,says:One more window of opportunity for
[20 Jan, 2010 1710hrs IST]

Indian,India,says:what a disastor .... god save Mumbai ... and hope
this rotten apple does not spoil other states of India ....
[20 Jan, 2010 1709hrs IST]

Indian,Delhi,says:Now Maharashtra govt follow the same path like SS
and MNS.
[20 Jan, 2010 1709hrs IST]

[20 Jan, 2010 1708hrs IST]

Paul Jacob,UK,says:Whilst I am a mumbaikar I feel this is too
ridiculous and quite radical. Where is the Indianness in us? Is this a
new country or same India? Grow you selfish politicians. Years ago
Mumbai was an IT hub...thanks to few outspoken politicians IT
companies prefer anywhere outside Mumbai now. Hypocrites. PJ
[20 Jan, 2010 1708hrs IST]

Mumbaikar,Splitsville,says:why worry about al qaida when we have our
very own politicians.....our country was not split enough on different
grounds that they create even newer ones.....soon it will not only be
hard for indians to get a visa to go to other countries but to travel
within their own country.....lets us mark this down as a glorious way
to split a city a nation a way of life and make everyone move back in
time....kill progress before it can get to you......its so funny the
very same people framing these rules will 5 days from today stand on a
platform and shout "Jai Hind"
[20 Jan, 2010 1708hrs IST]

krishnan k s,bangalore,says:rubbish. that way australia is thousand
times better. even though we are from foreign country australians
provide job to indians. in our own country we are treated like
foreigners. what is wrong in one of the australian police top cops
saying 'indians are safer in australia than they are in india'. petty
minded politicians. i think despite being controlled by sonia and
rahul, if this type of decision is forthcoming from maharashtra
government, what would have been the condition if such controls were
not there. cm, maha would have made raj thackeray more decent! to hell
with regionalism and petty mindedness. the only difference is, in
australia it is 'racism' and in india it is 'regionalism'. in
australia, every now and then news will appear 'another cabbie is
attacked'. here in maharashtra, all the cabbies from other states are
attacked in one nonesensical rule to be promulgated shortly
[20 Jan, 2010 1707hrs IST]

Bhupinder,Bangalore,says:Let Marathi's not get out anywhere out of
[20 Jan, 2010 1707hrs IST]

rabi,Nitherland,says:This is very stupid decision which will emerge as
a separates kind of movement, why we fight each other for as separate
states language, fight for unite India not for split India, I feel
same I am from Maharashtra(India)
[20 Jan, 2010 1707hrs IST]

Nishit Ladha,Kolkata,says:Ohh I think the government is not
discrminating now, just because it has not been started by some
[20 Jan, 2010 1704hrs IST]

Nitish Kumar,Netherlands,says:Why Maharashtra tries to put all these
cheap condition on normal people who are bound to move from one place
to another in search of jobs and good life for them ,most importantly
for future of their childrens.The centre should ensure that no one
moves in search for living,then this is valid,otherwise strictly
not.Then,Why not the politician,governers,etc who lives in delhi,or
assigned to duty at places other then their state of origin are asked
to learn the local language,and live(domicile) there for 15 years,then
they can assume their duty.shame India shame!!!!!!!!!Press please do
something..don't let these few people disintegerate the country on
these basis..
[20 Jan, 2010 1704hrs IST]

Saurabh,Mumbai.,says:Finally a good move in the right direction by the
state government
[20 Jan, 2010 1704hrs IST]

dhaval,pune,says:excellent step taken by goverment.
[20 Jan, 2010 1704hrs IST]

Dr Bhanu Pandey,Thane,Maharashtra,says:How much money have Thakreys
given to this government? This is the real face of Congress in
Maharashtra.How the Congress High Command has passed this move of
local Government.
[20 Jan, 2010 1700hrs IST]

Maharastrian,Mumbai,says:Woow!! What a great decision from maharashtra
governmet. There are hardly any taxi driver in Mumbai who speaks
marathi. Many old age persons face communication problem because they
cannot speak hindi or english fluently. This rule be implemented
[20 Jan, 2010 1700hrs IST]

Rajat Shukla,bhopal,says:let me guess, the next move of maharashtra
cabinet is to declare use of public amenities like trains and toilets
for marathi manoos! What a wonderful plan to realise the dream of
having a "Maha-RASHTRA"
[20 Jan, 2010 1659hrs IST]

Shirish Bhide,Jeddah,says:Finally, this is a sensible way of tackling
the issue of a State being protective to its own residents without
being prohibitive politically or racially. This logic makes sense
since a taxi driver must be able to converse in the spoken language of
the state. Similarly, if he wants to drive a taxi, this should come
after a few years of him being domiciled in the state. Sensible move
and I support this logic wholeheartedly. I cant imagine wanting to be
a taxi driver in Bihar (if such a job exists!) and not know Hindi!
[20 Jan, 2010 1657hrs IST]

Indian,India,says:This is totally unacceptable that taxi driver should
know marathi to read and write. In the financial capital apart from
marathi ppl, lot other people from different part of the country would
be coming. if the taxi driver cant speak in hindhi what is the use of
it? Is the driver should be educate enough to driver taxi? then do we
mean to say we need to have minimum degree qualification for the
driver? This too much and compeltely ridiculus.
[20 Jan, 2010 1654hrs IST]

KK,India,says:Would I need VISA to travel to Maharashtra - I am an
[20 Jan, 2010 1651hrs IST]

Harsha,Germany,says:This is a good move. Citizens, who are serving in
the service sector must know the local language. I am from Karnataka
and Kannada is my mother tounge. But still I support this move. This
move should not be mistaken as regionalism. This provides better
service to the customers. I am presently in Germany, and Germans give
a lot importance for their language. When We Indians land in an non
English speaking country, only then We can realise the importance of
local language.
[20 Jan, 2010 1651hrs IST]

Parveen,Bangalore,says:Indians are not allowed in India. How you are
expecting that Indians will get respect in other country.
[20 Jan, 2010 1651hrs IST]

gaurav,london,says:This is increasing broderism within India.We should
throw these people out of govt.
[20 Jan, 2010 1651hrs IST]

DP,Gurgaon,says:Absurd. As India is going global, states are going
self centric and trying to reject others. It is a competition between
SS, MNS and Congress to garner votes of Marathi manoos! We Indians
will always fight with each other under these politicians in the name
of religion, caste, state, etc.!
[20 Jan, 2010 1649hrs IST]

shoman ,uttrakhand,says:this rediculous decision by cabinet of
maharastra.. is maharastra not an indian state? even other countries
do not have these kind guide lines ?
[20 Jan, 2010 1649hrs IST]

stupid me in,india,says:who cares, why is this news ... there are
bigger problems to report about ... the joke that is the indian media
[20 Jan, 2010 1648hrs IST]

Rishav Surana,Bangalore,says:There are two ways this decision can be
interpret. One which is the Govt. want to stop the influxtion of
people from the rural areas, which would be appreciated. But if this
decision is based on the regional politics, i am sure every state in
India starts doing that, we would be left with a number of separated
states rather than a cuontry
[20 Jan, 2010 1646hrs IST]

Deobrat Singh,Hyderabad,says:While I fully agree with the view that
they should be fluent in Marathi, I somehow do not understand the
point of 15 years residence. If someone is coming from Sangli or
Satara, should he wait for 15 years before he gets a taxi driving
permit? Utterly ridiculous and uncalled for decision.
[20 Jan, 2010 1645hrs IST]

Sunil,Kuwait,says:Good move by the Maharashtra government. Hope that
it materializes and moves ahead.
[20 Jan, 2010 1643hrs IST]

balaji,mumbai,says:very good move
[20 Jan, 2010 1642hrs IST]

Rajeev,Ujjain,Madhya Pradesh,says:Government needs these frivilous
issue in the national discourse otherwise wouldnt it be compelled to
work on and address the real and burning issues faced by the nation
like unemployment,poverty,price rise,security etc.?Good going guys
keep it up!!
[20 Jan, 2010 1641hrs IST]

Ram,Chennai,says:Shameless Maharashtra Government. Who is running the
show is it Cong NCP or is it Shiv Sena MNS. All hypocrites,perverts
and spineless people in the govt why r u outrightly denying the
livelihood of so many people from other states. better to make
maharashtra a separate country, we dont want maharashtra in our
[20 Jan, 2010 1640hrs IST]

naseer,duabi,says:It s really regrettable, These polititions carzy in
their power. Later they will introduce a rule matharthi passport
holder can only do work in maharastra. Tganks to Dubai Govt not
thinking like indian polititions.
[20 Jan, 2010 1639hrs IST]

Giriraj Singh Rathore,Dubai,says:This craziness has to stop.
Maharashtra is a part of India
[20 Jan, 2010 1639hrs IST]

Giriraj Singh Rathore,Dubai,says:This craziness has to stop.
Maharashtra is a part of India
[20 Jan, 2010 1638hrs IST]

Abhinav Sharma,Mumbai,says:Here comes the another diktat. Now it looks
like congress also join the league. This move is highly unacceptable,
undemocratic and politically motivated. If this kind of politics
continues whole idea of United India will soon be shattered. If you
guyz have brain, please think twice.
[20 Jan, 2010 1637hrs IST]

Ashish Gokhale,Mumbai,says:Finally - the Maharashtra government seems
to have woken up !!! Let's hope the orders get implemented. This will
stop migration from UP
[20 Jan, 2010 1636hrs IST]

Siddharth Kumar,N.Delhi,says:This is just a begining to make
Maharashatra an isolated state....... a step towards next J
[20 Jan, 2010 1632hrs IST]

anil giri,Pondicherry,says:Politicians for selfish needs want to
divide the nation based on region and religion. What is central
government doing just seeing and enjoying. This act will lead to
unnecessary unrest and hit badly our social harmony. The rules which
may have direct impact on livelihood of people should taken care by
centre. This is the congress Democratic Dictatorship which will fall
very soon. Rahul Gandhi is eyeing for major break through in UP and
Bihar this act shatter the dreams of Rahul Gandhi and even winning
Amethi seat will become a big achievement. Stop this kind of act which
will ruin the peace of the nation. Central Government wake up or be
ready to face music................ Long live my mother nation
[20 Jan, 2010 1631hrs IST]

sanjay bhadkamkar,Dubai,says:Well Done Maharashtra Govt but it's too
late.Marathi manus is way behind other Indian states natives who have
settled there roots in Maharashtra as a whole and not only Mumbai.
[20 Jan, 2010 1631hrs IST]

Deepak,Mumbai,says:In Places like Mumbai, i wonder why Marathi is
compulsory. How about making English compulsory?
[20 Jan, 2010 1631hrs IST]

Piyush,SG,says:This is disgusting state politics. If things keep
moving in this fashion, soon Ahmedabad will take over from Mumbai.
[20 Jan, 2010 1630hrs IST]

indians,mumbai,says:Is it so big news that it should appear s
headlines ? Is it a TOI propoganda to support Biharis ?
[20 Jan, 2010 1627hrs IST]

Kumaran,London,says:This is ridiculous...National patriotism is fast
disappearing from Maharashtra....It's a shame...
[20 Jan, 2010 1627hrs IST]

Sanjeev,NOIDA,says:what all these ministers wanna do, nobody is aware
of it. But such moves are really shocking which can lead us to another
worldwar. Does it mean , all NRIs staying different part of globe
should learn and speak the native language of that part of the world.
Take the example of Austrelia, I think people with such mantality
should be throw out of the country .Ask all maharashtrian and
maharashtrian ministers , do they really wanna thrown out all their
family members staying some other country should be deport back to
india as they dont know the local laguage of that country. Shame on
you guys...behave like some sensible and responsible citizen of the
country.Pitty on the maharshtra people where people like such
mantality are in power. I know , a normal middle class family doesnt
bother about it but these are the ministers who are creating their
vote bank. Hopeless situation............
[20 Jan, 2010 1627hrs IST]

N. Ahmad,Saudi Arabia,says:What a bakwas (rediculous) rules has been
passed by Marathi Govt. This is more insult of non-marathi speaking
people of India than insult from Australia. If the Australian hate
then it may be acceptable to some extend but what you will say to this
Marathi virdict which directly hit the stomach of non-marathi poor
people. Tomorrow they will pay a new rule by saying "anyone found
taking in non-marathi language will be out from Maharashtra"
[20 Jan, 2010 1627hrs IST]

Vignesh,Mumbai,says:Congress were responsible for india's Partition.
Now they would be responsible for the countries further break-up by
bringing linguistic idealogies in the administration matters.. Sad Day
for India....
[20 Jan, 2010 1627hrs IST]

Noel Frank,India/Ksa,says:This shows the leaders who made this rule
are not Indians. If the union Govt has any Guts or the Indians have
any courage, these leaders should be thrown out of India.
[20 Jan, 2010 1626hrs IST]

Kumar,Mumbai,says:NSG cammando Sandeep Unnikrishnan did not live 15
years in Maharashtra and was not fluent in Marathi.
[20 Jan, 2010 1625hrs IST]

Achut Kumar Gundappa,Hyderabad,says:This is absolutely
ridiculous,OUTRAGEOUS and totally unconstitutional. The Constitution
of India grants freedom to Indian citizens to reside anywhere in the
country and pursue any occupation they like. What is the Maharashtra
Government up to - are they trying to create a separate "Republic of
[20 Jan, 2010 1624hrs IST]

jansher,Bahrain,says:I think its the right gesture to be followed by
other states. Infact, we are marching towards post Mughal era. Before
Mughal rulers came , India was divided into states. Thanks to Mughals
who conquered all the states one by one and made an united India. Are
we not sliding to that period.
[20 Jan, 2010 1624hrs IST]

SHARMA,HYD,says:Such type of regulations encourage regionlism which is
not in the National interest.
[20 Jan, 2010 1624hrs IST]

Anil,Bangalore,says:Mah govt has become insane. Now, if every state
will start doing the same thing, then Mah people wont be able to work
anywhere in India.
[20 Jan, 2010 1622hrs IST]

sa,sa,says:so 2morow the govt of maharasthra will bring a law saying
that if u havnt lived in state for 10-15yrs u cant get job in IT,BPO,
and industry of mumbai . shame
[20 Jan, 2010 1622hrs IST]

Nishu,Melbourne, Australia,says:Bal Thakeray threatens australians
about racism and maharashtra is racist towards its own
countrymen...how interesting..
[20 Jan, 2010 1622hrs IST]

Mangal Pandey,Sydney,says:This is a bad move, clearly aimed at keeping
immigrants from UP
[20 Jan, 2010 1621hrs IST]

Chandra ,Mumbai,says:How about making it mandatory for all politicians
to be Graduates, before norms are made for taxi drivers.
[20 Jan, 2010 1614hrs IST]

Srinivasan,Delhi,says:Mr. S. M. Krishna, who was earlier the Governor
of Maharashtra, would be unqualified to be even a taxi driver in
Mumbai, as he cannot show 15 years domicile and may not be fluent in
written and spoken Marathi. Our honorable Prime Minister has claimed
that he is a fulltime resident of Guwahati, and is representing Assam
in the Rajya Sabha. Probably Mr. Singh cannot speak much Assamese or
even Bengali. How can we expect that every person who wishes to be a
taxi driver in Mumbai SHALL be fluent in the local language, besides
possessing 15 years of local domicile? It is a very low-skilled job,
and it should be left to the ingenuity of the driver to learn the
local language. Domicile is irrelevant in such matters - we are not
employing them as staff in RAW or IB! This proposal is pandering to
the lowest instincts designed to create non-tariff barriers within the
country, and flies in the face of the Constitutional guarantee of
right to freedom of movement. The Congress party has become arrogant
due to its recent electoral success, and is ignoring the Constitution
of India. Not a good augury for a city that aspires to be the next
Shanghai or Singapore.
[20 Jan, 2010 1614hrs IST]

Amit,Mumbai,says:At last, no more OZ attacks....now attack marathis
and thackerays..c'mon everyone...bravo TOI bravo!
[20 Jan, 2010 1611hrs IST]

chstrig,usa,says:I always try to avoid Mumbai whenever I visit India
and this gives me one more reason to continue doing just that.
[20 Jan, 2010 1610hrs IST]

Mousambisantra,Mumbai,says:I was always a supporter of congress power,
But these days i regret the reason behind this is , its
transparent ...we can see congress supporting the goons like RAJ
THACKREY, and following his rules , Shame Shame ,
[20 Jan, 2010 1610hrs IST]

Rahul Khanna,Bangalore,says:The Maharashtra govt has taken a right
decision...This people from Bihar and U.P are the people who are
dirtying around all the metros of India be it Mumbai or Delhi or
Calcutta...These people come around and take away the employment of
local people. this people are also very uncultured and behave in other
cities as if that is their father's city...People who give lectures on
national integrity unity all this stuff need to understand that why
people from every city have problem from peoples of these 2
states...when everyone is pointing fingere at you the problem is not
with everyone but the problem is with you....The people from this 2
states only need to be chased away from all states of INDIA...They are
the most uncultured and keep dirtying around all metros...
[20 Jan, 2010 1608hrs IST]

J Gomes,Mumbai,says:Correct decision... long overdue.
[20 Jan, 2010 1607hrs IST]

Viswanath,Dubai,says:Make the rules still difficult by adding all
impossible clauses. Further, all the workers should be brought under
these rule. Take all measures to declare Maharashtra, an independent
country. Alas! The languages are dividing us irreparably. And the wise
politicians are en-cashing the cheap sentiments! Pity isn't it?
[20 Jan, 2010 1607hrs IST]

sanjay,mumbai/maharashtra,says:Good move. Make it compulsary for auto
drivers as well.
[20 Jan, 2010 1605hrs IST]

vikram nayak,sydney, australia,says:Marathi is not a national language
or not a universal language.Maharashtra Government is discriminating
against all migrants from their state and also out of their mind.
[20 Jan, 2010 1604hrs IST]

[20 Jan, 2010 1603hrs IST]

Kapil,Mumbai,says:Jai Maharashtra.. Jai Hind..
[20 Jan, 2010 1602hrs IST]

Manoj,Mumbai,says:english can be understood..but Marathi!!...no
disrespect for one of the great language but when we will start
looking forward and would like to be a great nation rather then
keeping hiting ourselves with bullets!!.,...
[20 Jan, 2010 1601hrs IST]


...and I am Sid Harth
2010-01-23 20:12:57 UTC
Won't allow Australian players in IPL, says Uddhav Thackeray
January 23, 2010 23:10 IST

The Shiv Sena [ Images ] on Saturday night threatened not to allow
Australian cricketers to play in matches in Mumbai [ Images ], of the
third edition of Indian Premier League [ Images ].

"The IPL should be patriotic. We would not allow Australian players to
play here in the wake of racist attacks on Indians there," Uddhav told
media-persons after a function held at Central Mumbai to celebrate
party supremo Bal Thackeray's [ Images ] 84th birthday.

Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray had in an editorial in Sena's mouthpiece
Saamna on January 13 called for a ban of the Australia [ Images ]n
cricket team playing in Maharashtra [ Images ]. Thackeray's comments
followed a series of violent attacks against Indians in Australia. "As
per Balasaheb's order, we would not allow the Australian players,"
Uddhav said.

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we wont allow SS
by Niraj Prasad on Jan 24, 2010 01:14 AM

let us vow to never allow SS/MNS to say anything. I declare a fatwa on
their heads.

biggest joke
by indian on Jan 24, 2010 01:06 AM

biggest joke : shivsena teaching patriotism

dont they know that the ones beaten there are not maharashtrians...

Do shivsena understand the meaning of being an indian
by indian on Jan 24, 2010 12:50 AM

Suggestion to IPL...dont have any matches in mumbai...I support each
and every indian whether in australia or in india...for me australian
rowdies, MNS and shivsena are the same...they dont know how to respect

Re: Do shivsena understand the meaning of being an indian
by indian on Jan 24, 2010 12:57 AM
once these matches stop happening in mumbai...people in mumbai
themselves will teach these parties whose whole purpose to create only

Good Move by Shivsena
by Tejesh Joshi on Jan 24, 2010 12:49 AM

Shivesena is doing the right thing and I think all the states should
follow the same.. since the central gov is not taking any action on
this issue.. we have to tell to the world that every INDIAN counts and
every INDIAN citizen is important for us.. proud to be an INDIAN..

Re: Good Move by Shivsena
by gac on Jan 24, 2010 12:53 AM
how about indians get attacked in india itself. do we ban indians

Re: Re: Good Move by Shivsena
by Tejesh Joshi on Jan 24, 2010 12:56 AM
That is a different issue.. and this issue is between 2 countries so
we have to take this as a serious

Re: Re: Re: Good Move by Shivsena
by gac on Jan 24, 2010 01:00 AM
i understand your concern, but why mix sports with politics? to stop
australia or pakistan from playing in IPL is easy because IPL is an
private entity. but by stoping them how do you propose that Indians in
australia will be safe

Re: Re: Re: Re: Good Move by Shivsena
by Tejesh Joshi on Jan 24, 2010 01:07 AM
Here Shivesena is try to get attraction of all people about this
issue.. and Cricket is one of the best media now a day and mainly
IPL... as India (BCCI) is at top in world cricket so the issue will
get highlighted in world..

Re: Re: Re: Good Move by Shivsena
by indian on Jan 24, 2010 01:00 AM
once patriotism shouldnt change depending on situation...whether u
live in india or abroad...an indian should respect an indian...it is
quite laughable what shivsena is doing

Re: Re: Re: Re: Good Move by Shivsena
by Tejesh Joshi on Jan 24, 2010 01:09 AM
but if you give them support though the country then Indian present in
Aus will get moral support

Re: Good Move by Shivsena
by indian on Jan 24, 2010 12:54 AM
I strongly oppose this...I do not want shivsena to teach what indians
should do...those who cant respect their countrymen in their own
country and beat them...we indians know how to take care

Re: Re: Good Move by Shivsena
by Tejesh Joshi on Jan 24, 2010 12:59 AM
They are not teaching what Indians should do but our central gov is
not taking any action on this.. at least central gov will understand
the seriousness about this.. see the example of US.. for them every US
citizen is important so why we cant tell the world that every INDIAN
is important

Re: Re: Re: Good Move by Shivsena
by srini chittam on Jan 24, 2010 01:06 AM
When foreigners got attacked in India, Did any Indian Parties talked
about it? These kind of Incidents happens everywhere...I am not saying
we should ignore this...but these things should be addressed in a
different channel..Why do we have IFS? Dont mix politics with sports -
not good for the country..

Re: Re: Re: Re: Good Move by Shivsena
by Tejesh Joshi on Jan 24, 2010 01:18 AM
but why such type of incidents are happening now a day only in Aus
against INDIANS only... are they targeting INDIANS ? Is any body
thinking of this ? I guess central gov has to form a team to see this
issue.. I guess more than Aus, INDIANS are present in US.. why there
are no such incidence in US ?

Re: Re: Re: Good Move by Shivsena
by indian on Jan 24, 2010 01:02 AM
i also blame the central govt...for not protecting indians in their
own country...there is no difference whether a rowdie/goondas are in
india or australia...

Good Move by Shivsena
by Tejesh Joshi on Jan 24, 2010 12:48 AM

Shivesena is doing the right thing and I think all the states should
follow the same.. since the central gov is not taking any action on
this issue.. we have to tell to the world that every INDIAN counts and
every INDIAN citizen is important for us.. proud to be an INDIAN..

by indian on Jan 24, 2010 12:46 AM | Hide replies

MNS and Shivsena doesnt knows the meaning of what an Indian
means...They change it according to their convenience...they dont have
any shame beating indians in India and they are not allowing
australians to play here...what type of double standard is this...they
should be infact supporting the rowdies in australia

Re: menace...
by Pradeep Tondwalkar on Jan 24, 2010 01:18 AM
Mr Indian U r talking like a 12 yo kid, U dont have to teach Shivsena
the Patriotism, Asking for local rights is not at anti national
activity and aslo if you come and see in Mumbai there are more than
locals the other states people are living and they are safe, you are
highlighting only once incedent happen due to inefficient polticians
of Bihar and UP they want all jobs in Mumbai to be taken by bihari and
upeins then what locals will do (hilate baithenge kya?)

by geewhiz on Jan 24, 2010 12:44 AM

he has made marathi manoos into marathi maanus

by geewhiz on Jan 24, 2010 12:42 AM

queation where was the old man his son and poison nephew when the
terroist attacked mumbai,
answer;-old man was availing the services of smita thackeray and son/
nephew were pisssing in their trousers

by indian on Jan 24, 2010 12:41 AM

i can only tell that shivsena and mns are real threat to the peace in
this country...really a menance

Re: menance
by indian on Jan 24, 2010 12:41 AM

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what indians are these shivsaniks referring too??
by indian on Jan 24, 2010 12:39 AM

this is sheer bullshit...what patriotism is he talking about...where
is the patriotism when beating indians in mumbai...at that time
shouting marathi manoos...where the thinking goes at that time...

really fed up with these parties...

by geewhiz on Jan 24, 2010 12:37 AM

time for smita thackeray to renew her services on the frustu old man

Australian Players will not be allowed iin IPL
by Ramakrishnapillai Nair on Jan 24, 2010 12:36 AM

Who are you to ban any palyer,self proclaimed ruler of Maharashtra.
You are a pest,and what not? Shame on the Maharashtrians who follw

Message awaiting moderator review

by sam g on Jan 24, 2010 12:31 AM

This old nut and his shivsena has lost mental balance....they are
encouraging hatred all thru....

Re: Crap!!!
by tornado on Jan 24, 2010 12:34 AM
indians love crap

old man
by geewhiz on Jan 24, 2010 12:28 AM | Hide replies

tired old mans birthday bark,they dont hesitate to baet up fellow
north indians and talking big ignore the frustu old man.

Re: old man
by tornado on Jan 24, 2010 12:34 AM
they are patriotic wear khaddi condoms

old man
by geewhiz on Jan 24, 2010 12:27 AM

tired old mans birthday bark,they dont hesitate to baet up fellow
north indians and talking big ignore the frustu old man.

Crazy family..
by shesh e on Jan 24, 2010 12:24 AM

It seems both father and son have turned lunatic.. I can understand
the old man .. age has its effect.. but the son seems to be lost it

Re: Crazy family..
by tornado on Jan 24, 2010 12:29 AM
they are patriotic...so what if they beat their own countrymen from
diffrent states...but how can ausssies do this to indians only
marathis have right to do this

This is Double standard !
by Ronit D on Jan 24, 2010 12:23 AM


Letz give time for Aussies
by Ronit D on Jan 24, 2010 12:22 AM

We gave more than 50 years for pakis, letz give soem time for Aussies,
letz see if they change, We dont need to jump now.

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Radical guys like this create a Bad name for India
by Talisman on Jan 24, 2010 12:20 AM

These kind of radical guys create a bad name for india. If there are
racist guys in Australia, what does it tell you about Thackeray?

This guy things india is his fiefdom? He is not the only guy living in
india! Ignore the moron!

Why Marathis should be aloowed ?
by Manoj Mehta on Jan 24, 2010 12:14 AM

Why marathi's should be allowed to travel & work outside when they are
abusing & beating people from other parts of India?

Its the time to show !!!!!!!
by INDIA on Jan 24, 2010 12:14 AM

I think it is the right time to reply the australian govt. Shiv sena
should kidnap some ausies and then demand for the safety of indians in
the australia. They should treat them as the ausi treat indins
there....that will be a good reply. But I donot think that Shiv Sena
has that much power. They just do something with poor people. Let us
judge the power of SHIV SENA this time.

Some ausies should be kidnapped!!!
by INDIA on Jan 24, 2010 12:14 AM

I think it is the right time to reply the australian govt. Shiv sena
should kidnap some ausies and then demand for the safety of indians in
the australia. They should treat them as the ausi treat indins
there....that will be a good reply. But I donot think that Shiv Sena
has that much power. They just do something with poor people. Let us
judge the power of SHIV SENA this time.

Some ausies should be kidnapped!!!!!!
by INDIA on Jan 24, 2010 12:13 AM

I think it is the right time to reply the australian govt. Shiv sena
should kidnap some ausies and then demand for the safety of indians in
the australia. They should treat them as the ausi treat indins
there....that will be a good reply. But I donot think that Shiv Sena
has that much power. They just do something with poor people. Let us
judge the power of SHIV SENA this time.

Some ausies should be kidnapped!!!!!!
by INDIA on Jan 24, 2010 12:12 AM

I think it is the right time to reply the australian govt. Shiv sena
should kidnap some ausies and then demand for the safety of indians in
the australia. They should treat them as the ausi treat indins
there....that will be a good reply. But I donot think that Shiv Sena
has that much power. They just do something with poor people. Let us
judge the power of SHIV SENA this time.

by Ironman on Jan 24, 2010 12:08 AM

I am disgusted of being a bloddy indian.

Re: disgusted
by Ironman on Jan 24, 2010 12:10 AM
but do destroy cricket....imdia desperately needs that.

Re: Re: disgusted
by Kanwar Arora on Jan 24, 2010 12:16 AM
really i too get this feeling, this is really not good for the
country. BCCI destroy ICL, now subhadh chandra does this to IPL thru

Re: disgusted
by INDIA on Jan 24, 2010 12:15 AM
I think it is the right time to reply the australian govt. Shiv sena
should kidnap some ausies and then demand for the safety of indians in
the australia. They should treat them as the ausi treat indins
there....that will be a good reply. But I donot think that Shiv Sena
has that much power. They just do something with poor people. Let us
judge the power of SHIV SENA this time.

another moron...!
by SG on Jan 23, 2010 11:56 PM

Balasaheb and Pkis shd join hands together and celebrate the
destruction of a private cricket competition!

I agree one hundred percent
by Bala on Jan 23, 2010 11:55 PM

I agree 100%. Similarly Mumbai players should not be allow to play in
other parts of India for Thakerey's racist remarks against non-MHs.

Re: I agree one hundred percent
by Sameer Bhagwat on Jan 24, 2010 12:08 AM
lol.. good one

No comments!!!
by thinkingaloud on Jan 23, 2010 11:29 PM

But Sirji when we treat our own people with sticks, lathis and abuses.
Why simply accuse the Aussies.

We should see to it that first our own people are not beaten up within
the country, then we should talk about others.


...and I am Sid Harth
2010-01-23 20:55:12 UTC
Now, Shiv Sena wants parts of Karnataka
December 11, 2009 22:10 IST

Opposing the demand for a separate state of Vidarbha, Shiv Sena
[ Images ] executive president Uddhav Thackeray [ Images ] on Friday
said Maharashtra [ Images ] should get Marathi-speaking areas of
Belgaum and adjoining areas in Karnataka [ Images ].

"The government should remove the injustice done to Maharashtra by
giving it Belgaum-Karwar areas where the Marathi-speaking populace is
being oppressed," Uddhav said in a statement.

"As long as the Shiv Sena is there, no one will be allowed to divide
Maharashtra," Uddhav said while speaking on the demand for a separate
Vidarbha, which has brought to the fore differences in the Opposition
Shiv Sena- Bharatiya Janata Party [ Images ] alliance.

While state BJP leaders have rallied for the fulfillment of the long-
pending demand for a separate Vidarbha, Sena has come out vehemently
against splitting Maharashtra.

The ties between the saffron partners have already under strain, as
the Sena leaders believe that the BJP in trying to bring Raj Thackeray-
led Maharashtra Navnirman Sena under the opposition umbrella.

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Talk less work more
by Opinions on Jan 23, 2010 12:19 PM | Hide replies

didnt ur teachers tell u that?

puuuuuccccccccccccccccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkk of m....fff
by spring on Jan 23, 2010 11:40 AM | Hide replies

puuuuuccccccccccccccccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkk of m....fff.. dont even
think of your dirty game in karnataka.. you are not welcome hijadas

Message deleted by moderator

Way to go Sena
by Raman Shiva on Jan 15, 2010 12:40 AM

Eeeeeeeeeh Haaaaa...thats the way to do it,now Kannadigas have a real
thug to deal with,two thugs fighting,lets see who comes on top.

its like Ravi Shastri vs Sunil Gavaskar..
two cowards in that case..

Congress playing fool in the hands of BJP
by bkrao rao on Jan 05, 2010 09:25 PM

Congress is walking into the trap of BJP which wants to rise like a
phonix thru the medium of small states.If congress goes on yeilding
like it has happened in the case of uttaranchal,Chattisgarh and
Jharkhand ,where BJP is ruling having taken credit for the formation
os the states,there will be death traps for congress in other state
raising it's ugly -head for bifurcation.Hence,congress must stop this
nonsense once for all and rather merge all the indian states in to4 or
5 provinces-east,west,north,south to down curtains on the regionalism
and start dictating terms to show that the party means business,

fear politics and vote banks
by sam on Dec 20, 2009 03:35 PM

we from UP stayed in thane in the 80's; due to the fear our parents
changed religion from islam to christian and we lived in thane for
about 20 years before; then the church and father from Kerala
protected us to a certain extent ; but when we seemed that is not
enough we had to fun out of the place; but unfotunately one of our
brother was murdered during this time ; this castesim is hitting every
heart of our family and hurting use even today ; today neither islam
accepts us nor christians ;
we feel dejected by the hindu and other minority politicians of bombay
and we (me any my sister's family) live in Bangalore; who is
repsonsible for our fate? any answers??

Re: fear politics and vote banks
by Sanjay Jamdade on Dec 31, 2009 02:41 PM
We are our choices. We are often responsible for the tragic outcomes
in our lives. All great saints of all walks and religious backgrounds
in the last century have said that these meaningless religous
conversions should be discouraged. But certain groups enjoy the
altered statistical data on the graphs plotted by their bosses

These conversions are rarely by heart.

As I said we are our choices. We can't blame some one else.

Re: Re: fear politics and vote banks
by bkrao rao on Jan 05, 2010 09:36 PM
Yes,i agree with you ,we r our choices,but that does'nt mean we have
to take things lying low.Rather we should change cource of events to
come by atleast exposing the wicked politician who is to blame for all
the covertions which are gate-ways for the poor to get living overnite
and for the rich to break loose on morals

Re: fear politics and vote banks
by Indian Prince on Jan 03, 2010 09:05 PM
best option .. come back to the mainstream .. what ur ancestors
practised for centuries .. become a hindu :)

Copy America...have FIFTY states....
by Proud Hindustani on Dec 20, 2009 06:04 AM

Followed by a Red White Blue flag with 50 Ashoka's chakras....Do not
forget inclusion of Nepal, Bhutan

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Mr.Thackeray Save Your So Called Capital Mumbai Non_marathis
by Murali on Dec 16, 2009 01:02 PM

Mr.Thackeray Save Your So Called Capital Mumbai Non_marathis
55% of population in Mumbai is non-marathis, so as per Mr. Thackeray
(AsSSSHole) mumbai should be declared as separate State, because of
more non-marathis!!

Message deleted by moderator

Message awaiting moderator review. Show message

Mr.Thackeray Save Your So Called Capital Mumbai Non_marathis
by Murali on Dec 16, 2009 12:34 PM

Mr.Thackeray Save Your So Called Capital Mumbai Non_marathis
55% of population in Mumbai is non-marathis, so as per Mr. Thackeray
(AsSSSHole) mumbai should be declared as separate State, because of
more non-marathis!!

Mind You Bussiness before putting node into other states!!

whose belgaum is?
by sanjay on Dec 15, 2009 11:22 AM

belguam has been wrongly /biased merged with Karnataka. find out how
many mayors of belgaum have been kannadigas in the past 50 years. how
many marathi medium schools are there as compared to kannada medicum
schools. How many marathi corporator are there compared with kannadiga
corporators. do you know % of marathis in surroungig villages like
yellur. go there and find out. do you who has lost land at Rakaskop
dam which supplies water to you kannagidas. it is 100% marathi
village. wander around belgaum in the vicity of 15 kms and find out
who is majority there. apart from this, many villages in athani,
chikodi, hukkeri, bagewadi are marathis speaking. we are not claiming
those villages. it is high time that belgaum is not getting merged
with mh. on south of belgaum kagal taluka (marathi region) on west
(chandgad taluka marathi regions) on south (khanapur taluka marathi
region) and on east villages like nilji, sambre, kudchi, halga, are
majority speaking. so belgaum is surrounded by marathi vilalges. so it
must logically belongs to mh. muncipal corporation has always been in
the hands of marathis.

Re: whose belgaum is?
by Basanagouda Patil on Jan 04, 2010 11:09 AM
Before writing anything try to know the facts..If u think majority of
people in Belgaum are Marathi babus,know the fact that all are
migrants from Maharashtra.

What about Pune,Sollapur,and Sangli where majority people are

Whether you people are ready to take Belgaum at the cost of these

Ask your Hitler...

There is saying:You should be happy with what you have...don't beg

Re: Re: whose belgaum is?
by Prasanna Kumar on Jan 04, 2010 09:46 PM
Well said patila, don't worry maga this will be there as long as taht
3 itdots of Thakray live. because of these 3 I's all maraties are
blind and they don't know what they are....if they do like this soon
Mumbai will not be Mumbai any more

Re: Re: Re: whose belgaum is?
by Indian on Jan 23, 2010 12:54 PM
Good One just watch these 3 idoits what they r doing, one is old man
then also, but u heard that banadr buddha ho gaya then also jumps very

Re: whose belgaum is?
by Indian Prince on Jan 03, 2010 09:08 PM
Here is the fact Mr. Sanjay ... Belgaum city , yes , majority are
marathis .. belgaum district majority are still Kannadigas .. so jus
for the city we cannot push the entire district.

Also the states were carved keeping the languages , so it was done
correctly then.

Matter of fact Mumbai has more gujratis than marathis .. so ready for
a dialogue on that ??

Re: Re: whose belgaum is?
by Indian Prince on Jan 03, 2010 09:10 PM
Also Sholapur dist. has a good number of Kannadigas ... but karnataka
never demanded it as we know it will prosper as long as we are all
part of INDIA

Jai Hind :)

Re: whose belgaum is?
by Seenu Subbu on Dec 16, 2009 02:20 PM
How many Marathis are there in Mumbai? On this basis, it should be
declared a Union territory, nah?
Dude, cut it out. Be happy it's not been annexed by Pakistan.

Re: whose belgaum is?
by Seenu Subbu on Dec 16, 2009 02:19 PM
How many Marathis are there in Mumbai? On this basis, it should be
declared a Union territory, nah?
Dude, cut it out. Be happy it's not been annexed by Pakistan.

Re: Re: whose belgaum is?
by sanjay on Jan 20, 2010 12:55 PM
Cna you tell from which pale of maahrashra marathis migrated to
belgaon. and where have native kannadigas gone from there. we are
living threr for more that 500 years while kanndigas came from gokak,
sanundai, hubli. olku. as regards Mumbai, non marthis are not native
peopel, they are migrants there. to there demand cannot be considered.
if you go to Dubai and make such demand on the basis of population can
anybody accepit it. kanadiga or any body else in pune, nahsik has come
for migration. they also need to ignored. morever mumbai has to depend
for water on thane and raigad. so it is integaral proat ot
maharashtra. belgian can get water from its marathis surroundign

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Now they tamil nadu to be divided
by rajesh h on Dec 13, 2009 08:19 AM

Now they tamil nadu to be divided

Very funny contention!!
by mallaiah anchoori on Dec 12, 2009 02:06 PM

If Sivasena is let loose like this in its mad demands like this,there
is no wonder even if it asks the Marathi speaking areas of Adilabad &
Nizamabad districts to be declared as parts of Maharashtra on the
ground that there are people speaking Marathi there AND forgetting
that there is a preponderance of Telugu speaking people there & hence
had been integral parts of "Vishalandhra"carved out exclusively for
all the Telugu speaking people.It is always the case with the people
of any neibouring district that they would be conversant with both the
districts adjoining.Sivasena will always be raising such unreasonable
pleas in its urge to be in news.

by Police Officer on Dec 12, 2009 12:09 PM

Telangana state is brainchild of Rahul Gandhi because with bigger
states he can NEVER become Prime Minister.

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Message deleted by moderator

Message deleted by moderator

silly marathis
by rajesh h on Dec 12, 2009 09:45 AM

they cannot keep there state together and now want parts from state of
Karnataka, they too they lost eelctions in belgavi

Re: silly marathis
by sumant on Dec 12, 2009 06:22 PM
First see to ur state
If you Dont have any idea about conditions here then better to remain
silent !

M angry because for ur TITLE only

Re: silly marathis
by Abdullah Saikh on Dec 12, 2009 09:50 AM
Thakery if u want marathi speaking part from Karnataka!!
Why are you want to split Vidarbha???
They are not Marathi speaking ?????

Re: Re: silly marathis
by Abdullah Saikh on Dec 12, 2009 10:30 AM
More state means more Madhu Koda!!!
No Gorkgha land,Bodo land,Bidharva,Telengana!!!

Message deleted by moderator

Re: silly marathis
by sumant on Dec 12, 2009 06:07 PM
First see to ur state
If you Dont have any idea about conditions here then better to remain
silent !

M angry because for ur TITLE only

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by Ravi on Dec 12, 2009 09:36 AM

Maharashtra should be divided into three parts, Vidharbha, Maratha and

Message deleted by moderator

Re: Marathi
by Gupta on Dec 12, 2009 09:57 AM
Zinda Dil

You are talking about Hindi Rasthra, then what about Bhojpuri,
Haryanvi, Punjabi.....Wake up guy. Dont just dream. Lets make India
vibrate, instead of talking all this faltoooos......

Message deleted by moderator

Sena politics
by Raghavendra Ravi on Dec 12, 2009 09:34 AM

Slowly Sena will be limited to Shivaji park.

Re: Sena politics
by paul theo on Dec 12, 2009 09:43 AM

Re: Sena politics
by Abdullah Saikh on Dec 12, 2009 09:39 AM

Free for All
by Magnifying glass on Dec 12, 2009 09:33 AM

I really wonder who is going to bell the cat?It would not be long when
a foreign nation will rule as.

Message deleted by moderator

Message deleted by moderator

it is joke...
by suraj kanthamangala on Dec 12, 2009 09:32 AM

a man who have real brain in india will not think all these..forget
all..can any one know how we got indpendence? who actualy died during
this freedom fight? only common man..poor fellow , who didnt thought
about self interest..now who is enjoying the sacrifice of poors
death ..all british backed rich..indian history is fully biased by
longtime ruled congress..i have told this long ago..wait and see..u
indians donot think..u indians donot want nation..u indians donot want
ur religion/god..this country will spilt like 100 states and will be
ruled by corrupt gondas ..piliticians..again u will be ruled by the
old concept of king or raja..our govt is sleeping ..our supreme court
is sleeping ..our army is sleeping..then who will protect u ? only one
god...so all u pray for god..he will decide.. now his time to act ..

Re: it is joke...
by Narasimha Rao on Dec 12, 2009 09:53 AM
There are so many in India with same openion.But they don't have a
common platform to work together.If anybody somehow create such
arrangement things can be changed.

Message deleted by moderator

Small states is a big problem - India regressing back
by goldtiger on Dec 12, 2009 09:30 AM

India has a very very long history of small princely states with very
few prominent families ruling.

Now substitute princely states with small states and the erstwhile
Kings/princes with strong politician families. No need to repeat...
political dynastic mentality is very strong in India. It does not
matter to which political party they belong to... they will become

We are slipping back to dark ages.

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Re: Marathis have always been a violent people
by sachin shewale on Dec 12, 2009 09:38 AM
Hi So called Hindi Perosn.. Here are answer to your points.
Firstly You need to study well before pointing finger to Marathi Manus
1. Mumbai is integral part of Maharashtra. Why you hindus come all the
way from UP , Bihar to Mumbai,Pune Van't you create jobs over there.
2. Regarding Karnataka, Do you anything about belgaum,,80% people are
marathi's. Go over there and check. Don't rely on rediff.

Re: Re: Marathis have always been a violent people
by ShridharS.P on Dec 13, 2009 05:54 PM
he shewale,
I am from Belgavi,first correct ur statistics,in Belgavi more than 60%
are Kannadigas.But we never disturb peace by making foolish statements
like U & ur leaders.And if u want go to history also, Belghavi is
ruled by Brave Kittur Rani and famous KLE is in Belgavi .,and still
lot more.Actually many parts of M'rashtra should be in Karnataka like
Solapur,Sangali & some parts of Kolhapur.First we are Indians,which we
understood very well and please u Maharastrians try to
understand.Don't try to check our patience either u people know it
very well how we can give you punchs...!

Re: Re: Re: Marathis have always been a violent people
by sanjay on Dec 14, 2009 11:40 AM
do you know % of marathis in surroungig village like yellur. go there
and find out. do you who has lost land at rakaskop dam which supplies
water to you kannagids. it is 100% marathi village. wanter around
belgaum in the vicity of 15 ksm and find out who is majority there.
apart from this, many vilalges in athani, chikodi, hukkeri, bagewadi
are marathis speaking.

by Vascado on Dec 12, 2009 09:26 AM

Complete mayhem. Nothing more to be said.

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by SUJEESH NARAYANAN on Dec 12, 2009 09:24 AM

Yes USI..united states of India....by the going it should hit 100
states by 2010 and over a 1000 by 2015.With each state having a
cabinet and minister ec\ach of us will now get a chance to have a
share of the political loot.God bless us.We can hire more help mfrom

Reunion of Madras state onceagain
by Guest on Dec 12, 2009 09:23 AM

Why can't we fight for the reunion of all the state once again.Before
independance TN, Kerala, Andhra were caled to be Madras state. Why the
politicians can fight for the reunion of this state once again. Why
they want to separate the states into pieces. The thought of
separating people is devils thought since the devil or satan want to
separate family, people, state , country and made them to fight. But
almighty God wants reunion with people, Family, country and state
since God is always a peace provider

Re: Reunion of Madras state onceagain
by mohammed aslam on Dec 12, 2009 09:51 AM
you are absolutly right my fellow indian friend
look all our world, every where anrchy
f.g. inflation,famine,curruption,unemployment
lack of water,etc.see at eurupion union they all
united again !!! but we indian never realise the same
we still following satan practices,
every body wants his pie, in maharatra Raj thackery & bal thackery, in
gusjrat modi is there, in south chandrashekhar
these are all satan followers, we indian still bearing them
sham to all - mak

by VIJAY DHANWADE on Dec 12, 2009 09:19 AM

Who & how many great dignitaries will sit for fast for the cause?

Re: Fast
by Anand on Dec 12, 2009 09:39 AM
To Politicians
Try Unite Don't Divide

Re: Fast
by Anand on Dec 12, 2009 09:40 AM
To Politicians
Try Unite Don't Divide

ignore rediff. it wants to create a hate board
by goldtiger on Dec 12, 2009 09:18 AM

this is their strategy to garner maximum hits to their websites. it
also allows pakistanis to indulge in hate mongering.

Re: ignore rediff. it wants to create a hate board
by Jaiprakash Bankolli on Dec 12, 2009 09:30 AM
I agreed, why cann't rediff stop such messages appearing in the site.
Such message will add further confusion to the existing political

shiv sena may want anything
by TOTAL TRUTH on Dec 12, 2009 09:16 AM | Hide replies

shiv sena may want anything india is not under any dictatorship.

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Message deleted by moderator

Re: Re: This is a malicious propoganda by rediff
by netpal buddy on Dec 12, 2009 09:27 AM
Are you from Up or Bihar?

Re: Re: Re: This is a malicious propoganda by rediff
by netpal buddy on Dec 12, 2009 09:28 AM
c-o-w b-e-l-t?

Re: Re: Re: Re: This is a malicious propoganda by rediff
by Shashi Bhushan on Dec 12, 2009 09:30 AM
Farmer Suicide.

Re: Re: Re: Re: This is a malicious propoganda by rediff
by Shashi Bhushan on Dec 12, 2009 09:30 AM
Power Cut, Water Cut

Re: Re: Re: Re: This is a malicious propoganda by rediff
by Shashi Bhushan on Dec 12, 2009 09:31 AM
Boeing left the Maharahstra, because they are not ready to give 80%
Job Qouta to local candidate.

Re: Re: Re: Re: This is a malicious propoganda by rediff
by Shashi Bhushan on Dec 12, 2009 09:32 AM
Many of the export company left the Mumbai Dock for Cochi

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: This is a malicious propoganda by rediff
by Shashi Bhushan on Dec 12, 2009 09:33 AM
And more to come.

Re: Re: This is a malicious propoganda by rediff
by netpal buddy on Dec 12, 2009 09:32 AM
Brainy people always possess aspirations. That's why such people
progress. Certain people don't possess functional brains. So you don't
find any issues or problems there. Even after 10 centuries, they
remain where they are!

Message deleted by moderator

Message deleted by moderator

Message deleted by moderator

Re: Re: This is a malicious propoganda by rediff
by goldtiger on Dec 12, 2009 09:19 AM

you r a hate mongerer.

Re: Re: Re: This is a malicious propoganda by rediff
by againstpseudos on Dec 12, 2009 09:23 AM
he is a p0rki... here to create hatred.

Re: Re: Re: Re: This is a malicious propoganda by rediff
by Zinda Dil on Dec 12, 2009 09:25 AM
when you people supported Raj Thackeray's riots against our Hindi
people, did it create hatred or not? So why be afraid of hatred now?

Re: Re: Re: This is a malicious propoganda by rediff
by Zinda Dil on Dec 12, 2009 09:23 AM
Instead of calling other people hate mongers, it will be better if you
accept the reality about your culture which is obvious to just about

Re: Re: Re: Re: This is a malicious propoganda by rediff
by againstpseudos on Dec 12, 2009 09:24 AM
where are you from?

Message deleted by moderator

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: This is a malicious propoganda by rediff
by Shashi Bhushan on Dec 12, 2009 09:27 AM
India. Are you from outside of this country?

Message deleted by moderator

Message deleted by moderator

Message deleted by moderator

Re: Re: Re: This is a malicious propoganda by rediff
by Shashi Bhushan on Dec 12, 2009 09:24 AM
What do you mean by anti-maharashtrian? What rediff will get benefited
by becoming anti-maharashtrian? I don't think so, outside of
maharashtra, anybody can name 5 district masharashtra? Maharashtra is
Bombay and Bombay is maharashtra for all sick politician.

Re: Re: Re: Re: This is a malicious propoganda by rediff
by goldtiger on Dec 12, 2009 09:28 AM

look at the message headlines.. and how they put it up in the front

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: This is a malicious propoganda by rediff
by Shashi Bhushan on Dec 12, 2009 09:41 AM
Where is the anti-maharshtra word comes?

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Message deleted by moderator

Message deleted by moderator

Re: Can non-Hindis explain why their states are so violent?
by Ram Bharadwaj on Dec 12, 2009 09:19 AM
I think by your definition of turmoil, the whole of India is in
1. Rajasthan (Gujjar vs Meena)
2. Punjab (Sikhs vs Dera)
3. UP (Caste wars, Bundelkhand.etc etc)
4. Bihar (Caste wars, naxals, political violence)

Message deleted by moderator

Re: Can non-Hindis explain why their states are so violent?
by Sagar Muniram on Dec 12, 2009 09:16 AM
Get separated quickly. Nobody has foraced you to stay here.

Re: Re: Can non-Hindis explain why their states are so violent?
by Shashi Bhushan on Dec 12, 2009 09:20 AM
Where will he go? I don't think india is going to be divided in near

Message deleted by moderator

Re: Can non-Hindis explain why their states are so violent?
by netpal buddy on Dec 12, 2009 09:22 AM
So stay away...out and get lost

Message deleted by moderator

Where is India
by Shashi Bhushan on Dec 12, 2009 08:40 AM

Why not we declare India as continent? And Every state declare as a
country. May be, we have not faced this type of crap and death of

Re: Where is India
by Mallika Ramaswamy on Dec 12, 2009 09:24 AM
but it can be done only after they partition the states into smaller
ones. Or the better will be to declare all the districts as

Re: Re: Where is India
by Shashi Bhushan on Dec 12, 2009 09:36 AM
:). What's a Idea!!!

For once. I agree
by guhili on Dec 12, 2009 06:45 AM

Andhra is fighting with karnataka.
karnataka fighting with Maharashtra
karnataka figting with TN
TN fighting with kerala
X is fighting with Y
now divide to smaller states then there will be even more fighting and
politicians will spread this figting even more by stoking our emotion
so that can continue to loot while not looking into real issues

Message deleted by moderator

Re: Re: For once. I agree
by v ashwin on Dec 12, 2009 08:43 AM
u maroon...its UP & Bihar which are biggest curse to the nation, every
riots starting point is north...remember babri masjid demolition...u
guys then come to our states for work and create mess over
here...telagana agition was there from last few decades and could be
valid from some points...u similarly had division of UP & Bihar some
time back...

Re: Re: Re: For once. I agree
by karthik on Dec 12, 2009 09:10 AM
If UP & BIhar will be seperated frm INdia den.... der will peace in
India... every1 will gt ample of space in train... no 1 will die by
hunger n TB.....

Re: Re: Re: Re: For once. I agree
by Shashi Bhushan on Dec 12, 2009 09:37 AM
Are you staying in a Train? So bad.

Re: Re: Re: Re: For once. I agree
by Shashi Bhushan on Dec 12, 2009 09:38 AM
Anybody know the treatment of low mentalitity. Please recommed Mr.

Re: Re: For once. I agree
by Green Tamilian on Dec 12, 2009 09:18 AM
U aryan, read this article published in ONE INDIA website yesterday.

The following is the list of some of the demands for new states


In Jammu and Kashmir, Buddhish Associations are demanding measures to
separate Jammu and Ladakh, along with Union territory status for

Harit Pradesh
Spearheaded by Rashtriya Lok Dal (RLD) President Ajit Singh, there is
a demand for a Harit Pradesh carved out of western Uttar Pradesh.

Uttar Pradesh also sees a demand for Purvanchal constituting of
eastern area of the state. The demand eyes three division including
Awadhi region in the West, Bhojpuri region in east, and Baghelkhand in

The region has a strong political representation in the parliament.

Mithilanchal or Mithila
Bihar is plagued by the demand for a Mithilanchal or Mithila state
comprising northern districts of the state dominated by Maithili-
speaking territories people.

The long overdue demand for Bundelkhand comprising of districts like
Banda, Chitrakoot, Jhansi, Lalitpur, Sagar of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya

Vindhya Pradesh
A demand for Vindhya Pradesh formed out of Madhya Pradesh came up when
Chhattisgarh was craved out.

The formation of Chhattisgarh which was backed by both Congress and
Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) started off in 1990s and it was
officially created on Nov 1, 2000.


The demand for a Vidarbha carved out of Maharastra is born out of the
allegations of neglect against the state governmen

Re: Re: Re: For once. I agree
by netpal buddy on Dec 12, 2009 09:25 AM
And North Tamilnadu ans South Tamilnadu also

Re: Re: For once. I agree
by Maria Aloysius on Dec 12, 2009 09:11 AM
U aryan, u aryans are the mother of all problems. U come in search for
food to the south and talk nonsense here

Re: Re: For once. I agree
by Sagar Muniram on Dec 12, 2009 09:18 AM
Hindi speaking only 4/5 states are running to non-nindi areas like
Maharashtra, Punjab, Gujarat for their livelyhood. It will be better
they get separated and lookafter their own people and they will
understand how cheap they are.

Mumbai is UT
by praveen on Dec 12, 2009 06:44 AM

maharashtrians only live in slums of mumbai,, Mumbai is UT

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Appeal to all leaders
by Rajendra Nayak on Dec 12, 2009 06:41 AM

All the leaders should try to bring down the prices of consumables or
else try to see that every person from a coolie to higher ups gets
enough money to live by amending the Minimum Wages Act.
If people are becoming poorer each day then they will be avaible for
looting when there is any kind of disturbance. That is why a small
procession of people becomes violent and the buses are burnt, shops
are looted. The organizers do not know what is happening and that is
why you now hardly find any morchas of good people.
There are thousands who are undermeployed and unemployed who are ready
to take advantage as soon as these leaders talk about agitation.
Finally those who are sincerely working are affected due to bandh and
riots. Some innocent person who has nothing to do with "separate
state" will be killed and his/her family will become much poorer.
So this new state is carved for these leaders to become CM, Deputy CM,
FM etc. and their friends and relatives will become Governor,
Chairperson of this and that.
Nett loss for common man is pay more for food and other things,
finally borrow to commit suicide

Why rediff is anti-Maharashtra?
by Yogesh Kulkarni on Dec 12, 2009 06:33 AM

This's not Shivsena's demand.Whole Maharashtra has participated in
Sanyukta Maharashtra movement including people from Belgav and Hubli-
Dharwad region.Rediff should recruit some educate people who have
atleast basic knowledge about history and langages.

Re: Why rediff is anti-Maharashtra?
by karthik on Dec 12, 2009 09:12 AM
oye Shevsena Supporter... Letz C... within a year ur shivsena will be

Re: Re: Why rediff is anti-Maharashtra?
by Sagar Muniram on Dec 12, 2009 09:20 AM
Beggers are barking.

Re: Re: Why rediff is anti-Maharashtra?
by karthik on Dec 12, 2009 09:14 AM
"people from Belgav and Hubli-Dharwad region" ??????
speak Marathi???... even ppl frm Kolhapur, Satara... ppl speak kannada
wat say??... ur "shivsena is corrupted n complete mess"

Pandharapur and Kolhapur should merge into Karnataka
by jolly on Dec 12, 2009 06:32 AM

In fact Pandharapur and Kolhapur should merge into Karnataka. Prior to
Independence, majority of people in these places were Kannada
speaking. But wrongly, they were merged into Maharasthtra. Later on,
the Marathi goondas forcibly converted the Kannadigas there.

by gomang apang on Dec 12, 2009 06:30 AM


by karthik on Dec 12, 2009 09:18 AM
i agree Mumbai belong 2 Maharshtra.. den India... bt itz a Metro
city.. So Ppl living in dat area... must b co-operative wid each
other.. maintain cleanliness, peace... n educated ppl shud behave
literate.... datz Imp

by againstpseudos on Dec 12, 2009 09:21 AM
wishful thinking and that shows your attitude... bhaiyye... that way
you will make whole of India UT because you eat away everything like

Nothing wrong in having smaller states
by Proud Brahmin on Dec 12, 2009 06:18 AM

Nothing wrong in having smaller states, better management better

Re: Nothing wrong in having smaller states
by Rajendra Nayak on Dec 12, 2009 06:47 AM
What about smallest Delhi and Goa which are most corrupt than the
bigger states?

Re: Nothing wrong in having smaller states
by Ashish Mathew on Dec 12, 2009 06:22 AM
lol, what about this - more division of revenue, that means more money
for the politicians, and a doomed india...

Re: Re: Nothing wrong in having smaller states
by mahatma on Dec 12, 2009 06:26 AM
Nothing wrong in having small states....

1) People will be displaced
2) Their hard earned income will vanish.
3) Will cause hat redness
4) Will bring down industries

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Re: Hindi Rashtra is needed; non-Hindis are a complete mess
by Ashish Mathew on Dec 12, 2009 06:23 AM
well remember harayana was created out of punjab, for actually no

by Anand on Dec 12, 2009 05:59 AM

this is what we want?. KCR starts a virus, it spread every where in
India fast... we need very good antidote for this. he needs to be
quarantined before it gets worse.

We want a separate Rayalaseema
by xxx yyy on Dec 12, 2009 05:47 AM

Total injustice done to us, the sooner we get away from AP, the better
it is. They have economically deprived us of everything. They are
trying to control us. They think they know better while we suffer. Why
should we tolerate their high handedness? Just because we speak a
common language does not mean anything when they show us step motherly
treatment. Long Live Vidharba.

We want a separate Coorg
by xxx yyy on Dec 12, 2009 05:46 AM

Total injustice done to us, the sooner we get away from Karnataka, the
better it is. They have economically deprived us of everything. They
are trying to control us. They think they know better while we suffer.
Why should we tolerate their high handedness? Just because we speak a
common language does not mean anything when they show us step motherly
treatment. Long Live Vidharba.

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We want a separate Vidharbha
by xxx yyy on Dec 12, 2009 05:45 AM | Hide replies

Total injustice done to us, the sooner we get away from Maharashtra,
the better it is. They have economically deprived us of everything.
They are trying to control us. They think they know better while we
suffer. Why should we tolerate their high handedness? Just because we
speak a common language does not mean anything when they show us step
motherly treatment. Long Live Vidharba.

Smaller States need of the Hour.
by sridhar kulkarni on Dec 12, 2009 05:37 AM

The smaller states are the need of the Hour. In all the states in
India there are neglated parts and the development is only in the
Capital Cities this is creating huge frustration in other parts of the
state. The state of Chatishgarh and Jarkhand have proved the fact the
smaller states will help in faster development of neglated regions.
The states were organised after independance soley keeping in mind
about the integrity of India which was then the Need of that Hour. At
present the Central Govt is strong enough. None of states have the
militry hence there is no doubt of smaller states breaking out of
Indian Union. The need of the Hour is development of all the regions
in India. One of the way is to have smaller states and hence overcome
the partial behaviour of the people from Capital Cities.

Re: Smaller States need of the Hour.
by praveen on Dec 12, 2009 06:35 AM
chattisgarh and jarkhan are breeding grounds of maoists...

Re: Smaller States need of the Hour.
by Ashish Mathew on Dec 12, 2009 06:25 AM
He is another dumbA$$.....why is the muncipal council, and the
panchayats for, actually, nothing will happen after the new state is
formed, only more money for the politicians

Re: Re: Smaller States need of the Hour.
by sridhar kulkarni on Dec 12, 2009 06:31 AM
Panchayatas and municpal do not have decision making power.They cannot
overcome baised decesions in allocating the Budget from Politicins
beloging to capital cities. Think Practical Structure of sytems rather
than just using bad words.

...ssshhhhh !!!
by New Person on Dec 12, 2009 01:26 AM

...its the intellectual group here talking (with history/geography and
bla bla) !!!
See our two cents here...we are providing ingredients to all our
sitting public representatives to make their importance felt...after
all they need to do something...and what best than toiling on a
discussion. After all there is no one to charge you for failure...as
there are no commitments...everyone has a free hand.

To summarize, this is the state of the country where no one is
responsible for anything but has to get into everything to ensure
their presence and returns.

Do you need a separate state?
by Police Officer on Dec 12, 2009 12:39 AM

Telangana MPs bribed A----- Patel.

Well said Uddhav.
by Shailen Mungekar on Dec 11, 2009 11:39 PM | Hide replies

If Marathi rulers care for all Marathis irrespective of the geography,
there will be no need to divide MH.

Re: Well said Uddhav.
by messenger on Dec 11, 2009 11:44 PM
yeah right, but you are ready to grab other's land...ask all ur
marathis in karnataka to migrate to MH so that they can be taken care
of better

Message deleted by moderator

Re: Re: Well said Uddhav.
by Shailen Mungekar on Dec 11, 2009 11:49 PM
Belgaon was Marathi to begin with. There was no migration there.

Re: Re: Re: Well said Uddhav.
by arihantak on Dec 12, 2009 12:43 AM
Belagavi was Kannada from the begining,it was marathis who migrated.

Re: Re: Re: Well said Uddhav.
by arihantak on Dec 12, 2009 12:32 AM
You are wrong.Marathis came and settled in belgaum during peshwa
rule.It was predominantly kannada and Britishers put up the Maratha
Regiment here,which helped Marathis to add some more numbers.A united
Kannada front has defeated Marathis in Belagavi.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Well said Uddhav.
by Shailen Mungekar on Dec 12, 2009 01:54 AM
You are projecting SBSVV as the Kannada front. As per your Hindu
article it is :
a group of Kannada, Urdu and Marathi-speaking corporators.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Well said Uddhav.
by arihantak on Dec 12, 2009 02:09 AM
Urdu guys certainly do not speak Marathi,Kannada Guys do not speak
marathi.Just 2-3 Marathis would not make it a Marathi front.It is a
united front against the Marathis(Read it as MES).

Re: Re: Re: Re: Well said Uddhav.
by Shailen Mungekar on Dec 12, 2009 12:58 AM
If you are going by the past history, then whole of India will have to
be turned over to Muslims. Anyway, can you tell us which election
United Kannada Front has won? In 2007, MES had won the city
corporation polls.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Well said Uddhav.
by arihantak on Dec 12, 2009 01:39 AM
When states are going to be formed,obviously the history of the region
would be considered,it would not just be based on what is at
present.By that token,Mumbai(Bombay then) would have gone to
Gujarat,because Marathis there are less and Gujarathi's are more.
Those who want Belagavi to be part of Maharashtra are day dreaming.
Why would 60% of the people who do not want to speak Marathi be under
Marathi goons like Uddav and Raj.People are not mad even if
politicians are.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Well said Uddhav.
by Shailen Mungekar on Dec 12, 2009 05:12 AM
You are incorrect that Bombay had more Gujaratis than Marathi. I just
looked up wiki on this.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Well said Uddhav.
by Shailen Mungekar on Dec 12, 2009 02:32 AM
I'm happy that you agree that Mumbai belongs to MH.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Well said Uddhav.
by arihantak on Dec 12, 2009 02:43 AM
same way as belagavi belongs to Karnataka.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Well said Uddhav.
by arihantak on Dec 12, 2009 03:20 AM
Even though marathis are a minority over there.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Well said Uddhav.
by arihantak on Dec 12, 2009 01:12 AM
MES lost the elections. Where the hell are you living ? Which century
btw ?

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Well said Uddhav.
by arihantak on Dec 12, 2009 01:06 AM
Corporation of Belagavi is in the hands of Kannadigas.Kannada Mayor
and Deputy Mayor.Improve your knowledge buddy

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Well said Uddhav.
by Shailen Mungekar on Dec 12, 2009 01:20 AM
I'm going to check this with my Kannada friends. I don't see any
mention of this on the web. 2007 Hindu article pointed that MES had
won the city polls.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Well said Uddhav.
by arihantak on Dec 12, 2009 01:23 AM
Check it out and no probs. But do come back to accept defeat.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Well said Uddhav.
by Shailen Mungekar on Dec 12, 2009 01:46 AM
If you are the majority, then how did you lose 2007 elections?

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Well said Uddhav.
by arihantak on Dec 12, 2009 02:01 AM
We have been winning from 2007 not just in 2009.The previous mayor
(before 2009 elections)was also was a kannadiga.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Well said Uddhav.
by arihantak on Dec 12, 2009 02:04 AM
We would have won even before 2007(remember we have been winning since
2007) had we been fighting under one banner as Marathis used to under
MES that's it.Elections were not fought by kanndigas before 2007
elections based on language.To prove a point to MES and the marathis
supporting it,they fought and won against them and thus proved again
to those goons that Kannadigas are a majority in belagavi.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Well said Uddhav.
by arihantak on Dec 12, 2009 02:07 AM
We did not lose 2007 elections,it was those buffoons MES who lost
it.Got it buddy.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Well said Uddhav.
by Shailen Mungekar on Dec 12, 2009 02:25 AM
Hindu article in 2007:

Belgaum: In sharp contrast to media reports and claims being made by
the Sarvapaksha Sarvabhashik Chunavana Samithi (SSCS) formed with the
objective of defeating the Maharashtra Ekikaran Samithi (MES), Marathi
candidates have won majority in the 58-member Belgaum City Corporation

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Well said Uddhav.
by Shailen Mungekar on Dec 12, 2009 05:41 AM
In what is either a display of misplaced bravado, or a Freudian slip,
the chief of the Karnataka Rakshana Vedike, T.A. Narayana Gowda, has
admitted that "money power" had to be used in securing the victory of
a Kannada-speaking corporator as mayor of the Belgaum City Corporation
for the first time in 17 years, earlier this month.

In a 58-strong House dominated by members of the Maharashtra Ekikarana
Samithi, Prashantha Budvi beat the MES' Neelima Pavshe by a slender
margin of two votes, after Kannada and Urdu speaking corporators,
numbering 29 in all, formed a forum called the Sarva Bhashik
Samavichar Vedike. The deputy mayorship went too in favour of Yunus
Momin of the Vedike, by an identical margin, 30-28.

The victory has been painted as a major victory for Kannada forces,
with the newly elected mayor and deputy mayor being felicitated with
great fanfare in Bangalore. But, in an admission that could have
serious ramifications, Narayana Gowda has publicly admitted that money
was used to lure a corporator.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Well said Uddhav.
by arihantak on Dec 12, 2009 02:32 AM
Totally wrong.Had it been the case why was the mayor not from MES ?

Elections to Corporations are held every 3 years and the election was
fought in 2007 and a mayor was elected and the mayor was Prashantha
Shantinath Budavi a Kannadiga.
MES was defeated in 2007 and hence a Kannada Mayor.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Well said Uddhav.
by Shailen Mungekar on Dec 12, 2009 01:41 AM
Yes. I concede. I'm not from Belgaon. Who are these Abhay Patil and
Sambhaji Patil who supported SBSVV?

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Well said Uddhav.
by arihantak on Dec 12, 2009 01:57 AM
Kannada guys won with a margin of 7 votes.Whether these two voted or
not voted or allowed others to vote for them should not matter.What
matters is that Belagavi is not 70% Marathis as is claimed by
Marathis.It is just around 40%.Kannadigas form around 45% and others
around 10-15%.Now why would around 60% people speak Marathi,which is
not there mother tongue and be under buffoons like Uddav,Raj and RR
Patil ? Belagavi belongs to karnataka and would remain there.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Well said Uddhav.
by arihantak on Dec 12, 2009 01:32 AM
Here is an excerpt from Hindu's 2009 article,to help improve your
knowledge on the subject matter.

"The Sarva Bhashik Samvichar Vikas Vedike (SBSVV) retained its hold
over the Belgaum City Corporation with its candidates Yallappa Sidarai
Kurbar and Jyoti Rajashekhar Bhavikatti getting elected as Mayor and
Deputy Mayor here on Monday, thereby foiling the Opposition Marathi
group’s bid to return to power in the civic body".

Don't you ever again try to fool others.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Well said Uddhav.
by arihantak on Dec 12, 2009 01:21 AM
SRC rejected Maharashtra's claim.Mahajan Commission Report rejected
Mahrashtra's claim. What else do you need to prove that these buffoons
are just telling lies.

Belagavi was a part of karnataka and would always remains so. Let
crores of Marathis wage a war. Kannadigas know how to defend it.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Well said Uddhav.
by Shailen Mungekar on Dec 12, 2009 05:32 AM
Mahajan Commission report has advised to transfer 200 districts around
Belgaon to MH.
However, MH govt has rejected this.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Well said Uddhav.
by arihantak on Dec 12, 2009 01:13 AM
Uddav or uska baap,do not have right to talk about belagavi.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Well said Uddhav.
by arihantak on Dec 12, 2009 01:09 AM
Marathis form just 40% of the population,but they project as if they
are 70%. Wake up guys,the days of fooling people are gone.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Well said Uddhav.
by Shailen Mungekar on Dec 12, 2009 05:29 AM
Marathi were 60% in Belgaon city in 1951. Over course of time, a lot
of change can occur. Look at Hindu population in Pakistan and Kashmir.

Re: Re: Re: Well said Uddhav.
by sridhar kulkarni on Dec 12, 2009 05:49 AM
Dear this is a Dead issue. It is now more than 50 yrs that Belgavi is
in K'kata. What differance does it make to people of Belgavi if goes
to MH tomorrow. Look at the developement at Kolapur and Belgavi.
Belgavi is far developed than Kolapur. The MH Concentrates only on
Poona and Mumbai. Take Vidharba, take Marathawada all are under

Re: Re: Well said Uddhav.
by Shailen Mungekar on Dec 11, 2009 11:55 PM
If all Marathis should migrate to MH, then all Kannadigas living in MH
will be sent back. It works both ways buddy.

Re: Re: Re: Well said Uddhav.
by arihantak on Dec 12, 2009 12:34 AM
Let it.It shouldn't matter.

Re: Well said Uddhav.
by Mera Bharat on Dec 12, 2009 12:47 AM
Dont say Marathi Ruler..Say Mumbai Ruler & North Maharashtrian ruler.
Noone care for Vidarbha.. They just treat us like the way British use
to do with India.... No electricity .. No Water .. No Industries...No
Development.. Also we were part of MahaKaushal & not Maharashtra..
That is why we should have a separte home state... Maharashtrians are
parasites.. They are sucking us.. & Why you Maharashtrians wants us in
Maharashtra.To Suck more Bl**d from our already faded body...

Re: Re: Well said Uddhav.
by Shailen Mungekar on Dec 12, 2009 01:28 AM
Actually I was not aware that you felt that way. Is it a popular
sentiment? Then you should have a big struggle. I don't particularly
care about state level issues.
I have read only a very few articles on Vidharbha issues.

Message deleted by moderator

Re: Well said Uddhav.
by Mera Bharat on Dec 12, 2009 12:48 AM
Dont say Marathi Ruler..Say Mumbai Ruler & North Maharashtrian ruler.
Noone care for Vidarbha.. They just treat us like the way British use
to do with India.... No electricity .. No Water .. No Industries...No
Development.. Also we were part of MahaKaushal & not Maharashtra..
That is why we should have a separte home state... Maharashtrians are
parasites.. They are sucking us.. & Why you Maharashtrians wants us in
Maharashtra.To Suck more Bl**d from our already faded body...

Re: Well said Uddhav.
by secular indian on Dec 11, 2009 11:58 PM
KASAB also has learnt marathi - so give him CM position

Re: Re: Well said Uddhav.
by Shailen Mungekar on Dec 12, 2009 12:04 AM
Your standard is pretty low. If knowing a couple of words is
"learning" the language, then I know 20 languages.

Re: Re: Re: Well said Uddhav.
by secular indian on Dec 12, 2009 12:06 AM
so ur eyeing on PM position !!!
Good luck buddy.

Re: Well said Uddhav.
by darkblueglasses on Dec 12, 2009 12:11 AM
Mungekar should explain why Marathi speaking people in Vidharbha want
to quit Maharastra before expressing his opinion about Belagavi

Re: Re: Well said Uddhav.
by Shailen Mungekar on Dec 12, 2009 12:18 AM
Some petty politicians from Vidarbha ask for separate state. They
don't count. Every Marathi heart weeps when a Vidarbha farmer commits
suicide. I'm all for making heavy investments for water supply in that
drought prone region. Anyway, most of the MH rulers come from rural
belt anyway.

Re: Re: Re: Well said Uddhav.
by somshekhar shetty on Dec 12, 2009 01:52 AM
So it is here also. Not everyone in Belagavi who speaks marathi wants
separation from Karnataka.It is a few petty politicians who want to
keep this issue smouldering.Most of them are in MH.

Division of states
by Shailen Mungekar on Dec 11, 2009 11:35 PM

The way states were divided, Belgaon should have been part of MH, as
it has Marathi majority. What is wrong in that? This struggle has been
going on for a long time. Why should Marathi people do the sacrifice
every time?

Re: Division of states
by messenger on Dec 11, 2009 11:45 PM
In what way does it affect if there are marathi speaking people in
karnataka?.....there are tamil and telugu speaking people in karantaka
too?..so? should karnataka cease to exist?

Re: Re: Division of states
by Shailen Mungekar on Dec 11, 2009 11:52 PM
The difference is the migrations. Tamil, Telugu and some Marathi
people live in other parts of Karnataka, but they had migrated. So
they speak Kannad.
Belgaon was Marathi to begin with.

Re: Re: Re: Division of states
by somshekhar shetty on Dec 12, 2009 02:20 AM
You seem to be a sane person, but your knowledge of linguistic history
of this region is poor.Why did the Fazal Ali commission recommend the
merger of Belagavi with Karnataka ? and later why did the Mahajan
commission, which was constituted on the demand of Maharashtra,
recommend Belagavi to be retained with Karnataka & only Nippani &
Khanapur taluks to be merged with Maharashtra & Akkalkot to be merged
with karnataka. It is simple. They did it on the basis of linguistic

Re: Re: Re: Division of states
by arihantak on Dec 12, 2009 12:40 AM
You are totally wrong there. History says that Belagavi was earlier
known as venu grama was a part of karnataka,migrants from maharashtra
came during the peshwa rule and later britishers started a regiment
over there. There is a disinformation campaign by Marathis,they form
around 40% of the population,but say that they are a majority,more
than 50% of the population of belagavi is Kannada.

Re: Division of states
by arihantak on Dec 12, 2009 12:55 AM
It was not,and is not marathi majority.Tell me which guy on earth
would agree that 40% is majority ? and that too full of Settlers.
Historically too Belagavi belonged to karnataka.

Re: Division of states
by darkblueglasses on Dec 12, 2009 12:12 AM
Mungekar should explain why Marathi speaking people in Vidharbha want
to quit Maharastra before expressing his opinion about Belagavi

thy will get it
by secular indian on Dec 11, 2009 10:47 PM

thy will get balls!!!

Re: thy will get it
by Shailen Mungekar on Dec 11, 2009 11:36 PM
We don't need your useless balls.

Re: Re: thy will get it
by secular indian on Dec 11, 2009 11:57 PM
so y r u asking for it !!!
stupids dont u realize that all states are part of indian union

Re: Re: Re: thy will get it
by Shailen Mungekar on Dec 12, 2009 12:08 AM
Being part of Indian union does not mean everything is sharable. e.g.
You work for your family right? Do you share your earning with all

Re: Re: Re: Re: thy will get it
by secular indian on Dec 12, 2009 12:10 AM
ur mind is full of idiotic ideas - stop worrying abt MH or Karnataka -
if ur a true citizen of this country focus on POK and enemies around

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: thy will get it
by Shailen Mungekar on Dec 12, 2009 12:22 AM
National issues are always a major worry. These are minor issues. That
is why there is no big agitation on this. But that does not mean we
have no right to talk about it.

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How does having a district as part of another state help?
by Sathish N on Dec 11, 2009 10:46 PM

Yep, only in swindling the tax money. Else, my house in that district
is mine no matter which state it belongs to. High time all the
politicians are beaten black and blue.

Are We Patriot or Enemies?
by AKB on Dec 11, 2009 10:44 PM

The real enemy of our country is not Pakistan, but we ourselves are
the real enemies, damaging the unity of the nation. Making it weaker
by dividing it into so many parts, and still calling us patriot!

Re: Are We Patriot or Enemies?
by Sathish N on Dec 11, 2009 10:48 PM
Yep.. all those who support an Italian to make decision for India and
change their religion for some money.

Re: Re: Are We Patriot or Enemies?
by AKB on Dec 11, 2009 10:53 PM
A very irrelevant comments, What about Sonia and Italy? Here Shiv
Sena's patriot 'goons' want to divide the nation. Have a sense before

Re: Re: Re: Are We Patriot or Enemies?
by Sathish N on Dec 11, 2009 10:59 PM
Here we have an internal enemy.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Are We Patriot or Enemies?
by AKB on Dec 11, 2009 11:53 PM
Yes, now you understand internal enemy. Internal enemies are of course
BJP/SS/MNS/VHP, and of course some your 'Paki' friends.

Re: Are We Patriot or Enemies?
by Shailen Mungekar on Dec 11, 2009 11:41 PM
State level divisions should not be confused with national unity.

Re: Re: Are We Patriot or Enemies?
by AKB on Dec 11, 2009 11:57 PM
No, you are wrong. If states are powerful enough, the nation remain
powerful and united. There should be some limitation on dividing the

Re: Re: Re: Are We Patriot or Enemies?
by Shailen Mungekar on Dec 12, 2009 12:12 AM
Big states are not necessarily weakened by division. They may be more
manageable. I'm not for keeping on dividing states. But I don't
believe that state level issues have anything to do with the
national unity.


...and I am Sid Harth
Sid Harth
2010-01-25 12:20:14 UTC
No attack on PM: Pawar
Posted: Jan 25, 2010 at 1545 hrs IST

Agri ministry should work with states to...Agriculture Ministry has
nothing to do w...Pawar blames media, says no proposal on ...

New Delhi As BJP accused Sharad Pawar of shifting blame on Prime
Minister Manmohan Singh for rising prices, the Agriculture Minister
dismissed the charge on Monday saying he had not attacked Singh.
The NCP leader, who has come under severe attack from opposition
parties and for some needling by ally Congress on the issue of price
rise, said he had replied in the negative to a question whether the
Congress was attacking him when he talked to reporters in Pune on

But his remarks in Pune yesterday that he was ‘not the only person
involved in this process. The prime minister and all of us together
decide the price policy’ had raised a controversy.

Clarifying his remarks, Pawar said he had explained that the prices of
farm produce are decided after recommendation by an experts committee
to his ministry which forwards its view to the Cabinet for a
collective decision.

He suggested that when there was a decision taken collectively it was
not true that a minister was being singled out and there was no
question of attacking the Prime Minister.

Latching on to his Pune remarks, BJP spokesman Ravi Shankar Prasad
said that Pawar was ‘making a mess’ of the food economy of the
country. ‘Sharad Pawar is shifting the blame of price rise on the
Prime Minister and the Cabinet. It is a very sad spectacle of
responsibility being shifted and the common people suffering cruelly
because of price rise,’ said Prasad.

He asked the Prime Minister and UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi to
respond to Pawar's remarks.

Reacting to Pawar's remarks, Congress said the Congress said on Monday
that the Agriculture Ministry should work pro actively with states to
lower prices of essential commodities.” So far as the Congress is
concerned, the Union Agriculture Ministry needs to work pro actively
with the state governments to see that the prices settle down," party
spokesman Manish Tewari said.

He, however, did not find anything wrong in the remarks and said, "the
Agriculture Minister has only enunciated the correct Constitutional
position with regard to collective responsibility of the government
and parliamentary system."

At the same time, he maintained, "There is a division of the
government in various departments which look at the specific


...and I am Sid Harth
Sid Harth
2010-01-25 12:32:48 UTC
PM, Sonia should explain Pawar's actions: BJP
25 Jan 2010, 1454 hrs IST

The BJP has slammed the Government and also Union Agriculture minister
Sharad Pawar over the remarks of Pawar who said that price rise was a
collective responsibility of everyone.

General Secretary of the BJP, Ravishankar Prasad, said Pawar is
shifting the blame on the cabinet and Prime Minister while the common
man suffered.

He also said Pawar has made a mess of food economy and that the PM and
Congress President Sonia Gandhi should give an explanation on the

Prasad said, "It is a sad spectacle while the common man suffers.
Pawar has made a mess of the food economy. But since he is a minister,
the PM and Sonia should explain."

Pawar refused to take the sole blame for soaring commodity prices. The
Union Agriculture Minister earlier said that the price rise was a
collective responsibility.

Deflecting the blame, Pawar stated that both the Prime Minister as
well as the Cabinet are also responsible for the determination of

"The price policy is decided collectively by everybody, including the
Prime Minister. It is not a sole responsibility. An expert committee
gives us guidelines, which my ministry forwards to the cabinet and
then the entire cabinet takes the final decision on it," said Pawar.

Pawar has been facing the heat from various quarters over burgeoning
prices of both milk and sugar so much so that the Opposition over the
last week has been demanding his resignation.


...and I am Sid Harth
2010-01-25 17:12:15 UTC
BJP not anti-Muslim, it is anti-Pakistan, says Gadkari
Published on : Monday 25 Jan 2010 21:52 - by ANI

By Smita Prakash

New Delhi, Jan.25 : Declining that his party is anti-Muslim, Bharatiya
Janata Party President Nitin Gadkari on Monday said that his party is
in fact anti-Pakistan, anti-Al Qaeda, Lashkar-e-Taiba, and Pakistans
Inter-State-Intelligence agency.

In an exclusive interview with ANI TV, Gadkari said it is wrong to
assume that BJP is anti-Muslim and sought to remind all that Dr.
A.P.J.Abdul Kalam was made the President of the country during Atal
Bihari Vajpayees regime.

We are not anti-Muslim. We are anti-Pakistan, anti-Lashkar-e-Taiba,
ISI. But we are not anti-Muslim. If the BJP is against Muslims, then
you tell me, how Atal Bihari Vajpayee made Dr. Abdul Kalam the
President of India' There is a misimpression, said Gadkari.

Gadkari slammed the UPA government over its terrorism policy by saying
that it lacks moral courage to fight terrorism due to some
reservation, which the people have to find out.

So, the way in which our Government is working, somewhere there is
appeasement for terrorists, that is the smell. And thats why
government is not taking the result. What type of people are expecting
from the government. And I dont know what the policy have but I feel
that this government has no courage, no moral courage, having no that
much of power to fight against the terrorism because they have some
reservation in the minds, what the reservation is, that is really we
have to find out.

Gadkari said that BJP is all for modernization but not for
westernization and added that with generational change the thinking
changes but the main focus remains the same.

BJP has a modern approach, and particularly myself, I am concerned
with the modern things, modern management, modern approach. We are all
in favour of modernization but we are not in favour of westernisation.
So, theres a difference between modernization and westernisation. And
frankly speaking, when the generation is changed, thinking is changed,
but spirit is same, target is same, focus is same, only the system is
changed and thats why we have no problem to change the system, Gadkari

Copyright Asian News International (ANI)


...and I am Sid Harth
2010-01-25 18:10:30 UTC
MNS distributes Marathi alphabet books to taxi drivers
PTI, 25 January 2010, 05:57pm IST

MUMBAI: Fuelling the language row further in Maharashtra, Raj
Thackeray-led MNS today asked taxi drivers from the Hindi-speaking
states of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh to be conversant in Marathi within
40 days or return to their native homes.

As part of its 'Marathi manoos' agenda, activists of the transport
wing of MNS today hit the streets and distributed Marathi alphabets
books to taxi drivers asking them to learn to speak the language

"We have given Marathi alphabets books to 300 north Indian taxi
drivers in Kurla and set a 40-day deadline to learn the language,"
Maharashtra Navnirman Vahtuk Sena president Haji Arafat Sheikh said.

The outfit plans to distribute 50,000 Marathi books among taxi and
auto drivers who can't speak Marathi, Sheikh said.

"It is very shocking that people earning here for more than 15 years
and cannot communicate in Marathi. They must learn the language, else
will book their tickets to Uttar Pradesh and Bihar," Sheikh warned.

The MNS activists also put up hoardings in the city asking north
Indian drivers to learn the state language amid reports that some
drivers were asked to take an oath that they would learn the language
as early as possible.

Sheikh also criticized chief minister Ashok Chavan's 'u-turn' over
making knowledge of Marathi compulsory for taxi drivers in the state.

"The chief minister earlier made compulsory knowledge of Marathi for
taxi drivers and later he changed the decision without consulting the
cabinet," Sheikh said.

Readers' Opinions

MNS distributes Marathi alphabet books to taxi drivers

BS,Oman,says:Height of stupidity !
[25 Jan, 2010 2043hrs IST]

Pash31,Lucknow,says:I do not see any harm in learning a language.
[25 Jan, 2010 2017hrs IST]

Pritam,Chennai,says:Even though the MNS is still acting as big
brothers, I believe that by distributing books, they have for the
first time, done something "civilized"
[25 Jan, 2010 2016hrs IST]

Avinash Kumar,Pune,says:I think firstly MNS have to learn Hindi so
that they can go to other state of India and can communicate with
others. And they will say about their own as in the Maharashtra itself
there are differences like the language spoke in Vidarbha region,
Marathwada region and Konkani region.
[25 Jan, 2010 2012hrs IST]

faisal,dhahran,says:Why should anyone learn a language if they don't
need to speak it? No one should be forced to learn Marathi!!! The MNS
leader should be arrested for his criminal activities and endless
causing riots. No one should put up with the the Thackary family or
the MNS and Shiv Sena!!!
[25 Jan, 2010 2012hrs IST]

Raj Idiot,Mumbai,says:Does SRK speak Marathi??
[25 Jan, 2010 1959hrs IST]


...and I am Sid Harth
2010-01-27 00:48:57 UTC
Pawar’s games

“The minister has tended to forget his responsibility.”

Union food and agriculture minister Sharad Pawar has again created an
awkward situation for the UPA government by predicting that milk
prices will soon be increased. As if on cue from the top, prices in
Maharashtra are set to be hiked. It is not for the first time that
Pawar’s avoidable remarks have given a boost to prices. He had
recently said that sugar prices will remain high in the country in the
foreseeable future. Sugar prices were already on fire and the
minister’s comment reassured the hoarders and blackmarkeers that the
government was not expecting the prices to come down. That could have
only given them more confidence. Pawar has unfortunately tended to
forget that his responsibility is to see that the prices of essential
items do not go beyond the reach of common people. When the prices of
all food items are increasing, here is a minister who is almost
talking up the prices.

The comment rightly invited immediate criticism from chief ministers
like Mayawati and Nitish Kumar, and opposition parties. Even the UPA
found it difficult to defend the minister and the best defence the
Congress could make was to state that he should find a solution if
there was a problem. Pawar’s recent performance as a minister has not
reflected his long political experience and reputation as an
administrator. He may be losing the political touch, instincts may be
failing with age, or time, energy and attention may be getting
diverted. There has also been criticism that big lobbies and vested
interests thrived in his shadow. Businesses like sugar represent such
interests. Whether caused by intentional mischief, incompetence or
indiscretion, Pawar’s conduct has not helped the cause of the

Milk prices have increased by over 10 per cent in the last one year.
When the minister suggests that there is scope for further increase
because of falling supply and rising demand, that is a signal for
producers to think of better prices, justified or not. That cannot be
taken as good management of the price situation. Even when the general
price situation was deteriorating, Pawar was blaming the state
governments for the situation. It is easy to find scapegoats and
excuses but claims that do not carry conviction and blaming others for
one’s own faults can best be avoided. It is unfortunate that an
important ministry is so mishandled by a person who once wanted to be
the country’s prime minister.


...and I am Sid Harth
2010-01-30 15:40:42 UTC
Marathi people have as much right over Mumbai as Mukesh Ambani has
over Reliance: Bal Thackeray
PTI, 29 January 2010, 11:17am IST

MUMBAI: Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray has attacked industrialist
Mukesh Ambani over his recent statement that Mumbai belongs to all

"Marathi people have as much right over Mumbai as Mukesh Ambani has
over Reliance companies," Thackeray said in an article published in
Sena mouthpiece 'Saamna.'

"The only difference is that he has business rights and for
Maharashtrians, it symbolises their pride," he said.

"Up till now I considered Mukesh Ambani a true Mumbaikar. His father
and my friend, the late Dhirubhai was loyal to Mumbai. The Ambanis
could spread their industrial empire because of Mumbai and
Maharashtra. Dhirubhai had always acknowledged his indebtedness to
Maharashtra. Then why Mukesh has chosen a different path?" he asked.

The Sena patriarch also warned the industrialist to do his business
without provoking Maharashtrians.

"Of late many prominent personalities are vying with each other to
proclaim that Mumbai belongs to all for their own selfish
considerations and such utterances have become tantamount to
advocating national integration. In doing so, nobody is showing
sensitivity to the feelings of Maharashtrians to whom Mumbai belongs,"
he said.

"Mumbai is Maharashtra's capital and will remain its capital. Don't
meddle in the path of Mumbai and Marathi manoos ," he said.

Thackeray said, "when 'Pandit Mukesh Ambani' says Mumbai, Chennai and
Delhi belong to all Indians, why has he left out cities likes
Ahmedabad, Jamnagar and Rajkot".

Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani had recently said the
controversy over making knowledge of Marathi mandatory for issuing
taxi permits in Mumbai was 'unfortunate' and the metropolis belongs to
all Indians.

"We are all Indians first. Mumbai, Chennai and Delhi belong to all
Indians. That is the reality," he had said during a panel discussion
at the London School of Economics.

In November, the Sena chief had asked cricket icon Sachin Tendulkar
not to "dabble" in politics.

"He should stick to the cricket wicket and not meddle with the pitch
of politics. The right to decide who comes to Mumbai is our right, not
his," the Sena chief had said.

Readers' Opinions


Marathi people have as much right over Mumbai as Mukesh Ambani has
over Reliance: Bal Thackeray

Asish Patel,Ahmedabad,says:citizens of Mumbai need to rise up - hold
protests gherao Matosri the residence of goonda thackerey. first and
foremost, send him back to MP where his ancestors came from.
[30 Jan, 2010 0156hrs IST]

James D'souza,Auckland,says:I believe Mumbai is for all Indians but
only in that sense but it is first for the Maharashtrians. As for Bal
Thackeray if you are truely for the cause of the Marathi Manoos then
let all of them know how much combined wealth the Thackerays have and
how did you accumulate this wealth difinitely not by newspaper cartoon
or your samnna newspaper, teach the marathi manoos all the tricks of
your trade. If you distribute all your ill-gotten wealth to the cause
of the marathi manoos they wil adore you even more then Shivajji.
Definitely you owe them this explaination.
[30 Jan, 2010 0148hrs IST]

Abhishek Sarvagya,Pune,says:Politicians like these are shame for our
country. The same old man and his party is criticizing Australia
because Indians are not treated well their. In India, We Indians dont
like other Indians, We misbehave with our countrymen and we want that
other countries should respect our people. It is such a foolishness.
On what grounds these politicians are criticizing other country. WAKE
your country and its people then only you truly love your
state.Maharashtra and all other states are in India. Without India
these state can't exist.
[30 Jan, 2010 0141hrs IST]

Dr. Anil Khari, M.D.,Kingston, Jamaica, W.I.,says:What this BS Mumbai,
Thakres and Maharastra - all these existance is becouse of India. If
the trend continues one day you will find all industires, businesses
and trade will be shifted from Mumbai and Maharastra to other states.
Industrialists and businessman are already feeling insecure becouse of
this dirty regionalism. Why Indian Goverment can,t dealt the condition
in a way of Punjab. Thakres are turning to be worst than terrorists,
send them to join Taliban in Afganistan. India should have no places
for such people.
[30 Jan, 2010 0100hrs IST]

Mukund,Bangalore,says:Why is media trying to drag someone like Mukesh
Ambani into this.Is he an eye sore for all of you that they contribute
3% of India's GDP,contribute to 2% of indian taxes.Everybody knows Bal
thackeray protects the interests of Marathis,So some people will get
threatened by demographic shift caused by language or religion or
race.So start accepting reality & stop this nonsence of highlighting
these kind of news. It is a pity we do not live in a fair world be it
India, America,china,Arabia or Australia.Times of india should learn
to contribute something more positively rather than trying to incite
people so your owners can collect money coz of gullible poeple.Hope
you guys have bloody guts to publish criticism on you.
[30 Jan, 2010 0056hrs IST]

[30 Jan, 2010 0055hrs IST]

kris,canada,says:Yes! your thoughts were correct Mr.(Sorry, Oye
Thakoo) he is a true Mumbaikar and that refelects from his statement
that Mumbai belongs to all indians if you are an Indian.This is what a
true Mumabiwala will say. So shut up and eat Pav bhaji made by a
Bihare or a bhayya.
[30 Jan, 2010 0054hrs IST]

Shailendra Kumar,Delhi,says:They make statements without using brain,
where were they when commandos from all the states were fighting
against terrorist in mumbai.
[30 Jan, 2010 0042hrs IST]

kannan,USA,says:Comparing reliance and mumbai!!! Extreme nonsense. But
interesting to see some people supporting this nonsense.
[30 Jan, 2010 0036hrs IST]

Anand,mumbai,says:Dear Bala Saheb, where u & Raj were ?? for a week
when mumbai got attacked on 26/11.. it was a mumbai's blood shed, not
a marathi or not a any other region's people. all people, police were
indians not marathi or hindi or gujarati or punjabi.. the only thing u
should do in this age is read Ramayana.
[30 Jan, 2010 0033hrs IST]

Jasmine ,India,says:toothless tiger goes again - when will he learn to
stop throwing words. repulsive man cannot stand him.
[30 Jan, 2010 0025hrs IST]

Shivaji,Marathwada,says:I feel that stupid Bal thackeray should keep
quite. No one has given him the right to represent us marathis. I am a
maharashtrian but I proudly say I am an Indian first. He should not
forget that Bombay used to consist of gujarat and maharashtra, it was
only after 1960 that Bombay became part of Maharashtra. Everyone has
equal rights to Bombay. Jai Hind
[30 Jan, 2010 0023hrs IST]

xbat,NY, USA,says:Every Indian has right over Mumbai, not just Marathi
people. Every Indian has right over every single inch of Indian
territory. Bal Thackeray should either put and end to this nuisance of
ethnic discrimination or move over to Pakistan. Talibans like him have
no place in freedom loving, liberal, progressive and civilized
democracy like India.
[30 Jan, 2010 0018hrs IST]

Arvind,New Delhi,says:Desire, envy and vanity is the root of all evil.
Bal Thackeray started Shiv Sena when he saw South Indian migrants
settling with White Collar Jobs in erstwhile Bombay and once settled
down in their jobs, they brought their relatives and friends through
referrals. This enraged him so much that his anger continues to this
day, now directed towards migrants from North India who do the same.
In all fairness, in a democratic country, there is no place for a
militant idealogy that Maharashtra belongs to the Marathi community.
He has fallen to the vices - a DESIRE to see "only" Marathis succeed
and VANITY when others succeed. Nothing but a very selfish perspective
to see ones own succeed and ENVY the successful "others". How
different is this from seeing your neighbour drive a gleaming BMW
while you drive a run down Hyundai? Thackeray is a cunning man, he
knows most humans suffer from these vices and he knows how to create a
racket. Thackeray also needs to stop behaving like a separatist, thats
what he is trying to achive..Maharashtra with Marathis in control and
possibly tomorrow, another country. In democracy, everyone has equal
rights and equal opportunity, lets compete and may the best man win.
There will surely be opportunities that are reserved for BCs/OBCs and
the likes but the majority is up for open competition, the way it
should be. Rather than create fractions within the country, Thackeray
needs to embrace the idea of freedom of choice. Spend more time
pushing for infrastructure changes rather than detrimental ideas such
as Maharashtra for Marathis. Just my two chavannis. Peace.
[30 Jan, 2010 0003hrs IST]

Chandan,Bangalore,says:It's sure that there are some issues due to
migration but instead of dirty vote politics there are several
positive majors to tackle it and use it for state's advantage....these
vote bank politics will only disintegrate India..We are just stepping
towards pre colonial era..When kings were fighting with each other
over pitty issues...remember united we stand divided we fall....
[30 Jan, 2010 0003hrs IST]

anonymous,India,says:There is certainly one family in Mumbai that does
not understand the city's and state's ethos and to whom the city
certainly does not belong. And that is ... the Thackeray family. By
creating a Marathi vs. India faux battle when the rest of India is
going the other way, and by trying to raise consciousness in Marathi's
through a sense of injustice toward them rather than a sense of
responsibility for their own actions, the Thackeray family is
ultimately going to destroy Marathi culture, Maratha pride and the
decade's worth of investment in Maharashtra's infrastructure and
ultimately discourage entrepreneurial activity in the state, which is
the real engine for raising the standard of living of the masses. I
hope to see more voices raised in the Indian media plitical circles
against this destructive family.
[30 Jan, 2010 0000hrs IST]

[29 Jan, 2010 2348hrs IST]

Bharatiya,Delhi,says:This comments from Bal thakrey seems to be
comments from a Bal (child) or and OLD guy (childish thought). He is
trying to spread the same division, which was there before
independence and that's why we were ruled for over 600 years by
[29 Jan, 2010 2343hrs IST]

Indian,India,says:To Mahesh: Place your Mumbai in Pakistan and sing
your maraathi manoos song.. mumbai is because of india, india is not
because of mumbai. wake up mahesh..
[29 Jan, 2010 2340hrs IST]

abhishek,mumbai,says:bal thakeray should stop worrying about mumbai
and the marathi manoos issues.....not only is it a nonissue, but it
will eventually give him a heart attack.....only accelerating the
process that began in 2001........resulting in the downfall of both,
the thackeray scion, and the shiv sena....mumbai is a metropolis, and
belongs to everyone......balasaheb should not resort to such cheap
tactics...they will only get him a handful of extra votes at maximum .
my advice to him would be to spend his free time writing poetry and
singing songs with aditya thackeray
[29 Jan, 2010 2314hrs IST]

Santosh ,USA,says:Wow! what a statement by Balasaheb. It has pierced
straight into heart of a capitalist. Long live Balasaheb. I am proud
to be a Marathi Manus.
[29 Jan, 2010 2314hrs IST]

punit,mumbai,says:I have been living in mumbai for all my life. The
true essense of this city lies in its multicultural and multi lingual
mix of the communities which makes it a metropolis in a true sense. If
you take non maharashtrians out of mumbai, it would be stop existing
to be mumbai. The development of mumbai is a collective effort of the
members of all communities, you should never forget that. I agree that
the migration issue should be taken into account, but saying that non
maharashtrians dont have a right over mumbai is unconstitutional.
people saying so should be ashamed of themselves. Drive the non
marathis out of mumbai and lets see how much charm of mumabai we are
left with....
[29 Jan, 2010 2300hrs IST]

asif,aligarh,says:all the indudtrilaist should look to some
alternatives places other than MAH for shifting their bases. then
these fanatics( shiv sena others) will realise the importance of
people like ambanis. actually mumbai is known only bcs of these
people. with some lots of SEZ in pipeline. alternative to mumbai/
maharastra should be seriuisly looked into. mumbai/maharastra has been
made fatherland of these fanatics. it has happened in the past that
industrialist have buckled under pressure and that had been a win for
fanatics. there will be a loss but it will not be everlasting.
[29 Jan, 2010 2254hrs IST]

Pritam,Chennai,says:Thakrey's Marathi Manoos night not like it but
today Mumbai is what it is because of industrialists like TATA, Birla,
Ambali and many more non-Maharashtrians... film stars like Amitabh,
SRK and lot many (mostly) non-Maharashrians. Mumbai minus these people
would have been like any other state capital. Marathi Manoos specially
the Mumbaikars actually owe these people for making Mumbai what it is
today !
[29 Jan, 2010 2211hrs IST]

Hridya Kamble,Nagpur,says:Now I knew how british ruled India 150
yrs... It was not the britisher’s who divide and ruled... It
was us timid minded people like you wanted to be divided and
ruled...seating at that position you haven’t learned anything
from history Or don’t want to learn because of your self
[29 Jan, 2010 2207hrs IST]

Priya,Bengaluru,says:A question for all you so very vocal thinkers: If
France made a statement that Paris was first for the French... would
it sound ridiculous to you?? So why does it sting you when Balasaheb
Thackeray says Mumbai is first for Maharashtra??
[29 Jan, 2010 2206hrs IST]

Ashok,Boston,says:Thackerays are big time morons. If they dont mend
their politics people of Maha have to pay for their foolishness. When
was the last time he talk about development? When was the last time
Samna published a well planned article to uplift the economy or what
should be done to rescue dying farmers in Vidharbha. Jingoistic
politics doest not last for long..unfortunately majority of the people
who dont subscribe to Thackrays mindless politics would also have to
pay the price.
[29 Jan, 2010 2202hrs IST]

anand,Mumbai,says:who the hell is any Thakre and who cares what any
Thakre says. Thakres seems to me ISI agents, who are trying there best
to destabilize India. lot of credit to mukesh, sachins who have done a
lot for india. regards Anand
[29 Jan, 2010 2112hrs IST]

rahul singh,MUMBAI,says:Thakrey is a big blot to this democracy.. and
is proving to be a big fool
[29 Jan, 2010 2107hrs IST]

Birendra ,Mishra,says:It is really sad for the whole country the way
bal thakrey is doing all this nonsense and the indian government is
sleeping and i think so that other persons who are citizen of india
are also sleeping. He should be taught a lesson that any human being
is not being identified by any city or place. He is being remembered
by his deeds and this kind of divide rule policy adopted by this so
called maharastrian is a total fake and he should be sent behind the
bars to maintain the peace and integrity of nation and even the state
[29 Jan, 2010 2105hrs IST]

SHans,USA,says:How can anyone single regional community stake claim on
Mumbai. Mumbai is made of people from all walks, all communities. The
real contributors to Mumbai has been the Parsis, Gujaratis, People
from other states and of course the Bollywood and several others from
[29 Jan, 2010 2104hrs IST]

NAVEEN JIANI,DELHI,says:Actually MNS wala gunda, Raj Thackrey wants to
develop his political career, hence he uses such propagandas. Shivsena
akka Bal Thackrey, is using this propaganda to save Shivsena from the
unfortunate rise of MNS. so both need propaganda to collect votes.
[29 Jan, 2010 2103hrs IST]

Indian ,India,says:Thackerays were hiding in the hole on 26/11. Shame
on them! Cheap Fellows! Originaly from Madhya Pradesh (Balaghat)!
[29 Jan, 2010 2101hrs IST]

NAVEEN JIANI,DELHIQ,says:If Bal thackrey and MNS want to drive out
other indians out of Mumbai, then he should call all mumbaikars people
back to mumbai who are working in other parts of india and abroad. If
other people are not welcomed or accepted in mumbai then mumbaikars
also dont have right to work elsewhere.
[29 Jan, 2010 2059hrs IST]

Ajay M,Lagos,says:All Thackrey family members have gone mad in
politics. Even after so many illegal statements, they are not able to
go beoyond BMC elections. When they are saying that Mumbai belongs to
Marathi then why Marathis are going to Australia and earning there.
They should also stop maharashtrians to go to any country and work
within the Maharashtra border. Why Udhav Thackrey is saying that they
will not allow australians to play in India. If these thackreays are
saying that no body from outside should grab the job of Maharashtrians
so do the same reaction coming from Australians. Then why is the
objection on Australians. Shiv Sena knows that they are doing wong
things but if they do not issue these silly statements then they will
start loosing municipal and panchayat elections also. Sooner or later
they will come to know Shiv Sena has no ground in Maharashtra and they
can never win assembly elections. This way, beard of Bal Thackrey will
remain with him throughout his life. Let say Good Bye to Shiv Sena now
and welcome good patriotic party in place of this.
[29 Jan, 2010 2015hrs IST]

U N Han,Mumbahi,says:There are lakhs and lakhs of Maharashtrians in
the interior part of Maharashtra who do not know to read and write
Marathi. Even they are not able to speak Marathi language properly.
Instead of claiming Mumbai as their own Shiv Sena should take right
steps to educate them instead of taxi drivers and ensure gainful
employment. Shiv Sena is of course Ambanis vision of dividing working
force in their units.
[29 Jan, 2010 1950hrs IST]

Surya,Haryana,says:Where the Hell is India?? One is Marathi , Ohter is
Bengali, We have Kannads, Malalays, Kashmiris etc ...Iam again n again
saying that "United INDIA"
[29 Jan, 2010 1927hrs IST]

vv,usa,says:i think that if all non maharashtrains move out of bombay,
it will be nothing but an entity without life......mr thackery,you
should know that no other states have any problems if a maharashtrian
wants to settle there....we are "bharat"
[29 Jan, 2010 1925hrs IST]

Masud Ali,Bhopal,says:The average Maharashtraian must see beyond the
ignorant Thackeray family approach to problem solving and realize that
education is the only way to improve. How many schools does this
family fund? And with Bombay becoming known as a lawless place with
ineffective government because of them and their ignorant followers,
how much investment and how many jobs have they driven away?
[29 Jan, 2010 1907hrs IST]

Jan Valentine,New York,says:Bal Thackeray and the Shiva Sena should be
declared a Terrorist Organization and Banned from any public
activities. I dare The PM to take action. India is not Mumbai and
Indian are not just Mumbaikars. Shiva Sena is inciting eliments who
will take advantage of these stupid remarks to strike against our way
of life and fracture the democracy in India.
[29 Jan, 2010 1906hrs IST]

BMLALL,New Delhi,says:Bal Thakrey should learn from history. If
Marahathas had sought the help of North Indians such as Jats, Sikhs,
Rajput rulers in the Third Battle of Panipat, in 1761, against the
Afghan invador, Ahmad Shah Abdali, they would have been the rulers of
India replacing the Mughals. Later on also they never gave united
fight to the Britishers and never sought the support of other Indian
rulers. Even today in the last elections Shiv Sena lost because of the
fratricidal struggle amongst the scions of Bal Thakrey. So if Bal
Thakrey`s Shiv Sena wamts to gain power beyond the frontiers of
Maharashtra to fullfil his agenda, the party should be patriotic
regarding India as one. If Mukesh Ambani or Tendulkar or somebody else
says Bombay belongs to Indians, there is nothing wrong in it. Bombay`s
popularity was due to other people also. Bal Thakrey should emulate
Bal Gangadhar Tilak who joined hand with Bipan Chander Pal of Bengal
and Lala Lajpat Rai of Punjab to fight against the Britishers.
Actually it was the famous `Lal Bal Pal` period which laid the
foundation of the freedom struggle in India. The Indian National
Congress was also founded in 1885 in Bombay and Mahatama Gandhi gave
the call for `do or die` at the time of Quit India Movement in Bombay.
So all these facts are to be taken into consideration when one talks
of Marahata Manush.
[29 Jan, 2010 1906hrs IST]

abhishek narayan,hyderabad,says:well these people have dont much work
as dere newspaper(saamna) dosent have rite newz, so for making dere
newspaper sales dey juz print dey baseless sensational news. mukesh
ambani is an icon and well respected everywherein world....his views
are well accepted .......and yes with carrying sense...
[29 Jan, 2010 1906hrs IST]

abhishek narayan,hyderabad,says:well these people have dont much work
as dere newspaper(saamna) dosent have rite newz, so for making dere
newspaper sales dey juz print dey baseless sensational news. mukesh
ambani is an icon and well respected everywherein world....his views
are well accepted .......and yes with carrying sense...
[29 Jan, 2010 1906hrs IST]

Mahesh,Mumbai,says:Who the heck is mukesh to decide and comment on
Mumbai. HAs he taken the rights of our city. Marathis are true and
last inheritant of Mumbai. Has mukesh started thinking that he have
purchased Mumbai? Has he forgotten he was driven away from SEZ
proposal in Konkan belt off late? Will it require another coup of sort
to make him backtrack. He is businessmen and he should do it
sincerely. Let him not preach. If it is so then let him be priest.
Donate crores he has earned in Mumbai. Having 5-star hospital and 5-
star schools is not social work. He has to come to ground level to
understand the real plight of Mumbai. Sitting in AC cabins is not
going to help anyone. It only gives a feeling that he wants to quit
business in Maharashtra. We welcome it by heart.But it should be done
very fast.
[29 Jan, 2010 1905hrs IST]

Priya,Bengaluru,says:To Prasad, Mumbai: Why don't you travel across
the length and breadth of the country and see what happens when you
cannot speak in the local language?? Please try it. Also, Mr.Gadkari
might have been the minister, but the public has forgotten and does
not know that the Shiv Sena was the driving force. the Mumbai
Expressway was Balasaheb Thackeray's dream... I remember him speaking
about it when i was a kid... and when the Shiv SSena came to power,
true to their word, they built it... They built all the flyovers that
you see in Mumbai... which the Congress vehmenently protested against
then.. people who are from outside Mumbai and Maharashtra just do not
know what the Shiv Sena stands for. Shiv Sena means development. It is
the media and uninformed public who only knows to make negative
comments without thinking through issues... As to the question.. why
did he not lead from the front for 26/11... may I remind you that
Balasaheb Thackeray is a political leader, not the police. not the
army. not even the government in power. Had he / Sena / MNS come in
between .. this same public would have criticized for interfering with
administration.. And please tell me... all of you who are so vocal on
the net .. criticizing Balasaheb Thackeray about not doing something
for 26/11... why are you not so vocal when it comes to hanging Ajmal
Kasab?? You feel no need to protest against the law, the state, the
country, that is allowing this country's law process to become an
utter mockery???
[29 Jan, 2010 1852hrs IST]

MindShare,India,says:By nature Marathi Manoos is very amiable and
accommodating, however there is a feeling among Marathi Manoos that he
is being trounced from his own state and his very belonging to a state
is being questioned by all non Marathis. And this feeling is growing
day by day. These type of statements from persons like Mukesh Ambani
is no where going to help bridge the gap. This is exactly the
situation which is being seized by individuals like Bal Thakres
[29 Jan, 2010 1851hrs IST]

Altaaf hussain,Hyderabada,says:If you guys can remember there were no
comments from Shiva sena in support of marati manus till Raj started
all this.They are doing it post Raj outburst on north indians which
clearly is an effort to save votes.They are going to loose ground if
not now then 4-5 years down the line,because Indian are not that
foolish not to understand this dirty tactics.It's high time they save
themselves than saving votes.
[29 Jan, 2010 1843hrs IST]

Rohit Sharma,Kota,Rajasthan,says:I don't understand what point does he
want to prove by giving such statements. I will be surprised if such
comments will add to his popularity or add to his political stature.
[29 Jan, 2010 1841hrs IST]

Dinesh,Mumbai,says:Bal Thackeray is correct in saying that. mumbai is
of marathi and then for other.Anywhere in the world uncheck migration
is not tolerated. Then why to keep borders also. Shiv Sena issue is
uncheck migration which is making life difficult for marathis and also
nonmarathi who live here.Mukesh Ambani has no right to say on this
[29 Jan, 2010 1838hrs IST]

H S,Mumbai,says:Just one question for Thackreys: are you Indian or
Marathi manoos first? Such statements for political gain are
triggering more social divides. We should find a way to leave in
harmony and peace. On the other hand Shiv Sena and MNS are always
talking of a consequences when someone takes any positive initiatives
or talks about being Indian. I hope to recieve an answer from all
three Thackerays.
[29 Jan, 2010 1825hrs IST]

Mohan,Madrid,says:May I suggest SS should ban of sale of fish in
Mumbai, to show the anger against east Indians migrating to Mumbai
(they have unfortunately been left out so far in the efforts of all
inclusive growth of Mumbai and Maharshtra)
[29 Jan, 2010 1817hrs IST]

P.,Patel,says:Why is media even glorifying this. Stop this nonsense.
[29 Jan, 2010 1813hrs IST]

Jatinder ,UK,says:A Smaill mentallity leader like Thackeray will ruin
Maharashtrians with his cheap talks !!! He need to take some lessons
from Sharad Pawar and Sachin Tendulkar !!!
[29 Jan, 2010 1812hrs IST]

Laks,India,says:The Sena idiots are known for making such stupid
comments and I am surprised that media is so particular to air that
and make them heroes. Media should down play such news and make it
"who cares"
[29 Jan, 2010 1756hrs IST]

Reshmi.P,Dubai,says:Kudos to Sir Thakrey, the true patriot. His
comments skyrocketed our country's reputation worldwide. Definitely he
has elevated Maharashtra's status from a State to Country. Repeatedly
it is made clear to everyone beyond doubt that he is above the state,
[29 Jan, 2010 1752hrs IST]

Avnish Kumar Singh,Pune,says:Surprised to see no Raj Thackeray and
there gunda's comments till now on the topic.
[29 Jan, 2010 1738hrs IST]

R.Ranjan,Cochin,says:I think if indian govt can't do anything for such
stmt by an indians,then what they can do to Australians for beating
Indians.Accourding to these types of polticians Australians are doing
best thing by beating Indians,since Australia is of Australians not
for Indians.
[29 Jan, 2010 1736hrs IST]

Subhasish Mitra,Ahmedabad,says:I sincerely feel sorry for the simple
Marathi manoos who has to depend on such lumpen elements for
'support'. If Thakre and his Shiv Sainiks are so worried about the
Marathi pride, please do something to alleviate the misery of the poor
farmers of Maharashtra. Or is even the drought, a result of the
[29 Jan, 2010 1735hrs IST]

venkat,mumbai,says:Venkat, Mumbai, says: Mumbai might belong to all
Indians. As a person from chennai, I want to say that we should
acknowledge maharashtrians' liberal attitude towards people from other
states. It is their open attitude that has helped others build their
career and earn livelihood here in mumbai for last several decades.
[29 Jan, 2010 1729hrs IST]

Jitu Nadiadwala.,U.S.A.,says:We Miss Strong Iron Leardership of Shree
Sardar Patel."One INDIA For All" No Zina no Thackeray Bombay is
territory of "THE GREAT INDIA"
[29 Jan, 2010 1725hrs IST]

Venkat,Mumbai,says:Mumbai might belong to all Indians. As a person
from chennai, I want to say that we should acknowledge maharashtrians'
liberal attitude towards people from other states. It is their open
attitude that has helped others build their career and earn livelihood
here in mumbai for last several decades.
[29 Jan, 2010 1722hrs IST]

Adrian,Dubai,says:I think thackrey's are right for one part.BUT ????
they need to focus on builders that have these clause's of selling
flats to (only vegetarian's) which makes this the main cause of
discrimination between people and religion's. before there was nothing
like this but things are changing with these rules.
[29 Jan, 2010 1719hrs IST]

vc,mumbai,says:Senior Politicians are here not to unite but to divide.
[29 Jan, 2010 1718hrs IST]

Shivaji,Mumbai,says:SHree Mukesh Amabani has created so jobs not only
for marathi manoos..but for people across the globe...
[29 Jan, 2010 1717hrs IST]

I Dare to,Ballarat,says:The media should stop giving so much
importance to such silly and senseless statements.Cant media
categorize news related to economy or education into "headlines"
instead of these political affairs? Its time to change, we should grow
and develop or else we will fall behind other countries; every country
is aggressively expanding and developing.Common people like us should
not be concerned about politics at all - this is my advice for you my
friends.Bring INDIA up to the no.1 in the world.
[29 Jan, 2010 1716hrs IST]

PBS,Mumbai,says:What Balasaheb has spoken is the real truth, its
possible those who come from other sate may get red with his
statement. To make such statement requires guts, which Shivsena and
MNS definetly have. Other than Maharashtrians no one have right to say
single word against or for Mumbai....
[29 Jan, 2010 1709hrs IST]

Mahesh Naik,Mumbai,says:does bal thakrey have no other issues ?.
[29 Jan, 2010 1708hrs IST]

Mahesh Naik,Mumbai,says:does bal thakrey have no other issues in his
senile condition.?.
[29 Jan, 2010 1708hrs IST]

Prakash,Noida,says:This is height of stupidity as Thackrey and his men
are attacking celebs and high profile people by showing baseless
[29 Jan, 2010 1706hrs IST]

ajit jadhav,mumbai,says:Balasaheb's statement is appropriate.
Maharashtra and Mumbai in particular including the Busines fraternity
should not forget that they would have perished long back had it not
been for the Sena's presence.The 1993 riots and the significance of
the Sena was then recognised by all.All those hypocrites who cannot
digest the though of Matarthi manoos, if they really mean so, then
they should prove so by leaving the city. immediately.
[29 Jan, 2010 1706hrs IST]

Jayesh Patil,Palghar,says:Please read out what Hindurhiday Samrat Shri
Balasaheb Thakeray has said before commenting in air.
[29 Jan, 2010 1702hrs IST]

Hafiz,Haridwar,says:These have got nothin to do except for makin new
statements now and then...I mean...c'mon..who gives what Bala or Raj
thackrey has got to say....
[29 Jan, 2010 1702hrs IST]

Mohit,Melbourne,says:Why am i not surprised to what Bal Thackrey is
saying? The person and his party is losing all may be these are his
last ditch efforts to arouse Marathi people. This is disrespect to the
wisdom of marathi people by Bal Thackrey
[29 Jan, 2010 1702hrs IST]

sadapunekar,Mumbai,says: when he was in power.. he did nothing.. ..
Lot of work can be done without saying anything..
[29 Jan, 2010 1658hrs IST]

sonu,Noida,says:How can you expect it from Thakrey to keep quiet if
somebody say anything about mumbai. After all Maharashtra belongs to
Thakrey only.
[29 Jan, 2010 1657hrs IST]

Rajeshkumar,Mumbai,says:Even though I am not a Maharashtrian I feel
Mr.Thackrey's stand is correct. He is only against the illegal
immigrants entering Mumbai, making huts on government lands. The city
has really become a dirty place and these people spoil the footpaths,
acquire the open spaces in city, do criminal activities . If this is
not stopped the city will go to docs in few years. Think about it.
[29 Jan, 2010 1657hrs IST]

Chandra,Dubai,says:we do not have any national leader and we have
thugs, opportunists and and criminals everywhere protected by the Law
of land and their business is loot public resources for their personal
benefit...they put money and they gain...who so ever...
[29 Jan, 2010 1651hrs IST]

Digvijay Ankoti,Manila,says:What hurt me most after the whole 'Marathi
Manoos' political game started a few years back and after North
Indians increasingly got targeted by Sena goons was the silence of
some of India's most loved and respected individuals like Sachin,
Ambanis, Lata etc who could speak up against the politics of hate and
get everyone united. Well finally Sachin and Ambani have spoken up.
Its time for others to speak up.Whats ironical is that the Indian
media is going hysterical about Indians being targeted in Australia by
Australian Thackerays but who cares if Indians are beaten up within
India.It shouldnt happen to them in some other country. They have no
right to beat us Indians, that right solely belongs to Indians and in
Mumbai, that franchisee is owned by Thackerays.Asking all Mumbaikars
and Indians to wake up.................All that is necessary for the
triumph of evil is that good men do nothing
[29 Jan, 2010 1650hrs IST]

Suresh,UK,says:Who is this Thackery.TOI should give no importance to
his news.
[29 Jan, 2010 1646hrs IST]

Ajay ,More,says:Why is Times Of India even putting up words by this
guy we can't understand? The media should first snub the Thackeray's.
His words simply don't represent the feelings of the vast majority of
Marathi's either. Times, please don't put Bala's comments - he is
insulting people's intelligence for useless publicity.
[29 Jan, 2010 1646hrs IST]

Soni Shailesh J,Mumbai,says:The time has come to be vocal about our
views against narrowly thinking polititians. Mukesh Ambani can afford
to do it. Nobody including the strongest one on the road and nowhere
else should be allowed to be sole Propritor of the city like this and
many more. No city can ever be anyone unless you make it your own by
sheer hard work and zealous efforts. We should not forget that nobody
could have become rich by only dividing the property made by others.
You should make it for your own. Everybody including noneother than
'Balasaheb' knows that what are the real intention behind issuing
statement showing the sympathy towards 'Marathi Manoos'. In this days
if we love someone we should teach them to fight in some decent way.
The street fight is no fight at all. In fact just by going this way
what first thing transpires is nothing but only thing that you have
accepted you defeat. The respect should be commanded and not demanded.
Anyway, Mr, Dhirubhai was friend of nobody and everybody at the same
time. It is not something to be proud of.
[29 Jan, 2010 1643hrs IST]

abhineet kumar,kolkata,says:mumbai is not thakrey's company. Neither
they had any contribution in creation of mumbai. Above all they r
doing nothing by spreading poison in heart of marathi people against
north Indians.
[29 Jan, 2010 1643hrs IST]

Shashank,Mumbai,says:Tamil Nadu would never have been the 2nd most
developed state in the country today if 40 years back shiv sena would
not have revolted against tamilians coming to mumbai and settling. It
drove them back, they thought of developing there own state and now
atleast its contributing much towards India's econoomy.
[29 Jan, 2010 1638hrs IST]

Prasad,Mumbai,says:Reply to Priya, Bengaluru. Major credit for Mumbai
- Pune Expressway and numerous flyovers should first go to the dynamic
Nitin Gadkari of BJP who was the concerned minister. Nobody can find
fault with anybody who fights for the just cause of Marathis in a
cultured way. You'll appreciate the fact that it is one thing to say
that 80% of the jobs in any state (say Maharashtra, Karnataka, etc.)
should be for local people and it is a totally another matter to say
that "outsiders" are not welcome, if the "outsiders" do not learn the
local language they will be thrown out of the state. First thing is a
just cause as long as it is done in a non-violent manner. Apart from
creating law & order problem kindly tell us what has Bal Thackeray
doen for the "marathi manoos". Tell me one thing - in Karnataka, do
they beat rickshawallas or taxiwalas if tehy do not speak in Kannada.
If bal Thackeray is so much concerned about Mumbai and Marathis, why
he did not lead from the front alongwith Shiv Sainiks against teh
terrorists when they attacked Mumbai on 26/11/2008? Those days he was
even scared to utter a word at that time against the terrorists.
[29 Jan, 2010 1636hrs IST]

Vikas,Chennai,says:Media please don't publish such articles as bal
thackery is no one to say such things. This guy has done nothing for
the country so he has no rights to be in the National Newspapers for
his useless remarks to Mukesh and SRK.Please don't publicise such
personalties.Let them speak to their papers "sammana"
[29 Jan, 2010 1636hrs IST]

[29 Jan, 2010 1632hrs IST]

Ravee,Bangalore,says:There seems to be no Supreme Court or Election
Commission or for that matter no Constitution as well. the media keeps
reporting and NOTHING happens. Very soon, the people of India will
lose all faith in the constitutional machinery and will believe that
having a private army is the way to go. In 60 years of Republic, we
have managed to create one State every 2 years...and heading for more.
We elect people like Thakerays, Mayavatis, Alagiris, Stalins,
Mulayams, Laloos.... do we deserve anything better? of course NOT.
[29 Jan, 2010 1628hrs IST]

Kedar Ramnath,London,says:Haha....Sachin Tendulkar, The Ambanis,
Tatas, etc are all part of Mumbaikars...who have made Mumbai what it
is. Mumbai is for all Indians....everyone from Kashmir to Kanyakumari,
from Rajasthan to Assam should feel welcome here...and they are.
[29 Jan, 2010 1625hrs IST]

ss,Mumbai,says:I think Business and politics is seprate domain should
not be come along on screen.
[29 Jan, 2010 1620hrs IST]

Indian,Hyderabad,says:Enough to blame Shivsena !! What our goverment
is doing ?? Waht other National political parties like Congress, BJP,
CPM etc . is doing ?? still for power they are supporting to them.
Thats why they are still there. Jago Indian Jago !! Ready for another
independence movement, that will not be non-violence. We need a
violence independent movement .
[29 Jan, 2010 1618hrs IST]

venkat,coimbatore,says:Why the hell the so called The lion of
maharashtra... issuing such statements...
[29 Jan, 2010 1606hrs IST]

Sachin,Qatar,says:PRIYA BENGLURU should understand that staying in
qatar or anywhere else does not mean that, we people dont know wht are
politians are doing.If thakrays have done so much as you say why r
they not elected in power by his own so called marathi manus.I will
tell you why its because all maharashtra people know wht cruel
intensions these thackrays have.WHILE THEY WHERE IN POWER THEY WERE
[29 Jan, 2010 1604hrs IST]

Uma Krishnan,Mumbai,says:Only one wish from god, when this old man
dies, let him be born as a Bihari settled in Mumbai in his next birth.
Only then will he understand the crime he is committing against his
own countrymen. Thank god he is not in power and I will thank god even
more if he never comes into power.
[29 Jan, 2010 1603hrs IST]

Uma Krishnan,Mumbai,says:Only one wish from god, when this old man
dies, let him be born as a Bihari settled in Mumbai in his next birth.
Only then will he understand the crime he is committing againgst his
own countrymen. Thank god he is not in power and I will thank god even
more if he never comes into power. Let this cancer be eradicated soon
from the Indian soil. Jai Hind.
[29 Jan, 2010 1603hrs IST]

yogesh,mumbai,says:Mumbai like chennai, bangalore etc, is a
cosmopolitan city. All cosmopolitan cities have been developed by best
Entrepreneurs from the country irrespective of cast, language,
religion. What does mumbai have? Not much of natural resources.Then
IT IS.Go through the history of mumbai and you will find why
Britishers laid so much importance on mumbai -- because it is a PORT.
IN those days there were no aeroplanes, and people travelled in ships.
Because mumbai was a port people had to come to mumbai to enter INDIA
or leave INDIA. That is why we have " THE GATE WAY OF INDIA". Being a
port it was the trade route. Because of the trades businesses were set
up in mumbai. Development of mumbai has no connection with any one
community of people. No single community can claim they have developed
mumbai alone. But when it comes to the rest of MAharashtra, the locals
are in majority and they form the majority in any job. If any body
wants to work or reside in state of maharashtra other than mumbai he
automatically will learn the local language in order to communicate
with people. The need of local language is not necessary in mumbai or
any cosmopolitan city. Its need is in rest of the state in which the
city is. The politicians are creating this langauge issue for their
own political gains. They have done their homework to know which issue
to target that will give them political mileage. I am asking any body
whose either a marathi manoos or non marathi manoos when they visited
any of the cosmopolitan cities in India, if they had any problem
interacting with people. The answer is NO. BEcause cosmoplitan cities
usually deal with English or hindi langauage. I am not demeaning any
of the indian langauge, but the fact that these major cities have an
international flavour. I know many bihari or UPites who live in
interior Mahrashtra and who speak wonderful marathi. Do you think they
were forced to learn marathi, NO, they learnt it on their own. Infact
any body who wants to live in a particular state (not the city) will
automatically learn the local langauge. When I lived a few years in
Tamil nadu I automaticlly learnt the local language --TAMIL. Today
when I go outside mumbai, the local language automatically comes out,
this was when these thackereys were nowhere in the picture. Both the
Thackereys have brought about this sinister campaign of divide and
rule. Today this lively city of mumbai is divided in to two groups --
marathi and non marathi. This division has been artificially created
for political objectives. Look at their life styles and you will know
the truth. This article of mine is for The people of mumbai. MUMBAI
has no language , no religion, no caste. MUMBAI is city of dreams.
MUMBAI is cosmopolitan that is why it is what it is today. If any body
tries to own it he will ruin the city. So let the city live. KEEP it
away from any conflict of LANGUAGE , RELIGION OR REGION. LET IT GROW.
[29 Jan, 2010 1557hrs IST]

Rakesh,Gurdaspur,says:My advice to young generation that you must come
in active politics throw these narrow minded politicians in the
dustbin. Today's politicians are not understanding the repercutions of
what they are saying.
[29 Jan, 2010 1557hrs IST]

Indian,India,says:@ Sukesh Kumar,Cochin .... Why dont Ambani, Tata,
Birla, Godrej chosen Cochin, tell me? @ DADA,Bengaluru .... Are those
Marathi community ppl similart to "SOME" UP, Biharis which are giving
trouble or show some type of arrogance? @ Vishal,Pune .... true. I
give one example ... when Raj/T was discussing abt rickshaw permit for
marathi ppl at the same time CM of Karnataka issue a notification
regarding the COMPULSORY use of Kannada language across the state Govt
offices .. but nobody raises a single voice. Why? If possible can
somebody find the same topic on this TOI. @ Bhanu,Bangalore .... Hey
man check out with ur own CM regaring the use of Kannada language
(regarding the COMPULSORY use of Kannada language across the state
Govt offices ) @ V.V.PATIL .... very true. @Jadhav,pune .... "Being a
true Maratha, What Abt A TRUR MARATHA MAN "PAWAR"? I believe you must
be proud of that. @ Haresh,Klayan ... Very True !! @ Rhea Sameer ....
yeah ... Did u ever saw any marathi news channel where they have shown
ambulances provided by SS, MNS (I am not a SS follower ... you should
look at other side too) @Rohan Pandey,New Delhi .... Your own CM has
few comments not abt Delhi ... but about the influx from other states.
That also similar to REGIONALISM
[29 Jan, 2010 1556hrs IST]

Ganesh,mumbai,says:Due to this mentality of politician we were ruled
by Britishers for a decade.These people will never think of the nation
[29 Jan, 2010 1555hrs IST]

Kuldeep Patil proud marathi Indian,Kolhapur Pune,says:For the angry
indians who are firing on this issue. Probably you have never visited
Maharashtra/Mumbai... Let me tell you one thing very clearly
REPRESENTATIVES. let you be from any corner of india, if you are
responsible citizen of india you can come,study,stay and work ,enjoy
any part of Maharashtra. Ask your friend who has ever lived in
mahrashtra. Dont waste your valuable time on reading news related to
Thakare !!!
[29 Jan, 2010 1549hrs IST]

Manoj,Mumbai,says:IT seems that parties like Shiv Sena, MNS has
nothing left to do except talk rubbish...what is the claim of Bla
THakre against Ambani's? I used to admired Bal Thakre and Raj..no
more...I would never support a party or a leader who talks about
dividing INdia...and hindus..
[29 Jan, 2010 1549hrs IST]

ashokkunniyoor,hyderabad,says:I too say that MUMBAI BELONGS TO ALL
INDIANS.. what if i say this, is Mr.Thakeray will punish me..As I said
before he made a comment on Sachin Tnedulkar said Mumbai belongs to
all Indians, this fellow doesnt have any job to do.. nor he does
goodthing for the country.. or poor maratis..
[29 Jan, 2010 1548hrs IST]

eq,mumbai,says:mumbai belongs to maharashtra, means the first
preference should be given to mumbaikars, majorly marathi speaking
people. if skills are not found then position can be open to all
others. mumbai is brought up to the current state, because of skilled,
hardworking workers provides by marathi population to all industries
over the years. without marathi people's conducive environment, mumbai
would never have been that affable place for all indians. I doubt why
nobody will think of Chennai instead Mumbai to claim right or even
Delhi for that matter, because local people are not as co-operative or
welcoming as that of Marathi people. the sad fact is now the people
from outside are bullying on local population and teaching them about
national integrity! if at all any indian want to know how india should
co-ordially work, then they have to appreciate and learn conducive
nature of marathi people than any other. further uncontrolled inflow
of people from all places to mumbai, has made the living difficult to
locals and condition of city is deteriorating to worst due to this
uncontrolled mass. that's the agony. I don't care for most of people
who irresponsibly write in this forum and talk negative about leaders
and marathi people in general. marathi are most welcoming if received
well. Otherwise who else in history have fought brave wars against all
outsiders and saved our indian continent from inhuman rulers? if
marathi should be helpful then respect them, if not abrasion is
unavoidable. it's because nobody from your region wants to develop
doesn't mean that your guy coming here will spread the cancer of
lobbying in my mother land and give disrespectful treatment to me.
there is limit to everything and it's already exceeded.
[29 Jan, 2010 1546hrs IST]

vararuchi,delhi,says:bal thackerey/Raj thackerey - both have their
shops to run/ bal thackerey the marathi people over whom u claim ur
copyright have defeated you in 3 consecutive elections , so what is
your claim over them ??? your nephew has beaten u to ur own game ,,,
soon he will be ousted as well,,, also r u above the constitution of
india which says any citizen has the right to live, work anywhere in
the country. u r frustrated hence must create a startling headline as
desperate measure, who are you to dictate what achievers like Sachin,
sharukh, Mukesh have to say, they hav the right to express their
opinions as well, i would encourage more people to speak against the
rotten thackerey brand.
[29 Jan, 2010 1543hrs IST]

Sameer,bangalore,says:well said all. this shiv sena should be banned.
Illitrate and spoiling democracy. India will never improve or develop
till this selfish people are washed out
[29 Jan, 2010 1540hrs IST]

shobhit,india,says:Who gave these Thackrey's ,right to speak for
Marathi Manus , when Marathi people themselves didn't vote for them in
2009 general elections.I don't understand who they are actually
[29 Jan, 2010 1538hrs IST]

kks,blr,says:I don't understand to the baseless statement of Bala
[29 Jan, 2010 1536hrs IST]

Kumar,Mumbai,says:Looks like Mr. Bal T is sponsored by India's
enemies, that's why he tries very hard to sound like he cares for
Mumbai/India. Indian Govt is weak to allow such cancerous and acidic
people in our society. He is as bad as any other terrorist. May he get
a painful end.
[29 Jan, 2010 1532hrs IST]

Umesh,Mumbai,says:God created Earth. He did not create any country,
language or boundaries. This is all man made.
[29 Jan, 2010 1530hrs IST]

Jojo,Riyadh,says:Why do the media give so much popularity for such
kind of news, Why our National leaders are not taking any action
against such politicians, Why the court is not registering case taking
the news as proof for violating the rights provided to all Indian in
Indian constitution.
[29 Jan, 2010 1530hrs IST]

thoughts,Mumbai,says:Bal sahed sud take retirement now..
[29 Jan, 2010 1528hrs IST]

Amit Sawant,Bangalore,says:Hi, Shirley ,Dubai, I am shocked at your
quote that "You cannot find a Maharashtrian excelling anywhere in the
world". I won't count you names may be you can use your common sense
and GK to find that out. I agree with people that we are giving too
much attention to this family. We all must understand. When the flame
is about to die it lit up 1 last time. And this is exactly happening
here. So just forget about it. I feel sorry about him more than
[29 Jan, 2010 1526hrs IST]

Prabhat Sardwal,Delhi,says:Divide and Rule. This is what Britisher did
and this is what these political parties are doing.
[29 Jan, 2010 1526hrs IST]

An Indian,UK,says:@Manoj Tahkur,Mumbai ..... Bringing MH from position
1 to 5 is not of bcoz of THACKERYAS .... bcoz of Current Ruling Party.
Plz chk ur knowledge ... and also It is very true that Mumbai belongs
to India and MH too. The Real issue is not what belongs to whom, issue
is how the ppl are moving from one location to another with some
genuine reason. If every part of India started to get improve this
type of issue never get upraised.
[29 Jan, 2010 1525hrs IST]

Adarsh,varanasi,says:This guy is a maniac....when he kills Bihari
people...nothing is wrong....if australians do this kind of thing ..he
ll threat he wont let them play in india...y so?? y double standards
sir...if any one asks him...if u think mumbai is urs melbourne belongs
to australia the very same way..who the hell is he to talk about india
[29 Jan, 2010 1525hrs IST]

Sudarshan,Bangalore,says:At first Mr Thackeray used religion as tool
to gain popularity, since he could not do much as people were united
he is now using Marthi as a toll to gain popularity. As a Mahrastrian
what he has done to Mumbai and Maharstra other than violence.
[29 Jan, 2010 1524hrs IST]

Guptan Veemboor,Bangalore,says:I fully agree with the advice
Mr.Thakrey has given to Sachin Tendulkar that while the cricket and
wicket belongs to him, the pitch belongs to Senas to be dug at will.
There is no two words about it. Also his objection that Ambani did not
include Ahamadabad, Rajkot etc in his list of cities which belongs to
Indians. He very well could have asked his PA to type the list of all
the cities in India and taken it to the conference and without
bothering in the least whether the audience are getting bored or not
read out the whole list. Then Thackrey would not have any complaints
whatsoever. It was a grievious omission on the part of Mukesh Ambani.
What about a bit of protests in front of his house. Break some glasses
and such. Ambani should be taught a lesson. If one could teach Goyal a
lesson why not this guy as well. One gentleman has written that all
the filth in Mumbai is what those other than Mumbaikars have thrown.
Probably he has gone sniffing on the footpaths to ascertain whether it
is Bihari s*** or Mumbaikar s***. If Podars and Thackersays and Birlas
and other businessmen from Gujarat and Marwar had not come all these
Mumbaikars would have been eating fish day in day out. I know very
well that this one will not see the light of the day. But I have to
vent my frustration about these.
[29 Jan, 2010 1523hrs IST]

Anks,Delhi,says:This is a no more than a political stunt.
[29 Jan, 2010 1523hrs IST]

Tanveer,London,says:A rat is a lion in his hole. Same is the case for
Bally boy Bal Thackery. Let him come outside Maharastra and see what
happens to him. He is a gone case and his son has failed to be a
leader. Shiv Sena is history. even a beggar has opinions so has Bal
thackery but why should TOI publishs his opinions. He is nothing but a
polished goon who terrorses Mumbai and got blood in his hands. A pigmy
version of Hitler.
[29 Jan, 2010 1522hrs IST]

Nikhil Kapoor,Delhi, India,says:Can someone please tell this hypocrite
to keep quiet. He has no idea what he is talking about and how
childish can you get by questioning why ambani left out certain
cities.It shows his maturity and his thought process. I pity him and
the people who support him. Because of his rhetoric Mumbai is already
suffering as more and more businesses are shifting to other parts of
india as they offer a lot more than Mumbai. Its time for people in
Mumbai to realize that Mumbai is no New York nor London nor Shanghai.
There is a lot of competition from cities like Noida, Gurgaon, Delhi,
Ghaziabad, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Ahmadabad etc etc
[29 Jan, 2010 1522hrs IST]

RAJESH MATHIKERE,BANGALORE,says:Please Indians,wake up to the
reality..we all are Kannadigas,Tamilians,Bengalis,Gujarathis etc first
[29 Jan, 2010 1522hrs IST]

Rajeev,Ujjain,Madhya Pradesh,says:There was a time when Balasheb
Thakrey used to be icon of nationalism and cultural renaissance and
assertion for crores of people outside Maharashtra.Sadly,incidently or
deliberately this seems to have now changed.Whether this is something
that his political opponents have engineered or there is some other
reason-the fact is that parochial attitude of the Sena stalwart has
made him un-popular everywhere out of his state.
[29 Jan, 2010 1522hrs IST]

rkpatel,wn,nz.,says:Anybody who says that THIS or THAT is MINE,then he/
she/it UNDOUBTEDLY is OUT OF his/her/it's MIND..!!
[29 Jan, 2010 1521hrs IST]

dakshesh patel,ahmedabad,says:Mumbai belongs to all.. paradox is that
parties having such seditious ideology like MNS or shiv sena still
manage to gain votes and win elections in mumbai. Isn't this shows the
supportive attitude of marathi people to such parties. In my opinion
all corporate companies should vow to move their haedquarters from
mumbai then these mumbaikars will understand the importance of
outsiders in Mumbai
[29 Jan, 2010 1520hrs IST]

Jai Mumbai,Bombay,says:This statement, he has to say to keep his
income coming. As everybody does something or the other to earn their
livelihood, similarly Bal Thackeray is doing his work. If he does not
come with these word soon he will be forgotten and his source of
income and fame will vanish. All these years he was doing the same
job, he has supporters for these words, he and his gang survives with
[29 Jan, 2010 1520hrs IST]

AJ,Gurgaon,says:I think people like Bal Thakarey can only speak
absolutely rubbish, and nothing else. Mumbai belongs to India, and
that is a fact, which neither he, not his goons can change. if he has
a problem, he really ought to find another place for himself. he and
people like him are a disgrace to India.
[29 Jan, 2010 1520hrs IST]

Indian by Default,Delhi,says:Ignore this senile man. It is useless to
wrestle with PIG for one will only get dirty and PIG likes it.It is
same with Bal Thackarey and his Shiv Sena. India has some
uninhabitated islands. It'll be good idea if this Bal Thackeray be
shifted there along with his Shiv Saniks.
[29 Jan, 2010 1519hrs IST]

vishal,US,says:Today's world exists beyond geographic boundaries -
National or International. Geographic boundaries are to only serve
better governance. You have as many Maharashtrians living and working
outside Maharashtra, as many outsiders are living and working in
Maharashtra. In family fight of Marathi Manoos plank politics,
THACKREYS are only harming Maharashtrians by differentiating them from
others and fuelling Anti Maharashtra feelings. If only Mumbai is
Maharashtra's pride and not Delhi or Chennai - God saves India. Coming
days will decide country's fate - United we stand or Divided we fall.
Jai Bharat!!
[29 Jan, 2010 1519hrs IST]

Priya,Bengaluru,says:ranveer i agree with you..
[29 Jan, 2010 1519hrs IST]

Harshvardhan,Udaipur,says:Maharashtra would not have developed (which
it is not in true sense if one goes to its hinterland) had things been
clear to the people from rest of India at the time of independence
that people like thackery would be ungrateful of the contribution and
investment. What is Maharashtra proud of. What wealth does it sit
upon. It does not feed the nation. Half of its land is water scarce.
The industry that creates so much of jobs basically thrives on the raw
materials supplied from the so called poorer states. What of today
Jharkhand, CHattisgarh, Orissa rise up against supply of any such
material to this state. THe entire industry may collapse. True then
Maharashtra (rather Thackery) would not have much complain that people
will not come flocking his state. What if some of the states go insane
with logic and decide to enforce embargo on any produce from
[29 Jan, 2010 1517hrs IST]

Das,Mumbai,says:Bal Thackeray raised a furore ove Indians being beaten
up in Australia and threatened not to allow Aussie cricketers to play
in Mumbai. On the one hand he himself beats up his own countrymen on
the ground of being outsiders but blames Australia when Indians ar
beaten up there. His hypocrisy knows no bounds
[29 Jan, 2010 1516hrs IST]

Saurav ,India,says:All the thackreys and sympathisers of them, first
answer my few questions--- 1) Can u return all the hard-work and money
which non-marathis have spent for development of Mumbai as well as
Maharashtra??? 2) What right do you have to stop Pakistan or Australia
from playing in Mumbai when you are doing the same thing??? 3)What
will happen to Mumbai/Maharashtra if all the other states start
boycotting Maharashtrian goods and services??? 4)Who will give jobs to
the local people if all outsiders remove there businesses and
industries from Maharashtra??? 5)Did NSG soldiers ever refused to
rescue Mumbai from the terrorist attacks on 26th November??? 6)What is
the religion/langusge/state of the soldiers standing on the border
just to save India as well as Mumbai, which is always there prime
targets??? 7)What will happen to those Thackreys if even Sachin
Tendulkar or Ambanis stand in election against them??? 8)How many jobs
can these politicians create???
[29 Jan, 2010 1515hrs IST]

Murali,Bangalore,says:Mumbai should not celebrate independence day on
August 15. The day this guy dies is when it will get its freedom. I
pity for marathi people. poor fellows. They know that he is an idiot
and still they cant speak against him.
[29 Jan, 2010 1515hrs IST]

Priya,Bengaluru,says:All those who stay in Qatar etc etc elsewhere and
outside Mumbai and outside Maharashtra, stop commenting on this ... If
you don't know what the Thackerays have done, then do some research
before you start asking what they do.. the Mumbai Pune Expressway was
one of the fondest dreams of Balasaheb Thackeray and I remember him
tallking about it even when I was a kid.. When the Shiv Sena came to
power for the briefest 5 years .. they built the Mumbai Pune
Expressway in 3 YEARS FLAT!! They built all the flyovers that you see
in Mumbai They initiated the Bandra Sea Link.. The Congress took
another five years to get it done!! Dont just criticise the Shiv
Sena ... research before you start shooting off your mouth!! Jai
Hind!! Jai Maharashtra!!
[29 Jan, 2010 1514hrs IST]

XYZ,MUMBAI,says:I do not know why people r bothered about petty issues
like this, when there are so many other issues like water shortage, so
many farmers committing suicide, factories are closing down due to
power issues, unemployment is increasing, child labour etc. etc. the
list is endless with major issues. If all the states start behaving
like this, then we will have to learn around 30 languages to live in
[29 Jan, 2010 1513hrs IST]

Niraj,Delhi,says:If someone says that Kashmir is ours, we call him a
traitor or terrorist. And either arrest or kill and punish. So why not
Bal Thackeray or Raj Thackeray also considered a traitor or terrorist
and punished them according law or as above.
[29 Jan, 2010 1513hrs IST]

AP,Chandigarh,says:Oye Ballu (Bal Thackarey) Mumbai is what it is
because of what Gujaratis, Kashmiris, Mallus and Assammes and everyone
else from states around the country did for Mumbai. The name of states
here is symoblic one from each region. Else it would have been Goa or
Surat or any other port city which would have been the financial hub
of the country.
[29 Jan, 2010 1512hrs IST]

iceage,India,says:Good that Mukesh Ambani mentioned only City
names ...had he mentioned village names, he would have to keep reading
thousands of names.
[29 Jan, 2010 1512hrs IST]

kuljit,nz,says:yeah yeah why dont u send ur goons over to damage
reliance property now...u wont coz u know u are nothing in comparison
to ambani not just in influence and power but patriotism too..am from
punjab and live in nz.but am a proud indian.keep up the good work mr
mukesh u are a great man!!!
[29 Jan, 2010 1510hrs IST]

Rao,Hyderabd,says:We can live anywhere in the world but not in India
in another state. Tahe narrow outlook is increasing day by day. It may
be Mumbai or Hyderabad or some other place. Any leader can threaten
using the parochial sentiments which is very dangerous for Bharath. No
soon you will hear requests for balkanization of our country using the
sentiments of people for their own narrow political ends
[29 Jan, 2010 1510hrs IST]

Ravin,Texas,USA,says:It is not Bal T's right to decide who comes to
Mumbai.It is that persons decision. Mumbai does'nt belong to Bal T. He
belongs to Mumbai.
[29 Jan, 2010 1509hrs IST]

Priya,Bengaluru,says:The Headline says it ALL!! Balasaheb Thackeray,
YOU ROCK!! I am with YOU!!
[29 Jan, 2010 1509hrs IST]

J S DEVGUN ,UK,says:Mr.Thackeray come to your senses ,how long you are
going to live, try to learn to love other humanbeings,the whole world
is like a home for all humans ,now a days there is no place for narrow
minded people like you. Thank you
[29 Jan, 2010 1508hrs IST]

Chandra Shekhar,Delhi,says:Well said Pradeep. These leaders are just
interested in frying their own fish at the expense of the entire
country. They are the new Talibans and if not stopped right away will
go spread like a incurable disease. It's the time now to show such
leaders exit route from our country. Bala saheb should better focus on
his family in his last days..OH God hope you are listening to our
[29 Jan, 2010 1508hrs IST]

T Krishnamurthy,Chennai,says:Mr.Bal Thakre is praising Mukesh and his
father. After Mr Dhirubhai Ambani's death the two brothers fought and
split.What Mr Thakre was doing at that time. Had he taken any steps to
reunit them. So also Mr Bal wants to split Maharashtra as
Maharashtrians and non Maharashtrians and wants to see and enjoy the
split.During 26/11 also he should have said that only Maharshtrians
should fight the terrorists and not other people.In such a situation
we all can imagine what would have been happened if such foolish
statement would have been given.
[29 Jan, 2010 1508hrs IST]

jai,hind,says:Bala Saheb is doing comedy! why you ppl are getting
angry! respect his sense of humor :D
[29 Jan, 2010 1507hrs IST]

jai,Mumbai,says:Mr. Thackrey, who stay in coloba, Malabar hill, juhu,
bandra, hiranandani
[29 Jan, 2010 1506hrs IST]

BHARAT,MUMBAI,says:There is a say in our country, NAnga Kar Ke Maaro!
is a fit say for so called Marathi Manoos's caretaker. One of my
dedicated friend quit Shiv Sena! why? Only due to this scene running
through. Regional Politics is not bad, regional politicians, social
worker put their best effort to protect the interest of people, till
here thakreys are good. But if comes to question mark in national
pride, they should shut their mouth. Mumbai, being a financial capital
of India, having a charm, that's why there are walkers from all around
country, would not like that no body might have even came as tourist.
What these thakreys are proud of, being in the city of mumbai, or
being a marathi. If they are marathi enough, they must re-read history
of Maharashtra, and they must read their own past, from where they
exactly belongs to. "Daal Roti chalane ke liye sanam politics karte,
wo nahi mili to bhi politics karte hai, ab to khud se bhi phasad karna
padta hai, warna log sumjhenge ki main 90 saal ka ho gaya hoon".
Indians who are in australia are also outsiders for Australia. They
settled in Aus. Indians are found themselves in a situation as all non-
marathis found themselves in Maharashtra. Now If, Indians are wrongly
settled in Australia, Australians are doing good job alike you did
with Non-marathis. But you have threatened OZs not to play in India,
why? What wrong they did. If they are really wrong, you are also
wrong, your policy of M mannooos is also fake, you are not beating Non-
marathis, you are cheating Marathis. Stop, Speaking, Take medicine in
time, A day is near, your Son and nephew will suffer a TAMACHA from
all Indians.
[29 Jan, 2010 1505hrs IST]

prem sagar khullar,montreal canada,says:In Punjab I have to learn
PunJabi, Why can't you learn Marathi if you have to live and work in
Maharashtra. A taxi driver must speak the local language as he serves
the local people also. S R k's sympathies towards Pakistan are not
hidden, Why blame Bal Thakeray ?
[29 Jan, 2010 1505hrs IST]

Laughing at MNS and SS,Mumbai,says:Bal Thakarey, being an ex-
journalist does not understand basic language!! when he says that
Mukesh Ambani did not mention Ahmedabad, Rajkot and Baroda, does he
even think??? does he really expect Mr. Ambani to name each and every
city in this country!! Calcutta, Bhubuneshwar, Patna were also not
mentioned! so are they not part of the country!! It's high time
politicians and citizens of this country follow National integration
in daily lives, not just during rallies, speeches and independence
[29 Jan, 2010 1504hrs IST]

A Venkatakrishnan,PUNE,says:First of all Balasaheb Thackery should
understand that his father along with the family migrated from the MP
state for livelihood in Mumbai. This fact he has forgotten. He boasts
that he is the true maharashtrian. In reality he is not. He has
forgotton that Shivaji Maharaja's uncle Venkoji Raje Bhonsale ruled
the Thanjavur located in TN. This means that historically the
maharashtrian culture is mixed up with every nook and corner of India,
somehow or the other. Let him stop practising cheap politics. He
should not be a well frog. National spirit should be more with him, as
he is already an octrogenerian. Will he change his mind set at least
in the last leg of his remaining life.
[29 Jan, 2010 1504hrs IST]

Abhay,Mumbai,says:All 'Paraprantiyas' from all corners of the world
can bark as much as they want. But the fact is that Mumbai will always
and only belong to Maharashtrians. And as far as the Ambanis are
concerned, have they done anything for Mumbai/Maharashtra? They
recruit only Gujratis, even at their worksites in Mumbai, and other
places all over India. You will hardly find anyone else other than
Gujratis employed with anything associated with Reliance. The comment
that Ambani and Sachin made will only prompt more people from all over
India to come to Mumbai. This will make Mumbai a still worse place
with the population explosion already out of hand.
[29 Jan, 2010 1503hrs IST]

Rahul,Mumbai,says:This is a shallow attempt of a debilitating party
and its unfortunate leader to attract cheap media attention and
mileage from icons such as Ambanis and Tendulkar. If he is so much
concerned about "His"
[29 Jan, 2010 1503hrs IST]

Jai,Hind,says:Bala saheb ji did not take depression tablet yesterday!
That's why different reaction today! Dont worry friends, i will ask
Ashok Chavan saab to send good psy dr to Bala Saheb! Jai Hind!
[29 Jan, 2010 1503hrs IST]

Vikram ,Bangalore,says:I think we should look forward in leading India
to be worlds best economy and not worlds best place in breaking the
country based on language. Its over 6 decades after freedom from a
foreign hand but we will always suffer from an internal hand who cares
very little for the nation. I think we will have to educate Mr
Thackaray on world economy and how we will have to compete with other
[29 Jan, 2010 1502hrs IST]

rohit singh,melbourne,says:It is unfortunate that inspite of being
independent for more than 60 years, India has been unable to overcome
such dictatorial retards. Bal Thackrey and Raj Thackrey are a menace
for the entire nation and Maharashtra in particular.Shiv Sena has no
policies for the upliftment of the poor,infact they incite the
deprived to take to violence.
[29 Jan, 2010 1502hrs IST]

Harsha,Bangkok,says:I want to ask Mr. Bal Thackrey about his identity?
Is he Indian or is he Maharastrian? I will not believe if him if
replies both!
[29 Jan, 2010 1502hrs IST]

G.RAMACHANDRAN,MUMBAI,says:All true Marathis (each and every one of
them) should realise that it is within their power to go back to the
glorious days of Shivaji Maharaj. It is a shame that they require Mr.
Bal Thackeray the Hindu Hridaya Samrat to tell them day in and day out
this. It is high time the Marathis realised thier great ethos.
[29 Jan, 2010 1459hrs IST]

Marathi Fan,Satara,says:Mr. Thakre thinks that he represents the
sentiments of all Maharashtrians. He is so wrong!! Instead of creating
community tension, they should try to do some welfare for the
Maharashtrians to prove their love for Mumbai. Having said that
celebrities like SRK should just keep concentrating on acting...looks
like that is not enough that he is trying to talk cricket and
politics. Why so much hue and cry and sumpathy for Pakistani players.
No PAK player came forward to condemn Mumbai attacks.
[29 Jan, 2010 1458hrs IST]

Sachindra,Mumbai,says:All these politicians have done till now is brag
brag and brag for publicity. Our media also wants masala. They should
stop publising such deplorable issues. The Ambanis have enriched
Maharashtra and given more jobs to people of Maharashtra then these
politicians have. Delhi & NCR has more number of industry licence
approved this year then whole of Maharashtra. Dear politicians the
corporate world is watching and have already moved out of Mumbai. The
TATA have setup their NANO plant in Gujarat and not in Pune ... Ask
why??. The goverment of Gujarat, AP, Haryana, Karnataka are
progressive and the climate is healthy there hence more jobs to the
people in those regions. We will be crying Mumbai mahan and will get
nothing in return only hot words from politicians. Please stop such
dictates and as help Maharashtra to progress ahead. We already have
lot of threat from China they have the technology advantage, skills
and cheap labour and are laughing at us as they slowly over shadow us.
Think if they come with their army. 12 terrorist form Pakistan made
Mumbai stand still for 3 days. If 100 terrorist comes with their
bioligical bombs then what?? That time we will want the center to help
us. All this filp flops of politics cannot fool the learned people of
Maharashtra. Divided we fall united we gain...
[29 Jan, 2010 1457hrs IST]

Venkat,Pune,says:Here we go again. I am Tamil by birth and have been a
resident of MAharashtra for over 25 years. I can speak and read
Marathi fluently; and have learnt to do so without any coercion. There
must be millions like me and we do not need our adaptability to be
certified, least of all by people like Bal Thackeray. I am just as
proud to have contributed to the place I have made my home as I am of
my roots
[29 Jan, 2010 1456hrs IST]

Gunjan Singh,UK,says:Its high time we should give any importance to
the statement by (nonsense)people like Thakeray(s). Its the media who
is also responsible in helping spread rheotric by these people. Let
the dog bark!!
[29 Jan, 2010 1454hrs IST]

murtaza kashmiri,kashmiri,says:Bal Thackerey has to speak on each and
every issue..this media is one of reason..everytime he speak n they
telecast everything..As media has decide to stop showing any new
related to SUICIDE same way they should stop showing news about
thackerey speaking on such issue.According to ShivSena "Mumbai is
Belongs to Maharashtra"
[29 Jan, 2010 1451hrs IST]

Indian,Malaysia,says:This guy is sick...Please release Kasab with a
gun to kill all these Siva sena people..Each and every inch in India
belongs to every Indian..I hope Bal Thackrey ll die soon..
[29 Jan, 2010 1451hrs IST]

Vineet,Baramula,says:The more I read about bala and raj, More I
believe that they are undercover ISI agents...
[29 Jan, 2010 1451hrs IST]

jagdish,amchi Mumbai,says:Ten years down the Line...Shiv Sena will
cease to exist or will become obselete.....These are local goons who
thrive on such debates...no one has ever heard shiv talking
constructive things...
[29 Jan, 2010 1450hrs IST]

Shirley ,Dubai,says:Enough of Shiv Sena ruling anything n everything
in Mumbai. Mumbai being the commercial capital of the country is
definitely open to all. Also, Mumbai is what it is today is definitely
not because of Maharashtrians. All communities together have made
Mumbai the best today. But... it seems like very soon it will get
ruined because of these Shiv Sainiks making difficult for other
communities to live in. Given a chance Maharashtrians today are
existing only in the servant category in Mumbai. Rest they are just
because of their community. You cannot find a Maharashtrian excelling
anywhere in the world.
[29 Jan, 2010 1447hrs IST]

Anant,Bangalore, KARANATAKA,says:Some Political parties who uses
religion or geography as a card has knack of wrecking issues which has
no direct connections to our daily lives at all. When they speak for a
specific groups, it turns out it is my Voting bank, dont mess with it.
Most of the committed Indians have no time to react to this nonsense.
When you start modifying laws based on where people come from, the
people ordinarily unbiased start thinking about issues that is of
interest to only political parties and has a consequence to their own
lives. Once this happens, there is always a section of society find
righteousness based on geography and it is this fact which creates
Vote Bank as they find some messiah to bail them out of their
troubles. Merit of Ability is just lost.Most of all, Media should
refrain from giving headlines or downplay such news which attempts to
break the fabric of any society.
[29 Jan, 2010 1447hrs IST]

Compare Reliance with Mumbai,India,says:Ok, if Mumbai belongs to
Marathis as much as Reliance belongs to Mukesh then this itself
signifies that Mumbai belongs all Indians. Because for Reliance Mukesh
only has a share in its ownership, not doubt it is more than all other
share holders.
[29 Jan, 2010 1446hrs IST]

vaibhav,kanpur,says:Though I find all his interviews rediculous but
look out for the last statement ...Who gave him the right to 'decide
who comes to Mumbai' ...??
[29 Jan, 2010 1446hrs IST]

Shantz,Canada,says:Since Thackeray has lost any semblance to sanity
can we please not publicize what he has to say. In today's India
nobody cares what a old imbecile hag like Thackeray has to say. The
media should shun him and whatever he advocates as it is anti-national
and he hasn't done one bit for the upliftment of Maharastrians either.
He is a power-hogging dying soul and let us not rekindle his useless
[29 Jan, 2010 1445hrs IST]

Ravi (Laddu), Indian First,India,says:These Issues are very sensitive
and Media should act very reponsibly here, The best way to solve these
issues would be to IGNORE such acts!! what if Bhal says it is his
Mumbai, it doesnt stop mumbai from being mumbai neither the Non-
Maharashtrians pack their bags overnight and leave maharashtra... With
all these MEDIA HYPES people like BHAL tend to defend themselves by
exaggerating on the same point again and agian ... MEDIA PLEASE IGNORE
am sure everybody is longing to write this last line ;) !!!!
[29 Jan, 2010 1445hrs IST]

Abhishek,Bangalore,says:Bal Thakray quote directed towards Sachin,
"The right to decide who comes to Mumbai is our right, not his"
[29 Jan, 2010 1444hrs IST]

Bal Swami,Mumbai,says:Only India can tolerate such an insane person.
He has no respect within Maharstra and has defamed the image of
marathi man.
[29 Jan, 2010 1441hrs IST]

Mangesh Malvankar,Mumbai,says:Enough of the marathi manoos
propoganda...U r tarnishing the image of maharashtraians....Mumbai is
an intergral part of INdia...all is welcome here.....but No pakis are
wanted here.
[29 Jan, 2010 1441hrs IST]

Rahul Sinha,Chandigarh,says:Can Anyone tell clearly or any shiv sainik
for that matter as to what Bala Sahab Thackrey and Raj thackrey has
Done For the Developement Of Mumbai and India As a whole?
[29 Jan, 2010 1440hrs IST]

Ravi,Mumbai,says:I am a Marathi manoos. I know very well these
political leader have done nothing till date for Marathi manoos. They
think they can earn votes by dividing the state on the basis of
language. But now every Maharashtrian is aware of these tactics used
by politicians. Nearly every political leader is crorepati here and
corruption is endless.
[29 Jan, 2010 1439hrs IST]

Sandy,Pune,says:There was no Maharashra, UP, Bihar, etc before
independence. There are millions of Marathi speaking people outside MS
all over India. Moreover Thackreys came from MP and they are also
outsiders in Mumbai. No Indian need to beg to any other person, but
these dirty politicians are doing this whether be it Mumbai, Chennai,
Bihar, Kolkata... Whole country belongs to every Indian and it's our
responsibility to protect it else our enemies will easily ruin us.
[29 Jan, 2010 1436hrs IST]

Satyajit Paul,Bangalore,says:When we have leaders like Bala Saheb
Thakre, I do not think we need Pakistan to break India.
[29 Jan, 2010 1435hrs IST]

Ajjad hind,BOMBAY,says:Is he an Indian.....??? I seriouslly doubt.
What did u do in your entire life, except spreading hatred. Atleast
this man created more the 1000 jobs and eventually feeding atleast
3000 to 4000 marathi brothers n sisters. Shame on you, and you have
become shame for maharastrians. No hard feelings for maharastrians, as
they are very nice people except few goons, which are existent in
every society. Please dnt try to break this country. One good thing
which you have done for this state...????? Har roz 8 Farmers suicide
kartee hain maharastra main, wot r u doing for that....??? With very
hard feelings i have to say, I am very happy with the fantastic slow
death of ur political carrer and ur so called shiv sena, but sad part
is one more goon is taking birth. jai Hind. Jai bharat. Jai Subhash
[29 Jan, 2010 1431hrs IST]

abhishek,delhi,says:Bal and Raj Thackeray are practicing divide and
rule. They have nothing to do with welfare of people. Raj seperated
from Bal to just get political mileague while both practice same
dictum of divide.
[29 Jan, 2010 1429hrs IST]

Vox Populi,Hyderabad,says:Mr.Thackray represents a lawless country
where muscle and money elect political leaders. Goons and feudal
elements rule through THEIR representatives elected through money,
murgi and "madhyam". The problem is not Mr. Thackray but the System.
One has to ask whether our model of governance is the best there is.
[29 Jan, 2010 1427hrs IST]

Hitesh Dahate,Maharashtrian,says:Most of our countrymen r working
abroad and r duely respected. But, is it fair that there has to be
restriction in working in own country.I guess Mr. Thakrey will now ask
non marathis to come with passport. Its a shame.Its a right of every
Indian to work and earn anywhere in India and pay respect to the
customs and culture in watever part he is working. Paying respect does
not necessarily mean learning the language but get along with the
people, learn the culture , involve in all the festive occassions and
share the magic of life. Mumbai is the commercial capital of India,
where do u all expect a commonman to go to earn his living , if not
mumbai. Marathi culture is too strong and will never get diluted with
cross culture interaction but I think we have to be proud that people
prefer coming to Mumbai and become mumbaikar.
[29 Jan, 2010 1426hrs IST]

Indian,Mumbai,says:If so be it, then everyone who hails from
Maharashtra should shut shops in other states and not mess around with
local resources. Those resources belong to the people of that
particular state. And if this was the case , I bet neither Mukesh nor
Anil Ambani neither any Bollywood star would be even a millionaire. If
they cannot integrate with the rest of the country so should they be
treated everywhere else in this country.
[29 Jan, 2010 1424hrs IST]

Maverick,bangalore,says:Please don't mind his words, hez just a human
growing old & is irritable.hez on the verge of losing his mental
balance.Say yes to whatever he say like we do when a child asks or a
mentally unstable person does. Have some sympathy on the old man. His
one son was useless & was killed (by himself apparently) & other is
good for nothing & the one who was good at speeches,his nephew, & his
daughter-in-law, choose to make his/her own path ...so u can
understand helpless of a father. Please everyone say Jai Maharashtra!
just to see the smile on Bal ( Tiger...hehehe..) Thackrey's face in
his last few days.Jai Maharashtra!
[29 Jan, 2010 1424hrs IST]

Manoj Tahkur,Mumbai,says:Mr. Bal Thakre could not keep his family
united . How he can keep India United. Some people are born to spoil.
His party brought down Maharashtra from no 1 state to no 5-6 state .
Now he want to bring it down further.
[29 Jan, 2010 1423hrs IST]

Pradeep K,Qatar,says:Yes Bal saheb, Mumbai mumbai mumbai....what have
you done in your entire life for welfare of marathi manoos. I am also
by birth maharastrian but an Indian first.
[29 Jan, 2010 1419hrs IST]

Dildeep,pune,says:shiv sena is a dying organisation which needs timely
publicity to sustain it's whimsical goals....no wonder people have
started raising voices .... be it sachin mukesh ambani or any 1
else...... their agenda is falling apart slowly ..... trying to claw
at Icons is their way of getting publicity.... somebody tell them it
wasnt a marathi manoos who killed the terrorists in taj.....nor is it
a marathi manoos who sits on the border just to ensure people on his
side can get some sound sleep.....
[29 Jan, 2010 1418hrs IST]

Praveen,Ranchi,says:The Thakre Family should first get a job - they
are eating our money and talking MARATHI - MARATHI - Once they get a
job then they get a posting out of Maharashtra - then you ask them
WHOSE MUMBAI ?? The number of Marathi Manus staying out of Maharashtra
are 10 times then Marathi staying in Mumbai - I belong to Maharashtra
and work in Bihar - Do they understand what about the people who live
and earn their livelihood out of Maharashtra? These people should be
hanged to death for dividing country
[29 Jan, 2010 1414hrs IST]

Chandra Sekar ,Bangalore,says:These guys should be sent out of the
country without their identity as Indians. Then they will realize how
important it is to belong to a country and not play regionalism. Do
they think that Maharashtra can survive without any support from other
states in India?? Why don't these guys die in any bomb blasts man!!
[29 Jan, 2010 1411hrs IST]

manish,gurgaon,says:these guys seriously need meditation kind of
thing.seems that he is the only caretaker of mumbai.BS.
[29 Jan, 2010 1411hrs IST]

Pralhad Joshi,Mumbai,says:Because of politicians like these, India
will disintigrate. Indians are not safe in mumbai. I think they are
better off dying at the hands of Aussies than their own bretheren.
[29 Jan, 2010 1411hrs IST]

MAHADEVAN,CHENNAI,says:Sena Chief should remember that Sachin can
become a politician
[29 Jan, 2010 1411hrs IST]

Mrityunjoy,Bangalore,says:Bal Thakery is a sick person. He doesn't
understand anything. He only understands creating riots and mmishap in
the soceity. He is actually a threat to the nation and a great
hindrance towards a countries economic progress. Mumbai should be for
the Marathis and then for the Indians, and commenting on Sachin
Tendulkar, a legendary crecketer shows the true nature of this
unwanted political element in the country.
[29 Jan, 2010 1410hrs IST]

Frustrated former Indian citizen,Adelaide,says:No doubt fascist like
Bal thackery make Indians look ugly in world arena. At the end of day,
Indians have to cleanup the mess left by these disgraceful
[29 Jan, 2010 1410hrs IST]

muzablue,Chennai,says:Mr. Thakrey Bombay is part of India like any
other city and you are not above the Constitution of India to say that
you and Marathi Manooooos will decide who will come into Bombay and
who will not.Don't muddle with the might of state you will burn your
fingers.Its apity that our central and state leadership is weak
otherwise people like you would have been behind bars.
[29 Jan, 2010 1410hrs IST]

rathu,kolkata,says:And Balasaheb has as much right over Mumbaikars as
Mukesh has over Reliance Employees. That's what he is trying to say.
[29 Jan, 2010 1409hrs IST]

MAHADEVAN,CHENNAI,says:Sena Chief should remember that Sachin can
become a politician
[29 Jan, 2010 1408hrs IST]

Nikolo,Hyderabad,says:my biggest doubt...is he an INDIAN?????
[29 Jan, 2010 1408hrs IST]

Sukesh Kumar,Cochin,says:Mumbai is mumbai because of people like
Ambani, Tata, Birla, Godrej etc who set up industries and made the
city what it is today. All of who are non Maharashtrians. But all of
them are Indian a very important factor that Mr. Thackeray must not
forget. Take all the Non Maharashtrians out of mumbai then it will be
in the real sense Mr. Thackeray's Mumbai. Its easy to eat the fruit
from a tree that someone has planted along time ago. There is a lot of
nuturing that takes place for that seed to turn into a Tree and then
bear Fruit. Exactly what Mr. Thackeray and his nephew have been trying
to do for the past so many years. The whole country wants to see
Mumbai as a global Megapolis. But the Thackeray clan would rather see
it like a Local village with Marathi sign Boards all over the place.
No offense to the Language but do not misuse it in such a way that
people start to dispise it.
[29 Jan, 2010 1407hrs IST]

harish solanki,vadodara,says:If ALL THE THACKERAYS are so much fancy
for MARATHI RASCISM then they do not have ANY RIGHTS to blame
AUSTRALIA for RASCISM. First look at your own IDEALOGY then put the
BLAME others.You First BLAMMED Our Past President Shri ABDUL QUALAM
PRESIDENT.But now you are SILENT on same issue pending with present
President, just she is MARATHI? Can you have courage to justify your
[29 Jan, 2010 1407hrs IST]

DADA,Bengaluru,says:Does no marathi settle outside of MH? I know a
bunch of them who are here. How about that? Shouldn't these marathi
manoos be back where they come from, like what you all pro-SS people
are asking of UP, Biharis to do?
[29 Jan, 2010 1406hrs IST]

P.M.G,Pillai,Mannar,Allaopuzha,Kerala India,says:dear on line editor,
All Indian political leaders belonging to all India parties as well
reginal parties and tiny parties like MNC of Rahthckery etc must
remeber one thing and that is there is only one NATIONALITY Indian and
we have a constitution which safe guraDS EVERY BODYS INTEREST AND
THESE INHERENT RIGHTWS.aLL narrow Out LOOK ONLY creatig this ill
feelingws which results in antagonism hence at least consider that all
citizens irrespective of the language they speak or religion they
priofess has all right to settle in any part and oractice any job he
can with out any hindrance.Bombay is one of themetros developed by the
swaet of all citizens hence respect this fact and develop a broad
outlook on citizenship.Languageis another fctor every region do have
its own language.but let politician develop an all india out look only
dated Janaury 29th 2010 Time 1405Hrs ist P.M
[29 Jan, 2010 1406hrs IST]

Vishal,Pune,says:Regional politics is every where in India, only
people get upset when it is around Mumbai.
[29 Jan, 2010 1406hrs IST]

Bhanu,Bangalore,says:Bal Thackeray, Udhav and Raj Thackeray are
incapable people, they don't want India to be developed country,
always dividing country in the name of religion, Hindi Marathi, really
sick people, working only for those votes, I didn't understand why our
Government doesn't take strict action against these people, they don't
deserve to be called Indian. Let us throw them out of our Country,
make it good place for equal oppertunity and equal values for all the
people of India.
[29 Jan, 2010 1405hrs IST]

Rajesh,Usa,says:Why Bal Thackrey is making so much of noise about
Mumbai? Why do not he and his manoos make Mumbai a separate country
then? Mumbai belongs to us all Indians. Bal Thackrey, Raj Thackrey and
all the Manoos go to Pakistan and join the Taliban.
[29 Jan, 2010 1404hrs IST]

ranveer,Mumbai,says:I am guju from mumbai , I am with bal thackerey
and i respect him. If you all non mumbaikars and ambani have guards
and dum, please create new mumbai at delhi , gujrat etc. tell ambani
to create mumbai in gujarat.
[29 Jan, 2010 1403hrs IST]

DADA,Bengaluru,says:Of course Mumbai belongs to Marathis - they are
Indian too! If an Indian cannot settle/work in any other part of India
without the fear of these local gundas, we have no right to voice our
anger against the atrocities committed to Indians in other parts of
the world. If my memory serves me right, this same gang of Thackeryes
were shouting their guts out over the issue in Oz.
[29 Jan, 2010 1403hrs IST]

A S CHAUHAN,USA,says:A very deplorable
[29 Jan, 2010 1403hrs IST]

Mohit Gupta,Delhi,says:Bal Thakeray has rightly pushed himself in the
shoe of MNS supremo Raj Thakeray. His dwindling vote bank and Raj's
soaring vote bank, portrayed by the Maharastra elections, perhaps
prompted him to go the way Raj provoked and won votes for his party.
Now the political devil of votes is instigating the tiger to follow
the path which could not accomplish any thing for him but would rather
tarnish their image in the eyes of mass. Such public speaking against
personalities like Mukesh Ambani for the comments rightly asserted in
the national spirit, would dent their image as something uncivilised.
Let them try this tactic of wining votes and get failed and let us get
busy with something socially good, rather wasting our time on getting
agitated with these mindless deeds of vote hungry politicians.
[29 Jan, 2010 1402hrs IST]

INDIAN,India,says:Raj Thakrey...does he think that he owns all the
marathi manoos? Don't marathi manoos have a brain of themselves to
think through? India is a democratic country and everyone has a
freedom of speech, but only if it does not hurt the sentiments of
other individuals. The Thakrey's always make remarks that are not only
against "non-marathi citizens of India" but even disgraceful to
marathi manoos. He should remember that it is not individual choice to
be a marathi or gujarathi or jat. It is by birth. And he should be
thankful to god that he got birth as a marathi, in India!!! But it is
a shame that some of us are actually getting carried away with his
allegations. This is absolutely rediculous. I DO NOT live in Mumbai
and I am NOT a MARATHI MANOOS but I LOVE MUMBAI, more than any other
city in India!!!
[29 Jan, 2010 1400hrs IST]

V.V.PATIL,MUMBAI,says:Deal Bal I am afraid to the Marathi People what
will happen to marathi if they travel to other part of India. Please
dont boil this issue.
[29 Jan, 2010 1359hrs IST]

Arjun,Mumbai,says:Neither this man, nor ToI realise that he has lost
all relevance in India. He has no political or economic issue, so he
will keep doing this. And the reporters who are so desperate for news
to publish, will keep giving this old fool airtime.
[29 Jan, 2010 1359hrs IST]

JKV RAGHU,---India,says:We can make every one think as Indian only by
reorganising states by dividing the country into squares of approx
equal area.We are doing exactly what British wanted us by fighting and
destroying our selves.How can we progress when we r destructing our
property like fools and wasting our money in bad works, corruption and
having criminals to rule.We dont have a single good Indian born Indian
at the top of power.We must have an organisation with ruthless good
people who want our country to progress rather than themselves.
[29 Jan, 2010 1359hrs IST]

MRM,Delhi,says:Mr Bal T, If Mumbai is not for Indian then is it for
bangladesi. Thakre you are big looser.
[29 Jan, 2010 1359hrs IST]

Balraj,Irvine, CA,says:It is the DUTY of all Mumbai people to take out
a demonstration in front of Bal Thackerey's house. Every one should
have a Banner "Mumbai is for All Indians. Bal Thackerey Murdabad!!"
[29 Jan, 2010 1358hrs IST]

Puneet,Bhasin,says:If Bal T's theory is right and if every state /
country / city applies this theory then what will happen to this
world? No Maharastrian will be able to go abroad or to any other state
in India. Whch argument will Bal T give to stop towns/cities within
Maharashtra applying the same theory? This policy of division cannot
be good.
[29 Jan, 2010 1357hrs IST]

Haresh,Klayan,says:I agree that thackeray is not 100% right. bt who's
given the right to non-maharashtian to write "U.P, Bihar hamari hai ab
maharashtra kii bari hai". in nasik. is this right???? What other
thinks about maharashtra? any one can come & settel in maharashtra!!
Than what MARATHI manoos should do? Beg in front of them like a
[29 Jan, 2010 1356hrs IST]

Ganesh,pune,says:yes,I am agree with Mr Bal Thackery's comment.The
rules are same for evry state,why we are not shouting the other state
like tamil and karnataka.
[29 Jan, 2010 1356hrs IST]

Amit,Mumbai,says:I think media should stop highlight there people.
They do this because they want attention. we should leave MNS and Shiv
sena alone and they will fight among themselves.
[29 Jan, 2010 1355hrs IST]

Amit,Mumbai,says:I think media should stop highlight there people.
They do this because they want attention. we should leave MNS and Shiv
sena alone and they will fight among themselves.
[29 Jan, 2010 1354hrs IST]

Jadhav,pune,says:Being a true Maratha and a decedents of Chatrapati
Shivaji Maharaj, I urge to all Indians, Neither Bal nor Raj Thakarey
should be taken seriously. They are not the representative of
Maharashtra or even Mankind. A true Maratha always strives for the
benefit of his motherland (Bharat) and These morons do everything for
their personal interest. A true Maratha will never beat up innocent
[29 Jan, 2010 1354hrs IST]

Rhea Sameer,Dubai,says:All the respect for Bal Thackeray is gone when
he has attacked a person like Sachin Tendulkar ?? Where was Raj & Bal
Thackery when Mumbai was attacked.. Did you ever say that Mumbai is
able to manage without other states when it was attacked ?? So please
keep your mouth shut or else you will loose all the respect from the
people... instead of threatening people and making such statements...
you need to try to bring people together so that the whole people in
india and all over the world will be proud of you... Rhea Sameer
[29 Jan, 2010 1354hrs IST]

Girish,Noida,says:Shame of those who are provoking the sense of
regionalism. At the time then India is on right march of becoming a
super power, these cheap people are working on to divide the country
(well they are the agents from Indian history).
[29 Jan, 2010 1354hrs IST]

pankaj,Chandigarh,says:Who is he to decide , "The right to decide who
comes to Mumbai is our right" ". I don't understand why Maharashtra
Government doesn't take any strict action against him.. he lost the
recent lokh sabha election. means people don't like him and why he
always try to divide the country.." AGAR ISKA BAS CHALE TO MAHARASHTRA
stupid statement against sachin and now : industry icon Mukesh Ambani
" i think its clear, in India have not any value of people just
because of few politician every Indian have to face Insult.
[29 Jan, 2010 1353hrs IST]

[29 Jan, 2010 1352hrs IST]

Rohan Pandey,New Delhi,says:Sometimes I wonder how Thackerays stay
alive holding poisonous feelings against so many people around them.
According to them entire world doesn't feels right, be it Sachin,
Ambanis, Bachchans, SRK, Supreme Court (and the list may be non
exhaustive). They should deliberate on this aspect properly. The
scenario may be other way round.
[29 Jan, 2010 1350hrs IST]

Padma,dubai,says:When we apply same rule, India belongs to india and
mumbai being a part of India belongs to Indians
[29 Jan, 2010 1350hrs IST]

Kaushik,Maharashtra,says:I am not sure what's wrong with this family.
Does it run in the genes or is another face of dirty politics.Shame on
both of them....
[29 Jan, 2010 1350hrs IST]

faua,india,says:this madman is really out of mind, but this beast has
been in media and position only because of sucking blood and his
stupid statement to propagate hate only. media must stop to give him
attention whatever he sit, the media is grabbing instantly. we must
stop to give attention to these type of counter statement.
[29 Jan, 2010 1350hrs IST]

Sameer,India,says:The thackreys have lost their minds collectively ,
they should be locked up under the NSA and the keys thrown away . when
mumbai was under attack the whole thackrey family was hiding like rats
and keeping silent . when Inians are attacked in Australia by racists
they come out and spread hate about all aussies . yet at the same time
they threaten fellow indians if they dont beling to mumbai or
maharashtra . the family is a bunch of clowns and should join gemini
[29 Jan, 2010 1348hrs IST]

sudhakar,hyderabad,says:he is a made guy he do not know what he is
[29 Jan, 2010 1347hrs IST]

manas,Hyderabad,says:We are always crying about Ausies behaviours
towards indians !! Even if indians are not safe in india . First make
safety for indians then point other countries
[29 Jan, 2010 1347hrs IST]

Rahul Bose,London,says:If this is the case I wonder why sena is
concerned about attacks on Indians in Australia as Aussies are also
concerned about there identity and pride. A food for thought.
[29 Jan, 2010 1346hrs IST]

Shriram,Mumbai,says:How funny!!!!!!!! Thackeray Sr,Jr and Extras
enough of your regionalism. Do you read newspapers or watch news ? The
times has come for us to surrender to China. China is too powerful and
ruthless. Time to start learning Chinese.
[29 Jan, 2010 1346hrs IST]

Shilpa Patil,Mumbai,says:Bal Thakeray has gone completely insane. Just
that he's growing old that he wishes o make such statements so that he
can continue to come in news.
[29 Jan, 2010 1345hrs IST]

shekhar,Mumbai,says:Politicians are always keep watch for HOT ISSUES,
Whenever they GOT that make same as a BIG issues and contribute there
VOTBANK and people attention too!....Last they having there own SATTA
on maharastra but they never done any GOOD changes for Marathi Manoos
who still fight for there LIVES! all i can says that all they Do only
for PAISA ...sab paise ka khel hai ..... "APNA KAAM BANTA ZAK MARAYE
[29 Jan, 2010 1343hrs IST]

Adi,Mumbai,says:i think thackrey is the biggest threat to marathi
manoos because maharashtrians will whip his ass if reliance and other
mnc decide to move in different states. i think thackreys both of them
deserve to be sent to prision for instigating indians against
[29 Jan, 2010 1342hrs IST]

Mahesh,Powai,says:I am a proud Marathi now residing in Mumbai. I lived
most of my life in a small town called Jamshedpur - Yeah right it was
in Bihar when I lived there. I earned my living and raised my family
in the middle of Biharis. In my 30 years of service at Telco, I was
never for once made to feel like an outsider. Infact there were people
like me working there in a cosmopolitan culture. I thank God for not
creating a Bal Thak(ur)arey who would kick out the non-biharis! Many
of my friends speak bad of Biharis and I dont blame them for they have
not really interacted with one. They listen to the Balasahebs or have
Lalu as an image. My friends - look beyond politicians. Look at Dhoni
for a Bihari! To my non-marathi friends: Please do not develop any
hatred towards us Marathis ... we are same old friendly people and
welcome you all to our/your land. Balasaheb is not a true reflection
of a Marathi - look at sachin for a marathi!
[29 Jan, 2010 1342hrs IST]

[29 Jan, 2010 1342hrs IST]

Nitin,Chandigarh,says:How can government of India allow such
regionalism to flourish. This high time that our central government
steps in and take action against these crooks who think India can be
divided into pieces as per their liking. If it keeps going like this
then in a short while they will also start demanding a separate state
for themselves. If they really care about Marathi Manoos they should
give them good governance. The best way to teach them a lesson is that
Maharashtra people should ignore them in elections and use their vote
power to teach them a lesson .
[29 Jan, 2010 1341hrs IST]

vks,b'lore,says:these thackeray would be kicked out soon... i think
their days are over.... Every dog has its day..but they'll face the
same fate as of Laloo in Bihar...even worse...whole country is cursing
[29 Jan, 2010 1340hrs IST]

Rohit,Indian,says:Seems like all mumbaikers have got there brain
slipped to knee, quite crazy comments from them, now they want to
devide India, these bloody thakres bal/raj idiots are taking undue
political advantage because of these crazy people of mumbai. What is
the contribution of maharastrians in building mumbai as financial hub.
If they are pushing low income outsider on the name of mumbai belongs
to maharastrians, than why they are not pushing rich , affluant &
industrilists out. Bloody greedy maharastrians
[29 Jan, 2010 1339hrs IST]

Tom,Bangalore,says:Why do the people of Mumbai and Maharashtra
tolerate this rabid family? Why cant the government arrest them for
inciting communal hatred?
[29 Jan, 2010 1339hrs IST]

giri,chennai,says:Regional politics has become very narrow minded and
working sensless to acheive their goals for thier selfishness. Public
are not fools,these are all short time popular stunts to attract
attention on public. DO they have guts on these statements made now
and earlier are correct through supreme court of india?
[29 Jan, 2010 1338hrs IST]

Gautam,Aberdeen City, UK,says:He was trying to make a point. What does
Bal Thackrey expect ? That Mukesh Ambani lists out all the city names
when he says something just to cover his tracks.
[29 Jan, 2010 1338hrs IST]

marki,hyderabad,says:maharashtra for marati, telengana for ...... what
is this nonsence
[29 Jan, 2010 1337hrs IST]

PRAFFUL,PUNE,says:In India every one has right to earn their daily
bread and butter with their own efforts and hard-work.
[29 Jan, 2010 1337hrs IST]

Vipul,Indore,says:1st of all who has given these people to talk like
this..??? The media.. Why don't they stop publishing
[29 Jan, 2010 1336hrs IST]

Tedi,Mumbai,says:I hope its not the gujjus after the Biharis.
[29 Jan, 2010 1335hrs IST]

Dr Bhanu Pandey,Thane,Maharashtra,says:It is high that Mukesh and
Reliance should start their Business in other states so that such
nasty remarks do not come from reactionaries.
[29 Jan, 2010 1333hrs IST]

jk,BLR,says:I fully agree with Thackery. Mumbai is capital city of
Maharastra and people of this state speak Marathi. It is very clear to
all of us and there is no issues. If this true and clear, what is role
of Hindi in Mumbai?. If UP wants to create good city, let them make
Kanpur or Lucknow as good as Mumbai. In fact, people said many bad
things about madras people when they did not agree Hindi as one of
thier study subject school . I think Thackery team had slept more then
40 years and got up very late. They need to visit TN and learn how to
un-roll or backup Hindi from Mumbai and make Marathi as languge of
daily use. Let us repect local langauge and give big way these local
language to grow. Keep Hindi in backyard of Lucknow or Kanpur ( what a
progressive cities of India).
[29 Jan, 2010 1330hrs IST]

sri,pune,says:Mr.bal Thakray is right.Mukesh ambani has no business to
interfare in these matters.just check the recruitment process of
Relience in Gujarat.
[29 Jan, 2010 1330hrs IST]

Jaya,UK,says:I don't understand why people like Amitabh Bachchan
writes in his blog that Balasaheb is one of the few people he respects
and writes a huge article on him. AB is talented and well-respected.
When such people praise a person like Balasaheb Thakeray, I get a
feeling how many people in Mumbai are puppets in the hands of these
antisocials of Mumbai. When Sachin says Mumbai belongs to India and he
is proud to be an Indian, even stating with it that he is also
extremely proud to be a Maharashtrian, Bal tells him to stay out of
politics. Where is politics in this statement? Is Bal telling him to
stay out of voicing any opinion, because only Bal and his Sena has the
right to speak in Mumbai? I respect you Sachin for making that comment
though you were under no pressure to do so.
[29 Jan, 2010 1329hrs IST]

kanhaya Tiwary,Jamshedpur,says:mumbai belongs to every indian and not
only to shiv sena chief bal thackery. mumbai kisi ke baap ki nahi hai,
ye baat shiv sena ko samajh leni chahiye.
[29 Jan, 2010 1328hrs IST]

Dhirendra Kumar,Mumbai, India,says:Bal thackeray should go and rest
[29 Jan, 2010 1327hrs IST]

Kanitkar,Bombay,says:I truely believe that TOI should reduce or if
possible completely ignore the statements given by people like Bal T.
He himself is doing no good for marathis and all his tactics and dirty
politics is only harming the marathis all over the country. Thakreys
should be arrested for spreading animosity among fellow country
men.Who is he to decide about Mumbai?
[29 Jan, 2010 1326hrs IST]

[29 Jan, 2010 1326hrs IST]

parveen,Mumbai,says:Aaam Manoos is having enough problems. Why blame
other countries for RACISM when it exists and encouraged by our
leaders. Are we going to give virsaat of partition for generation
[29 Jan, 2010 1326hrs IST]

MumboJumbo,Mumbai,says:Mr Thackrey should be more concerned about his
health rather than talking such rubbish.....Mumbai = India = People of
India and no one has the right to decide who comes to any part of this
country and when.......
[29 Jan, 2010 1325hrs IST]

Dipanjan,Bangalore,says:Its time when all of us Indians should be more
united than ever - Mr. Thakrey, I am a Calcuttan, who has stayed in
Mumbai and have deep respect for the city and the Marathi community in
particular. They are so enterprising, so nice and cultured. You are
not bringing good name to them by making such comments. What will you
gain by alienating your brothers, the fellow Indians from yourself? We
all belong to India and are proud about the diverse culture and rich
heritage of each and every part of India. Its a kind request - wake
up, please do not make comments that go against national unity. Viva
[29 Jan, 2010 1323hrs IST]

hindustani,india,says:Pls dont divide India, we are already much
divided my religion, culture, language, food, dress etc. There are
many other issues in which our country is trapped.
[29 Jan, 2010 1323hrs IST]

Shilpa,New Delhi - INDIA,says:The logic is simple - for the
Thackeray's this entire issue is nothing but a VOTE BANK GENERATION.
Mr Ambani and also Sachin had rightly said "We are Indians"
[29 Jan, 2010 1321hrs IST]

Nelson,Kochi,says:Like TRP ratings....even SAMNA paper needs some push
to be sold...All those who are the well wishers of Mumbai how many of
you have read the said article ? Question your self...Its KARMA which
will decide your fate. Lets have some peace Saare Jahan se
acha...Hindustan hamara...:)
[29 Jan, 2010 1321hrs IST]

sri,pune,says:bal thakaray is right.Evry one knows that Mumbai is in
india.But it is also the fact that mumbai is capital of
maharashtra.mukesh should not underestmate the maharashtra.A taxi
driver should know marathi is the rule made in 1964.all these days it
was not obeyed!
[29 Jan, 2010 1320hrs IST]

bsk,bhubaneswar,says:where was thackeray whn kasab attackd mumbai on
[29 Jan, 2010 1320hrs IST]

Bhagvati Charan,Leeds,UK,says:India was divided in states to help it
run better. Not to Divide cultures, religions, languages and People.
Each state has mix of population of all cultures, religions,
languages, people. If all stats putting each other out, what happens
to country India? If all other countries putting out immigrants from
India, what would happen than? Why do Shiv Sena people talk of racism
outside country like in Australia, when they openly creating it within
Maharashtra ? And what is our Government and Laws stand for ? Are they
to Help people or to help these who work forcibly in name of politics
and language and region. People and groups like this divide nation and
people, stop country going in better advanced future. Thackerays and
their followers should be arrested under National Security Act and no
bail should be granted.
[29 Jan, 2010 1320hrs IST]

Sandeep Bapat,Pune,says:Who is Bal Thakarey? How many people in this
world know him? What are his achievements? Has he done anything
constructive in his life? Media should stop giving him footage for
these statement. He loves to make such funny statements in his "mouth
piece" Saamana.
[29 Jan, 2010 1320hrs IST]

Venkat Shailendra K,Hyderabad,says:We fought around 600 years of
captivity by foreign rulers, lost a generation fighting brits,
sacrificed personal gains to achieve what is called a Nation. And now
these politicians are busy igniting these useless conflicts amongst
the people and divide the country state wise, district wise, city wise
language wise, language wise, caste wise, religion wise. They have
successfully conned us over the years and no one lives for India any
more. Thackrays in Maharashtra¦ KCRs in AP¦ Ghishings in Darjeeling,
Bundelis in UP the venom is just increasing. This was bound to happen.
Long back we stopped worshipping our own parents. How are we expected
to treat our nation as a mother?
[29 Jan, 2010 1319hrs IST]

Raj,Delhi,says:Bal and Raj Thackeray exist only as long as they are
allowed to exist by BJP and Congress respectively. Both for the vote
bank politics. As far as congress is concerned, i am afraid, it is
going back to those Bhindrawale days when Congress supported him to
check-mate Akalis and he rose to become Osama-bin-Laden of Sikhs and
launched Khalistan movement.
[29 Jan, 2010 1317hrs IST]

Rakesh Prasad,Bombay,says:These self-proclaimed leaders Bal Thakrey,
Raj Thakrey are garbage to the nation.They should be kicked out
[29 Jan, 2010 1317hrs IST]

vikas,mumbai,says:guys i request you to plz give your sympthy to
respected MR bal thakrey bcoz he has crossed his 80'ss and still
alive. bcoz of his hunger of power he'll really create a mess in which
all marathi manoos will loose their peace and ability to think.
according to him he's still greater than cricket's god,srk-who has
worlds largest fan following and india's biggest billionare.
[29 Jan, 2010 1317hrs IST]

anand,singapore,says:bal thackeray doesn't have any right to decide
who can come to Mumbai. Mumbai and Maharashtra belongs to India first.
So all Indians can stay and work in Mumbai. Mumbai or Pune does not
belong to Maharastra Manoos. It belongs to all of India and every one
has every right to work there. Throw away Raj and Bal Thackeray from
Maharashtra..... They are fanatics who spoil india in every aspect.
[29 Jan, 2010 1316hrs IST]

Parul,Delhi,says:An open letter to Mr. Thakre..You can claim Mumbai as
a place where only Maharashtrians have a privilege over everything, if
you seriously think Mumbai is what it is today only because of
Maharashtrians. It is the hard work of all the Mumbaikars (including
the migrants) that the city is what it is today. Please grow-up Mr.
BT, you are acting exactly like those Australians, who are scared of
the hard working Indians and are trying to beat them out of their
[29 Jan, 2010 1316hrs IST]

SK,US,says:I liked the last statement - "The right to decide who comes
to Mumbai is our right, not his,"
[29 Jan, 2010 1315hrs IST]

cynic,India,says:Using word "Right" is incorrect for any person from
Ambani family because the only way they know is the "Wrong" way..
that's how they grew up to be so big...
[29 Jan, 2010 1314hrs IST]

Subhendu,Kolkata,says:I think he has gone mad. If within India one can
do this kind of communalism, then they must not cry Against the
Australians or the Pakistanis. Who is he, some dictator or what? How
cud he decide who can be staying where....
[29 Jan, 2010 1313hrs IST]

Bala,Mumbai,says:Thackerey has become senile. He does not seem to
understand the argument. Mukesh Ambani did not say Mumbai does not
belelongs to all of Indiaong to Marathis but Mumbai belongs to all of
India; Marathis included.
[29 Jan, 2010 1313hrs IST]

neej,Philadelphia,says:If Tendulkar chose to "dabble"
[29 Jan, 2010 1310hrs IST]

Sunil Parkhi,Dubai, U.A.E.,says:Can Bal Thakeray & Raj Thakeray give 5
examples each giving their contribution to Mumbai & Marathi Manus ?
[29 Jan, 2010 1309hrs IST]

Rossi,Mumbai,says:This person has completely lost it. 1. He is no
longer anywhere close to power. 2. His idealogy has been rubbished by
the people of the state. 3. He is outdated and seriously speaking a
blip on the political map. 4. He is counterproductive to the state. 5.
He knows that there is freedom of speech in the country and he uses it
to his advantage. 6. He will take on anyone to just beat his nephew to
it. We need effective censorship of what comes out of the press, well
what i would prefer is that the press undertakes self regulation and
segregates mindless rhetoric from reason. Jai Maharashtra, Jai Hind
[29 Jan, 2010 1308hrs IST]

Jagdish,Mumbai,says:May we know if we need to make such a huge
controversy over the Marathi Language then maybe one should go down
south in metros like Chennai does anyone speak in Hindi does that mean
Tamil or the other regional languages in the south are given priority
over everything else?? Try going to south and then lets debate on
Marathi & Maharastra.
[29 Jan, 2010 1308hrs IST]

MUMBAIKAR,MUMBAI,says:He has really grown old.....heeee took 3 days to
[29 Jan, 2010 1308hrs IST]

Mamata Singh Chauhan,London,UK,says:Thackerays, their families and
their followers know how to ignite passion of Marathis to serve their
political goals. If Ambaanis, Tata, Birlas and Dalmia take out their
companies from Bombay then Marathis will have to beg for food. I think
someone like Bhagat Singh should come out and eliminate these
linguistic and regionalistics terrorists. India is a diverse country
and it can be divided very easily on various counts. Why these Marathi
anti-nationals and traitors are moving scott-free ? Are there any
government in India ?
[29 Jan, 2010 1307hrs IST]

PradeepChandar,Bangalore,says:Defends well, but no point on his
denials. I don't know what exactly his plan is. Lets say he becomes a
Dictator of India and has all control over India, Mumbai and all, he
segregates Mumbai from other Indians with only Maharastrians, then
hindus, then District, Then town and atlast his family and him and
[29 Jan, 2010 1307hrs IST]

Ajay kumar,India,says:Doesn't ever Bal Thackrey feels ashamed of
[29 Jan, 2010 1306hrs IST]

Indian,Bangalore,says:He should be in a mental asylum. It is weird
that is printing all the non-sense.
[29 Jan, 2010 1306hrs IST]

yohan,india,says:thackerayji said is correct. but remember reliance
has many other share holders also and they also have stake in
reliance. but thackeray is saying only marathis have right over
mumbai. there are others also who toiled for many years, to make what
mumbai is today. you cant reject that right. hence be understanding
and caring all indians.
[29 Jan, 2010 1305hrs IST]

Aniruddh,Delhi,says:My request to dear editor ,sir we have other very
important topics and issues to highlight.Mr THackery go Australia and
save if you can save marathi guys amoung indians who are suffering
thier then you will come to know about your power n all.how can we say
australians are racist okie that is true but atleast they are very
united toghther to their counrty now how could we say we are united if
we have such a so called leadre as we fight our own people ,our own
indians .shame on us.
[29 Jan, 2010 1304hrs IST]

Proud to be Indian,Mumbia ,says:if other ppl leave Mumbai then ur
marathi Manoos will not get a job anywhere.Thats why no one like Shiv
Sena in other word there is no difference between Shiv Sena and
Underworld ...
[29 Jan, 2010 1303hrs IST]

Agri(Koli),Mumbai,says:The original inhabitants of Mumbai are the Agris
[29 Jan, 2010 1302hrs IST]

tanveer,auckland,says:bal .t has done nothing fruitfull in his life
were one could say he did that other then dividing ppl on the base of
cast Ambani has done so much wake up bal oor shutup
[29 Jan, 2010 1302hrs IST]

PRASAD.,DELHI,says:Mumbai belongs to India not to Shiv Sena chief Bal
Thackeray only. Not only Mumbai, all the places in our country belong
to India. That is India with 31 states, 1618 languages, 6400 castes, 6
ethnic groups, 29 festivals, one country, and a Proud Country and we
should be Proud to be Indian.
[29 Jan, 2010 1302hrs IST]

Shardul,Mumbai,says:Bal T is just among those many crabby old men who
have a problem with almost everything... diff between him and others
is that he has a newspaper to voice his opinion
[29 Jan, 2010 1300hrs IST]

PRASAD.,DELHI,says:Mumbai belongs to India not to Shiv Sena chief Bal
Thackeray only. Not only Mumbai, all the places in our country belong
to India. That is India with 31 states, 1618 languages, 6400 castes, 6
ethnic groups, 29 festivals, one country, and a Proud Country and we
should be Proud to be Indian.
[29 Jan, 2010 1300hrs IST]

Mumbaikar,Mumbai,says:What right do we have of accusing Aussies of
mistreating Indians there if some of our own have no regard for their
fellow country men. Will India never rise above all this?
[29 Jan, 2010 1259hrs IST]

Indian,India,says:I guess Bal Thackeray has to think even before he
speak. Each of the Village or City in India is belongs to all Indians.
No one stop a Indian to go anywhere in India... Is Mumbai belongs to
Bala Thackeray???
[29 Jan, 2010 1258hrs IST]

Satish Kumar,Bengaluru,says:The old man has gone mad and must be kept
away from opening his mouth. Everytime he opens his mouth, he speaks
some nonsense.
[29 Jan, 2010 1258hrs IST]

Amrit,India,says:In my opinion prime accuse of all these insensible
statements is the CM of Mahrashtra. If he had thought properly before
starting taxi drivers license issue, today no one would have been
discussing about this meaning less issue. Instead everyone (enen Bal
Thakrey) would have been talking about food price rise.
[29 Jan, 2010 1257hrs IST]

Sandy,Chandigarh,says:why do they cry when Indians are kicked in
[29 Jan, 2010 1253hrs IST]

Sahil,Delhi,says:These thackeray's are seriuosly out of there mind.
What the hell they think of themselves. Are they god? They can never
ever match the status of Sachin. Whole world regard him as a
gentleman. He is a legend and what wrong he has said. I just imagine
why don't government take any action aginst them. Are they coward too
to stand against Thackeray's?
[29 Jan, 2010 1251hrs IST]

Mumbaikar,Mumbai,says:I agree with him . Thanks to all the Non
Maharashtrians who come to Mumbai , it is in a disgraceful state.This
is because they don't love or take pride in Mumbai as Maharashtrians
do. Mukesh Ambani spent a lot on the Gujrat mishaps , did he or his
wife bother when Mumbai had quakes, terrorist attacks etc? Thackeray
is right when he says Mukesh didn't mention any Gujrati cities.
[29 Jan, 2010 1250hrs IST]

Virender singh,chandigarh,says:These people don't learnt anything from
their past.India is under british governance for almost 200years for
the same reason that india is not united as a whole.If these people
come into politics then who knows the same story will be continue
again.Somebody tell him that mumbai is part of maharashtra and
Maharashtra is part of india.Government should jailed these people for
creating an environment of partition within a country.
[29 Jan, 2010 1248hrs IST]

bkm,mumbai ,says:BT is another indian bt
[29 Jan, 2010 1248hrs IST]

Gopalakrishnan Naganathan,Dubai UAE,says:Industrialists should keep
away from politics; they do need politicians to further industrial
interests-this is a global phenomenon. Be it America or China. they
should just use the politicians. Politicians are scoundrels of the top
order and they have taken to politics because even for them it is
their last resort after working as a gangster and looting people. The
entire country is in trouble with terrorism because of these
politicians. They all shed crocodile tears and dont care about neither
the common man nor the country but only are interested in furthering
their own family interests. India could have become greater than CHINA
or JAPAN were the politicians not meddled in country's and people's
interests. They all bother about vote banks. Take for instance the
telengana; now a committee consisting of all party members; the issue
will nicely get killed with delays in completing the task. after
sometime, people will just forget about the subject. we poeple are
also foolls and our memory is very very short. but one good thing,
indian voters continue to punish poor governance. this is the only
saving grace. but as all politicians are from the some dirty
background, we continue to have poor governance irrespective of the
party. India definitely needs A MAHATMA to rid us of these scoundrels
once for all.
[29 Jan, 2010 1247hrs IST]

Prasad,Hubli,says:It is an invalid comparison, Mr. Thackeray. Ambanis
have toiled to reach this stage. While it may be true that they
exploited some loopholes in policies to their advantage (which most
businessmen do to thrive), at least they have given jobs to millions
of Indians. What you have done to Marathis or Indians except trying
your best to divide India based on your parochial approach?
[29 Jan, 2010 1247hrs IST]

Dinesh,Noida,says:Bal Thackeray is a muddle head person and lost his
mentally temperament. He and his followers are trying to break mental
peace of common men in Mumbai. God, please give him some positive
waves where he can utilize such things in a good work for all people
and Marathi people.
[29 Jan, 2010 1246hrs IST]

Sudhir Singh,Delhi,says:All Metros not only Mumbai should be under
Union control as Union Territories for National Integration Cause.
[29 Jan, 2010 1245hrs IST]

Srinivasan,Tanzania,says:People like this only are standing against
Indian unity. such people should not be tolerated
[29 Jan, 2010 1245hrs IST]

indian,india,says:what ever ...........if leaders like bhagat singh
and netaji were alive today..they would have not sacrificed their
lives after seeing todays polititions in india?.........so INDIA IS
NOT IN MAHARASHTRA is that correct in politics?
[29 Jan, 2010 1244hrs IST]

raja,INDIA,says:Reliance belongs only to Ambani but Mumbai belongs to
all... wonderful joke by Bal T...
[29 Jan, 2010 1243hrs IST]

Rahul,Chandigarh,says:Who is He.Is he a Prime Minister Or a dictator
who will decide the Fate of People coming to Mumbai..?
[29 Jan, 2010 1242hrs IST]

Mitul,Mumbai,says:"The right to decide who comes to Mumbai is our
[29 Jan, 2010 1241hrs IST]

Manish,Bangalore,says:Thakrey is the biggest in making bad image of
Marathi manoos, all over India and he is the doing it again... only
Marathi people should throw him out of Maharashtra.
[29 Jan, 2010 1241hrs IST]

Vikram,Pune,says:And Indians have as much right on Mumbai as Marathis
[29 Jan, 2010 1240hrs IST]

rakesh ,delhi,says:Pl do listen to that person and do not give any
weightage to his statements. He gets more weightage on hightlings his
statements in the media. No need to print his statements.
[29 Jan, 2010 1238hrs IST]

Bose,Delhi,says:A humble request to all fellow Indians...stop ignoring
this politician.....And a request to TOI...Dont give too much coverage
to Shiv Sena and MNS people...Once you start boycotting them..they
will fall in line....Does anyone know from where this Thackeray has
come from...He himself is not from Maharashtra.... and now he talks
about being the guardian of Marathi manoos..Imagine if all industries,
Stock Market, FIIs, Bollywood, leave Mumbai and settle somewhere
else.....Mumbai will become a beggars city and majority of the Marathi
manoos will be begging on the streets...led by ........
[29 Jan, 2010 1238hrs IST]

Mayank,India,says:When an indian is harrassed in Australia, the entire
country, including our politicians start protesting, summoning
Australian highcommissioner. But how come when people like Bal
Thackerey, who are as fanatical as any taliban or jihadis, get scot
free to talk anything and beat and destroy properties of outsiders in
Mumbai. Bal thackerey should be behind the bar for inciting communal
tension and releasing anti-national statements.
[29 Jan, 2010 1238hrs IST]

Vimalakar,Chennai,says:Mukesh is right. Mumbai is for all Indians as
it is for Mumbaikars. We in Chennai never say that Chennai is for
Tamils only. We have people from all over India coming in search of
jobs and they settle in whatever job they get. Who is Thackeray to say
that Mumbai is for Mumbaikars only? He has no right to say that.
[29 Jan, 2010 1237hrs IST]

Gaurav Karwal,Mumbai,says:Ofcourse..Marathis have as much right over
mumbai as much MA has over Reliance..but you know...so does every
other Indian!!
[29 Jan, 2010 1237hrs IST]

PrithvyRaj,Bangalore,says:What these thackeray brothers have done for
maharastra and marathi manoos ?? practically nothing except talking
nonsense about the rights of marathi manoos and fooling innocent
marathis .... If they are so much concerned about the Marathis and
their employment then why they use big big SUVs and fancy cars
manufactured outside Maharastra? Why they wear expensive watches not
manufactured maharastra they should use locally manufactured goods
only this will at least provide Marathis some employment ?
[29 Jan, 2010 1237hrs IST]

vinod arora,meerut,says:Our country will never become superpower if
such people are allowed to make any comments.This statement is against
integrity of our country.He should be booked under NSA .I want to
request Supreme Court of our country to teach such persons a
lesson .Supreme Court itself should monitor it. Some years back i had
gone to BARC ,a collection of all intellectual from our country.Such
institution,industry etc belongs to whole country. Center government
should interfere in this matter.Otherwise think What would happen if
Others state refuse to see movies made in mumbai(Bombay)
[29 Jan, 2010 1235hrs IST]

Rocky,F,says:Mr. Thackerey, people like you who thought of Marathis
and Moghuls and Bengalis.....these were the people who sacrificed the
entire Indian nation step by step to the Britishers.
[29 Jan, 2010 1234hrs IST]

indian,india,says:What Bal Thackarey is trying to really say is that
Mumbai didn't come into existence only in the past few decades when it
began to economically prosper. It has been in existence since the time
of the Great Maratha Chatrapathi Shivaji Maharaj, and that the
original Marathi culture of Mumbai is as essential as heat is
essential in fire. All he means to say is that if you come to Mumbai,
you are most welcome *as long as* you show genuine respect for the
century-old Marathi culture and tradition of Mumbai. That is not
unreasonable to ask since if someone goes to a place like Chennai, or
Kolkata, or Rajasthan those places have their equally proud culture
and traditions and wouldn't they also want new comers to be respectful
towards their cherished tradition. Bal Thackarey (or for that matter
Raj Thackarey) haven't said this eloquently but that is all they
really mean. Try to understand this point before you retaliate with
something inconsistent. And of course we're all Indians first but that
does not preclude the basic need for decency and respect to each
city's predominant traditions.
[29 Jan, 2010 1234hrs IST]

Gautam,Mumbai,says:Bal Thakeray should take a hike
[29 Jan, 2010 1233hrs IST]

Balakumar,Mumbai,says:It is common and practical for people from other
states to throng cities like Mumbai, Chnneai to earn their bread. At
the same time who will bell the cat as states like UP and Bihar as if
their only agenda is to increase their population and dump on other
prosperous states. When these states will improve and when their
people will get confidence for survival within their home state.
[29 Jan, 2010 1232hrs IST]

G.RAMACHANDRAN,MUMBAI,says:Mr.Bal Thackeray is right. Whatever is in
Maharashtra which includes Mumbai belongs to the Marathi people (by
lineage and not by domicile). If anybody feels otherwise they can take
their talent and trade out of Maharashtra. This is appicable to all
states of India, till a balanced growth is achieved all over.
[29 Jan, 2010 1229hrs IST]

Shahi,India,says:Mumbai is mine and certainly i am not marathi....:))
[29 Jan, 2010 1229hrs IST]

avinash,nagpur, india,says:All Indians have as much right over Mumbai
as the Thackerays have over Shiv Sena and all other affiliated Senas.
[29 Jan, 2010 1229hrs IST]

Ravi,Dubai,says:Its against Indian constitution to bar any Indian
(within Indian territories )to do a business or live. Bal Thakeray is
doing what Jinah did to united India. I guess our laws are just toys
for young kids to play in their hands. If we had tough laws no one
will dare use public sentiment to force unrest in people minds
[29 Jan, 2010 1228hrs IST]

KVSKumar,Mumbai,says:Why ToI is givng undue coverage to this useless,
old and teethless pussy. What good this guy or his family done for
Maharashtra or Marathis other than using both as milking cows for
creating wealth for his family and that of his close associates.
Despite Mumbai offering such opportunities, who and howmany from
Thackeray family have come up with a venture offering employement for
atleast 1000 Maharashtrians? Please ignore them.
[29 Jan, 2010 1227hrs IST]

inash,nagpur, India,says:All Indians have as much right over Mumbai as
the Thackerays have over Shiv Sena and all such affiliated Senas.
[29 Jan, 2010 1227hrs IST]

KVSKumar,Mumbai,says: What good this guy or his family done for
Maharashtra or Marathis other than using both as milking cows for
creating wealth for his family and that of his close associates.
Despite Mumbai offering such opportunities, who and howmany from
Thackeray family have come up with a venture offering employement for
atleast 1000 Maharashtrians? Please ignore them.
[29 Jan, 2010 1226hrs IST]

Rao s.k.c.,Mumbai,says:A real leader is the one who does what is good
for the city and its people and no raises controversies and passion
[29 Jan, 2010 1226hrs IST]

Roney,Trivandrum,says:Areeeee this Sena....Venaaaaa....nobody
needs ...this guys are real opportunists...shame they are still in
India.... Democracy Lives.. the best Example is this Shuns.. who is
doing Divide and Rule and nobody speaks ? Shame to all Living Indians
[29 Jan, 2010 1225hrs IST]

Sourabh,Surat,says:OMG.....!!! This man is so obsessed with groupism
and sectorism. When he so much into "DIVIDING"
[29 Jan, 2010 1225hrs IST]

Anupam,Bangalore,says:What Balasaheb is saying is that anyone who
opposes him will not be allowed any voice. So our democracy is going
to dogs. we will not be even allowed to give our opinion. Saying that
we are Indians first is crime for Balasaheb. Please send your men and
break all reliance companies. Break all the bats of sachin so that he
can never play cricket as he is Indian first and will not be allowed
any political opinion. Any common man will be beaten if they voice any
opinion on mumbai because they are ants and only shiv sena has the
right to opinions. Dear Balasaheb please give other people chance to
speak and voice their opinion. Give democracy a chance.....every time
threatning people "stay away"
[29 Jan, 2010 1224hrs IST]

indian,mumbai,says:bal thackrey has gone mad, he deserves the same
treatment as saddam hussain..
[29 Jan, 2010 1224hrs IST]

Vinay Sathe,Mumbai,says:Gosh! This old man is incorrigible. Clearly he
has not learnt a thing from the drubbing in elections. Keeps running
his mouth off.
[29 Jan, 2010 1224hrs IST]

Meera Shah,Ahmedabad,says:India is one country which need not be
divided by language and state's. As far as Balasaheb is concerned his
love for Maharashtrains is appreciable but beyond all means he needs
to understand that all of us are a part of India. We have bigger
problem to address and solve than Marathi Manoos. I think he should be
focusing on all the Marathi Manoos who were killed in 26/11, he should
be working on making Mumbai a safer city for all the Indians. If he
has courage in him, ask him to remove not only the bihari's in Mumbai
but also the Gujarati's, Marwari's, Sindhi's, Punjabi's, malayali's,
Catholics's, etc and than let Mumbai stand alone with Marathi Manoos.
Mumbai is with all of them and just not Mararthi Manoos.
[29 Jan, 2010 1224hrs IST]

RPS,bangalore,says:Yes... Mr. Thakre says right .. "The right to
decide who comes to Mumbai is our right, not his,"
[29 Jan, 2010 1223hrs IST]

arun arora,Shillong,says:Considering India's size it's worse enough
that we have so many states, boundaries,caste etc.. In such times
there should infact be more unity amoungst all castes,tribes,religions
etc. And over in mumbai Mr. Thackery is just making sure just opposite
of this. For him Mumbai is his country and the rest of the country
doesn't matter. All I'd like to say is India as a whole belongs to
indians with a free will to move to any state irrespective of language
etc.. Mumbai or any other state belongs to all indians...
[29 Jan, 2010 1223hrs IST]

Sambit,Mumbai,says:I agree with Mr. Mukesh Ambani. Mumbai belongs to
every Indian. If Mr. Thakre is so proud of Mumbai, so why he allows
Marathis to work out side Mumbai ?
[29 Jan, 2010 1221hrs IST]

Jay,US,says:The reason that Pandit Mukesh Ambani did leave out cities
like Vadodra, Jamnnagar, Ahmedabad and Rajkot is because he is a
"Gujarati Manas."
[29 Jan, 2010 1221hrs IST]

deepakChitnis,maharashtra,says:"Bal Thackeray and Raj Thackeray are as
much dangerous for India as Osama bin Laden is for World"
[29 Jan, 2010 1221hrs IST]

deepakChitnis,maharashtra,says:"Bal Thackeray and Raj Thackeray are as
much dangerous for India as Osama bin Laden is for World"
[29 Jan, 2010 1221hrs IST]

Arjun Singh,New Delhi ,says:somebody tell thakrey sr. that considering
his age he should devote himself to puja-paath... rather than wasting
his time to absurd minded comments... has he forget that their own
marathi ppl caused big defeat of shiv sena in assembly elections...
perhaps thakeryes should ask for independent state as
'Thakreyistan'...n claim himself to be General Thakerey... somebody
tell him that he should think of himself and his family coz since
global warming rises ..may be shiv sena would be part of history
book.. INDIA belongs to INDIANS, if somebody, like these , think
otherwise,, the time has come to throw them out of the country... Mr.
Thakrey u should take up the challenge of Amar Singh to challenge a
politicians rather than the icons like ambani or tendulkar or
bachchan... once u do that u will find urself alone in ur so-called
political arena.. shame on u..
[29 Jan, 2010 1219hrs IST]

santosh,New Delhi,says:Thackerays are loosing their grounds in
Maharashtra,so they just make irrevelant statements after a regular
interval for staying live in media and politics.
[29 Jan, 2010 1219hrs IST]

Sumit,Bangaore,says:Well said Mr.Thakrey, So should we give you Mumbai
and Maharastra to become an independent country for you and your
marathi manoos?
[29 Jan, 2010 1219hrs IST]

Abhi,Mumbai,says:Can some file a PIL in Supreme Court over this
nonsensical politics in India !!!!
[29 Jan, 2010 1218hrs IST]

ayaz saiyed,ahmedabad,says:India is having secular constitution as its
base it means our constitution provide rights of equality irrespective
of the caste and creed of people. we all are indian first before
anything else and we must give prime importance to it rather then
fighting on issue of statepolitics, regionalism. we must have to learn
the art of unity as united only we can stand and divided we can fall
badly.Its also in the interest of our country and as well as our state
that we should wel come talent from outside and give respect to them
and honour them with dignity so that they can feel at home and can add
value to our respective state. so i donot find any rational logic
behind the argument of Mr.balthackery that mumbai only belongs to
marathi people and they should give priority to them only as according
to me by doing this we are spreading fear,uncertaintity and inviting
trouble not only for our country but also for our respective state,
district and taluka. please be indian first before anything else.
[29 Jan, 2010 1217hrs IST]

Manjunath,Bangalore,says: Thackerays and all small time
politicians ....They have no better work to do..
[29 Jan, 2010 1216hrs IST]

Rishi,New Zealand,says:Even though I respect Bal Thackeray's ability
to wield power even at this age, sometimes, I think he's mind is
rusting out. lol! Why does he keep repeating himself (in different
tones using different set of words)? Sounds like he's got nothing else
to say! I wonder what his views are regarding ways to tackle the
economy? May be he doesn't even know the definition of the word
'economy'! Who knows?
[29 Jan, 2010 1215hrs IST]

vinita prabhakar,mumbai ,says:down with this thackeray. on grounds of
treason. we are all indians first. mumbaiites, kolkatans, delhiites
etc etc comes only afterwards. a big BOO to thackeray!!!
[29 Jan, 2010 1214hrs IST]

Shoaib,Edmonton,says:Who cares ?He is responsible for the genocide of
Mumbai riots. Mumbai was originally discovered by British and most of
the native people from Mumbai are Gujaratis and Parsis.
[29 Jan, 2010 1213hrs IST]

shiva,mumbai,says:... his views reflect a man lacking educaion, wisdom
and broad outlook.
[29 Jan, 2010 1212hrs IST]

Ajita Singh,Kolkata,says:Mumbai is a part of India and all Indians
have the Right to be in any part of this country. For People with such
sick mentality as sena chief, I can only say- GET WELL SOON.
[29 Jan, 2010 1212hrs IST]

shiva,mumbai,says:This old man is crazy. his views reflect a man
lacking educaion, wisdom and broad outlook.
[29 Jan, 2010 1212hrs IST]

Sajid,Mumbai,says:Looks like Gunda Thackeray didn't get any "hafta"
[29 Jan, 2010 1211hrs IST]

Kumar,UP,says:Bal Thackeray is at it again. We expected that he is
going to write venomously in his "Saamna"
[29 Jan, 2010 1211hrs IST]

Dr Bhanu Pandey,Thane,Maharashtra,says:Mumbai is Capital of
Maharashtra and belongs to Marathi Manoos and then al Indians
equally.We are a country of diversities which means unity in
diversity.Similarly all other capitals or major cities are of local
ethnic people and then the country and this should be followed by all.
[29 Jan, 2010 1211hrs IST]

Indian,Kolkata,says:Dear TOI, please stop all the nonsense about this
fool and his bunch of jokers. Stop the "Aman ki Tamasha"
[29 Jan, 2010 1210hrs IST]

Frankly,Mumbai,says:Marathi people are already have their right over
Mumbai, no doubt about it. Why Thackeray is having a big doubt? The
State Govt, Muncipalities, Multinational Banks etc. is populated with
Marathi Manoos. Those having roots from other states are working in
Private sector or doing business. Mr. Bal Thackeray should not forget
the people who built Mumbai. He should be thankful to them by
respecting people of all state for the success of Mumbai
[29 Jan, 2010 1210hrs IST]

A.S.Kumar,India,says:Fact is Bal Thackeray has not given even 1/1000th
of what Ambanis have given marathis. The man is a glib talker and has
done nothing whatsoever to improve Mumbai or marathi. Best he did
during his life is to kindle unrest, feed unwanted pride and enjoy the
heat so generated. Every place, city and village in India belongs to
all Indians and no one can take ownership. Marathis are not from Mars
and I think they should feel happy that others have thought it wise to
set up shop in Mumbai which has in fact developed Mumbai. Otherwise,
it would have been a large chunk of dirty land.
[29 Jan, 2010 1209hrs IST]

Praveen,Hyderabad,says:Very bad comparison by Bal Thakarey.
Unnecessarily creating issues and chaos.
[29 Jan, 2010 1209hrs IST]

J. Gomes,Mumbai,says:Yes, Mumbai is for Marathi Manoos first. Marathi
manoos has been systematically reduced to minority by taking mills
from Mumbai and settled in Gujarat, towers built for businessman. When
Reliance makes thousands crores profit, how much percentage has been
spent on Mumbai.
[29 Jan, 2010 1209hrs IST]

VIKAS,US,says:buddha pagal ho gaya hai
[29 Jan, 2010 1208hrs IST]

M.Singh,Bangalore,says:Ohhh God!!! again the same crap statement, We
as INDIAN are tired of these statements. I urge and request all the
iconic persons to remain silent on this issue and let this guy(T's)
bark on his own. If we will not comment on his statements then one day
for sure he will stop barking. These statements would add nothing but
the poor mentality of us(Indians). We have to come out of these crap
[29 Jan, 2010 1207hrs IST]

shrewin,chennai,says:I dont know who gave rights to them to decide
"who comes to mumbai is our right"
[29 Jan, 2010 1206hrs IST]

Rohit,Pune,says:I think you have said it all Mr Thackeray. People all
over the country hold Reliance shares, not just Mukesh Ambani.
Therefore, as per the similarity drawn by you Sir, Mumbai belongs to
all Indians!
[29 Jan, 2010 1206hrs IST]

Indian,USA,says:Bal Thakeray, don't talk shit man. Who the hell do you
think you are? Bloody third rated gunda turned politician. Do you
think Mumbai is out of India? No, you idiot. Mukesh is right - an
Indian has the right to live and work in any part of India irespective
of whether he is marathi,gujrati,punjabi,etc.
[29 Jan, 2010 1206hrs IST]

sakalov,bangalore,says:There should be law to deal with politicians,
who try to steer anti national sentiments and should be same as the
life sentence and non participation in the electoral process. Then
these people will shut their mouth.
[29 Jan, 2010 1205hrs IST]

Sanjay,Pune,says:What has any marathi manoos done for Mumbai ? What is
mumbai, all industries reliance, tata, godrej, none of them are
maharashtrians, they are indians from all over India, they have made
mumbai, so any indian has right over mumbai
[29 Jan, 2010 1204hrs IST]

Dinesh ,Surat,says:This guy is an idiot. First of all BOMBAY was part
of Gujarat.
[29 Jan, 2010 1204hrs IST]

Sharad Marathi,Nashik,says:Thackrays have come from M.P. They are also
outsiders. Who is he to decide. He is true traitor who wants to divide
[29 Jan, 2010 1203hrs IST]

sanjay,mumbai,says:Who has given the authority to politicians to
decide who will come and work in which city.This is the constitutional
right and they should not meddle with the constitution. Anyway they
can do many other things for the development of the people.
[29 Jan, 2010 1203hrs IST]

Ganesh,Mumbai,says:Who is Bal Thackeray to decide who can come to
mumbai and who can't.They hsd been in regime due to our votes and they
should concentrating on how to provide food,shelter to everyone
instead of saying all this rubbbish.
[29 Jan, 2010 1203hrs IST]

Aks,USA,says:Who gave you the certificate that you are the guardian of
all Mumbaikars? Were were you when the whole city was in the grip of
terrorists and what about your other 'paper tigers' including your kin
Raj T when it happened? What made to squirm and hide within your
protected area and not come out in the open and challenge with your
'tigers'? What is going on in the case of properties that were held to
ransom by the underworld and no one has the guts to touch, leave alone
buy them? Do you only react to statements made by good and educated
people who look at India as one and not for their selfish ambitions?
All you people are hand in glove with the underworld and that is the
reason no statements/reactions ever comes even when people from across
the border are able to do what you or even other parties cannot do in
Mumbai. Shame on you people to be called a leader, even MNS does not
deserve any sympathy as they are not exactly protecting Mumbai as a
whole but only giving statements and no action at all.
[29 Jan, 2010 1203hrs IST]

Jay,Mumbai,says:It seems that Thackerays have gone mad. Probably they
are not able to see that if a person like Mukesh Ambani or Sachin
Tendulakar who always keep distance from politics and controversy, are
saying the same thing then there will be some meaning behind this. We
all mumbaikars should not forget what happened to Calcutta which was
financial capital of India in 1950's. Thackerays want to take all of
us on the same path where Calcutta stands now....Mukesh must be
knowing the impact of such non-sense things on Mumbai's image in
Global markets...and that is why he must have said so...
[29 Jan, 2010 1201hrs IST]

brbajaj,Hong Kong,says:Who is Balasaheb to talk on behalf of Marathi
Manoos? Are the Marathis not indians? Is maharashtra not part of
India? Is Balsaheb himself not an Indian?If not why he and his family
has been enjoying bread butter,air and water that belongs to India?
Why does Bala himself threaton not to allow Australians to play in
India when the north Indians are the victim of racial attckes there?
These politicians have created mess of indian govrnance and blurred
the image of all indians.They should in fact be tried for treason.
[29 Jan, 2010 1201hrs IST]

Sunder,Fremont, CA,says:Will somebody shut this guy in a closet? He is
soon becoming an embarrassment for every Indian in the world.
[29 Jan, 2010 1201hrs IST]

hafiz,mumbai,says:i think mr thakheray is right,if u live n earn in
india,u should respect ur country its culture n also the local culture
n its local people,if one cannot then he should be put on the
samjhauta express n sent to karachi,s laloo kheth area to build his
dream empire n home , the fact is majority of pakistanis hate indians
whether ur are muslim or hindu does not make any difference to them
[29 Jan, 2010 1200hrs IST]

Muthuvelan,Chennai,says:I wonder why no one has the guts to take
action against Thackeray. Does not what he says amount to anti
national activity and sows discord among people? Is there no law which
binds Thackaray? what is the prime minister doing? Are they afraid of
the rowdies of thackeray?
[29 Jan, 2010 1159hrs IST]

Akhil,Banglore,says:This old shoe has gone mad..
[29 Jan, 2010 1158hrs IST]

AL,Melbourne, Victoria,says:Bal Thackeray is the biggest disgrace to
the Indian republic. This man has no right to call himself Indian if
he thinks that Mumbai is only for Mahrashtrians and their language,
Marathi. India's charm lies in it's diversity of languages, people and
ethnic customs. Maharashtra is not a country, it's very much a part of
India. People like Bal Thackeray can say what they want and went they
want, but its up to the India public to decide the fate of such
[29 Jan, 2010 1157hrs IST]

Dinesh ,Surat,says: First of all BOMBAY was part of Gujarat.
[29 Jan, 2010 1157hrs IST]

Ajoy Divekar,Dubai,says:TOI..one very humble request..please stop
printing Mr.Bal Thackeray's or his families whims
[29 Jan, 2010 1157hrs IST]

Sonu,Hyderbad,says:Mumbai belongs to all Indians.
[29 Jan, 2010 1156hrs IST]

kush,Hongkong,says:The Thackersey clan has all gone senile - why he
thinks that Mumbai and Marathi manoos only - does it not belong to
India - however the rotten part whether from north, south or from
Mumbai itself must be removed
[29 Jan, 2010 1155hrs IST]

naseehuddin,ksa,says:what about maharashtrians? who are living all
other metropolitan cities comfortably without any problem, just
imagine if everybody starts thinking like bal thakre and co.!
[29 Jan, 2010 1154hrs IST]

Simran,mumbai,says:yes, dont muddle into this topic. if u do shivsena
head will have nothing to do. he will be out of job. if people believe
that every part of india belongs to indians.he is so patriotic, he
does not believe in one india. he believes in one Tackhrey.Shame on
You Takrey, for holding the people of maharastra in ransom.
[29 Jan, 2010 1153hrs IST]

manoj deshpande,mumbai,says:63 years ago when India got freedom, I am
sure few would have known such heads would emerge and talk in this
way. The divide and rule seems wasnt a british ploy but born out of
our own divisions and creeds in India, a deadly disease which can be
cured only by coming together of the youth of modern India today, Its
not 1940's , its 2010, wake up!
[29 Jan, 2010 1148hrs IST]

niki,mumbai,says:hello time to think big. Or I may soon become Chinese
or atleast my kids might beccome chinese. Forget about this stupid
fights amongst each other and think of the country as a whole.
[29 Jan, 2010 1147hrs IST]

rahul,kulkarni,says:Can some one please teach guy difference between
Public Property and Private property.
[29 Jan, 2010 1147hrs IST]

Siva,TN,says:How the LeT has to be thrownout, similarly this Thackrey
groups who are in sane and harming the antion unity by making small
things into issue has to be kept away from any pubsupport and power.
[29 Jan, 2010 1147hrs IST]

Prashant P,HK,says:Bal Thakeray is actually aged up. Before commenting
on Sachin and Ambani, he should ask himself, what has he done for
Maharashtra, other than Naarebaazi. and sachin has made maharashtrians
proud... ambani has given them good jobs in their own state.
[29 Jan, 2010 1146hrs IST]


Sena chief targets Ambani, SRK
Kiran Tare / DNA
Saturday, January 30, 2010 1:18 IST

Mumbai: Struggling to remain politically relevant after Raj
Thackeray’s Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) hijacked the Marathi
agenda, the Shiv Sena on Friday trained its guns on actor Shah Rukh
Khan and industrialist Mukesh Ambani, slamming them on its pet peeves:
Pakistan and the Mumbai-for-all talk.

A day after Ambani said Mumbai belonged to all Indians, Sena chief Bal
Thackeray warned him to do business without provoking Maharashtrians.
Sena leader Sanjay Raut dared Khan to settle in Karachi, Lahore or
Islamabad if he wanted Pakistani players in the Indian Premier League

“Maharashtrians have as much right over Mumbai as Mukesh Ambani has
over Reliance companies,’’ said Thackeray. “Do not meddle with Mumbai
and the Marathi manoos,” Thackeray said in a front-page article in
Sena mouthpiece Saamna.

Thackeray compared Mukesh with his father, the late Dhirubhai Ambani,
and commented that the son had chosen a different path. “Until now I
considered Mukesh Ambani a true Mumbaikar. His father, my friend, was
loyal to Mumbai. Dhirubhai had always acknowledged his indebtedness to
Maharashtra. Then why has Mukesh chosen a different path?” he asked.

“When pandit Mukesh Ambani says Mumbai, Chennai and Delhi belong to
all Indians, why has he left out cities likes Ahmedabad, Jamnagar and
Rajkot?” he asked with trademark sarcasm.

Thackeray said many prominent personalities were vying with each other
to proclaim that Mumbai belonged to all for their own selfish
considerations. ``In doing so, nobody is showing sensitivity to the
feelings of Maharashtrians to whom Mumbai belongs,” Thackeray added.

In November last year, Thackeray had targeted cricketer Sachin
Tendulkar for his “Mumbai belongs to all” remark. Thackeray had
advised Tendulkar to stick to cricket only and stay off political

Actor Shah Rukh Khan drew the Shiv Sena chief’s ire after advocating
an environment where IPL franchisees could recruit Pakistani players
with ease. Khan is also a co-owner of IPL franchisee Kolkata Knight

The Shiv Sainiks protested Khan’s statement by tearing posters of his
forthcoming film My name is Khan in Andheri and Thane on Friday. The
party has warned multiplex owners against screening the film, which
released on February 12.

Hitting out at Khan, party spokesperson Sanjay Raut said, “If a ‘Khan’
in Shah Rukh is woken up he should leave ‘Mannat’ and settle in either
Karachi, Lahore or Islamabad, and play with the Pakistani players
there. He knows it well what will happen if he takes Pakistani players
in IPL,” he said.

Khan on Wednesday had said that his team had exhausted its quota of
foreign players by picking up Shane Bond. He would have loved to have
Pakistani players in Kolkata Knight Riders.

“Pakistan has been blatantly indulging in terror activities and
killing our innocent people. Sena is firm on the policy of not
allowing Pakistani players on our soil,” Raut said. He also reiterated
the party’s ban on Australian players.

Maharashtra minister of state for home Ramesh Bagwe said the
government would not allow anyone take law in his hands. “We will
provide Shah Rukh Khan security if he demands it,” he said.


Bal Thackeray ban on Australian players
Kiran Tare / DNA
Thursday, January 14, 2010 0:52 IST

The Shiv Sena will not allow Australians to play in Maharashtra as
long as Indians are attacked there.

“We will not allow Australian players to enter or play matches in
Maharashtra till the attacks on Indians continue,” Shiv Sena chief Bal
Thackeray said in the Saamna on Wednesday.

He also criticised Indian cricketers for playing with Australians.
“Our boys are being stabbed, burnt and shot in that country
(Australia) and our cricketers still play with them. Do they have any
national pride?”

Thackeray reminded that the Sena had taken a similar step against
Pakistani cricketers. “Our Sainiks never allowed Pakistani cricketers
to play in Mumbai. The Sainiks in Delhi too did the same thing. The
entire country should show self-respect,” he said.

Thackeray praised Amitabh Bachchan for refusing an award from the
Queensland University to protest against the incidents in Australia.

“Bachchan has shown a patriotic spirit. I would have been happy if our
cricketers too showed similar self-respect. But cricket has become a
game of money and self-respect and patriotism have taken a back-seat.”

Sena spokesperson Sanjay Raut said the party would oppose the matches
of IPL if the teams have Australian players.

s. There is no point in saying we are on the verge of being a
superpower when we are treated as dogs elsewhere and the govt is shy
to respond. Congress, Australians are not a minority vote bank; don't
worry, it will not affect your elections ;)


...and I am Sid Harth
2010-01-30 15:49:09 UTC
Mumbai & Delhi need permits: Bal Thackeray
Kiran Tare / DNA
Tuesday, December 29, 2009 0:55 IST

Mumbai: Shiv Sena supremo Bal Thackeray on Monday reiterated his
demand for a permit system for Mumbai. Thackeray advocated the system
for Delhi too. "The country can be saved only if the permit system is
introduced in Mumbai and Delhi -- the cities which face influx of
migrants," said Thackeray in an editorial in party mouthpiece Saamna.

Bal Thackeray puts a ban on Australian cricket team's visit to
Applauding Delhi CM Sheila Deekshit for "telling the truth that Delhi
cannot bear the load of more migrants," Thackeray called her "a mard
(man) in the Congress."

"In Mumbai, there are restrictions on the height of Ganesh idols, but
there are no restrictions on the people who set up slums on the
footpaths. All government lands have been encroached, yet migrants are
being invited under the name of national integrity. Maharashtra's
chief minister does not have the guts like his Delhi counterpart,"
said Thackeray.


Ashok Chavan is an earthworm: Bal Thackeray
Kiran Tare / DNA
Sunday, December 27, 2009 0:50 IST

Mumbai: Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray on Saturday equated chief
minister Ashok Chavan to an earthworm for his statement that every
Indian is welcome to Mumbai but he should abide by the law.

Thackeray raised a question on Chavan's authority to make such a
statement. "At the time when there is a need to send the migrants back
why does Ashok Chavan want to invite them to Mumbai? Who gave him the
right to do so?" Thackeray asked in an editorial in the party
mouthpiece Saamna.

"You (Chavan) are the CM because Sonia Gandhi has appointed you.
Earlier, parents would get a job for their truant child in a textile
mill or at the postal service. You have been appointed as the CM in a
similar way. That is why you do not have a right to say who should
come to Mumbai," Thackeray said.

He said that Chavan's statement is similar to the ways of a two-
mouthed earthworm. "What is the need for another train between Mumbai
and Patna? How many people will leave Mumbai on this train and how
many will come here?" Thackeray asked.

He blamed the migrants for the shortage of water in the city. "The CM
knows who promoted illegal slums in Mumbai. The city is facing acute
water shortage. Who is responsible for that? The tax payers do not get
water but the illegal slums have ample water," he said.

Thackeray argued that every state has a right to protect the interests
of its citizens. He drew attention towards a law made by the
government of Meghalaya. "The law stated that the Indians from other
states could not stay in Meghalaya for more than six months without
the state government's permission," Thackeray pointed out.


Bal Thackeray remarks spark off debate over Saamana editorials
PTI Friday, November 6, 2009 18:42 IST

Mumbai: Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray's distancing himself from an
editorial in mouthpiece Saamana that blamed the 'Marathimanoos' for
the party's debacle in the assembly elections has brought to fore an
important issue: who really writes these editorials?

Assembly Elections 2009"It was not 'outsiders' but Maharashtrians
themselves who stabbed us in the back," the October 24 editorial had

It is no secret in media circles that the editorial comment that goes
in the name of 83-year old Thackeray, who is keeping frail health, is
penned by Sanjay Raut, executive editor of the newspaper.

"I cannot say such a thing. Have we written anything like that,"
Thackeray said, addressing a meeting of party legislators at the Sena
Bhavan here last night.

He then turned to Raut, and asked him, "Sanjay, did you write that
Marathi manoos stabbed us in the back?"Raut said what was written was
that "Marathi voters turned their back on Sena".

This is not the first time that the issue of who writes these
editorials - Thackeray is the newspaper's editor - has been raised.


...and I am Sid Harth
Sid Harth
2010-01-30 21:25:21 UTC
COLUMNIST | Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sena is belittling Shivaji’s legacy

Swapan Dasgupta

Those who have watched the 2002 TV production of James Hilton’s
celebrated Goodbye, Mr Chips may recall a scene where Chips, now the
Headmaster of Brookfield, reads out the names of those teachers and
old boys who had fallen in the battles of the Great War. When he
announces the name of Max Staefel, a close friend who taught German in
less troubled times, a murmur of dissatisfaction runs through the
Assembly: Staefel was German and had died fighting for the ‘other
side’. Chips pauses, looks directly at the boys and utters a memorable
line: “A man is not a country.”

I don’t know if the ability to distinguish between an individual and
his nationality or, for that matter, a man and his religion, is one of
the attributes of the Shiv Sena. Probably not. What else can explain
its rigid determination to make a huge issue of a possible
participation by individual Pakistani cricketers in the IPL
tournament? Mercifully, it won’t come to that because the hyper-
sensitive authorities in Pakistan have announced that they will not
permit their cricketers to play the T-20 pyjama cricket.

Of course the Shiv Sena isn’t content with merely threatening
Pakistanis. It has, for very different reasons, decided to target any
celebrity who has the gumption to proffer opinions different from its
narrow-minded politics. Shahrukh Khan has been threatened for
regretting the absence of Pakistanis from his Kolkata Knight Riders
team. Sena activists have warned cinema halls to not screen his new
film My Name is Khan. Mukesh Ambani has been told that he is
unfaithful to Mumbai because he believes in an overriding Indian
identity. Earlier, Sachin Tendulkar was attacked for a similar
pronouncement. And, even earlier, there was all that fuss over the
rise in the number of Chhat pujas in Mumbai.

To only blame the Shiv Sena, or its estranged cousin Maharashtra
Navnirman Sena, for injecting intolerance into Mumbai is to exonerate
another culprit. The State Congress played an equally cynical game by
attempting to impose a language test on aspiring taxi drivers. It was
apparent to everyone, not least the Congress high command, that this
was Chief Minister Ashok Chavan’s way of getting a slice of the
Marathi manoos constituency.

Yet, it is undeniable that it is the Sena and its offshoot that are
primarily responsible. The Sena parivar appears to be hell bent on
pursuing the politics of notoriety. Shahrukh wasn’t the only person
who expressed his regret at the exclusion of players from Pakistan in
this year’s IPL. Even Home Minister P Chidambaram, who has even
confessed to being a cricket fan, has stated his unhappiness — though,
I suspect, the IPL authorities wouldn’t have imposed their informal
ban without some sort of signal from the Government of India. So why
single out Shahrukh?

The charitable explanation is that Shahrukh is a celebrity and
targeting him is calculated to spread the Sena message without any
effort. Amitabh Bachchan was similarly pilloried when he did those
unfortunate pre-election Uttar Pradesh promotion films for Mulayam
Singh Yadav. The Big B has subsequently emerged as a brand ambassador
for tourism in Gujarat. Mercifully, the Sena didn’t think that
celebrating the salt dunes of the Rann of Kutch is an insult to the
Marathi manoos.

Shahrukh has been targeted because he bears a Muslim name. There is no
other explanation. I am aware that the charge of communalism has often
been bandied about very casually, not least by those who imagine that
criticism of Pakistan is tantamount to attacking all Muslims. On this
occasion, however, the ‘communal’ charge is justified. The Shiv Sena
is exposing its intolerance.

The recent behaviour of the Sena raises uncomfortable questions for
its alliance partner. Among the features of the BJP were its
insistence that India is one country and that there should be “justice
for all and appeasement of none”. It has rightly been critical of job
reservations on the basis of religion and has steadfastly opposed the
‘special status’ of Jammu & Kashmir under Article 370. Yet, it has
been paralysed into silence by the antics of its long-time alliance
partner. Even the RSS has remained a mute spectator to the Sena
parivar’s shenanigans.

What the Shiv Sena is in effect demanding is an Article 370 for
Maharashtra that would confer exceptional rights on ‘State subjects’
and deny these to others who would presumably be categorised ‘guest
workers’. Apart from the sheer insanity of distorting the momentum of
India’s business capital — whose beneficial fallout also touches the
Marathi manoos — the Shiv Sena has now begun to question the primacy
of Indian citizenship. In effect, the Sena is demanding a two-tiered
sovereignty for Maharashtra, a demand that is qualitatively little
different from the demand for ‘dual sovereignty’ in Jammu & Kashmir.
Has Uddhav Thackeray and his cousin weighed the implications of what
they have undertaken? Do they realise the chaos if every second State
presses for exclusionary laws?

It is time the BJP considered the implications of associating with a
party that seems hell-bent on fracturing Indian nationhood. The muscle-
flexing of the Sena has gone unchallenged and unquestioned for too
long. If the BJP doesn’t want to stand up and be counted, it may as
well proclaim that all that lofty talk of idealism and ideology is
pure humbug.

As for the Shiv Sena, it should realise that Shivaji didn’t proclaim
himself the King of the Deccan; he was anointed the Hindu Maharaj; his
kingdom was the Hindu pad padshahi. The Sena is ensuring that
Shivaji’s grand canopy is shrunk to the size of a handkerchief.


...and I am Sid Harth
Sid Harth
2010-01-30 21:27:46 UTC
NATION | Sunday, January 31, 2010

‘How about Kasab as KKR skipper?’

TN Raghunatha | Mumbai

Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray said sarcastically here on Saturday that
if Shah Rukh Khan was so concerned over the non-inclusion of Pakistani
players in IPL-III, the actor-cum-owner of Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR)
could go ahead and appoint Mohammed Ajmal Kasab and Afzal Guru as the
captain and vice-captain of his team, respectively.

A day after his party workers went on a rampage and tore the posters
of SRK’s much-awaited film My Name Is Khan at Thane and Nashik, the
Sena chief charged that the King Khan’s open defence of Pakistani
players was an “insult” to the memories of the Indians killed in the
Pakistan-sponsored terror attacks in the country, particularly Mumbai.

“Shah Rukh need not get worked up because there is no Pakistani player
in his team. He can go ahead and appoint Kasab as his team’s captain
and Afzal Guru as the vice-captain. How’s the idea Shah Rukh miya?
Sounds okay na?,” Thackeray asked the Bollywood actor in an editorial
published in Sena’s official mouth-piece Saamna.

However, Thackeray heaped praise on actor Amitabh Bachchan for
declining to accept an honorary doctorate offered to him by the
Brisbane-based Queensland University of Technology in May last year,
in view of spate of racist attacks on Indian students in Australia.

“That is the real patriotism. We are proud of people like him. There
is no need for others to indulge in acts of patriotism like Amitabh.
But, at least one should not show his or her love for the enemies,”
the Sena chief said, as he debunked Shah Rukh’s statements like
“Pakistan are the world T20 champions, their players should have been
selected for IPL-III…”

Thackeray said that SRK belonged to a new tribe of people that
preferred to take such stands which were detrimental to the interests
of the country — “all to show that they are different from others and
that they are liberal and progressive in their outlook.”


...and I am Sid Harth
2010-01-31 11:27:54 UTC
Shah Rukh deserves Nishaan-E-Pakistan: Bal Thackeray

Mumbai, Jan 30

Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray Saturday said Bollywood superstar Shah
Rukh Khan deserves Pakistan's highest civilian award, the Nishaan-E-
Pakistan, for supporting the inclusion of Pakistani cricketers in the

In a scathing editorial in Saturday's party mouthpiece Saamna,
Thackeray said that the "Khan" inside Shah Rukh Khan must be crushed
by the "Har Har Mahadev" war cry of the "Shivaji" inside the Hindus.

This was an oblique reference to Chhatrapati Shivaji's killing of
Bijapur general Afzal Khan, sent by Sultan Adil Shah II of Bijapur in
1659, at Pratapgad in Satara district of western Maharashtra.

The Shiv Sena hit out at Shah Rukh Khan, also the Kolkata Knight
Riders co-owner, after he said he would have picked a Pakistani player
for the Indian Premier League matches if his team had a slot.

IPL franchise owners did not bid for Pakistani players during the
auction for the IPL III, which has snowballed into a major spat
between the two countries.

The editorial said that if "Shah Rukh wants to give a red carpet
treatment to Pakistani cricketers on the blood of innocent Indians
slain by Pakistani terrorists from Kashmir to Mumbai", then, Thackeray
warned, the Shiv Sena will never permit it.

It pointed out that by supporting the cause of Pakistani players, Shah
Rukh has insulted the memory of the victims of the 26/11 Mumbai terror
attacks - for which Pakistan may confer the Nishaan-E-Pakistan - but
Indians will spit on him.

The editorial further noted that nobody from the Congress has raised a
voice against Shah Rukh since he is considered close to Sonia Gandhi.

Thackeray wrote in his article that "since SRK has so much love for
the Pakistanis the Bollywood actor could appoint 26/11 terror accused
Mohammed Ajmal Amir Kasab as the captain of his Kolkata Knight Riders
team and Mohammed Afzal Guru (facing death penalty for the 2001 attack
on parliament) as the vice captain in the forthcoming IPL matches".

In this context, Thackeray praised Amitabh Bachchan for rejecting a
doctorate awarded by Queensland's Brisbane University, to protest the
attacks on Indians in Australia.

"This is true love for our country," he said.

In a related development, Congress state spokesman Hussain Dalwai
wrote to state Home Minister R.R. Patil demanding security for Shah
Rukh's forthcoming release "My Name Is Khan".

Dalwai also urged Patil to ensure that those police officers who
cannot prevent violence or disruption of the movie within their
respective jurisdiction must be suspended.

Former chief minister and union Minister for Heavy Industries Vilasrao
Deshmukh Saturday criticized the Sena for its stand on Shah Rukh.

Last updated on Jan 30th, 2010 at 19:06 pm IST



...and I am Sid Harth
2010-01-31 14:23:03 UTC
Destroying Mumbai's cosmopolitansim: Citizens must speak out
Published on : Saturday 30 Jan 2010 11:23 - by Amulya Ganguli

After Sachin Tendulkar, it is Mukesh Ambani who has said the obvious -
Mumbai belongs to all Indians. That it takes a sports icon and a
business magnate to articulate a virtual axiom points to the
deplorable context in which such truisms have to be emphasised.
Nothing can be more damaging to Mumbai's reputation than the need for
such assertions because Tendulkar's and Ambani's statements point to
the presence of elements which are bent on destroying the city's

Their identity, of course, is no secret. Nor are they a new
phenomenon. The rise of such insular forces began in the mid-1960s
when the Shiv Sena, known for its Marathi chauvinism, began to make
its presence felt, mainly through the vituperative utterances of its
leader, Bal Thackeray, against outsiders. Now, a breakaway group, the
Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS), led by Bal Thackeray's nephew, Raj,
has made its appearance.

Claiming to stand for the Marathi manoos (men), their politics of sub-
nationalism is marked by violence against immigrants and perceived
"aliens" - whether south Indians in the 1960s, Muslims in the nineties
or north Indians today.

Historically, of course, such fascistic groups are known to have the
support of the lumpen proletariat, who use street violence to
establish themselves as gang leaders, and the lower middle classes,
which fear the loss of employment opportunity by the inflow of people
from other states.

But the scene in Mumbai and, indeed, in India is complicated by the
decline of national parties with their broad-minded outlook. Since the
Congress can be said to be the only national party in India
considering that the other party which claims to be one - the
Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) - is itself guided by an anti-minority
philosophy, it is the Congress's degeneration which is primarily
responsible for the rise of the xenophobic outfits.

This disturbing development is not confined to Mumbai and Maharashtra
alone. Regional parties driven solely by caste or community or state-
level loyalties have appeared virtually all over the country. They
include parties like the Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) and the Samajwadi
Party championing the cause of the Other Backward Castes (OBCs) in the
Hindi heartland, the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) favouring the Dalits,
the Akali Dal of the Sikhs, the Dravida Munnettra Kazhagam (DMK)
claiming to represent the Tamils and the Asom Gana Parishad (AGP)
standing for the Assamese.

The situation in Mumbai, however, is different for two reasons. One is
that the Shiv Sena and the MNS base their politics only on violently
attacking the immigrants. This isn't the case with the others, which
may favour one caste or community but do not always target the others.

The second reason is their influence in Mumbai, which is India's
commercial capital and No. 2 metropolis. In the years when New Delhi
was no more than a dull town of bureaucrats and politicians, Mumbai,
or Bombay as it was known then, was a thriving city known for its
night life, the glamorous Hindi film world and an urbane, cultured
population comprising people from different backgrounds - Parsis,
Christians, "Madrasis", Hindi-speaking north Indians and, of course,
the Marathis.

The "Maximum City", as a best-seller called it, was, like all major
cities, a magnet for people looking for jobs. These were available for
all - from the jet-setting corporate executives to aspiring film stars
to lowly manual labourers. Not surprisingly, the city also had the
largest slum in Asia in Dharavi and a violent underworld with the
mafia dons acquiring a nationwide notoriety.

It is the volatile combination of an unending influx of people from
other states, especially those like Bihar which suffered from a severe
economic downturn, and the violence of the gang leaders, which fuelled
the growth of the provincial organisations.

They were also aided by the cynicism of major parties like the
Congress, which used the Shiv Sena in the sixties to target the
communist trade unions, and has been mollycoddling the MNS in recent
years to divide the anti-Congress vote.

Till now, the silence of the responsible citizens over the
depredations of the narrow-minded 'kupmanduks' (frogs in the well),
either out of fear or because of their general political
insignificance, encouraged the chauvinists to strut about with

It is a matter of satisfaction, therefore, that at last eminent
personalities like Tendulkar and Ambani have decided to speak out.
They probably felt that the crude parochialism of uncle Bal and nephew
Raj have reached a stage where Mumbai was earning a bad name.

For Ambani, there was perhaps an economic compulsion as well. If
Mumbai comes to be known as a city where outsiders are not safe, both
high-flying executives and the humble taxi drivers will tend to avoid
it with damaging consequences for the business world.

Hence Ambani's observation that "we in the corporate sector got out of
the licence raj, but the poor taxiwallah is still stuck in the licence
raj". The reference was to the state government's notification making
only those who had lived in Maharashtra for 15 years and could speak
Marathi eligible for taxi licences.

The document was later modified following a public outcry to include
Gujarati and Hindi among the language which the taxi driver must know.
But it was another instance of the Congress-led government playing the
parochial card.

Since the national parties are seemingly reluctant to take a bold
stand against divisive politics, the regional parties can only be
checked if distinguished citizens start speaking out against them.

(30-01-2010-Amulya Ganguli is a political analyst. He can be reached
at ***@mail.com)

Copyright Indo Asian News


...and I am Sid Harth
Sid Harth
2010-01-31 18:59:37 UTC
Sena workers burn Aamir, SRK's effigies

Indore, Jan 31 (PTI) A group of Shiv Sena workers today burnt the
effigies of Bollywood actors Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan and tore
posters of their films, protesting against their remarks on inclusion
Pakistani cricket players in IPL, police said.

Police said the incident took place at Regal Square in the city.

The agitators also said if Shah Rukh's next film "My Name is Khan" was
screened at any theatre in the city, they would stage violent

No arrests have been made following the incident.

Lamenting the snub that the Pakistani players received in the IPL
auction, co-owner of Kolkata Knight Riders, Shah Rukh had recently
said they should have been welcomed.

Aamir had said he would have included a good player in his team
irrespective of his nationality.


...and I am Sid Harth
Sid Harth
2010-01-31 19:08:38 UTC
File photo of Shahrukh Khan at a promotional event of his film 'My
Name is Khan' in Mumbai. PTI Photo Photograph (1)

Shiv Sena demonstrates outside Shah Rukh's residence

Mumbai, Jan 31 (PTI) Intensifying its protest against Shah Rukh Khan
for speaking in favour of Pakistani cricket players, Shiv Sena
activists today held a demonstration at the actor's residence Mannat
in suburban Bandra.

"Shah Rukh should go to Pakistan if he wants to speak in favour of
Pakistani players," Shiv Sena leader and MLC Anil Parab, who led the
protest, said.

Sainiks displayed a travel ticket from Mumbai to Pakistan and demanded
ban on the actor's upcoming movie 'My Name is Khan'.

Supporting the protest of Sena activists, senior party leader Manohar
Joshi said, "this is the issue of patriotism and Shah Rukh should not
interfere in politics."

"Shah Rukh has been staying in Mumbai for years but he never spoken
anything for Marathi," Joshi said.


...and I am Sid Harth
2010-02-01 09:03:47 UTC
RSS to protect north Indians
Nistula Hebbar / DNA
Monday, February 1, 2010 1:08 IST E

New Delhi: In a move loaded with political significance, the Rashtriya
Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) has decided to take headon the ‘anti-migrant’
agenda of the Shiv Sena and the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS). In
an open support for north Indians in Maharashtra, RSS chief Mohan
Bhagwat has asked sangh workers to protect north Indians from

“RSS workers have been asked to protect north Indians who are being
targeted by the Shiv Sena and the MNS,” said RSS spokesperson Ram
Madhav in Jabalpur on Sunday, echoing Bhagwat. Madhav said the sangh
was opposed to linguistic chauvinism and discrimination on the basis
of language.

Political observers link the RSS’ assertiveness on the issue to the
BJP’s depleting political stock in north India, especially in Uttar
Pradesh and Bihar.

"The statements (of Bhagawat and Madhav) can be attributed to a
rethink in the RSS over the direction that the sangh and the BJP have
to take in north India,’’ said political sources in the know.

“The next major test for the BJP is the Bihar assembly polls. At a
recent meeting with BJP leaders from Bihar, party president Nitin
Gadkari openly said that victory in Bihar was a matter of honour for
him,” said a top source in the party. “Yeh meri izzat ka sawal hai (it
is a matter of honour for me),” the BJP chief reportedly told the

There is also a rethink on whether the alliance with the Shiv Sena has
outlived its utility. “The BJP wants to project itself as a national
party. Despite not being in agreement with the Sena and the MNS on
their parochial attitude, it has always been clubbed with them. This
is (the sangh’s statement) a way of entangling the party from the
present situation in the state,’’ said a source.

The RSS stand may have been spurred by the Congress’ revival plans in
Bihar and UP, feel observers. It is considering AICC general secretary
Rahul Gandhi as a grave threat. “Gandhi has been talking about the
kind of ideas that the RSS itself wanted to talk. It wants to appeal
to the young population and the professional community,” said a

Moreover, by breaking away from the Shiv Sena, the BJP can go back to
its nationalistic plank without inhibition, say observers.

BJP president Nitin Gadkari was evasive when asked whether there had
been a “clash” of interests between the RSS and the Shiv Sena over the
Marathi issue. “There is no clash between both,” he said, adding he
would speak to the RSS chief on what he has said before reacting.

Senior Shiv Sena leader Manhor Joshi said, “The time has come to
remind RSS that Mumbai belongs to Marathi people only and they should
get priority here.”

—With bureau inputs


Shiv Sena confronts RSS, says Mumbai is for Marathis only
Monday, February 1, 2010 2:54 IST

Jabalpur, Mumbai: The RSS and BJP's key ally Shiv Sena were on a
collision course over the migrants issue with Bal Thackeray's party
today telling the Sangh, which said Mumbai is for all Indians, that
the western metropolis belongs to Marathi people only.

The RSS while echoing its chief Mohan Bhagwat's remarks yesterday on
the emotive issue said it was opposed to discrimination on the basis
of language and demanded steps to
check any disturbances in this regard in Maharashtra.

Taking the Shiv Sena and the MNS head-on, the Sangh parivar founthead
also said it has asked its volunteers to protect north Indians in
Maharashtra and prevent spread of anti-Hindi feelings.

"The Sangh parivar has asked its volunteers in Maharashtra to try and
prevent the spread of anti-north Indian and anti-Hindi feelings," RSS
leader Ram Madhav told reporters in Jabalpur.

Responding to Bhagwat's remarks, Shiv Sena leader Manohar Joshi said "
The time has come to remind RSS that Mumbai belongs to Marathi people
only and they should get priority here."

Mumbai's glory is due to hard work of the Marathi people here and they
have full right over the city, the former Lok Sabha speaker told
reporters in Mumbai.

Bhagwat had said yesterday, "Mumbai is for all Indians. People of all
languages, communities, tribes are children of India. Nobody can
prevent Indians from moving to any part of the country in search of

BJP president Nitin Gadkari , who is in Bangalore, declined to be
drawn into a discussion on the perceived divergent views on the
migrants issue between the RSS and Shiv Sena, saying, "I will first
study and verify the statement (of Bhagwat) before reacting".

"I will first speak to the RSS chief on what he has said, understand
what his views are and then react", Gadkari told reporters when asked
for his reaction to the RSS stance in the wake of claim by Shiv Sena
that Mumbai belonged to Marathi speaking natives.

Asked whether there had been a 'clash' between RSS which had spoken
about protecting north Indians in Maharashtra and Shiv Sena talking
about protecting the interest of Marathi speaking people, he said
"There is no clash between both".

Madhav when asked about the agitations against Hindi-speaking people
by Shiv Sena and Raj Thackeray-led MNS in Maharashtra said, "There
should be no discrimination on the basis of language."

Madhav, who is in Jabalpur to attend an RSS programme, said the Sangh
was of the strong view that India was one from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.

He said steps should be taken to check disturbances being caused over
the language issue and people's rights should be protected.


Will speak to Bhagwat on remark on Mumbai, says Nitin Gadkari
PTI Sunday, January 31, 2010 22:22 IST

Mumbai: BJP president Nitin Gadkari today refused to comment on RSS
chief Mohan Bhagwat's "Mumbai for all Indians" remark saying he would
have to first speak to him on the issue.

"I will first speak to the RSS chief on what he has said, understand
what his views are and then react," Gadkari told reporters when asked
for his reaction to the RSS stance in the wake of claim by Shiv Sena,
his party's ally in Maharashtra, that Mumbai belonged to Marathi
speaking natives.

Asked whether there had been a "clash" between RSS which had spoken
about protecting north Indians in Maharashtra and Shiv Sena talking
about protecting the interest of Marathi speaking people, he said,
"There is no clash between both."

Bhagwat had said, "Mumbai is for all Indians. People of all languages,
communities, tribes are children of India. Nobody can prevent Indians
from moving to any part of the country in search of employment."

RSS has also issued a directive to its workers to protect north
Indians in Maharashtra and prevent spread of anti-Hindi feelings,
according to RSS leader Ram Madhav.

On reports of Chinese "intrusion" into Indian territory, Gadkari said,
"China is very aggressive. This is a very sensitive matter. We expect
stern action from the prime minister."

Asked about government's "interference" in day-to-day functioning of
the army by directing court martial of an official, he said the
government had the right to do so because anything in armed forces was
connected with the national interest. However, the merits and demerits
of such moves would have to be studied, he added.

To another question, he said there would be no change in BJP demands
like Ram Mandir issue because of change in central
leadership, he said, adding it would explore the possible routes to
arrive at a solution.

On party issues, the BJP chief said he had cautioned all workers --
both at the Centre and state level -- that internal issues of the
party should be discussed on the party platform.

Taking internal party issues to the media "would not be tolerated", he

His advice to party workers had been to limit their discussions with
the press, if best avoid it, and to totally eliminate any "off the
record" statements, he said.

Asked if all is well within the party given that the BJP unit in
Karnataka had passed through some tough moments and had seen the
appointment of a new state unit chief, he said "100 per cent all is

The central leadership would not intervene in matters of the state
unit's functioning. He said he had all along being talking about
division of power and decentralisation.

Chief minister BS Yeddyurappa would receive the support and backing of
the entire BJP in the country, he said.


'Patriotic' Shiv Sena targets Shah Rukh
Surendra Gangan / DNA
Sunday, January 31, 2010 19:27 IST
Last updated: Monday, February 1, 2010 3:27 IST

Mumbai: The Shiv Sena on Sunday took its ‘patriotic’ agenda a notch
ahead by protesting against actor Shah Rukh Khan. Khan has come in the
Sena’s line of fire after speaking in favour of Pakistani cricket
players who were left out in the Indian Premier League auctions.

The party, desperate to be back in political reckoning after
successive electoral drubbings, held a demonstration in front of
Khan’s home in Bandra (West) on Sunday. They wanted his movie, My Name
is Khan, to be banned. More than 50 Sainiks were arrested.

“Shah Rukh should go to Pakistan if he wants to speak in favour of
Pakistani players,” Shiv Sena leader and MLC Anil Parab, who led the
protest, said. The protest was also against the actor’s decision to
have Australian players in his IPL team, Knight Riders.

“This is an issue of patriotism. Shah Rukh should not interfere in
politics,” said Sena leader Manohar Joshi. He chastised Khan for
keeping mum on the Marathi issue. “He has been staying in Mumbai for
years but he never said anything.”

A potentially explosive situation was averted when a SRK fans reached
his bungalow as a sign of support. But they heeded the police request
to move away. Khan is abroad shooting for his forthcoming film.

Home minister RR Patil said, “Violent protests against iconic figures
and arts will not be tolerated. Not only will stern action be taken
against the protesters but also the damage done during such protests
will be recovered from parties involved.”


Identity crisis for Shiv Sena
Monday, February 1, 2010 2:16 IST

If all this recent posturing from the Shiv Sena's grand patriarch Bal
Thackeray is the party's attempt to show that he's back in the saddle,
then the most obvious conclusion is that having run out of fresh
thinking, the party is going back to its tired and not-so-true ideas
from the past.

Over the last week the senior Thackeray has objected to industrialist
Mukesh Ambani stating that Mumbai is for all Indians and to film star
Shah Rukh Khan stating that the Pakistan cricketers who were not
picked up in the recent IPL auctions had been treated badly. The Sena
has also stated that Australian cricketers were not welcome in Mumbai
after the spate of attacks on Indians in Australia.

Politically, the Sena has found that it has been pushed into a corner.
Raj Thackeray's Maharashtra Navnirman Sena has had a clear upward
trajectory since it was launched three years ago and the breakaway
group has managed to use all Bal Thackeray's old tactics on its road
to success. The Sena in that time, under the direction of Uddhav
Thackeray, attempted to spread its wings wider than Mumbai and look
beyond mere parochial issues.

However, the feeling in the party is that it drifted too far from its
core constituency and lost its edge.

All that may well be true in the narrowest possible sense. However, it
is also true that the world around the Sena has changed and the party
has not kept pace with those changes. In some sense, while Uddhav may
not have the charisma of his cousin Raj, he certainly tried to apply a
wider idea to his vision for the party. Unfortunately for both the
party and him, while his vision may not have worked, the return to the
past is both false and likely to backfire. The Sena had to backtrack
when it took on Sachin Tendulkar last year on the same issue of Mumbai
being part of India.

In a sense, the Sena is eating right into the MNS's hands by mimicking
it. While this is an attempt to regain lost ground, the sad fact for
the Sena is that that land has already been captured by the MNS. To
constantly have to go back to narrow-minded and shrill hectoring in
order to appeal to a small, lumpen constituency only shows
desperation. This is visible to everyone and especially to the MNS.

The Sena needs a rethink on all levels. Its saffron partner the BJP is
all support for statehood for Vidarbha, which means one more point of
contention for it to handle.


Everybody has the right to their view
Javed M Ansari
Sunday, January 31, 2010 23:26 IST

Ayear after 9/11, I happened to be in the United States on a
fellowship. It gave me an opportunity to travel across that fabulous
country and interact with people from various walks of life. That was
also when George Bush began building his case for invading Iraq and
deposing Saddam Hussein. Emotions were high, and despite all that had
happened the previous year, there were many people who not only
opposed the invasion but went to the extent of calling him a

I remember an incident at the prestigious Brookings Institute in
Washington DC, barely a stone’s throw from the White House. We were at
this interaction of politicians — Democrats and Republicans and
journalists. In the course of one particularly animated exchange
between those for the war and those against, one former senator
suggested that Saddam Hussein be allowed to visit the US and present
his case to the American people and in case Bush went ahead and
attacked Iraq, he should then be tried for war crimes. The suggestion
was promptly shot down and there ended the matter.

I’m reminded of that particular incident every time I see Raj
Thackeray or his uncle Bal Thackeray flex their muscles at people they
don’t like. The Sena’s latest decision to call for the boycott of Shah
Rukh Khan’s latest film My Name is Khan is undemocratic in the
extreme. The film should be screened in Mumbai and everywhere else.
Why should the people of Mumbai be deprived of seeing that film, just
because and some politician does not agree with what Khan has said
about inviting Pakistani players for the IPL.

He is entitled to his view, however hypocritical it may be. I too,
have issues with Shah Rukh on that. He is the owner of Kolkata Knight
Riders, and if he felt so strongly about including players from
Pakistan, why did he not bid for one during the auction. He should
have put his money where his mouth is. Having failed to do so, he is
as guilty of the goof-up as Lalit Modi and all the others. But I will
never deny him the right to put forth his view.


Gadkari blames UPA govt for price rise, lauds BS Yeddyurappa
Hemanth Kumar / DNA
Monday, February 1, 2010 12:57 IST

Bangalore: BJP national president Nitin Gadkari on Sunday blamed the
UPA government at the Centre for the steep increase in prices of food
commodities, while chief minister BS Yeddyurappa received full praise
for his development-oriented administration and initiatives to
insulate people from the effects of spiralling inflation.

Gadkari accused the UPA government of causing a serious threat to the
country’s food security through its faulty economic policies which
facilitated big traders, while exposing the people to exploitation by
the business class.

He said the Yeddyurappa government was a model for other states in
south India, and that the party high command would not interfere in
the state’s governance, which was dictated by the single-point agenda
of development.

The BJP would launch a nation-wide protest against rising food prices
within the next few days. He demanded the immediate removing of 17
essential items from the commodities’ exchange, and stringent action
against black-marketers, to control the prices.

The UPA government had changed the food security laws to help
multinationals, corporates, exporters and manipulators. As a result,
India was facing the worst ever food grains supply problem. “The
country is facing one of the worst food inflation due to the faulty
policies and failure to create adequate buffer stocks of essential
commodities,” Gadkari said.

He said that the UPA government’s export of 48 lakh tonnes of sugar at
a price of Rs12.50 was the main cause for the rise in sugar prices.
The government was forced to import sugar from Brazil at a price of
Rs35-40 per kg to bring down the price in the domestic market, Gadkari

He added that 78% of the population spent nearly 80% of their monthly
income on food articles. The Tendulkar committee report had said there
was 12% increase in poverty. Since November 2009, food inflation was
17-20% and prices of wheat, rice, sugar and dal had doubled in the
past few months. The price of rice had gone up by 100% in the last one
year. The farmers received just Rs9.50 per kg of rice, while the
consumer ended up paying Rs 32 per kg with middlemen benefiting, he


...and I am Sid Harth
2010-02-01 09:23:12 UTC
Stay away from Mumbai issues: Shiv Sena to RSS Monday, February 1,
2010,12:35 [IST]

Editor's pick
Uddhav asks RSS first to protect North Indians in South
My News, 01 Feb 2010

Mumbai, Feb 1: The Shiv Sena on Monday, Feb 1, slammed Rashtriya
Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS) over the issue of North Indians in

Buzz up!According to reports, Shiv Sena Executive President Uddhav
Thackeray warned the RSS to stay away from any issue related to

In an article in Shiv Sena mouthpiece Saamna, Uddav wrote, "RSS should
not comment on any issue that is to do with Mumbai."

"This city belongs to Maharashtra and Marathi manoos. If RSS wants to
talk of protecting Hindi they should do it in South India first,"
Uddav wrote.

Uddav's statement comes a day after RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat had come
out in support of North Indians in Maharashtra.

Bhagwat had also directed his sangh workers to protect the community
from attacks.

OneIndia News


...and I am Sid Harth
2010-02-01 14:31:13 UTC
Congress dares BJP to snap ties with Sena
TNN, 1 February 2010, 02:46am IST

NEW DELHI: Responding to the raging RSS-Shiv Sena conflict over the
place of Hindi speaking people in Mumbai, Congress on Sunday
challenged the BJP to snap ties with its alliance partner in
Maharashtra on this issue.

"If the RSS is serious about its intent to defend north Indians in
Mumbai, then it should instruct its appointee, (BJP chief) Nitin
Gadkari, to sever all ties with the Shiv Sena," Congress spokesman
Manish Tiwari said.

Tiwari, however, wondered whether RSS was genuinely concerned about
the campaign by the Sena and MNS against `outsiders' in Mumbai, and
termed the development as "cooption by intimidation".

After RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat instructed Sangh cadres in Maharashtra
to stand by the Hindi-speaking people residing in Mumbai, Sena leader
and former Lok Sabha Speaker Manohar Joshi claimed that Mumbai was for
Marathi people.

Congress, however, questioned the genuineness of the confrontation
between the two outfits and dubbed the war of words as `Goebbelsian

"While one faction of the fascist dispensation terrorises a section of
Indians, the other faction seeks to apply balm to their wounds,"
Tiwari said.

He called upon the BJP leadership to take a firm stand on the issue
and make its position clear. "This is an issue on which the BJP must
stand up and be counted," he said.

The RSS-Sena confrontation intensified after Bhagwat rebuffed the pro-
Marathi outfit by affirming that Mumbai was for all Indians.

Faced with the fight between two of its allies, the BJP sought to
hedge. Asked about Bhagwat's remarks, Gadkari, according to a news
agency report from Bangalore, said he would talk to the RSS chief
before making any comment.


Gadkari: Never compared Modi with Mahatma
TNN, 1 February 2010, 03:10am IST

BANGALORE: A day after showering encomiums on Gujarat CM Narendra Modi
at the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi at Porbandar, BJP national
president Nitin Gadkari had something to clarify on Sunday: he denied
he ever compared Modi with the Mahatma. "There are video clippings of
my speech to prove it," Gadkari said in Bangalore on Sunday.

During his first visit to Gujarat as party chief, Gadkari on Saturday
drew parallels between Mahatma Gandhi and Modi. "Both worked on the
same ideology, that the poorest of the poor and the man at the
grassroots level must get benefits," Gadkari had said.

Gadkari had further said Modi had digested well the ideology of
Gandhiji and Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya, one of the founders of the
BJP. "Development of villages was Gandhiji's aim and is Modi's aim
too," he stated.

He advised media to present "news as news and not to mix views" and to
report "only what is said".


February 1, 2010
PC slams Shiv Sena, says 'Mumbai for all'
Monday, February 1, 2010,18:15 [IST]

New Delhi, Feb 1: Shiv Sena is not only being isolated by the sangh
parivar but has also invited an attack from the Union Home Minister P
Chidambaram, who has rubbished the party's 'Mumbai for Marathis' as a
'pernicious' thesis.

Buzz up!"We reject the thesis of Shiv Sena. Mumbai belongs to all of
India and all Indians are free to live and work in Mumbai,"
Chidambaram said on Monday, Feb 1 while talking to reporters here.

"As a matter of policy, we reject the theses of the Shiv Sena and the
MNS (Maharashtra Navnirman Sena). These are pernicious theses and they
have to be rejected," he added.

He expressed confidence in the Maharashtra government's competence in
handling the Mumbai issue.

Earlier, RSS' promise to provide security for the north Indian
migrants in Mumbai saw support from BJP even as Shiv Sena lashed out
against the statement.

The minister, who was releasing his ministry’s monthly report card for
Jan 2010, spoke on various issues such as the death report of LTTE
chief V Prabhakaran, US travel advisory alerting its citizens of
terror threat in India, and security concerns of foreign cricketers
playing in India including those from Pakistan.

"Let players from Australia, let players from Pakistan come to India,
let them play in Mumbai or any other part of the country. I guarantee
their security,” he said.

OneIndia News


...and I am Sid Harth
2010-02-01 15:17:52 UTC
Photograph (1)
Rahul attacks Sena, MNS for tirade against N-Indians

Anand Mishra

Bodhgaya (Bihar), Feb 1 (PTI) AICC general secretary Rahul Gandhi
today attacked Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray and the MNS for their
tirade against people from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.

"In Maharashtra, MNS leader Raj Thackeray keeps on saying throw out
people of Bihar and UP. But, who killed the terrorists who had
attacked Mumbai? They were the NSG guys from Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and
from the rest of the country. At that time they did not say throw away
Biharis," he said.

Gandhi made the remarks at an interactive session with workers of
Youth Congress and NSUI here and while addressing a conference on
Dalit youth leadership development in Bihar.

The Congress leader said in lighter vein "if terrorists have to be
fought with, let Biharis remain there."

Asking the youth to change Bihar, Gandhi lamented lack of development
in the state.


...and I am Sid Harth
Sid Harth
2010-02-01 20:20:11 UTC
RSS helping, BJP looks at life beyond Shiv Sena
Shubhangi Khapre / DNA
Tuesday, February 2, 2010 0:50 IST

Mumbai: Is it the end of the road for the BJP-Shiv Sena alliance? The
hard positioning on the migrants’ issue on both sides may be the
beginning of the end for the 25-year-old partnership.

The BJP is keen on drawing its own political roadmap for the state and
it wants to move beyond the narrow and partisan agenda of the Shiv
Sena to prevent dilution of its ideological core: nationalism.

“Officially, we may not have declared our divorce. But for all
practical purposes we have decided to part ways,” said a BJP general
secretary. Other senior leaders of the party are candid to admit that
the RSS is playing the role of a catalyst in the transition. RSS chief
Mohan Bhagwat’s directive to the cadre to protect the migrants in
Mumbai was aimed at sending out a strong message on the party’s
intention, they said.

“The RSS has set the stage for political confrontation deliberately as
it wants the BJP to come out of the Sena’s shadow in Maharashtra,”
said a senior leader. The Sena now stands cornered with all political
parties voicing their opposition to its ‘Mumbai for Marathis’ stand.
While the BJP and the RSS have launched the first salvo, the Congress
has been quick to take the cue. The Union home minister P Chidambaram
on Monday described the Sena’sMumbai for Marathis as a ‘pernicious

The Congress has sharpened its attack against the Sena and MNS in the
state. “The government will take stringent action against anybody
trying to take the law in their hands. We will not hesitate to act
against the Sena and the MNS if they violate the Constitutional
norms,” the chief minister has said.

According to a BJP insider, “We can clearly sense that the MNS is
gaining grounds on the sons of the soil plank across state. We have to
draw our strategy five years ahead. The BJP-Sena alliance is going to
be a disadvantage in the 2014 assembly and parliament elections.”
Moreover, the RSS’ pro-north Indian position is crucial to reviving
the party across the Hindi heartland - namely states like Uttar
Pradesh, Rajasthan and Bihar.

BJP president Nitin Gadkari said, “The party believes that there may
be differences in languages, cultures and costumes. But there is no
space for regional identity that discriminates among Indians.”

The developments have also triggered an unsavoury competition within
the state unit with the Gadkari camp toeing the hard position and
general secretary Gopinath Munde camp going soft against the Sena.

Politically, the big electoral battle ahead is 2012 BMC elections. The
stakes are higher for the Sena compared to the BJP. But Sena-BJP have
always struck alliance in assembly and parliament polls and contested
separately in BMC /local bodies polls. The BJP reckons its competitor
has to be Congress with pan Indian image and not the NCP which has a
regional outlook.

“The split in the alliance is inevitable as RSS has taken a strategic
decision to teach the Sena a lesson. There should be no ambiguity in
anybody’s mind that BJP wants to capture the Sena turf. The BJP is
playing its card looking at post the Bal Thackeray political
scenario,” said Surendra Jhondale, head of the department of the
political science (Mumbai University).

The BJP think tank is quick to point out that despite its two-decade
alliance, the RSS never endorsed the Sena’s politics.


Man who showed RSS modern ways is Gadkari's guide now
Nistula Hebbar / DNA
Tuesday, February 2, 2010 0:25 IST

New Delhi: BJP president Nitin Gadkari is yet to announce his team of
office bearers, but one appointment was announced almost
simultaneously with his ascension to the post: his political advisor
Vinay Sahasrabuddhe.

The party has a tradition of influential men occupying the office
opposite the BJP president’s room at the party headquarters.
Sahasrabuddhe is one in the line of Sudheendra Kulkarni who was
attached to LK Advani and Sudhanshu Trivedi who assisted Rajnath
Singh. But he is more of an insider than Sudheendra Kulkarni ever
could be, and has more mileage as an RSS think tank than Sudhanshu

An Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) member of the 1970s, and
one of the founders of Rambhau Mhalgi Prabodhini— dedicated to
training political workers—he is one RSS man, who amalgamates the
modern with RSS ideology.

A soft-spoken intellectual, Sahasrabuddhe is known for a spartan
lifestyle and love of literature.

The choice of Sahasrabuddhe for this role is not merely coincidence,
as the sangh parivar seems to be unanimous in feeling that he was
required in this scenario of frequent clashes between the RSS and BJP.

Sahasrabuddhe is an expert in such crises. That the Mumbai University
has awarded him a PhD for his thesis, ‘Political Parties as Victims of
Populism and Electoral Compulsions: A Quest for Systemic Solutions’,
explains it. As soon as he took over the as the political advisor, he
has been planning drastic changes in the party functioning like making
senior BJP leaders adopt social causes, an austere executive meet, and
training party workers.

According to Sahasrabuddhe, his work in the Prabodhini helped him
shape his PhD. “During our training programmes for various parties’
elected representatives I discovered factors which compelled political
parties to behave in a particular way. This realisation made me work
on the systemic solutions for achieving greater institutionalisation
of political parties,” he says.

Backing Gadkari in development and public service as a means of
connecting with people, Sahasrabuddhe says, “It is wrong to assume
that it won’t work as a political idea.”


RSS pushes Sena-BJP alliance to the brink
Nistula Hebbar & Kiran Tare / DNA
Tuesday, February 2, 2010 1:05 IST

New Delhi / Mumbai: The Sangh-Sena rift over identity politics in
Maharashtra moved a step closer to rupture on Monday after the BJP
threw its weight behind the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) on the
issue. Amid hardening positions on both sides, BJP president Nitin
Gadkari backed the RSS view articulated by its chief, Mohan Bhagwat,
even as Sena executive president Uddhav Thackeray launched a broadside
against the RSS, asking it to keep off the Mumbai-for-Marathis issue.

“We do not believe in any linguistic, religious or regional identity
that discriminates or differentiates. The BJP believes that there may
be different languages and costumes (in various states) but it is one
country… There is no conflict between regional and national
identities,’’ said Gadkari. He, however, denied that the BJP-Shiv Sena
alliance was under threat.

Many senior party leaders, who were initially hesitant to back the
RSS’ hard posture, seemed to have accepted it. They said the BJP never
supported the Sena’s campaign, but had to stand by it because they
were an old ally. The RSS statement has clarified things once and for
all, they said.

While the break-up may not be formalised soon, there’s little doubt
that the RSS is orchestrating the BJP’s political line. Senior BJP
leaders are candid in stating that Bhagwat’s statement on migrants in
Mumbai was aimed at sending out a strong message that the BJP will
draw up its own roadmap that is independent of the Sena’s local

A senior BJP general secretary said, “Officially, we may not have
declared our divorce. But for all practical purposes we have decided
to part ways.” He added: “The RSS has set the stage for a political
confrontation deliberately as it wants the BJP to come out of the
Sena’s shadow in Maharashtra.”

In Delhi, BJP vice-president Shanta Kumar confirmed the RSS line:
“What the RSS has said is absolutely correct. All over India, every
citizen has rights and all political parties should respect this basic
feeling among all Indians.’’

Manmohan Vaidya, the RSS prachar pramukh, elaborated on Bhagwat’s
stand saying that the grievance that locals were not getting
employment due to migrants might be right. But to restrain our
countrymen from going to other places within the country was not a
solution. Political parties should look beyond vote bank politics, he

Earlier in the day, Uddhav Thackeray slammed RSS leader Ram Madhav for
his statement asking Sangh cadres to protect North Indians in
Maharashtra. “Ram Madhav should not worry about the Mumbai issue and
should not teach us patriotism and unity,” he said, adding, “During
the 1992 Hindu-Muslim riots, the Sena protected Hindus but where was
RSS that time?” Ram Madhav should worry about south Indian states and
teach Hindi in those states, Uddhav said.

Interestingly, Ram Madhav on Monday sought to dissociate himself from
the statement about protecting north Indians. He clarified that he had
only advocated a fear-free atmosphere in the state.

In Delhi, home minister P Chidambaram did his own plain speaking on
the issue. “We reject the thesis of the Shiv Sena and the MNS. Mumbai
belongs to all of India and all Indians are free to live and work in
Mumbai,” he said at a press conference. “These are pernicious theses
and they have to be rejected,” he said.
(With PTI inputs)


The neglected child throwing tantrums
Ranjona Banerji
Tuesday, February 2, 2010 0:54 IST

There was a time when a roar from the Shiv Sena’s tiger could bring
Mumbai to a standstill. Now, it’s just a minor irritant, one more
tantrum, marginally less annoying than that mosquito buzzing in your
ear. The mosquito, at least potentially, can give you malaria,
filaria, encephalitis, dengue, chikungunya… it can be that dangerous
after all. Doesn’t it seem, somehow, that the Shiv Sena has reached
the end game? Its shrill hooliganism is so not frightening that in a
sense, it has become a bad caricature of itself. Mumbai only for
Marathis, how dare Shah Rukh Khan support Pakistani cricketers, how
dare Mukesh Ambani say that Mumbai belongs to all Indians… It’s
beginning to sound like the tantrum of a neglected child.

And really, that is what it has become — practically an orphan,
rudderless in a new world which no longer appears to sympathise with
its once “vital” causes. We all know the reasons for this sad state.
The Sena has been in a downward spiral for years now and has not even
partially recovered from the body blow dealt to it by the betrayal by
Raj Thackeray three years ago. Not only did he split the party, he
also stole their core constituency and their ability to create
disruptions. He has tasted the first blood of electoral victory and is
carving out his own narrow path to success.

The Sena now careens from non-issue to non-issue, looking somehow to
regain its sole status as the main spokesperson of the “Marathi”
cause. As its idea of what constitutes being pro-Marathi is severely
limited, it is stuck. Uddhav Thackeray had tried to increase the scope
of the party’s catchment area by taking on the issue of the farmers of
Vidarbha for instance —something that is of great concern for the
state and the nation. But the party was unable it seemed to make the
push for maturity that such issues demand. Little, Mumbai-based ideas
seemed to suit its members better.

Part of the trouble lies in the churning that Indian society has been
going through. The BJP got taken in by the giant middle class with its
Shining India campaign and paid the price. The Congress learnt some
lessons about the consequences of its own indifference and arrogance,
picked up from the BJP’s errors and latched on to the “aam aadmi” or
common man once again, but with a 21st century twist. The Sena
unfortunately, even as several rats jumped ship and landed in other
parties, didn’t get it. The “new” world lies somewhere between the
BJP’s Shining India and the Congress’s “aam aadmi” and narrow
sectarian problems no longer bother it quite so much. Making a fuss
about Valentine’s Day will only entertain our 24-hour news channels
which are ravenously hungry for something to fill their empty space
and time.

The life and times of a few Mumbai taxi drivers can scarcely be more
important than inflation, than rising food prices, than the continuing
threat from over-the-border terrorists. If they want to narrow
themselves to Mumbai, there’s water, the growing stranglehold of the
builder-politician nexus, the apparent collapse of the police force.
Oops, water comes under the Sena’s domain since they run the municipal
commission and the problems caused by political greed are shared by
all political parties. No action is likely to be taken here by

In which case, it is clear that the Sena has lost too much ground. Its
current issues are old and dated and the new push to become a bigger
more national party appears to be too formidable at this time.
Meanwhile, its partner in the “saffron alliance”, the BJP, is chaffing
that the strings that tie it to the Sena and the RSS, the head of the
Parivar, has taken issue with it over the recent attacks on North
Indians. The RSS — headed as it happens by a Maharashtrian —also
believes that Mumbai belongs to the whole of India. What a radical
idea for the Sena to have to deal with now.


Former Shiv Sena MLA booked for molesting girl in Solapur
PTI Monday, February 1, 2010 19:51 IST

Solapur: An FIR was lodged against former Shiv Sena MLA Uttampraksh
Khandare for allegedly molesting a law student here, police said
today. Khandare is absconding, however, his mobile phone was seized
from the spot, they said.

The victim, a 21-year-old girl, told in her complaint that on Sunday
evening Khandare called her at Ujani guest house and molested her,
police said.

The victim immidiately called her fiancee and informed him about the
incident, who in turn reached the guest house with police, they said.

Khandare, however, managed to flee the scene leaving behind his cell
phone, police said. Khandare, who was minister of state for sports
during Sena-BJP regime in Maharashtra, told press from his hideout
that he was being framed in false charges.}

He said it was an attempt by his political rivals to malign his image
and end his political career.


Jobs only for those born in state: Raj Thackeray
Kiran Tare / DNA
Monday, February 1, 2010 15:53 IST

Mumbai: Only those who are born in Maharashtra should get jobs in the
state and not those who can speak or write Marathi, MNS chief Raj
Thackeray said on Monday.

“Just because one can write, read, and speak Marathi does not entitle
him/her to local jobs,” he said. “For getting a job in Maharashtra,
one should be a Marathi by birth. Knowledge of reading and writing the
language will not do.”

Thackeray was addressing party officials at the Shanmukhananda Hall in

He admonished workers of the party’s transport wing for distributing
Marathi books to North Indian taxi drivers so that they can learn the
language. “You should not do anything against the party’s policies,”
he said. “If you teach them Marathi, they will open Marathi schools in
Uttar Pradesh and Bihar and claim jobs in Maharashtra. What will then
happen to the local people?”

The MNS chief announced that he would start a tour of the state from
February 13. “I will examine your (officials) performance,” he said.
“I am not saying everyone has become lethargic. But one cannot hold
big posts in the party if one is not concerned about peoples’


...and I am Sid Harth
2010-02-02 09:42:01 UTC
RSS gets BJP to snub Sena, Cong govt to say we will act
Express news service

Posted: Tuesday , Feb 02, 2010 at 0348 hrs
New Delhi/Mumbai:

Widening the rift in the saffron bloc over the issue of North Indian
migrants in Mumbai, the BJP today joined the RSS to take on key ally
Shiv Sena, maintaining that the party does not believe in any regional
identity that “discriminates” between Indians.

And amid the escalating war of words, Union Home Minister P
Chidambaram rejected the Sena’s Mumbai-for-Maharashtrians stand as
“pernicious thesis”, saying Mumbai belonged to “all Indians who are
free to live and work” there. He said the Maharashtra government was
“competent to manage the situation” and the Centre would extend help
if it was sought.

While Sena leader Uddhav Thackeray asked the Sangh not to interfere,
BJP president Nitin Gadkari, breaking his silence on the migrants
issue, endorsed the line outlined by RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat.

“We respect as a ground reality that at a regional level there is
tradition, heritage and language identity. But there is no conflict
between regional and national identity. And so, we do not believe in
any linguistic, religious or regional identity that discriminates or
differentiates,” Gadkari said.

“BJP believes that there may be different languages and costumes but
it is one country,” he said, adding, “the BJP has always recognised
linguistic, regional and religious identities as a reality of India...
all these identities eventually converge into a larger national
identity of Indianness,” he said.

In Mumbai, the Shiv Sena and rival MNS stepped up their rhetoric over
giving primacy to Maharashtrians in Mumbai even as the Congress-NCP
government of Ashok Chavan warned the Thackeray cousins against taking
the law into their hands.

Coming out aggressively in his first major public interaction since
the Shiv Sena fared poorly in the Assembly polls in October, party’s
executive president Uddhav Thackeray slammed the RSS for its
statements that Mumbai belonged to all Indians.

“Please do not take on Maharashtrians and Mumbai,” Uddhav said at a
news conference at the party headquarters. “Ram Madhav should not get
involved in Mumbai’s affairs, this is in his interest,” said Uddhav,
referring to Madhav’s statements about Hindi speakers being attacked
in Mumbai.

Uddhav took a swipe at Madhav, asking him to protect the cause of
Hindi and north Indians in Assam and South India, where he said they
were under attack.

“Maharashtra has always thought about the interests of the country.
The Shiv Sena has no need to take lessons in patriotism and
integration from people like Ram Madhav. The founder of the Sangh, Dr
Hedgewar, was from Maharashtra. Ram Madhav, please go through the
Sangh’s history,” said Uddhav.

“Our Shiv Sainiks had as Hindus protected Hindi speakers in Mumbai
during the ‘92 riots,” said Uddhav, hinting that the RSS cadre had not
been active at that time, and stressed that the Sena was in favour of
Hindus coming together.

Meanwhile, disowning the campaign of his party’s transport wing to
distribute books to north Indian taxi drivers to help them learn
Marathi, MNS chief Raj Thackeray said only those born as
Maharashtrians had the right to jobs in the state. His demand
contradicted the state government’s definition of a Maharashtrian — a
person who has lived in the state for at least 15 years, irrespective
of region, religion or language.

Speaking at a meeting of the party’s office bearers, Raj said it was
necessary for MNS activists to work in the framework of the party’s
policies. “Who told you (to do so)?” asked Raj, referring to the MNS
transport wing’s decision to distribute books to migrants from UP and
Bihar who drove taxis on the streets of Mumbai.

“Tomorrow Marathi schools will be set up in UP and Bihar...They are
declining in Maharashtra, but will be set up there,” said Raj, adding
that just being able to write, read or talk Marathi was not
sufficient. Those who were born as Maharashtrians needed to get jobs,
he said.

Chief Minister Ashok Chavan, whose government had itself waded into
the Marathi campaign over new taxi permits last month only to reverse
it within a day, was quick to respond to the rising temperatures: “We
won’t allow anyone to take the law into their hands... the government
will take strict action against them. It is the constitutional right
of an Indian to move and settle in any part of the country.”


Himachal Pradesh
By: A Gokak | Tuesday , 2 Feb '10 12:40:46 PM

Why are Indians not allowed to buy land in Himachal Pradesh? Make all
India free for all Indians. Also, why are Nepalis property-owners in
India, yet Nepal is not for Indians?

Different sets of principles for different people?
By: Reeshav | Tuesday , 2 Feb '10 11:58:14 AM

While the goons from Shiv Sena have been going around crying
Maharashtra for Marathis, it is quite amazing to observe the same
people make an issue out of Indians being singled out and targeted in
Australia. If their logic is justified then why raise a cry when the
Australians decide to apply the same set of principles on our people?
Get ur act staright Thackreys !!!

By: mayank | Tuesday , 2 Feb '10 11:14:58 AM

MNS and Shiv Sena should be banned

Mumbai for all, but..
By: DC | Tuesday , 2 Feb '10 11:06:32 AM

Mumbai is for all, but who will say it clearly that Mumbai has no more
capacity? No more space. Please don't come to Mumbai.

mumbai and marathas
By: Surya, chicago | Tuesday , 2 Feb '10 10:21:16 AM

How about Hyderabad for telangana then? If thats good then, mumbai is
for marathis by all means.Im not a marathi

Why ony Mumbai for Indians
By: Pardeep | Tuesday , 2 Feb '10 10:19:07 AM

It is a big fashion now to say Mumbai for all Indians. But the same
anchors, politicians and intellectuals cannot utter 'India for all
Indians'. For the parties even to utter to remove Art 370 is a
sacrilege; no indian can go and settle in most of the north-east,
except Bangladeshis. None of these Khans had any pains with Pak-
sponsored terrorism; they have no qualms to dance to the tunes of
Dawoods in Bollywood. But when it comes to the question of Mumbai/Siv
Sena, they promote themselves as great patriotic Indians.

Mumbai for All
By: ravishankerh | Tuesday , 2 Feb '10 5:23:04 AM

Well said BJP. Now distance yourself with Sena, Mayawati, Sibu Soren,
Mulayam and the other vicious political parties and their so called
leaders. Proove, that you mean business. Power is not the goal. It is
a political party with character, which is required for our Nation.


...and I am Sid Harth
2010-02-02 09:49:56 UTC
Rahul has insulted martyrs of 26/11: Uddhav

Posted: Tuesday , Feb 02, 2010 at 0914 hrs

Shiv Sena leader Uddhav Thackeray on Tuesday criticised Rahul Gandhi's
statement that NSG men from North India were involved in vanquishing
terrorists during 26/11, saying his remarks were an "insult" to
martyrs who sacrificed their life while defending Mumbai.

"Rahul Gandhi has insulted the bravery of martyrs like Hemant Karkare,
Ashok Kamte, Vijay Salaskar, Tukaram Omble, all daring Marathi
policemen, and NSG Major Sandeep Unnikrishan," the Shiv Sena Executive
President said.

"Where was Rahul Gandhi when Mumbai was attacked," Uddhav asked,
adding that he condemned the anti-Marathi statement of the Congress

The AICC General Secretary yesterday flayed Shiv Sena and the MNS for
their constant tirade against people from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh
reminding them that the NSG men who vanquished terrorists during 26/11
were also from the two states and other places.

Taking a swipe at the two Sena outfits, he had said, "If terrorists
have to be fought with, let Biharis remain there."

"In Maharashtra, MNS leader Raj Thackeray keeps on saying throw out
people of Bihar and UP. But, who killed the terrorists who had
attacked Mumbai? They were the NSG guys from Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and
from the rest of the country. At that time they did not say throw away
Biharis," he said.


Sena's for Mumbai or against it?
By: Aditya Singh | Tuesday , 2 Feb '10 12:40:47 PM

NO ONE - does deny what Mumbai police did - Brave officers,
professional police - BUT the statement is that Indians saved Mumbai
and unity saves a country not division - Hemant Karkare was
investigating Malegaon blasts - he was honest and brave there, he was
honest and brave here, there he worked for India and MH and here he
worked for India and MH, Never did he work for MH and against India -
ditto for other officers too. SENAS - Stop dividing. Start building -
Work with this passion to resolve Mumbai's issues - Mumbai has
problems - Overcrowding/Unchecked inflow/Illegal slums - they should
be countered - you are not interested in Resolving them, because they
wont serve your short term purpose to win the next election because
this wont excite the people immediately - BUT it will effect
positively the people living in this city - and Maximum are
Maharashtrians, Improve MH find out and work for keeping it ahead even
after 40-50 years, dont try to loose what the state has achieved.

Stop........Don't split our National Security Agencies
By: Tejas | Tuesday , 2 Feb '10 12:22:41 PM

Please stop making any provocative statements on Mumbai and Mumbai
attack. I know there are elections in Bihar so you are making such
statements. Maratha regiment of Indian Army is fighting in J&K with
terrorists and Pakistan not for Maharashtra but for India, So in same
way NSG fought with Terrorists in Mumbai for Pride of India in
World.You are trying to split our National Security Agencies by such

Mentally Instable ?
By: Shaym Kishore | Tuesday , 2 Feb '10 12:20:18 PM

These thakeryas have to be sent to mental asylum . We must stop these
guy from ripping India apart for votes

26/11 and Politicising NSG
By: T> N. U. Nair | Tuesday , 2 Feb '10 12:00:54 PM

Politicising NSG for one-upmanship is worse than terrorism. Rahul
should not have said that Biharis of NSG fought with terrorists. I
think it was a slip of tongue. The politicians change their clothes
and attitude like chameleon when they visit different regions.
Politician should maintain their original culture and identity which
basically highlits unity with diversity. Look at Chidambaram and A K
Antory, they are not shy of wearing Mundus and shirts wherever they go
identifying themselves with the culture they are born with. Rahul is a
National politician and he should be careful in addressing regional
and national issues. Each regional issue is an integral part of our
Nation. Rahul normally gives out his opinion on each and every
national issue with adequate care and measure and does not resort to
retaliatory remarks like other politicians for regional mileage,
whether it is Bihar or UP or Assam or Tamil Nadu.

By: KSK | Tuesday , 2 Feb '10 10:57:14 AM

Where were you Mr Uddhav Thackeray when your own home town was
attacked. What a bunch of thugs looking for cheap vote politics. My
friend who visited India said, he saw wonderful Gujrathis, Marathis,
Biharis, Tamil, Kearlite nor a single Indian and how true is that.

Shiv Sena ran the ambulances Rahul
By: Rambabu Shastri | Tuesday , 2 Feb '10 12:34:08 PM

During the crisis, many people contributed. Shiv Sena ran ambulance
service that time. This service was blacked out by all TV channels as
they knew India-wide TRPs would fall.

where was Udhav when mumbai was attacked?
By: vikman | Tuesday , 2 Feb '10 10:53:16 AM

Shiv Sena is the Indian Taliban and if not stopped will take India to
stone ages.

Shiv Sainiks are irrelevant
By: Amit Wagle | Tuesday , 2 Feb '10 10:43:46 AM

Only Shiv Sena can come up with such foolish statements. How must we
read Rahul's statements to deduce that he insulted martyrs. These
Sainiks need a big fat reality check...and something worthwhile to do.
They can start with tackling suicides among Marathi farmers if they
are really concerned about Maharastra.

By: Shallabh | Tuesday , 2 Feb '10 12:28:40 PM

For your info Sena is doing the best in Vidharbha area under
Uddhav.... he is working for farmers but like Gujarat's development
media will not show that side of Sena.


...and I am Sid Harth
2010-02-02 09:54:00 UTC
A thin saffron line
Express news service

Posted: Tuesday , Feb 02, 2010 at 0204 hrs

While their alliance is over two decades old, the BJP has often found
itself at a loss of words over the Shiv Sena’s strident ‘Marathi
Manoos’ or ‘Maharashtra for Maharashtrians’ lines. Having run a
government at the Centre, and hoping to return there soon, the
exclusivist agenda hardly fits the BJP’s scheme of things, unlike the
Sena and its Maharashtra-centric politics. A look at how the issue has
figured in their ties:

July 2007: Ignoring the BJP’s choice of Bhairon Singh Shekhawat, the
Shiv Sena supports Pratibha Patil during the presidential election.
“This is the first time in history that somebody from Maharashtra,
that too a woman, is going to serve the nation as its President. I am
proud of this,” says Uddhav Thackeray. “The BJP has to decide whether
it wants to continue the alliance and I would accept any decision they

Nov 2008: The Sena and BJP boycott an all-party meeting called by then
Maharashtra CM Vilasrao Deshmukh to decide on a delegation to meet PM
Manmohan Singh and clear doubts over the issue of migrants in the

March 2009: Ahead of the Lok Sabha elections, Sena spokesperson Sanjay
Raut demands that a Maharashtrian become the PM, and asks the BJP to
clarify its stand. Raut claims “senior leaders in the state like
(Gopinath) Munde and (Nitin) Gadkari would not like if a Marathi grabs
the post”. At the same time, he adds, since his party was part of the
NDA, it would support L K Advani for the post.

June 2009: Sena MLAs pitch for curbing migration to Mumbai from other
parts of the country and also call for protection of Mumbai’s Marathi
identity, inside the Assembly. “Marathi families find it difficult to
afford homes in Mumbai. Marathi youths don’t get jobs in Mumbai... If
this persists, a day will come when the Marathi manoos will have
become extinct in his very own city of Mumbai,” senior Sena MLA
Gajanan Kirtikar says. However, the BJP takes an opposite stand and
claims Mumbai’s woes could be cured only if the city got world-class
infrastructure. “Mumbai’s problems do not have lingual, regional,
communal, or political solutions but deserve an infrastructure
overhaul,” then state president of the party, Nitin Gadkari, says. “No
political party including the BJP, Sena, or even the MNS owns Mumbai
and it is only the ‘sons of the soil’ who own the city.”

September 2009: However, two months later, the BJP apparently has no
problems going along with the Sena on a joint manifesto for the
Assembly elections which, among other things, promises to curb flow of
migrants to Mumbai and other urban areas of the state “through an
independent mechanism” — without elaborating the same — and houses for
locals. “Our priority would be to secure the interests of the locals
who are staying here for years and suffering due to outsiders,” Uddhav
says. Both Munde and Gadkari are present when the manifesto is
unveiled, though they prefer not to say a word on the specific issue
of “outsiders”.

NOVEMBER 2009: Stung by the Assembly poll results, Shiv Sena chief Bal
Thackeray bites off more than he can chew by lashing out at cricketer
Sachin Tendulkar for his remark that “Mumbai belongs to all Indians”
and “not to anyone in particular”. While he is a Maharashtrian and
“extremely proud of that”, says the cricket star, “I am an Indian
first.” Thackeray accuses Sachin of “hurting the feelings of Marathi
Manoos”, and warns: “Please keep it in mind that we praise you for
your fours and sixes on the field, but if you use your tongue as a bat
to hit boundaries against Marathi Manoos, we will never tolerate it.”
The remarks are met with outrage, including from an embarrassed BJP,
which says Sachin only said what a patriotic Indian would say. The
Sena backtracks, clarifying Thackeray’s remarks were only an advice
“in Thackeray’s capacity as an elder”. The BJP also “strongly
condemns” the attack by Sena activists on the offices of a TV channel,
for “misquoting Thackeray’s remarks on Sachin”.

January 2010: Just a fortnight before the RSS chief speaks up and
changed the dynamics, new BJP president Nitin Gadkari toes more or
less the Sena line on migrants. He says migration to Delhi and Mumbai
is becoming a roadblock to development of these cities.

January 2010: When Maharashtra Chief Minister Ashok Chavan attempts to
hop on to the Marathi bandwagon with his ‘taxi permits for Marathis
notification’, only to try and disembark when the going gets very
rough, the BJP is as critical of his indecision as the Sena. BJP
spokesperson Madhav Bhandari calls the retraction a “lame gesture”.


...and I am Sid Harth
2010-02-02 22:43:14 UTC
Swamy’s challenge to Thackeray’s xenophobia

Express News Service
First Published : 02 Feb 2010 03:29:00 AM IST
Last Updated : 02 Feb 2010 07:20:50 AM IST

CHENNAI: Janata Party president Dr Subramanian Swamy challenged Shiv
Sena chief Bal Thackeray to first demonstrate the Thackerays’ are
genetically different from the rest of Indians, before making claims
of exclusivity for the mythical distinctiveness of the Marathi Maanus.

In a statement, he said ``the Shiv Sena and Maharashtra Navnirman Sena
(MNS) call to regard Mumbai as belonging to Marathi Maanus has no
credibility because the Thackeray family’s DNA is the same as mine and
UP residents’’.

He revealed: I had this recently tested in a genetic clinic in
Hyderabad based on hair samples from their hairdressers.

He commended the RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat for showing statesmanship and
true Hindutva by declaring all Indians as children of Bharat mata and
that every inch of India belongs to all patriotic Indians,
irrespective of region, religion and language.

Swamy further said: “As for the Marathi language, 70 per cent of its
words are taken from Sanskrit. Hence it is like any other Indian

Even Tamil has 44 per cent Sanskrit words. Moreover, the script of
Marathi language is Devanagari, which is part of Sanskrit. Thus, the
Thackerays should give up this ‘wild goose chase’ of Marathi-ism and
talk about Hindutva instead, to unite all Indians against foreigners
and terrorists.’’



It is time every patriotic Indian INTROSPECT and ask the following
question, to his c on science, did we indians GET real independence
form foriegn rulers or did we LOSE independence FOREVER to crooked and
wily manipulators? Arrival of Mahatma Gandhi from South Africa as a
British Double Agent has ruined India&India's future forever.Mahatma
Invented this non-violent ideology after being briefed by British
secret service&was given utmost importance in all british controlled
media nationally&internationall.Mohandas Gandhi, the British double
agent was painted as a prophet&saviour of India&what not by Brittish
controlled media.Mahatma was asked to pretend that he was strongly pro-
hindu minded&was advised to chant name of Lord Ram just to fool the
majority hindu public.Gullible and naive majority indians was easily
fooled by the crooked British spy& dirty tactics
By True Hindustani
2/2/2010 10:31:00 PM

Dear Dr Subramanyam Swamy, it was agreat blunder that you left BJP at
a crucial time of indian history.Hope you repent your stupid decision
every day.May be Gadkari and BJP invites Dr Swamy or Dr Swamy sends
afriend to know the BJP mind now and make and application for active
membership.BJP must get Kayan Singh as well as Uma Bharati back to
party &NOT allow the enemies of hindus to shout that both Kalyan
Singh& Uma Baharati are not taken back since they are not high caste
hindus.BJP must NOT commit the old mistakes again&must UNITE all
factions of hindus&must FIGHTunitedly for ALL hindus&particularly for
sc,st&backward hindus&poor hindus of forward castes.BJP,RSS and VHP
must campaign to make hindustan a hindu rashtra &shout that hindus
will have priority in every thing including
education,housing,jobs,etc,etc and that minorities will be considered
for above only after hindus are given first priority. if BJP,RSS & VHP
do NOT come out with strong hindu-oriented progarmmes&policiesB
By True Hindustani
2/2/2010 10:29:00 PM

Here is how the Thakerays are different: 1. The Thuggerays are
congenital crap-heads, so they have shit in their heads, not in their
bowels. That is the reason why it stinkswhenever they open their
mouth !
By shanker
2/2/2010 7:57:00 PM

MR. Swamy 007 ( god father of CIA,USA) ,better he should go to
mumbai , Chennai don't need this brilliant.,please go save
By Tamilian
2/2/2010 6:05:00 PM

Indian is it when he talks of Maino he is insane. O Actually only
those who are insane believe this maino or Raul are paragons of
virtue. Swamy is the right person other than Modi to be India's PM.
Swamy like Modi is most misunderstood person No one in Indian politics
today is as intelligent, patriotic or have the stature to lead India
as Swamy except Modi
By MK Gandhi
2/2/2010 5:30:00 PM

Oh! Mr Swamy also talks sane at times! Well done Swamy. Keep it up.
By Indian
2/2/2010 4:28:00 PM


...and I am Sid Harth
2010-02-03 08:14:23 UTC
EC to forward Chavan’s reply to BJP
Wednesday, February 3, 2010, 10:28
News5 views

The Election Commission will wait for the counter of the complainant
(BJP) before taking further action on the reply sent by Maharashtra
Chief Minister Ashok Chavan on the allegations that he encouraged
“paid news” during the Assembly polls last year and that he did not
account for this expenditure in his election accounts.

The Full Commission — Chief Election Commission Navin Chawla and
Election Commissioner S.Y. Quraishi and V.S. Sampath — took the
decision following a meeting. Official sources said Mr. Chavan’s reply
would be sent to the BJP and its counter sought within a time frame.

On January 6, a BJP delegation, led by its Deputy Leader in the Lok
Sabha, Gopinath Munde, met the full Commission and sought strong and
punitive action against Mr. Chavan, who “abetted” in the “errant
action of the press.”

The party submitted newspaper clippings, including those from The
Hindu (which exposed the new form of media corruption), to the EC in
support of its allegation and said Mr. Chavan had “grossly undervalued
his election expenditure.”

Later, the EC sought comments from Mr. Chavan. He denied having paid
money for the news and said nowhere was there any mention of seeking
votes in his favour. He also questioned the authority of the EC to
send such a letter, as an election petition was pending before the
Aurangabad Bench of the Maharashtra High Court and the matter was sub


BJP calls Sena divisive, Sena mocks RSS bravado
Tue, Feb 2 02:55 PM

Mumbai, Feb. 2 -- The conflict within the saffron parties over North
Indians' right to live and work in Maharashtra intensified on Monday.

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) sprang to Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh
(RSS) chief Mohan Bhagwat's defence, while the Shiv Sena continued its
fusillade at the RSS. The Shiv Sena had on Sunday criticised Bhagwat
for saying in Guwahati that "Mumbai is for all Indians. Any Indian can
go anywhere in India to earn a livelihood".

Joining the battle on Monday, Shiv Sena executive president Uddhav
Thackeray said, "Persons who express concern for North Indians should
also contemplate why Hindi-speaking people were being killed or driven
out of Assam". Thackeray also said it was not the RSS but the Shiv
Sena, which protected Hindi-speaking people during the communal riots
in 1992.

He took a swipe at RSS spoke-sman Ram Madhav too for saying the Sangh
had asked its volunteers to prevent anti-North Indian and anti-Hindi
feelings from spreading in Maharashtra. "Will Madhav stand guard
holding his baton for the North Indians in Mumbai?" the Sena leader

In New Delhi, BJP president Nitin Gadkari made it clear that his party
would not back the Shiv Sena on the migrants' issue just because the
two parties are old allies. "All citizens of India may be attached to
a particular language, region or religion.

These identities have never diluted their Indianness. The BJP will
never accept the philosophy that there is a conflict between them," he
told mediapersons.

Gadkari read out Article 19(1) of the Constitution that says all
Indians have the right to reside and settle in any part of the
country. He said the BJP would not accept anything that threatened
national unity and integration.

Hindustan Times


...and I am Sid Harth
2010-02-03 08:34:39 UTC
Gadkari supports Dhumal, shanta sulks
Ashwani Sharma

Posted: Wednesday, Feb 03, 2010 at 0141 hrs

The ongoing tussle between Chief Minister Prem Kumar Dhumal and former
CM Shanta Kumar over the choice of state party chief ended on Tuesday
with BJP president Nitin Gadkari supporting the CM. Dhumal and Shanta
Kumar had failed to reach a consensus on who should head the party in
the state. Dhumal wanted the incumbent Khimi Ram, a former deputy
Speaker, to retain the post while Shanta Kumar was in favour of J P
Nadda, one of the ministers. Sensing trouble, Gadkari wasted no time
in summoning the two leaders to New Delhi and held a marathon session
that ended at 2:30 am on Tuesday with a verdict in Dhumal’s favour.
This paved the way for Khimi Ram’s re-election. The decision has left
Shanta camp sulking.

3 Idiots brings tourists to Chail Palace

With the latest Aamir Khan starrer, 3 Idiots, having been shot at
Shimla and Manali, and the Chail Palace being called Chanchad Villa in
the film, plans are underway to make the actor the state’s brand
ambassador to market its tourist spots. Post-3 Idiots, there’s a
renewed interest in the Chail Palace, a HPTDC heritage hotel.
“Tourists thronging Chail Palace ask about the room where Javed
Jaffrey reveals the truth about Rancho (played by Aamir Khan),” says
Sarla Chopra, senior manager at the hotel. Tourists pose for pictures
with the waiters who played miniscule roles in the movie. Manisha
Nanda, Principal Secretary (Tourism), says: “We plan to offer
concessions to film units for shooting at new locations in the


Protection to all citizens in Mumbai, assures Chavan
Express news service

Posted: Wednesday, Feb 03, 2010 at 0213 hrs

Mumbai belongs to entire India and hence everyone has the right to
come, and stay here

Stressing that the state government would ensure the protection of
all, Chief Minister Ashok Chavan said everyone had the right to come
and stay in Mumbai as it belonged to India.

“Mumbai belongs to entire India and hence everyone has the right to
come, (and) stay here,” said Chavan while standing by Congress general
secretary Rahul Gandhi’s statements against the Shiv Sena and MNS. He
added that the state government would crack down on any attempt to
disturb the law and order situation in the state and added that
“highest priority would be accorded to the security of all”.

“No one will be allowed to take the law into their hands,” Chavan
warned, stating that the Australian cricket team would also be
provided security in Mumbai and Maharashtra.

He also said strict action would be taken in case anyone tried to take
the law into their hands while protesting against the forthcoming
movie of actor Shah Rukh Khan, who has found himself at the receiving
end of the Sena’s ire for supporting the cause of Pakistani players
who were not selected for the IPL season.



Why Should we believe you????
By: Anil Kohli | Wednesday , 3 Feb '10 12:40:19 PM

Mr. Chief Minister, these words sound absolutely hollow and devoid of
intent. Where were you and your party when the ordinary, helpless
citizens in this city were being beaten up on the street of Mumbai by
the MNS?? How do you propose to protect all Indians in Mumbai by mere
words, since there is never any action against the individual and
groups who indulge in violence against fellow Indians? Will you be
offering permits and other such papers to all Indians who have lived
in Maha for at least 15years and can read, write and speak Marathi and
do you think this will protect them from violence? What about casual
visitor to Mumbai and Maha? Since you yourself are a strong votary of
Maha for Marathi Manoos. It would be better if you first made up your
own mind. Public is not going to believe a word said by you,
credibility is missing!

Good Move Maharashtra Govt
By: Raj jay | Wednesday , 3 Feb '10 11:58:46 AM

Good Move By Maharashtra Govt,Mns & Shiv Sena They Dont Have Right To
Stop Any Body coming To Bombay.Bombay Is for All Indians And All
Religions This Is Not There Property......Australians Will Paly There
Even They Are Wrong But They Will Carry Positive Message From

Book Thakerays if you dare
By: Shaym Kishore | Wednesday , 3 Feb '10 11:47:40 AM

Chawan is an oppertunist like Thakeray . He wanted non Marathi
speaking Cabbies go out like MNS and Shivsena desires . Its 100% sure
that Maharastra goverment cannot provide any protection against Sena ,
MNS attacks . Why no action has been taken against MNS cheif of last
attacks on migrant workers ? . Mumbai belongs to all . Thakerays are
just another citizens like us . Ban Shiv Sena and MNS as they spread
terrorism and division in this country

By: Rama | Wednesday , 3 Feb '10 11:25:08 AM

How can a person or an organisation like Sena or MNS give a threat and
certainly it is an act of provacation. How can the centre or state
Govt keep quiet. he should be arrested and tried for abetment to

Why Should we believe you????
By: Anil Kohli | Wednesday , 3 Feb '10 11:05:01 AM

Mr. Chief Minister, these words sound absolutely hollow and devoid of
intent. Where were you and your party when the ordinary, helpless
citizens in this city were being beaten up on the street of Mumbai by
the MNS?? How do you propose to protect all Indians in Mumbai by mere
words, since there is never any action against the individual and
groups who indulge in violence against fellow Indians? Will you be
offering permits and other such papers to all Indians who have lived
in Maha for at least 15years and can read, write and speak Marathi and
do you think this will protect them from violence? What about casual
visitor to Mumbai and Maha? Since you yourself are a strong votary of
Maha for Marathi Manoos. It would be better if you first made up your
own mind. Public is not going to believe a word said by you,
credibility is missing!

Regional issues
By: Vaid S C K | Wednesday , 3 Feb '10 11:00:16 AM

It is unfortunate that half hearted statements issued by political
leaders have only helped Shiv Sena type leaders to foment trouble in
all parts of India. There is no peace in any region because the
policies being followed in different States do not promote unity.
India has faced these problems for the last over 60 years. Why
Government of India does not take cognizance of the gravity of issue
and restructure the power of State Govts so that regional forces do
not disrupt unity and peace. This is single main reason for our poor
performance in the economic upliftment. Media must also join and
istead of tinckering with individalism should address this national
problem in right perspective.

SS should be banned
By: Bijal | Wednesday , 3 Feb '10 10:42:38 AM

SS and Thackeray are useless bunch of cowards who keep on harping on
this issue.The fact is - SS's votebank are those who wants easy jobs
based on being Marashtrian.All the non-marathi communities have toiled
hard to reach their current status.Non-marathis work hard to earn
their livelihood - see the vegetable vendors, whereas Marashtrian
vendors want prefrential treatment for setting their stalls.Days are
not far when SS will indeed be confined to areas like Dadar and
Parel.Everyone has a right to settle anywhere in our country and its
RAISING THIS ISSUE.Why doesnt a marathi person appear for IAS or other
Central govt. job like a north indian (in this examplae) does?If you
have brains,you should compete openly irrespective of any reservations
and gain the place.This is all taking Mumbai backwards (which has
already started since January 1996)..And yes, am a Mumbaiite

Regional Issues
By: Uday M. Vaidya | Wednesday , 3 Feb '10 10:21:08 AM

Dear CM, Go through Baba Ramdev`s views which have appeared in
Maharashtra Times of 3/2/10. I fail to understand that WHY national
news paper have not given footage to this. Thank you Baba Ramdev, you
are the first non marathi national figure to accept the injustice on
Marathi and Maharashtra. Unfortunately most others are bent upon
wiping out Marathi language and culture. Reading his views can make
you understand that for the ideology of unity and diversity each local
language and culture needs protection.

Chavan's volte face
By: Benjamin Gonsalves | Wednesday , 3 Feb '10 10:00:27 AM

This guy says something, then gets a kick from the madam, and then
says something else. He has no self respect

Ban who question unity of India
By: Sherif | Wednesday , 3 Feb '10 9:19:02 AM

The Central govt should ban such organisation who disturb & destroy
the unity of India.


...and I am Sid Harth
2010-02-03 08:51:13 UTC
Sena vs Rahul: War of words over migrants continues

Posted: Wednesday, Feb 03, 2010 at 0852 hrs

'Mumbai may belong to all Indians but how can it belong to an Italian
mummy?' asks Thackeray.

"Mumbai may belong to all Indians but how can it belong to an Italian
mummy," Thackeray said in an editorial in Sena mouthpiece 'Saamna'.

"The 'Prince of Congress' is totally frustrated and it is in this
frustration he has insulted Marathi people and Maharashtra," he said.

The Sena leader said Mumbai was not a "dharamshala" (guesthouse) of
the country that "anyone comes to Mumbai, spits here and leaves."

Referring to the 105 people killed during the Sanyukta Maharashtra
Movement dating back to the 1920s, he said, "Have 105 martyrs
sacrificed their lives so that Mumbai becomes a dharamshala (guest
house)" .

"Saying that Bihari commandos protected Mumbai during the 26/11
attacks is like insulting the sacrifice of policemen like Hemant
Karkare, Vijay Salaskar, Ashok Kamte and Tukaram Omble," he said,
referring to the Congress leader's remark that NSG men from North
India were involved in vanquishing terrorists during the terror

Mumbai belongs to Maharashtra and Marathi people, Thackeray maintained
and added that "If anyone is going to murder this truth, he will have
to face weapons of Maharashtra".

The Congress leader on Tuesday asserted that India is for all Indians
and people have a right to go anywhere.

"I am really not interested in what Bal Thackeray or Raj Thackeray
have to say. Frankly, I am interested in one concept that India
belongs to Indians and every part of India belongs to every Indian",
he had said at a press conference in Patna.

"In Mumbai (during the 26/11 attacks), men in the NSG were from Bihar,
UP, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh and Maharashtra. At that time they
(Sena) did not say that those from Bihar and UP should be taken out.
India has to move forward and all have to be taken forward," he had

Separate Bombay from Maharashtra
By: Priya Deshmukh | Wednesday , 3 Feb '10 12:45:45 PM

Separate Bombay from Maharashtra to free it from Marathi rowdies. Make
it an Union Territory.

Marathi Fever
By: Nithin Desai | Wednesday , 3 Feb '10 12:25:16 PM

Dear, Swand,Col. Dinesh Rai,Vikas Shenoy, you all have H1N1 Marathi
fever. Please note that RSS said Bombay is for all, Sachin Tendulkar
an understanding Marathi said that too. Not an Italian Lady for your
kind information...Dear friends with this attude you will brak up
india into pieces.Clearly Maharatrians not built Bomaby. Because it's
gegorphic position it came to forefront and Brtish has desined the
city.... Sensible business people came settled there..if Maharastrians
are capable please build Konkan area...there poor farmers are
dying....Please develop Sattara...We want see your skills....not just
boast...you did this and that....All indians know what is Maratha...
Please be sensible and let common sense prevail...

By: Shashwat Singh | Wednesday , 3 Feb '10 12:24:48 PM

Mr.Thackrey shld not croos his limits and just want to tell him and
his supporters tht who has given thm the authority t tell others tha
MUMBAI belongs to whom MUMBAI is in INDIA & i m an INDIAN and if i
feel to go there i will nobdy has rights to stop me frm gng there and
dng anykind of business and if sumone try to do so he/she will have to
pay. @ Swanand Hey buddy u r absolutely right man our gov shld try to
promote other cities also also for development and oppurtunities. Wht
an idea sirji.

SENA Vs. Rahul--War of Words
By: Rajesh Vyas | Wednesday , 3 Feb '10 12:22:03 PM

It is time to end this nonsense that will divide our already divided
country. This may eventually result in linguistic cleansing like
ethnic cleansing in Yugoslavia and in Kashmir--(where the Hindus were
booted out under threat). India cannot afford this nonsense. It is
time to rise above these stupid issues and start working on prograns
that adds value to the commom people. This nonsense is only helping
the power hungry and money hungry corrupt politicians who have
everything to gain by this nonsense and nothing to lose. It is time to
call the bluff of these BIGOTS and consign them into oblivion for
good. With this kind of divisive nonsense currently prevailing, we do
not need China to balkanise India. The MNS and the SS are enough. The
saddest part of the whole affair is both Congress and the MNS/SS are
doing this soleley for electoral gains and not for the country's

sena vs india
By: Mohandas | Wednesday , 3 Feb '10 12:16:48 PM Rep

The great people of maharastra has only recently shown door to this
group of Parocialism and violence. Alas... they have nothing else to
do other than talking nonsense

sena vs rahul
By: k.venkatachalam | Wednesday , 3 Feb '10 12:03:00 PM

I would like to caution our citizen about the saying when elephants
fight ants(like us) get trampled.

By: Varind | Wednesday , 3 Feb '10 11:45:37 AM

Certainly the example of NSG handling 26/11 attack is out of context,
irrelevant and unwarranted. If Rahul was take on Sena's regionalism
politics, he should have done it in an appropriate manner. Moreover it
his party government in Maharashtra who failed the evil to nip in the
bud. Besides, what is the difference between utterings of Shiv Sen/MNS
and Ashok Chavan? Why single out Sena/MNS when Congress/NCP combine is
pl;aying the same game. All that glitters is not gold and a Pot can't
call the Kettle black.

Transalte it properly.
By: sagar | Wednesday , 3 Feb '10 11:43:16 AM

I never said Mumbai is not a part of India. But i always trying to
bond it (India) with Hindutva. But Hindu is a hate word for Nehru
family and congress. yes I know every Indian has right to come
Mumbai ,but local public have first priority on resourses of this
city. -------- Today's saamana.

Mumbai for all indians
By: venkat | Wednesday , 3 Feb '10 11:36:24 AM

If as per BABA rahul all Indians are equal then why not a uniform
civil code for all.Will BABA rahul please answer.

Rahul, If india is for all, why not remove article 370?
By: Sunil | Wednesday , 3 Feb '10 11:33:59 AM

If India is for all then why do we have article 370? The fact remains
that entire India is not really for all, some times enforced by
written law and sometimes by linguistics. Maharashtra has a real
problem of excess immigrants, and that has to be addressed. People
come to Maharashtra from UP & Bihar because of Jobs, because
Maharashtra has prospered, because it is better than their home towns.
it is like a tax on the Marathi manus who till date has been
accommodating to this influx, but when it hurts he will shout, and
this is an (excessive) display of that pain. Maharashtra is prosperous
because of the hard and honest work of Marathi people and they are
happy to share the fruit of that with the rest of the world, but not
at the cost of loosing right over that proverbial fruit. Instead of
bashing Mumbai and Marathi manus, the Government should try to get UP
and Bihar to Prosper, just like Mumbai. my 2c any way.

Soneone should kidnap kids of Thackerays and their Marathi
By: Mona Sharma | Wednesday , 3 Feb '10 11:21:48 AM

Kids of Thackerays and their supporter rowdies should be kidnapped as
they will become terrorists once grow up.

Talibani Marathi must learn only Marathi and no other languages
By: Jwala Singh Rajput | Wednesday , 3 Feb '10 11:19:45 AM

Non-Marathis should get united and throw out Marathi kids of out of
English medium schools. Talibani Marathi must learn Marathi only in
Municipal or government marathi school.

By: abraham | Wednesday , 3 Feb '10 11:19:20 AM
Balasaheb's heart is full of darkness and hatred overflowing from this
darkness. His whole life was a waste and this utterances are out of
lost feelings. His days are counted in the eyes of Maratha's. Rahul
made a sensible comments and why he is attacking Soniaji who is much
eligible to be an Indian than these stooge Idiots.

Nefarious design of Marathis should be defeated
By: Mohan Babu | Wednesday , 3 Feb '10 11:16:00 AM

Linguistic and Regionalistic terrorism invoked by Marathis should be
dealt with iron hand. All non-Marathi Indians should get united to
defeat divisive ideologies of Marathis. Nefarious design of Marathis
against our Motherland should be defeated.

Disgusting Thackeray......
By: Vikas | Wednesday , 3 Feb '10 11:11:35 AM

Bal Thackray's comment on Sonia's Italian origins are truly
disgusting. We thought that the issue was settled way back when she
won the elections in Bellary as well as Rae Bareilly. Nonetheless, the
fact that the debate is going towards the foreign origins of a
politician shows the bankruptcy of thackeray's idea. When one has no
logic or has lost all reason, he retorts to hitting below the belt.
His repeat of 105 marathi martyrs is jarring to the years. What about
the 1000's who died for the cause of a united India? Further, it is
thackeray and his son who are frustrated after loosing power in
Maharashtra since last 10 yrs hence the bark. Rahul has just lead the
congress to a rousing revival in UP and to power at the centre. Why
should he be frustrated??? In the twilight of his life, we expect Bal
thackeray to show grace. Ordinary law abiding Indians would be jailed
for planning attacks on cinema halls, theatres or fellow Indians. Is
Bal above law in India?

Sonia Gandhi is 10 times more Patriotic than Marathis
By: Sangeeta Sinha | Wednesday , 3 Feb '10 11:10:39 AM

Sonia and Rahul Gandhi are 10 times more patriotic than Marathi anti-
nationals and traitors.

Declare Bombay Union Territory
By: Mamata Raghuvansi Thakur | Wednesday , 3 Feb '10 11:08:38 AM

Congress government should arrest Thackerays and their Marathi
supporters under TADA or National Security Act before they ignite too
much hatred amongst Indians. Bombay should be declared Union Territory
to free it from shackles of Marathi fanatics and linguistic

Is Rahul serious?
By: abdullah | Wednesday , 3 Feb '10 11:02:51 AM

If Rahul is really serious & not speaking with vote motive, he is
humbly requested to utter same language in Srinagar, where Pakistani
muslims have more right than Indian Hindus. Can he say there- Srinagar
belongs to all Indians! No, he can not dare say. He is vote hungry
Italian. He himself will flee India if it pays him.

Sena vs Rahul: War of words over migrants continues
By: Sanjay | Wednesday , 3 Feb '10 11:01:38 AM

Have all gone out of thier mind, we have to grow up, from these stupid
issue, of tera mera, plz dont create walls of religion.

Put an end to this nonsense
By: Tom | Wednesday , 3 Feb '10 10:56:37 AM

Why are Mumbai and its people being held hostage by this psycho? Why
are the sane voices of the great city not coming forward to put an end
to Thackarey's politically motivated comments? Why is the government
not taking action against Thackarey for inciting hatred and animosity?
Why does the press give these statements front page coverage? Why,
why, why............

Disgusting Thackeray......
By: Vikas | Wednesday , 3 Feb '10 10:56:07 AM

Bal Thackray's comment on Sonia's Italian origins are truly
disgusting. We thought that the issue was settled way back when she
won the elections in Bellary as well as Rae Bareilly. Nonetheless, the
fact that the debate is going towards the foreign origins of a
politician shows the bankruptcy of thackeray's idea. When one has no
logic or has lost all reason, he retorts to hitting below the belt.
His repeat of 105 marathi martyrs is jarring to the years. What about
the 1000's who died for the cause of a united India?
By: Atta Khalil | Wednesday , 3 Feb '10 10:52:48 AM

It is very serious that Bal and Raj Thakereys are promiting an
ideology that has a potential to disintegrate India. The importance of
India is it diversity, culture and integration. What these Thakereys
are doing is to destroy the very fabric of the Country. Though they
are uttering such nonsence often for political mileage, they forget
the fact that the younger generation does not subscribe to their
ideologies. Shame on thakereys....

trasidy of indian cartoonist politician
By: dr raam pandeya | Wednesday , 3 Feb '10 10:51:10 AM

dear bal i know you from appa patil where you were asked to form siva
sena to settle scorewith george fernandes now you have become a stupid
nonsense to indian social and political friber get your act if youlove
hitler rest of indians are most nonvilent go and worship them

By: unohoo | Wednesday , 3 Feb '10 10:44:46 AM

it won't surprise me if the Shiv sena maestros are proud that Kesab
spoke in marathi in court and they aim for lenient punishment to him
as he also killed non marathi speaking public

Shiv Sena and MNS should go for the kill
By: y kale | Wednesday , 3 Feb '10 10:42:50 AM

SS and MNS are being pussy footed and going after small spoils. They
should strongly re-itirate that Mumbaikars will not take outsiders
encroaching into the land developed by their blood and sweat. This is
not just about taxi drivers, they should focus on the bigger issue -
state that all companies that are head quartered in Mumbai should have
sufficient representation for Marathis. How can a ICICI bank have 17
directors on its board and not a single Marathi person? It should be
mandatory for all firms with their HQ in Mumbai to have at least 30%
of their board comprising Marathi people and at least 25% of all
employees should be Marathi. Else, they are free to shift their
operations to where they deem fit. Jai Shivaji!

Making a living
By: Indi | Wednesday , 3 Feb '10 10:39:47 AM

Till now, congress never spoke against the attrocities against north
Indians and Indians in general. But once RSS took up the issue,
congress was quick to respond. Actually congress wanted the infighting
in maharastra to continue so that there vote base increases. But since
RSS jumped in to protect migrants against MNS and there tribe,
congress could not keep quiet. Can fake prince gandhi talk and say
that J&K is an integral part of India and it is for all Indians.
Unsaid, Indians are scared to go to kashmir because of the so called
friendly neighbour pakistan, who are also the source of vote banks for
congress. Actually congress is the root cause for all the problems in
India, which was started from Nehru when he trusted China and took
Kashmir issue to UN when Kashmir sided towards India. From then on
fake gandhis have made India there play ground for their life because
they dont have any other ways to make a living. India is for Indians
and not for Italians and friends Qutrocchhi.

Bal Thackrey - its enough
By: Bijal | Wednesday , 3 Feb '10 10:34:38 AM

Sonia Gandhi's origin is a different matter.SS and MNS should stop
raising this issue every now and then - earlier South Indians, then
Gujaratis and Marwaris were targetted.Only "marathas" support SS.Bal
Thackrey should open his brains and see that without non-
maharashtrians, Bombay will again be 7 islands.If this continues,then
its time to make Bombay a Union Territory.BJP now should distance
itself from SS if BJP needs to perform well nationally.Then SS and
Thackeray et all will come to senses.

By: Shweta | Wednesday , 3 Feb '10 10:30:29 AM

Yes cities are getting populated and all that jazz, but the issue here
is a little deeper...if regionalism prevails, then what will happen to
nationalism? India is one country and the beauty of being a democracy
is free movement..Someone needs to speak for that..way to go rahul!!
Bal Thackrey has unfortunately gotten his brains stuck to a previous
century. It is important that we work and a country and feel as a
country, regionalism will probably make the bleak situation, worse!!

Rahul baba leave double standards
By: Vivek | Wednesday , 3 Feb '10 10:26:50 AM

Read between the lines friends, Rahul Gandhi is ready to talk to Omar
Abdullah to allot plots and flats for all Indians in J&K, if they want
to go there and live in J&K. After all all India is for all
Indians!!!!!!!! Instead of talking about Mumbai why doesn;t the UPA
goverment do something in Delhi? Even Shiela Dixit said the same about
the imigrants of Bihar in Delhi.

Sena vs Rahul: War of words over migrants continues
By: N Harkara | Wednesday , 3 Feb '10 10:25:11 AM

Since Mr. Rahul Gandhi has stated that "India is for all Indians and
people have a right to go anywhere", let the Congress government also
abolish Article 370 of the Indian Constitution so that Kashmir becomes
a real part of India, for all Indians, and all Indians will have a
right to go and settle there. How about that?

By: kakatriya | Wednesday , 3 Feb '10 10:15:26 AM


Privilege for locals
By: Swanand | Wednesday , 3 Feb '10 10:11:13 AM

Balasaheb is right. All should see in unbiased view. Not just Mumbai,
Delhi,Bengaluru are getting overcrowded with migrants. It is congress
to be blamed for not projecting other cities in MH,KA or around delhi
where industries could grow. How can Pune-Mumbai, Delhi-Noida support
increasing populn? what can locals do? Sena has never talked like MH
superior to India.In some states like TN, WB, AS an JK local pride is
superior than nation.They don't care India as a country. Does prince
gandhi think the same way about J&K and IPC-370? Is he planning to ask
Kashmiris to help revoke 370 so that outsiders can work there, as it
was only marathis,punjabis and other non-kashmiri indian force
protecting Kashmir? Does he have that courage?

Bal Thakeey Virus to Indian Development
By: Rakesh | Wednesday , 3 Feb '10 12:25:40 PM

I agree with the fact that small cities were not being developed, but
"some states like TN, WB, AS an JK local pride is superior than
nation.They don't care India as a country." is totally a baseless
argument. Think twice before your post.... If I want to live in mumbai
what right you have to stop me? For betterment of India, RAW or IB
should kill all TThakrey family.

Throw out Marathi first out of Bombay
By: Panna Lal Yadav | Wednesday , 3 Feb '10 11:13:10 AM

Response to Swanand; If Bombay is getting overcrowded then throw out
Marathi first before asking others.

What about you?
By: HS | Wednesday , 3 Feb '10 10:38:58 AM

You didnt fall from heaven!!! your forefathers too were migrants and
shifted to some city sometime in their lifetime and would have hurt
the "locals" at that point of time. So relax live your life and exit.
New generation would live their lives the way they want to, whether as
migrants or "locals". Leave your worries to them!!!

War of words over migrants continues
By: J C | Wednesday , 3 Feb '10 10:01:56 AM

Mrs Sonia Ghandhi is more Indian than Thackeray, who thinks Mumbai as
his own property.

Great Going
By: Anil Kohli | Wednesday , 3 Feb '10 12:03:00 PM

Bharat Ratna! For this Anthropologist. When are you publishing your
research papers? Would make interesting reading.

Christopher Colombus
By: Anil Kohli | Wednesday , 3 Feb '10 11:53:39 AM

Absolutely!! What a fantastic discovery!!!!!! Status is NRI Non
Resident Italian (Not Indian)

Good joke
By: Indi | Wednesday , 3 Feb '10 12:44:53 PM

Good joke JC. Cant control the laughter. You should be knowing that
your madam applied for citizenship only when she realised she can
become PM of India, ably supported by her sycophants and servants. You
should also know that she along with her husband left India when India
was fighting against Pakistan during a war, this was when Indian
pilots was expected to serve the nation during war. Escpisists, is it
not? Is she more Indian now. We Indians will bet, not. She is here,
because of her servants and she is leading a royal life here at the
costs of Indian money and of course you know why Qutrocchi was let off
and how his bank account was defreezed and where the bofors money is
being shared.

Ijdianness of Sonia
By: Indian | Wednesday , 3 Feb '10 10:42:13 AM

How is Sonia "more Indian" than Thackeray? Please cite some reasons.

Sonia Maino Gandi
By: Radhey Gupta | Wednesday , 3 Feb '10 10:38:52 AM

Its people like you who have taken to India to such a state where
anyone can rule us and we bow to anybody with white skinned feets.
People like you do not allow the real freedom and nationalism flourish

We do have a problem
By: Col. Dinesh Rai (retd.) | Wednesday , 3 Feb '10 9:57:28 AM

The whole problem is that the best of our leaders think nothing of
mortgaging their brains to an Italian lady who came here a few decades
ago, but we distrust our own sons of soil

Thackrey the son of the soil
By: Vijender Singh | Wednesday , 3 Feb '10 11:11:14 AM

This is ridiculous for a self claimed Col. to wri9te this cheap
language and call this mentally distorted Thackreya s son of soil. It
also shows ur mental levels and due to poeple like you we see so many
corruptions in the army today. Please read some good liuterature and
get your life back...

sena vs rahul
By: peshori ahuja | Wednesday , 3 Feb '10 9:52:03 AM

Rahul has said that India is one and all Indians have the right to go
to any place in India to earn their livelihood. We request that Bal
Thechrey and his nephew let us know in clear terms whether they agree
or not. Bal Thackrey and Raj Thachrey should be aware of the history.
Harrapa civilization was lost because Harrapans started thinking that
they were superior to others. Bal Thackrey and Raj Thackrey should
note that if Rattan Tata can switch from Bengal to Gujrat those in
Mumbai from other parts of India can very well shift from Mumbai to
any place where they would be safe.

Rahul, behave yourself
By: Vikas Shenoy | Wednesday , 3 Feb '10 9:39:35 AM

While SS claims on Mumbai are questionable and undemocratic, Rahul's
are full of stupidity and hype. You know, he is sounding more more
like that son of King Virat, Uttar. He should watch his mouth, I
should not say so really speaking, already his Nehru-Gandhi family
background is so tarnished. Though it is none of his fault, it
definitely will be dragged in if he asks for it. Disgustingly stupid


...and I am Sid Harth
2010-02-04 09:11:57 UTC
Rahul answers Mumbai cry
New Delhi, Feb. 3:

As Shiv Sena leader Uddhav Thackeray mounted an offensive against the
Nehru-Gandhi family and accused it of being anti-Maharashtra, Rahul
Gandhi today sent him a quiet rejoinder: he appointed a Maharashtrian
as the Indian Youth Congress president.

Rajiv Satav, an MLA from Kalamnuri in Marathwada, will replace
Haryana’s Ashok Tanwar.

Congress sources said Rahul had almost made up his mind on Priyavrat
Singh, an MLA from Khilchipur in Madhya Pradesh, but the Maharashtrian
was finally preferred so the party could send a message to the Sena.
Congress leaders also recalled that it was Sonia Gandhi who had
handpicked Pratibha Patil, another Maharashtrian, for Rashtrapati

Congress sources said Singh was almost certain to make it till
yesterday, but Rahul changed his decision apparently because of the
frenzy created by the Sena. Satav, a Mali by caste, had also been
chosen personally by Rahul as the Maharashtra Youth Congress president
two years ago.

Rahul’s decision comes against the growing chorus in the Congress to
take on the Sena. Sena’s personal attacks on Rahul -— particularly the
comment that Mumbai didn’t belong to “the (his) Italian mummy” — has
left a section of the Congress seething. But the party reacted with
restraint, expressing its resolve to fight the barbs politically.

At a news conference today, Congress spokesperson Jayanthi Natrajan
said the “pernicious attempt to polarise the country on regional lines
will not be tolerated”.

However, she faced a barrage of questions about the Congress-NCP
government in the state failing to act against the Sena and Raj
Thackeray’s Maharashtra Navnirman Sena, blamed for attacks on north
Indians. Natrajan offered a feeble response: “We have supreme
confidence in our government and hope it will act at an appropriate

But she defended Rahul’s comments on the Sena. “Rahul Gandhi is
touring the whole of India and trying to democratise the party system.
Those who are unable to generate any positive programme make wild
remarks about him.”

On demands from within the Congress to ban the Sena and its mouthpiece
Saamna, Natrajan said: “This is a question of law which the government
has to study. We call upon the people to reject this philosophy of
hatred and divisiveness and ask the authorities to bring the
perpetrators to book.” The Congress, she said, will not allow anyone
to violate the constitutional provision that allows every Indian to
work wherever they want.

On Sena’s attack on Shah Rukh Khan over his remarks that Pakistani
cricketers should be picked for the Indian Premier League and threat
to his forthcoming release My Name Is Khan, Natrajan said: “This is
part of their (the Sena’s) ideology of hatred. We condemn it.”


...and I am Sid Harth
2010-02-04 09:13:58 UTC
BJP tiptoes on Shah Rukh
New Delhi, Feb. 3:

The BJP today sought to walk the tightrope on the Shiv Sena furore
surrounding Shah Rukh Khan, its cautious response standing out against
the backdrop of the outright condemnation of the attacks on north

Referring to the Sena’s outburst against the actor for expressing
unhappiness at the absence of Pakistani players in IPL teams, BJP
spokesperson Prakash Javdekar said: “The BJP does not accept politics
in games. Games should be games.”

But he wondered what stopped Shah Rukh from bidding for a Pakistani
player as he co-owned the Kolkata Knight Riders and why the actor got
“sanctimonious” a week after the episode was over. “Nobody can object
to what he said. But why didn’t he bring a player from Pakistan?”
asked Javdekar.

But he refused to comment on the Sena’s clamour for a ban on My Name
is Khan.

In Mumbai, the BJP’s leader in the Assembly, Eknath Khadse, was a bit
more vocal and said the demand was “not proper”.

The BJP’s differences with the Sena on north Indians arose because of
the Bihar elections this year and the damage it could bring upon
itself, if it remained silent.

The party reckoned that the call to ban the movie, on the other hand,
would not resonate politically beyond the chat shows on TV.


...and I am Sid Harth
2010-02-04 09:35:28 UTC
Bal Thackeray attacks Rahul, calls him 'frustrated'
HT Correspondent ,
Mumbai, February 03, 2010

First Published: 09:33 IST(3/2/2010)
Last Updated: 16:24 IST(3/2/2010)

Strongly criticising AICC general secretary Rahul Gandhi, the Shiv
Sena on Wednesday hit a new low making personal attacks on the Nehru-
Gandhi family saying that the “prince of the Congress” is a frustrated
bachelor and that Mumbai may belong to all Indians but how can it
belong to his “Italian mommy”?

An editorial in the party mouthpiece Saamna, said, “The ‘Prince of
Congress’ has lost
mental balance as he is still single despite advancing age and it is
in this
frustration he has insulted Marathi people and Maharashtra.”

Sena Chief Bal Thackeray is editor of Saamna and the newspaper's
editorial is regarded
as his comment.

“The Congress that divided the country should not speak about the
nation’s unity.
The country’s division was the biggest sin of the party, he said.

Targeting the issue of Congress president Sonia Gandhi’s foreign
origin, Thackeray said that Mumbai may belong to all Indians but how
can it belong to his `Italian mommy.'

Even former prime minister and Rahul’s great grandfather Pandit Nehru
had to apologise for his anti-Marathi remarks in the late 60s,
Thackeray said and advised Rahul against doing the same.

“Mumbai does belong to all, but first it belongs to Maharashtra and
Marathi people. If anyone is going to murder this truth, he will have
to face consequences."

Thackeray also asked why was the Congress quiet on the “torture” of
Marathi community along Maharashtra-Karnataka border. “If Rahul gives
them justice, we will not hesitate to congratulate him,” the editorial

“How can Rahul forget Karkare, Kamte, Salaskar and Ombale who were all
Marathi? Politicians from north have always been anti-Maharashtra and
they will never work in the interest of Marathi Manoos. Only Shiv Sena
can save Mumbai from these politicians,”it added.


Mumbai not for 'Italian mummy': Thackeray
Wednesday, February 3, 2010,10:32 [IST]

Mumbai, Feb 3: Shiv Sena Chief Bal Thackeray on Wednesday, Feb 3, hit
back at Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi's 'Mumbai for all
Indians' comment.

Buzz up!In an editorial in Sena mouthpiece 'Saamna', Bal Thackeray
said, "Mumbai may belong to all Indians but how can it belong to an
Italian mummy."

He further said, "The 'Prince of Congress' is totally frustrated
bachelor and it is in this frustration he has insulted Marathi people
and Maharashtra."

"Mumbai was not a dharamshala (guesthouse) of the country that anyone
comes to Mumbai, spits here and leaves," he said.

Thackeray said that Rahul Gandhi has lost mental balance as he is
still single despite advancing age.

Mumbai belongs to Maharashtra and Marathi people, Thackeray maintained
and added that "If anyone is going to murder this truth, he will have
to face weapons of Maharashtra".

Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday, Feb 2, had asserted that India is for all
Indians and people have a right to go anywhere.


Unite on issue of Marathi: Raj Thackeray
Sakaal Times
Wednesday, February 03, 2010 AT 10:02 PM (IST)

THANE: MNS chief Raj Thackeray on Wednesday appealed all political
parties to come together on the issue of Marathi even as he took a
swipe on his cousin and Shiv Sena CEO Uddhav Thackeray to raking up
the Mumbai-for-Marathi campaign now.

“I appeal that we should cut across party lines and come together on
the issue of Marathi. Let us erect a pillar of Marathi language by
coming together. The country also has to be together. But we want
Maharashtra to be strong. We are not demanding an independent
Maharashtra,” Thackeray said addressing a rally at Dombivli here.

He also took potshots at Uddhav Thackeray without naming him. “You all
know, whom I am referring to. Why so much love for Maharashtra and
Marathi now. Because you have realised that Marathi people can come
together and elect 13 MLAs. Why have they woken up now,” he said
amidst thunderous applause.

Raj also praised the efforts of the NCP to corner Chief Minister Ashok
Chavan on the issue of taxi permits.

The rebel nephew of Sena chief Bal Thackeray also appealed to the
Marathi womenfolk to converse in Marathi only when they go out for
household chores. “When you purchase vegetables, speak in Marathi. Why
speak in other language. By doing so, you would be protecting the jobs
of your own sons,” he said.


Upset by students’ commotion, MNS chief refuses to speak
Tuesday, January 19, 2010 AT 02:21 AM (IST)

PUNE: Rather uncharacteristic of him, Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS)
chief Raj Thackeray on Monday refused to address an award function
here following a din by enthusiastic students, who had gathered in
large numbers to see and hear him.

The MNS chief, who was at MIT College to present the journalism awards
instituted by Aurangabad-based Om Human Resource Development Academy,
got upset apparently with the commotion at the venue.

The visibly irritated Thackeray also slammed the organisers for making
wrong choice of the venue.

After Thackeray arrived at the venue around 1.30 pm, hundreds of
students followed him by rushing into a relatively smaller-capacity
hall. Thackeray was supposed to felicitate print and electronic media
journalists and photographers.

The students, who apparently were eager to hear Thackeray, did not
show any interest in the function. They whistled, passed comments and
gave seemingly uncalled for applause during the initial function until
the organisers invited Thackeray for his speech.

Visibly annoyed, Thackeray, who had taken the dias after presenting
awards to a long-list of recipients, flatly said that he was in ‘no
mood’ to address the audience.

“What should I deliver to them (students), what should I speak,” he
questioned. These students were not caring what the function has been
and who were being honoured, he said, pointing out that they were
talking even while Vande Mataram was being sung.


...and I am Sid Harth
2010-02-04 09:44:14 UTC
Arrest Bal Thackeray, Raj under National Security Act: Ramvilas Paswan
PTI Wednesday, February 3, 2010 22:19 IST

New Delhi: Attacking top leaders of Shiv Sena and MNS for its tirade
against North Indians, the LJP today demanded the arrest of its chiefs
under the National Security Act (NSA) for fanning divisive sentiments
in Maharashtra.

"The uncle and nephew (Bal Thackeray and Raj Thackeray) are violating
the principles laid down in the Constitution. They are virtually
engaging in anti-national activities by fanning divisive sentiments
and they deserve to be arrested under National Security Act," Lok
Janshakti Party chief Ramvilas Paswan said here.

Taking potshots at the Congress, the LJP chief said he wondered why
the party appeared so helpless when it came to taking action against
Shiv Sena and MNS.

"Congress has a government at the Centre as well as in the state in
alliance with NCP. I do not understand why the Central and the state
government are so helpless. The government, especially the state
government, is not taking as much action as it should have taken,"
Paswan alleged.

He was responding to questions on AICC general secretary Rahul
Gandhi's remarks in Patna yesterday that he will not remain silent if
people from Bihar and UP are made to suffer in Maharashtra, arguing
that any citizen of the country can live and work anywhere in the

Paswan however evaded a direct reply when asked whether it was a
political stunt by Gandhi in view of the upcoming Bihar assembly
elections, saying, "I do not know what it is."


Cong will not respond to Sena's 'undignified' remarks on Sonia Gandhi
PTI Wednesday, February 3, 2010 18:30 IST
Last updated: Wednesday, February 3, 2010 18:34 IST

New Delhi: The Congress today maintained a studied silence on the
attack by Shiv Sena on party president Sonia Gandhi and General
Secretary Rahul Gandhi saying it does not want to dignify the
"undignified" remarks by a response.

"We would not like to dignify these undignified remarks with a
response," party spokesperson Jayanthi Natarajan said on Shiv Sena
raking up the foreign origin issue of Gandhi.

Stepping up its attack on Rahul Gandhi for the "Mumbai for all
Indians" remark and raking up Sonia Gandhi's foreign origin, party
supremo Bal Thackeray said in an editorial in the party mouthpiece
Saamna, "Mumbai may belong to all Indians but how can it belong to an
Italian mummy."

Natarajan said there was a "pernicious attempt" by the Shiv Sena to
polarise the country on regional identities. "We strongly condemn any
attempt to polarise our nation on chauvinistic lines and regional
identity and any attempts to create discord and disaffection among
citizens of different states," she said.

Asked whether the party favoured a ban on "Saamna" and the Shiv Sena,
she said this was a question of law. "We will call upon the people of
the country to reject the ideology of hate and divisiveness spread by
the Shiv Sena," she said.

Congress stood for unity and integrity of the country and was
committed to the idea of India, Natarajan said. The party would
"strain every nerve" to ensure that the country's unity and integrity
is not compromised with and the Constitution is upheld in letter and
spirit, she said. She said every citizen of India had the right to
move freely and to live and work in every part of the country.

To a query whether the Congress-led government in Maharashtra had
given a long rope to the Shiv Sena and desisted from strong action so
far, she said, "we have zero tolerance for divisiveness and hate"
adding, whatever constitutional steps are required, will be taken.

"Maharashtra government is a Congress government. We are confident
that all steps will be taken. The government will and should take
whatever action prescribed by law " Natarajan said.

On the Sena attacking Rahul Gandhi, the spokesperson said that the
young leader was travelling all over the country to democratise the
Youth Congress and the NSUI and his attempts have resulted in success.

Asked about the Sena tearing posters of Shahrukh Khan's film 'My Name
is Khan', Natarajan said this was part of the culture of violence and
hatred perpetrated by that party.

Condemning the act, the Congress leader called upon the authorities in
Maharashtra to take legal action to bring those involved to justice.


Shah Rukh says his Pak, Mumbai comment is an individual stand
PTI Wednesday, February 3, 2010 21:42 IST

New Delhi: With the Shiv Sena pressing for an apology from him for
backing Pakistani cricketers in IPL and for his remarks on Mumbai,
Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan today said he was sad that his
statements are seen as a stand against a group instead of a stand for
"myself and my individuality."

"Differences in ideology should be grounds for debate and discussions,
a must for freedom of thought to see it any other way is so
unforunate," he said writing in Twitter responding to fresh salvos at
him from Sena leaders who have threatened to block the release of his
much-awaited film 'My Name is Khan' next week.

"Sad my statements are seen as a stand against a group instead of a
stand for myself and my individuality," Shah Rukh added. The star's
"Mumbai belongs to all Indians" remarks had also earned the ire of the

Firing a fresh salvo at Shah Rukh today, Sena leader Sanjay Raut said
he is speaking in favour of Pakistan sitting in Mumbai and in this

"We will not let this happen. This is the Congress opinion that SRK is
voicing. SRK stays in Mumbai and Mannat is is in Mumbai and not in
Pakistan," Raut said in Mumbai.

Shah Rukh has already hit back at the Shiv Sena by saying that he
would stand by his statements and that his take on the issue is very
strong. He added that there is no excuse for his statement and
believes that he is an Indian.

He had termed the stance of the Shiv Sena as unhealthy, undemocratic
and insensitive. He said that he is confident that their efforts would
not affect his film commercially.


No takers for Sena stand even in Maharashtra, says Karunanidhi
PTI Wednesday, February 3, 2010 15:52 IST

Chennai: Joining issue with Shiv Sena, Tamil Nadu chief minister M
Karunanidhi today made light of its 'Mumbai for Marathis' stand,
saying it has no takers even in Maharashtra and dismissed suggestions
that people of the South were "anti-Hindi."

"Even in Maharashtra there is no support for his (Shiv Sena president
Uddhav Thackeray's) views," the DMK patriarch told reporters here in
his first remarks on the Shiv Sena campaign, which has triggered a
national outcry.

Uddhav Thackeray had on Sunday defended the Sena stand and attacked
other parties and RSS, which had countered it by saying that Mumbai
was for all Indians.

The RSS had asked its activists to protect North Indians in
Maharashtra, inviting an angry retort from Thackeray, who asked it to
look to the South and teach Hindi in the region.

Rejecting the impression that people in the South were "anti-Hindi",
Karunanidhi said political parties did not have any "narrow view" to
drive out people speaking other than the respective regional

"There is no political party in the region which has a narrow view to
drive out people speaking other than the respective regional
languages," he said.

The anti-Hindi campaign had been a major plank of the DMK,
particularly in the 1960's, and other Dravidian parties, but has
become subdued in recent years.


...and I am Sid Harth
2010-02-05 05:27:00 UTC
BJP supports Shah Rukh Khan, criticises Shiv Sena for calling him
PTI Thursday, February 4, 2010 21:39 IST

New Delhi: Filmstar Shah Rukh Khan got a pleasant surprise from BJP
today when the party criticised its long time ally Shiv Sena for its
tirade against the matinee idol by calling him a traitor and tearing
off posters of his forthcoming movie.

"We do not consider it proper to take recourse to violence as a form
of protest," BJP spokesperson Ravi Shankar Prasad said, referring to
the tearing down of posters of Khan's latest film My Name is Khan
allegedly by Shiv Sainiks in Mumbai.

Prasad said there was no need for Sena activists to indulge in such
activities. They were protesting against Khan's statement on the issue
of buying Pakistani cricketer players for the IPL matches.

Prasad also criticised the Sena spokesperson for labelling Khan a

"We do not consider it correct to use such terms for Khan. His
contribution to Bollywood and as a cultural ambassador is immense,"
Prasad said.

When asked if this shows the relations between the two

allies were strained, Prasad said, "We are friends and have been
allies for a long time. But we are also two different political
parties and it is well known that we have differences on some issues."

Shiv Sena and BJP had sparred on the issue of north Indians working in
Maharashtra earlier this week.


Bal Thackeray targets Maharashtra ministers in Delhi
PTI Friday, February 5, 2010 10:06 IST

Mumbai: Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray, who has issued a diktat to his
partymen to greet Rahul Gandhi with black flags for his "Mumbai for
all Indians" remark, today attacked Marathi ministers at the Centre
for "not protesting Rahul's anti-Mumbai statement."

"Sharad Pawar, Vilasrao Deshmukh, Sushil Kumar Shinde, Prithviraj
Chavan, Murli Deora and Praful Patel cannot show the self-respect
shown by late CD Deshmukh. Not a single Marathi minister at the Centre
opposed the humiliation of Marathi people," he said in an editorial in
party mouthpiece Saamana.

On the contrary, "Congressmen are ready to even take up a broom and
clean the road where Rahul would be travelling (during his Mumbai
visit)," Thackeray said.

Comparing Union minister Prithviraj Chavan with his namesake in
history, Thackeray said, "that Prithviraj Chauhan was patriotic and
fought against foreign invaders. This Prithviraj Chavan bows before

"The history of Rahul's ancestors is that of being anti-Maharashtra.
Motilal Nehru used to get angry by the mere mention of the word
Maharashtra," he alleged.

"Is it a crime to say Mumbai belongs to Maharashtra and Marathi
people?" the Sena chief asked. "Shah Rukh Khan rolls out the carpet
for Pakistan players and shamelessly asks what crime has he
committed," Thackeray said.

Thackeray described Rahul Gandhi as "the Italian prince" and asked
people to show him black flags in Mumbai.

The Congress leader will visit the city today and interact with
students and slum youths.


Rahul Gandhi sets sights on slum youths in Mumbai
Neeta Kolhatkar / DNA
Friday, February 5, 2010 0:30 IST

Mumbai: Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi’s surprise decision to
go to Ramabai Nagar during his day’s visit to the city on Friday has
sent the residents of Ghatkopar (East) into a tizzy.

Nearly 1,200 passes have been issued to young men and women from the
slum colony, which shot to infamy when an SRP platoon opened fire on a
mob on July 11, 1997, killing 10 people.

Gandhi plans to have an hour’s interaction with these youths. He will
go to Ramabai Nagar immediately after the Youth Congress function at
Bhaidas Hall, Vile Parle (West), in the morning.

Upon reaching the colony, he will first garland a statue of Babasaheb
Ambedkar, architect of the Constitution.

Youth Congress leaders say Ramabai Nagar was selected specially for
Gandhi because the eastern suburbs have always been neglected by
central leaders visiting the city. “It has been Rahulji’s effort to
personally visit poor and slum pockets in every state,” one Youth
Congress politician said. “Previously Congress leaders have visited
Dharavi, but the suburbs off the Eastern Express Highway have always
been ignored.”

Gandhi wants to interact with the youths and listen to their issues.
“Rahulji wants to understand the problems that slum youths face
regarding admissions, educational avenues, studying in slums, their
living conditions, unemployment, and opportunities to find jobs or
entrepreneurship,” the Youth Congress leader said.

According to the police, Rahul Gandhi will be accompanied by chief
minister Ashok Chavan, Mumbai’s guardian minister Naseem Khan, city
Congress chief Kripashankar Singh, the five MPs from Mumbai, and all
legislators from the city.

“Rahulji wants to reach out to those who are deprived,” said Naseem
Khan. “He wants to encourage the educated and the privileged to work
for the poor.


Bal Thackeray says anti-Mumbai virus has spread
PTI Thursday, February 4, 2010 10:01 IST

Mumbai: Shiv Sena supremo Bal Thackeray today termed as "Goebbels'
propaganda" the raking up of the issue of Pakistan cricketer Javed
Miandad's visit to his residence here five years ago, saying an anti-
Mumbai virus has spread but it would have no impact on his party.

Bal Thackeray termed as 'Goebbels propaganda' the raking up of the
issue of Pakistani cricketer Javed Miandad's visit to his residence
five years ago.

"The Pakistan cricketer's visit to my house is being capitalised for
political gains. I would like to state that it won't have any impact
on Shiv Sena and Shiv Sainiks," Thackeray said in an article in party
mouthpiece Saamana.

"There has been a spurt of anti-Mumbai and anti-Maharashtra virus. It
is not surprising because some people have been hurt that Maharashtra
got Mumbai," Thackeray said.

He said raising the issue of Miandad's visit to his house was part of
a "Goebbels propaganda" by a section of media and recalled that
cricketer Dilip Vengsarkar took the initiative in arranging the
meeting with Miandad.

"The meeting was to request that Pakistan players be allowed to play
in India. I rejected that request," the Shiv Sena supremo said.

Meanwhile, NCP MLA and former minister Nawab Malik has said the 2004
visit by Miandad to Thackeray's residence in suburban Bandra shows
that "Thackeray has no right to call actor Shah Rukh Khan anti-

"Thackeray felicitated Miandad, who is not only a Pakistani but he is
also related to India’s most-wanted criminal Dawood Ibrahim," Malik

"Thackeray invited Miandad to his house and praised him for his
performance in Sharjah, especially in a match against India," he

"Thackeray had then said he liked Miandad and could not forget the
lofty six he hit off Chetan Sharma to win the Australasia Cup in
Sharjah in 1986," he claimed.


Sanjay Nirupam backs Shah Rukh Khan; demands action against Sena
Thursday, February 4, 2010 15:56 IST Email

Mumbai: Coming out in support of actor Shah Rukh Khan, under attack
from Shiv Sena for his views on Pakistani players in IPL, Congress MP
Sanjay Nirupam today demanded action against those threatening theatre
owners with regard to release of the superstar's upcoming film.

Nirupam said Shah Rukh had spoken on the subject as the owner of an
IPL team. "I read his interview carefully where he has just mentioned
that it would have been good if Pakistani players were bought in the
auction," the Mumbai North MP told a press conference.

He also demanded action against those threatening and intimidating
theatre owners against the release of Khan's film 'My Name is Khan' on
February 12.

He also appealed to the film industry not to bow to Shiv Sena's

Nirupam also demanded a probe into MNS chief Raj Thackeray's comment
targeting SP leader Abu Azmi.

Thackeray had yesterday said that when Pakistani terrorist Ajmal Amir
Kasab could learn Marathi in a year then why can't Azmi who has been
living in Mumbai for years.

He said the government should also look into the provocative and
intimidating language of the 'Saamna', Sena's mouthpiece, and take
necessary action.


Unfazed Shah Rukh Khan refuses to submit to Shiv Sena's threat
PTI Thursday, February 4, 2010 12:38 IST

London: Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan has stuck to his stand of
inclusion of Pakistani cricketers in Indian Premier League, saying he
has said nothing on the issue that should be retracted.

Shah Rukh Khan has stuck to his stand of inclusion of Pakistani
cricketers in the IPL, saying he has said nothing on the issue that
should be retracted.

"What should I retract?," an unfazed Khan asked reporters when asked
about the sharp reaction from Shiv Sena on his remarks about the
inclusion of Pakistani cricketers in the IPL series.

Khan said he is not going to submit to this threat.

Shiv Sena has demanded an apology from him for backing Pakistani
cricketers in IPL after the players from that country were not picked
up during auction last month.

"I don't know what the issue is all about... I don't know what I am
supposed to retract. Am I supposed to retract the fact I'm an Indian
but I don't want anyone to come to my country?," he said.

Khan, who was addressing a press conference along with director Karan
Johar and actress Kajol to promote their film
My Name is Khan, said: "What all that I've said is that I would like
people to come to my country to participate in the biggest event and
it scares me to say anything because our stakes are very high."

He was apologetic to his business partners for his stand on the IPL as
it might affect the prospect of the film.

Khan, who is in London to promote his film, said: "I have no idea what
people would like me to say. If somebody could tell me this is what
you would want me to say, I'll say it."

"When I said it was not directed towards a person or a group of
people. It was not towards any person from any nation - Pakistan,
Bangladesh, America or England," he told reporters last evening.

"If you have differences in ideology why it should not be allowed?,"
he asked and recalled the teachings and values that he received from
his father who was a freedom fighter.

"I am really sorry. I would like to apologise Karan Johar, to Kajol
and I am immensely sorry to all our business partners that because of
what I said, or what I believe in, their film and their work is going
to be affected," Khan said.

The film, which marks the return of the famous onscreen pair Shah Rukh
and Kajol after a gap of eight years, is a love-story in the backdrop
of post 9/11 attacks on the US.

In the movie, Khan plays Rizwan, a man suffering from Asperger's
syndrome (a form of autism), who embarks on an extraordinary journey
across America to win back the love of his life Mandira (Kajol).

My Name Is Khan is one of the first Bollywood films to be distributed
by Fox Searchlight Pictures in the US. Imagenation Abu Dhabi is in a
partnership with Fox Star studios to distribute the film in the Middle
East. The film will see its worldwide release on February 12.


Congress throws its weight behind Shah Rukh Khan
PTI Thursday, February 4, 2010 22:17 IST

Allahabad: Coming to the defence of Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan,
who is under threat from the Shiv Sena for his remarks in favour of
Pakistani cricket players, the Congress today said it would see how
the saffron outfit stalled the screening of his film in Maharashtra.

"We will see to it how the goons of Bal Thackeray prevent theatres in
Maharashtra from screening Shahrukh Khan's film," AICC general
secretary Digvijay Singh told reporters in Allahabad.

Alleging that the Shiv Sena was frustrated over its rejection by
voters in the last assembly polls in Maharashtra, Singh said the
Congress will not allow Thackeray's party to vent its frustration in
this manner.

Coming down heavily on Bal Thackeray's son and Shiv Sena executive
president Uddhav for his statement "warning" Rahul Gandhi against
visiting Mumbai, Digvijay said if the Congress general secretary
wished to go to Mumabi no one could stop

"If Rahul Gandhi wishes to go to Mumbai, then he will go," Singh said
a day ahead of the young MP's proposed tour of the city.

Describing the father son duo (Bal and Uddhav Thackeray) as well as
their estranged kin MNS chief Raj Thackeray as "paper tigers who can
grunt but never bite", Singh, said the party would request the Centre
to frame stringent laws which could put an effective check on such
"subversive elements".

"It is not that the Congress government in Maharashtra is incapable of
controlling these people. But under the existing laws, quick action
may be difficult. We will request the Centre to bring in some
stringent laws".


Police detain Sainiks to scuttle protests
Divyesh Singh / DNA
Friday, February 5, 2010 0:20 IST

Mumbai: Several Shiv Sena activists were picked up by police late on
Thursday in a preventive measure ahead of Congress general secretary
Rahul Gandhi’s visit to the city.

Sena leader Bal Thackeray has asked his workers to greet Gandhi with
black flags in protest against his statement that all places in India,
including Mumbai, belong to all Indians.

The Sena and its offshoot, the MNS, have been claiming that the city
is the exclusive preserve of the Marathi people.

Police have also beefed up security at the places that Gandhi is
scheduled to visit. Police chief D Sivanandhan said, “Gandhi will be
attending meetings at two places, one at Ramabai Nagar and the other
at Bhaidas Hall. Security and traffic arrangements have been made at
these places.”

About Shah Rukh Khan, who has also been a target of the Sena’s ire for
saying that Pakistani players ought to have been part of the Indian
Premier League’s third season, Sivanandhan said the actor was not in
the city and had not asked for security. “But we will be providing
security whether he demands it or not.”


...and I am Sid Harth
2010-02-05 06:16:29 UTC
Bangladeshis staying illegally in India should be sent back: Mohan
PTI Wednesday, February 3, 2010 23:43 IST

Panaji: Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) chief Mohan Bhagwat today
said Bangladeshis illegally staying in India should be sent back to
their countries.

Bhagwat, addressing a gathering of swayamsevaks in Goa, said the
government should identify and pick up Bangladeshis staying without
valid documents in the country and cancel their names from ration
cards and electoral roll, if required.

"There is provision in the law to form internment camps for these
illegal people to shelter them before being deported to their parent
country," he said. Referring to issue of illegal Bangladeshi
immigrants, Bhagwat termed it as a political plot of Bangladesh
government to add the territory to their mainland.

"The vision document prepared by Bangladesh after its separation from
Pakistan itself has mentioned that since the country is short of land,
it will try to acquire more land from neighbouring areas," he said.

"The government should at least now act against illegal migration by
keeping aside their vote bank politics or else the day will come when
they will get muscles in the political system," he warned.

Bhagwat is down in Goa for the first time after taking over as RSS
chief. "Join RSS and be the part of groups, who are ready for self
sacrifice for the country," Bhagwat appealed.

The RSS chief said that RSS cadres rushes for the rescue in any kind
of natural calamities or tragedies before even police or other
government machinery can reach.

"This is because of the strong feeling to serve the country, which is
nurtured in the heart of swayamsevak," he said.


RSS chief quotes Hollywood film to explain climate change
Published on : Wednesday 03 Feb 2010 22:06 - by IANS

Panaji, Feb 3 : Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) chief Mohan Bhagwat
is in sync with Hollywood. He tried to explain the perils of climate
change using the recent Hollywood blockbuster "2012" as an example at
a public meeting here Wednesday.

"Climate change is an issue which is in focus. Everyone says that if
it is not settled, then the world will end. People have even predicted
dates like Dec 21, 2012. Movies have been made and we watch it,"
Bhagwat said referring to the John Cusack-starrer Hollywood film,
which quotes an ancient Mayan calendar that predicts that the world
would end Dec 21, 2012.

"Of course, climate is a serious issue. But the world will not end
that way (as shown in the film), but it is a worrying thing. It
worries people when they see the movie," Bhagwat said, addressing a
few thousand uniformed RSS workers and the audience.

Underlining the importance of preserving the environment and
maintaining climatic balance, Bhagwat said that countries like the
Maldives and Nepal had already tried to convey the seriousness of the
issue by holding cabinet meetings under water and at Himalayan heights

Bhagwat said that the deteriorating climate situation demanded an
urgent switch in lifestyle and change from materialism and consumerism
to living in tune with nature.

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RSS chief visits Goa, pays tribute to freedom fighters


Panaji, Feb 3 (PTI) Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) chief Mohan
Bhagwat today paid tributes to martyrs and freedom fighters in Goa who
fought to liberate the state from Portuguese rule.

Bhagwat is on his first ever visit to Goa, where RSS has 100 branches
and claims to have 25,000 active swayamsevaks (volunteers).

The RSS chief would be addressing cadres this evening at Campal ground
in Panaji city.

In a brief ceremony held today at historic Azad Maidan here, Bhagwat
offered floral tribute at the memorial of freedom fighters.

Leader of Opposition Manohar Parrikar, BJP Member of Parliament Sripad
Naik, RSS's Goa chief Subhash Velingkar were among those present in
the ceremony.

RSS officials stated that there are around 100 shakhas (branches) of
the outfit in the state. RSS formally began its work in the state in


Friday, February 5, 2010

Parochial politics for fistful of votes

The ‘Mumbai for Mumbaikars’ chant of the Shiv Sena and MNS is driven
by vote-bank politics, says Kalyani Shankar

If anyone wonders what is happening in Maharashtra, the simple answer
is: “It is the Marathi vote, stupid!” The sudden spurt of violence and
“Mumbai for Mumbaikars” chorus by the two Senas — the Shiv Sena and
the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena — has entirely vitiated the atmosphere.

Unfortunately all political parties, including the BJP and the
Congress, are indulging in vote-bank politics. The ruling Congress is
unable to rein in the two Senas while the BJP, with the support of the
RSS, has taken on the Sena for the first time openly. In short, they
are all getting ready to face the 2012 Mumbai civic elections and also
the Bihar Assembly election.

The Shiv Sena lost Mumbai — its citadel — in the recent Assembly poll.
Mr Bal Thackeray is upset that his party did not win a single seat in
Mumbai and has lost Thane, which it had held for four decades. What
better way than to go back to the Marathi manoos?

For old-timers, it is a replay of the 1960s when the Shiv Sena was
formed with Mr Bal Thackeray asking the “lungiwallahs” to leave Mumbai
so that locals could get jobs. The trick was to publish the names of
south Indians from the telephone directory.

He was able to hold the attention of the youth for the past five
decades. In fact, Mr Bal Thackeray as well Mr Uddhav Thackeray, apart
from Mr Raj Thackeray who heads the MNS, fail to understand that the
character of Mumbai has changed radically. Mr Bal Thackeray is unable
to digest that his own nephew Mr Raj Thackeray, who is copying him to
the hilt, may overtake him.

The two Senas have held the city to ransom, some times attacking
Biharis, or Bangladeshis or Muslims, or film stars and even cricketers
all these years. They spread a message of hate and narrow
parochialism, which is abhorred by the rest of the country. Where were
they at the time of the 26/11 Mumbai terror attack? As Mr Rahul Gandhi
has said, it was the north Indians who saved Mumbai.

The Sena is an old and time-tested senior ally of the BJP for more
than 17 years. But ever since their humiliating defeat in last year’s
Assembly poll, the two parties have been sharpening their knives
against each other. The BJP feels that the MNS has damaged the Sena
while the Sena thinks that BJP workers did not work wholeheartedly.
With distrust growing gradually, the rift was bound to widen.

In the past the Shiv Sena has embarrassed the BJP by its strident
stand. For instance, the rift came to the fore when the Shiv Sena
chose to vote for Ms Pratibha Patil in the presidential election,
ignoring the BJP’s candidate, Mr Bhairon Singh Shekhawat. The BJP
supports statehood for Vidarbha while the Shiv Sena opposes it.

Mr Bal Thackeray his son believe in shocking people with their
parochial statements. The Sena had to backtrack when it took on
cricketer Sachin Tendulkar. Over the past few days Mr Bal Thackeray
has criticised Mr Mukesh Ambani and objected to Bollywood superstar
Shahrukh Khan’s statement on IPL ignoring Pakistani cricketers.

The BJP and the Shiv Sena have changed over the years. The BJP is a
national party while the Sena remains a regional party. The BJP had to
put its core issues on the back-burner while the Shiv Sena had no such
compulsion. There is a leadership change in the BJP whereas Mr Bal
Thackeray continues to retain his hold on the Shiv Sena.

The equation between the BJP and the Shiv Sena also has changed
gradually. There is a leadership change in the RSS too. By
coincidence, the RSS Sarsanghachalak, Mr Mohan Bhagwat, the BJP
president, Mr Nitin Gadkari, as well Mr Bal Thackeray belong to
Maharashtra. If it suits the Shiv Sena to play upon regional
sentiments, precisely for the same reason it does not suit the BJP or
the RSS to do so because of their pan-Indian outlook.

Yet, it needed Mr Mohan Bhagwat to step in and put things in
perspective following the latest spat over “Mumbai for Mumbaikars”. It
was Mr Bhagwat who called on the RSS cadre to protect north Indians in
Mumbai. The RSS and the BJP have a larger arena to cover in north
India. Maharashtra politics could have an impact in Bihar where
Assembly election is coming up. It is necessary for the BJP to keep
the JD(U) in the NDA.

The latest controversy, raked up by the Maharashtra Government’s move
to give new taxi permits only to those who know hoe to read, write and
speak Marathi shows the political game of the Congress. Chief minister
Ashok Chavan claims to have reversed the decision but the damage has
been done.

Why is the Maratha strongman and the NCP chief Sharad Pawar keeping
mum? Is the NCP hunting with the hounds and running with the hare? The
Centre and the State Government must wake up and restore normalcy in
Mumbai, and make sure that Indians can live anywhere in the country.


Being Indian
4 February 2010, 12:00am IST

More voices have joined the opposition to the exclusivist politics of
Shiv Sena and its breakaway group, Maharashtra Navnirman Sena.
Following statements from Mumbai civil society luminaries and the RSS
chief Mohan Bhagwat, senior politicians across political parties have
criticised Sena's myopic view of Mumbai as the exclusive preserve of
Marathi speakers. Their interventions are most welcome.

Among the latest critics of Sena's hate agenda is Congress general
secretary Rahul Gandhi. At a public interaction in Patna, Gandhi
asserted that every part of India belongs to every Indian. His
intervention prompted even Maharashtra Congress leaders, so far
conspicuous by their silence on Sena's hate politics, to talk about
the unity of the country and that everyone, irrespective of their
regional or linguistic origins, should get equal opportunities. These
leaders, especially since they run the government in Mumbai, must now
act on their words. However, Gandhi's political rhetoric regarding the
role of NSG commandos from UP and Bihar has created a controversy. A
headcount of the regional origins of those who fought to save Mumbai
is pointless. The only relevant point is that the nation was united in
repulsing the terrorist strike. Gandhi's logic limits the idea of
being Indian to a framework defined primarily by a citizen's response
to national security. National security is, of course, important. But
we need to go further and define citizenship in terms of rights
enshrined in the Constitution.

Interestingly, BJP president Nitin Gadkari invoked the constitutional
provisions that guaranteed the right of every Indian citizen to live
and work in any part of the country when he supported Bhagwat's
criticism of the Sena. On Tuesday, senior BJP leader Vinay Katiyar
reiterated Gadkari's view and argued that the BJP must rethink its
alliance with the Sena. According to Katiyar, the Sena's political
position threatens national unity. Language, he argued, can't be the
basis for discrimination or for attacking people and businesses. Wise
counsel, of course. We hope that Katiyar's and other sangh parivar
leaders' notion of national integration includes opposing all forms of
discrimination, not just on the basis of linguistic and regional
identities but religious as well.

That's possible if the Constitution is taken as the touchstone to
define the rights of an Indian citizen. The Constitution protects not
just the right of Indians to live and earn a livelihood anywhere in
the country but also the right to freedom of speech and expression.
Political parties like the Congress and the BJP must remind the Senas
that the threats issued to Shah Rukh Khan for speaking favourably
about Pakistani cricketers are unconstitutional and, hence,


A Game of Fear
Feb 05 :

"Sena thesis pernicious... all Indians are free to live and work in
Mumbai", says Union home minister Palaniappan Chidambaram. This was
the headline in most newspapers on Tuesday. We cannot, however, ignore
the fact that Mr Chidambaram’s denunciation

of the Shiv Sena-Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) campaign against non-
Marathis in Mumbai comes only after the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh
(RSS) chief, Mohan Bhagwat, came forward to denounce the "Mumbai for
Maharashtrians" theory of the two Senas. Mr Bhagwat’s denouncement is
significant because Bal Thackeray’s Shiv Sena is an ally of the
Bharatiya Janata Party for the elections in Maharashtra; despite that,
Mr Bhagwat refused to compromise and stands firmly by his nationalist

But Mr Chidambaram’s and the Congress leaders’ denouncements lack
credibility. Recently, the Congress chief minister of Maharashtra,
Ashok Chavan, stirred the political witch’s brew by first announcing
that only Marathi-knowing, long-term residents of Maharashtra would be
eligible for taxi-driver licences in the state capital. The Congress
Party headquarters did not express its displeasure immediately; it
waited for angry reactions to come in and then issued a statement
distancing itself from the move.

Next day, the Maharashtra chief minister retracted his statement and
amended the controversial license provision to include "any local
language, including Hindi and Gujarati". He, however, failed to add
what others have said, including cricket’s top star Sachin Tendulkar’s
statement that the nation welcomed with a rousing applause — that
India comes first, Maharashtra later.

Mr Chavan and the Congress leaders’ hypocrisy is all too evident — for
the TV cameras they say that Mumbai is open to all citizens of India
but what has their government, which has been ruling Maharashtra for
the last 10 years, done to secure that position? It is complete lack
of political will on the part of those in power that the lives and
limbs of Indian citizens working in Mumbai are not safe from thugs who
threaten to impose parochialism. It’s probably this weakness that
forced the RSS chief to declare that he would ask "swayam sevaks" to
protect Indian citizens from parochialism.

The insincerity of Mr Chavan and his party bosses in New Delhi is also
evident from their studied tepid response whenever their protégé Raj
Thackeray indulges in histrionics or mob tactics. Mr Raj Thackeray has
openly defied the law and threatened physical harm to migrant people
in the commercial capital of the country. His goons have damaged taxis
belonging to drivers from other states, beaten up migrants arriving in
Mumbai, and destroyed public property.

If you follow the way Mr Chavan and his Nationalist Congress Party
"Sancho Panza" tilt at the windmill of parochialism you would very
clearly see that the two have no interest in fighting this gathering
storm. Their immediate priority, probably, is to contain the Shiv Sena
by using the MNS against it.

What happens if this leads to competitive militancy as it did in
Punjab? Perhaps the Congress is not bothered about the long-term
impact as long as it can retain short-term gains. This alone can
explain its states falling over each other to define their regional
agenda and creating a scenario where the concept of India implodes and
dies. It is the same myopia that created a Frankenstein out of Sant
Bhindranwale in Punjab that is now drawing Maharashtra into the vortex
of a regional conflict.

The jinns are already out of the bottle in Mumbai. The competitive
militancy between the two Senas has now targeted Shah Rukh Khan, the
topmost star in Bollywood. Mr Khan has been open in condemning the
Indian Premier League’s (IPL) exclusion of Pakistani players. Several
others, including Mr Chidambaram, have not spared the IPL bosses for
their attitude towards the Pakistani players. But Mr Chidambaram
should be more concerned about how Mumbai law and order is being held
hostage by the two Senas and their diktat.

Can India survive if in its prime city what should or should not be
done is decided by

some political elements outside the government? The quiet submission
of Mumbai’s theatre owners to the threat from the Shiv Sena on playing
Mr Khan’s film has demonstrated that it is not the Mantralaya’s writ
that is running in the city. But this is, perhaps, the chicken coming
home to roost for the Congress which promoted Mr Raj Thackeray to
counter Mr Bal Thackeray.

This issue would provide yet another launching pad for the Shiv Sena
to extend its writ and erode public confidence in the state’s law and
order machinery. Also, for Mr Bal Thackeray it is politically
necessary to counter his rival Mr Raj Thackeray’s goons who are
clandestinely backed by the ruling Congress.

With hindsight we can now believe what was stated much earlier — that
Mr Chavan was deliberately stirring the pot when he suddenly announced
a month ago that the eligibility for taxi licenses would be changed to
favour Maharashtrians. This could put Mr Bal Thackeray’s Sena on the
defensive against Mr Raj Thackeray’s Sena. After all, the Congress is
bound to have the last laugh as the two Senas fight it out.

However, Mr Chavan’s calculations seem to have gone awry and Mumbai is
in the grip of a fear psychosis with the two Senas alternatively
calling the shots. Mr Chavan needs this sort of divisive politics as
his own throne is shaky. Former Maharashtra chief minister Vilasrao
Deshmukh has not forgiven Mr Chavan for marginalising him, not through
a trial of strength but through the blessings of the party high

The Deshmukh-Chavan rivalry forces the incumbent chief minister to
constantly stoke the fire to save his own skin by demonstrating to the
high command that he is in command and that he can play the
"Maharashtra for Maharashtrians" game through Mr Raj Thackeray’s MSN.
So while all this is in the "family", the victims are the people of
India — the environment in Mumbai cannot be allowed to be vitiated
without it affecting the economic growth of the entire country.

By Balbir K. Punj


Posted: Wed, Feb 3 2010. 9:45 PM IST
Economy and Politics

Shiv Sena risks isolating itself

Analysts say the BJP, which is preparing for the forthcoming assembly
election in Bihar, is considering a break from its state allies in
order to protect its support base and maintain its national party

Santosh K. Joy and Liz Mathew

New Delhi: Maharashtra’s main opposition party, the Shiv Sena, appears
to have risked isolating itself by antagonizing the Bharatiya Janata
Party (BJP), its ally of at least two decades, as it escalates its
rhetoric against north Indians and takes on the likes of Shah Rukh
Khan and Mukesh Ambani.

The BJP, which is preparing for the forthcoming assembly election in
politically crucial Bihar, is considering a break from its state
allies in order to protect its support base and maintain its national
party character, say analysts.

Also See The saffron vote split ( Graphic)

The Shiv Sena, founded by Bal Thackeray and currently led by son
Uddhav Thackeray, has been forced to take an extreme position because
of its frustration with the loss of vote share to breakaway group,
Maharashtra Navnirman Sena, which is headed by Raj Thackeray, nephew
to the older Thackeray.

Film star and team owner Khan has been targeted for his comments that
he regretted the omission of Pakistani cricketers from the Indian
Premier League. Others facing the party’s ire include Congress general
secretary Rahul Gandhi, Reliance Industries Ltd chairman Mukesh Ambani
and Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) chief Mohan Bhagwat for
criticising the Shiv Sena’s stance against north Indians.

With the aim of consolidating votes among ethnic Maharashtrians, the
Shiv Sena and MNS have been waging a campaign against north Indians,
especially those from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, accusing them of taking
away jobs from locals.

In the 13 October assembly election, the MNS won 12 seats, mainly in
the Mumbai-Thane region, a traditional Shiv Sena stronghold. The Shiv
Sena’s vote share has come down from 19.97% in 2004 to 16.26% in 2009,
as the MNS got 5.7% of the votes.

Mumbai-based psephologist and political analyst Jai Mrug says the
tirade by the Shiv Sena is a survival tactic.

“They are trying to reinforce their brand. The Shiv Sena and the MNS
are competing for the same space—Marathi pride,” Mrug said. “The Shiv
Sena needs to reinforce itself as a brand and it has to make value
statements very often, reminding the people about it.”

The timing of the campaign is crucial, said B. Venkatesh Kumar,
professor of political science at Mumbai University, coming ahead of
the golden jubilee of Maharashtra Day on 1 May, marking the
anniversary of the state’s creation.

The Shiv Sena came to prominence in the 1960s with its campaign
against south Indians, eventually dominating local elections. The
party gained wider support in the 1980s after it took on a Hindu
nationalist hue and allied with the BJP, coming to power in the state
in 1995.

This time, the targets don’t seem to be as willing to bend before the
Shiv Sena’s fury.

While Bollywood director Karan Johar chose to apologise to MNS chief
Raj Thackeray for using “Bombay” instead of “Mumbai” in his movie,
Khan said he would not retract his comments as he did not violate the
Indian constitution. Rahul Gandhi also criticized the parties for
their anti-north Indian stand, saying Mumbai belonged to all Indians.

The BJP also seems to be determined to stick to its stand, which
signals that it may be looking to exit from the alliance. “It is time
for the party to rethink its decades-old ties with the Shiv Sena,” BJP
general secretary Vinay Katiyar said.

Although a parting of ways may not happen soon, the BJP is preparing
the ground for snapping ties with the Shiv Sena, said Mrug. “There are
two reasons for that—the current president Nitin Gadkari is not very
comfortable with the Shiv Sena and there is a larger thinking in the
BJP that it has lost its initiative to grow in many states because of
its junior partners,” he added.


Ruhi Tewari also contributed to this story.

Graphic by Ahmed Raza Khan / Mint


...and I am Sid Harth
2010-02-05 06:24:36 UTC
Chidambaram acting as Pak Home Minister: Sena

Posted: Feb 04, 2010 at 1159 hrs IST

Mumbai After entering into a war of words with Congress General
Secretary Rahul Gandhi and Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan, Shiv Sena
Executive President Uddhav Thackeray has attacked Union Home Minister
P Chidambaram for acting as Pakistan's Home Minister.

Clarifying his party's stand on various issues, including the
controversy over Marathi Manoos, Thackeray said, "Rahul should not
interfere in Marathi affairs. Rahul should stop all this or we won't
allow him into Mumbai."

Over the Sena's issue with actor Shah Rukh Khan, Thackeray said, "We
have no issues against Shah Rukh Khan's film (My Name is Khan) and
neither have we told any theatre owner not to show his film."

"Our problem is with his stand on Pakistani players. It is up to him
now whether to change his stand or stick to it," he added.

Uddhav also criticized Maharashtra Chief Minister Ashok Chavan for not
fighting for Maharashtra like the other CMs did in the past.

Thackeray said, "I am ashamed of Chief Minister Ashok Chavan."

Shiv Sena supremo Bal Thackeray had on Wednesday hit back at Rahul
Gandhi's ''Mumbai for all Indians'' comment by saying Mumbai may
belong to all Indians, but how can it belong to an Italian mummy.

In a statement in the party mouthpiece ''Saamna'', Thackeray said,
"Mumbai was not a guesthouse of the country that anyone comes to
Mumbai and leaves."

Mumbai belongs to Maharashtra and Marathi people, Thackeray said, and
added, "If anyone is going to murder this truth, he will have to face
weapons of Maharashtra."

Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday criticized both the Shiv Sena and the
Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) for their unwarranted attacks on
north Indians, and said that every inch of India belongs to each and
every Indian.


...and I am Sid Harth
2010-02-05 06:26:47 UTC
Sena's black carpet for Rahul in Mumbai today

Express news service
Posted: Feb 05, 2010 at 0416 hrs IST

New Delhi Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray has directed partymen to show
black flags to Rahul Gandhi when he visits Mumbai on Friday in protest
against his Mumbai-for-all comment.

The Sena moves have prompted Chief Minister Ashok Chavan to send out a
clear warning to “those who try to take the law into their hands”.
Making it clear that his government was monitoring every move, he said
the police would do whatever is needed to keep the peace.

With the Sena and Congress locked in a war of words over the issue of
migrants in Mumbai, Sena executive president Uddhav Thackeray on
Thursday questioned the timing of Rahul Gandhi’s visit.

“What was the need for this visit now? There may be elections in
Bihar, but we will not tolerate anything spoken against Mumbai and
Marathi pride,” he said.

Rahul had taken on the Sena, underlining that Mumbai was for all
Indians and people had the right to go anywhere. Bal Thackeray
retaliated with personal attacks, calling him “totally frustrated”.

On his visit tomorrow, Rahul will interact with college students at
the Bhaidas Hall in suburban Vile Parle and then go to Ramabai Nagar
slum colony in Ghatkopar.


...and I am Sid Harth
2010-02-06 12:40:39 UTC
Mock funeral procession of Bal Thackeray taken out
TNN, 5 February 2010, 10:52pm IST

ALLAHABAD: Condemning the anti-national statements of Shiv Sena
supremo Bal Thackeray, angry Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad
activists took out a mock funeral procession of Thackeray from
University Road crossing to Katra on Friday.

Flaying the Sena chief, member ABVP executive committee member, Sudhir
Kesarwani said that Bal Thackeray was stooping to a very low level by
issuing such statements which was a reflection of his low mindset. "He
has attacked the unity and integrity of the country by talking of
regional culture and language. It seems that a rat race is going on
between Raj Thackeray and Bal Thackeray for issuing inflammatory
statements against the North Indians in the name of 'Marathi manus'.
They strike at North Indians at the earliest opportunity," he added.

District general secretary, Shyam Prakash Pandey said: "Bal Thackeray
is hurting the sentiments of common man by his divisive propaganda. He
is raising a question mark on the integrity of the country and
forgetting the fact that Marathi Manus is an Indian first," he said.

He added that by bypassing the Indian constitution he is resorting to
the divide and rule policy of former governor general of British
India, Lord Dalhousie.


I have not said anything wrong: SRK
PTI, 6 February 2010, 02:15pm IST

MUMBAI: Under attack from Shiv Sena, Shah Rukh Khan on Saturday said
it was sad that his remarks on Pakistani cricketers in IPL have been
misconstrued but ruled out meeting Bal Thackeray on his own to sort
out the controversy. ( Watch Video )

"I think what I said has been misconstrued. I am pro good relationship
with countries. I am not pro some other country and not my own
country. How is it possible?" he told reporters outside the airport on
his arrival from London amid tight security.

Asked if he would go to 'Matoshree', home of Shiv Sena chief Bal
Thackeray, who has been attacking the actor for his comments on the
non-inclusion of Pakistani players in the 3rd edition of IPL, to
explain his position, the actor said Bal Thackeray was a senior leader
and he had gone to his residence whenever he was called.

"I have been there so often. Yes, I would like to go and have drink
with him. But on this matter, I don't see....there is no reason for
going and asking....but if my stand needs to be explained to someone,
I have already done it. I don't think there is an issue on that
front," Khan said.

But the 44-year-old actor, whose upcoming film 'My Name Is Khan' faces
threat from Sena supporters, also added that "If there is any
misunderstanding. Let's be gracious and let's talk it out,".

Against the backdrop of the controversy over "Mumbai belongs to all
Indians", Khan said, "I haven’t said anything wrong. I only said what
every Indian should say. It is in the constitution. I don't want to
use big words. If I say anything it will be misconstrued and turned

"I am what I am because of Mumbai and I would like everyone in Mumbai
to be happy. I think what is happening is very unfortunate. I think
all the groups also want Mumbaikars to be happy then why create this
kind of atmosphere."

On why his team Kolkata Knight Riders did not pick up Pakistani
players, the megastar said, "there was only one slot available and
nobody told us to take or not take Pakistani players. We also have to
take into consideration the prevailing atmosphere."

To a question on how he felt about ringing the bell in NASDAQ, Khan
said, "It was a great honour. I felt very proud as an Indian. It was a
recognition but also I was the right person at the right moment."

Khan and Kajol, his co-star in the film, became the first Bollywood
stars to ring the opening bell of NASDAQ, the world's biggest stock
exchange. The honour is usually reserved for CEOs of major

The actor arrived here with Kajol and Karan Johar after promoting the
film in New York, London and Berlin. The trio returned home after a
globe-trotting mission to promote the film, which is set to hit the
screens on February 12.


Sena calls SRK a 'traitor', but not to stop his film
PTI, 6 February 2010, 11:46am IST

MUMBAI: Stepping up its vitriolic attack on Shah Rukh Khan, Shiv Sena
on Saturday branded the actor as a "traitor" for his comments on
Pakistani cricketers' participation in IPL but in a U-turn said it
will not oppose the screening of his new film 'My Name is Khan'.

"Let Shah Rukh release the film with the blessings of the Italian
woman (Sonia Gandhi) and Yuvraj (Rahul Gandhi) without any protection
and let it run in any theatre anywhere in the country. Sena will not
oppose it," Sena chief Bal Thackeray said in an editorial in party
mouthpiece 'Saamana'.

The Sena had earlier threatened to stall the release of the film in
the metropolis where posters of the movie were pulled down and theatre
owners warned against its screening.

"A Khan named Shah Rukh tells us to love Pakistan but nobody feels
suffocated due to his treachery," he said.

"Traitors, do whatever you want to do with the blessings of Congress.
Sena won't stop you. Why should the heads of Shiv Sainiks bleed and
they be jailed without any reason," the editorial said.

"We banned Pakistani cricketers despite the fact that we are cricket
lovers. The ban is because of Pakistan's support to terror acts in
India, including 26/11 Mumbai attacks," Thackeray said.

Shah Rukh who supports Pakistan gets protection, the editorial added.

Unfazed by the Sena threat, the actor stuck to his stand that
Pakistani players should have been included in the upcoming IPL and
that "Mumbai is for all Indians".


The game is changing, Balasaheb
6 February 2010, 12:34pm IST

In less than 40 years, well within Uddhav and Raj Thackeray's life
times, nearly 900 million Indians will be living in cities, according
to a UN report on global urbanisation. That adds up to 55 per cent of
the population. The numbers are driven by large-scale migration from
villages to cities.

What does that mean for sectarian parties like the Shiv Sena or the
Maharashtra Navnirman Sena? Or for a party like the KRV ( Karnataka
Rakshana Vedike), the self-styled custodian of the rights of native
Kannadigas? In Bangalore , which is yet another migrant haven,
Kannadigas are now down to just 35 per cent of the six million

The noises that the leaders of such insular parties make may seem
unseemly. But when old majorities turn new minorities, they too
deserve protection of their rights. The problem is, how? Should
sectarian parties be allowed to assume the mantle of the guardian
angel or should the government step in and equip their constituencies
- the sons of the soil - to meet the demands of survival's new

Whatever the answer, the players of such parties - and the Thackerays
lead the list - whose compulsions of immediate gratification may
outweigh the desire for long term political satisfaction - need to
decipher the writing on the wall. They do themselves no favour holding
on to the notion that an already migrant-managed city, say, Mumbai, is
the exclusive preserve of the Marathi-speaking population, if only
because the city's demographic composition has changed.

Parties like the Sena might shout down and terrorise a Karan Johar for
referring to Mumbai as Bombay in his movie. Or pull down the posters
of a Shah Rukh Khan, who believes Mumbai is for all Indians. Or
derisively refer to Sonia Gandhi's Italian origin to get at Rahul
Gandhi who speaks up for Biharis in Mumbai. But the fact is, in both
entertainment and finance, two businesses that define Mumbai, the
great majority of players are non-Marathis . If the environment is
increasingly hostile to their trades and they eventually pull out, the
city will be just another port, with fishing on the side.

The question then is, are those parties pushing a narrow , divisive
agenda ready for the future when their sons would prefer a different
kind of soil to strike roots? It seems not. Already, the lower middle
class, which forms the substantive base of Bal Thackeray's Shiv Sena
and Raj Thackeray's MNS, are showing signs of change in their
aspirations. Look, for instance, at schools. In a typical trend, last
year alone, the Sena-dominated BMC has had to shut down 27 Marathi-
medium schools in the city for lack of students.

Across the state, too, there is a steep drop in the number of people
who say Marathi is their mother tongue. The Economic Survey of
Maharshtra, 2008-09 estimates close to a eight per cent drop in that
segment from 76.5 to 68.8 per cent. There could be a host reasons for
this. But a major one seems to be that India is on the move.

The idea of language as the organising principle of the state or
territory is likely to take a few good knocks in the next few decades
as various ethnic and language groups span out in their search for
greener pastures. But, as the UN report indicates, the booming cities
of India will host the most.

Clearly, while the Thackeray clan has been straining its vocal chords
and waving sticks at migrants from other states by way of championing
an insular politics, its own depleting ranks have grown wiser to the
ways of the world.

The cultural and social aspirations of the natives have made them
realise that the future is global in size and shape and that the
language of conversation of the Fortune 500 is English. Clearly, the
format of the game is changing in the big cities of India. But parties
like the Sena are playing to old rules. The Thackerays need to adapt
and evolve - just like the people they represent.


Mumbai and 370
Jug Suraiya,
02 February 2010, 08:54 PM IST

The Shiv Sena-sangh parivar spat about who has the right to live and
work in Mumbai with the Sena claiming that the city be reserved
exclusively for Marathi manoos and the RSS and the BJP counter-
claiming that the metropolis should be home to any Indian who chooses
to make it home has taken a curious turn.

The BJP has likened the Sena's stance to Article 370, which disallows
non-Kashmiri Indians from buying immovable property in Kashmir, which
is anathema to both parties. Apart from the Sainiks, the comparison
will also put a lot of liberals in a bind. If Mumbai ought to be open
to all and all liberals will emphatically endorse that view, even at
the discomfiture of for once having to side with the despised parivar
why shouldn't Kashmir have a similar open-door policy for all

The old argument that Article 370 of the Constitution was specifically
put in to recognise and preserve Kashmir's 'special' status has worn
thin over the years. Instead of enabling that beleaguered state to
become part of the so-called national mainstream, the 'special' status
that it supposedly enjoys under Article 370 has, if anything, only
served to entrench separatism in the Valley. The 'protection' that
Article 370 affords Kashmiris has been made into a cruel mockery by
the plight of thousands of Kashmiri Pandits who out of fear of
extremist menace have been driven into exile in other parts of the
country, and whose fate has largely been overlooked by successive
central governments.

The sangh parivar has long opposed Article 370. Now, by juxtaposing
Mumbai with 370 and, in effect, with Kashmir the saffronites have
added considerable force to their argument. What will or what can the
liberal and secular response be?

To say that the two cases of Mumbai and of Kashmir are very different
is only to state the obvious. Of course they are very different;
historically, politically, demographically, you name it. But equally
without question they are both integrally a part of India. So, 60
years after the founding of the republic, shouldn't the basis of their
'Indianness' be the same, in terms of rights of residence and the
acquisition of property?

The parivar's game plan which the secular-liberals have so far
thwarted has been to 'saffronise' the Valley through mass Hindu
migration and so resolve the so-called 'Kashmir problem' once and for
all. The liberal quandary now is how to continue to make a special
case for Kashmir while siding, however uncomfortably, with the
parivar's assertion that all of India should be equally hospitable to
all Indians.

All the parties concerned the Shiv Sena, the sangh parivar, the
Congress and other self-styled 'secularists' are playing vote-bank
politics with an eye to their respective constituencies. Like
everything else from disinvestment and other economic reforms to Indo-
Pak relations it all boils down to vote-catching politics. Except that
in this case - the case of Mumbai-Kashmir, or Mumbai 370, if you like
it's not just a single or even a set of policies that is at stake but
the very essence of the republic, of its pluralistic heart and soul.
With or without economic reforms, India can - and indeed has for all
these years survived. So has it survived ups and downs, war and peace,
with its neighbours and with other powers. But can India survive as
India if Indianness is made subservient to regionalism, be it in the
name of Marathi manoos or the Kashmiri ethos?

If Kashmir is only for Kashmiris, then what's wrong with the demand of
the Thackerays, Bal and Raj, that Mumbai should only be for Marathis?
Similarly, should Assam be only for the Assamese, Bengal for the
Bengalis, and so on, till nothing remains of India but a name and a
tattered rag that once was the proud tricolour?

The Sena-parivar shouting match has opened a can of worms. All 370 of


Don't ask SRK to leave, freedom fighter to Sena
IANS, 6 February 2010, 10:21am IST

NEW DELHI: The Shiv Sena has no right to ask Shah Rukh Khan to go to
Pakistan, says 83-year-old freedom fighter Trilochan Singh, pointing
out that the Bollywood superstar's father was a prominent Quit India
movement activist who chose to migrate to Delhi from Peshawar during

"It is so ironical and tragic that the Shiv Sena which didn't do
anything during the freedom struggle is asking Shah Rukh to leave,"
said Singh, who had joined the Quit India movement along with the
actor's father, Taj Mohammad Mir, in Peshawar, which now lies in

"What is important here is that we were Hindus and we quit Pakistan,
but here was a Muslim who chose to come to India. How can the Shiv
Sena tell Shah Rukh, whose whole family was involved in the freedom
fight, to go to Pakistan?" agonised Singh while talking exclusively to

Shiv Sena activists are seeking an apology from Shah Rukh over his
remarks against the exclusion of Pakistani players from the Indian
Premier League and have threatened to ban his upcoming release, "My
Name Is Khan" in Mumbai theatres if he doesn't retract his statement.

They demonstrated in front of his house, carrying what they called was
a ticket to Pakistan.

"Both I and Shah Rukh's father Taj Mohammad are from Peshawar
(Pakistan). We were involved in the Quit India movement. Taj
Mohammad's elder brother Ghulam Mohammad Gama was an illustrious
freedom fighter in Peshawar. And that's how Taj Mohammad got

"Both Taj and I were around the same age. We used to be popular
teenage public speakers. Both of us got arrested," said Singh, a
Congress member who once worked closely with former prime minister
Indira Gandhi and accompanied her during elections.

"After matriculation I moved to Lahore and there I revived the Quit
India movement among the students. I was arrested in Lahore and
finally I was exiled from Punjab. So I came back to Peshawar."

"Taj was born and brought up in Peshawar. They had a business in Qissa
Khwani Bazaar. It is still the main maret in Peshawar. We carried on
the Quit India movement. Taj Mohammad and Ghulam Mohammad were
prominent participants in the movement."

Singh said that after independence, Shah Rukh's father was one of the
few Muslims who decided to leave Pakistan and settle in India.

"After independence, I came to Delhi. Incidentally Taj also came to
Delhi. He was one of the few Muslims who migrated to India from

"The Shiv Sena and Bal Thackeray had nothing to do with the freedom
struggle and they are asking Shah Rukh to go back to Pakistan. It's
very shameful for Shiv Sena leaders. They are saying it because he is
a Muslim. I think we all Indians owe it to our freedom that the Shiv
Sena should not get away with such statements," Trilochan Singh told

Singh is not too active in politics any more and is more involved in
cultural activities. He is the secretary of Heritage Society of India
and also chairman of the Dr.Shroff Charity Eye Hospital in Darya


Oppose Sena by mobilising people, not violence: Rahul
PTI, 6 February 2010, 03:51pm IST

EDATHALA (KERALA): After taking on the Shiv Sena on its home turf for
"Mumbai for Marathis" campaign, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on
Saturday said the Sainiks should be opposed by mobilising people and
not by violence.

Taking potshots at the Sena protest, he said there were 15 to 20 Shiv
Sena workers with black flags when he boarded the suburban trains in
Mumbai on Friday but there were thousands of people to support him.

"This is how we should oppose them. We should oppose them not by
violence but by mobilising people," he told student leaders during an
unannounced brief visit here.

Ignoring the protest by Shiv Sainiks, Gandhi had on Friday hopped onto
Mumbai local trains abandoning his motorcade to make a last minute
detour through the bastions of the Saffron outfit which had asked its
cadres to greet him with black flags for opposing its "Mumbai for
Marathis" campaign.

"India belongs to all Indians. If you are an Indian, you can live in
any part of the country as you live in your state ... whether you are
a Keralite or Tamilian or Punjabi. It doesn't matter," Gandhi said.

The Congress leader, who is trying to woo youth through interactions
country-wide, stressed the need to strengthen student organisations by
mobilising more workers.


Thank the Thackerays: Mumbai pushing investments to Gujarat
TNN, 4 February 2010, 05:00am IST

AHMEDABAD: Hardik Shah, who deals in real estate in Vapi town of south
Gujarat, is a busy man these days. Vapi has been a favourite location
for industrialists from Mumbai who want to set up plants in Gujarat
because they find the state more investor friendly.

On Wednesday, he was with a client near Sanjan trying to identify land
for a medium-sized petrochemical unit. “Of late, inquiries from Mumbai
have increased substantially for suitable land near Maharashtra’s
border with Gujarat. These people are upset with parochialism in and
around Mumbai,” says Shah.

Obviously, Amitabh Bachchan is not the only Mumbaikar who is rooting
for Gujarat. The shrill tone of ‘Amchi Mumbai’ is driving investments
towards Gujarat. S Sukeja, director of a firm which makes cranes,
says, “Though we are based in Mumbai and we had planned some expansion
in Thane, we have now decided to relocate the new unit to Gujarat.”

This, according to government officials, has pushed up realty prices
by at least 10 to 15 per cent in just the last two weeks. “Normally,
realty deals in Gujarat take place only after Uttarayan. But the
trouble in Mumbai has only spurred interest here,” a collector of a
south Gujarat district told TOI.

“Of late, investors from Mumbai and Hyderabad have come here due to
political disturbances there,” said Jaxay Shah, president of
Confederation of Real Estate Developers’ Associations of India
(CREDAI), Gujarat chapter.

That this should happen in a year when both states are celebrating
their golden jubilee is also significant. The hype around Swarnim
Gujarat is creating an air of positivity around the state at a time
when its neighbour is trying to slam the doors on ‘outsiders’.

So, be it a large infrastructure firm, which is planning to shift a
substantial part of their operations from Mumbai to south Gujarat, or
a leading company that is close to setting up a steel plant in the
state instead of Maharashtra, the list is growing long.

“The number of inquiries from companies in Maharashtra has certainly
gone up in the past one year ever since the Marathi ‘manoos’ thing
started,” say senior state government officials. “Some of these
investors are of course Gujaratis who are feeling increasingly
uncomfortable in the neighbouring state,” he said.


SRK on Sena threat: 'If there is an issue, sort it out with me'
IANS, 4 February 2010, 10:32am IST

WASHINGTON: In the eye of a storm over his criticism of exclusion of
Pakistani cricketers from a major tournament, Bollywood superstar Shah
Rukh Khan is hoping Shiv Sena ire against him would not be visited on
his new film. ( Watch Video )

"If there is an issue with me you have to sort it out with me and talk
to me about my ideology," he said over the phone from New York where
he was to promote his new film "My Name Is Khan".

"As far as the film is concerned, that is an incidental thing.
According to me, that's not something they should take their ire
against and hopefully they won't and nobody will and it will release
and, inshallah, people will like it," he said.

"I have nothing to respond," said Shah Rukh when asked about Shiv
Sena's threat to disrupt the screening of the film if he did not
apologise for speaking against the exclusion of Pakistani cricketers
from the Indian Premier League (IPL).

"I don't even understand what 'My Name Is Khan' has got to do with
what I say," he said.

"You know 'My Name Is Khan' is not only my film. It has got Kajol and
Karan (Johar) and hundred and fifty other people whose livelihood
depends on that."

"And if there is an issue with me you have to sort it out with me and
talk to me about my ideology," said Shah Rukh, who owns the Kolkata
Knight Riders team, while sticking to his guns on the issue.

"I have no take on anybody's statement" he said referring to Shiv Sena
leaders' criticism of his views. "I can only do a take on my
statement. And what I say and what everyone believes in... what I say
that we are Indians and we should have everyone like to live freely
and happily and be good."

"And so there is nothing new, we learnt it in class three civics books
till I finished my masters that this is what I was taught by my
parents and my mom."

"And I don't know what the issue is really. I mean what is wrong in
saying what I say that everyone is welcome to my country and I welcome
them with open arms, whether it's art, culture, sport, politics... you
know, whatever."

"Everyone has got the right to do what they wish to do in our country.
That's why it's the biggest democracy apparently," Shah Rukh said.


Rahul Gandhi in Sena's bastion Mumbai today
AGENCIES, 5 February 2010, 01:15pm IST

MUMBAI: Ignoring protests by Shiv Sena, Rahul Gandhi on Friday took a
local train from suburban Andheri to Dadar in central Mumbai after
dropping his plans to visit a slum in Ghatkopar by a helicopter.
( Watch Video )

An SPG protectee, the Congress leader, accompanied by the newly-
appointed Indian Youth Congress president Rajeev Satav and party MP
Jitendra Singh, disembarked at Dadar, a Shiv Sena stronghold, from
where he took another train on way to Ghatkopar, an eastern suburb.

Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray has issued a diktat to his supporters to
greet Gandhi with black flags during his Mumbai visit to protest his
"Mumbai for all Indians" remark. Scores of Sena supporters were
rounded up while staging protests in the city.

According to Mumbai Youth Congress president Sunil Ahire, Gandhi was
slated to board a chopper at Vile Parle and land in Vikhroli to avoid
any incident, but changed his mind midway.

Rahul, who is on a day-long visit to the city, was accompanied by his
security personnel.

The city witnessed a curfew-like atmosphere with tight security in the
Shiv Sena bastion. ( Watch Video )

Rahul Gandhi landed at the Santa Cruz Old Airport in Juhu at about
11.20am and drove to the Bhaidas Hall, barely a kilometre away, where
he was scheduled to address 1,100 college students and youth.

A couple of kilometres from Bhaidas Hall, a group of women activists
led by Shiv Sena corporator Rajul Patel attempted to break the
security barricades but they were whisked off to the police station
and put under detention.

Violating prohibitory orders, Shiv Sainiks had also gathered in large
groups in Andheri, Vile Parle, Jogeshwari and Ghatkopar.

Waiting to receive him were chief minister Ashok Chavan, Mumbai
Pradesh Congress Committee office-bearers, local elected
representatives and other prominent persons.

There were heavy security arrangements that saw traffic being stopped
in and around the Juhu-Vile Parle area.

The Mumbai Police efforts were supplemented by commandos of the
National Security Guard (NSG), Rapid Action Force and other forces.

After his brief visit, lasting just about four hours, Rahul Gandhi is
scheduled to go to Pondicherry.


Uddhav after Rahul visit: Mumbai under Mussolini raj
IANS, 5 February 2010, 06:35pm IST

MUMBAI: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi's visit exemplified the
"Mussolini" rule in Maharashtra that prevented Shiv Sena workers from
exercising their democratic right of protest, the saffron party's
leader Uddhav Thackeray said here Friday. ( Watch Video )

Referring to the tight security blanket thrown for Rahul Gandhi's four-
hour trip, Thackeray said Shiv Sainiks all over the city were
prevented from their democratic right of protesting by waving black

"This shows what kind of a 'Mussolini' raj is prevalent in
Maharashtra," Thackeray said, referring to the Italian dictator and
Rahul Gandhi's mother Sonia Gandhi's Italian origins.

He described Chief Minister Ashok Chavan of the Congress as "a
watchman" for waiting nearly an hour-and-a-half under a tree in
Ghatkopar to receive Rahul Gandhi. In an unexpected change of plan,
the Congress general secretary decided to take local trains instead of
the helicopter to commute about the city.

Referring to Rahul Gandhi withdrawing cash from a bank ATM near
Andheri railway station to buy a second class suburban train ticket,
Uddhav Thackeray said it was expected.

"Mumbai means Delhi's ATM," Uddhav said, implying that the city was
allegedly being exploited by the rulers in Delhi for its wealth.


...and I am Sid Harth
2010-02-06 12:48:46 UTC
Youth Congress workers burn Bal Thackeray's posters

Vadodara, Feb 5 (PTI)

Members of Youth Congress today burnt the posters of Shiv Sena chief
Bal Thackeray on the Rajmahal road here to protest his "parochial
statements" on Mumbai.

Former president of the Youth Congress city unit Narendra Rawat said
they would intensify their agitation if Thackeray did not stop
attacking non-Marathis staying in Mumbai. "Mumbai belongs to India and
every Indian has a right to settle there," he added.

Rawat lauded AICC general secretary Rahul Gandhi for visiting Mumbai
despite threat from Thackeray saying Rahul has won the hearts of
Indian People including Mumbaikars by visiting the city and defeated
"evil designs" of Thackeray.


'SRK can place views before Balasaheb'
India Blooms News Service

Mumbai, Feb 6 (IBNS)

Shiv Sena executive president Uddhav Thackeray Saturday said Bollywood
actor Shah Rukh Khan can meet party supremo Balasaheb Thackeray and
place his views before him over the ongoing issues.

"We have not spoken to Shah Rukh as yet. If he feels he has made a
mistake he can come and place his views before Balasaheb. Shiv Sainiks
will react based on their own anger,” Thackeray told reporters here.

Meanwhile, SRK arrived here from London on Saturday amid unprecedented
security arrangements amid fears of a Shiv Sena protest and said he
would call on the Sena chief if invited.

"Let's be gracious. Let's talk it out. I am pro-relationship. I have
always gone and met Balasaheb Thackeray whenever he called. I have
been to his functions," he told newspersons jostling outside the
airport here for his bytes.

Shiv Sena has softened its stand on SRK apparently and has not issued
any instruction to protest.

SRK said he would not go and meet Sena chief just for this reason
(protest against his new film) on his own but he respects a senior
leader like Bal Thackeray and would love to meet him if asked.

"I am what I am for Mumbai. I want every Mumbaikar to be happy.
Mumbaikars want me to be happy. It (Mumbai) has given me more reasons
to celebrate," SRK said.

SRK also clarified his stand on non-inclusion of Pakistani players in
his Kolkata Knight Riders team saying there was only one slot
available for his team at the auction (in which all Pakistani players
were ignored by all IPL teams).

"There was only one slot available and you cannot take more than that.
We wanted Abdul Razzaq but there are rules," he said dismissing that
the rejection of Pakistani players was preplanned.

SRK arrive to heavy security outside the airport and the route to his
bungalow Mannat.

No Shiv Sena supporters were spotted outside the airport or anywhere
else in Mumbai to show protest against the actor who refused to
apologise to the outfit for his stance on inclusion of Pakistani
players in the Indian Premier League (IPL), but police took no

Shahrukh Khan's costar in the film My Name is Khan, Kajol, also
arrived with him and she headed home. Kajol had also slammed the Shiv
Sena on her Twitter post.

A day before, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi also stumped the Shiv Sena
by moving around freely in Mumbai and even travelling in a local train
despite plans to show him black flags and disrupt his schedule for his
"Mumbai for all Indians" stance.

Pushed to the wall by opposition from all quarters, the Shiv Sena
apparently decided to back away from their plan to disrupt the release
of My Name is Khan in Mumbai.

In an editorial in the party mouthpiece Saamna published Saturday,
Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray said his party would not oppose the
release of My Name is Khan, which brings together the hit pair of SRK
and Kajol after eight years.

"Shah Rukh Khan is a traitor but we will not oppose his film,"
Thackeray reportedly said.

The party had earlier planned to oppose the release of this film.

Shiv Sena would also not be protesting the inclusion of Australian
players in the third edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL),
reports added.


I will go if Sena chief calls: SRK
India Blooms News Service

Mumbai, Feb 6 (IBNS):

Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan arrived here from London on Saturday
amid unprecedented security arrangements amid fears of a Shiv Sena
protest and said he would call on the Sena chief if invited.

"Let's be gracious. Let's talk it out. I am pro-relationship. I have
always gone and met Balasaheb Thackeray whenever he called. I have
been to his functions," he told newspersons jostling outside the
airport here for his bytes.

Shiv Sena has softened its stand on SRK apparently and has not issued
any instruction to protest.

SRK said he would not go and meet Sena chief just for this reason
(protest against his new film) on his own but he respects a senior
leader like Bal Thackeray and would love to meet him if asked.

"I am what I am for Mumbai. I want every Mumbaikar to be happy.
Mumbaikars want me to be happy. It (Mumbai) has given me more reasons
to celebrate," SRK said.

SRK also clarified his stand on non-inclusion of Pakistani players in
his Kolkata Knight Riders team saying there was only one slot
available for his team at the auction (in which all Pakistani players
were ignored by all IPL teams).

"There was only one slot available and you cannot take more than that.
We wanted Abdul Razzaq but there are rules," he said dismissing that
the rejection of Pakistani players was preplanned.

SRK arrive to heavy security outside the airport and the route to his
bungalow Mannat.

No Shiv Sena supporters were spotted outside the airport or anywhere
else in Mumbai to show protest against the actor who refused to
apologise to the outfit for his stance on inclusion of Pakistani
players in the Indian Premier League (IPL), but police took no

Shahrukh Khan's costar in the film My Name is Khan, Kajol, also
arrived with him and she headed home. Kajol had also slammed the Shiv
Sena on her Twitter post.

A day before, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi also stumped the Shiv Sena
by moving around freely in Mumbai and even travelling in a local train
despite plans to show him black flags and disrupt his schedule for his
"Mumbai for all Indians" stance.

Pushed to the wall by opposition from all quarters, the Shiv Sena
apparently decided to back away from their plan to disrupt the release
of My Name is Khan in Mumbai.

In an editorial in the party mouthpiece Saamna published Saturday,
Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray said his party would not oppose the
release of My Name is Khan, which brings together the hit pair of SRK
and Kajol after eight years.

"Shah Rukh Khan is a traitor but we will not oppose his film,"
Thackeray reportedly said.

The party had earlier planned to oppose the release of this film.

Shiv Sena would also not be protesting the inclusion of Australian
players in the third edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL),
reports added.


Shahrukh arrives Mumbai to heavy security
India Blooms News Service

Mumbai, Feb 6 (IBNS):

Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan arrived here from London amid
unprecedented security arrangements outside the airport and the route
to his bungalow Mannat.

Initial reports said no Shiv Sena supporters were spotted outside the
airport or anywhere else in Mumbai to show protest against the actor
who refused to apologise to the outfit for his stance on inclusion of
Pakistani players in the Indian Premier League (IPL), but police took
no chances.

Shahrukh Khan's costar in the film My Name is Khan, Kajol, also
arrived with him and she headed home. Kajol had also slammed the Shiv
Sena on her Twitter post.

A day before, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi also stumped the Shiv Sena
by moving around freely in Mumbai and even travelling in a local train
despite plans to show him black flags and disrupt his schedule for his
"Mumbai for all Indians" stance.

Pushed to the wall by opposition from all quarters, the Shiv Sena
apparently decided to back away from their plan to disrupt the release
of My Name is Khan in Mumbai.

According to TV reports, in an editorial in the party mouthpiece
Saamna published Saturday, Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray said his
party would not oppose the release of My Name is Khan, which brings
together the hit pair of SRK and Kajol after eight years.

"Shah Rukh Khan is a traitor but we will not oppose his film,"
Thackeray reportedly said.

The party had earlier planned to oppose the release of this film.

Shiv Sena would also not be protesting the inclusion of Australian
players in the third edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL),
reports added.


State must act on SRK issue: Benegal
India Blooms News Service

Mumbai, Feb 4 (IBNS)

Veteran filmmaker Shyam Benegal on Thursday said the government in
Maharashtra must step in on the matter of a Shiv Sena threat to stop
release of actor Shahrukh Khan’s new movie My Name is Khan in Mumbai.

Shahrukh Khan has refused to apologise to Shiv Sena for his comments
in support of Pakistani players' induction in the Indian Premier
League (IPL).

Benegal reacted sharply to the question of a Bollywood disunity on the
issue when quizzed by a TV channel, saying: “United to do what? Form a
vigilante group? What are you talking about?”

“The state must step into this immediately. The state has enough
power,” he said.

“Why is the state not doing anything,” he asked.

While Shiv Sena has vowed to prevent the release of My Name is Khan in
Mumbai on the scheduled release date on Feb 12, the King Khan said he
did apologise to his business partners because he felt his comments
will have an adverse effect on the business of the film.

The Maharashtra government has said it would take action against Sena
if they tried to stop screening of the film.


Uddhav issues veiled threat to SRK film
India Blooms News Service

Mumbai, Feb 4 (IBNS):

Shiv Sena leader Uddhav Thackeray said he cannot guarantee that no
violence would occur if the actor Shahrukh Khan’s film My Name is Khan
was released in Mumbai as scheduled.

Speaking to a TV channel, Uddhav Thackeray said Shiv Senas are not the
only patriots and hence he cannot guarantee an attack by others
(meaning patriots who view Khan’s stance on Pakistani players as anti-
national like the Shiv Sena members).

He told NDTV that if the Prime Minister of Pakistan cannot guarantee
that there would be no terrorist attack on India even with all his
power and military then how can he guarantee it.

“There is support from the whole country (on internet for their anti-
SRK stance) and abroad,” Thackeray said.

“I am responsible (as a leader) but there is a limit,” he said about
the planned declaration of the Shiv Senas to stop the film’s screening
in Mumbai.

“What was the need to make this comment,” he asked about Shahruk
Khan’s remark that Pakistani players are welcome in IPL.

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan has refused to apologise to the
Shiv Sena for his comments in support of Pakistani players in the
Indian Premier League (IPL).

Shiv Sena has said the party would not allow My Name is Khan to be
released on Feb 12 in Mumbai unless the actor apologises for his


...and I am Sid Harth
2010-02-06 12:55:27 UTC
Please stop it now Thackeray

Thackeray's divisive and discriminatory politics is not a new issue.
Hardly have the Karan Johar and Sachin Tendulkar instances been
forgotten and now Thackeray has attacked Shahrukh Khan. Is it time Bal
Thackeray faced legal action?

CJ: Aastha Khurana Fri, Feb 05, 2010 10:59:30 IST

Bal Thackeray Controversies : Down with divisive politics! SHIV SENA
chief Bal Thackeray has again made his way into the news. And
obviously it is not the first time he is there. His divisive politics
has a long history.

He claims himself to be a true well wisher of India, especially
Maharashtra and its citizens. He considers himself to be the king of
Maharashtra and feels that Marathis are superior to everyone else.

He is also highly anti-Muslim. He once made a statement that Muslims
in India are like a fast growing cancer and should be treated like as
such. Not only Muslims, he has a problem with Biharis too and calls
them a ‘beemari’. When Sachin Tendulkar, the pride of India calls
himself a proud Indian first and then a proud Maharashtrian, Thackeray
has a problem there also. Karan Johar calls Mumbai as Bombay and he is
made to apologize to Thackeray so that his movie is allowed to be
screened in Maharashtra.

Now-a-days he is after Shahrukh Khan, who said that Pak players should
have been picked up at the IPL auction. He won’t allow Khan to promote
his movie ‘My name is Khan’ in Maharashtra. Why does Thackeray forget
that we live in a democracy and have the right to free speech and
expression? More important, why is allowed to forget?

This attitude of Thackeray’s has been tolerated long enough and its
time that people and the government together teach him a lesson. He
cannot discriminate against people on the basis of the state to which
they belong and call them a ‘beemari’. He should understand that we
are one nation, India. He is playing dirty politics and should
definitely be punished so that he gets a lesson to learn and others
too get to learn something from this. Everyone should understand that
we are one nation and should think and work for the welfare of our
country first and then for our respective states.


ABC and a War
Saubhik Chakrabarti

Posted: Saturday , Feb 06, 2010 at 2229 hrs

Allow me to return to what I will call the ABC of TV journalism; ABC
as in Amitabh Bachchan/ CNN-IBN. ABC featured in this column last week
because AB was reading news for C in a context that engendered more
than a few questions. ABC features this week again because a panellist
asked C a terribly important question on AB and C that C deemed not
worthy of an answer, or so it seemed.

C, while hosting a chat on whether Bollywood is gutsy enough in the
face of mob politics, thought AB’s seemingly gushy blog on Bal
Thackeray was problematic when Thackeray Junior was being
unquestionably nasty to one of AB’s fellow film actors. A panellist on
the show asked why didn’t C ask AB questions like these when AB was
reading news for C.

Fair question. Good question. A question that should have seen C
responding because in Journalism 101 they teach you that news
organisations must respond to substantive queries. C didn’t respond.
Neither did it say okay that’s a valid query but let’s go on with the
show, we will answer that at the appropriate forum.

That’s the problem: news TV doesn’t think there’s a need for such a
forum. You hear arguments like there’s no time, that it’s difficult,
almost impossible, to conceptualise a time slot that will function
like the “Corrections” column or the letters to the editor column of a
newspaper. Frankly, these arguments are bunkum. If you can show silly
tweets on your show, you can jolly well find a slot for substantive
critical responses.

But let no one say news TV isn’t jolly good fun. In the same show, C
asked how come AB can play good-guy-taking-on-bad-guy roles in movies
but doesn’t appear to be quite as committed a fighter for justice off-
screen? The fun thing about this question was that it was asked in all
seriousness. And the even more fun thing was that the panellists were
all so patient when they explained that look, actors just read out
lines given to them, you know, don’t get confused.

Taking about being confused, I was considerably confused watching NDTV
interview Uddhav Thackeray. T Junior should have been on the mat. He
would have been, had NDTV persisted with just one question: Are you
saying it is okay to threaten who you differ with, yes or no? I
thought TV anchors were experts at asking one question repeatedly and
demanding yes/no answers. But when a newsmaker truly deserved that
interrogative technique, NDTV seemed content letting T Junior talk
about everything — Kashmir, Maratha patriots of yesteryears, Mumbai’s
governance structure, South Africa’s apartheid era — but that point.

T Junior may not have had a hard time, but inflation, be warned. CNN-
IBN has declared a war on price rise. This was natural — a morcha
against inflation following a march for justice.

So, how’s the war going? Pretty well, I think. For example, the CNN-
IBN reporter anchoring the Delhi edition of the war interrupted the
state food minister when the latter was promising to amend the civil
supplies law. The reporter asked the minister, when you say amend, do
you mean the law, and the minister said yes I mean the law, having
said just 30 seconds before that he was thinking of amending the law.
Also, one of the citizens said sugar was so expensive one might as
well become a diabetic. Another citizen told the minister we have
elected you unanimously.

If I were the food inflation rate I would fall just so that this stuff
goes off the air.



...and I am Sid Harth
2010-02-07 15:27:02 UTC
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